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Hail Mary

The Angelic Salutation, Hail Mary, or Ave Maria (Latin) is a traditional biblical Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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Why not put Brandon Bridge in for the Hail Mary?
Needed a Hail Mary and pick 6 to do it lol. UF also went with Franks the entire way.
Carmelo Anthony's people are trying a Hail Mary attempt to get him to Houston (Knicks won't do it) ... before he accept…
Ok better one. Hail Mary. 4 WRs hold hands around 5th in end zone. D can't break or PI/ill. contac…
But you see that TD pass to Adams and remember Jay Cutler's Hail Mary attempt earlier and you say "well you may have a point." 😂
Cutler unloads a Hail Mary to a cheerleader 💀
Talk and brag about a meaningless Hail Mary for 11 months then get beat by one...LOL
There is a very short list of announcers who could've done the Hail Mary justice. *** Hubert is on that list!. ICYM…
Can't wait for Georgia to beat Florida on a Hail Mary next year to complete this holy trinity.
Tennessee-Florida had a Hail Mary, but did you see this walk-off pick-six?
Hail Mary, full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee, Blessed art thou, amongst women and Blessed is T…
Now you know what a Hail Mary, last second loss feels like, Tennessee😎
Tennessee just got beat on a Hail Mary. I'm laughing so hard right now 😂😂😂
does not need a Hail Mary. It has Ronald Jones.
Let's not forget who done the Hail Mary first. 😏 🍊
'Hail Mary! Hail Feleipe' bomb on final play by
Kevin Hart cheated. Vols lost on a Hail Mary. As a Black man and Vols fans it's been rough.
No. 24 Florida stuns No. 23 Tennessee with incredible Hail Mary touchdown to win the game. (SPEEDonFOX)
Westfield High's Tyrie Cleveland pulling in that Hail Mary to lift Florida over Tennessee. Great cal ft Brad Nessler.
Tupac copiou return of the mother ou Nina Hagen copiou Hail Mary? Kk
A group of Republicans just launched a desperate Hail Mary to repeal Obamacare
But offering holiday shoppers an Amazon Echo to use to buy from Amazon? It's a weird Hail Mary.
Agree, but still tossed a few Hail Mary's into double and triple coverage. That won't cut it in SEC pl…
Great linebacker color guy no. Almost as bad as Doug Flutie and that god dam Hail Mary
WATCH: Tennessee FB Hail Mary win over Georgia in 2016 recreated in Legos |
☦️💙I just prayed three Hail Mary's for your son☦️CORPUS CHRISTI & The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Bless &…
Prep football roundup: Mingo Central tops Point Pleasant on Hail Mary + more
36-34, Final! Mingo Central snaps the 43-Game Streak held by Point Pleasant on a Hail Mary from Dillon to Elia. Ⓜ️🏈⛏
Hail Mary, full of grace. DM me for your order in any colo…
The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. (Hail Mary, full of grace,..)
Hail Mary: Prayer of the Day for Thursday, August 24, 2017 – Hail Mary, full of grace, the LORD is with thee, b...
time ... Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you ...
Wish that Hail Mary hadn't been completed tonight.
This is just a last minute Hail Mary because they are f'd in court. Are they still paying exec bonuses? Se…
Today in 2015 Straight Outta Compton hits theaters. Pac never recorded Hail Mary w/ Dre . Dre left Death Row. But they want…
I did not know that! That is why her cousin Elizabeth said Hail Mary, Full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.
No arguing with heretics. They will all simply get a Hail Mary said for them, and I leave them to the protection of th…
The Dallas throw to cook should replace the giants Hail Mary
Hail Mary, full of raves, the plur is with thee. blessed are tho amongst friends, and blessed is the lov…
With Collins a NO and assuming McCain can't vote, Senate GOP will have to complete Hail Mary's w Murkowski and Heller…
May need to add a little Hail Mary to the forecast
Top247 CB Isaac Taylor-Stuart picks off the Hail Mary to end the half:
Oh, goodie! The race card is inevitably the Hail Mary pass before the walls cave in on the guilty. is going…
Each time we say the Hail Mary we are repeating the very same words of St. Gabriel the Archangel... ---AVE MARIA 🌹
The river is flowing... Oh Mother carry me down to the sea. . Hail Mary full of grace... Your…
Bringing my busted, five year-old MacBook Pro to the Genius Bar in a Hail Mary attempt to get it fixed. Wish me luck!
