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Hal Lindsey

Harold Lee Hal Lindsey (born November 23, 1929) is an American evangelist and Christian writer. He is a Christian Zionist and dispensationalist author.

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The Everlasting Hatred, The Roots of Jihad [Warfare] by Hal Lindsey. [Just think, 4000+ yrs of "Wild Child" Hating.]
Hal 9000 has found a job in Chicago offices. Just don't ask it to open the pod bay doors https:…
I was a fundie, and our little band of Jesus worshippers somehow overlooked the Pentecost…
Whatever your faith, this Hal Lindsey video is worth watching for its slant on the recent Antifa v Neo Nazis clashes. https…
Hal Lindsey: Hurricane Irma is now bearing down on Florida. It is so powerful, the weather community doesn’t even...
New post (News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries) has been published on Truth For The Times
THE Hal Lindsey Report. An update on all that's going on - from a Biblical perspective.
Check out The Liberation of Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey 1980 paperback inspirational via
Written by Hal prophet.I read it many years ago.…
Wow! Has it really been 7 years since I performed the nuptials between Lindsey Snyder Birkett and Matt Birkett?...
Hal Lindsey Report (9.1.17) via Learn what it means to live by combat faith.
FROMT HE DESK OF HAL LINDSEY I believe the last few weeks have been dramatic in view of Bible prophecy for these…
Hal Lindsey in not a Senator, not a Democrat, and definitely not a Clinton insider.
This story is make believe. There is no Senator Hal Lindsey.
News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries --- June 9, 2017 As we join our Israeli friends to celebrate the...
You know who really has the End Times racket down to an art? Hal Lindsey. Plus he has a mustache.
Hal Lindsey sums it up beautifully: "Our growing moral decay represents our true weakness as a nation.…
Which can only mean one thing: the "time of the end" described to Daniel by the angel…
40 plus years ago Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe and a myriad of others predicted the "last days" & "end time" - yet...
There's more cities like Dearborn too. B/c these "widows and orphans…
Do you watch the Hal Lindsey show,The watcher on the wall.
This video is for Fungus. . The Modern Lie By Hal Lindsey via
How did Hal Lindsey and prophecy fiction guide American Christianity from 70's--more than the Bible?
In the 1970s, Hal Lindsey would’ve been able to find some prophetic reference to this event in Daniel or Revelation: htt…
Never been tried except for Hal Lindsey, John Hagee, Jack Van Impe...but they don't have Shill Marchant on their side!
Texe Marrs: THE SCANDAL OF CHRISTIAN GHOSTWRITING — Among the big names pulling this stunt: Hal Lindsey, Chuck…
And then it dawned on me. It's the same style TV preachers, such as Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe use "news and commentary"
One of the best resources of the Country & What's happened, of course Dinesh but Also Hal Lindsey! 1-27-17 See!
I agree! Lewis too! Hal Lindsey talked about Lewis when he marched with him in Civil Rights Movement. Sad to see.
Hal Lindsey says some of the Signs are Here. Had She won, truly the nail in Coffin!
and give all a chance. End of transmission… (See video “Hal Lindsey Report [2.11.17]” at .) ***
Breast Cancer Awareness
Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The Christian alternative media “The Hal Lindsey Report” reports that Donald Trump and the human
Let's see what Hal Lindsey is up to these days... oh good.
As we speak Germany and France are going to reveal a blue print to do away with individual member states. Check out Hal Lindsey Report.
Hal Lindsey: This week, I will continue my two-part series with "The Prophetic Year in Review: 2016, Part 2"...
We are very near the final climactic events that end with the Second Com...
wrong again these are public gov sites for everyone. I would recommend Hal Lindsey & NRB TV news to note a few of "my" sites!
Rapture auther Hal Lindsey predicted the second coming would result when the US and Russia were all…
I liked a video from The Hal Lindsey Report - Recent Archaeological Discoveries In
When says Lindsey Morgan is her wife and not 😶😳🤔
I added a video to a playlist Hal Lindsey Jan 13 2017
January 13th, 2017. Hal Lindsey. Last week, I told you that on this week's program, I would continue (cont)
A QUOTE FROM HAL LINDSEY:. For many years, I have pointed out that the United States is not mentioned in Bible...
My experience is: American Catholics are just as likely to be into Hal Lindsey as their Southern Baptist neighbors.
