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Hala Madrid

Hala Madrid is a Spanish sports magazine entirely dedicated to the football club Real Madrid. It is released on a monthly basis.

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Another lose yesterday. Ooo don't know what happening now. Hope we get back to the winning ways. # hala Madrid 👍👍
Real Madrid lost again but they will come strong better than B4 Hala Madrid 💪💪💪
Hala madrid. Ronaldo be like: Even if we lost 2-1, I scored a penalty, that's me on my way to another Balon D'or ☹️😂
Hala Madrid till I die. We will bounce back In Sha Allah.
From winning streak to losing streak.hala Madrid
We've seen more bad times. This will only help us get better. We'll comeback stronger. HALA MADRID.
Sim. Happy to win another 🏆 trophy. Well done team. Hala Madrid
3 points is all what I wanted. Great start of the season & now I am off to Paris. Buenos noches y Hala Madrid.
First La Liga match tonight and no Cristiano, no Modric, no Benzema, no Navas. Whatever.. Hala Madrid!
Cr7 you are the leader of the Award, Hala Madrid. Keel making us proud I love u Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro...
"In difficult times raise our heads, puffed up chest with pride, go ahead and say Hala Madrid" - Nikola Mirotic
Hala madrid any one word for last night's performance!!
I just realised I always had that Madrid love inside. . Hala madrid *-*
We stole the penalty or foul on messi and y'all took bales goal so even :) HALA MADRID
God bless you! HALA MADRID! The final score is supposed to be 3-1, that Gareth Bale goal should have counted!
haters will always hate Hala Madrid
One more time before I call it a day: HALA MADRID
From now on I'm your fan too... Hala Madrid
El Clasico win was very important 4 the players confidence & the fans trust. Most madridistas didnt expect a win last night…
Late post. But it was one entertaining match hala Madrid
AS:. ¡Hala Cristiano!. • The Portuguese star decides the match when Madrid plays with 10 because of Ramos' red.
Translation: "they're more Mexican than nopal and think they're Spanish by writing 'Hala Madrid'", "you look this ridiculous posting Hala.."
After 8 hours flying I can only say one thing: Hala Madrid
The greatest team in the history of soccer solidified their superiority over the second best team in football. Hala Madr…
Hala Madrid! Congrats on the win against Barcelona! 2-1 wooh!
It is now the time of Zidane's Madrid, Hala Zidane's Madrid ! Keep up the good work..Go all the way Maestro
Not entirely happy with todays Q lap but confident that we can fight for some good points tomorrow. Good nigh and btw... Ha…
Hala Madrid wins and din't they deserve it
From far and near u bring us here MADRID MADRID MADRID HALA MADRID AND NO MORE! And no more , HALA MADRID 💙
What a sweet victory! Ronaldo you beauty.. ! Zidane you're the man...Hala madrid..!! .
"Santiago Bernabeu has been raped this season Hala Madrid." Truethat thanks to ur cheat frontl…
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And oohh Congratulations to the great Zinedine Zidane .Los Blancos Hala Madrid !!
Hala Madrid! Brilliant to see one of my favorite footballers ever take the reigns of Los Blancos!
Congratulations to Sergio Ramos who has won the award for best La Liga defender of 2014/2015! Hala Madrid!
Bad team performance yesterday! We have to improve. No doubt. In good times and in bad times: Hala Madrid!
¡Hala Madrid! Cristiano Ronaldo scores his 7th La Liga goal of the season in Los Blancos 3-1 win over Celta Vigo. https:/…
CR7: "Thanks to the president & the people behind the scenes at the club. Hala Madrid!" .
Ronaldo record breaker he is now the UCL top scorer with 79 goal Hala Madrid viva ronaldooo.
Hala Madrid: Gareth Bale feels 'more involved' at Real Madr...
TRANSFER CENTRE: BREAKING: Gareth Bale to remain at Real Madrid for rest of career, says agent http…
Bale doing what he does best... Scoring and celebrating! via
•The team I love and support no matter what💠. •Hala Madrid!🃏. •Loop🌀. ... (Vine by ♛Football Density HD♛{0.7k})
I wish I could be a friend's Ronaldo. I hope to talk to you. And meet you . Hala Madrid Hala Syria Hala RONALDO
Hala Madrid we want to win every things this season
cristiano-james-hala-madrid: toneycloss: When you are in public but Cristiano wants nudes lol
Matchday! Next important game for us. Watch my live stats here:
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remember mario we are the greatest fans for the greatest club in the hestory HALA MADRID!!!
Just to let you people know.. Stop putting stupid words in my mouth! I never made fun of Real Madrid and i won't never. I…
note: in 2009, ENG refused to face ESP at Real Madrid's bernabeu stadium due to racist abuse of their players in an earlier…
hala madrid ! im from indonesia. hola friends :D
Your Keylor Navas profile pic looks awesome! At the Brasil game so many Madrid fans chanting his name and "Hala Madrid". 😊
Robert (sports director): "Simeone saying Liga is set up for Madrid to win? I wouldn't dare to say that. Our goal is to win…
Overpriced player overpaid player overrated coach finally a team over indebted and overloaded!
Not the result we wanted but we will improve ! Hala Madrid !
Hala madrid y nada mas! The difference between us and them
"Wherever I will go, I will always shout Hala Madrid!". - Iker Casillas
"I'll never forget you, and wherever I go, I'll continue to shout: Hala Madrid", mi amor 💙💫
Can't believe you've left after 25 years. Hope you the best. Hala Madrid. You will be missed.
