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Haji Mastan

Haji Mastan Mirza(Tamil: ஹாஜி மஸ்தான் மிர்சா), popularly known as Haji Mastan or Baw(March 1, 1926 - 1994), was a Bombay (Mumbai) gangster and smuggler in the 1960s and 1970s.

Karim Lala Dawood Ibrahim Harshad Mehta Ram Jethmalani Manu Sharma Afzal Guru Ketan Parekh Rajiv Gandhi Indira Gandhi Amit Jogi Madras High Court Amit Shah Ajit Jogi Dilip Kumar Amitabh Bachchan Maya Dolas Tamil Nadu Once Upon

Modi Tactfully destroyed congress again over Ayodhya/babri case .. made Haji Mehboob praise him .. now go figure how ! htt…
Yes Kapil Sibal is our lawyer but he is also related to a political party, his statement in SC yesterday was wrong, we want a solu…
Did you ask him why he had publicly supported the famous smuggler Haji Mastan? Or you remembered to forget his actions?
And that's also the reasons many from your fraternity used to sleep, dine, & wine with mobst…
Deewar (1975) based on a real life smuggler 'Haji Mastan', was described by Danny Boyle as 'key to Indian cinema'.
Livemint. From Haji Mastan to the assassins of Indira Gandhi and from Rajiv Gandhi to L.K. Advani,...
4/4 Once Upon A Time In Mumbai was inspired by Haji Mastan & his disciple played by &…
I suspect Haji Mastan did just fine without reading this
gang or Mafia since HAJI Mastan times thanks 2 Indira who gave him amnesty. Now Khans rule with remote abroad
I loved the way you have given good 2 Johar . Bollywood was hijacked by goon Haji Mastan who was gvn amnesty by Indira
A small fact: Haji Mastan, Kanimozhi & Kejriwal hav the same lawyer. Obviously, no one takes Jethmalani seriously i…
why u people wer silent when ajay devgn did haji mastan role in Once Upon a time in Mumbai?
Bollywood has age old connection with under world. Raj Kapoor touching the feet of Haji Mastan.
Art imitates life. Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim, majority of gangsters were Muslims
U r a hypocrite...Why didnt u have prblm with Akshay and Ajay devng when they played Dawood and Haji Mastan...Communal pig.
if you guys come to mumbai ..will fix meet DCP famous rocked during Haji Mastan, dawood also Daya Nayak Sir.. 🙏🙏
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,How about sold out judges? Hav u morons ever punished Dawood, Yusuf, Karim, Haji Mastan, Vardabhai in ur life?
btw Haji Mastan & Dawood Ibrahim have no religions 😝,nobody have nerves 2 call them Muslim Dons 😈
Haji Mastan was a gangster before he became a film producer, reigning over Mumbai for about 20 years (1955-75)
Eid mobarak to you and your family.God bless you:Haji Mastan khan:General Secretary Paramedical Association District Hangu;Gene...
Go back further, Mrs. Indira would have been Nanni! What type of an arguments?Haji mastan too photographed with Indira.
yes agree sir.epitome of criminal career"DON".the city of Haji MAstan needed a successor.n ambience was provided by politicians
Blessed!! Hafeez Sayeed is also a Haji, Haji Mastan the underworld don was also Haji??
Family fights over right to Don turned politician Haji Mastan's Bunglow | Peddar Road property worth about 100 crore
AjayDevgn On Instagram play a superb role of Haji Mastan in his film by a very famous character of Sultan Mirza :)
There is only one movie"Border"on Major Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri & Longewala Battle.There are 6 movies on Haji Mastan & 10 on …
In the 70's his clients were notorious smugglers like Haji Mastan etc. He is traditionally a gentleman's lawyer.
RJ...his client list would confirm what a shame he is...Rajiv& Indira Killers, Harshad Mehta, Haji Mastan, Manu Sharma, Ketan
Ram Jethmalani had defended quite a few Mumbai based smugglers during 1970 to 1985. Haji Mastan & so on !
both are biopics...Outim was biopic of Haji Mastan and Raees is biopic of Abdul lateef
You would rather the Muslim Mafia, from Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim ruled Mumbai, no?
Whatever Ram Jethmalani says now, it won't assure his nirvana. Who has forgotten Haji Mastan, Manu Sharma,Ketan Parekh or Asaram's counsel ?
hi hi, hunting for your Haji Mastan interview to show to my students but I can't find it! Do you have a link pliss? Thango!
Ram Jethmalani defended Haji Mastan ,the top smuggler of the country in 70s ,too.
Legend has it that Salim-Javed too AB to observe Haji Mastan for this role. When they came back Salim asked AB what did (1/2)
people's been saying that since the time of haji mastan. Enough economic growth to support the market
.Day before it was Taliban. Y'day, Al Qaeda. Today, ISIS. Day before, Karim Lala. Y'day Haji Mastan and Bada Rajan. Today, Dawood
its old trend from Karim Lala, Haji Mastan times! dirty business just like construction! need to brk nexus
you defended Haji Mastan, Harshad Mehta, Killer of Rajiv and Indira and now high moral stand ? .
