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Haji Ali

The Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and dargah (tomb) located on an islet off the coast of Worli in the Southern part of Mumbai.

Haji Ali Dargah Trupti Desai Bombay High Court Municipal Corporation

I added a video to a playlist Story of Mushtaq: The marathon runner of Haji Ali.
A few years ago, the only thing I knew about Haji Ali, was that great quwalli featured in the…
I love how mughals gave similar sounding names. Probably so we could reminisce about times past. Haji Ali was Harijan Alley.
I toted up enough steps to wipe off the guilt (and hopefully the calories)! I resisted the temptation…
As a carefree and free spirited Hindu I have also visited Haji Ali Dargah, A…
Who solved issues liķe Sani Signapur or Haji Ali or Gurmeet issues. Same institution is credible for conflict resolution…
Don’t worry next in line are the masjid atop Krishna Janmbhoomi in Mathura and we will also demoli…
Pre Assessment done today at at GBPS Haji Bux Ali Goth School, District East 48 students of grade…
Set an example by starting frm ur own house by converting Jama Masjid Ajmer Sharrif & Haji Ali dar…
Let's convert Haji Ali into a recreational area,it's such a beautiful site,who wouldn't love to d…
Gorge on wholesome Gujju food at Swati snacks. Or anything at PAC, which is closer to Grant Road.…
The of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar at Urus . I have known Haji Masoom Ali Qalandar since my first…
why are 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers allowed to block the left lane on Mahalaxmi station bridge towards Ha…
And signals are shut, seems some vip movement haji ali junction
Afghan forces and USFOR-A can confirm the deaths of two top terrorist leaders in Afghanistan: Omar Khetab, 2nd in command of a…
"The Arab young man wants to imitate Western youth in his love life but wants to follow ancestors in his marriage.…
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Mudane President-elect : This is the promise you made, and all Somali-landers expect you t…
Inside the Ali Dargah blocking the way .. dont take Action On Them…
Chairman J&K legislative council Haji Anayat Ali today hailed the the role Jammu and…
H.E. Haji Sidek bin Ali, High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam to India will be speaking at Regional Conclave on A…
Beggars outside Haji Ali are more respectable than you 😂
Rare are those people who don’t stop at anything. Mushtaq’s necessity to earn a living by selling books at
Taliban sources confirm Haji Naser, one of the key commanders of its elite forces, is dead. This is a huge loss for the insurge…
A rare photo of my Father Late Haji Ajmal Ali with Honourable Ex President of India Late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Sahab.
Dear Respected Sir, . I'm trying to find the G.…
Rush hour at haji Ali . Praying for all of us .
To go at Haji Ali, you get down at Mahalaxmi... . To go at MumbaDevi, you get down at Masjid... . This is Mumbai :))
On this day in 2015, A female Somali journalist with state-run media was killed in when a bomb blew up h…
Beggars outside Haji Ali are more respectable. Ignore Plz. 🤓
Hey's a Love Jihad for Zaks... He is being taken to a temple instead of Sagarika visiting Haji Ali.
giants fg kicker Rosas is terrible..the ball does not bang when he kicks it..its low and giant kicker i…
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Haji G. M. Malik and Syed Amjad Ali Shah at Lahore Airport to See off A V Muhammad of South Africa
Sounds great! And this time will be there without fail! Looking forward to i…
On the occassion of sharing my picture at Haji Ali Dargah. MiladUnNabi to everyone..
from my recent trip to Mumbai ..the city of Dreams !! Hotel Taj Palace, Haji Ali at Sunset, Marine drive, Ga…
Went for a nature trail at Haji Ali today. We freed a little crab from a ghost net.
