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Hal Jordan

Harold Hal Jordan is a DC Comics superhero known as Green Lantern, the first human shown to join the Green Lantern Corps and a founding member of the Justice League of America.

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Hal Jordan & the GL Corps and now Green Lanterns
Hal Jordan + calling by nicknames to some of the JL members:. Cyborg - Kid. Wonder Woman - Princess. Aquaman - Aquafresh. Ba…
"This universe needs you more than it needs me.". Hal Jordan risking his own life and giving his ring to Batman to save h…
This would be incredible with Hal Jordan
Jessica and Simon were forced to fight a strange being. Here, it was shown Jessica still struggled with creating constructs…
Green Lantern’s one of my faves and while I was a little disappointed he wasn’t there, it makes me ***
I don’t believe that. They didn’t even do stand alone stories for some members currently in the new JL. Not…
Not Hal Jordan so it doesn't matter?
there was a green lantern in the movie though. it wasn't H…
More importantly: who would you cast as Hal Jordan? :)
I wonder who the director and Hal Jordan will be
I know a lot of people want Armie Hammer for Hal Jordan... But I think James Marsden would be great. Especially if…
I like it too Mr.Jurgens,though I have to admit,I miss the red underpants, and I would have loved to…
He may not be Shazam but he will be Hal Jordan... Cenation will win forever
Hal Jordan when he found out about the league
A pipe dream:. End of : A Green Lantern ring flies into Steve Trevor's plane before it blows up, carryi…
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Are you sure that was Hal & not just another pilot named Jordan?
Nightwing honestly has like no stand out rogues. The only good ones are recycled bat characters. On t…
That looks awesome. Honestly would be perfect to see Hal Jordan there
If this guy doesn't get cast as Hal Jordan, he'd be a good Nightwing
You know what would've been a great way to introduce Hal Jordan in the DCEU? A scene where Parademons walk/fly past hi…
Hal Jordan by is my absolutely favorite Hal Jordan 😍❤️
Actually... Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern.. followed by Hal Jordan.. then John Stewart...
American Superheroes who should have an ahoge:. -Carol Danvers. -Peter Parker. -Hal Jordan. -Nightwing. -Damian Wayne. -S…
Further films could show her meeting other heroes. Hal Jordan and Barry Allen in the 1960s. Kyle Rayner a…
32. John Stewart >>>>>> Hal Jordan. Give me John Stewart any day of the week.
. "Hal Jordan." The young man spoke, looking at him as he smiled.
"Green Lantern's got this!". Hal Jordan vs Darkseid in Justice League: Origin (2011)
Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps Ivy! 😈🌱Repping the time Hal Jordan became a Red Lantern. Day 2…
I s2g if they pull a Ryan Potter Tim Drake Beast Boy and cast someone else to play Hal Jordan knowing full and damb…
Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner. Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance. Jessica Jones and L…
Hal Jordan is not a homicidal maniac, and that was a massive change DC stood behind…
4 of 5 stars to Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corp... by Robert Venditti
Given the fact that Sinestro will soon be back in Hal Jordan and the GLC, from now on I'll be hearing…
DC should cast Ed Norton and Terrence Howard as Hal Jordan and John Stewart
🆘🐕 Hal Jordan is a sweet little guy. He's in need of DIES 7/10 🆘…
Oh I like Booster & Ted idea I knew Hal Jordan was too 'easy boring' but I'd love Evans in DCEU!
Hugh Jackman (does he count?) as Jim Gordon in the Jim-in-batsuit story...Chris Evans as Hal Jordan
Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers. Ratin…
For me da green lantern ranking go like. . Kyle Rayner . Hal Jordan . John Stewart. Guy Gardner
2. Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner are my favourite characters ever.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps The villainous Sarko seeks to destroy and remake the Green Lantern and… https…
well I geeked out and it confirms that Hal Jordan is the green lantern that their using
Trump is Parallax. US is Hal Jordan. Hopefully NATO can be Lantern Corps
I liked a video Atrocitus Attempts to turn Hal Jordan into a Red Lantern | INJUSTICE 2
Hal n Rip Try To Fix the Time n REVIEW of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
OML 23, Gwenpool 15, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 10, Hal Jordan and Friends 20, JLA 6, Red…
Say hello to Clark Kent's two best friends from John Jones and Hal Jordan. (Sorry, Bruce) 😎
My top three characters are probably gonna be. -Black Canary. -Hal Jordan. -Captain Cold
Chris pine really turned down the Hal Jordan role he would perfect for it
I hoping this life movie is an undercover DCmovie the alien is Starro and Ryan Reynolds was Hal Jordan the whole time .