My respect Mink! Hope to see you in Real Madrid Castilla soon. Hala Madrid!
Love seeing Niall on Sky Sports for the Masters :) now .. Hala Madrid !
GOAT fans, ripping into Sergio Ramos and attacked Bale and Jese's car, Hala Madrid.
"We are Real Madrid and we can beat anyone !". Hala Madrid !!!
Mr Decima!! Please don't leave Real Madrid! Please don't do this to me now Sergio. Hala Madrid!
. Have a nice time, lad. And as always, ¡Hala Madrid!
Very unfortunate, say goodbye to another good talent wasted at Madrid. This kid will most likely never get the chance to prove himself again until it's too late, but hey, Hala Madrid yeah???
Am Done watching this *** play. Am jst gana Hala madrid for now
welcome to the best club in the world! HALA MADRID
Score and pass on Saturday next match. Hala Madrid
I'll make sure of it, okey that sounds abit stalky like. Keep up the great work luke and hala Madrid!
Train your player. So that they may get points. Hala Real Madrid
Hala Madrid payer prepare for Saturday match I believe in bezema , bale , Ronaldo , James , kross , isco , cassillas.
Welcome in The best club in the earth...♡♥. Hala madrid ♡♡. Vamous lucas ♡♥. My name is Mohammad yaqoub Aladwan from Jordan.
Time to update the profile man! Welcome to the best sports team in the planet and Hala Madrid!
Bienvenido Welcome to the best club in the world and the best in history! Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!!!
hala madrid Ramos the best of the world
True and Real Madridista !. hope you will stay for more years ... Hala Alvaro Hala Madrid
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lol this guy is regretting ever talking to us Madridistas lolol 😂😂😭😭. ¡HALA MADRID!
such improvement, he is quite something hey? Madrid, big things are yet to come for him.
HALA MADRID! , ,, , , and all of Real Madrid's players...
get bored of watching you guys on pitch...HALA MADRID
.congratulations for you. You became a new young boy at madrid.. hala madrid from indonesia
LOOL. Work so hard to convince a player (who cost you so much) to leave. Hala Madrid.
please many fans give this guy a break and stop frustrating his life with pressure... Hala Madrid
we dont want to be evict.. Hala madrid
he wasn't casillas replacement...he was signed as a back up to him...De Gea will b his replacement..hala madrid..
:) "Another important trophy for the team. The Club World Cup is ours. Hala Madrid!
Magnificent an giant stadium in the making. Hala Madrid!!!
From 4-1 to 4-3. After continuously ending up as a runner up to Messi and living under his shadow for 4 years one would have gladly accepted that he isn't the best and continued with his game. But not this man. Got himself up, trained his *** off and came back even stronger to claim the position as the best in the world. Yes Neuer, he chooses to showcase his body in an underwear. Yes Stephanie Roche, he is more toned than you. But he also performs on the pitch and gives his 100 % to be the best at what he was meant to do. Play football. Congrats 2015 Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo and Hala Madrid!
Happy birth day to Daniel Carvajal who turns 23 today , Hala Madrid
We are champions of the world. 1st to complete grand slamto open pan dora Box best Hala Madrid
On 11 December 2000, Alfredo Di Stéfano and Florentino Pérez collected the award presented by FIFA. Real Madrid closed out the year 2000 by being named the Best Club of the 20th Century by FIFA. Di Stéfano and Florentino Pérez were in charge of collecting the trophy, which was presented to them during a ceremony in Rome. Real Madrid were awarded with the accolade having won the voting by more than 42%. Man.United and Bayern Munich were the runners-up with 9% of votes. With this accolade, the Whites were recognised for their glorious history and for their contribution to the development of football around the world. Hala Madrid!! -Dela
Proud to be a Madridista, this is our English translation for La Decima song: Hala Madrid y nada mas (Hala Madrid and nothing more), tichikwapaidza hedu madinga tichingoti Hala The history you've made the history you'll make! Because no one can resist your willingness to win! The stars are now coming out! My old Chamartín... (1) From far away and from nearby you gather us all here! I wear your shirt right next to my heart! The days you play are everything I am! "The Arrow" is running! (2) My Madrid is attacking! I am struggle! I am beauty! The cry I learned: Madrid! Madrid! Madrid! Hala Madrid! (3) And nothing more! And nothing more! Hala Madrid! Comments: (1) The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium was formerly called "Chamartín Stadium", because it is located in Madrid's Chamartín District. (2) Refers specifically to "la saeta rubia" ("the blond arrow"), a nickname given by journalists of the time to Alfredo DiStefano, an Argentinian-born, mythical footbal player who won 5 European Cups with Real Madrid. Prob ...
I left arsenal the home of hypertensive and lack of luckey. I joined Real Madrid the home of luckey. Hala madrid .
Another brace for the Portuguese, who has notched up 20 goals so far during this La Liga season. No other player in the history of the competition has achieved such impressive figures. Hala Madrid
CONGRAT TO MY BOY MESSI. But never forget that no player has goal average more than C BOY, only player ever that score more La Liga goals than match played. Hm, FACT!!! HALA MADRID.