Mumbai gave me so many beautiful memories which I'd cherish forever. From visiting Haji Ali till Raj Classic, it's been an AMazing trip. ❤
What about Shani Shingnapur temple, Sabarimalai temple, Haji Ali Dargah. Worshippers over all these Shrin…
Baluchistan President Haji ali madad jattak meeting with delegation from PPP Lawyer Forum. . discussed about party…
Don't think so, even in simple case like entry to shani shignapur, court forced entry, but…
NO faith is above the Human Rights!! By the same logic, Haji Ali, Shani Shinganapur and Sabarimala are Out of the…
Haji Ali se kyon bhagi thee? Aggressive for Hindu matters and aloof from Muslim evils. Wh…
Dada, see the Haji Ali case. This is sadly the jurisprudence under Art. 25/26. In that cas…
Check Haji Ali Durgah, maybe she's gone there to offer Dua for Allah for Muslim womens rights.,😁😁
If Trupti Desai tries to enter Haji Ali Dargah forcefullty, we will smear black ink on her: Haji Rafat Hussain
In pics: Haji Ali stands enshrined in a sea of faith
Breast Cancer Awareness
Haji Ali Tunday Kababi n Zubein's at Chowk in Lucknow like pilgrimage for non veg foodies.
⚡ When I got my first salary i went haji ali with my mom by
Tardeo Road has slow moving traffic from Haji Ali towards Mumbai Central.
Haji Ali Trust praised for clearing encroachments..
I liked a video Haji Ali Dargah History - Mumbai
*** we have lifeguards? I thought Haji Ali n mumbadevi were the only guard
SC asks Haji Ali Trust to remove encroachments around shrine by June 6
Haji Ali Dargah matter. Counl (Maha): I have received the affid of compliance from petit stating it has been substanti…
Petitioner reads out affidavit which states that Petitioner took steps to remove the encroachment on the way to haji…
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: We really appreciate what they have done please convey it to trustees.
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: What should we do about the 500 sq mt encroachments? Will u be able to do it
Haji Ali Dargah matter. Petitioner: It may be difficult for us since they claim to be having licence
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC:In that case we will direct authorities to do it. Now tell us about beautification project.…
Haji Ali Dargah matter. Petitioner: Municipal Corporation has to sanction it. Plan has been made by government panel a…
Haji Ali Dargah matter: SC asks the the counsel for state of Maharashtra to take instructions from concerned authoriti…
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Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: this place is so sacred place for all across the state.
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: We appreciate the trustees and its lawyers for their contribution in the exercise
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: Authorities to verify the factual position about the removal of encroachments by way of in…
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: 500 sq mt encroachment to be removed by task force with effect from 10.6.2017 and end on 3…
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: Municipal Corporation to take into consideration the beautification plan submitted by the…
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: They may take it as it is or alter it or substitute the same
Haji Ali Dargah matter. SC: Report to be filed on or before 30.6.2017
SC lists plea challenging the order of Bombay HC where court directed the reml of encroachmts on the way to Haji Ali D…
SC lauds efforts of Haji Ali Dargah in removing encroachments..
SC praises efforts of Haji Ali Dargah in removing encroachments.
Haji Ali Trust praised for clearing encroachments
Beautification plan either by Haji Ali Dargah Trust or civic body has to be placed before SC by June 30, says the apex court.
Yes but Haji Ali Dargah is helpless to help muslim women in case of triple talaq.
4-0 Mets bot 2. Time for the Howard Johnson / Ali Haji-Sheikh story.
The Supreme Court "appreciated" the efforts of Mumbai's Haji Ali Dargah Trust in removing encroachments around...
GRIEVING WITH FAMILIES: During this very difficult time, I deeply share the grief with the families of Haji Aden Ali Kune & Ateye
So true..everytime I made plans to visit Haji Ali Dargah I failed..and see today with full hearted…
When will you throw this Mulla Haji Ali Dargah from your show. HE threatened that he wi…
"If Dargahs in Ajmer's Tarahgarh,Haji Ali and Nagpur's Tajuddin Baba can show us respect, what rights does this Dargah have to insult us?"
I saw many Hindu's go to Haji Ali Darga. But. Why don't Muslims go to SiddhiVinayak Temple or MahaLaxmi Temple ?.