The most important sign in Matthew has to be the restoration of the ...
Why it Is Critical for to Support and Defend Video
Hal Lindsey: Why it is so Critical for America to Support and Defend Israel (Video)
Hal Lindsey addresses the current world situation and answers most all questions. You have a right to know.
how have I never seen a picture of Hal Lindsey before
I liked a video from Hal Lindsey Report For December the 16th 2016~
Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - 99 Hal Lindsey Biblical Prophecy on
This has been a sign of the times since Hal Lindsey became popular among evangelical Christians.…
From Hal Lindsey:. "December 16th, 2016. Mr. Geert Wilders leads the main opposition party in the Netherlands...
Hal Lindsey raised the alarm about rising international Censorship in his newsletter today stating that:. "Mr.
News from Hal Lindsey ✞ It was the first time in that nation’s history that a court ruled…
Catch the "Hal Lindsey Report" every Friday at 9:30PM. A show that covers current events and national and...
I didn't ask to be a hero, but I guess I have become one in the Christi...
Read, "The Late Great Planet Earth," by Hal Lindsey, for more details on the Ani-Chr...uhhh...the Donald's plans fo…
I added a video to a playlist SM: Hal Lindsey Report 11/ 11 /2016
4 of 5 stars to The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey
Twenty years ago, I said there was going to be something that would ...
When the Jewish people, after nearly 2,000 years of exile, under rel...
Hal Lindsey is just such a charlatan. He even predicted Christ's return would happen in 1989.
Hal Lindsey is a quack. No denying that. Just because he said something doesn't make it so.
What's going on in Syria is eerily just a few steps away from a Hal Lindsey prediction coming true... Dark times.
Even mellow Hal Lindsey is wondering what's with our gov't with importing possible Islamic terrorists!
Hal Lindsey! Just as the Bible Predicted: Are You Ready for What’s Next? (Video)
Hal Lindsey called the turn just a little early. In yet another sign of the apocalypse, once again I am agreeing wi…
The Tri-Lateral Commission as Hal Lindsey's conspiracy theory boogie man Remember that?
Hal Lindsey totally missed this one.
Hal Lindsey Video Player 20/9 via wars described in the bible , during the end times.
Jesus Is Coming Soon! by Hal Lindsey For more than fifty years, I have lived in the urgent expectation of Jesus’...
Just released: Audio conversion of Don K. Preston's Morning Musings on the subject of: A Response to Hal Lindsey...
you're reading the wrong "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey
It's so bad you read Hal Lindsey when you were 12
ON THIS WEEK'S "Hal Lindsey Report": . The mainstream media barely mentioned it. They're preoccupied with the...
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Shabbat Friday nite at my house, on PTJakes, Hal Lindsey, Irwin Baxter, Perry Stone,
Hal Lindsey has written some interesting books on prophesy.
The Hal Lindsey Report is the Video of the Day here:.
"Reconciliation is only possible when the barriers to relationship have been removed." Hal Lindsey.
So more Hal Lindsey only replace the Russians with Iran?
Globalists pushing to impose their own idea of world order | The Hal Lindsey Report
The Hal Lindsey Report (8-19-16). Pay attention and remember this november when it's time to vote!
Satan: This whole Meggido thing is really starting to come together now if Hal Lindsey can keep his fat mouth shut
If you've been part of it, you know it. I read every Hal Lindsey book, Jesus was coming in 79, 80, 81 etc.. the end.
The intro and figure 1 of this paper talk about the deletion problem I was thinking of:
A book obsoleted by events: "The Third World War: August 1985" by John Hackett. It's still more worth reading than any Hal Lindsey book is!☺
I suspect what she knows about int'l policy will come from New Testament Revelations and Hal Lindsey. Sad!
.. they say we came from Primordial ooze, how did the Primordial ooze create gravity? Hal LIndsey
Hal Lindsey has a great program this week where he exposes ties of anti-Israel and globalist George Soros, with...
Friday at my house tonite, TdJakes, Hal Lindsey, Irwin Baxter, Perry Stone on
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Prophecy rarely moves in a straight line! The Bible gives us snapshots of the future, not a road map of every turn along the…
'The Hal Lindsey Report'December 5, July 14, July 24, July 26, August 4, and August 5, 2016. Those are some of...
