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Hairy Bikers

David or Dave Myers (born 1957, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire) and Simon Si King (born 1967, Kibblesworth, County Durham), collectively known as the Hairy Bikers, are British television presenters who have fronted the series The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook, The Hairy Bikers Ride Again, The Hairy Bakers, The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain and The Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best, Hairy Bikers Meals On Wheels, Hairy Biker's Best of British and The Hairy Biker's Bakeation for BBC Two and The Hairy Biker's Mississippi Adventure for Good Food.

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Hairy Bikers doing more for Israeli tourism than 50 years Israeli tourist authority. Good job. I'm going 😎
I had no idea the Hairy Bikers were the BBC's new religious correspondents.
Can't stand the Hairy Bikers noisy eating. Will have to start watching with subtitles , or watch something elseand egg
And the hairy bikers in Israel ain't helping
That chopped liver recipe on The Hairy Bikers looked amazing! Now forced to add another cookbook to the collection.
This Chicken and Egg Hairy Bikers series is excellent. France has been my favourite, but this Israel episode is running a very close second.
Hairy Bikers & the Kosher egg, this is absolutely retarded.
It adds to the technical challenge, I'm watching Hairy Bikers here!
Watching The Hairy Bikers, if you're wondering how badass I am.πŸ˜‰
Watching a food show where its just the Hairy Bikers shovelling food into their gobs and eating it like mongs. More food less eating please!
I hate to tell you this, the Hairy Bikers are cooking stuff that makes Israel and Palestine get along. They've beaten you to it.
The hairy bikers need putting down now πŸ”« think they would agree with it as well ! Sell by date GONEe
Watching hairy bikers in Israel. I'd love to go there just for the eclectic mix of food from all over the world
I'm thinking the Hairy Bikers. But with waxing.
The hairy bikers are possibly the biggest pair of nobs going
Switched on the TV and the hairy bikers are explaining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Two hairy bikers Cooking shwarma in Jerusalem is hilarious
Not sure if The Hairy Bikers are this insensitively stupid or just plain racist. It's a real tough call.
Hard to watch Hairy Bikers, described Israel as "foodies paradise" not much of paradise if you're a palestinian kid running along the beach.
Hello all, watching The Hairy Bikers in Jerusalem, reminiscing when I visited there.
Watching Hairy Bikers in Tel Aviv. Amazing food but can't listen anymore to annoying Si calling the other annoying one "Dude" all the time
Hairy bikers in Israel and it's literally nothing like I imagined it'd be
Watching the Hairy Bikers. Just hope it's not one of "those" episodes where they strip off for a sauna or something
I'm pretty sure the Hairy Bikers don't do geo-politics but *** is this map?
I wish the Hairy Bikers were my parents.
Hairy Bikers in Israel. Must say a country I'd love to go to, looks nice.
The hairy bikers just skirting neatly round any politics in Israel.
Just watching Hairy Bikers BBC2. In Israel tnite. Visiting market and so far food and chefs from Iraq, Venezuela, Lebanon and Morocco
The Hairy Bikers' Chicken and Egg started 20:00 on BBC Two England - something you will enjoy... In israel
Hairy Bikers, glass of wine and comfort food.
The Hairy Bikers on BBC 2 are in occupied Palestine. Or as the BBC are calling it -- "Israel."
Ah fkkk that's the Hairy bikers on the banned list
you should start watching Mary Berry (great british bake off) or the Hairy Bikers
Didn't realise Robbie Savage had a part time job with the Hairy Bikers.
Manfred Mann's Earth Band ~ Davy's on the Road Again via with Dave Myers of the Hairy Bikers on vocals.
Been to The Jamaica Inn on this Hairy Bikers prog. One of the worst pubs have ever been in. Slave to tourism.
to learn how to cook properly & vary my diet. Keep seeing Jamie Oliver, Hairy Bikers & Paul Hollywood/Mary Berry make really nice stuff.
The programme Bomber Command Veteran Les Rutherford filmed with the Hairy Bikers is due to be aired on Friday...
Lithuania looks lovely on hairy bikers, wouldn't mind giving that a trip!
Bikers making want to take a Baltic road trip. Lithuania a revelation!