"If your success doesn't reciprocate back to the hood then it isn't success. It's selfish." - Ibn Ali Miller
Pedder Road has slow moving traffic from Babulnath Temple towards Haji Ali.
Journey home through Pedder Road, Mahalaxmi , Haji Ali to Western Express Highway -- journey from piety to sobriety.
Haji Abdul Majeed, Chairman receiving Event Award for sponsorship at My Karachi Expo 2017 from CM S…
Haji Ali taught me to...slow down and make building relationships as important as building projects.
Traffic is moderate on Tardeo Road between Haji Ali and Mumbai Central both bounds.
Tardeo Road has slow moving traffic between Mumbai Central and Haji Ali both bounds.
Haji Ali Dargah agrees entry of women. Download Way2.
In Niaz on the Haji Ali Dargah verdict."Religious freedom not just for men"
will those who demand entry in demand entry in Haji Ali Dargah ?
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Equality? Haji Ali will not allow either men or women to touch tomb, writes |
Now the United Nations tells us that Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque! PS: The issue involves the shrine, not the mosque around…
Haji Ali Dargah trust tells Supreme Court that women will now be allowed in the sanctum sanctorum
At Haji Ali Juice centre and came to my mind.
almost 33 years to the day after the worst. 20-20 giants cardinals on mnf. At least ali Haji sheikh was in that one.
Only one line would bring PPP down : Dr Asim and Haji Ayan Ali 😉😉
Trustees of Haji Ali should rethink on their decision, should allow men and women together to pray: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis
Women hail lift of ban on entry in Haji Ali: I personally believe it ...
Have been seeing many posts comparing the sabarimala tradition with the Haji Ali Dargah.. The comparison is like apples and oranges 1
Watch in conversation with me at 2:30pm today on CM takes questions from Rakesh Maria to to Haji Ali
A mosque in Mumbai, India will now allow women to enter its doors: via
Number of people from Sherpao in the leadership of Haji Ali Jan meets Milli Rehbar Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao at... https…
Bombay HC permits women to enter the inner sanctum at Haji Ali: Rafat al...
Haji Ali!. Always Remember 2 important Sunnah of Friday!. Read and learn Surah Al-Kahf and Darood Shareef.
Same Bombay HC had said "Prefer not to interfere in religious matters" when it came to women entry in Haji Ali. lol https…
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After interfering wth Sabarimala, lordships had denied to interfere wth Haji Ali. Decision was pending. Wht happend? http…
Kurta Ali Signature is back for this upcoming Merdeka and Raya Haji! All colours are available…
are you related to the great Ali Haji-Sheikh, Wolverine place kicker extraordinaire?
Worli sea face and the Haji Ali Darga! Love chilling here
No, Trupti Desai was threatened to be killed by Muslims so she ran away from Haji Ali. Her dadagiri is limited to Hindus only.
I was not following closely. Did the great gender-equality activist Trupti Desai enter Haji Ali Dargah's main hall inside?
hindu bashing is so easy. Why talk sabrimala and not about haji ali.
I catch it at Haji Ali (Mumbai) . The next tphone sale is on August 11
400 year old structure marvelled at for its intricate Indo-Islamic architecture. Haji Ali.
avoid Worli, Haji Ali, Peddar Road, Taddev if cant avoid carry wafers & upvas milk with you. 💐
Dear Ms .waiting for you to take forward what one Trupti failed, entry into Haji Ali. It's an open dare
Once KRK ws eating sandwich at Haji Ali in Dubai. He was having money so I didnt pay his bill but its nothing fr him
the Dubai mall, ski Dubai, Haji Ali juice center and the desi restaurants there r bomb af
Bombay High Court verdict on women’s entry in Haji Ali on June 28. that's why India needs uniform civil code
Condolence to the family of Haji Ali Mohd Sagar sb,Jb Shaheen sb,on the sad demise of Pa…
After Haji Ali it's curtain for this fake feminist.She can now sit outside temples and beg.