Yipe.! We r in the copa del ray... Hala Madrid ;)
What leo messi has done in 10 years with has done it in just a 5 years.. . Hala Madrid 💗 htt…
Animo the Magician Modric But Isco will make sure that you'll never miss any of our outstanding players when they're injured and he's called upon to take the mantle, there's one thing we must all stand to it is that, with Isco on the team, we have more possession football and he'll continue to put much headache to the gaffer. In fact, the first 20mins of the game was like and the The home side wanted to do all that they could, just to upsets us, but the team recovered to its normal game after we scored from that controversial first goal by Hames, and it was a true work out from Dani to CR7, who did the defender junky chipping over to set up the goal, and after it, the rest was history, total football from all angles, let's hails Iker Casillas, cos he save that ball from their attacker in the first half of which it could've turned the game, gracias iker, now, the two workerholics, Carvajal and Isco, perfect combination and it seems Kroos control makes it easier for any midfield partner, now with the win y ...
Still Cr7 is ahead of messi 20 goals in 12 matches...Hala Madrid
Am just happy I followed my teamMADRID
yeah cant wait to see playing madrid with these 2 gaints of eurpe. It wud be a clash of titans vs galacticos. Hala madrid
all hail the greatest soccer team on planet earth, gracias. Hala madrid
Victory and 3 more points to continue as leaders. 50th goal dedicated to my beloved mother... ILY. Hala Madrid..!!
I'm always proud to be a Real Madrid fan,it is the only club that always makes their fans happy 99% in every season,HALA MADRID
Hala Madrid.congratulations to for your Golden jubilee celebration with a win at Eibar yesterday
*** as much as I don't like Messi.. Congrats. Ronaldo all day, hala Madrid!
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best thing Barca had ever been called lol. Hala Madrid!
players wearing a jersey in yesterday's match ßest team mates EveR ;) . Hala Madrid
As the wise man would say, win win and win. 3 more points to continue as leaders. Hala Madrid..!!
After two years of defeat in El classico finally the revenge is taken. Hala Madrid
Another win for the team. Hala Madrid!
13 hrs to go EL CLASICO! long day ahead .. can't wait .. Hala Madrid!
Saturday is the night of the champions it's El calsico : Real Madrid v.s. Barcelona 11:00 ksa. Hala Madrid ♡
Come back to home and 3 points. We have to think in the next match. Hala Madrid. Game of thrones (4 season).
FT at the Santiago Bernabeu. . 5. Athletic Bilbao nil. Handful in the capital and 'Hala Madrid' hymn plays! We're done!
Its 'El Classico fest' tday! . Njoy with us d very best of Real Madrid in recent El classico's..Hala Madrid!
Payback time guys. Now we have to start our winning streak in La Liga. . . ¡Hala Madrid! ✌
happy birthday (: Hala Madrid baby (: have a great senior year and be a beast for mariner train hard kid
Sportplus wishes Thomas Mambwe a happy Birthday have a great day and welcome to the group. Another galatico and am happy your a member. Hala Madrid !
*** does he kno about united the freshy man was screaming hala Madrid couple weeks ago
Ronaldo to his fans. Dnt support us when we win.when u dnt support us while we loss. I didnt became madridy 4rm 1 won of madrid to leave madrid for 1 lost. I was madridy i am madridy i will be madridy hala madrid.
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Expecting a great match on Tuesday Madrid#
Don't give up ... D beginning is always hardest... Hala madrid
Hala Madrid First training session to prepare for Champions League debut.
Xabi Alonso for Bayern Munich: . Games: 2. Man of the Match: 2. Real Madrid since Alonso left:. Played: 2. Lost: 2
2day I am mor of a Madridista dan yesterday but less of a Madridista dan 2moro. Hala Madrid!
Motivated to enjoy the Champions once again. Let's go team. Hala Madrid..!!
Today I am more of a Madridista than yesterday but less of a Madridista than tomorrow. Hala Madrid!
Cristiano Ronaldo: "With the new players, we have completed a great squad. We'll go for them all! Hugs and Hala Madrid!"
Cristiano: The new teammates are top! and with them we have completed a great squad. Let's go all! Hala Madrid!
Bale's first words in Spanish: "Hello, it's a dream for me to be here. Thank you for the great welcome. Hala Madrid!" h…
BREAKING: Radamel Falcao has been spotted at the Etihad, wearing an Arsenal kit, asking for directions to Old Trafford, yelling Hala Madrid!
Falcao be like: "It was my dream to play for Man United. I hope I can become a great Arsenal legend. Hala Madrid!"
The UEFA final between Real Madrid & Sevilla is under way at the Cardiff City Stadium! ¡Hala Madrid!
Congratulations to all Madrid fans. Its an honor to win titles with this jersey, Hala Madrid..!!
“La Décima - The Story So Far. So good, so freaking good. why not to cry 😍😍😍 HALA MADRID
Good game, 3 points and a goal dedicated to my wife and son who's about to arrive. Hala Madrid..!!
This goal has one name: Paqui (my mom). One more point that keeps us in the run for the title. Hala Madrid..!!
Long live Camas, Sevilla, Andalucia and Spain..!! Hala Madrid friends.. See you in Cibeles..!!
Reality has surpassed my dreams. Proud to belong to the best club in the world. Hala Madrid..!!
bravo et bonne are the best!. Hala Madrid!
I hope we're not going back 2 the GALACTICOS days again! that really didn't do us well. ok, we had ZIDANE, BECKHAM, RONALDO DE LI MA, GUTI, CARLOS & d rest. yet they couldn't compete as a team. MOURINHO came & assembled a team that had everything the GALACTICOS didn't have. finally, ANCELOTTI delivered the La Decimal. just when I thought it was our turn to build on that & dominate, we seem to be destroying the team. I haven't been Impressed with our pre season matches. & our signings? ok, we sign KROOS on a cheap & he has a place in the team too. but JAMES? when we already have Di Maria? NAVAS? when we already have LOPEZ & IKER? & I heard we still want FALCAO yet we gave BENZIMA an extension today. on top of all this 80m euros for james was TOO MUCH. all this without signing a top defender. we are heading for the start of next season wit an UNBALANCE TEAM. obviously, ANCELOTTI is not in charge of these signings, if he is.then he is not considering our defensive frailties & that is trouble waiting to happ ...