Seems like Salman is the Haji Mastan or Dawood. Of film industry Everybody is going to pay the last respect on his Mazar (House)
During Emergency I personally ordered the arrest of Haji Mastan, who then enjoyed larger than clout. Many such gangsters were killed
We all know that smuggling & terrorists flourished in Cong rule- Haji Mastan, Antulay, Dawood, Memons, Sanjay Dutt, etc.
I heard a persp that his cleaning up of varadha bhai kareem lala and Haji mastan cleared decks for dawood strategically
Deewar. Amitabh Bachchan's role was loosely based on famous Bombay smuggler Haji Mastan.
Ram Jethmalani who represented smuggler Haji Mastan and murderer Manu Sharma preaching government on black money!
Thankfully north India is not nuts like south India when it comes to fascination with movie actors; so HajI Mastan lost miserably
Bollywood and its $hitty moral-compass, when Haji Mastan fiddled with politics great hero Dilip Kumar campaigned for him.
And then Haji Mastan walked very close to Varadarajan Mudaliar and surprised him by greeting him in Tamil "Vanakkam Thalaivar!"
Is it a crime to b suspicious whn political editor of calls owaisi bros modern.. And haji mastan a community leader in book?
This happens when duties were olden days of Haji Mastan and others gold brings lot of profit.
Clearly comes from shift of Haji Mastan style gold import scheme to legitimate channels. Reason to worry?
pine wale to phir bhi piyenge. Smuggling era will start and we will see some more Dons like Haji MAstan
These are the case defended by Mr. Ram Jethmalani ex-minister of BJP led government Defence of high-profile cases He has a number of high-profile defence cases to his credit as a lawyer (citation)., people involved in market scams (Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh), and a host of gangsters and smugglers including the British citizen Daisy Angus who was acquitted of hashish smuggling after serving 5 years in jail. He also defended L.K Advani in Hawala Scam. Recently he was in the news for taking up the defence of Manu Sharma, prime accused in the Jessica Lall murder case, however, he failed to get Manu Sharma acquitted. He is now going to be defending Lalit Modi – former IPL Chairman and Commissioner. Defence of Rajiv Gandhi's killers in Madras High Court in year 2011. Defence of Indira Gandhi's killers, and challenged the medical evidence (PMR) given by T D Dogra on Indira Gandhi.[21] Harshad Mehta's defence in stock market scam Ketan Parekh's defence in stock market scam Underworld don Haji Mastan Defend ...
nothing defending anyone..defended death sentence of Afzal Guru..Underworld don Haji Mastan !!
heard that he was even the lawyer for Haji Mastan too
if u want another D Ibrahim, haji mastan, then plz go ahead and ban drugs, etc.
Like the Haji Mastan type gold smugglers being bashed up by Amitabh in 70s movies. That's more exciting. This is hard work.
"This anti-Modi battle cry is lazy, illiberal and an affront to Muslims — and to Hindus; In a country where the determinants of identity change every 10 miles, from religion to caste to language to ethnicity to culture, tribe, sub-tribe and region, secularism is the glue needed to keep it all together. It isn’t just a charter to protect Muslims. The Hindus need it as much as them. That is all the more reason why India is secular, and must remain so. Truth is, the Muslim vote has been hostage to fear. Explaining why he had joined the BJP now, M.J. Akbar said to me that in the “Congress/secular” view so far, the Indian Muslim had to conform to one of three stereotypes: the decadent, decrepit feudal with sherwani fraying at the collar, as portrayed in the 1960s’ “Muslim socials” like Mere Mehboob, a riot victim like the crying Gujarati with folded hands in that infamous 2002 portrait, or a petty criminal in the image of Haji Mastan, even if sometimes with a sacrificing heart of gold." - Nation ...
Haji Lehra the Haji Mastan the most lovable person on NAC as well as in Agripada Good going
and he has fought not just for Roy..but for asaram,haji mastan,Manu singhvi too..
Agree but then Mumbai has been home to Varda as well as Haji Mastan- guys with whom he learnt skills +
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Travelling from Dongri to Dubai with S. Hussain Zaidi.crossed the period of EMERGENCY with Karim Lala, Majid Kalia, Hussain Somji, DIlip Aziz, Hanif Mohtaram, Sabir, Daood Ibrahim Kaskar, Jenabai Daruwali and Haji Mastan with his trade mark 555 imported cigarette. Enthralling n enslaving journey but u hv to tk odd on a break! Will continue very soon.