Man can live about 40 days without food, 3 days without water, 8 minutes without air. But only for one second without hope." Hal Lindsey
😂😂💕 I love you Hal! Can't wait to see you this weekend 😍
OMG - its too much! I realized Pat Robertson was GONE. But did you find any connections to 'Hal Lindsey' or 'Jack Van Impe'?
Friday Nite at my house,on Hal Lindsey, Irwin Baxter,Perry Stone, Shabbat Shalom, ya'll.
Hal Lindsey had a good point on his recent program. If someone is on a list and considered so possibly dangerous...
Brits leaving EU... Where's Hal Lindsey to tell us how this rushes us toward the apocalypse?
25% of the 1 Million ‘Refugees’ Obama Imported to US Believe Violence Against Americans is Acceptable!
need to talk Hal Lindsey of the ledge today?
June 24th, 2016. This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. The Orlando massacre will change our lives. Certain acts of...
I wonder if the EU can get back to 10 countries and Hal Lindsey can sell some books again?
But, what do I know? I'm not Jack Van Impe or Hal Lindsey, so I could still be very wrong
Anyone else recall Hal Lindsey and other radio/TV Bible teachers saying the Antichrist's revived Roman Empire was the EU?
Hal Lindsey needs to republish his book!
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Desperate for to fail- Hal Lindsey and the End Times industry predicated on the European Union as the Anti-Christ.
I'm reading ask it by Andy Stanley and the Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey . two good books!! Bb
Hal Lindsey, Texe Marrs, et al are millions of times too confident in their forecasting. Their NWO may never happen
I know the theology bud but consider its promoters preacher-quacks: Hal Lindsey Texe Marre etc -- but ur super regardless
Hilarious. In 70s, Hal Lindsey reckoned the coming together of the EU heralded the antichrist.
Why are people so angry? Hal Lindsey gives us some solid reasons. Please see full article:
Skip is the Hal Lindsey of sports. Crazy guy w/crazy beliefs who makes crazy predictions that are pretty much always wrong
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. There was a circus at the United Nations last week. . There (cont)
Hal Lindsey just said, "Our arms are too short to box with GOD.". Isn't that the truth! Yet we think that we can...
"A Must Watch Time to boycott perverts that want men to use women's bathrooms."
The Hal Lindsey Report: "At War With God" . Click the link below to watch Hal Lindsey's Report via video:.
david Jeremiah on church channel 258 now 11:pm to 12:am,the Hal Lindsey Report 11:pm 260 tbn,
News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries – Your arm’s too short to box with God.”
And Hal Lindsey and many others! As long as I have my ticket bought and payed for I have no fear! ❤️😀
Gary DeMar - Hal Lindsey's predictions of the end via
Best explanation I have heard about why radicalization is so easy. There is no grace, only works and everyone...
Hal Lindsey's book "The Late Great Planet Earth" got me interested in prophecy many years ago. Much of what it talked about is in play now.
America Descends Into the Mindless Vacuum Created by Guess Who Will be a Master at it! (Video)
Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth - fear driven never healthy to dwell on science fiction as reality. Better
The debate over Israel that they are having today is over the integrity of the Bible itself Hal Lindsey
I & many Christians have been watching these things happening we r @ the end of the age see Hal Lindsey or
See Front Runners and The Israel Stand (((For or against or NEUTRAL))). The Hal Lindsey Report is URGENT w Isra-El!
Arthur Laffer like Hal Lindsey - he's been proven wrong so many times but never changes, have to wonder if he's embracing false prophet role
Please click on the photo below to read the message and prayer for Hal Lindsey.
Hal Lindsey Report - VIDEO . American Christians do not presently face genocide.
Hal Lindsey ,have teachings about what in happening in the world now my F/B
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. Remember Paul Harvey?. "Hello, Americans. This is Paul Harvey. Stand by for...
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. Maybe you haven't noticed, but we're in the throes of (cont)
February 19th, 2016. This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. It's been a week since the passing of Justice Antonin...
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. March 4th, 2016. In 1954, the American Legion sponsored a series of...
Hal Lindsey Report (9.25.15) via are headed towards a New Satanic INQUISITION under the Jesuits!Wake up!
Hal Lindsey Report VIDEO . When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?
Hal Lindsey's site they have teachings about it or go to they have teaching u can print I prefure
You keep losing me. You mentioned Hal Lindsey. I read 1 of his books. Found it in a burned out motel.
