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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Renée Stefani (born October 3, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and fashion designer.

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are so cute ☺️
Gwen Stefani can't stop giggling when Ellen asks her about Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani demos like never leak... like we ever gonna get 'start a war' 'hard 2 love' ...the sweet escape version of 'sparkle'
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani ~ i have her to thank for teaching me how to spell Bananas
season 12 kicks off with Gwen Stefani
paging Gwen Stefani. Your style is so mid 90s. It is 2017 for f**ksake
Fab or flop: Gwen Stefani's fishnets, Rihanna's funky heels and more
Why would this guy pick Gwen stefani ?!!! He should have gone wit Adam!
Talking shop with the talented Eva Gardner (Cher, Gwen Stefani, Pink) in the Fender room.
Gwen Stefani at her sons soccer game in Los Angeles
Gavin Rossdale says he never wanted a divorce from Gwen Stefani
Gavin Rossdale didn't want to separate from Gwen Stefani -
Gavin Rossdale gets candid about ex-wife Gwen Stefani, says he still thinks she's "incredible."
Gavin Rossdale says he didn't want to divorce Gwen Stefani.
Gavin Rossdale reveals his divorce with Gwen Stefani was the 'complete opposite' of what he wanted
Gavin Rossdale opens up about his divorce from Gwen Stefani, “[Divorce] was completely opposite…
Gavin Rossdale didn't want to divorce Gwen Stefani via
Gavin Rossdale opens up about split from Gwen Stefani
Gavin Rossdale talks Gwen Stefani divorce, calls it 'completely opposite to what I wanted' Cheating ***
Gavin Rossdale said he never wanted to divorce Gwen Stefani - Gavin Rossdale allegedly cheated on wife Gwen Ste...
VIDEO: Brings On Stage in Mexico: Gwen Stefani joined boyfriend Blake Shelton on stage…
Gwen Stefani crushed it at Luke Bryan's Crash My Playa event via
"To Blake Shelton for kissing me back to life". "to the hottest date here tonight Gwen Stefani". Find me a more supportive co…
Almost an hour of video!!! - Gwen Stefani and Luke, Blake, and LBT's Crash My Playa Performance!
Blake Shelton brought out Gwen Stefani for a surprise performance in Mexico. VIDEO:
lmao your drunk alter ego is clearly Gwen Stefani.
Gavin Rossdale talks about 'incredible' Gwen Stefani via
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are not only a cute star couple–they are a package deal!. The ska and pop star was...
Feeling a little Gwen Stefani today. "Just a girl...but I've had it up to here."
here's that nazi getting punched in the face to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl"
People's Choice Awards 2017 worst dressed - from Kristen Bell to Gwen Stefani and Jodie Sweetin -…
Justin Timberlake hit the right note as he caught up with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at the People's Choice Awa…
"What you waiting for?" By Gwen Stefani is one of my fav songs. Just amazing
I finally understand Holla Back girl by Gwen Stefani, she doesn't holla back at the boys that holla at her. *** what a legend
I just accidentally submitted a resumé titled "Issa resumé"
Gwen Stefani has had only two boyfriends, one of her No Doubt bandmates and her husband
Gwen Stefani talks fashion, beauty and her new role as a global ambassador for Revlon
Definitely Gwen Stefani! I've been to many concerts and is, hands down, the best!
Don't live like a Hollaback Girl. You can buy home for just $35M…
If Gwen Stefani got on the elevator with me
No Doubt right before Gwen Stefani went solo.
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : What You Waiting For by Gwen Stefani
& all comes from the same place of creativity - Gwen Stefani • BLAZE A NEW PATH •
yes. All day, yes. We need Gwen Stefani up in here right now, that's how bananas it all is.
Gwen Stefani, . Will you peepee on me?.
"I'm lucky to not have a real job, to be able to express myself, be creative and be relevant." Gwen Stefani
domain names
Gwen Stefani is also another example, ageist *** radios rarely play her on there stations since she's almost 50
Gwen Stefani, Rashida Jones, and more incredible celebs gave advice to their 10-year-old selves, and we’re loving it
hi dj Tom! may i req for 4 in the morning by Gwen Stefani? thank you! :3
Gwen Stefani is selling the Beverly Hills mansion she bought with Gavin Rossdale -- see the $35 million pad!