Trupti Desai said on 12th May that within 15 days,trustees of Haji Ali shud take decision of allowing woman. No follow throu…
arey..Madam rasta bhul gayi..she was supposed to go to Haji Ali..15 days notice was over :-) hi hi hi
Why she is silent on threats given at time of Haji Ali episode
yeah Haji Ali Dargah protestors were throwing flowers at you that you happily accepted and ranaway right? Such a hypocrite.
Attention seeking bi. Got thrown out from haji Ali. Just throwing her weight around at Hindu temples.Happy today
Because there's something for everyone . PC: redapplebynaz, Haji Ali Dargah
Never heard these cries when she was kicked out of Haji Ali!!
Wow. did some one hit her badly, if yes, one from me as well... n also ask status on Haji ali entry
She should do this drama in haji Ali and then come back to temples.
Is she trying to distract attention from poor show in Haji Ali Dargah.
She should now first try to enter Haji Ali where women are barred then only target Hindu temples
Hey you going to give Haji Ali another shot? Or is all the 'dadagiri' being done by priests in Hindu temples only?
What happened to Haji Ali agitation ?? Suspended due to order from Italian Madam ???
look at the audacity of this girl..she dared to enter Hindu temples forcibly but ran away from Haji Ali
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Though, after Haji ali, her agenda is out in open. Still Media gives oxygen to her.
All it takes is One Haji Ali Dargah, for the entire Trupti Desai Brigade to concur the difference between Tolerance &
is quite apparently not extended to Muslim women. Haji Ali case in point
She Fizzled out in front of Dadagiri of Mullahs of Haji Ali Dargah...May be she Shld b given same Treatment Here !
Respect Haji Ali and Muslim customs.Abuse Hindu priests and customs.Selective moral awakening.
This lady is trying to enter politics by such self styled stunts.why stopped Haji Ali movement without success .?
what happened to her campaign for HAJI ALI? Finds Hindu places of worship easy target?
Why did she go beyond the place where women are allowed? Why didn't she follow Haji Ali principle?
she is a biased woman. What happened to her haji Ali stunt? Just because Hinduism is peace loving religion, she is abusing it.
Why you guys did not report her haji Ali failed mission abt right to pray ? Bloody. Scoundrels , trupti bit*ch insulting Hinduism
u shd urge her to enter haji Ali. Rest all needs no guts.
Ms Desai, unless you return to Haji Ali Dargah and break the no-women-after-this-point rule, plz stay off temples.
To calm her down send her to Haji Ali in Mumbai. She only respond to their treatment
I guess c wants a ticket for election & waiting for some party to approach her,I l wait to see her enter Haji Ali,ssacred space
* Did the lady enter the inner sanctum of Haji Ali as promised? Where is the vocal women's lib advocates please?
sat in corner in Haji Ali nt entered the grave area of saint which is prohibited fr women but apt at defilingUS
drama queen's next, this attack S due to your talk abt haji Ali? Just the talk only
New post (Ali Haji to contest in the name of Porotta, E News 4th mar 2014) has been published on
Going 2 Haji ali wz jst tokenism 2 luk gud in frnt of media
did you question her you she didn't enter Haji Ali. y target only hindu temples.
Irony just jumped off Haji Ali Dargah.. it's leaving the planet via sea route!
Happened to pass by Haji Ali on that day. 'Seculars' all over & gesturing menacingly, look on her face was pricele…
Didnt have the guts for haji ali, can only abuse hindus
i support Trupti Desai though failed in Haji Ali but nothing to protest in Kapaleshwar as temple abolished casteism n allow…
And she backed off at Haji Ali.. Remember that :)
So shez back to attacking temples. Last time I heard she got kicked out at haji Ali.
Why there is a silence over Haji Ali after the scene on Mumbai roads?