“The depth in Real Madrid's current squad is staggering. Hala Madrid
It just hit me, I am a European champion. Hala Madrid
Yea, really want to meet Arsenal again. It hurts the last time. Hala Madrid!
Watch this and then tell me you still care about all the petty drama in the RM world. Hala Madrid y nada mas!
You know you've done well in life when you teach 2 kids raised in Barcelona to sing HALA MADRID 😂👌
Gud top flight for 4 more yrs happy for Karim 'Hala Madrid'
. Great for Real Madrid, wish sign HALA MADRID
You're the best in a squad realmadrid,,hala madrid my bro ! "Thanks Bro and see you ;-)"
Nothing compares to you... Mucho bicho y hala Madrid!!
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Hey Cris Good luck in the new season. I hope you get another golden ball. Hala Madrid!!
Back to work. Proud of defending this shield. The excitement of 6 titles on game. Hala Madrid..!!
LoL no wonder the arrogance! Man U and madrid fans think they own the game "Bona_KeFranco lol hala madrid/ Man U!"
show them as always, I'm so happy when you're freues because you are playing from the heart HALA MADRID much success
Mesut Ozil about Benzema’s renewed contract with Real Madrid. I think I'm gonna cry 😭😭😭
Keylor: I'll give my all in every training session and every game. I will do everything in my power to be a success he…
happy birthday girl! Hope you have a lovely day, you deserve it 💟. Hala Madrid fans 4 life 💕😌
Rocking the Madrid jersey today because Hala Madird!! 😏
Hala Madrid=Welcome Madrid in Arabic, his parents' native language, so he probably knows. Best finisher in football!
Twt Benzema: 05/08/2014 Extended my contract at the club of my dreams! Hala Madrid [
striker has signed a 5 year contract extension with the club. He ll be with us till 2019! Hala Madrid
yeah reading hala Madrid makes it hurt :(
You asked: Please say hi to Margareth in Peru. Hala Madrid!
Getting to work with people that worked with Manchester United, Hala Madrid, Chivas, Spain. The most amazing 3 days of my life. I'M BLESSED
Real Madrid have already prepared James' room at Valdebebas. It's room number 110 between Bale and Benzema. [as]
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“Quote this with ur fav sport player.GO” HALA MADRID! 💙
welcome to the best soccer team in the World; I am from Perú but ¡Hala Madrid!
Which is your song of the week? — Hala Madrid Ya Nada Mas .. My most fav song!
the D I would say but maybe that's just what it seems like to me at least which hey is fine by me
Real Madrid's potential XI for next season is quite something... Hala!
Mr. Kroos follback me. Iam from Indonesian, i want to feel emm.. follback from RMA Players. Hala Madrid!!! i hope you read this
Can't stand anymore.. was such a bad addition to the team, horrible attitude.. Hala Madrid!
. Welcome to madrid, i know Will not answer me but . . ¡Hala Madrid!. .
XD Hala madrid .. Garrett bale is my favorite player of Real Madrid..
Farewell to our legendary captain/goalkeeper, Iker Casillas! You are a true Madridista! May you find success in wherever u go. Hala Madrid!
Realmadrid will always be Realmadrid greater than any player Hala Madrid
But you've got Hala Madrid in your bio? Okay mate.
you are thé right choix for Madrid. comme and make history one more time. Hala Madrid y Nadal Màs!!!
Cnt really wait for the new season 2 begin hala madrid
End of the second half. 1-1. Now it’s extra time. Real Madrid NEVER GIVE UP!! HALA MADRID!!
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Real Madrid is going to be even more sick next season. Improved midfield and hopefully they can get falcao too. HALA MADRID!
Toni Kroos before ending his speech: "I'm very proud to have signed for the best club in the world. Hala Madrid!"
Kroos when asked to speak in Spanish: "All I can say, buenos dias and Hala Madrid."
Real Madrid close in on James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos. Hala Madrid!
Happy birthday Today is my bithday too, but I am older than you.!!!Hala Madrid!!!
. Toni you are champion ,. We are happy when you join to Real Madrid . Hala Madrid
"kk bros.I'll try get it thru to u soonest" Hala madrid
Can't wait to see you back on the pitch!♥ ¡Hala Madrid!
Casemiro: Thank you all for showing me your warmth and sincere affection. You will always be in my heart. ¡Hala Madrid!
Real Madrid's Transfer Update. These are all the players in our transfer activities. IN 1. Toni Kroos (Done) 2. James Rodriguez (Deal on) 3. Ramadel Falcao (Deal on) 4. Casilla (Deal on) 5. Inigo Martinez (Deal on) 6. Danny Welbeck (Speculating) OUT 1. Khedira (Deal on) 2. Di Maria (Speculating) 3. Morata (Deal on) 4. Coentrao (Speculating) 5. Casillas (Speculating) 6. Varane (Speculating) Out of all the players on the exit door, which do you wish to keep and which would you want to leave? Hala Madrid!!!