"That social convo about end times stuff from a Hal Lindsey paradigm is really fun to be apart of". Said me, never
Happy birthday to a amazing friend who has always been there for me & taught me how to ride a horse I love you Hal😘🔥
Hal Lindsey: If someone (Scalia) was in such bad health, they wouldn't travel to a hunting lodge way out in the country. He wasn't accusing
true apocalypse theology Hal Lindsey ot you will see it the real one get ready call for Jesus Christ
Finding Peace in the Midst of the Vulnerabilities Surrounding Us! (Video) Hal Lindsey
but only for one second without hope – Hal Lindsey .
the new world government being set up NOW Hal Lindsey
Hal Lindsey Countdown to Armageddon The 1980's by LosTNPawN via
Hal Lindsey knew what he was talking about!
I grew up not knowing any better believing Hal Lindsey, after reading all views, I mean just the plain reading of the Olivet
Hal Lindsey said that Jesus is coming in the eighties! I didn't know. And you worked for Kathryn Kuhlman. I have her book..   10% Off
she's been reading too much Hal Lindsey
This is our world today. Praise God for the truth & for His people who say it. The Hal Lindsey Report | Hal Lindsey
The Hal Lindsey Report | Hal Lindsey Are you wondering what is happening in this world?
I liked a video from Hal Lindsey Report 1 29 16
Come to think of it, I think Hal Lindsey predicted the coming of Justin Bieber back in the 70s.
January 22nd, 2016. This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. It is a rare day when I agree with the American Civil... https…
The tribute-price to pay because of Iran Games | The Hal Lindsey Report
must be part of that plan Hal Lindsey spoke of last friday.
Climate Ploy another one-world order agenda guise, includes marking of every person on the planet -- watch Hal Lindsey Video 1/8 link below.
Watch Hal Lindsey 1/8/2016 TPP Commission explained as irreversible one-world-order strategic manipulation, and more (link below)
This mans Weekly Biblical Teachings are RIGHT ON MONEY and According to Future Prophecy Written in BIBLE
Ya know hearin Hal Lindsey, this morning I'm thinking America is now JUST as OBabylon as it gets under U.N. Agenda 2030.
Hal Lindsey explains this subject this weekend. channel 369 DSTR at 10 PM tonight. or see his website at dot com
Hal Lindsey Report (9.25.15) EDMOND PARIS boldly exposes the vatican's involvement in world politics,intrigues n the fomenting of wars ...
Hal Lindsey 1/8/2016 Report . Watch this 2015 in review, and see what the government has done behind your backs!
Go to TBN (230) and watch Hal Lindsey. He's talking about agenda 2030. Please wake up and realize Global Warming in a lie it's about control
Anyone listening to Hal Lindsey ? WOW speaking on TPP Agenda 21 and One World Govt
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' - Part One of "2015: Prophetic Year in Review.". From the perspective of...
Whoops! I forgot to mention Hal Lindsey too. I watch his program every week "The Hal Lindsey Report". Prophecy as it+
Can we also agree that Scofieldism and Hal Lindsey have done much to shape the American war ethic?
Hal Lindsey Report (10.2.15) Vatican is THE GREAT *** OF Rev.17:5.:She is preparing the world 4 the INQUISITION
Already a part of a conditional trade. If Lindsey Horan signs with Portland, then Orlando gets it.
it’s like saying Hal Lindsey has political influence. No politico takes him seriously, but they take seriously people who follow him
The story of Daniel a foreshadow of the Messiah | The Hal Lindsey Report
Confirmation from PSG that Lindsey Horan (as well as Kosovare Asllani) have executed their options to leave the club
I liked a video 1 3 16 The fig Tree? Israel A Nation in 1948? Hal Lindsey says so!
Please watch the Hal Lindsey Report and Perry Stone for they are great men of God, Jesus Christ. Author of The Gift Of Visions,Grace Of God.
Jesus Christ Our Lord Ministries is now following In Touch Ministries, Dr. David Jeremiah, and Hal Lindsey...
Every time I see a new headline about the Middle East, I think maybe it's time to read Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet …
Hal Lindsey's "The Late Great Planet Earth" made quite an impression on me as a child. However, it was nothing compared to
Hal Lindsey woke my butt up. Since then, I listen to Chuck Missler. Perry Stone. Jonathan Cahn... signs are all there
I watch Paul Begley, Perry Stone, J.D. Farag, Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, and Codesearcher dot net. (and Charlie!)