Website Builder 728x90
God threw the UK a Hail Mary and they scoffed at because the wallscreens told them to.
Hail Mary, forgive me . Blood for blood, hearts beating. Come at me, now this is war. Pierce the veil ft. Kellin Quinn - king for a day
I wish I was there when that catholic church accidentally handed their congregation the lyrics to Tupac's Hail Mary. I would have performed
to Roger Staubach's Hail Mary to in the Playoffs!
4th and goal Hail Mary from your own 35 yard line
That Aaron Rodgers pass is better than any Hail Mary he's had. What an incredible player. Epic play.
Just got word from Dad that we're officially changing Hail Mary's to Hail Rodgers
Giants couldn't even stop a Hail Mary from Rodgers to save their season get out
Only great thing tight end Rodgers did was catch the Hail Mary touchdown in Detroit
Your team is on the 45 yard line with one play left. Who do you want throwing the Hail Mary: Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Love?
6 seconds left on the clock... It's Hail Mary time. . WATCH 🎥:
Rodgers has 2 Hail Mary's in 1 season. Some is spending a lot of time in church.
thanks maddie!! love you!!! forever the Aaron Rodgers to my Hail Mary 🤗💜
“Senjem re: bonding bill -- "It's a Hail Mary. We get only one football -- not two."”unless your Aaron Rodgers.
WATCH: Aaron Rodgers connects on wild Hail Mary to end half vs. Giants
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kevin Love could be a QB. That was Aaron Rodgers last play Hail Mary pass to James in the back of the Endzone.
*** would Hail Mary this pup like they Aaron Rodgers for a plain mcchicken
Aaron Rodgers didn’t even need a Hail Mary to save the day this time
Checking in on and it's tied with 2 min left in the game, y'all think Aaron Rodgers has a Hail Mary in him?
"You should have thrown the Hail Mary." - Aaron Rodgers
SFB - Lake Mary scores on Hail Mary to end the half. LMHS 28 HHS 14. Go Huskies!!
May each Hail Mary be a beautiful rose offered to Our Heavenly Mother!.
Hail Mary, Jesus and Joseph⁰The great American flag⁰Is wrapped and dragged with explosives
Yes, ma’am. Background: Hail Mary: Now we wait:
Oh Lamar, Hail Mary and marijuana, time is hard
Ha ha ha. Talking about Hail Mary trys. ObamaCrap started it's Death…
Take a short break and say a Hail Mary for our Pope and the Church 🙏 RT!
Oh Lamar, Hail Mary and marijuana times is hard
And a parking ticket is four Hail Mary's & an extra casserole at the next parish picnic. Do these p…
PCOO, NCCA tap the vocal talents of Christian Bautista & Hail Mary the Queen Children’s Choir for
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tricky Bill will b absolved, of his accusations, by saying 10 Hail Mary's 5 Our Fathers + a fat che…
Oh . I see. I would suspect it is upton/ruggiano/Stubbs .Hail Mary chance it is Chris shaw
You've got to see the Hail Mary that helped Tennessee beat Georgia
I share your top 2, but my is Aaron Bailey holding on to the Hail Mary in Pittsburgh
Tossing a G-Men QB legend with two rings out of the booth in favor of a ringless Cowboy QB? Hail Mary by CBS Sports!
I got it from ur actions, ur catholic prayers. Hail Mary full of grace-so was Esther
A Hail Mary vote from out of nowhere!
Hail Mary,. Full of Grace,. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women,. and blessed is the fruit. of thy womb…
the Hail Mary to Ahmad Rashad against the Browns is peak Kramer
Manuwa out to Hail Mary so I can expect him to flatline Anderson.