Congratulations Germany, The New World Champions. We want to congratulate Sami Khedira and our newest recruit Toni Kroos. Majority of the world were hoping for Germany to win to secure Cristiano Ronaldo's CROWN as the World Most Prolific Player. It could have been an injustice if his works and success for more than 5months is undermined by someone winning a less-than-a-month tournament. How do you feel about all these? NB: Toni Kroos may be unveiled before the end of this week. James Rodriguez deal is also close to an agreement because Monaco's president is ready to sell. Hala Madrid!!!
My hopes and best wishes to Alfredo Di Stefano and Be strong. Hala Madrid!
The team did a great match last night! One step closer to the Copa del Rey final. Hala Madrid!
RMNFs POLL OUR PLAYER OF THE SEASON 1.Luca Modric 2. Angel Di Maria 3. Cristiano Ronaldo 4. Gareth Bale 5. Sergio Ramos While you vote for the player of the season, we also want you to tell us who you think should be the RMNFs Fan of the season base on their participation on the page. Poll closes on Friday. Hala Madrid!!!
Coz posting one pic is too mainstream, Happy Birthday, Iker Casillas! Thanks for defending the posts! Hala Madrid!
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Once upon a time there was a rapist called (Bayern Munich) ... This rapist used to kill ... rape ... steal ... One day ... he raped a Spanish girl named (Barcelona) ... And the King of Spain (Real Madrid) wanted to avenge this girl despite the fact that she was a *** ... Just because she lives in his kingdom, and under his shadow ... He went to Germany, to find this rapist ... The king met his sister (Schalke) & raped her ... & on his way the king met his brother (Dortmund) and made him suffer ... And then finally went to Bavaria and crucify the rapist (Bayern Munich) ... And In Spain, Athletico also try to rape Barcelona and the king went to Lisbon and raped Atheletico Madrid Yesterday. He returned to Spain with his head high after taking the revenge of that *** (Barcelona) ... Moral of the story: No one is permitted to rape FC Barcelona unless Real Madrid C.F. give you permission to do so. Hala Madrid.
Hala madrid! Video from Santiago Bernabeu when Ramos scored the equalizer! Wish I were there ya Ahmed Zaki !!! Hala Madrid!!
A hope, a dream, a goal...All together we can..!! Good night!! Hala Madrid..!! Let's go..!!
Motivated and concentrated. We are already in Lisbon. Countdown for the grand final. Hala Madrid..!!
Before I start... To every Madrid hater... And every Madrid fan who disagreed with or mocked me when I said I was glad Ancelotti rested players and gave up on the league... I say... 4q... Reasons are self explanatory... That said... Hats off to Athletico Madrid for an OUTSTANDING display of tactical football... Your positioning was unbelievable and it was unfortunate to have the trophy taken away in so cruel a fashion... To those who fighting Christina for tonight's performance... The man was clearly not 100% but however a poor showing tonight in no way diminishes the fact that he scored 16 goals before this game... Allyuh coasting because the man celebrate he penalty ? Gtfoh... Di Maria... Luka Modric... Carvahal... Outstanding games... Varane... Great game... Isco when he came on played well... Bale... Horrible showing... Congrats to Carlo... Congrats to the team... Congrats to the club... We have won our tenth European Title ! La Decima ! Hala Madrid !!!
Hala Madrid !! Epic Match ... Viva Ronaldo !Viva Ramos ! Viva Carlos ! Viva Paul Clement -The man behind everything...This is a Well deserved trophy . Long Live La Fabrica Academy...Its All about sacrifce ... sacrifices made by Di Maria and isco to change their preferred positions and quicky adjust to their new role ...Congrats Everyone .. LosBlancos rock !!! In the end I would like to congratulate Los Rojiblancos as well for their best season ever but mr.simeone that was not expected from you in the final minutes .
Bcuz I said sh...every body quiet...but me know nuff a unuh were just waiting to laugh at n celebrate a defeat for my side...but guess what... Los Blancos was/ is and will always be the greatest...Hala Madrid! La Decima!
Tears everywhere.La Decima dream coming night of football for Los Blancos!! Hala Madrid
So proud, Hala Madrid! What a game, what a comeback, what character. Viva Los Merengues!! La Decima is ours.
Eagerly anticipating the UEFA Champions League soccer final. Los Blancos go for their 10th title. Let's go, Ronaldo, Bale, DiMaria, Ramos and Casillas. Hala Madrid!
.. game as I support both teams ! Hala Madrid 'n' Come On Los Rojiblancos give us all a good fite !
it will Real Madrid 3-2 Athletico to night .Hala Madrid .Cristiano Ronaldo will score 2
What a weekend we have ! - UEFA Champions League Final - Monte Carlo Grand Prix - Real Madrid to win - Gareth Bale to score - Lewis Hamilton to win at Monte Carlo - Nico Rosberg to finish second - Daniel Riccardo to finish third - Hala Madrid ❤️
We love Di Maria, great job CR7 and Ramos. Hala Madrid!
At last! Atletico Madrid finally lost. After their 9 match winning streak in La Liga! Is the tilte hope still alive for them?? As for me,, Madrid wil win it! If they take advantage and win all their upcoming matches! Hala Madrid!
