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Halas Hall

Halas Hall is a building complex in Lake Forest, Illinois, that serves as the Chicago Bears' headquarters.

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Zach you are amazing! You will be returning to Halas Hall soon!
great stuff Rick. but nobody in Halas Hall is listening and nobody there gives a crap what the fans think
We all know what he can say... let those people sit there and wait to hear…
I knew Buffone would love this song. It has everything Halas Hal…
Halas Hall right now is a bad, bad place to be. I fully expect a blowout this weekend.
I can't state this strongly enough. Going into the bye week, Halas Hall thought they'd turned the corner. (I did to…
The Bear’s Den: September 8, 2017, as the Chicago Bears prepare to visit the Bengals, turmoil shrouds Halas Hall…
I don’t Ryan Pace is going anywhere. He will hire the next HC and the bullseye will be di…
Same here. The clock is ticking for the bozos at Halas Hall, & father time waits for no-one
Because the current reporting staff at halas hall refuses to as…
*** .. was hoping it was Fox Fired day at Halas Hall.
We know Ryan Pace appears on the radio before every game. We know that those questions are carefully scr…
Flags at half-staff at Halas Hall for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
😂😂😂 Come on, Dowell! You just can’t make these kinds of statements up that are coming out of Halas Hall these days…
I don't dislike Pace per se but I'd like to see John Dorsey in Halas Hall and a new head coach like Toub or McDaniels.
And the sound you here from Halas Hall is crickets.
I am more confident in Trubisky. He's a rookie with plenty of room to grow. Ryan Pace has h…
We have a shiny new corvette at Halas Hall that hasn’t broke 70 mph. Show car driven to McCormick and back to Halas.
Get a grip..”Always have the perfect state of mind for success.” @ Chicago Bears Halas Hall
Not a lot of smiling going on at Halas Hall lately, but nothing can stop infectious smile. The man is…
Lincoln representing at Halas Hall tonight! PE teacher Jen Muccianti addresses the crowd for Fuel Up to Play 60..A…
Enjoy your work, Erik. But Kiffin has a better chance of seeing God than he does of seeing Halas Hal…
John Fox addressed Kyle Long's move to IR today at Halas Hall. has your
- Pace’s introductory press conference: “Guys, it’s all about winning games. And, that is what I am…
The latest on the from Halas Hall today:.
Congrats to Senior Captain Louis Cox on earning a $3,500 college tuition scholarship from the Chicago…
A HUGE thanks to and for a chance to be at Bears All Access Live at Halas Hall!…
It’s beyond ridiculous at this point! They should have been canned weeks ago?. Who’s calling the shots at Halas Hall??
You don’t let your GM announce the plans to DOUBLE the size of Halas Hall, all practic…
Alumni Dinner with at Halas Hall. Thank you for a great time.
Lmao the motto of Halas Hall of the last 10 yrs, we had great practices, can't figure out why it hasn't translated into wins.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
spraying facts like aerosol, smartest man in the room even when in Halas Hall!!
The Bears are "trying to find a role" for Markus Wheaton ... three months in. . Inside Halas Hall at this search:
and I want the Bears to force Dowell Loggains & the rest of this horrible coaching staff OUT of Halas Hall.
Should find a door out of Halas hall tbh
Well, I don't want Ben McAdoo and his dumb hairdo within fifty miles of Halas Hall at any point in my lifetime.
The Good Kid’s first day at Halas Hall after the…
Only question is would she be willing to move Halas Hall to northwest Indiana.
In case u missed it Halas Hall Id Gonna Fall Down --- NSFW
It's time to go beyond the walls of Halas Hall.
Ooooh, Yeah! fans!. Christmas is a time for celebrating. . A time for giving. . A time for love. . It's also a time…
Zach Zaidman on with us now with fresh sound from Halas Hall --
New Bear Report Podcast: We break down the perilous safety situation, Halas Hall arguments that get players…
Bears receivers and Tre McBride and Josh Bellamy were at the center of a shouting match Monday at Halas Hall, multiple s…
HE GONE: Recently waived WR Tre McBride was in argument heard at Halas Hall. According to two sources, He wa…
Recently-waived WR Tre McBride was in the loud argument among players overheard at Halas Hall, sources said. The stor…
🚨 New Bears podcast with and 🚨. John Fox's future, those smells at Halas Hall and prais…
Most inept performance of John Fox era calls for immediate change at Halas Hall. Column
I was thinking of sending flowers to Halas Hall % George w a note.