Revlon welcomes Gwen Stefani as global brand ambassador via
Tbh the same 3 No Doubt songs get old really quick. And this is coming from someone who wanted to be Gwen Stefani in high school.
i have an emotional connection to almost every song in Gwen Stefani's album This is what the truth feels like
Gwen Stefani's $100 Million tips on fueling your success
And what it was like to dress Kurt Cobain, Gwen Stefani, and all of Sofia Coppola's muses:
Gwen Stefani Is Selling the Beverly Hills Mansion She Bought with Gavin Rossdale -- See the - Entertainment Tonight
as Gwen stefani says this s**t is bananas and mean that in a good way! Woo hoo spelt it right! LOVE LOVE LOVE
What's going on OC? Revlon® Welcomes Gwen Stefani as Global Brand Ambassador -… Local >
Thank you love me some gwen Stefani
As a famous person you think how you're gonna end it, get away and have...
2017 dream: created created a female centered tv series w Gwen Stefani as lead.I need to see her more on my tele. She's so RAD
Update your maps at Navteq
Biggest regret of 2016? Not buying the Gwen stefani UD palette when it was on sale 🙄
25. The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani // Do you guys know how much I love Gwen? This video is also still very chic
Gwen Stefani just landed a major beauty gig:
not about race, yet posts Gwen Stefani pics on a "black don't crack" thread...right.
Gwen Stefani in the house. (@ Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV, US, NV)
Also Gwen Stefani was everything to me as a kid
I'm in a face mask listening to Luxurious by Gwen Stefani and I finished all my homework. Nobody talk to me.
like have y'all heard luxurious by Gwen Stefani chopped and screwed,,, truly amazing
I have had Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani in my head for 2 days
Hollaback Girl by Gwen stefani still slaps...
Gwen Stefani is the new face of Revlon
I added a video to a playlist Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You (Audio)
Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt Years is all I ever aspire to be
Boy George takes a swipe at Gavin Rossdale over The Voice with Gwen Stefani and Marilyn dig
How to make braces look cool, according to Gwen Stefani:
The Voice's Mark Burnett Hopes to Score an Invite to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Wedding via
Selena Gomez, Elton John, Demi Lovato and Gwen Stefani also pitched in. read more more Source:: Hollywood...
How Gwen Stefani Creates Her Multi-Million Dollar Brand… This is a couple yrs old, but good..
On now: Go Ahead and Break My Heart (feat. Gwen Stefani) by Blake Shelton, from If I'm Honest
Chaka Khan, Gwen Stefani, Carmen Electra and more recall their time with the late, legendary Prince.
Gwen Stefani taught me how to spell "bananas" with Hollaback Girl. I need her to release a song where the chorus is "ne…
Gwen Stefani is my true inspiration
instead of doing homework calvin and I decided to memorize all the lyrics to "The Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani... senioritis at its finest
Let's face it, Gwen Stefani taught us all how to spell Bananas
Me when I see Gwen Stefani Ig post from May 13 2016
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton stopped by Country General Store today to shop for some holiday gifts!.
Just in time for the holidays, merchandise is now available on
me, listening to anything gwen stefani has made ever: she did THAT
Masseuse who lists Kanye West, Oasis and Gwen Stefani as clients...
So I just started watching for the first time about a month ago and I just ran into Blake Shelton and Gwen St…
Demi Lovato lands at on the list of female artists that can do the highest notes, right before Christina Aguilera, J…
Every time I see Green Day I think ~ 2102 iheartradio fest. where Billy Joe Armstrong announced his fantasy w Gwen Stefani to the world. 😏
Glamour honors Miuccia Prada, Gwen Stefani, Black Lives Matter founders, Bono at Women of the Year event - Los Ang…
Gwen Stefani gets emotional while thanking Blake Shelton for kissing her "back to life."
.honored a man at last night's Women of the Year Awards.