The Arab Dhow ‘Qubth-ul-Allah’ with smuggled goods in her holds was finally sighted by the alert lookout. The dhow crew also must have sighted INS Tir the cadet training ship under the command of debonair captain Cdr H Johnson and her devious movement understood by her Master It is a cat and mouse game thereafter. If the customs have their intelligence then the like of Haji Mastan and Karim Lala too have their own counter intelligence. The dhow put on a burst of speed and so did the river class frigate Tir. The reciprocating engines of Tir rumbled. The ceaseless throbbing and vibration of piston noise blocked the auditory canals. The furnace fuel oil fired boiler steam reciprocating engines pistons moved up and down like sledge hammers and it seemed that thrusting pistons would knock out the keel on its downward stroke and upper deck of the ship on its upward stroke. The ruckus of noise was loud enough to scare an enemy. Thick black smoke came out of the funnel as if Red Indians had lit fire inside th ...
Zaidi sahab.janab kya likha I go on reading I can actually feel how it would have mercs and cigars a trademark of The Mumbai mafia...frm haji mastan to the pathans... Can just imagine hw it would hve been.
The absolute Thrilling book managing the exciting pace with each word as you read. Who knew, a honest Head constable's 6th son will be the most dreaded Dawood, how Crime Boss like Karim Lala and Haji Mastan were silenced in the will of political clout and muscle power, the Rise of Arun Gawali, a son of honest migrating shepherd family from Madhya Pradesh to one of the notorious criminal mind in Bombay. Is it shear luck or the timing of these people which started parallel events since early 1940's, reaching it's pinnacle in early 90's. Without this book their would be no Manya Surve of Shoot out at Wadala, NO Once Upon a time in Mumbai nor Maya Dolas of Shoot out at Lokhandwala. the aggression, charisma and cleverness of these people to rule the city has been predominantly portrayed in this book precisely then any other book. The most important lesson from this book, power and politics are like carrots for labor donkeys..they encourage you to dream about things which are too far to achieve, and in this pr ...
When Dawood Ibrahim was hardly 18years old and was emerging Don of his area Dongri.Gold king Haji mastan hired two pathans to attack two of dawoods fren.the result of attack was unknown but thus now dawood had even eye on Haji mastan.
Varadarajan Munuswami Mudaliyar was born in Vellore, Madras Presidency in 1926. He moved to Bombay in the early 1960s. Working as a porter at VT Station, he began his crime life by distributing illicit liquor. In association with Haji Mastan, who had by then established a smuggling operation at Bombay Port Docks, he ventured into stealing dock cargo.[4] He later diversified into contract killings, narcotics trade and land encroachment. Through the seventies, Varadarajan controlled the criminal operations in east and north central Mumbai, Karim Lala held sway in south and central Mumbai and most smuggling and illegal construction financing was managed by Haji Mastan. Starting in early 1980s, focused efforts by Bombay police led by then DCP Y C Pawar destroyed Varadarajan's mafia organisation, forcing him to flee to Chennai. Personal life While a porter at VT Station, Varadarajan Munuswami Mudaliar began offering food to the poor at the nearby dargah of Bismillah Shah Baba and kept the tradition up as his f ...
Mastan Haider Mirza, popularly known asHaji Mastan,BawaorSultan Mirza(1 March, 1926 - 1994), was an Indian mobsterand smuggler based in Bombay(now Mumbai) in the 1970s and 1980s. Mastan became the first celebrity gangster of the city, expanding his clout in the film industry by giving money to directors and studios for film production. As Mastan's influence in Bollywoodgrew, he began to produce films himself. He was also well known for his links with the actor Dilip Kumar. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]During the Indian Emergency (1975 - 77)he was imprisoned. In prison, he learned Hindi. Haji Mastan became a Muslim leader in 1984. He formedDalit Muslim Surakhsha Maha Sanghin 1985, which had Doulatram Kawle as a co-operator. Aslam Kiratpuri, a well known journalist, gave him ideas on how to speak in public meetings after which he became a good speaker.
MUMBAI ~ Haji Mastan, one of Mumbai’s first underworld dons, married twice. He had three daughters from his first wife, and no children from his second. He also raised a boy, Sunder Shekhar, whom he treated and referred to as his son. When he formed a political party, he reportedly asked Shekhar to…
knew you wont post my confession because you never done it I am working guy and I don't have big dream like lot of youngster like big car big bunglow , or babe from my childhood I always idolize dons and godfather I didn't knew my class book but I knew who was haji mastan or who was dawood , I would always idolize godfather of Mumbai and in real life but i never had done any crime or had fight with anyone in my life i just like to watch movie such as god father where the bad man try to help good people and all that you might be thinking how 27 years old people can think this but that is real i am die hard fan of Bollywood but it is not that I am spoiling my professional life my works and my , its is very much gr8 but only problem is that i don't like girls and all that love and romance because girl never understand me and i don't have any think about love and all that i have habbit of waering kurtas , roaming with 7 to 8 guys roaming in street of dongri and nagpada , i like to chit chat with frnds all day ...
