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Hacksaw Ridge

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Hacksaw Ridge is no We Were Soldiers, but it's still an incredible war movie. . (No Saving Private Ryan either, but that goes w/o saying)
Finally watching Hacksaw Ridge. Better be good. Someone told me that it was better than Saving Private Ryan. They almost got dro…
If u liked band of brothers. (let's be honest, who doesnt). Hacksaw Ridge is on a par. Can't speak highly enough of it. & a true story too.
Hacksaw Ridge . Amazing film. Absolutely amazing. Go and see it !. Andrew Garfield is superb.
80) Hacksaw Ridge is a movie directed by Mel Gibson, based on a true story, and it stars Andrew…
Just watched Hacksaw Ridge. Must watch. Bowing down to the amazing performance by Andrew Garfield👏🏻
I have to see Hacksaw Ridge and Lion. But so far *** or High Water is my winner.
Hacksaw Ridge, an army who saved lots of men with bear arms during the war. Its a 10/10 movie.
Te recomiendo Manchester by the sea o Hacksaw Ridge
'Hacksaw Ridge' review – Mel Gibson's war drama piles on the gore
Try watching the movie Hacksaw Ridge and not muttering 'Merica under your breath... bet you can't. Back to back world war champs! 💪🇱🇷
Deadpool. Fences. Hacksaw Ridge. Kubo and the Two Strings. Patriots Day. The Accountant. And my daughter's favorite ... Trolls
Finally getting around to watching Hacksaw Ridge. Loving those scenes with Hugo, weaving in the background.
Would definitely recommend Hacksaw Ridge if you get the chance to watch it. Slow start but otherwise excellent. Hugo Weaving was great in it
Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn speak about new film: Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn speak about veterans and Hacksaw Ridge at DAV'... via
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Mel Gibson's Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge marks his return to the director's chair for the first time in 10 years.
One of the best war movies ever made. Mel Gibson has done it again in Hacksaw Ridge.
"Mel Gibson passed in 2002 and in 2010" - Bill Mechanic on the lengthy development for "Hacksaw Ridge" at the Producer…
Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield can be proud of the movie Hacksaw Ridge - what a masterpiece.
'Hacksaw Ridge' is the first film directed by Mel Gibson since 'Apocalypto' a decade ago in 2006.
Hacksaw Ridge review: 'A cracking story and impressively executed'
From All Quiet on the Western Front to Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge:the 25 best war films ever made via
BRAND NEW BOYLECAST *IN FULL* with (Oh) Danny Boyle, T2 Trainspotting, Hacksaw Ridge, Denial, Christine and more - http…
Hacksaw Ridge was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Here's an analysis of the film:…
Hidden Figures = You'll never guess where the numbers were hidden. *** or High Water = Mess with Texas. Hacksaw Ridge = Ser…
Judging by the nominations Hacksaw Ridge has at the Oscars, it seems Mel Gibson has been "forgiven". Not sure how I feel about…
I didn't see the movie, but Mel Gibson getting two Oscar noms for "Hacksaw Ridge" is pretty surprising
I've been informed that Hacksaw Ridge is better than Saving Private Ryan. BIG CLAIM!
In fairness, he did a great job directing Hacksaw Ridge. I had hoped that Tom Ford would get the random "David Lynch" nom.
Absolutely, I would choose Tom Ford or Pablo Larrain or Martin Scorsese! Not a huge Hacksaw Ridge fan.   10% Off
Hacksaw Ridge is such an amazing movie, I love it.
Watched collateral beauty now hacksaw ridge.. not complaining about the movies but WHY CANT I FALL ASLEEP
Just watched Hacksaw Ridge. That and La La Land are definitely two of my favourite films of 2016🎬
One of the funniest scenes of Hacksaw Ridge.
I agree. Hacksaw Ridge is an inspiring movie about an inspiring hero. A masterpiece.
The film is winning awards for, Hacksaw Ridge, is out this week. Read Review here
you seen that new trailer for Hacksaw Ridge? Looks mint
I thought Hacksaw Ridge was pretty terrific
Albeit rather patriotic for my taste, Hacksaw Ridge tells an incredible true story with admirable conviction. Great year for Ga…
Hacksaw Ridge is absolutely an amazing film
Wow Hacksaw Ridge really is that good.
and Mel Gibson directed Hacksaw Ridge so lol
He vowed to not touch guns after his dad almost shot his uncle, a scene they kept in the movie.