“Write a song! You need to talk about yourself, you need to let it out!", a simple and true message from my love G…
I just got really salty bc Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Am the only one that gets Gwen Stefani and Fergie mixed up all the time?
cool - Gwen Stefani , this song always makes me cry lol
Gwen Stefani Thanks Blake Shelton for "Kissing Me Back to Life" at "Glamour"'s Wom... Read Blog:
Gwen Stefani is everything at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 😍
Kuku Harajuku by Gwen Stefani is everything Hello Kitty by Advil Lavergne wanted to be
Unfortunately Gwen stefani and Blake Shelton are not a cute couple
The Original of the one Gwen Stefani made. . Louchie Lou & Michie One - Rich Girl
I can't believe Gwen Stefani invented bananas
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
November 14: with Cindi Leive & Gwen Stefani at 'Glamour Women Of The Year 2016' at NeueHouse in Los An…
somebody name me a better song than "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve ft. Gwen Stefani. ill wait.
Gwen Stefani Interview Backstage at 2016 Glamour Women of the Year Awards via
Watching this to cope with lingering PCD HD - Gwen Stefani - 2016-10-30 - The Complete Final Show at Irvine Meadows! https:/…
Check out more photos and backstage interviews with from yesterday's awards
Debbie Gibson, Gwen Stefani and Cristina Scabbia have to be the best looking women in their 40s that I have ever seen.
Gwen Stefani, Zendaya and more absolutely stunned at the awards!
Gwen Stefani said Blake Shelton's kiss brought her "back to life":
me listening to Cool by Gwen Stefani on the bus, trying not to dance
Once upon a time, Blake Shelton kissed Gwen Stefani back to life 💖💫
Female rights top of agenda at Glamour Awards - U2's Bono, Amber Heard, Gwen Stefani and Cara Delevingne are am...
I just liked this song "Hair Up" by Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Ron Funches
You never know who you're going to run into around here. Here's Gwen Stefani this AM at North Weddington Park with soccer…
2004: Gwen Stefani releases Hollaback Girl and becomes the first song to ever reach 1M digital downloads.
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton share a tender moment at state dinner 
Here's some MELebrity news for you today . . .
WOW!! Save Ferris was just added as the opening act for Young the Giant and Gwen Stefani...
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had a big night on Tuesday (Oct. 18). Not only were they invited to President Obama's last White House...
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Perform at White House State Dinner [Watch]: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani ha...
Gwen Stefani just sang to me at the White House. And pointed at me. Bro. I'm dead.
Gwen Stefani attends the State Dinner with President Obama and Prime Minister Renzi at the White House
Gwen Stefani sings, Mario Batali cooks at Obama’s state dinner: The Obamas brought Hollywood to the White Hou...
Gwen Stefani is returning to for season 12, and Miley Cyrus is set for season 13:
Urgent attention and SOS blake's hair!! # Amanda Craig or Gwen Stefani 😂
Bob Dylan was one of the worse concerts i have ever attended (Gwen Stefani and Motley Crue were worse) but his music is brilliant.
Madonna created pop. Gwen Stefani reinvented pop. Lady Gaga adapted and made a new style of pop. Pop Trinity
The only thing that's keeping me going is the Gwen Stefani concert this weekend!
DTN Dubai: Gwen Stefani talks album ‘Truth’ and new cartoon show: The former star of ‘The Voice’ is returning...
I added a video to a playlist Taylor Swift / Gwen Stefani Type Beat 2016 "You're Not the One"
Gavin Rossdale is ready to move on after his divorce from Gwen Stefani:
.ex finally speaks about split. Wants to "move on" from nanny scandal.
He did "x" by xibit. He did Grammy award winning song by eve ft Gwen stefani. He did 50's candy shop. Dem plenty o.
Rumor Bust! Gwen Stefani is not pregnant, not marrying Blake Shelton:
I can't sleep because of Gwen Stefani
Gwen stefani took my soul in ways no one understands since 3rd grade I am bye.
At a certain point I'm going to want to have a family. ~Gwen Stefani
Yikes I remember my Gwen stefani and xtina phases Jesus.
✅I have learned to delegate. Gwen Stefani🙌.
Hearing tonight that I look a little like Gwen stefani and Marylyn Monroe made my night😍
Ok, Gwen Stefani's music is actually lit...where have I been?