2010 Round-up: Top 10 Bollywood movies of this year THE YEAR 2010 came with unprecedented shocks and surprises as far as the entertainment sector is concerned. 2010 saw myriad directors trying to claim their share in the Box Office (BO) collections. However, many big banner movies tanked at the B.O while many small budget movies made a considerable impact at the collections. Brainless nutcrackers claimed the major portion of their treats while movies in which countless million rupees were invested failed to recover their money. Given below are the list of Top 10 Bollywood movies: 1.Dabanng: Dabanng marked the successful debut of director Abhinav Kashyap, producer Arbaaz Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. Despite of having an ensemble cast and a brainless comedy set in rural Uttar Pradesh, Salman Khan was seen playing the role of Robin Hood's desi version, Robin Hood Pandey aka Chulbul Pandey. The movie rocked at the box office and was finally bestowed with the title of highest ever grossing movie in the history of ...
Dilip Kumar canvassed or ow smuggler Haji Mastan. Refused to return award given by Pakistan when Kargil war was on.
when Haji mastan and Antulay can congress tickets you require expertise of Amit Shah
Haji Mastan's wife Sona wants Ekta Kapoor to show her the film 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai' which is based on Haji Mastan's life before it releases next week
Organising CWG — The deep-rooted malady Somesh Arora Former Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise Now that the Games are over, we can draw some solace from the fact that we might have seen a number of failings, but did not fail as a nation. For the respite that came from Games being a complete let down, we must thank our former PM Mrs Indira Gandhi (posthumously), our creative talent of Hindi Film Industry and our Army and security agencies, in that order. To Mrs Indira Gandhi, we feel obliged because ultimately 80 per cent of the stadiums and other facilities, which were used in these Games were those created during her time at the time of Asiad in 1982 with only the top floor of the stadiums being built now. But for her contribution of the past, we might have been totally disgraced as a nation. To the time tested creative talent of Film Industry, we again owe a lot, because right from the presence in the closing ceremony of previous version of Games in Australia in 2006 to the opening ceremony .. ...
Haji Mastan Mirza, popularly known as Haji Mastan or Bawa (March 1, 1926 - 1994), was a Mumbai gangster and smuggler in the 1970s and 1980s. Mastan became th...
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by The Docks of Mumbai have been a heaven offering prosperity to the ones with guts and dynamism. Haji Mastan was the first Blessed-Son-of-Docks [Mumbai Godi] to have realised this. Rising from a loader to the most-heavyweight and glamorous smuggler of the equally glamorous Indian town then Bombay now Mumbai; Mastan maintained a clean record of non-violent smuggler. He nurtured friends in customs and police as well as in politics. The only other character in the history of docks to have tasted the colour of money and power via docks is Babu Reshim. Like Mastanbhai, Reshim too rose from a mere loader to the don of Docks. He however came to be established as a leader of the Godi workers more than a smuggler. Reshim was a canteen worker in the docks. The strength of the dock-workers helped Reshim to emerge as a Bhai with dedicated manpower. He formed an internal union of Docks workers in 1980. The association of Rama Naik, a local from Byculla area and Arun Gawli another local who also was a part ...
Jethmalani’s defence – The Saving Grace for Many A Criminal Indira Gandhi’s killers, Rajiv Gandhi’s killers, stock market scamsters Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh, underworld don Haji Mastan, Havala scam accused LK Advani, Jessica Lall murder convict Manu Sharma, 2G scam accused Kanimozhi, Rs 3000 crore scam accused Jaganmohan Reddy, illegal mining scam accused BS Yeddyurappa, murder accused Amit Jogi, prime accused in several fake encounters Amit Shah… they all have one thing in common- they were all defended in various courts by Mr Ram Jethmalani. 90 year old Mr Jethmalani is now appearing to bail out 72 year old Asaram, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year old girl in his Jodhpur ashram. Just when the whole country is deeply concerned and disturbed about the rising sexual assaults against the women, Ram Jethmalani chose to humiliate the victim of the Asaram sexual assault case by describing her as a girl suffering from psychological disorder making her desire to meet men alone! The manner ...
Needed Strategic Buffer Stock of Gold - By Government Business Line : 14.November.2013 If curbs on imports are not bringing down demand for the yellow metal, why doesn’t the government think of creating a buffer-stock? November 14, 2013: Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, who is battling against the import of gold, recently claimed that gold imports would remain “compressed” during fiscal 2013-14 — almost proclaiming success in containing the import of the heavenly metal. Is the claim valid? Look at the facts. During January-March 2013, India’s gold imports were down by 5.7 per cent to 215 tonnes, but according to the World Gold Council (WGC), the demand for gold went up by 27 per cent to 256 tonnes in that quarter. India’s gold demand, higher at 310 tonnes in the next quarter, against imports of 328 tonnes, was the highest in 10 years (Business Line, August 15, 2013) The Finance Minister raised the import tariff on gold from 2 per cent at the start of 2013 to 8 per cent by June, and 10 per cent ...
