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Gwyn Jones

Gwyn Jones (24 May 1907 – 6 December 1999) was a Welsh novelist and story writer, and a scholar and translator of Nordic literature and history.

Warren Gatland

you read my mind...I am counting the days. I feel like I am the real life Bridget Jones
all I need in life is for the Bridget Jones to come out & I'm complete 😂👌ps expecting White House romcom sleepovers! 👯👯
Here it is now LIVE. Another great competition brought to you by Courtesy of Gwyn Jones @
I do have an 1989 copy of Gwyn Jones & Thomas Jones 1949 translation of the Mabinogian but I guess that's not what you need
Gwyn Jones: Scarlets flanker James Davies ‘should go to...
Gwyn Jones has certainly not minced his words today about Warren Gatland.
[BBC]Gwyn Jones hopes Wales head coach Warren Gatland will “see the bigger pict…
"Take your client to visit a Passivhaus - much better than trying to explain technicalities" - Gwyn Jones (Norwich) & Axel Bretzke agreed
Congratulations to Wales lock Alun Wyn Jones on being shortlisted for World Player of the Year.
If only his balls were made of crystal, then Enna might know what the future held in store.
There is a new review on John David Jones - A Biography - Thanks Gwyn J.. via
Gwyn Jones' Rugby World Cup 2015 team of the tournament
Gwyn Jones' team of the tournament: Which one Welshman makes the cut?
FB: Gwyn Jones likes your link.: Gwyn Jones likes your link.
blog's insights on past-present-future of narrative has prompted me 2 look afresh at 1980/90s CR lit (Mattingly, Jones etc) TY
""It creeps up on me like a cold wave that rushes in unexpectedly and licks the soles of my feet."
Little Giant Ladders
Floyd Central's Gwyn Jones up for CJ Athlete of the Week Award presented by Norton Sports Health.
'Without a worker there can be no hero, without an economy no kingdom'. Gwyn Jones, A History of the Vikings (Rev edn., 1984), p. 50
Gwyn jones parents are the cutest things ever
"I catch his eyes: dark, warm pools of melted, lustrous Bourneville chocolate that twinkle at me."
"Sheer, uninhibited fun" 4.7★ of 226 reviews - Grab CASSIDY JONES for just https:/…
Gwyn Jones buys Client Earth: Jones acquired world rights to Client Earth from Patrick Walsh of Conville & Wal...
Why Stuart Lancaster's changes are logical, defensive-minded and suit them more - Gwyn Jones
"The Blues and the Welsh Rugby Union were trying hard to get Jamie Roberts back" - Gwyn Jones
Gwyn Jones insists Welsh glory now 'impossible' as Toulon and Clermont prepare for battle.
Williams and Gwyn Jones wants Tipuric in.Only other position is James over Gethin
Gwyn Jones: Don't expect Wales v England to be pretty
It won't be pretty and expect lots of kicking, but Wales WILL edge it! | Gwyn Jones
At the Senedd - A Talk on 'Homecoming: Frank Lloyd Wright and Wales' by Gwyn Jones sponsored by David Melding and 'Gorwel'
Three new Board Members for AHDB appointed by Government. Gwyn Jones, Gary Taylor MBE and Prof Ian Crute CBE
The Editor, West Sussex County Times Springfield House Springfield Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 2RG   Sent by e-mail followed by hard copy sent via Royal Mail on 11th August 2014.   August 11th, 2014   Sir, - Gwyn Jones bemoans the presumed increase in the badger population and its equally presumed effects without giving any evidence one way or the other (Finally, the truth about badger over population, West Sussex County Times, August 2nd) [1]. He follows with more unsubstantiated assertions about the badger's effect on other wildlife. He should ask himself how the ground nesting birds, other rare and (now) declining species, hedgehogs and bumblebees he mentions all managed to evolve over hundreds of thousands, even millions of years alongside  the badger - until the last few decades. This was when, by a mighty coincidence of course, intensive farming became the norm and panic about bovine TB set in.   Mr Jones is absolutely wrong in saying that "no country has had success with reducing bTB without ...
Bloody Huw Llewelyn Davies and Gwyn Jones wonder how many times they are going to mention the Scarlets!!
Volunteer Tutor /Trainer of the Year Award 2012, Gwyn Jones talks about how his work with the 3G's community choir has helped to revitalise the community in ...
A memorial book which honours more than 700 former Rochdale Grammar School pupils who served in the two world wars has been returned to its original owners. The Book of Remembrance, containing the names of all former pupils who went to war, was presented to Balderstone Technology College by the Old Rochdalians Association almost 65 years ago. It was displayed in a glass cabinet outside the school hall for many years, but eventually went into storage, where it remained until last week. Now, as Balderstone closes for the final time ahead of its amalgamation with Springhill High School, the book has been transferred back to the association's successor - Littleborough Sports Club, who are putting it on display. A poignant ceremony was held in school to mark the occasion. Gwyn Jones, president of Littleborough Sports Club, and himself a former senior teacher at Balderstone, said: "It was a tremendous testimony to the service and sacrifice of the old boys of the school, many of whom returned to assist in rebuil ...
Watching Scrum V again-Gwyn Jones really did say those things-yet he usually talks such sense. Was he put up to it? Steph…
This weekend's Heineken cup rugby proved to me greatness of the following: Warren Gatland, Gwyn Jones, Exeter Chiefs, Sean OBrien, Toulon
The negroid Dark-Skinned Lapps Extending across the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of the old Soviet Union is a region known as LAPLAND -- most of which lies within the Arctic Circle. The people inhabiting this area are known as LAPPS, a third of whom are NOMADIC, living during the winter in the interior and during the summer on the coast. Other Lapps live permanently in scattered settlements on the coast and the numerous fjords, while many are established in villages at the heads of valleys or on well-stocked lakes. The majority of the Lapps live in NORWAY, where they are called FINNS. According to Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia (Volume 15) "the principal occupation of the Lapps is HERDING REINDEER, from which both food and clothing are derived; other occupations are hunting and fishing" (page 55). The lifestyle of the LAPPS in the sixth century A.D. is mentioned by Procopius, a Byzantine historian who lived circa. 500-565. His observations are discussed by Gwyn Jones ...
I loved Jonah Lomu Rugby simply because Gwyn Jones was Ginger in it! Oh how we laughed...still do!
Double bass player Gwyn Jones has joined The Storyville Mob, you can't whack a bit of slap!
Gwyn Jones was asked directly about Warbs v Tipuric and changed the subject to talk about the backs! He's quick to slag off the other regions but not so his beloved Blues! That is entirely what is wrong with Wales - Cardiff!
Lyn Davies on English Commentatry And Welsh Commentary by Wynn Gryffd and Gwyn Jones for Scarlets v Leicester Tigers S4C
Dairy UK director-general Jim Begg shrugs off calls to resign from former NFU vice-president Gwyn Jones
Good morning friends. After two days of relief the HEAT is back on in Colorado Springs. Off to the Ordination Service this afternoon. Congrats to our friend Gwyn Jones who will ordained an Elder of the Church today! Hopefully there will be no more horse urine to deal with. Blessings!
Gareth Roberts and Gwyn Jones discuss the Second Test and look ahead to the Third
Gwyn Jones says the last few years are "wasted years" for Gavin Henson. discusses his future with Robert Jones&Brian Moore before 9am.
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