I have Saint Marys beating VCU and advancing next round as well.Hail Mary!
ghetto gospel, changes, thugz mansion, Hail Mary, how long will they mourn me
Are: Hail Mary, full of Grace, Blessed are thou among women and blessed is…
Cross Wilson of Menomonee Falls Boys Basketball team being interviewed after his Hail Mary shot In the Regional Cha…
Matthews is shyte.. He was getting outboxed by Tommy coyle until he landed a Hail Mary
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Raiders Green wins game two 42-35 on a last second Hail Mary from AJ Allen to Jaden Robinson.
my all time fav is Hail Mary to Jeff Janis against Ari, never lost my voice before that play
I liked a video Mickey Gall says calling out Dan Hardy was a 'Hail Mary'
Don't tell me something is impossible, If my dude can grab a second date with Genie Bouchard off a Hail Mary bet. Anything is…
Hail Mary.. Pigs blood or human blood 2007-2008? Mother please get this out of my system,, I'm going to flip my lid
Attacking Trump is Schwarzenegger's Hail Mary bid for better ratings. It ain't gonna work Arnold... You just suck!
Sam Martin thinks Prater could hit from 70 in a game, if needed. Martin said odds would be better than a Hail Mary.
he's gonna air it looking for Nelson, he's not there but Allen is!" I think that was a midfield Hail Mary and it got picked!
is this Brian France's Hail Mary,it either works great or he is out.
Aaron Rodgers is taking the Hail Mary to new levels.
Messenger: Dogtown neighbors' Hail Mary plan to save Catholic school running out of time
I think the pass has to be over 35 yards to technically be a "Hail Mary" 😅😅😅
it's about time for his classic Hail Mary ;)
Way too much time for the Hail Mary king
Is it time for the Cowboys to be on Hail Mary watch against Aaron Rodgers?   10% Off
Richard Rodgers' 34-yard TD reception was his longest reception since the December 3rd, 2015 Hail Mary at Ford Fiel…
Origins of 'Hail Mary': A 50-yd touchdown pass from Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson in 1975 via
That moment when the father has everyone in the church say the Hail Mary for the Dallas Cowboys 😂
Had good chat w/Captain Comeback. Roger Staubach, who threw it to Drew, recalls origins of Hail Mary via
Do you remember who invented the 'Hail Mary' pass? via
Origins of 'Hail Mary': legend Roger Staubach remembers how it stuck
Origins of 'Hail Mary': Cowboys legend Roger Staubach remembers how it stuck
Why Roger Staubach is the reason for 'Hail Mary' via
It tickles Roger Staubach to realize the staying power of his words: “Hail Mary.”
the Hail Mary is simply playing 500 and throwing a mystery box.
The inside story of the coolest play in sports right now: the Packers' Hail Mary.
"I have come to see that every Hail Mary, every greeting to Our Lady, is a new beat of a heart in love.” - St. Josemar…
Titus Young catches a deflected Hail Mary pass in the dying seconds to send the game into Overtime.
Jason Garrett said the Cowboys have practiced defending the Hail Mary. It's very important against Aaron Rodgers
HISTORY BOOKS 2026. "Upon receiving the greatest Hail Mary pass in presidential history, the Republicans sprinted into their own end zone."
Christmas carol service mistakenly publishes the lyrics for 2Pac's 'Hail Mary' - NME
362 yards. 4 TDs. 1 Hail Mary. was on 🔥 Sunday at Lambeau!
The packers playoff tickets I sold were in the end zone right behind Randall Cobb and the Hail Mary. 😭😭
The throw, the catch, the celebration: A frame-by-frame look at the Hail Mary.
Hail Mary was awesome...Randall Cobb's catch was even sweeter.
A frame-by-frame look at the Packers' Hail Mary
u guys r good, but we have AR, be careful of his hail mary's artik bakacaz
completes another pass, and Lambeau goes crazy
ILT Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is 3 for 5 in Hail Mary passes, while the rest of the NFL is 6 for 32.
screw the Hail Mary, we shall call it Hail Rodgers. Helluva game now please finish these cowgirls.