"My Makeup's all off. Who am I?" -Gwen Stefani in the year 2000 and me every night
With the way banks treat "the little people" it really bums me out to see celebs like Tina Fey, Gwen Stefani, SLJ, doing ads/promo for them.
one of my fav things ever was that fake interview where Niel Patrick Harris said "No Doubt" to Gwen Stefani over and over
Dude. Every time I go to H&M I'm like "I think Gwen Stefani wore that in 1997." And the cashier is like .?
*Gwen Stefani on her deathbed*. "I WAS a Hollaback Girl. I hollabacked all the time... and I LOVED it!". *BEEEeeeEEEeeeP*
See reaction when ask her about wedding plans to
Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani and more are featured on the 'Trolls' soundtrack
Hear Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling!" remix featuring Gwen Stefani, James Corden and more
Gwen Stefani has one of the more underrated voices of our generation
nytimes: She's represented Johnny Depp, Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani. Now she's working for Angelina Jolie…
producer spills on your fave judging couple (aka Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton)
Mark Burnett on Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton: "They are happier than you can imagine."
'The Voice' producer Mark Burnett 'thrilled' for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gavin Rossdale reportedly moving on from Gwen Stefani with Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren – Reality TV Worl...
Green Day, Colbie Caillat and Gwen Stefani while we're in LA? Add to the USS, Six Flags and Paramount Studios. CONFIRM KOCEK KOYAK.
Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Gavin Rossdale sit down and talk things out
Gwen Stefani? i havent heard that name in years...
my last Gwen Stefani concert I found $50 on the pavilion bathroom floor and met Solange Knowles
Hi I have an extra ticket to see Gwen Stefani on Saturday if anyone wants to tag along. It'll be super fun 💁🏽
What a difference a year makes. One day before marking 12 months since Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale filed for divorce, the "Make Me
As one of the judges on The Voice, Gwen Stefani will be showing off her skills at CWMP!! Enter to win tix here!
Enter to Win Tickets to Gwen Stefani at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion! via
I just entered for a chance to win the - Gwen Stefani 'This Is What The Truth Feels Like' Tour Flyaway
Want to see Gwen Stefani LIVE at the Sprint Center in Kansas City!? Text HITS to 59457 to join the Hot 105 Text...
Gwen Stefani concert tickets for Aug 16 at Austin360 Amp in Austin TX
Gwen Stefani talks about sparks she felt with Blake Shelton in Cosmo
SOOO excited to see Gwen Stefani in Toronto with my daughter 💕💕
Well we didn't met Gwen Stefani tonight but we met Spider-man so that's just as cool right?
Gwen Stefani is my idol, she is so beautiful & her style is so bad *** I've always been so obsessed with her she's beyond perfect 😍💗
I hate everyone that has seen Gwen Stefani perform in a concert or on her tour rn, that is my ultimate dream is to see her one day 💗
Update! See more of amazing September cover feature courtesy of
gwen stefani looks soo good on her Cosmo cover 😍😍😍
Gwen stefani needs to make Where would I be as a single bcz honestly bop😎
Gwen Stefani is 46 and legit looks like she's in her 20's
She's No Doubt, the Eve to my Gwen. BEST time at Gwen Stefani's concert tonight! Thanks…
Set times for at Doors 6pm 7:15pm 7:30pm Gwen Stefani 8:30pm http…
Gwen Stefani singing Cool live was a moment I spent my life dreaming about.
Paramore's gave props to Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, and her rock idols 🎶
Thankful to have experienced Gwen Stefani performing Hollaback Girl live in Toronto. My life is now complete.
I might go to at Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, MN - Aug 7
Excited to reveal my cover shot by James White! Get your copy next week 🙌
"WHITE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!" -a white girl about middle aged white women fighting outside the Gwen Stefani venue
20 years later and I still just want to be Gwen Stefani. @ Molson Canadian…
I'm 18 and I still spell "bananas" to the beat of Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani on the one thing she's done with Blake that she never did with Gavin:
"Look at your watch now, you're still a super hot female!" Yes you are Gwen Stefani! 💃🏼
Are you B-A-N-A-N-A-S about Gwen Stefani? Then you should enter here for a chance to win tix to her show!
Gwen Stefani has the vocal chords of an angel! If you love her trust us, you don't want to miss out on this show!