This Big B is back to Hindu Temples after being kicked out of Haji Ali and stayed out licking her wounds
After respectfully visiting Haji Ali Dargah,Activist(!) will forcefully enter inner Sanctum of Kapales…
Whatever happened to Haji Ali... Secularism over feminism...
Hindus must not allow Trupti Desai inside the sanctum sanctorum of any temple until she enters inner sanctum of Haji Ali !
Did Trupti Desai break the ban on inner sanctum of Haji Ali Dargah? . Share some videos and photographs of that grand success i…
Watch: Unlike Mumbai's Haji Ali, women have free access to the Ajmer...
Video: If Ajmer Sharif dargah allows women to enter the sanctum sanctorum, why can't Haji Ali?
Still far from the destination!. Trupti Desai's Haji Ali still a distant dream.only tamasha to draw attention.
After failing to enter Haji Ali, Trupti Desai shifts agenda to liquor ban in Maharashtra. Feel for the Muslim women who s…
Liberals dump Trupti Desai after she tried to enter Haji Ali -
Whr is Trupti Desai hibernating in summers? Hopefully not in sanctum of Haji Ali. Cant find her. Shd I file a missing complaint?
Haji Ali row: Trupti Desai asks Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir Khan to lend support for women's entry
Women not allowed in Haji Ali? Ladies - li'il ahead is the Palladium Mall where Zara, Michael Kors & Gucci have entry witho…
Perfect time for you guys to send Najma Heptulla to Haji Ali.
Why courts are not intervening in Haji Ali and can intervene in shani temple case. Where is Secular minded ness
Why ppl making hue n cry about Haji Ali?
Wish activist Trupti Desai uses "M" word for Mullas of Haji Ali while fighting for . https…
Let's see Trupti Desai will protest for "Haji Ali"or not.
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Hmm, if you use that measure, your community wouldn't be considered very progressive, no? Are women allowed at H…
On the way to the cricket on a Saturday evening. Haji Ali framed by the sunset.
Not just temples. Will also go to Dargah Haji Ali & any church that prevents women: Trupti Desai, Bhoomata Brigade https…
Congrats to Trupti Desai for breaking 400 yrs of tradition to get blessing of Shani,pls make your target next Haji Ali,lets…
Traffic is slow from Lotus junction towards Haji Ali Junction.
Those who shouted about women equality during the case of shani shinganapur entry... Now raise your voices...
Bhumata Bridged's Trupti Desai deserves congrats as now she has taken up d issue of women's entry in to Haji Ali...
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When will Court give same Judgment on Haji Ali like they gave verdict or court is also Secular?
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why only haji Ali,no woman is allowed in any mosque
City painted Red. Go from Mira rd to Haji Ali time for Shopping @
I Never thought that shopping could be so much of fun at Haji Ali store
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So the Bombay High Court decides women should go into the Shani temple but also says no change in Haji Ali as there is in…
a Google search will show you Bombay High Court refuses (twice) to adjucate on say entry into Haji Ali. Cos interference.
Haji Ali case: Prefer not to interfere, era of intolerance, says Bombay High Court via
the Haji Ali case in which the Bombay High Court has twice (Nov &March ) 'reserved judgement'? 👍
State govt of bats for women's entry in More on the stalemate: .
Been listening to "Piya Haji Ali" since last two days. Rahman's beautiful rendition of this melody. This song is love in the form of music.
News Today: miracle in Siachen, should Pachauri stay away from TERI, why women must be allowed to pray at Haji Ali
After Moslem women get rights to enter Haji Ali Dargah, can Mecca's doors be opened for Kafirs? What's to hide there exce…
I added a video to a playlist Haji Ali Dargah
Maharashtra govt right to tell court Haji Ali can't bar women. No shrine of any faith has any right to bar somebody on ge…
Women are not allowed to enter Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai, and Shani Shingnapur temple in Ahmadnagar district...