I trust Aaron Rodgers more on Hail Mary plays than Brock Osweiler on eight-yard passes.
Hail Mary touchdown play key in Green Bay Packers' win over New York Giants
Aaron Rodgers is making the Hail Mary a high-percentage pass
Aaron Rodgers completes more Hail Mary TDs than Bears QBs complete regular TDs
I can't believe Cobb caught that Hail Mary. I can't believe I was there and it was directly in front me.
hail Mary at AZ was 55 yards running left, off back foot, across his body, while being hit. That is skill.
a Hail Mary from Aaron Rodgers is the only sure thing
Remember that Hail Mary for a touchdown? Did you have to ask yourself: "Which one?" The real is GOAT
Aaron Rodgers with the Hail Mary cheese again! Why not let it fly!
Dominated 1st quarter and a half but didn't translate into TDs. Then the Hail Mary crushed them, gave Pack big lift
Rodgers doesn't get enough credit for that Hail Mary. The arc he puts on that ball is unbelievable. No other QB throws a Hail Mary like him
hail Mary against Detroit was 65 yards 100 feet in the air, came straight down into the endzone.
Hail Mary: Chapter 3. I knew we were gonna win after this play happened
Going to sleep with Hail Mary nightmares
My gosh Aaron is blessed with those Hail Mary passes that was so frickn awesome! Cheering on our guys
Yep. . Been up since 5am. . Running on 3 hrs sleep. Think its time to call it a night. . Gonna dream abt that Hail Mar…
The Hail Mary King 👑. Aaron Rodgers connects with Randall Cobb for absurd Hail Mary to end half. 🎥:
Rodgers has thrown 3 Hail Mary touchdowns. Let’s assign a subjective ranking to them all.…
Key play in game was a play not made. Cook's drop enabled Packers to throw and complete Hail Mary at end of first half.
Green Bay may want to draft Joshua Dobbs just to be Aaron Rodgers backup Hail Mary thrower. Seems like an essential pa…
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Being a packer fan is so satisfying when Rodgers throws a hail mary and being surrounded by other fans and yes
Rodgers on Hail Mary: That's 3 in the last calendar year. It's fun every single time...Believe any time that ball goes up we h…
Watching throw his 3rd Hail Mary is art. It was beautiful and epic. No one else can do it
What a trash Wild Card round. No close games, nothing incredibly compelling.We got Rodgers' Hail Mary and a great quarte…
once went to a wedding and met the groom the day after sleeping with the bride. There. I confessed but no Hail Mary's please
Hail Mary time. Turn your head away from your TV.
Not gonna lie.. Aaron Rodgers' luck throwin Hail Mary's is ridiculous! If you do it as much as him it's almost mind blowin!
Aaron Rodgers is deadly with that Hail Mary lol
Just rename the Hail Mary to the Aaron Rodgers already.
No one throws a better Hail Mary than Aaron Rodgers - Official Site
Aaron Rodgers really a legend. We haven't seen anybody throw the Hail Mary this good since Tupac
name one Hail Mary in the history of football that doesn't have someone pushing off😜 Go Packers!
Aaron Rodgers giving Tupac a run for best Hail Mary
Aaron Rodgers will go down as the best Hail Mary thrower of all time
Who remembers when Mario Manningham caught a Hail Mary before the half in the last postseason meeting between the Giants and Packers?!
Odell dropping TDs, Bobby Rainey running on short yard situations, defense letting up Hail Mary's what a disaster
Aaron Rodgers the Greek God of Hail Mary's. Kevin Youkilis the Greek God of walks.
That's Aaron Rodgers' 3rd Hail Mary in the last 2 seasons!
omg duh Hail Mary for the tens/three, our fathers for the ones, mysteries at the joining bit and apostles creed at the cross
Translation: you got a Hail Mary from James Comey's violation of the Hatch Act.