DaBearsPod! Discussing the impact of last Sunday's loss at Halas Hall & what's at stake this Sunday...
rookie QB Mitch Trubisky plans to go home for a couple days to see his family and then return early to Halas Hall dur…
By now, everybody at Halas Hall knows how Bears general manager Ryan Pace's perseverance placed him in an NFL...
John Fox is addressing the media at Halas Hall.
.shares a as John Fox and team return to Halas Hall.
The Chicago Bears can bring in WR Anquan Boldin, WR James Jones to Halas Hall for a Tryout this week.
He had to be extricated from the locker room and Halas Hall bc of team dynamic? What are you implying?
B/c whole team dynamic needed Cutler extricated from the locker room, Halas Hall, etc. It was time for a change.
Bears return to practice today at Halas Hall. ICYMI, our training camp superlatives: Camper of the year, etc:
rookie class reported to Halas Hall today. Get familiar with the group here, with links to their film study:
and Mitch Trubisky navigated his contract negotiations well. Now the QB's real work begins
Rookies arrive at Halas Hall today. Mitch Trubisky is among them, having finally signed his rookie deal. Details:
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JUST IN: Bears sign top pick, quarterback Mitch Trubisky, as rookies report to Halas Hall.
Mitch Trubisky signed and ready to go with Bears rookies reporting to Halas Hall.
Mitch Trubisky heads into rookie training camp at Halas Hall unsigned.
Love it. Awesome page... Thanks for following back. Hey you're boyfriend is a lu…
Bears rookies report to Halas Hall today, and the team reports to Bourbonnais in 1 week.
Meet the rookies, who report to Halas Hall today. Mitch Trubisky's contract a story, but what about the rest?
From Mitch Trubisky’s contract to projections for the rest of the 2017 class, on the Bears rookies:
rookies report to Halas Hall today. Preview of the class coming shortly. In the meantime, will share film studies of the 2017 class.
The Bear’s Den: July 19, 2017, rookies report to Halas Hall to start training camp today... ht…
I think Mitch Trubisky signs his contract when the rookies get to Halas Hall for per-training camp conditioning tomorrow.
rookies report to Halas Hall tomorrow.
Bears rookies report to Halas Hall tomorrow! Be sure to check out our latest training-camp previews at
Would love to see him at Halas Hall
Bears rookies are expected at Halas Hall on Wednesday, beginning a week-long session that will focus primarily on stre…
After a 5-week break, Bears rookies will reunite at Halas Hall on Wednesday. via…
My Hall of Fame. Historical Figures from history posted on Wednesday.
Does anyone know if Halas Hall is open to the public?
Technically, the rookies will report to Halas Hall on Wednesday. So we are definitely in the home stretch.
More on the Bears rookies getting a weeklong head start on training camp this week at Halas Hall, by
Bears rookies getting a head start on training camp: Wednesday at Halas Hall via…
Crazy being back at Halas Hall after 10 years. Some things change, some things never do.
Teaching at Halas Hall with Da Bears! you guys workin today?
Learning some skills last weekend at Halas Hall with
Cubs won it all,bears rebuilding at Halas hall,Sox are on the rise,gar&Pax remain the bulls demise.2nd r…
WR Victor Cruz is expected to be at today's OTA at Halas Hall. ( Via
Ryan Pace made Tru promise he'd drive his car, formerly grandma's car, to Halas Hall. The kid kept his promise.
The Bears' signing of DE Jaye Howard is official. His medicals checked out at Halas Hall. They've added another rusher to a b…
Bears GM Ryan Pace tells reporters at Halas Hall that the team will decline Kyle Fuller's fifth-year option.