Hacksaw Ridge review: "Gibson returns to film's frontline with a ferociously felt anti-war movie"…
Just watched Moonlight, great movie but I must say it is a little over hyped. Silence and Hacksaw Ridge are more engaging.
Little Giant Ladders
I get the feeling that ive seen hacksaw ridge years before it came out. And the dark knight too. Whats that feeling called
no, quote that stood out to me when i saw Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge was one of the best movie I've ever seen
I want to watch "The Arrival" and "Hacksaw Ridge". I can't be bothered to drive to a cinema to see them.
Lone survivor and now, Hacksaw Ridge are in my favorite movies category 🙌🏽
Hacksaw Ridge is one the best movies I've ever seen
It's the only one I'm paying for. I'll watch Hacksaw Ridge and La La Land and the rest when they come onto Mnet nex…
The action sequences in Hacksaw Ridge are some of the most intense war sequences ever put on film. First half is slightly weaker vs 2nd half
I could watch Hacksaw Ridge over and over i swear it is such a good movie
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More critical acclaim for Andrew Garfield's incredible performance in HACKSAW RIDGE - this time from the London Critics' Cir…
I strongly recommend everyone to watch "Hacksaw Ridge" . I'm typically not into war movies but this one is just WOW 🙌🏽
Just watched hacksaw ridge what a brave man he was and followed his beleif
The 8th or 9th spot will either go to: Nocturnal Animals, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge or Loving. Let's see!!
If you haven't seen Hacksaw Ridge please see it. Incredible
After rewatching "Hacksaw Ridge" and "Fences" this weekend, I'm sad to say they don't hold up as well as the first time. Possible snubs?
Hacksaw Ridge will forever be one of my favorite movies. Such a good movie
Hacksaw Ridge is one of the best films I have seen. 3 thumbs up
Hacksaw Ridge finally is in good quality on putlocker 👍🏻🙌🏻
Really? That's a bummer. I can't really get into Andrew Garfield. I might check out Hacksaw Ridge?
Hacksaw ridge is one of the best movies I've ever seen 100%
Vince Vaughn on hacksaw ridge funny af to
Hacksaw Ridge!!! My new favorite movie!!! I have to be better at standing up for God...
watched Hacksaw Ridge today and will say that's in my top 3 maybe even top 2 in war movies
Thinking about how Hollywood will have to get off it's high horse on Tuesday if Hacksaw Ridge and Casey Affleck are nomina…
Okay, Teresa Palmer is actually good in Hacksaw Ridge.
Andrew no screening de Hacksaw Ridge em Londres
Just saw Hacksaw Ridge and I'm sorry to report that it's not about Jim Duggan's housing development
Here to accept the award for Hacksaw Ridge is executive producer and star "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.
Andrew Garfield as Desmond T. Doss in Hacksaw Ridge - I don't know how I'm going to live with myself if I don't stay true to what I believe.
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Hacksaw Ridge is gonna be this year's Mad Max which means I will not watch it and it will probably win a crap load of awards
Andrew Garfield as Private Doss in Hacksaw Ridge and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool
Hacksaw Ridge is a great film! Andrew Garfield deserves to win best actor! WOAH so intense, dark, heroic & emotional! Mel Gibson is amazing!
1/2 Movies are my thing. So Let's do a top ten movies of 2016 list then shall we?. 10. Green Room. 9. Hacksaw Ridge. 8. Fences. 7.The Witch
Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge looks like Andrew Garfield playing Jean Ralphio in the Jean Ralphio biopic.
Don't bother going to see Rogue One. I slept through most of it. Pierre's words, " that was a horrible movie." I recommend Hacksaw Ridge.
Wife is sick. I might go watch a Hacksaw Ridge or Rogue One tonight for something to do. Was supposed to go out for dinner on the company.