And in 2016's final Hail Mary pass, we put down my cat today. :(
Will never forget Bristol, 38 straight on Florida, the Hail Mary at UGA, or the comeback at Texas A&M. . Until September,…
Georgia fan walks into Hurricane grill, dad turns to me "Hey Ethan, go deep and I'll throw you a Hail Mary" 😂😂
John Kerry's speech was a Hail Mary pass to try to save the "two state" solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.
Is Doug Flutie the only Boston College grad who can complete a Hail Mary?
Church accidentally printed the lyrics of Tupac’s Hail Mary (5 Photos)
Tupac's 'Hail Mary' lyrics subbed for prayer
Sri Lankan priest apologizes after someone accidentally prints lyrics to Tupac's "Hail Mary" instead of prayer
lol someone printed version of Hail Mary for the church to sing by mistake.
the WORST of them all. Pilots up. The play before, BR had 12 men on field. They call incomplete pas…
Sri Lankan church accidentally prints the words to Tupac's "Hail Mary" instead of the 1,000-year-old prayer
.she also used the prevent defense in the last minutes of the game, expecting the Hail Mary. Instead Trump ran the ball right in
Lmao, Dude obviously didn't know the older 'Hail Mary'. Downloaded and printed straight from Google.
called this a face mask on pretty boy Rodgers. Next..Hail Mary
might as well show the Hail Mary over and over. We know they can't wait for that
A Christmas carol service accidentally printed the words to Tupac's 'Hail Mary' instead of the carol
Sri Lankan church service booklet prints the lyrics to Tupac Shakur's 'Hail Mary' instead of the Hail Mary prayer
Church mistakenly prints obscene lyrics to song "Hail Mary" in Christmas prayer booklet.
A church in Sri Lanka accidentally printed out thousands of 2pacs "Hail Mary" for xmas Carols
Christmas service accidentally printed Tupac's 'Hail Mary' instead of the carol.
Christmas carol festival accidentally prints the lyrics of Tupac's hit 'Hail Mary' instead of Catholic prayer 😂
They printed lyrics to Tupac's 'Hail Mary' instead of a Catholic prayer by mistake lol
Not sure why Ravens wouldnt go Hail Mary & hope for penalty. Flacco has strong arm & could have given them better shot. Not strong finish.
Never a pass interference on a Hail Mary so if they call one, I'm jumping off the roof
Tupac's "Hail Mary" accidentally made it into a book of Christmas carols
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and he'll probably Hail Mary you this weekend while you're at liquid lounge
would it be crazy to start Colin Kap over A A ron Rodgers? I'm in the FF Playoffs & ajayi screwed me. I need a Hail Mary
'Drew Pearson admits to Hail Mary push, sort of'
Drew Pearson admits to Hail Mary push, sort of
Prayer is forbidden on the island for fear someone might use a Hail Mary.
Hail Mary attempts to thwart a Trump presidency are understandable. But they are misplaced
Hail Mary, Full of Grace...protect us Lord as we stay awake, watch over us as we sleep..St Michael the Arch Angel..
Washington state elector in 'Hail Mary' bid to unseat Trump
Pretty sure called JAMES Starks his Hail Mary start of the week. Not bad.
Even with the Hail Mary, Bears QB Jay Cutler posted a 55.1 passer rating, his worst in the last 57 games that he finishe…
Maybe we'll still get one more Hail Mary attempt if Ben can get a quick pass to the DAL 50 yd line or so.
Kenny Albert with the Bingo-ception. Aaron Rodgers threw a Hail Mary to Richard, whose dad was in the Cal-Stanford band play.
I just can't get over how working class people who felt forgotten made a Hail Mary with a man who got rich by ripping them off. Mind blowing
Hail Mary full of grace, smack a *** in his face wit the mack put him back in line
So what Republican voters did in the primaries by nominating Trump was essentially throw a Hail Mary.
With 15 seconds left I threw a Hail Mary pass to Hopkins and got the TD. Guess what happens next?!?!