We go live now to Ryan Pace a Halas Hall
GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach John Fox speaking now at Halas Hall.
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Updated from Halas Hall: What the Bears see in massive TE Adam Shaheen
Did Stan Bowman go to Halas Hall this week too?!
Ryan Pace is ready for the draft: "There's a buzz around Halas Hall right now. ... We're fired up."
Lmao, Antrel Rolle trying to warn Demps about that Soldier Field pasture and Halas Hall facilities before he visits…
Halas Hall ? Jordan Howard to replace Davis Johnson in the 2017 Pro Bowl.
Official scorecard from today's Halas Hall festivities: Ryan Pace and John Fox used word "injuries" 19 times. "Injury" came…
At a less-than-wild day at Halas Hall, you could read plenty into Ryan Pace's words, (
.breaks down a busy day at Halas Hall as Pace, Fox and George McCaskey share their end-of-season thoughts and…
Yet again: The Bears seem to have had their "full" of Kyle Fuller in more drama at Halas Hall:
Flags at half-staff at Halas Hall, the home of the in honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
With suspension over, Alshon Jeffery returns to Halas Hall
When drops by Halas Hall... watch out.
Halas Hall • I'm sick of the whining about Jordan Howard's hands
The amount of changes that need to take place at Halas Hall for the Bears to draft a guy like Wentz should make all Bears fans very sad.
Thanks for answering! At least Halas Hall isn't happy about the state of things so they may do what needs to be done!
The Bears have 15 players on IR. The injury bug is thriving at Halas Hall and it's multiplying. John Fox needs to call the exterminator!
hey Adam, what time should we be at Halas Hall?? They need us to play!
What is in the water at Halas hall man
Bears ILB Danny Trevathan tore the patellar tendon in his right knee, HC John Fox tells reporters at Halas Hall. His season is over.
Back at Halas Hall, John Fox is now addressing the media. Watch live:
Meanwhile, the "Butterfingers Bunch" rests easily under the no-accountability regime at Halas Hall.
Doesn't mean anything. Nobody really knows whats going on inside Halas Hall
thats what I was getting at ,you won't hear it in packer land ,but in halas hall yup you will
Good Morning! Got to Halas Hall early w/ Ryan Pace trying to decide how to cut WRs today, because they are likely dropping their pink slips
That means it's sad my friend. Halas Hall is where draft hopes go to die
You are a great predictor of the future and how we run things here at Halas Hall! Nice job! Are you psychic? 😂😂😂😊
legend Henry Burris slinging it in the Grey Cup. 258 yards and a 13 point lead at half. Get this man to Halas Hall in the morning.
Forget Cutler for a moment, there are a few WR that should be leaving Halas Hall permanently after that.
Bellamy will not/should not be returning to Halas Hall Monday morning..
thanks for posting all the Bears pics. Hopefully someone at Halas Hall sees them enough to make some changes for next year.
Thanks Halas Hall for allowing us to watch this Suckfest
pic of Ian rappaports sources at Halas hall
Side bar it's been a horrific season no way around the dark cloud at Halas Hall. Injuries or not the product on the field has left frowns 😩
In their Halas Hall Pass video, & discuss Jay Cutler and the Bears QB situation…
I'm certain it's not a sure thing. Not with the morons owning and running this franchise from Halas Hall. are pathetic
now to win a feast from on 11/23 at Halas Hall for you and nine friends!. RULES: htt…
This is the closest Lovie has gotten to Halas Hall since he was fired.
Nature and in the far distance away the Bears are practicing at Halas Hall
I am now considering showing up at Halas Hall on horseback--many thanx for planting the idea---
Bears coach John Fox tells reporters at Halas Hall that QB Jay Cutler (shoulder) is doubtful for Sunday's game with the Titans.