I read Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (2016-) by Robert Venditti
📷 Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps - “Duty Calls” (2016) written by Robert Venditti art by...
2 of 5 stars to Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps,... by Robert Venditti
I just like Reynolds, I have no ability to speak about Hal Jordan's historical persona.
Sign this man up for the White Power Ranger, Nathan Drake, Hal Jordan, and more
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1: Sinestro's Law for $12.17 (-32%)
yeah rebot!! Hal Jordan a serious guy vs. Reynolds goofing off. He is the best Deadpool though...
The 11,200th comic book added to my collection: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
What was your Fav. Dc Rebirth ? mine was Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps rebirth &Nightwing Rebirth :D
Speaking of good rebirth comic, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is the best series so far. Go buy and support.
just watched ep. 101, Ryan Reynalds' green latern was more like a Guy Gardener than a Hal Jordan. Been saying it for years lol
As DC are looking for an older Hal Jordan, thoughts on to potentially play the role?
Deadpool 2 trailer... Answer to the speculations that Ryan Reynolds is considered for Hal Jordan. . PS: its my voice
>DC Making another Green Lantern movie. >Ryan Reynolds on the short list to play Hal Jordan
If I had to put in order who I would want to see play Hal Jordan this is how I would go. Didn't bother to include R…
Could Ryan Reynolds return as Hal Jordan in the new Green Lantern Corps movie?
Green Lantern Corps casting rumors: Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and more up for Hal Jordan
Shortlist of actors for DC's Green Lantern Corps released & include Ryan Reynolds & Tom Cruise for the role of Hal Jordan.
Movie News: Ryan Reynolds rumoured to be on the shortlist to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps.…
Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and more are in the mix to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps. .
Green Lantern Corps: Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and more eyed for Hal Jordan via
Ryan Reynolds will not be Hal Jordan again.
ICYMI David Goyer and Justin Rhodes to write and Geoff Johns to produce!! BTW..Hal Jordan and John S…
Here's the deal at Get Jake Gyllenhaal as Hal Jordan. Trevante Rhodes as Jon Stewart. Fire David S. Goyer. Hire Shane Black to-
You guys ruined Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, and soon you'll ruin Billy Batson and Black Adam. 😠
The film is said to be a Hal Jordan & John Stewart cosmic buddy cop adventure.
Warner Bros sets David Goyer & Justin Rhodes to write Green Lantern Corps; Hal Jordan and John Stewart to have focus.
Guys we are actually gonna Hal Jordan and John Stewart as sector partners in a live action Green Lantern movie and it's going to make me cry
Hal Jordan & John Stewart in the same GL upcoming movies? This is the best news I've ever heard this week!!! 💚
I don't know for Hal Jordan but I so want to see as John Stewart.
Idris Elba and James Marsden should play John Stewart and Hal Jordan respectively in
I would love to have Denzel Washington or Idris Elba as John Stewart and Armie Hammer or James Marsden as Hal Jordan.
all of the Batboys except Damian, Hal Jordan, Deathstroke, Steve Rogers
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps hit some deep emotional beats not touched on since Blackest Night. Best GL book right now!
Review for and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is live
David Giuntoli as Hal Jordan. "He was Almost Superman in Man of steel"
and that was a white guy replaces white guy case. Hal Jordan replacing Stewart as main lantern is...unfortunate
And for goodness sakes, can we PLEASE get the John Stewart Green Lantern??? Hal Jordan's momma doesn't even care about Hal J…
I'm not against having a Hal Jordan in the DCU but I want a John Stewart more. Specifically Idris Elba to play John Stewart.
Welcome Finn Jordan. Son of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. Better known as
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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was decent, but not spectacular.
Armie Hammer is playing all the characters. Hal Jordan? Armie Hammer. Catwoman? Armie Hammer. The crowbar the joker beat Jason with? Armie H
In issue Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps raise the stakes even higher
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps preview. The Corps is trapped
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was another great issue. Love this story. It is very interesting, and art was
Rafa Sandoval's art on Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps is just perfect. Every page and panel is a sight to behold.
Whoa, did not expect that return. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was awesome. Ssolid issue. 4/5!.