Latino vote indications are bad for Trump. If it costs him FL, he'd need a Hail Mary in blue collar white states - I'd t…
Mediterranean won't split. like the Red Sea. there only & leaky boat. & westerly breeze. reckless. or brave. Hail Mary to. unkind wave.
no doubt. He was 6/9 yards short on 55. Missed 34. 65 was 0.0% chance. Hail Mary maybe 5%.
He can't hit a 55 yard FG. 0% chance he hits 65 yard. Better chance on Hail Mary.
Troy Williams unable to keep a Hail Mary throw within 8 yards of the end zone
Yeah, but u kick the PAT, you’re down 30-24. Recover the onside kick, run it in or Hail Mary wins it w/ the PAT.
Twin Bridges rolls the dice on 4th and 16 at midfield. Hail Mary good for the TD. PAT no good. 6-6 game.
So... Donald Trump's Hail Mary with 12 days to go is a "New Deal" for black people ... mainly involving more police and hel…
which play was more exciting to call? AJ Green's Hail Mary catch vs the Browns, or Armon Binns game winning catch against Pitt?
A.J. GREEN WHAT A CATCH!!. Andy Dalton throws a Hail Mary at the end of the half and A.J. Green comes down with it for Ci…
Bet this guy doesn't know the Hail Mary anymore... Who must attend your church while you're busy changing churches? 🤔
Hobbs intercepts Manual's hail mary on the final play of the game and takes it 90 yards to the house! Male - 27 Manual - 14 F…
Dude1 Hail Mary: "I'll change my restaurant to a cosplay restaurant for you!" . Everybody: *stares awkwardly at floor*. FTGAD
I might go to hail while im smokin Mary *** im a young Tupac
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Two great songs playing at once. Rosa Parks/Outkast. Hail Mary/2pac.
"Hail Mary on a fourth down. Hands to the sky"
Come with meee, Hail Mary, *** run quick see...what do we have here you wanna ride or die...laah lalah lalah lah...
Uvalde threw a Hail Mary and scored, but it still wasn't enough, because the Tigers are 2lit 🔥
I am a sinner on the wing of angels . Ten hail Mary after the evening bells. I am at the preacher's door. In supplication till my knees numb
Dude was this close to beating me on a Hail Mary.
My boy Eric with the one handed catch and then the Hail Mary TD 👀
throws @ 50 yard Hail Mary TD pass as time expired in the 1st half. Brea 28 Esperanza 10
Hail Mary came on during Creed and it reminded me of our art bants and Your Tupac lessons 😭😭😭 good days 🙌🏼
when you are winning never take a knee but throw another Hail Mary and shove it in their faces.
POTUS trying to prop up Murphy and FLOTUS throwing Hail Mary in AZ at seem to me desperate measures to get Senate w/ IN, NC,
The number of dabs you hit per day should not exceed the number of Hail Mary's you pray
Hey I'm down 37 in a ppr league. He's done, I have one spot left. Need a Hail Mary--Enunwa or John Brown?
If they stopped them...Just to have leverage that would be cool for Rodgers to throw a Hail Mary and have Cobb catch it
I could see the future. An Aaron Rodgers, Hail Mary, is coming. Don't @
White Jesus can you bless your son Aaron "Hail Mary" Rodgers wit some hope
I know y'all haven't forgot about Rodgers' Hail Mary
if I need a Hail Mary or a clutch drive I still trust Aaron Rodgers very much
I don't know the last time Rodgers outplayed the opposing QB. And the WR gets 99% credit for a successful Hail Mary.
Terrible by Rodgers, didn't even get chance for Hail Mary
Rodgers can complete those Hail Mary passes so I was sorta nervous right there
Rodgers please don't hit us with an Hail Mary !
TRY that Hail Mary play again, Rodgers!. I DARE YA! ha ha ha
Would be crazy if Rodgers completes a Hail Mary pass before Half
Hail Mary time TBH. Only thing Rodgers can still do
Hail Mary. Right here. Rodgers has the arm. Just do it.