With all that's going on around us I am like *** I haven't gotten used to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani been together yet! Lol
Is Blake Shelton ready to propose to Gwen Stefani?!
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dreaming up wedding plans — exclusive details:
Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani to get engaged soon! | Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani planning to get engaged
At a four star hotel bar next to Gwen Stefani's tour group, and they're trying to get the bartender to put a hot pocket in th…
Gwen Stefani sat down with the Howard Stern Show Wednesday and opened up about how her relationship with Blake Shelton form…
Happy birthday Gwen Stefani, hope you have a great day and I'll see you soon 🎈xx
Boy's dream comes true at Gwen Stefani concert
Debra Messing urges Gwen Stefani to convince Blake Shelton not to vote for Trump
Blake Shelton clarifies 'endorsement' of Donald Trump: Debra Messing urges Gwen Stefani to change her boyfriend's mind about voting f...
you know.Big E makes a good point...Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani being married to each other would be cool
How cute is cat Gwen Stefani?! Help & find your own furry friend on July 23rd!
Why Gwen Stefani went pale when Blake Shelton said he was divorcing Miranda Lambert:
Imagine?! Gwen Stefani says she auditioned for Angelina Jolie's role in Mr. and Mrs. Smith!
Gwen Stefani opened up about how exactly she met now-ex Gavin Rossdale:
Britney there is like 3 artist out there that's ok for you to collab with eminem lana del rey and gwen stefani.
Today I will be dressing up as Amy Winehouse, Christina A from the diirty clip, Gwen Stefani! Wooo hoo style icons shoot day…
Ultimate goal is to be like Gwen Stefani in all aspects
Daily reminder that Gwen Stefani is a living LEGEND
Gwen Stefani on divorce: I've been "so unlucky in love"... Via News Break:
Gwen Stefani on Gavin Rossdale: 'He stalked me, I think'
Gwen Stefani tickets free again. I hope is having a great day
Gwen Stefani tears up recalling heartbreak, shares how her friendship started with Blake & more tonight on
Every night I jam to Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape before I go to bed
Gwen Stefani says her ex Gavin Rossdale "stalked" her before they dated.
Just fill in your name&the code. ✔️misery, used2loveu &make me like u. If not listed, request misery/Gwen Stefani 💕💕
I relate to the majority of Gwen Stefani songs
Gwen Stefani is in tears opening up about Gavin's cheating scandal and finding new love with Blake now on
Gwen Stefani tixs for Jul 26 at MidFlorida Credit Union Amp in Tampa FL
I forgot I'm going to see Gwen stefani next week😻
Bruh, I would looove to go to the Eve and Gwen Stefani concert. 😭
Update your maps at Navteq
I was about to be hurt bc Gwen Stefani is tomorrow
Gwen Stefani now has curly brown hair and we don't know how to feel... Via News Break:
Make Me Like You - Gwen Stefani. It's getting harder to leave it. Your lips on my lips. Oh, I can't believe it. How good it could be. 8
Make Me Like You - Gwen Stefani. Why'd you have to go and make me like you?. Yeah this is a feeling I'm not used to. 5
Make Me Like You - Gwen Stefani. You're on me like jewelry. I really like you, but I'm so scared. 4
I said no doubt because it reminds me of Gwen stefani
with all that's going on bad in the world, such a treat to watch the very entertaining Gwen Stefani!❤️
Watch: weighs in on Rich Homie Quan forgetting Biggie lyrics + other female MCs.
from Baltimore to DC when you drive, that's OC😂
Make Me Like You - Gwen Stefani. I was fine before I met you. I was broken but fine. I was lost and uncertain. But my heart was still mine. 1
Every record that I've ever made, I listen to it so much before it comes out. As soon as it...
why would promoters back a gwen stefani and 5h tour but not ariana what sense does that make Mr Hilton
the only nonblack artists I have on my phone are Sia, Lorde, Gwen Stefani, & B Spears & classic rock bands LOL
im going to see Gwen Stefani tomorrow!!!✨
Blake Shelton: Writing duet with Gwen Stefani ‘is so...