"good guy guns distant, good guy guns close-up, bad guy guns distant..." Getting PTSD sound Hacksaw Ridge
Desmond Doss what a leader. Hacksaw Ridge is a movie I recommend. What a true hero. God Bless. ~Kelly
I would love to believe in something so deeply and passionately as Doss in Hacksaw Ridge
no streaming Dr Strange or Hacksaw Ridge...thats asking for a virus lbvs
If you haven't seen Hacksaw Ridge yet, do yourself a favor and go see it
has won so many awards lately and I can see why! It's brilliant, have you seen it? Check out my
That one time Sky was trying to say "Hacksaw Ridge" on Rabbit but said "Hacksajwdhdj Ridgrdgfjl" (but Maddie didn't…
Hacksaw Ridge was a solid movie man
Hacksaw ridge was by far the best movie I have ever seen.
Glorious 2 weeks ahead. Top-rated movies (new & old) & final performances of great shows. Tomorrow "Hacksaw Ridge" &. "Color Purple" (again).
HACKSAW RIDGE, Director Mel Gibson & Star Andrew Garfield have all been nominated for a Golden Globe award. See it…
Andrew Garfield dedicates his 'Hacksaw Ridge' nomination to Desmond Doss, the real-life veteran behind his character
My life has literally changed from watching Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge is a really good movie! Must watch! 🙌🏻
nominations are in: Hacksaw Ridge, La la land and The Crown will win everything. Isabelle Huppert will win best actress also.
I've NEVER seen a movie as good as Hacksaw Ridge, if you haven't seen it, you NEED to.
Many liberal professionals have little respect for the white working class’s love of country.
Hacksaw Ridge was such a good movie !!
Hacksaw Ridge in Lemmon this weekend...Just saying
Hacksaw ridge is a must see movie. Crazy good
Mel Gibson really deserves it with Hacksaw Ridge, but still... it is a tight competition
Hacksaw ridge is a *** good movie. I recommend that to anyone
I highly recommend that everyone go see hacksaw ridge 📽
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I do wish Arrival was in the mix for best picture... one of my faves for the year. I really wasn't as into Hacksaw Ridge…
To watch Rogue One or Hacksaw Ridge in my bed?
Mel Gibson’s comeback tour continues with three Golden Globe nominations for "Hacksaw Ridge"
Hacksaw Ridge, the story of non-combatant Desmond T. Doss, nominated for three Golden Globe Awards.
I don't want to see Hacksaw Ridge, but Laura Dern proudly announcing Andrew Garfield's nomination is so precious. Do you think they text?
I'm going to see Hacksaw ridge at 10:45. let's get one more person
Hacksaw Ridge was so pure and chilling. I haven't cried that hard in a theater in so long. What a great movie.
people only came 2 see hacksaw ridge tonight so I'm watching Moana and listening to Gucci mane rn. weird *** experience to say the least
Andrew Garfield wins Best Actor in an Action Film at the Awards!
Q and A with Mel Gibson after the screening of Hacksaw Ridge!
Ep 19! We talk Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer and recast Friends
So, would anyone be down to go see Hacksaw Ridge or the new Assassins Creed movie that's coming out this month?
On Golden Globes: Glad Hacksaw Ridge did well (SEE IT) annoyed Hanks/Sully got snubbed (IT'S GREAT). Don't get love for Moonlight/La La Land
if anyone hasnt seen hacksaw ridge yet lmk because I'm 100% down to go for the 4th time
I just found out the woman who played Desmond Doss' wife in Hacksaw Ridge gave birth to her son TODAY ON MY BIRTHDAY!
'Hacksaw Ridge,' about Lynchburg's Desmond Doss, has 3 Golden Globe noms via
Gibson gets Golden Globe nom for 'Hacksaw Ridge,' about Lynchburg's Desmond Doss
I watched the documentary "Desmond Doss: The Conscientious Objector" instead of giving Mel Gibson a penny for Hacksaw Ridge.
I hated Hacksaw Ridge. It was basically the same war movie we've been seeing for all of humanity. Desmond Doss, a bamf.
I liked a video Desmond T. Doss on This is Your Life - Subject of Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge
Shoutout to Desmond Doss, he's the real mvp. Two thumbs for Hacksaw Ridge 👍👍
Hacksaw Ridge, another must see. Hope to one day amount to half the man Desmond Doss was.
Hacksaw Ridge was an absolutely amazing movie! Desmond Doss was such a courageous man with faith.