Thanksgiving injury update from Halas Hall!. Jay Cutler did not practice. Deiondre’ Hall practiced for the first time s…
Back at Halas Hall, Fales talks returning to the 📺:
Hall of Famers in the Staleys lineup on Thanksgiving 1920: 4 (Halas, George Trafton, Guy Chamberlin and Jimmy…
Also in our Bears Notes, Leno talks Titans pass rush, Deiondre’ Hall returns to practice and more from Halas Hall…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Halas Hall media room. Bears have a normal practice today and it's schedule…
John Fox is now addressing the media at the Halas Hall. Watch live:
Bears DC Vic Fangio today finished the best bit going at Halas Hall, bringing to his presser the SF Chronicle's sports cover of Cubs WS win.
We’ll hear from Jay Cutler later this afternoon at Halas Hall.
Maybe he's at Wrigley Field or Morton's. Lord knows he spent more time at those places than he did at Halas Hall.
Fox updates on Jeffery, Cutler: Head Coach John Fox addresses the media Friday at Halas Hall.
ICYMI, John Fox talked Leonard Floyd, Josh Sitton and more from Halas Hall
Ryan Pace about to meet media at Halas Hall after flurry of weekend moves that will be spun as part of the plan..Yes, there…
Halas Hall ? KR/WR Deonte Thompson returns to Bears on 1-year deal
Halas Hall ? WAB gets his wish: Christian Jones to OLB
Update: Bears add four tryout players: Lauren Screeden provides an update from Halas Hall as the Bears add fo...
Why is there so much hatred towards Leonard Floyd this morning? My goodness. Can we let him get to Halas Hall please?
The Bears know (Myles) Jack: UCLA LB hunted history at Halas Hall - Chicago Sun
It's pretty incredible how locked down Halas Hall is. Pace has that place secured like Fort Knox. Rarely any leaks or rumors.
Bears Bit: I have heard that this staff is very high on Ego Ferguson. He has been working out every single day at Halas Hall.
Is there any connections you may have to at least plant the seed at Halas Hall? Perfect for what need.
Tony Jefferson to why no visit to Halas Hall? That was a quote from Tony account.
I think the have one of those in the trophy case at Halas Hall. The rest should be burned.
Hats off to Ryan Pace.The Purge is complete. All dirtbags have been evacuated from Halas Hall. Reset button has officially been pressed
Halas Hall • John Fox and his history with RB's
Must feel like taking a breath of fresh air this morning at Halas Hall..
But hey! Let the *** sniffers at halas hall tell you it was a good trade.
Some more action coming out of Halas Hall today. Seems like the Bears are not hibernating this offseason.
Have the Cancer Doctor making a scheduled visit to Halas Hall tmrw. I am expecting he will say we are cancer free and in remission.
pulled my kid from school & drove from Kalamazoo to take him to book event at Halas Hall. He was in awe. No regrets.
Instead of inviting these bumb RB'S into halas hall I say we give one punch ray a shot... It's either a bust or a knock out ..
Today Year 1 are raising money for Halas Homes by preparing and selling Soup. Soup on sale from 3:30pm today.
Bears strengthen their D-Line on same day Packers see theirs weaken. That's a good day at Halas Hall. Hello, Akiem Hicks, g…
Here at Halas Hall, we like to have our signings done before breakfast. 🐻⬇️
Besides introducing Danny Trevathan & Bobbie Massie at Halas Hall today, hoping for a Akiem Hicks sighting
I think Ratliff payed a visit to halas hall...
Halas Hall was a busy place to be this offseason. All 8 Elites signed 6 year contracts. Long stays. Welcome Larry Fitz and Sharriff Floyd.
Are you at Halas Hall today? My son is going to a Bears Club skills event there and is wondering which Bears player is there?
Halas Hall • 5 Bears storylines for this week's NFL scouting combine
bears have best fans in all of football. But Soldier Field and Halas hall does a horrible job of fan service. Worst in NFL.
Now Halas Hall includes a large event and media center sponsored by Via
Hey I really hope Pace is working to get your brother to Halas Hall.
Has the Bulls front office infiltrated Halas Hall?
I can't imagine a scenario in which Alshon isn't a Bear. If it does, watch the news. I'll burn down Halas Hall.
Good Afternoon from Halas Hall where the Windy City is certainly living up to its name today! Seen trash cans & all blowing by out my window
Halas Hall • Alshon Jeffery may not be franchised after all?