Yeah that was basically the kind of church I grew up in. Up side: jeans. Downside (a few years later): Hal Lindsey.
So, he's like the financial world's version of Hal Lindsey?
need2watch - Govt committing TREASON according to CONSTITUTION
need to watch - Govt commit TREASON against CONSTITUTION
Hal Lindsey's latest video on U.S. Kerry hasn't even read the details of the final IRAN DEAL
Hal always said when high school came your friends would change a lot. Never thought it would happen
Hal Lindsey's new report for the week!
I was a die hard Hal Lindsey fan for sooo many years. His books have now been converted into toys for my birds to
Hal Linsey is the BEST GLOBAL INFORMATION EXPERT There is. Todays Show Hals worth 100 million.
Hal Lindsey has the MOST GLOBAL INFO-This is latest on IRANS BS DEAL.
And if you want a feast of The Word, check out Perry Stone, Manna Fest, Jonathan Cahn, and Hal Lindsey on YouTube.
"I hand it to old Hal Lindsey who 30+ years ago said "RUSSIA is not America's enemy, but ISLAM
Hal Lindsey has even stated that the ONLY time there's a radical Muslim is when they read the Quran!
you can search in cable or satellite . Sunday's morning & evening for Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey is Sunday night .
I watch Hal Lindsey & Jack Van Impe . They line up events to revelations . Eye opening !
"Desperate for a legacy, with a complicit Secretary of State desperate for a Nobel, the President made a deal with the devil." ~Hal Lindsey
half way thru see why, first half cash problem, The Hal Lindsey Report | Hal Lindsey
We are definitely in the Last Days, but not because Hal Lindsey says so, but because the apostles say so. (2 Timothy 3:1);(2 Peter 3:3)
and Jesuit-trained false teachers of the FALSE 7-year Tribulation & preTribulation Rupture h…
look around world falling apart O and rest of Washington destroying USA all prophesied read Hal Lindsey end of age books
The "Hal Lindsey Report" weekly broadcast is available free online:.
July 10th, 2015. This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. Last weekend, the people of Greece followed their young...
Les Miserables (Medley for Violin): Violin Solo Arranged by Lindsey Stirling. by Lindsey Stirling - Hal Leonard.
Watching The Hal Lindsey Report feeding my spirit, I need it.
I agree. read books by Hal Lindsey. Amazing books on revelation. We are definitely in last days in my opinion.
Lindsey Graham says outright what other GOP statements only hint at: *** marriage is a political loser for right
In the words of Hal Lindsey, "Stick a fork in us folks. It's over. America won't be coming back." A sad day for...
Hal Lindsey and Tex-Mex crooner Freddie Fender were never seen together in public. Coincidence? I think not!
I was outside of the space ship. "Let me in, Hal," I said. The voice of Hal Lindsey said "I can't do that, Dave. You're an amillennialist."
GUESSWORK: I think I'm one blood moon away from out-living the last days of Hal Lindsey.
Dr. Martin mentions his friend, Hal Lindsey. Dr. Martin pleads for respect, civility, love and forbearance for...
MUST READ how jihad started/ end times prophecy: "BLOOD MOON" (one due Sept 28) by Hal Lindsey ur Library likely has it
I really hope The Great American Hal Lindsey Novel hasn’t been written already
I think 8 PM hour should be Charlie Live (8-8:30) followed by the Hal Lindsey Report (8:30-9).
Must-watch: The Hal Lindsey Report 19Jun || G7, world trade, (TTIP), banks, Middle East,& more
I keep an eye on Lindsey. She is an amazing violinist.
Its also why Hal Lindsey left trinity!
do not be surprised if you read Hal Lindsey or you will know this was prophesied 2000 yrs ago
Hal Lindsey Report (6.19.15) via World Events n How it Plays in with Bible Prophecies
To quote Hal Lindsey: "Just cause you jabber like a *** doesn't mean you're speaking in tongues". Faking in a church might be huge sin.
pray for Bible Prophecy Teachers and Researchers like Perry Stone and Hal Lindsey . and JD Farag and Jack van... http…
Turn on Hal Lindsey who is talking about this trade deal.