Read why High court is discussing the 585 year old Haji Ali Dargah at
Crap. 2 lines on Haji Ali, rest sermons to Hindus on Hinduism, who are more liberal than Xtians & Muslims
Congratulations to Kiran for passing her practical in Steeton. Instructor Haji M. Ali
(Admin) coversation and meeting with Gilgit Baltistan's Ministers Farman Ali,Haji Abdul Wakeel,Iqbal Hassan and...
India would be a fairer place if it had more Hindu women priests via
nothing wrong in women's entry into sabarimalai if they want to.But will you make a statement regarding haji…
. i did so in the same statement -- selective reporting! Yes I am in favour of women's entry to Haji Ali &all places of wordship
Maharashtra GOVT support for Women Entry In have inner sanctum of the Haji Ali Dargah according to law 👍
Indian Constitution,Everyone has right to pray in Haji Ali Dargah /In Any Temple as per their religion. Muslim women must get …
The latest details of the Haji Ali Dargah entry row: explains:.
All Islamist terrorists follow Mr.PM Ban it & it's preachers in Taj Hotel H…
Breaking Stereotypes: Rajasthan gets its first women Qazis
| Women and the right to worship: The ‘controlled’ access at Haji Ali Dargah. Read |
Haji Ali's Nagrik is a new addition to the city's collection of well-intentioned but baffling public art
Adv general to HC: Equality rules over customs and traditions. Will religion fall if women is allowed entry into Haji Ali …
this is what is the end result watch u r self . Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai bans entry of women - .
Maharashtra govt. supports women's entry in Haji Ali Dargah, tells Bombay HC that it supports entry of women in holy shr…
Muslim women now seek entry into Haji Ali Dargah.
Indian Muslim women groups on Thursday staged a protest demanding entry into Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai. Professor... https…
Not allowing women inside Haji Ali insults the spirit of Islam
Women protest at Mumbai's Azad Maidan against Haji Ali shrine's ban on the entry of women
From Shani to Haji Ali. After Hinduism, Islam on test. Should all faiths open doors? only …
. who is anybody to decide who gets to see scenery of western ghats (sabrimala) or Haji Ali mid-sea? Nature belongs to all
2012. Including Haji Bakr who laid groundwork for ISIS. Gained strenght in 2013, though
I want to visit Haji Ali and Ajmer but you know what Visa process for Pakistanis are quite hard
Had a secular start to new year. Visited Siddhivinayak, Mahalaxmi mandir and Haji Ali Durgah
Haji Ali bans women. Let's not discuss this matter otherwise Girish Karnad might label us communal.
If they also ask HAJI ALI I have no issues Can they??? Guess not???
That's correct, we need feed for major junctions like Haji Ali so ppl can plan travel accordingly
I am so proud to read about my father Ali Mugambe he loved Peace and he did this to his follow Uganda Muslim he...
The idle boats of Haji Ali : wish they ran boat rides for public @ Haji Ali Dargah
That's one last time then . The sun sets on 2015 . @ Haji Ali Dargah
Haji Ali signal, man on bike, tiny child on pillion - no helmet, no safety belt. license needed to ride a bike, none for procreating..
On from Sabrimala to Haji Ali- Women Not Allowed.- the orthodoxies that stand between Women & Worship
What do you know about HAJI ALI AHMED BUKANAN CO. W.L.L? Information can be found here
Traffic moving slow from Marine lines to Haji Ali.
Tying a thread at the radiant Haji Ali Dargah 🙏
In author writes about Haji Ali restaurant staying open despite night curfew. There used to be a curfew?
Traffic is very slow from Lotus junction to Haji Ali junction.
Ye lo! Due to road works in place, traffic is moving slow from Marine Lines towards Haji Ali Junction.
I added a video to a playlist A R Rahman- Piya Haji Ali - HD
The Haji Ali mosque in the Indian city of Mumbai has been facing pressure to retract a ban on women visiting i...