... on the hairy bikers' show, it's just like normal everyday food in the Baltics.
Having just watched another BBC repeat (hairy bikers) I was struck by the total lack of potholes on the icy roads (usual government excuse).
I find the hairy bikers oddly satisfying
Do the Hairy Bikers have a clause in their contracts that if they shave off their beards that they'll get sacked?
There are few things as pleasurable as watching the Hairy Bikers with food and wine :P
Watching hairy bikers in Sweden and Lapland
Well that cheese in the coffee lady on Hairy Bikers is a miserable old ***
Completely distracted from whatever the hairy bikers are cooking by the singing willow warbler in the background
Tasty turkey chilli in the slow cooker based on Hairy Bikers recipe
We avoid revision so much that we actually watch the hairy bikers new series every night
just watched the hairy bikers feeding reindeer by hand in Sweden & it brought so much joy to my heart
Hairy bikers visit Northern Sweden (Sami).. food and people...
19:00 The Hairy Bikers' Northern Exposure: Dave and Si get straight back to basics with the Sami people.
holle to the hairy bikers from Paul
Got this impression from Hairy Bikers Prog last night!
As a tribute to Fanny Craddock the Hairy Bikers will do a special episode of their show dressed as her. No idea what they'd call it, though
must be that good Hairy Bikers food.
did you watch the Hairy Bikers in Finland last night chomping on violas?they're meant to taste of vanilla but I never noticed?
The hairy bikers went to Gdansk and it reminded me of my trip there :( :(
nope, been enough about there on TV!! My Dad is heavily involved in the annual Oyster festival, he appeared on Coast, Hairy Bikers
Sorry Dave, wrong Dave. I am sure you look better than the hairy bikers in the sauna!
Love the Hairy Bikers there food always looks so scrummy 🍴🍢
My Children have never sat so quietly watching Telly as they did tonight at hairy bikers πŸ˜‚
Anyone else have a burning hate for the hairy bikers?
Had to try this after seeing it on hairy bikers, it's not as revolting as you'd think.. I think πŸ€”
awww the Hairy Bikers in Finland, making me miss home :(
I want to go to Finland now I've seen it on hairy bikers. Especially the countryside 😍
Hairy Bikers in Finland tonight. They have just cracked open a Karhu! (You might be able to catch it on iPlayer)
BTW Hairy Bikers are in Finland on BBC2 tonight.
Good Evening from my sofa - watching The Hairy Bikers on BBC 2 to prepare for interviewing them on Sat with my mate
The hairy bikers wedding wasn't all it was cracked up to be!
I felt like one of the hairy bikers
I do and will type it out prob best if I share on FB as more text it's a hairy bikers recipe
If you can. Have a look at the Hairy bikers diet book. There are some good things in them.
The weather man with his pink haired side kick storm chasing. The hairy bikers don't stand a chance.
Know any large hairy bikers who can go & "have a chat" with them?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Omg the hairy bikers rescued another dog aw this is to much 😭😊🐾
Hairy bikers copycat Soviet beanfeast. more sensible route out of st petersburg
The H in the History Channel logo stands for Hairy Bikers
Whats the name of those two guys off the tv that do the cookery travel programs?. They are hairy & bikers if that helpsπŸ€”
OMG the hairy bikers said YES to JUST NEED Gary to say yes https:/…
Does anyone know how/where I can watch "Hairy Bikers: Mississippi Adventure"?
just caught the Hairy bikers *** before credits roll and watershed, dinner ruined, couldn't eat a thing now, mew.
Hairy Bikers in Russia on TV infront of a palace: "We're gonna cook Beef Stroganoff. With chips."
Can't get Champs League football in my hotel but can get greyhounds and hairy bikers.
This vodka woman on Hairy Bikers is taking the mickey
Watching the Hairy Bikers in Russia. Bizarrely every woman they meet fits either the 'ridiculously hot' or 'sturdy peasant' stereotypes.
all we need is another cook with Dagger as a surname, Two Fat Ladies, Hairy Bikers, Cloake and Dagger...
Just dropped the Hairy Bikers' cookbook on my toes. Without even thinking I shouted "Ah, fug off, dood!"
Spotted The Hairy Bikers in SoHo this lunchtime. You envy my celebrity spattered lifestyle, admit it.