Halas Hall • Slauson opens up about family and being bullied as a kid
We gave Jermon Bushrod a nice check today so that he can go see his Chiropractor and helped him out the door of Halas Hall
See what found in Halas Hall's Lost and Found. WATCH
'Spice' Adams dug through the Halas Hall "Lost and Found" and discovered an awesome poster.
Congratulations to NFF Scholar-Athlete winner Derek Nutley. Presented at Halas Hall yesterday. Intro by Coach Holm. ht…
Congrats to Wes Lunt, who received Mental Toughness Award at Halas Hall tonight.
Halas Hall • Lawrence Timmons to be cap casualty?
flag (on left) at Halas Hall flying at half-staff in honor of Hall of Famer Doug Atkins, who died Wednesday. https:…
honor the late Doug Atkins by placing flag outside of Halas Hall at half staff.
Head Coach John addresses media at Halas Hall, following the 12/18 practice. @ Halas…
Fox competing in the NFC North: Head Coach John Fox addresses the media Thursday at Halas Hall.
Bug going around at Halas Hall got Alshon Jeffery, who didn't practice today. Zach Miller had it Wednesday.
Fox on decision not to activate White: Head Coach John Fox speaks with the media Wednesday at Halas Hall.
McClellin on Redskins offense: Linebacker Shea McClellin talks with the media Friday at Halas Hall.
Chicago Chapter of the PFWA will name 2015 Good Guy Award winner at Halas Hall next wk. Surplus of worthy candidates in Bears locker room.
I said I wasnt believing it until official word came down from halas hall! I really want him on the field
"You hand him the ball and it's like a rocket took off." Why Ka'Deem Carey has turned heads at Halas Hall:
Do you know anyone who loves singing?
I guess but just kind of sick of the misinformation coming out of Halas Hall. Just don't say anything rather then the other.
My dad goes Odell over WR at Walter Payton practice field/ Halas Hall https…
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Still isn't confirmed by but considering how much hype was coming out of Halas Hall, seems a bit shocking.
Coach Badke invited to Halas Hall for practice today and Solider Field for game on Sunday vs. Redskins
Cutler on working with top WRs: Quarterback Jay Cutler addresses the media Thursday at Halas Hall.
Halas Hall • Jay Cutler's brother in law found dead.
yea thanks chris ,I was wondering if he practiced again,is bears pregame at Soldier Field sunday or halas hall
Video from Halas Hall: Jay Cutler discusses the concussion protocol
coach John Fox has brought something new to Halas Hall. Your first look at his leadership council, my story:
Gates elementary school celebrating at Halas hall - go FUTP 60!!
Enjoying a great night with and at Halas Hall All Access show with
The event is about to start at Halas Hall! .
Excited to be at Halas Hall tonight!
Great start to night at Halas Hall Thank you !
explain Martellus Bennett injury and Eddie Royal returns to practice. My Halas Hall Report
Updated Bears Notes on Eddie Royal’s return to practice and more from Halas Hall
return to Halas Hall, begin prep for Sunday's home game vs.
Eddie Royal was back at practice for the Bears Wednesday. Injury report from Halas Hall:
Marquess Wilson, McPhee, Rolle all DNP back at Halas Hall today. Royal, Miller, Acho, McClelin, Porter all limited.
100% Agree. He does not fit the team culture and attitude Pace and Fox have brought to Halas Hall.
Hope the door doesn't hit him in the *** on his way out of Halas Hall.
Coolest part about this rivalry (outside of actually playing in it) is the bus trip from Halas Hall we take. Feels like old s…
Got dressed at Halas Hall, ate dinner at Lombardi's Steakhouse. Tomorrow the Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers. Footba…
ZZ is a shill for the Bears. He's Baghdad Bob for Halas Hall. It's embarrassing actually.
general manager Ryan Pace & Jeremiah Ratliff had a heated conversation in front of Halas Hall on Wednesday during…
Jeremiah Ratliff was escorted out of Halas Hall on Wed. by team security. Ratliff had an animated exchange with GM Ry…
Alshon Jeffery & Jay Cutler both limited in practice back at Halas Hall today.