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Yes! Levante defeats the league leaders Atletico Madrid by 2-0 and Real Madrid has the upper hand to win the La Liga as Atletico will be facing FC Barcelona at the last macth of the league. Hala Madrid
That moment when you realize you will have to support Barcelona (in the match against Atletico Madrid), being a Real Madrid fan :P lost today \m/ Hala Madrid! :)
Super facts In the 1999-2000 season of the UCL, Real Madrid defeated holder Manchester United in the quarter-final 3-2 to advance into the semis and defeated Bayern Munich also by the same scoreline to set up a meeting with fellow spanish team Valencia who defeated Barcelona in the semi-finals. The final was won by Real Madrid 3-0. Now its the 2014 final almost similar to what happened in the year 2000, RM defeating the Holder Bayern Munich to set up a meeting with Atletico Madrid who also had defeated Barcelona in their quest to reach the final. Now are were gonna have a repeated of the 1999-2000 season? Written by Jerry- Hala Madrid.
Diego Simeone and Atletico Madrid deserve respect! They've never been in a Champions League final. This final will prove which is the better team in Madrid! Hala Madrid!
Defeated Schalke 9-2, they said Schalke is a weak team. Defeated Dortmund 3-2, they said Dortmund this season is weak. Defeated Bayern 1-0 in the first leg, they said we are cowards who played in a defensive way. Attacked and destroyed Bayern in Allianz Arena and defeated them 4-0, I didn't hear any voice. Hala Madrid
Franck Ribery, who thought he should have been the world footballer of the year ahead of the mighty Ronaldo, may as well have been selling wieners in the stand. He was removed with 19 minutes remaining, perhaps to do just that.!!! Hala Madrid!
Hala Madrid ...Real Madrid all the way ,road to Lisbon we did it in Allianz Arena a nice one Madrid ...well done.!!!€€€€ Madrid
So proud of my Real Madrid boys! Put a woopin on Pep Guardiola and za Germans!!! Hala Madrid!!!
Real Madrid nailed it tonight.! 4-0 at the Allianz Arena is a great feat. The Road to Lisbon goes through Germany. One step closer to winning the 'La Decima' Best part is final is in Lisbon , Cristiano's home ground :) Hope he shines in the final. 16 goals in UCL. Hala Madrid! Nitin Sam Tenzin Phuntsok Sid-Last Standing Ankur Gulati Karan Dev Aabhas Mohanty Waiting for chelsea in the finals.
Congrats Carlo Ancelotti, Hala Madrid. What a way to bow out. Tiki taka my foot. So glaring Pep knows nothing about modern football, now its also glaring that Pep likes it ready made and not thru the ranks.
here goes a heartfelt tribute on the behalf of all Real Madrid fans to one of the most perfect midfielders of the current times . Xabi Alonso- crunching tackles, decisive intersections, excellent body control and with a cool calculative head on his shoulder, is the unsung hero of Madrid . Never plays the prima donna yet is the most critical player in the squad . Too sad you cant make it to the finals and play but you carried the responsibility of Madrids midfield like a hero . La Decima deserves you and you shall win it . Hala Madrid !
Sergio Ramos actually cried last year in the semi-finals against Borrusia Dortmund, but this year he came back like a beast and scored two wonderful goals! I'm feeling very bad for Xabi Alonso. :| Zidane scored the winner in 2002 CL final for Real Madrid. And now after 12 years he'll make his team score and he'll be on the sideline. Cristiano Ronaldo will be going to his home country for the CL Final. Hala Madrid!
Football is not only about tiki taka but it is mainly about winning Mr. Pep Guardiola. Real Madrid taught you a very good lesson today. Hala Madrid!
Iker Casillas= The best GK and The Best Captain in the World. Sergio Ramos and Pepe=The Beast of Diffence. Luca Modric= The Best Midfielder in 2014. Angel Di Maria= Perfect Combination of Dribbling and Skill. Karim Benzema=One of The cool Striker. Gareth Bale=The Craziest Sprinter Of Football. Carlo Ancelotti= You are just awesome. Cristiano Ronaldo= There are no language to describe him. Mesut Özil, Ricardo Kakà, Gonzalo Hİguen, You Guys will be missed at Final... A Por La Decima ♥♥. Hala Madrid ♥♥.
Real Madrid blew the defending champions Bayern Munich away to reach the final of the Champions League on a record-breaking night at the Allianz Arena. What a night it is for Madridians. Hala Madrid!
And cr7 and co storm into d uefa champs league @ his old stomping ground in Lisbon. Hala Madrid!!!
The Dream of La Decima continues as Real Madrid C.F. make it to their first uefa cl final in 12 years. Carlo Ancelotti takes Real to the final,a thing José Mourinho couldnt accomplish. The villains of the 2012 Semifinals Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos ,who missed their penalties against the same opponent, become the heroes tonight by scoring 2 goals each. Cristiano takes his goal tally to 16 goals from 10 matches,creating a new record in the Champions League. And Whoever said that the German Football has overthrown Spanish football,its time to rethink again..! Pep Guardiola should be sacked for spreading SWAG Football and destroying such a beautiful team.. Final Score at Allianz Arena FC Bayern München 0-4 Real Madrid... Hala Madrid!
Wat a guys are just chasing shadows.guess tiki taka is no longer invincible.Hala Madrid!!
Carlo Ancelotti is sentenced to be jailed for raping Bayern Munich!!! LOL :D :v Hala Madrid!!!
Carlo Ancelotti , leads Real Madrid to the promised land! 1st CL final in 10 years. 4-0 Humiliating Bayern at home! Cristiano Ronaldo you beauty 16 goals already! Smashing the previous (14) by Messi with a free kick !! Can this night get better... The Championsss!! Hala Madrid. Vamos Ronaldo.