The hairy lairy bikers are my favourite
Yes, thank you Hairy Bikers seconded. I am such a big fan.
According to the hairy bikers this recipe feeds 6. They obviously didn't test it on O'Reilly children.
metal gear solid, Brits behind bars? Erm.hairy bikers.sum mothers do have em, peaky blinders. Conan the BARberian!
thank you for a great night out ... Much better than the hairy bikers 😊
Cupcakes baked for nieces 8th bday on Fri, Hairy Bikers skinny pie filling ready for tea 2moro & breakfast ready for morning!
Squished in between the Hemsleys, Paul Hollywood and the Hairy Bikers is not a bad place to be
I've met many hairy bikers on my adventures, but this one was definitely the hairiest! πŸ˜‰
Brisket! Great for slow cooking, check out this recipe by the hairy bikers
I used hairy bikers, and it was lovely.
Just realised old Luke Skywalker looks like Kingie from the Hairy Bikers
You becoming one of Sheffield's truly loved Hairy Bikers?
yay!! I follow the Two Hairy Bikers recipe!
Saw the Two Hairy Bikers having a little friendly drink together on the way to the show. Hope it's a good omen!
needed to find the right host? Love the Hairy Bikers, Rick Stein et al but not when they host shows about Asia, usually cringe.
On a bike and sidecar, like the Hairy Bikers use, with Mary wearing those goggles.
The only person's food that looks less appealing than the Hairy Mary Berry's. Unsophisticated granny food.
So annoyed! No one can really replace James Martin but Hairy Bikers should so be the new presenters of πŸ˜€πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
Ah my old pal Cole from the Hairy Bikers on tonight -
We're super excited about our new client - The Hairy Bikers Diet Club!
Just met a nice traffic warden in Ashton under Lyne that looks like one of the Hairy Bikers . He said he can cook too πŸ˜‚
Everybody watch my inspirational mate on Sky channel 243 on the hairy bikers show!!! On now!
The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! (Hairy Bikers)
Put it in your diary and get tickets for with Hairy Bikers (30 July) and James Martin (31 July).
I'll stick with Opie, Ron Perlman, John Cleese and Si from the Hairy Bikers ta
what about Hairy Bikers instead ? Then again, we might get confused..
"Helen and Barry Johnson are the hairy bikers"
The Hairy Bikers are so entertaining, mainly cause they're geordie
ooh love hairy bikers. I think it's nec for me too next year
Wow...I thought the hairy bikers were Geordies but it turns out one of them was a spy!! Had me fooled!
Niall McKenna is on The Hairy Bikers show . If you get a chance listen to how this food legend and Owner /...
Little Giant Ladders
There's 4 tickets on the door tonight at Newcastle under "The Hairy Bikers", first come first served! 😘
The hairy bikers should make a show where they sculpt Harry Potter things and call it the hairy potters
They get oversized, hairy bikers that haven't showered in months I'd guess.
Dinner tonight - Kerala prawn curry with mustard seeds and coconut - ready in minutes
All I want to do is sit and watch Rick Stein, masterchef , the hairy bikers and every other cooking shows known to man or beast
are you twins with that man from the Hairy Bikers. Same hair.
Now named simon and Dave (the hairy bikers), the mangalitzas were total escape artists and real characters
missed out wales again, not coming on tour or book signing! James Martin and the hairy bikers come!
Breakfast meeting this morning, The Hairy Bikers sat right next to me. Top blokes
The Hairy Bikers were an unexpected visitor at the ARLA Landlord Expo yesterday. Where did I leave my push bike?
The Hairy Bikers' Northern Exposure The Hairy Bikers are heading north on a big Baltic adv...
according to the Hairy Bikers. but they could be wrong.
Hairy Bikers big break invitational or something? Think they're showing it at Tramways
Top Five Christmas Cook Books From Delia and Nigella through to the Hairy Bikers
I have just toiled over a hot stove making the Hairy Bikers liver and onions it is vile I would rather eat kangaroos whatsits in the jungle
I popped my NE accent today and got told I sounded like Sarah Millican, which is far better than one half of the Hairy arsed Bikers tbh
Hairy bikers chilli on the menu for tea tonight mmm mmm x
oh where to start!I just got the new hairy bikers meat book. The baker brothers is good too!