Really like how Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps is giving breathing room for the other human Green Lanterns for the current arc.
and have been teasing Hal Jordan for years, and now has Alan Scott's son. Come on, give us a Green Lantern!
the contrast of a shamelessly brazen and willful personality like Hal Jordan, as obstinate as Oliver, a grand evolution to write
Hal is the perfect catalyst for lightening up Oliver Queen. Stephen Amell is a perfect straight man to a comedic Hal Jordan.
Yeppers. From my dead Hal Jordan to Ragman. Got interested in the character, still reading up on him
Preview de Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps par et chez
Happy Birthday to the man who should be our future Hal Jordan, ✳️
Remembering the time DC Comic's first black superhero kicked Hal Jordan's ***
That time DC Comics’ first black superhero kicked Hal Jordan’s ***
First legit SL was a Sinestro Corps War based one on my Hal Jordan.
Can't wait for Ezra Miller's "Barry Allen" to meet characters like Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, & even one day training Wally West.
Jake Gyllenhaal as Hal Jordan. Luke Evans as Sinestro. that'd be perfect
I'd prefer Idris Elba as John Stewart instead of Ryan's Hal Jordan
New DCEU account. Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Corps from Sector 2814. New to character, returning to fandom. RT?
Chris Pine was the front-runner for the role of Hal Jordan, but he chose the role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017). who is steve
I hope when Hal Jordan gets chosen his ring flies past Dan Amboyer and Scott Eastwood.
On the Green Lantern side, Hal Jordan doesn't need more visibility. But Alan Scott, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner certainly could use it.
Check out what I found on Comic Alliance. Today In Comics History: The First Appearance of Hal Jordan, Green La...
Secretly hoping they have someone to play Hal Jordan in the Justice League movie and they wont tell us until its released 😁
you talking Hal Jordan or Simon maz? Has an actor been cast yet I think the new movie is sometime in 2019
Hal Jordan was based on Errol Flynn, artist Gil Kane actually patterned Hal’s rugged good looks after Paul Newman.
My GL cast: Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan and The Rock as Guy Gardner. Michael B Jordan as John Stewart and Zack Levi as Kyle.
I feel like I should have said Steve Rogers here, not Cap. He's about as much Cap as Hal Jordan is Green Lantern.
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DC made Hal Jordan a villain and it lasted 10 years. Hope for Steve Rogers won't be a villain for a long period of time.
who can be *** but really aren't most of the time. Hal Jordan disobeyed them all the time. Kyle Rayner too,
No! He should have played Kyle Rayner not Hal Jordan and their uniforms look too CG.
And in GLC supposedly Hal Jordan (Jewish, sometimes genderqueer in the comics), John Stewart (black), and Kyle Rayner (Latinx)
The main reason Green Lantern movie was so bad was because it had Hal Jordan and not John Stewart.
Never before has Hal Jordan been so properly defined
DC doing everything to keep Hal Jordan off the League ahead of the movies, adding fuel to Hal not being movie JL GL.
I have no idea what happened to Hal Jordan, but why does Earth now have twelve Green Lanterns? Wheres the Martian GL? Mars is in our sector!
id be very surprised if they gave us John Stewart and not Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan has actually been to heaven. Not to mention Zauriel and Lucifer.
Right I ain't come to see Hal Jordan from South Central
He was always far left, even in the cartoon. . The difference is no Hal Jordan to balance eachother out.
Finally finished my Hal Jordan. Started it on 2/23/16 and finished it 5/5/16. Need more free time.
Igor Vitorino should draw more Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Sooo impressed by his Parallax!
he may not remember the man in the iron mask? It could be the real Jay garrick or zooms dad it could be Oliver or hal Jordan 2
see bro how is DC doing Justice League without Hal Jordan and going against a god, what is batman gonna do punch the parademons
It's 5 against 1 when Hal Jordan goes up against the Gray Agents. Preview GREEN LANTERN
I love human disaster Hal Jordan with all my heart
Hi my name is Hal Jordan and I'm an energy construct...
tfw Hal Jordan was teased on Arrow but now BvS
With an older Hal Jordan being in Green Lantern Corps, what about Nathan Fillion?
They will be in the hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps book.
You're bio needs some work. Hal Jordan & Guy Gardner wore the Red Lantern ring before you...
Hey! We also talked about how Hal Jordan and Deathstroke are both pedophiles.
There are plenty of exceptions, Dr. Strange studied magic and earned his power, Hal Jordan, while initially given his power,
All the other lanterns love Hal Jordan, no doubt
I mean he was always far-left politician. There's no Hal Jordan for a counterbalance nowadays, though.