First Champs League final in 12 years! 12 years we have been enslaved! We have finally broken through the shackles! Hala Madrid! 24th of May we coming for you!!! OOOH I CAN SMELL THE GLORY ALREADY!! :D
Xabi Alonso we will miss you in finals!!! Hala Madrid!! Waiting for a Madrid derby.
Ball possesion does not mean you can score...the power of counter attack..Hala Madrid..
Bayern Munich Complaining Fast appeal to referee !! Hala Madrid !! Counter attack at its best _/\_ Rape Rape Rape !!
Sergio Ramos has done it. The best defender has scored in the Allianz Arena. Two goals. Yes! What a player! Hala Madrid!
Is champions tuesday this evening join us @ the Oxford Street Mall to cheer your team to victory as u enjoy that crispy fresh Popcorn.Osey Bayer!!!...Hala Madrid!!!...*Hot Pops..Happy Treats*
Real Madrid will be travelling to Germany today & will later this evening train at the Allianz Arena. Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, & Cristiano Ronaldo will play this Tomorrow against Bayern If Real Madrid scores one, Bayern needs three. We're the top goalscoring team and our defense has proven to be solid. Believe. Hala Madrid.
UEFA Chmapions League 2013-2014 second Semi-Final at Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern Munich I owe a lot respect to RM but yesterday was supporting Bayern Munich because they have been good at this stages of the tournament. Hala Madrid !
Cristiano Ronaldo: "Obviously I was a little scared after this being my first match coming back from injury, but I felt perfect." . Cristiano Ronaldo: "What's important is that I'm returning to help the team reach the final." . Cristiano Ronaldo: "My opinion is that we'll go to Munich and score. I think we can do it." . Cristiano: I felt perfect in my first game after my injury. Now I want to help my team to reach the final. . Cristiano: We are going to Munich to score and we can do it. . Cristiano: I decide If I'm ready to play. I know my body. . Hala Madrid
The best of save saint Iker Casillas . . # Hala Madrid
We are in to the way in Lisbon ! And thanks from Iker Casillas , Benzema , Ronaldo , Alonso , and Modriç ... And also a special thanks from Carlo Ancelloti ! But this is not the End . Hala Madrid !!!
Bayren munch Who?? who? Tiger Roben Ribery who? Real Madrid it is !!! Hala Madrid one more step closer to La Decima !! !! Great win!!
Realmadrid continue their quest for La Decima by hosting the UCL holders. Its going to be a celebration of football between two great teams in Europe. But there can only be one winner, and the winner will be Realmadrid Fc. We are Realmadrid. Hala Madrid!
I'm very sad I have to miss the first leg semi final match of Real Madrid vs Bayern. I know Madrid will do a great Job and I'll give them my support from class. Hala Madrid!! Let's go for La Decima!
It will be holder Bayern Munich against Real Madrid in the Semi Final of UEFA Championship League in the semi final. Real Madrid will be at home first on April 22,2014 at Santiago Bernebau, Madrid.Hala Madrid. Madrid defeated B. Dortmund 3-2 on aggregate, while Munich sent English…
What an exciting We are the Copa del Rey Champions. I'm proud of the team. Hala Madrid!
Gareth Bale you don, what a goal what determination what class !!! Hala Madrid !!!
Gareth Bale, you beauty and the beast! Real Madrid C.F., you Champion! Hala Madrid!
A breath taking match Okay I'm going mad here. Trembling and shivering out of joy , Gareth Bale take a bow man, no one could have done the same. CDR is ours, we are coming for everything, Bayern be aware. Karim Benzema you could have done better man. Iker Casillas go lift the trophy SAINT. !Hala Madrid!
Today's niTe will be The greaTest niTe in the hisTory of fooTball league .!!! Real Madrid vs Barcelona 1:30 am npT " copa del ray cup " keep calm and say Hala Madrid
C.Ronaldo out for possibly two weeks... Missing the Copa del Rey finals and maybe the semi finals.. Hopefully it isnt too serious and he doesnt rush his way back.. Hala Madrid!
"The best teams in spain qualify for european Champions League semi final. Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid".. Hala Madrid.
Jamal Azere forget Destiny wai,he couldn't talk or post since last nyt after our qualification,nuff respect to Chelsea plus we wanted BVB Dortmund to have a feeling of winning at home and going out of the competition,it was a sweet revenge for us..Hala Madrid.Destiny cry ur own cry ..start giving out sadaq(zakat).Diego Costa,Adan Turan and Villa are waiting for u at their Home...The blues are waiting for u again ..Hala Madrid till i die
Borussia Dortmund 2 - 0 Real Madrid : ( 2 - 3 Agg) : Not the way I taught we would qualify for the semifinals of the Champions League. Played poorly, Defended poorly! Today was a lesson of an utterly idiotic defending by Madrid. Overall there was atleast some luck today. Hala Madrid! Fourth year consecutively in the Semis. I hope and pray this is our year!
Basically this is the same team that barca lost to 3-1 with all their big players playing and mostly Lionel Messi, On the other hand Madrid are winning 4-0 to the same team without Cristiano Ronaldo. Wow! Hala Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo - 8 games, 14 goals. only facts, not oppinion! Hala Madrid!
So its Champions League Q/F 1st leg : Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund in few hours. Hope we take a significant lead for the second leg in Germany. Hala Madrid! :)
What a great match! The team made it to the final of Copa del Rey! Hala Madrid!
This win against Osasuna leads us closer to the next stage of Copa del Rey. Hala Madrid!