Joke of the Day - Ram Jethmalani said Tejpal is a friend but will not defend him in the court as my spiritual guru asked me not to defend such cases, then asked why has he defended Asaram, he said I don't have to answer everything you ask. past clients are; Indira & Rajiv Killers, Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parikh, Haji Mastan, Advani, Manu Sharma, Amit Shah, Kanimozhi, Jagan Mohan, Yedurappa, Ramdev, Shiv Sena etc. He has taken such a high moral ground this time. I Salute.
That got me thinking. When we hear about encounters today, we are neither shocked nor surprised. It's an accepted way of life. But a cop shooting down a criminal in the middle of the road and in broad daylight was unheard of when I was growing up. So when was it that the cops decided to kill and not catch? What was that single incident, which was the catalyst? Who was the first victim? Who was the first perpetrator? Who created the concept of encounter killings and why? Who was the mastermind? I set out to look for answers to these questions, and in doing so, stumbled upon a story more shocking than I'd imagined. A story that gave birth to my forthcoming film, Shootout At Wadala. From the 1950s to the 70s, Bombay was ruled by one particular gang who did not believe in the law of the land — The Pathans. These men from Afghanistan had come to the city as money- lenders. Often, retrieving their funds required muscle, which soon changed into 'dadagiri' or roughing up people violently. In the 70s, one young ...
Haji Mastan: The tale of a Mumbai underworld don The recently released movie 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai' [OUATIM] has again brought to celluloid the story of late Haji Mastan Mirza, the underworld don who had become a cult figure in his life. Though films and media have been obsessed with gangsters and often the dons have been glorified, there is a marked difference between Mastan and the later dons. Despite being a notorious law-breaker and feared underworld don, Mastan, had to an extent, acquired social sanction and respect. [After him, the 'bhais' turned to open extortion, drug dealings and finally, terrorism] This was perhaps because he had certain principles that appealed to common folk, just like the Chambal dacoits* who fought against the system but never harmed the poor, instead distributed money among them, and acquired the image of Robinhood. In the 70s, Mastan ruled the Mumbai underworld, and made a fortune in gold smuggling. It was license-permit Raj era, and the smuggling of imported goods b ...
Reading book life of haji mastan,Dawood Ibrahim,chota rajan
So Mumbai Underworld was not all about Haji Mastan, Dawood Ibrahim, Varadarajan Mudaliar, Karim Lala, Chotta Rajan & the rest . There was also a Jenabhai, Gangubhai, Sapna Did, Tarannum Khan & co. who were equally powerful & influential as well. Interesting .
she also knows Haji Mastan money too :)
Under the Women's World Don Haji Mastan Was the mistress ... The woman's multi-billion tax con Hassan Ali was concubinary ... 2 Once the divorce itself Divorced, and his two daughters That woman got Narendra Modi's lessons in dignity .. Note: this post with Renuka Chowdhury No relationship, if you are found Smantaye Said it would be mere coincidence.By Kailash ji
Under world done haji mastan ki item
Fear is the world's biggest industry. It dominates every sector of the society: politics, religion, finance, underworld, police. From Ku Klux Klan to Al Qaeda. From Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim. From Shiv Sena to Maharastra Navnirman Sena. The all that you need is the ability to strike fear.
Deewaar (1975 film) - A. K. Hangal as Chander's Father Directed by Yash Chopra Produced by Gulshan Rai Written by Salim-Javed Starring Shashi Kapoor Amitabh Bachchan Parveen Babi Neetu Singh Nirupa Roy Satyendra Kapoor Iftekhar Madan Puri Music by Rahul Dev Burman Cinematography Kay Gee Editing by T.R. Mangeshkar Pran Mehra Studio Mumbai Distributed by Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd Release date(s) 24 January 1975 Running time 176 mins Country India Language Hindi Box office INR75.0 million (US$1.1 million) Deewaar, or Deewar (English: The Wall), is a 1975 Indian crime-drama film directed by Yash Chopra, written by Salim-Javed, and starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor. Reflective of "the tumultuous politics of the early 70s" in India, Deewar tells the story of two impoverished brothers who, after their family is betrayed by the misplaced idealism of their father, struggle to survive on the streets of Mumbai. It is loosely based on the life of the Mumbai gangster Haji Mastan. It is also repor ...
I'm in love with this novel But the question is, how did Haji Mastan, Karim Lala & Varadarajan Mudaliar die? Natural death?
Haji Mastan days may be back after government imposed a 10% import duty on Gold and Silver
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ajay devgan who played haji mastan in Once Upon a time in Mumbai says that dialogue :-)
There is no difference between how a Dhirubhai Ambani reinvented the corporate world by moving away from the ways of Tatas, Birlas etc and how a Dawood Ibrahim reinvented the underworld by moving away from the likes of Karim Lala, Haji Mastan etc.. Fair enough that since one was a constructor of value systems and the other a destructor, the comparison seems uncalled for, but what cannot be denied is the common factor that both had a vision.
Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia. It is the story of notorious gangsters like Haji Mastan, Karim Lala, Varadarajan Mudaliar, Chhota Rajan, Abu Salem, but above all, it is the story of a young man who went astray despite having a father in the ...
I am searching a video clip from the film company where Ajay Devgan goes to meet the Haji Mastan character in the night,
It's believed that when a man turns older he gets more religious.Mastan Mirza was no different.Approaching his old age,he want to Hajj a few times, which gave him the nick name 'Haji'.
An Air India cabin crew was detained by the London police for allegedly smuggling 50 cigarette crates. Though some members of the crew were released later, Bhavik Shah, who admitted to his crime, was detained for eight hours.
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So,when do you think was the first time bollywood and underworld came face to face ? Any guesses ?
I think Don Haji Mastan was far better than today's corrupted politicians.
Ekta Kapoor offered me Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai; I declined it: Farhan "Chhanchhan" Khan
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Real Fact of Shootout at Wadala One more thing to be noted, the cop who killed Manya Surve was Isaque Bagwan A.A.Khankilled Maya.Both were Muslims.When they could kill Surve & Dolas, then why not Karim Lala, & Dawood & Haji Mastan ?This clearly shows the relation between Islam, D-company & the Muslim cops. I Am Extremely sorry if my commitments hurt anyone. But it is the fact.Every gangster (may he be Hindu or Muslim or anyone else) should be killed.But its ironic that Dawood's relative still live & rule in Mumbai. It is evident from encounters of Maya Dolas(1966-1991) & Manya Surve(1944-1982) that these encounters invloved cheap politics.Maya came at a much later period.In the beginning itself Manya Surve was the only force to finish off Dawood. When Dawud & his bro,Sabir, ruled over Mumbai, Surve had the guts to kill Sabir brutally.Had he lived for some more time, he'd have surely killed Dawood, after which the Police cud have killed Manya Surve.But, Dawood the cops to kill Surve. & same happened with M ...
People especially in FB have been spreading news about Dhoni's involvement in spot-fixing for the past few days. Let me get a few things right. As of now, not even a single person (this includes Gurunath, Srini and Vindoo) have been accused by the Police of spot-fixing. Vindoo has been proven to the middle man for betting. And even Gurunath is said to have been involved in 'betting', not 'fixing'. You might think there isn't a *** lot of difference but there is. If Gurunath had anything to do with it, it means he betted possibly after getting information about his team playing XI which he used for betting. Here again, this can't guarantee him sure money in betting as knowing a team's XI won't win u bets. This matches with Vindoo's statement saying that Guru lost money in betting. So, if at all anyone is tainted at the moment, it's for betting. And since betting is illegal, perhaps Guru hasn't reported to summons. Let the proofs come in and I mean police statements rather than cooked up media news. We all ...
mumbai police ki 1 galti aaj delhi police ko bhari pad rahi hai.. in january 1982 they have two options to made first encounter in the history of india 1 :- Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar 2 :- Manohar Arjun surve aka Manya Surve but Mr.Isaque Bagwan choose to kill manya rather than a guy who is totally controlling underworld after haji mastan even Sultan knows about dawood but he is also failed to pwn him. both police got "virta puraskar" lol encounter wasn't fixed o.O? and we are shouting about cricket only ;)
Dawood Ibrahim, Indian Don Dawood Ibrahim founder of Indian’s most notorious gang D-Company is No.4 in world’s most wanted criminals by forbes 2008. According to USA he maintained close links with Al-Qaida’s Osama Bin Laden. Dawood was born in a poor family and his father Ibrahim Kaska was a police constable. Haji Mastan was a famous Smuggler in India those days and Dawood like other poor young men was inspired by him.Soon he joined his gang and started smuggling electronic good for him. Dawood was an extremely intelligent criminal and soon he became front line man for Haji Mastan. Batla a local hoodlum working for Haji had a clash with Dawood ,Mastan slapped Batla but Dawood wasn’t pleased so he parted away from Haji and started operating independently. Later on he killed Batla ,this incident catapulted him to the upper echelons of the underworld.Within years Ibrahim established vast empire of many illegal business including smuggling , killing ,blackmailing ,liquor selling etc. Dawood is believe ...
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Karim Lala (1911 - February 19, 2002), born as Abdul Karim Sher Khan in Kunar province of Afghanistan, was self proclaimed 'don of Mumbai' in India. He is widely recognized as the founder and pioneer of the Indian mafia in the Mumbai area. He went to work in Mumbai’s docks in the early 1940s via Peshawar, but his rise to prominence, along with Haji Mastan and Varadarajan Mudaliar, is now part of Bollywood film lore. Karim Lala and his fellow mafia leaders were based in Mumbai. They were involved in smuggling jewelry, running gambling and liquor dens, extortion rackets and selling Hashish. Karim Lala was an ethnic Pashtun, he died on February 19, 2002, at the age of 90.
somewhere someone has to compile all this together right from Haji Mastan etc
Kunal M Shah (MID-DAY; January 30, 2013) What’s in a name? Apparently a lot as the producers of Sanjay Gupta’s upcoming action thriller think. Just 10 days ago, the film’s first- look was r...