Great turnout at the ARLA Landlord Expo today and we grabbed the opportunity of a photo with the Hairy Bikers who...
Cooking up a storm with The Hairy Bikers at the ARLA Lettings Expo!
Show and tell your favourite to win 2 tickets to on 29 Nov inc demo by Bikers!
It's not just bikers who are hairy! A movember bid by hairy artist Mr. Woodward is looking for your support.
yes she does go OTT hairy bikers are better more of a giggle , how's you been out today x
Watching Hairy Bikers - had 3 Peroni 'lagers'. Who needs a wife and child? . (They are in Vienna for a week- I'm not divorced, I don't think)
I have a friend makes haggis samosas. Was on Hairy Bikers mums know best with them
The Hairy Bikers' range of cook books and DVDs now in store
you were missed. Hairy bikers could have stepped up and done some bacon sandwiches πŸ˜…
yes. The hairy bikers don't quite cut it. She's so pretentious tho.
AndyB & Mr Seat61 the equivalent of the Two Hairy Bikers?
Your girl is on Sunday Brunch this morning. ...with the Hairy Bikers! 😍
And now here's The Hairy Bikers to sell their new Meat Feasts book by lying about how delicious this space aged cardboard food is.
Gud 2 see the hairy bikers properly tucking into the food on Sunday half measures lads!
One of the Hairy Bikers is experimenting with a new way to stand this morning I see...
Hairy Bikers and Little Mix in the same room, this is excellent.
I'm watching The Hairy Bikers on Sunday Brunch right now on Channel 4 where they're tasting herbs and plants. :)
Hairy Bikers and Rob have the same voices...spooky...
why not get hairy bikers to fill in for instead of doing a Saturday kitchen and delving into the archives!?
can you ask the hairy bikers about their quiz show raise the bar - I was at the pilot recording ... cheers
Some serious *** bank storage going on here from the hairy bikers!
Hairy bikers korma recipe is amazing, i do it all the time x
I did the beef phaal and really good chicken Balti from hairy bikers curry book last night - great curries easy to follow
It was Si from Hairy Bikers talking about charity auctions and how "encouraging" you were to place bids (I can imagine)!
Hairy Bikers are talking about having a caring role as a child on today's Sunday Brunch
The hairy bikers on Sunday Brunch are great and aww I do love that Newcastle accent
Read an exclusive extract from new memoir https:/…
The Hairy Bikers looking ever the Wizard tribute act...just in time for Christmas.
Read an exclusive extract from new memoir
love the Hairy bikers, they inspire some of my own cooking
why not use the best chefs on TV the hairy bikers
Horrific combo. Holby City followed by New Tricks. Oh, great, the Hairy Bikers on BBC 2. Just need an episode of Midsomer Murders on ITV...
Flame's stand at Mipcom features James Martin of Saturday Kitchen, Hairy Bikers, Lyndey's Christmas and many more
Yesss I love the Hairy Bikers! My mum said she'd either have Marco Pierre White or James Martin 😊
Neil Oliver on long hair in Independent. "On TV, there's only Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and me!" Yes & Bill Bailey, the Hairy Bikers, and...
Hairy Bikers hit the Baltics: Documented for new BBC2 series The Hairy Bikers’ Northern Exposure, which began ...
I'm watching The Hairy Bikers in Venice and it's making me sad. I want to back so much 😍
Any TV Producers want to fund and me doing a kind of Floyd On Hairy Bikers meets Oz and James do The Trip?
Who knew could do the best Hairy Bikers impression?
thought that was a pic of one of the Hairy Bikers!
Now available in UK also! Btw we'll also appear at BBC's Hairy Bikers in Sept or Oct.
I think we should do a cooking show. It would be hairy bikers meets Oz and James meets Keith Floyd, but mainly "The Trip".
Watching Hairy bikers drinking tea and reading up on how to make macaroons
Hey - just seen you sharing piccalilli with the Hairy Bikers on Good Food. Random!
Nigella, Jamie John Waite & Hairy Bikers! All hard back . Come on down to Grab a bargain!