Hal Jordan and his abusive boyfriend, Oliver Queen. Relationship status: complicated
When DC brings back Old White Men™ in the form of Hal Jordan and Chad Gable are dating, right?
Hal Jordan's worst enemy is himself
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Probably my favorite Hal Jordan figure to date. The construct armor is brilliantly executed. Review coming tomorrow!
Lol and Dr. Dre can be Kilowog and Eminem as Hal Jordan.
"Well... I don't like Ollie that much. But i would help Green Lantern on everything. You guys a Hal Jordan, right?"
Darling I love you but no Booster. Hal Jordan or Captain Canuck 10/10
Welcome to MARVEL . Meanwhile, over at Warner Butchers, they hire Willem Dafoe to play Hal Jordan, lmao
Someone fan casted Ryan Gosling as Hal Jordan and I'm honestly clawing my face off Why Must You Hurt My *** ***
Heard there are actors screen testing with Ben Affleck in LA for Hal Jordan and John Stewart for Justice League.
gross. I'm a Hal Jordan and Alan Scott fan. Nothing against Kyle. I wish they'd just kept him in NYC.
"Eh, I prefer Hal Jordan. Jason Todd is beautiful Roy Harper. Yep. All are bae. Mhmm, eyecandy."
I hope the green lantern they use in Justice League is John Stewart and not Hal Jordan. I'm getting tired of his pilot driving boring self
could be a great movie if it starred Hal Jordan and John Stewart. And if it was retitled to Green Lantern Corps.
Hal Jordan is not feeling like himself. Preview the eerie GREEN LANTERN
Dude can you please make green lantern NOT Hal Jordan? Stewart is just a lot cooler & his Justice League animated ver. rocked
Thats something Hal Jordan would say. I am not Green Lantern i am just a regular guy Jimmy Olsen.
I still say Hal Jordan, Green Lantern!... But, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle would also be awesome!
probably unrealistic but what if Patrick Adams is Hal Jordan or Ted Kord?
So far All Star Batman, Nightwing, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lanterns are what I'm looking forward to with Rebirth
Random thought in my head while trying to fall asleep: Hannibal King is Hal Jordan is Wade Wilson (created twice w/in the same franchise!).
Sad about Hal Jordan getting thrown under the bus for , but I suppose it's not very surprising. At last Simon's positioned well
Hal Jordan playing in space gives Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz time off the bench in Justice League. About time!
I hate Jessica and Simon in JL and no Hal Jordan, DC ruined with diversity
I think so lol he'd be an awful John Stewart, maybe Hal Jordan or Simon Baz
Simon Baz is in Justice League instead of Hal Jordan.
3) On Green Latern... You doing this Justice League right and cast John Stewart. Not Hal Jordan, no Guy Gardner. John Stewart
"What should we name this super hero?". I don't know give him two first names. "Hal Jordan, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Jason Todd, Barry Allen
I *understand* why Jane Foster can never be Thor Odinson. Everyone does. Like how John Stewart can never be Hal Jordan.
Not for Lando, but Mehcad in a Green Lantern reboot with John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan, all over it.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Nate Parker and Tom Hardy are Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner in Green Lantern Corps.
pretty sure JL movie is gonna have Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner. But I think Hal is gonna be in BVS
So am I...and that DCEU will STILL stick with Hal Jordan and not John Stewart or Kyle Rayner.
I always thought that going with Hal Jordan for the live action was a mistake. John Stewart 'is' Green Lantern now.
Hal Jordan never was my hero to be honest. I grew up watching John Stewart
I love Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner but the Justice League animated series makes a great case for John Stewart as the best Green Lantern
Not yet but we believe David Amboyer is Hal Jordan
Quarterman is Alan Scott, Simmons is Hal Jordan, Victor is John Stewart, Blakeney is Kyle Rayner & Hornsby is Guy
kill off Thea. kill off Felicity. focus more on Diggle, Laurel and Oliver. grow an actual Green beard. add Hal Jordan. show saved.
Here thinking how this blast from Hal Jordan could potentially kill Superman
Don't they realize there's a ton of ppl endeared to Jon cuz of the animated show. Who cares about Hal Jordan!
better be Hal Jordan or i'm gonna be so disappointed. 😢
You're right up there with Hal Jordan
Those two panels are better than any two panels with Hal Jordan in them ever.
I don't need likes to unleash hugely unpopular opinions. Hal Jordan is better than Guy Gardner
Just saw the rumor that Dan Amboyer might be Green Lantern because we need ANOTHER take on Hal Jordan…Jon Stewart IS RIGHT THERE DAMMIT.