Me too. :) Yeah, they were distinctly more CS Lewis than Hal Lindsey, VERY Seattle. But no, sadly, they're still Our Opposition.
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time to dust off my Hal Lindsey doomsday chart.
Number 5! Kingdom Come, 'cause I was raised Baptist in the Hal Lindsey era, but far prefer Shazam! fighting Superman to John's Apocalypse.
Hal Holbrook character in is part Lindsey Graham, part Glenn McConnell. & maybe as Fletch. If Will can do impressions
I think everyone should go see Uncle Hal and Lindsey and have some dinner tonight
Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth by Carole C. Carlson and Hal Lindsey...
Now-worthless books: "What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7" (real book), "The Great Depression of 1990" by Ravi Batra, anything by Hal Lindsey
May 31, 2015 The Hal Lindsey Report. Please remember to pray for Hal, he has some health challenges recently!...
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' According to the Defense Department and the White House, the capture of...
I see you coming closer to christ with your words speak for all,have a guest on from texas his name hal lindsey
Pope Francis joins the Catholic Church with those who strive to kill all Jews...
I have a Hal Lindsey disciple bringing it at the Starbucks. It's all in Revelations, dontchaknow.
Have you watched Perry Stone's videos on YouTube/ TBN,or Irvin Baxter,Hal Lindsey,Jack Van Impe,all on YouTube now!
...only when I was growing up it was Hal Lindsey
The Hal Lindsey Report:The Roman Catholic church has worked hard in recent decades to erase its long, ignominious...
I'm giving away: Blood moon by Hal Lindsey e. Check it out -
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Here in Oklahoma I've heard this snake-oil salesman pitch since about 1971. Hal Lindsey has made a killing off of it.
Hal Lindsey isaiah 17 and psalm 83 Destruction of Damascus via
Whats with the picture of Hal Lindsey ? Fang
the judgment of America has begun. Hal Lindsey
He and Hal Lindsey, close friends, are both outstanding Bible teachers.
I read this at HAL LINDSEY is a favorite teacher of mine...I think you'll agree
Hal Lindsey Report (5.8.15) To watch last weeks episode, click ...
Man can live forty days without food, three without water , eight seconds without air but only one second without hope -Hal Lindsey.
= Heard Hal Lindsey say Holy Spirit is the only one who will restrain anti Christ1
Dar's going through some of our boxes of books; we actually own Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth". Have never read the darn thing. lol
Lindsey Graham entering GOP field, to cheers of Republicans who want John McCain without that courage and heroism.
Hal Lindsey was saying nearly the same thing in the 1970's, Armageddon didn't happen when he said. Is Hagee more credible?
May 8th, 2015. This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. We are currently in the process of upgrading "The Hal Lindsey...
Hal Lindsey Report. Called to watch - Jesus Christ is coming back. - YouTube
As a former church kid, if I ever meet Hal Lindsey I will punch him in the mouth.
The Hal Lindsey Report on Nearness of Globalization & Fulfillment of Prophesy
check an read hal Lindsey deliberation of planet Earth
very proud your eyes are so open Orwell saw it coming also try reading the Late Great Planet Earth - Hal Lindsey another great
suggestion Please order America in Prophecy,Hal Lindsey,Jack Van Impe. eBay or DVD
Please Also acquire fr eBay or Amazon Final battle book by Hal Lindsey.Its a must get book to read.
Please order Final Battle Video eBay or Amazon or Hal Nuclears War soon
What always struck me was how similar Hal Lindsey's hermeneutic style re Revelation was to Charles Manson's.
Hal Lindsey lied & said God gave King David supernatural ability to be a soldier because God said David was a man after his own heart.
watching Hal Lindsey & Paul Crouch & his wife on justify their meddling into current events in Israel in the name of the Lord in 1982
Check out Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth Paperback Hal Lindsey Christianity Cults via
, I love Bible prophecy grant Jeffrey was one of my favorites so is Hal Lindsey in Jack Van Impe and many…
I'm reading "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey. This is one of the best books I've read, like, ever.
If you haven't met Hal Lindsey, you are missing out on a Bible Prophecy pioneer. His take on the Netanyahu visit: .
Yes, another free plug for Hal Lindsey's upgraded website. Hal helped bring me to Jesus. His Bible studies have abundantly enriched my life.
Hal Lindsey upgraded his website. If you've never been there, check it out -"Watchman on the Wall", relevant today:
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