Fruit cream at Haji Ali. Some joys only Bombay can provide :)
hey.. Where is this place exactly.. Can you share the address.. Or its just called Haji Ali juice center??
al jazeera was a punter in the the 80's.2nd best muslim kicker Ali Haji-Sheikh number 1
Wajir County finally pays for the tuition fees for Shamsa Ali Haji. She topped last year KCSE.
sirji there is no law and order at the haji Ali junction. Share taxis our giving heavy bribes to RTO police standing there
didn't know Haji Ali juice Centre had a proper sit out. Where is it?
It's good to be here when in town. time (@ Haji Ali Juice Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra)
There is no consensus on sanction 4banning entry of women in shrine, eg in AjmerSharif shrine women do pay obeisance
Peer Mehr Ali RA (1859-1937) was the Mureed of S. Shamsuddin Silavi RA & Khalifah of Haji Imdadullah RA. He wrote 8 books. .
Haji Ali Trustees to Bombay High Court:. "Entry of women in close proximity of grave of a male Muslim saint is a grievous sin in Islam".
If a saint like haji ali wanna call no one can stop sirji believe me..ek baar visit jaroor karna he is very powerful
Mumbai’s Haji Ali Dargah faces pressure to reverse ban on women
Heights of gender Inequality, Haji Ali mosque bans
. Muslim women’s right group fight against discrimination in Haji Ali Dargah.
campaign to scrap Ali ban - tell that liar who claimed caste asked to visit Haji Ali..but won't vote
Women fight against discrimination in Haji Ali Dargah.
Indian women in court battle with Mumbai's Haji Ali mosque over ban on entering its inner sanctum ht…
Fight for Right: Women in battle against ban by Mumbai’s Haji Ali Mosque
Women Fight Against Ban at Mumbai's Haji Ali Dargah - a bold move that hopefully wipes out gender hypocrisy
Indian Women Battle to Get Mosque Access in Mumbai: Haji Ali Dargah trust barred women from entering mausoleum...
Indian women seek court action to access Haji Ali Dargah in
Faith in their fight: Women campaign to scrap Haji Ali Dargah ban
Heard some fascinating stories about Haji Mirza Ali Khan, known as the Faqir of Ipi, from grandmother who was very young in those days.
I go to Haji Ali, Ajmer, Mahim Dargah too and have faith, beliefe .. And a proud Hindu
oh why, oh why you didn't take me there (Elko and Haji Ali )?
I'm like a mix between the Iron Sheik and Ali Haji-Sheikh
Bombay lights. Haji Ali shines the brightest.
Here is something for you which is equally good from Haji Ali, MG road
Helping the needy ones — making someone smile at Haji Ali Dargah
With the prettiest woman in my life! Mommie! ❤️ @ Haji Ali Dargah
A woman talks on a cellphone while sitting on the rubble / debris of Haji Ali Dargah which is under renovation in …
Planning to go to siddhivinayak temple and haji Ali for Darshan next week ☺
Shiv sena leader Uddhav thackrey donated his photograph of Pir Haji ali to the Dargah just yesterday, if you dont know? WHY?
Due to darshan at Mahalakshmi temple traffic movement slow from Kemps corner to Haji Ali.
Mahalaxmi towards Haji Ali is packed to a T. Not sure what is going wrong at this hour of if the day
The Haji Ali Dargah dressed to the nines tonight for Diwali. By
let's not even go near Ali Haji-Sheik, always felt bad for Jess Atkinson, I thought he could've been the man
Haji Ali Dargah magnificently lit up on Diwali!. "There is a deeper wave than this, nothing will withstand" ~
Burqa. Talaq. Polygamy. Women's limited inheritance. Ban on women's entry in Haji Ali. Why do u never talk of these? https:…
someone named Ali haji from Bahrain added me on linkdin. It’s not you right?
I said no to a proposal from the family that owns that place, before I knew what 'Haji Ali Juice Centre' is. ;)
Film is back. :) . Guys me and my friend Tejas Sakdecha Would go to haji ali to shoot anything...
same I wanted to visit Durgah once badly so I went to Haji Ali..met for the first time there only..such bliss♥️
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