I hope you're right; I miss everyone's young married couple-- Hal Jordan and Killawog. lol.
Yes you're right and the character was very bad handeled, that was not the Hal Jordan form the comics
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Am I the only one who is still wondering why Hal Jordan is still dressed like a Jedi? What's with the hooded bathrobe?
So many amazing people have bday today.. Ed Sheeran, Michael Jordan, Joseph Gordn-Levitt, Hal (cont)
Hal Jordan: (whispers his last breath) "...Kilowogg." (drops the lantern to the ground, dies)
Green Lantern taking on the league? Curious to see how this all goes down but we all Hal Jordan can take them all ;) https:/…
It's a shame he'll probably be lame *** Hal Jordan instead of kick *** Kyle Rayner.
I think the masked man is Hal Jordan, who went missing. It might explain the POW code and the mask keeps the ring from finding him
Hal Jordan is a pretty good Wade Wilson😏
Coast City: Birth place of one of this sector's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Unfortunately, due to his brash actions, the —
I wish Bradley Cooper would be Hal Jordan and Jason Clarke be Guy and Nate Parker Be John
i don’t know, I so prefer Barry Allen to Jason Garrick and Hal Jordan to Alan Scott
I don't care what anyone says, Ryan Reynolds was great as Hal Jordan.
If the rumors of "Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps" are true that would pretty much confirm Hal is the Justice Leaguer.
I still think Ryan Reynolds deserves a second shot at being Hal Jordan, just with a better script
I hope Ryan Reynolds is a better Wade Wilson than Hal Jordan
Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner have all been which superhero?
alright ill go to sleep because I need to. good hal jordan dreams for me and not for dee because she sinned too hard today
Depends which Lantern. Hal Jordan was a mass murderer.
I hope he told you he's playing Hal Jordan in the DCEU
can you tell us about the rumors that you may live Hal Jordan in the DC cinematic universe?
question could Hal Jordan die if he gets a Canadian destroyer
broadwaycom: .DarrenCriss will replace Jeremy Jordan in BROADWAY TODAY at Carnegie Hal…
🔱The Winner is Hal Jordan🔱. Votes:. Hal - 26. Magneto - 25. ⚡My Opinion: I see this battle going either way and even so…
i want hal jordan to eat me out while Guy Gardner eats him out. the Green Centipede.
When you overhear someone say Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern.
Has the DCCU cast its Green Lantern yet? Because I just realized that Kyle Chandler would be an amazing 'verging on retirement Hal Jordan.'
I'll take Gyllenhaal ask anything, but he would make a great Hal Jordan imo.
If I could be any hero I'd pick Hal Jordan. You could do literally anything you want.
Stewart is prolly gonna get cast as the older Lantern w/ Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner being trained by him
i wrote this a few weeks ago...anyone but Hal Jordan .
I grew up on Hal Jordan and I would much prefer a John Stewart GL in the DC movieverse.
bc DC likes to shuffle off everyone for Hal Jordan
It's not our fault they messed up Hal Jordan's story, it's too late to fix it
The way they announced the movie in the DC Special on The CW hinted at a Hal Jordan/John Stewart duo film
Original Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, as they were in the comics? The most interesting thing about either was their girlfriends, Iris & Carol
Hal did make a cameo. Some guy in a bar was wearing a jacket with the name Jordan on it. we didn't see his face tho
Seriously tho, where is Hal Jordan in Justice League Vs Teen Titans?
Nightwing, sweetie, I think you took Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) spot in the Justice League.
oh and they dropped zolomon's name. I'm more hype for this than at arrow dropping hints at Hal Jordan
it's totally different than kids colouring books! the Green Lantern on the Adult version is Hal Jordan, not John Stewart!!
Blake Lively: "So, it's cool that, yes, Hal Jordan is a superhero, but my character is a real-world hero in her own life."
Cheers man, and good call on the Hal Jordan theory!
If I were religious I would pray every night that the DCCU Green Lantern is Hal Jordan.
Who would you cast to play Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan and John Stewart in your version of GL film?
// I really want to roleplay with a Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne and Harley. Also anyone from DCEU not picky but those three the most :)
there are so many other great butts to objectify, why limit ourselves to just Nightwing? like Booster Gold or Hal Jordan
as i said, this was actor who I see befitting for the role of Hal Jordan not John Stewart.
So we're getting a Green Lantern Corp movie in 2020? Hal Jordan and John Stewart or Kyle Rayner and John Stewart?