Mel Gibson of 'Hacksaw Ridge': "I like telling stories where no one says anything"
Your 2017 film predictions: Look for Hacksaw Ridge and Patriots Day to "surprise"…
I saw Hacksaw Ridge. The true story of Desmond Doss who was a conscientious objector. He would not carry a gun but would serve
Hacksaw Ridge - great movie. even with the trappings and inherent religiosity. Just *** fine cinema, I think. Gibson's be…
at SilverCity Richmond hill in theatre trying to watch Hacksaw Ridge but it's really cold in here!..can't enjoy the movie
Forget Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield has great power in 'Hacksaw Ridge'
The big takeaway from Hacksaw Ridge is Rachel Griffiths looks incredible
Hacksaw Ridge opening Blue Ridge mountain scenes stirred my soul. as a pacifist. The story rocked my soul to its core, Must see film!
Girl's afternoon out with Tiffany McLean . — watching Hacksaw Ridge at Base Theatre
I saw Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, and Dave Chappelle and Tribe on SNL tonight. 2016 has been beautiful
Here are all the insider Hacksaw Ridge movie quotes and trivia to give you a sneak peek at this movie. 9...
About a month ago I was invited to a special screening of the amazing film Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson. T… https:…
I added a video to a playlist Mel Gibson on Faith and Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge has a very heavy-handed first half and an incredible second half. If it wasn't directed by Mel Gibson, it would win Oscars.
The scenes of war—lengthy, horrifically bloody, and bullet-riddled—are the essence of Mel Gibson's “Hacksaw Ridge.”
Watch out for Andrew Garfield this year. He was phenomenal in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge and his next film is with Sco…
Hacksaw Ridge baby! Big bad Mel is back with his best film since Braveheart.
Here's my review of Hacksaw Ridge, a triumphant directorial return for Mel Gibson -
Hacksaw Ridge recalls the start of Saving Private Ryan. You are there! The brutality of war matched by the heroism of 1 man.
Film Fanatics: 'Hacksaw Ridge' and 'Doctor Strange' touch on spiritual side - St George News
Hacksaw Ridge is a red state movie about a WWII hero who won't touch a gun
Hacksaw Ridge is a must see. Andrew Garfield deserves an Oscar.
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Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield talk about 'Hacksaw Ridge' and explain how conviction (cont)
When headlines are fun: Beauty and the beard: Andrew Garfield, Mel Gibson talk 'Hacksaw Ridge' via
Don't know what's worse: The Thunder losing to the Warriors last night or Andrew Garfield's fake southern accent in Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge has literally wrecked me. It was really exceeded all my expectations. Andrew Garfield was amazing. Mel Gibson is a genius 😭😭😭
'Hacksaw Ridge' Might Garner Oscar Nod for Andrew Garfield: Why you should see…
"Hacksaw Ridge" is the ideal film for director Mel Gibson to make a comeback with. More in my review of the new film
Hacksaw Ridge is director Mel Gibson's redemption movie: review - Toronto Star -
"Hacksaw Ridge" is a movie about an extreme pascifist being thrown into extreme violence, and still hates Mel Gibson.
In cinemas now, Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge is a powerful true story about one of WWII's bloodiest battles.…
Found out Mel Gibson directed Hacksaw Ridge. Torn between wanting to see a good movie and hating anti-Semitism.
I need to see "Hacksaw Ridge", Mel Gibson hadn't let me down yet.
About "Hacksaw Ridge", nobody's going to like this Mel Gibson directed movie..longish, hard to watch left me...
Based on a true story, Andrew Garfield stars in Hacksaw Ridge in theatres tomorrow. Check out the clips below!…
Mel Gibson’s war-movie "Hacksaw Ridge" is likely miracle that rehabilitates his Hollywood career h…
Mel Gibson's war movie 'Hacksaw Ridge' may be his miracle - New York Daily News
Opening November 4, Hacksaw Ridge, an extraordinary film brilliantly directed by Mel Gibson based on the true story… https:…
Andrew Garfield's 'Hacksaw Ridge' rat story will gross you out: War is *** Working with rats is a majo...
'Hacksaw Ridge,' a Gory War Movie for Both Hawks and Doves - New York Times
Jason Behr and his wife attended the . Screening Of Summit Entertainment's "Hacksaw Ridge (October 24,…
Subject of movie Hacksaw Ridge being released Nov 4th. Winner of Medal of Honor, 2 Bronze Stars, 3 Purple Hearts, C…
Hacksaw Ridge (MA15+) based on a true story of Desmond T. Doss- who saved the lives of 75 men in the Battle of...