Last chance today to order your Hairy Bikers Diet Club BBQ box before the bank holiday!
This time next week I'll be well John Appled in Cancun not serving hairy bikers MEOW!
following flight on radar, will show you how Weds. Have downloaded Big Blue. Hairy Bikers have new series next week, starts Tues
This is our meal tonight from the hairy bikers diet book. Just about to start it now.
And have you had Katsu curry (Hairy Bikers do it). Japanese but basically same sauce. Wagamama do it.
Cooking for the hairy bikers pie x 2!
- Direct flights and TV food programmes (both Rick Stein and the Hairy Bikers in Croatia this month) may play their part!
Oh it was Mel & Sue, I thought it was the Hairy Bikers... wait for it...
Hairy Bikers.maybe not.but meet the BSR Hairy Broadcasters!
The Hairy Bikers are the biggest pair of bellends on television
Hairy Bikers mince and vegetable pie with tumbled spuds [960x960].
The hairy bikers best of British is actually a great show
"sticking to the spoon like crude oil to a penguin" gotta love the Hairy Bikers!
Thanks to watching the hairy bikers at my parents I want to make a Dundee cake now
Chocolate and hazelnut cake. Recipe from the hairy bikers big book of baking. Gluten free and yummy.…
I've spent my day watching Hairy Bikers best of British. Perfect TV!!! :-)
Struggled with curries until I found the Hairy Bikers Great Curries cookbook. Cooking South African Bunny Chow.
Making pie for tea. Not the hairy bikers recipe suggested by as husband has requested a healthier option this evening!
footballs on and your watching hairy bikers! Tut tut..
5 year old daughter Lily enjoying watching Hairy Bikers marathon day on Good Food today, while playing.
watching Hairy Bikers on Good Food,i go to put the cartoons on for 5 year old daughter..she shouts 'no enjoying this!'
Anyone famous support Gillingham? Don't think so.. The hairy bikers support Barrow
Have you noticed that there are loads of blackberries out already? Perfect for picking and making delicious...
We were mistaken for the hairy bikers last night. Can't think why.
hairy bikers thanks for playing motley CrΓΌe seeing them November with hubby,can't wait tommy and Nikki yum yum xx
my Dad has been heavily involved in running the festival for the past decade, he's appeared on Hairy Bikers and stuff :)
hairy bikers recipe says chill in the fridge before serving. So I'd say cold
Well the Hairy Bikers have lost weight haven't they?
Hairy Bikers' chicken Korma with loads more coriander. All gone now.
we also have Charlie hunman, David Bowie, sting and the hairy bikers
If you're cooking up a with your box then show us your pics!
Guilden Gate Smallholding on the TV Hairy Bikers 2013 (Just our bit!!) via
Jamie Oliver will jumpstart the Christmas book-buying season with new cookery book on 27 Aug. Hairy Bikers and Lorraine Pascal too.
Hairy Bikers on BBC1 just shown how they make poached eggs. They put eggs in hot water for 20seconds before breaking the shell
Bizarre Saturday so far... No running, followed by a 2.5hour wait at the garage, watching the hairy bikers make eggs on the TV...
These hairy bikers making me want to eat about 40 plates of eggs benedict
hairy bikers great pair of lads , but do I want two beards and straggly hair over my hollandaise sauce ? I think not !
The hairy bikers r about as funny as standin on a plug in ur bare feet.
Hairy Bikers have just done poached eggs and ngl their method looks like it *might* work. Tempted to try
my 2yo insisting she is Dave and demanding to watch "the good lads" because she loves the Hairy Bikers.
Just had a dream about the Hairy bikers camping in Serbia being attacked by killer spiders.. *** !?!
I must be the only person in the world searching for streams of old hairy bikers episodes
Electronic Device Insurance
Carrots & 5 veggies. My garden inspired me. Delicious Italian style soup. Jamie O & Hairy Bikers would love this!