Halas Hall ? Jared Allen traded to Panthers for 2016 6th rd pick
seems to be some quick triggers tonight at Halas Hall. Not sure I get the rational on Allen.
ChicagoBears: Go into the Draft Room at Halas Hall to hear Ryan Pace's phone call...
2 QBs brought in today... "Alex Tanney and Justin Worley worked out for the team at Halas Hall. "
Long on not repeating mistakes: Offensive Lineman Kyle Long speaks with the media Monday at Halas Hall.
Full Bears vs. Packers injury report and more notes from Halas Hall:
ICYMI: Bears news week-in-review: In case you missed it, look back at what transpired this week at Halas Hall ...
Forte: It's time that we turn it around: Running Back Matt Forte speaks with the media Friday at Halas Hall.
Rolle: We have to answer the bell: Safety Antrel Rolle speaks with the media Friday at Halas Hall.
Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit at Halas Hall today! Kids from all over country here!
Gase on efficiency of the offense: Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase speaks with the media Thursday at Halas Hall.
Bears Notes: Gase, Cutler on Packers D, injury report and more from Halas Hall
Bears recently built a state-of-the-art interview room at Halas Hall, then held press conferences w Fox and Cutler today in a downpour.
It's too bad they don't have a place to do interviews inside Halas Hall. Oh, wait...
WR Alshon Jeffery (calf) practiced during the open media period in full pads. It was raining here at Halas Hall, too.
OC Adam Gase will meet the media at Halas Hall soon. Read more about his philosophies, persona here, ICYMI:
Left the house with sunshine. Arrived at Halas Hall to a cold rain. The perfect analogy for my Bears' season outlook.
Get the latest from Halas Hall NOW as joins Carmen and Jurko.
Jumping on w/& at 11 a.m. live from Halas Hall on
McPhee: I'm excited for Sunday: Linebacker Pernell McPhee speaks with the media Monday at Halas Hall.
great piece...can you send to Halas Hall ASAP please?
Hanging at Halas Hall, 2007. Look at that baby face! And Brian looks pretty young, too!
Will be live on throughout the day at Halas Hall. First hit is 9:30 CT.
The defense has swagger, but can it bring results? column from Halas Hall:
Fangio on slowing down Aaron Rodgers: Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio speaks with the media Wednesday at Halas Hall.
I would love to see it but NO way the real bosses at Halas Hall go down that road again , just no way . But they should
Jeffery on dealing with injury: Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery speaks with the media Wednesday at Halas Hall.
Wow's like a reverse Twilight Zone episode at Halas Hall
NBC Chicago report from Halas Hall, Alshon Jeffery disputes report why he missed preseason...
We have joining us with latest from Halas Hall on
WR Eddie Royal (hip) doing some extra work after practice at Halas Hall.
Carmen and Jurko get the latest from Halas Hall now with Tune in!
Kyle Long, Bears confident he can handle position switch: After a morning practice Monday at Halas Hall, ...
No, I'm not surprised about anything that happens at Halas Hall. Will see Sunday.
Lovie Smith is waiting outside in front of Halas Hall in a Uber...
Bears Alumni Fantasy Football Draft last night at Halas Hall. Check out the final draft board.
or give WR Plaxico Burress a workout at Halas Hall.
The new George Halas statue in front of Halas Hall, the home of the
Saw this on the walk in: a George Halas statue in front of Halas Hall
Phil runs into Virginia as he leaves Halas Hall for the last time.
The Golden Arm is back at Halas Hall. Time for an Old Style...
A write up from Saturdays Chicago Bear Will Sutton gets kids moving at Halas Hall
FUEL UP - Students from Anderson School and Richmond Intermediate paid a visit recently to Halas Hall, the...
The autobots are assembling at Halas Hall...
Any reports on Ray visiting Halas Hall? which tracks visits, does not list him as having met w Bears
LB signing his new contract at Halas Hall.