Gm oga G.spanish La-liga still going despite 2 straight loss.not over yet Hala Madrid
Ok. So Madrid lost 2 matches in a row and people are going gaga, others jubilating like they won a $100 million lottery. SMH backwards. La Liga trophy?CL trophy? Is that wat we don't have? Ok shoot me Now!!!Let Madrid taste defeat in their next 50 matches; We Madridistas will still bleed white. The transformer is the best thing u can hug if u don't understand the above. Hala Madrid.
Still nothing has been won or lost... Its gonna come down to which of the 3 can finish strong! Hala Madrid!
Cant' wait for a special event tonight...Hala Madrid
El Clasico day guys, eagerly waiting for it, Would luv to see Barcelona get demolished by Real Madrid.Hala Madrid, CR7 rockz.
Those are patapotea analysts. We let our football talk. Hala Madrid!
Here we go to the quarter-finals of Copa del Rey. Hala Madrid!
112th birthday of the Best club in the world. Hala Madrid.
FT : Atletico Madrid 2 :2 Real Madrid ... we will always be the leaders of La Liga ...Hala Madrid
Final score Real Madrid 2-2 Atletico Madrid. It was a very physical game, a win would've given Madrid a 6 point league lead cushion but getting the tie keeps us at top barely with 64 points. If barca wins today they will be in second with 63 points and Atletico third at 61 points, 11 points ahead of 4th placed Athletic Bilbao with 50 points. La Liga is more competitive now, slightly. Hala Madrid!
Barcelona's new signing Alen Halilovic's "Hala Madrid" tattoo ! It shows he is Real Madrid Fan ->
No retreat, No surrender.Los Blancos ( Real Madrid) have sent a warning shot.. watch out. BBC, the undisputed trio, Bale, Benzema & Cristiano under the guidance of Soccer Lengends, Ancelotti & Zouzou, attractive football is starting to settle down again in the Spanish Capital, Madrid.. The lost balance have been established... Who next? Atheletico here we come...Hala Madrid...!!!
¡Hala Madrid! I hope Los Blancos can maintain this form for the next few months.
Los Blancos, Los merengeus, The Kings team, The white !!! Hala Madrid ! Cr7 and all d BBC we D best !
Los Blancos looking good in orange. Hala Madrid!
"White is my color, Bernabeu is my home, Los Blancos is my identity &, Madridista is my Name! Real Madrid is in my heart. Win, lose or tie, Madridista till I die. Ride together, die together, Madridistas forever." Hala Madrid!
Real Madrid are winning the league, copa del rey, champions , UEFA Super cup and FIFA Club world cup. Hala Madrid!
Y'all know that i'm a proud Madridista but i wanna take a moment to appreciate the fact that the Atletico Madrid has shaken things up in the La Liga. It's not a 2team only race and that excites me. It's game on for real. # Hala Madrid# er the one with CR7 in it. Thats the one i love. Madrid 4 ever#
15 minutes left for the Madrid derby to kick off. Hala Madrid!
Funny joke... Couple agreed that whenever they want to have sex they will say- “Let’s make a phone call” 1 day The man sent his son to tel mom while she was busy in kitchen. Son: Mom, dad is asking u to cm so he can make a phone call. Mom: Go tel im out of coverage area. Dad: Go tel ur mom that if she cant cm i will make d cal elsewhere. Mom: Go tel ur dad if he does that i will open a call center here. Hala Madrid.
Ya C. Ronaldo Got the Ballon D' Or award 2013, No other news can make me happy like this one today. Hala Madrid ...:-D :-D
"Tonight another game on the Champions League. Let's go team! Hala Madrid!
that is great news, Hala Madrid, Los Blancos!
Real Madrid became the best team on the world Hala Madrid
[---]++RMNFs' Official Report++[---] With Ramos' red card, we are still capable of winning that game, so let's not blame Ramos much, we all know him too well. What we are seeing is the long rope being given to Benzema, just look at his face. His days in the White Jersey is numbered. So we shouldn't also blame the coach, he has tried his best for Benzema, We shouldn't be surprised if Falcao comes in by January. Ronaldo gave us that draw, if not for his move and the pass to Isco...that spark did it for us. Its like we lost that match. Hala Madrid!!!
The 'Champions for Life' match will take place on 30th December in the Santiago Bernabeu! The 'Champions for Life' match is a show that will round off the footballing year and will involve our biggest professional football stars. The event will be played among two teams from the Spanish Football League against each other; one representing the eastern regions of Spain and one representing the western regions. The teams will be made up of players from La Liga and the Liga Adelante. Each club will provide some of their best players from their squad! And, to make it even more interesting, the match will be divided into three periods of 30 minutes instead of the traditional two of 45! Hala Madrid! [Nawaf]
Good morning...! Taking off to Turin. Let's go team! Hala Madrid!!
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put you between F and CK, your support we are much stronger, Hala Madrid,
Cristiano Ronaldo wins the trophy Alfredo di Stéfano again this year. the real hero did it .hala madrid.
We are not satisfied with Alfredo di Stéfano's prize. Yes, it is a very honoring reward, but we are looking eagerly for the Ballon D'Or. Hala Madrid! And all the best CR7!
RM is the most scoring team in the top 5 leagues by 44 goal !! Hala madrid _Isco_
Enough of football. Hala Madrid tho lol
. Hala madrid and it was nice to listand to you .
yeahh.. Atletico Madrid after barca now.. maybe on top of the La Liga after this.. Atletico Madrid XD
nothing to thanks you de serve it. Hala Madrid.
Cristiano Ronaldo has done it again.. Alfredo di stefano winner this year. Hala Madrid!!
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