BJP - we are okay if you defend Harshad Mehta, Kanimojhi on corruption cases, defend underworld don like Haji Mastan and even Afzal Guru, defend killers of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi...but if you question Party President on corruption charges , you will be thrown out of Party. Curious case of Ram Jethmalani who was not only a Rajya Sabha member but also member of BJP's National Executive.
Clients of Ram Jethmalani - Haji Mastan, Dawood Ibrahim, Killers of Indira Gandhi, Killers of Rajiv Gandhi, Afzal Guru...
BOLLYWOOD TRIVIA - 09-11-12 Amitabh Bachan’s character in Deewar is said to be modeled on the smuggler Haji Mastan
Ram Jethmalani says he does not like Lord Ram who was a bad husband. But the people of this country like this new age Ram - Adv. Ram Jethmalani - who is honest and has always stood for the truth, a fact evident from his defence appearances for innocent people like Indira Gandhi murderers, Rajiv Gandhi murderers, stock market Gurus Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh, don Haji Mastan, terrorist Afzal Guru, Jessica Lal murderer Manu Sharma, and even the pride of India Kumari Kanimozhi! He is no Ram or Raavan Jathmalani, but Osama bin Jathmalani. ;-)
(from left}Haji, Dilip Kumar and sayra bano. well ,bollywood and mafia's connections are not that unknown to anyone. submitted by doggee 16792407
Harshad Mehta, Manu Sharma, Haji Mastan, Amit Jogi & Kanimozi are some of the clients of Ram Jethlamani. He is infected Now..
Ram Jethmalani defended Manu Sharma who murdered Jasika the past he defended Murderer of IndiraG &don Haji Mastan.
‘SUPARI KILLER’ GOADS GADKARI Ram & Mahesh Jethmalani, like father like son. Former a seasoned rabble rouser latter beginning to become one. But it is highly unlikely Jethmalan Jr will ever be able to scale the height his famously infamous father has scaled past, and he is not yet done. But for Mahesh its no harm trying. Why did Mahesh quit BJP’s NEC? He says continuing of BJP president Nitin Gadkari as party’s national president at a time when serious corruption charges have been leveled against him so he cannot work under him. It has become a question of morality with Mahesh. Morality which is so scant these days in political class, here comes Mahesh son of a lawyer in whose book morality is not even found in its footnote. For him it was always Morality my foot. Look at the clients he has defended Underworld don Haji Mastan Indira Gandhi's killers, Rajiv Gandhi's killers Defended death sentence of Afzal Guru and many more from the ‘elite club’ Mahesh who owes his success be it in legal fie ...
Where was Baap-Beta (Jethmalani) moral stand when they defended Afzal Guru, Haji Mastan, Harshad Mehta, Manu Sharma? Wasn't that immoral?
First celebrity gangster and india.HAJI MASTAN. Aja Devgan play his role as SULTAN MIRZA in Once Upon a time in mumbai
He is well known for being an advocate for killers..nothing new 4m a man wid credentials as high as defending Haji mastan
To all my friends of misery . Another very intersting book I would recommend for the Puja vacation is Dongri to Dubal by Zaida Hussain The book is a chronology of six decades of Mumbai underworld . It is a huge saga of Haji Mastan , Vardarjan Mudiliar, Karim Lala , Dawood Ibrahim, Chotta Rajan, and Arun Gawli etc. The book is penned by Zaida Hussain a crime journalist with twenty years of experience and writer of Black Friday . My God!!! he has really swirled a heady cocktail of Violence , money and lust for power . The book traverse from petty stabbing in the 50’s era to global terrorism within a short span of six decades . It narrates the growth of Haji Mastan and Vardarjan Mudiliar who came from Tamil Nadu and worked as menial labour in the docks to the Pathan gangster like Karim Lala , Alamzeb and finally to the Ultimate Don the Dawood Ibrahim . He has used his seven years of research material with great intelligence , added a dash of writer imagination an ...
Because when he see there is no difference between Dawood Ibrahim &Ajit Pawar /Sharad Pawar & Haji Mastan his dream shatters
his my first movie , which audition im taking tomorow. Mumbai: We all know that Bollywood is heavily influenced by the underworld and the mafia. Many films on gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Maya Dolas and the latest Haji Mastan influenced movies made by the Bollywood. And now the list is going to be added by an another name, and that name is of infamous Firoz Kokani. A movie is based on Firoz Kokani’s life is coming shortly. Firoz Kokani is a famous name in the underworld and infamous in the society. His real name is Karimullah Khan, was the ace sharp shooter in ‘D’ company. Firoz shot BJP leader Ramdas Nayak in early 90′s. Mumbai Police is still uncertain of whereabouts of Firoz Kokani, whether he is dead or alive. This movie is directed by Ajay Kashyap and ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’ fame producer Rahim Khan’s company ‘Armah Group’ is producing this film. Film will be based on the real life story of Firoz Kokani. All the scenes will be original and related to the Firoz Ko ...