Sometimes you start to think that the last time Aaron Rodgers and the Packers truly scared anybody was on the last Hail Mary against Cards.
Let's just skip to the part when Rodgers throws another Hail Mary and all of a sudden the offense is good again.
Rodgers really thinks they can get a TD on any given Hail Mary
Rodgers did the same thing last year against the lions when they won on the Hail Mary
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Richard Rodgers might be my least favorite Packers player unless he's catching Hail Mary's
Great day for our church. Please say a Hail Mary for Pope Francis
What pies are doing atm smells bit like North Melb. Bucks is gonna need a Hail Mary to save career. Or Treloar to win Charlie
fail so hard without Aaron Rodgers what are you doing? Who's throwing the Hail Mary?
Just won in Madden with a Hail Mary by who else but Aaron Rodgers 🙏🏼🏈
Aaron Rodgers is the only one who can pull off a Hail Mary (:
Siemian just wasted 7 of the 15 remaining seconds. Hail Mary time. And I don't see Aarron Rodgers out there.
Siemian threw a Hail Mary and only got like 40 yards on it tops. I think Rodgers could beat that lefty.
So to sum up TNF: Trevor is no Aaron Rodgers and can't save the broncos with a Hail Mary. That's all you need to know.
The 2016 Chargers might be the first NFL team to surprise us when they knock down a 50-yard Hail Mary.
Trevor Siemian has yet to master the Aaron Rodgers last play Hail Mary pass
I think Aaron Rodgers throws off-balance fadeaway Hail Mary passes further than the ones Trevor Siemian steps in to.
Aaron Rodgers the Hail Mary god smh *** completed 2 in the same season
No team can ever compare to the Hail Mary from Rodgers to Rodgers last season. 🏈
Why didn't the Broncos bring in Aaron Rodgers to pinch-Hail Mary?
Aaron Rodgers would have made that Hail Mary pass.
Nobody can throw a Hail Mary like Rodgers 😌
I swear.. Siemian.. if you pull a rodgers Hail Mary..
Can we fly Rodgers out and have him throw this Hail Mary?
FAU mobs end zone after Hail Mary, but replay crushes celebration
When the hash is so good you do a backwards Hail Mary and gotta go think about your relationship with satan for a minute.
that Hail Mary was pretty awesome too
The young woman in the Georgia Department of Driver Services was 1 Hail Mary away from getting her hanging eyelash snatched all the way off.
UT just won a road at Georgia to go 5-0 on a Hail Mary. Tonight is the perfect night to Shoot your shot. Anything is poss…
Lions' Hail Mary defense has Devin Taylor, Glover Quin and Rafael Bush standing back by the goal line.
Still don't understand how Georgia let Tennessee catch that last second Hail Mary. 😒
Josh Dobbs was Tennessee's Hail Mary hero on Saturday. For 6-yr-old A.J. Cucksey, he's been a hero for far longer:
To the guy from Ireland that I tackled at work after UT threw that Hail Mary, I truly do apologize. but go vols!
▶ Every time I see a successful Hail Mary, it reminds me of 1996. Reminds me of "Stevie Baker The Touchdown Maker":
Tennessee hero Jauan Jennings ranks tonight's Hail Mary catch second on his all-time list. . No. 1? "Burning Tabor."…
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INCREDIBLE FINISH beats 34-31 on a hail Mary from Dobbs to Jennings
If you don't believe in God, you better start believing because Tennessee won on a Hail Mary! It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!
Bob Kesling's call of the hail mary was fine but I added a little something to make it better
Hail Mary from Josh Dobbs to Jauan Jennings to beat Georgia is the No. 1 play on SportsCenter tonight.
VIDEO: Tennessee beats Georgia on hail mary
The devil went down to Georgia and was shut down by Hail Mary, Mother of our eternal Lord.
Tennessee's win probability was 0.2% before the Hail Mary. 1st time a SEC team scored a game-winning TD as time expired since th…
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