Mel Gibson was in Sydney on Sunday for the Australian premiere of Hacksaw Ridge, a movie about Desmond Doss - a...
Watching preview of Hacksaw Ridge about Medal of Honor recipient, Desmond Doss tonight.
Hacksaw Ridge vs the True Story of Desmond Doss, Medal of Honor via
FOUND! The national Medal of Honor awarded to Desmond T. Doss. His story coming soon in Hacksaw Ridge movie.
Desmond Doss - Medal of Honor - Mel Gibson, "Hacksaw Ridge" - Doss tells his real story in this 2004 documentary.
This Is Your Life from 1950s -Desmond Doss - Medal of Honor winner and subject of Hacksaw Ridge movie - meet the man
We explore the true story behind 'Hacksaw Ridge'. Meet the real Desmond Doss.
My man makes me BEAM with pride. Mel Gibson's 'Hacksaw Ridge' is a stunning, moving,…
In pictures: Mel Gibson steps out for 'Hacksaw Ridge' premiere in Sydney
Mel Gibson on red carpet for Australian premiere of Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge | Andrew Garfield is an american war hero who refused to fight -
Model Erin Holland struts her stuff in a skin-baring lace jumpsuit at the red carpet premiere of Hacksaw Ridge
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists® : 10-13-16 Interview about Desmond Doss and "Hacksaw Ridge"
Hacksaw Ridge Premiere: Mel Gibson says the talent in Australia is as good, if not better than the rest of the world https…
OK I cannot wait to watch Hacksaw Ridge!!! 😭😭😭
Hacksaw Ridge is gonna be really good
Hugo Weaving arrives ahead of the Australian premiere of Hacksaw Ridge at State Theatre on October...
Australian actress Rachel Griffiths walks the red carpet in a sparkly wet-look gown for Hacksaw ...
Hacksaw Ridge will remind us that war is brutal and violent, but there are heroes. Incredible film I've seen
L'Uomo Vogue | cover story | Andrew Garfield in Venice with Hacksaw Ridge (INTERVIEW)
Mel Gibson and Teresa Palmer attend Hacksaw Ridge premier in Sydney via
Reviews - Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge is 'strong', 'compelling' -
but I'm also really excited for hacksaw ridge
Mel Gibson shares excitement for his ninth child at Hacksaw Ridge premiere
Mel Gibson's beard and Teresa Palmer attend Hacksaw Ridge red carpet premier in - :
Mel Gibson - Mel Gibson's girlfriend Rosalind Ross joins him at Australian premiere of Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge is premiering soon. Christians will have an opportunity like never before. Are you ready? Read:
The media campaign for Hacksaw Ridge touts it's "from the director of Braveheart." They're hoping we all forgot that was Mel Gibson.
Hacksaw Ridge - Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield and crew at Venice 2016
Nic great piece on Hacksaw Ridge. Pretty sure the medal you mentioned in the article is the Medal of Honor. Not Congressional
Here's my review of Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson's barnstorming first film in ten years:
People are saying Hacksaw Ridge is Mel Gibson's redemption film. So, will Nate Parker have a "redemption film" soon too?
Never knew this about this man. Movie looks to be compelling and inspirational about a pacifist hero of WWII.
Unique moment Mel Gibson and glamorous Hacksaw Ridge cast pose for photographers on Venice red carpet.
Mel Gibson arrives in Venice for his directorial comeback, Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson jokes and chats with photographers,. cameramen on Hacksaw Ridge red carpet at Venice Film Festival
Love this new still of Andrew Garfield & Teresa Palmer from Hacksaw Ridge!
This looks really good: Hacksaw Ridge (2016) -
Trailer: Ex-Andrew Garfield stars in Mel Gibson's new WWII drama
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hacksaw Ridge looks like an excellent movie!
I liked a video from HACKSAW RIDGE Official TRAILER (Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield -
Andrew Garfield goes to war in Hacksaw Ridge trailer
Andrew Garfield is a hero in the trailer for Mel Gibson's World War II movie 'Hacksaw Ridge'
It is about time they made a movie about this amazing man.