My father always taught me that I could escape everyone, but I would never escape the Creator. - Haji Mastan, Dongri To Dubai
Varadarajan Muniswami Mudaliar aka Vardhabhai (1926–1988) was a Tamil immigrant from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, who rose to be a mafia don in Bombay, India. Most active in the 1970s, he was the link in the underworld history between old time mafia men such as Haji Mastan, and the current system with the likes of Dawood Ibrahim. Varadarajan started as a porter in Bombay's Victoria Terminus Station in the 1960s. His emergence in the underworld was largely through bootlegging and matka operations. Later, he diversified into contract killings, smuggling and dock thefts. He ruled the underworld well in to the 1980s. In the 1980s, he almost ran a parallel judiciary system, dispensing justice within his community. He organized the annual Ganesha festival, a lavish affair. Varadarajan Mudaliar came into light after the reign of Karim Lala. At that time, Karim Lala, Varadarajan and Haji Mastan were the trio that ruled the Bombay underworld. It is said that these three had good standings with their communities and look ...
gonna read DONGRI TO DUBAI.I'm sure the book will excite me.Varadarajan Mudhaliar,Haji Mastan,Karim Lala and Daewood Ibrahim ! Excitement !
... and a bit more on Mumbai Underworld & Bollywood; this mutual admiration club exists right from the fifties, wt Rak Kapoor's 'Awaara' & 'Shree 420' being the earliest hits. However, the trend of drawing inspiration from real-life gangsters started in the 70s. 'Zanjeer', one of Amitabh's finest flim had Pran playing a Pathan gangster; his character of a benevolent Pathan was based heavily on Karim Lala, who was part of the Mumbai underworld triumvirate wt Haji Mastan & Vardarajan. Vardarajan, another Tamil-origin gangster was himself a subject of Mani Ratnam's classic, 'Nayagan' which made it to Time Magazine's 'All-Time 100 Best Films' list. Kamal Hassan essayed a gripping Vardabhai & the film was later made in Hindi by Feroze Khan as 'Dayavan' wt Vinod Khanna in the lead. Ofcourse, Vinod Khanna's Don was no match for Kamal Hassan's; neither the portrayal of Dharavi was as realistic as it was in the original. Late 90s saw Ram Gopal Varma bringing alive the Mumbai noir in his 'Satya' giving us a genius ...
Missing Dawood for the trees: Zaidi keeps his lens trained on Mumbai's gangsters but not on the power structures...
Haji Mastan intervw with me:Hindi film me villain hamesha Robert ya Abdul hota hai,Tukaram Sakharam kyon nai?
Underworld don Haji Mastan has also been one of the high profile clients of so HONEST RAM JETH MALANI
Haji Mastan was a legend, grew up listening about him but to actually hear him talking,on camera..and know about behind the scenes
An interview with re: her interview with Haji Mastan - Bombay ka Don
and with that we end a fascinating interview with the interviewer of Haji Mastan. Thank you for your time. Next interview kab?
ek aakhri sawaal .. I saw the interview footage and caught a glimpse of you.. Did Haji Mastan leave the interview alive?
For those who came in late.. she interviewed Haji Mastan.. whose assistant asked her if she got a gun.. who is she? watch this space
Roles are reversed. is interviewing on her 1993 interview of Haji Mastan. Great stuff on there.
and please tell us more .. how did you get the idea to interview Haji Mastan? How long did it take for him to agree?
that was cool.. Haji Mastan.. the guy who Amitabh's character in Deewaar was based on
Really, do you want to take panga with someone who interviews Haji Mastan? :D
Haji Mastan's wiki entry: . Why does this look non-objective and doctored?
It's not Haji Mastan's life story: Ajay Devgn: Mumbai, July 30 (IANS) Bollywood's intense actor Ajay Devgn, who is...
Big B's unexpected 'guest appearance' with Ajay Devgn
Underworld Flashback: A look at the suave Haji Mastan:
Mumbai24X7 Once Upon A Time... not based on Haji Mastan's life: Balaji: The Bombay High Court on Wednesd... Mumbai24X7
DTN India: Once Upon... will release on schedule: Luthria: Haji Mastan's family has sued Milan Luthria's upcoming ...
Blog by Shobhaa De refers to Haji Mastan as 'don', his nephew plans defamation case:
The author of ‘Black Friday’ analyses the appeal of the quintessential ‘Bombay don’ ahead of another Haji Mastan film
Once Upon a time in Mumbai, a forthcoming film directed by Milan Luthria draws its theme from the lives of these three gangsters who ruled the streets of the Bombay that once resonated with the Haji Mastan, Karim Lala and Varadarajan Muniswami Mudaliar.
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