All purpose parts banner
I see Demi & Nick next weekend but honestly all I can think of is Gwen Stefani on the 4th 😩
I thought I was the best thing that. Ever happened to you?. --Gwen Stefani. TuloyAngLigaya CHARDGEL
Gwen Stefani, 46, rocks Today plaza with Misery song in sexy bodysuit. via
Gwen Stefani turns pain into musical pleasure Via News Break:
Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and more record song for Orlando victims
Gwen Stefani Does a farty gangsta that digs drugs
EXCLUSIVE: on divorce, new music and finding love with
Gwen Stefani is just perfect. See more photos of her TODAY performance here:
😂😂😂 you going to the 90s concert tomorrow? Or Gwen Stefani & Eve?
My mom always loved Gwen Stefani.. Both solo and in No Doubt. I'm in awe I'm seeing her live on Tuesday.
'All my homies showed up tonight?': Gwen Stefani opens her summer... Via News Break:
Some day, I'd like to see you in concert. Gwen Stefani, Aerosmith, brad paisley, the backstreet boys also would be neat
Did I just get concert tickets to Gwen Stefani? Absolutely 🙃
Uh-oh. Gwen Stefani kicks off her This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour in Massa...
can't explain my excitement to see Gwen Stefani in concert
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Gwen Stefani was only 34 when she made Hollaback Girl
Taylor's arm lyrics that night read "After all that we've been through, I know we're cool" from Gwen Stefani's Cool
jammin 2 4 in the morning by Gwen Stefani
These ladies know where the fountain of youth is at. 😍👏🏽 . • Fergie: 41 . • Mariah: 46. • JLo: 46. • Gwen Stefani: 46 http…
Gwen Stefani celebrates son Kingston's birthday back... via
Vote for Zayn, he's currently losing to Gwen Stefani!
For July 4th please be safe handling with fireworks ... Or else.
A very intimidating and scary looking guy just walked by us whistling Gwen Stefani
Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Stefani. She did that. An iconic piece of art. Everyone was shook.
.is coming to a city near you w . Get 4 tix for $40 to see her live https:…
Rockin rehearsal with my girl getting ready for this tour! Get your tickets now!https:…
Sexual orientation: Gwen Stefani in the 90's
Send me a picture - gwen stefani . This track had the atmosphere.
"I saw you hanging out with Gwen Stefani". "Oh yeah... talked her into coming over" 😂😂😂
is it bad i need to mentally recite that song by Gwen Stefani in order to spell bananas
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I guess I better start learning some Gwen Stefani songs since I'm going to her concert lol
Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You now playing on LG73!
Gwen Stefani looks tense with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale at son's basketball game ... -
Photos: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton kiss passionately in LA: Heartbroken after her ex husband Gavin Rossdale destroyed their 13-y...
'Honeymoon' continues! Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton kiss passionately upon landing in...
Lovebirds! Gwen Stefani joins Blake Shelton in Oklahoma after celebrating his birthday:
Gwen Stefani & Sublime at The World Famous KROQ Weenie Roast on this day in '95!.
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton kissed on stage as at his concert Saturday -- watch!
Do you prefer Gwen Stefani's older music or her newer music?
Gwen Stefani - bananas via Finally a close game in the finals. Bananas! I am watching it!
Celebrity Get the Look: How To Steal Gwen Stefani's Bleach Blonde Curly Hair: Considered to be the "king of c...
I love Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani so much
Blake Shelton performs birthday duet with Gwen Stefani
artist recreates Disney Princess like they were Gwen Stefani
Which Gwen Stefani song do you like better?
just remembered that my favorite song in elementary school was Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani. everything makes a lot of sense
My mom saw Blake Shelton last night & Gwen Stefani came out for his birthday. why was I not there 😭💔
"This game is bananas. And trust me -- I know bananas." -Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani shares cute photos of Blake Shelton to celebrat... via
Blake Shelton performs birthday duet with Gwen Stefani...
Do I wanna buy make up or go see Gwen Stefani?
Review: Blake Shelton Taps Gwen Stefani...hey, I just report the news, I don't make these headlines!
Why aren't my Gwen Stefani posts more popular. Institutional racism? I think so lol
the gwen stefani x urban decay is on clearance for $39 it's got a lot of nice neutrals + some rly bold shimmers I just got it
You know Gwen Stefani should really ditch Blake Shelton and d8 me.
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