From what I'm told, team very serious about S Ron Parker. Trying to ink a deal before he leaves Halas Hall. Not sure ***
I was so glad they signed.supposedly Ron Parker is at Halas Hall and they're trying to work out a deal
.signs his contract earlier today at Halas Hall.
A couple of guys Spencer Davis and Reggie Jennings will workout at Halas Hall tomorrow at the NFL Regional Combine
Zach Miller was very present at Halas Hall last season despite the injury. Saw him watching film in the TE room almost every day.
Ian Thompson '03 speaking to the Forester Leadership Class in Halas Hall on purpose.
It took just two questions for quarterback Jay Cutler to become a topic during the Bears' introduction of John Fox at Halas Hall on Monday.
will host press conference introducing John Fox as head coach at 11 a.m. Monday at Halas Hall.
So as we watch the revolving door at Halas Hall for HC interviews it leaves us with our head spinning like the door. So far they have interviewed: 1) Adam Gase (OC Denver) - no word on how the interview went, but it looks like the Niners are going to push hard to lock him up within the week. 2) Dan Quinn (DC Seattle) - no word on how the interview went. But teams have to wait. As of right now the Jets seem to be the most aggressive when it comes to Dan Quinn and Todd Bowles. 3) Todd Bowles (DC Arizona) - We want to bring in Todd Bowles for a second interview this week. He will also have second interviews with the Jets and Falcons this week also. In my opinion we can not wait on this guy. If he interviews well for a second time we need put an offer he can't refuse on the table, other wise I have a feeling the Jets will swipe him up. Who they are bringing in: 1) Teryl Austin (DC Detroit) (Tuesday 1/13/2015) - This is an intriguing pick. He has little experience as a DC in the NFL, but he has alot of c ...
Eager to get to Halas Hall in the morning. A lot to get at with new Bears GM Ryan Pace. Starting with "What day will you hire the coach?"
Bears intensify GM search with interviews of two candidates at Halas Hall -
The first major change at Halas Hall occurred on Monday when the Bears fired general manager Phil Emery after three seasons in Chicago.
.fired Phil Emery and Marc Trestman after a 5-11 season. "Big Cat" Williams gave us his take. Watch:
Chelsea man inducted into International Candlepin Hall of Fame
The Marinelli stuff in here. My word. The Bearsiness is unrelenting.
Post Edited: Highest Honors for the “The Hawk”: Richie Halas Inducted in to Candlepin Hall of Fame
After the most embarrassing season in the history of the Change has come to Halas Hall.
Phillips said he’s seeking a new coach that will pay close attention to detail, make strong decisions and create an identity for the Bears on offense, defense and special teams. “That’s going to be very important; being able to create a vision and articulate that vision to the team and to our fan base of what we’re all about,” Phillips said. “We want to see a team that is tough in all three phases so that when teams come into Soldier Field or play the Bears, they’re fearing coming in to play us. That’s what we need.” Emery and Trestman both have two years of pay coming to them; Jay Cutler will have at least 12 million dollars due to him next year. The league is working out a stipulation that interested teams would not take a penalty to their cap. Should he stay? Money is not object of making decisions in the desired change. Virginia McCaskey has said what real Bears fans have felt for years. Mediocrity has no place in Halas Hall any longer. We are at the bottom of a division. That ...
Let take you through a brutal Black Monday at Halas Hall:
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Wow. Check out the details of the Bears' hiring of Marc Trestman and who they passed on:.
The Marinelli story from is sweeping the net with good reason. So much is wrong in this scenario. http:/…
Bears Senior Writer Larry Mayer hosts his weekly Lunch With Larry fan Q&A by Subway on today at noon (CT). Stop by and ask questions about the end of the season, recent changes at Halas Hall or anything else on your football …
George McCaskey: "Halas Hall is a better place for Phil and Marc having been here ... In the end we didn't win enough gam…
"on what happened with Rod Marinelli The Bears, s…
Both Phil Emery & Marc Trestman have been fired. Busy day coming up at Halas Hall.
Moon w/ interesting nuggets on the last coaching search & the contracts that followed. You should read this:
This stuff about Marinelli is pretty bad, if true
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