He movie Green Lantern Corps needs to have John Stewart and Hal Jordan in it.
I wonder if Clark Kent's grandparents were neighbors with Hal Jordan in Coast City?
John Stewart and Hal Jordan to appear in Green Lantern: Corps - CONFIRMED!!: via
Even though you aren't into Green Lantern, who is your favorite? . Hal Jordan?. Guy Gardner?. John Stewart?
exactly but back to GL if they use John Stewart in JL Michael Jai White would be perfect Hal Jordan...that's tough
Arguing with about Kyle Rayner's mask. It is objectively good. Better than the much lamented domino mask of Hal Jordan.
Error con el anillo(error whit the ring) Hal Jordan Injustice gods among us
When you came up with the design for Hal Jordan, did you use Light Ray as inspiration?
Will Hal Jordan accept his role as a New God?
It's weird to think that in the DC animated universe, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen just don't exist
This man needs to be the Green Lantern. The Hal Jordan Green Lantern pales in comparison to John Stewart.
Dez Bryant spotted in a pair of all-white Air Jordan 6 cleats
Actually everything about this episode is hilarious. Kyle looks more like Hal, he also has Jordan's origin. Sort of.
will green lantern feature in arrow or The CW universe because Hal Jordan was in Arrow season 4 premiere
Is green lantern going to feature in the cw universe because Hal Jordan was in the premier
Sekuro has such good style that Hal Jordan's taking notes. DC cherry picking from us smaller guys?
Y'all can hate Hal Jordan all u want bcz he's a *** But he's a lovable one and he's my precious sunshine you ignorant p…
And those series have numerous obvious references to Hal Jordan, Batman, and other prominent DC heroes and villains.
Bret Jordan posted his 2015 holiday network forensics challenge: Great pcap practice if you know some…
.- Jewish Hal Jordan needs your comedic comic touch.
Ooh, Red Lantern Hal Jordan is up for grabs! Nice!👍
.need to be doing a Hal Jordan book. was amazing. They get Hal.
I liked a video from Injustice: Gods Among Us - Red Lantern Hal Jordan!!!
As I see it, RL Hal Jordan is good as sacrifice character, enabling you to get off 2 or 3 nasty attacks early
.talks with Robert Vendetti about the end of the first GREEN LANTERN arc featuring a rogue Hal Jordan:
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like Hal Jordan and those who are getting punched in the eye while they sleep tonight
Hal Jordan is going to start the second half at QB for the Jets.
The Hal Jordan reference was so unbelievably well snuck in there.
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Stop the dark reality from unfolding and complete the Red Lantern Hal Jordan Challenge for Injustice Mobile!
CBR What if a pilot other than Steve Trevor crashes on the island? Perhaps a pilot named Hal Jordan. 😈
Why are we celebrating Hal Jordan name 3 good things Hal has done for society
I don't care for old stock superheroes like Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, and Barry Allen. I prefer Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawke and Wally West.
And how Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, and Oliver Queen are the boringest borings who ever boringed.
i just browsed the hal jordan possibilities and all i see is the fight between DCEU fans and DCTV fans.
I liked a video from DC Comics: Hal Jordan Explained [Pre Geoff Johns]
Green Lantern really the *** of the Justice League after the black one died no one respects Hal Jordan
😭😭 Hal Jordan can never catch a break
Wow, so blunt force trauma to the head is an APPLIED STRATEGY of Hal Jordan's. Just... just wow.
Arrow and their easter eggs ... That was hal Jordan. Mind blown!!
ICYMI: 8 players waived in today including Ella Masar, Brittany Bock & Jordan Jackson
the sound I hear when Hal Jordan opens his ugly mouth
* DC Direct Blackest Night HAL JORDAN series 6 new in package
What happened to Hal Jordan and why wasn't he in the Justice League show?
Always giggle when I hear the Hal Jordan reference in
Geoff Johns has completely turned on Hal Jordan and it's incredible.
Not a great deal for Orlando Pride to choose from. If I'm them, I pick up Jordan Jackson. Did well for the Dash in their inaugural season.
Dash waive Masar, Bock and Jackson plus other waivers
Green is the new black when Hal Jordan goes to jail in the just added back issues!...
I liked Sinestro a lot better when the only thing he was whining about was how much attention Hal Jordan got, to be honest.
Hal Jordan was the main GL. He's white
but the best Hal Jordan story is actually in The New Frontier :p
you have mentioned Farris air, and we have seen a possible Hal Jordan sighting. I need this in my life
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