Does anyone wanna go see hacksaw ridge on November 4th lol it's gonna be bomb a *** movie
Hacksaw Ridge looks amazing. Mel Gibson directing a war movie is always a good sign, and even better with Andrew Garfield starring.
I added a video to a playlist Ursine Vulpine - Valor (Hacksaw Ridge -Trailer Music)
I'm looking forward to this film about the life of Desmond Doss. Hacksaw Ridge
You see movies like Birth of a Nation or Hacksaw Ridge or whatever making money the answer to this riddle might come out
Enjoy the First Official Trailer for Mel Gibson’s new movie: Hacksaw Ridge -
See the trailer for Mel Gibson's WWII drama
When you get the time check out the trailer for Andrew Garfield's new movie called Hacksaw Ridge
Ughhh im so overwhelmed to see my other half Andrew Garfield on his new movie Hacksaw Ridge 😭❤️❤️ I so love his character there
Has anybody watched the Hacksaw Ridge trailer/read about Desmond Doss? If so, what do you think about it as a Chri…
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OH MY GOD. Guys I just saw the trailer for Hacksaw Ridge, guess who was in it...
Andrew Garfield retired from being spiderman and going to war in Hacksaw Ridge trailer.
The first trailer for Mel Gibson's directorial comeback (w/ Andrew Garfield) is here
First trailer for WW II film 'Hacksaw Ridge' - with Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington.
Mel Gibson is back in the director chair with Hacksaw Ridge
Andrew Garfield goes to war in the first ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ trailer:
I liked a video from Hacksaw Ridge Trailer - Andrew Garfield
Icon Film Distribution is proud to be releasing HACKSAW RIDGE in Australian & NZ cinemas on November 3-
Andrew Garfield might be Mel Gibson's way back to the Oscars. Watch trailer:
Brief glimpse of Hugo Weaving in Hacksaw Ridge (with Andrew Garfield), from the film's trailer
New trailer for WWII epic "Hacksaw Ridge" tells the story of a heroic Army medic
I liked a video from Hacksaw Ridge | Official Trailer -Reaction
That movie hacksaw Ridge looks good! Bout a u.s army medic who refused to use a weapon against the *** And was sent without a weapon.
I liked a video from Hacksaw Ridge Trailer Reaction & Review
Mel Gibson's sensitivity in directing is excellent. The trailer for Hacksaw Ridge is the proof. I'M IN! --.>
Andrew Garfield becomes a hero in this first look at his movie
Just watched the trailer for hacksaw ridge. Looks incredible. Andrew is gonna nail it. Can't wait!
Andrew Garfield and Mel Gibson bring a WWII hero to the big screen in trailer
Hacksaw Ridge Trailer: Andrew Garfield Doesn’t Believe in Violence: Hacksaw Ridge sees the release of a featu...
Coming Distractions: Andrew Garfield goes to war without a gun in trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge: The...
SECURITY NEWS FEED: Watch the powerful trailer to Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge: Hacksaw Ridge tells the true st...
The new trailer for Hacksaw Ridge gave me chills. I've always loved Mel Gibson as a director.
Andrew Garfield Is a War Hero in the Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge: The question posed by an army captain in the first momen...
Andrew Garfield heads off to war without a weapon in Mel Gibson's 'Hacksaw Ridge' trailer:
The first trailer for Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge is finally here
.has set a November release for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge https:…
Will Andrew Garfield win an Oscar for Mel Gibson's 'Hacksaw Ridge'? His co-star thinks so: https:…
Teresa on working with Garfy and Mel on Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson in Richmond filming scenes for Hacksaw Ridge
My old stomping ground has turned back the clock for Mel Gibson's latest movie "Hacksaw Ridge" in Richmond NSW.
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Andrew Garfield . on the set of Hacksaw Ridge (Nov.24,2015)
Hugo Weaving joins 'Hacksaw Ridge': The Australian actor has joined his compatriot Mel Gibson on t... ScreenDaily
Hugo Weaving Added to Mel Gibson's 'Hacksaw Ridge': . The Australian actor is cast as Andrew Garfield's father ...
Mel Gibson lands for his WWII drama "Hacksaw Ridge".
Lionsgate buys the rights to Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge about MoH recipient Desmond Doss.
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