I added a video to a playlist Hairy Bikers 2013 (The whole episode - our bit from 5.17)
Will you be returning to Planet Rock? The Hairy Bikers show ***
watched the hairy bikers in Italy last night made me wish I'd moved there when I was young. . Made me πŸ˜ͺ. Love Italia 😍😍
So I'm watching the hairy bikers bakation-I REALLY WANNA VISIT GERMANY!!! It looks so pretty ^_^
everyone out celebrating results and me alice and lottie stayed in with a Chinese and watched the hairy bikers 😊😊😊
Hairy Bikers: β€œLive in Tuscany for 15 years and you’re practically Tuscan”
How have the hairy bikers managed to even get a tv deal
Hairy Bikers on has just banished a day of working through 120 emails to oblivion! :) brilliant
Hairy Bikers on mozzarella "its as tasty as a tasty thing could be." Truer words have never been spoken πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I'm watching one of the Hairy Bikers trying to thumb dough into a tin and I'm immediately reminded about a drunken event a few weeks ago 😟
The Hairy Bikers are in Venice on BBC 2 now
. Brilliant! I'm not a huge fan of Indian food tbh...give me Italian or Japanese though...get the Hairy Bikers on it!πŸ‘πŸ˜
Such a sincere "missing you already" Looking forward to the hairy bikers Varoufakis / Neil summer programmes.
Wait Hairy Bikers, whats that? I use to watch and still do: Unwrapped, Follow that Food
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
yeah I used to watch that, I love food shows. My faves are the Hairy Bikers
Hairy food on a Sunday morning is ace, love the Bikers, they do my fave music too! Xx
The Hairy Bikers just made a vegetarian pie (cheese, potato, onion, spinach), cut into it and exclaimed "It looks like chicken mushroom" umm
First time listening to Hairy Bikers Rock Show on they're playing a great mix of music πŸ˜ƒ
They're back! Miss them on Sunday? The Hairy Bikers are here, with another hour of rock!.
This recipe is in The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain! Get a cookbook from us and make a cake for our volunteers!
Hairy bikers quiche lorraine with thurnsmeats kielbasa instead of lardons eggs
This fella looks like one of Keith Lemons Hairy Lairy Bikers
Just look at the Google Image search results for "The Hairy Bikers" and feel your mind slipping away forever
HOW DID I NOT SEE IT? That's perfect. Can she still be flanked by the Hairy Bikers?
Oh god, I'm imagining Delia Smith shuffling into the kitchen with a cane, flanked by two silent, terrifying Hairy Bikers nargh
Bake this Hairy Bikers' recipe for low fat fruit tea loaf. Make a real tea time treat this afternoon.
Goodness me, the Hairy Bikers are seriously terrible cooks.
Mmm Moussaka! Try this Hairy Bikers recipe for tea
Making a double batch of hairy bikers korma sauce.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
so glad the hairy bikers are back, my hubby and I listen to p rock all the time and love your recipes. Play motley, Nicky x
Bloody *** The Hairy Bikers have really let themselves go.
funny! Was watching Hairy Bikers make Bakewell last night and said to V I'm dying to make it. Love it!
I liked a video Martin Rounce lost over 7 stone with the Hairy Bikers Diet Club!
Pretty pleased with the Chicken Biryani I made for tea last night. Hairy Bikers recipes never let me…
Love Hairy Bikers recipes, never had a bad one yet!
would love to join but recently teamed up with some Hairy Bikers to form the Hair Bear Bunch to bulk purchase pies and bovril
A tough looking group of hairy bikers are riding when they see a girl about to jump off a bridge, so they stop.
The Hairy Bikers are on the same flight as me to Stockholm
The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure: Over 100 Amazing Recipes from the Kitchens of Asia to Cook at Home (Englis…
Recipe for brinjal pickle now on my blog with thanks to the_hairy_bikers for…
The Hairy Bikers. If you absolutely had to, which one would you?
Gordon Ramsay, Joanna Lumley, Victoria Wood, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Gino D’Acampo and the Hairy Bikers have shared...
Andrew Hopper meets Hairy Bikers in Black Bull at Otley to discuss the civil wars in their new BBC series about pubs. htt…
Recipe for Roast loin of pork by the Hairy Bikers courtesy of Adsdean Farm Shop ...
domain names
Delia Smith? Mary Berry? Jamie Oliver? The Hairy Bikers? ;) Whatever you do, DON'T look at Nigella (ick)
Unlikely Letters To TV Stations: I really enjoyed the Hairy Bikers - but I feel that Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson have let themselves go.
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