Gwen Stacey & Peter Parker

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Peter Parker always loved Gwen Stacey even when he married MJ.
Peter Parker is awkward bt not geeky enough,Aunt May too young, Gwen Stacey is correct hottness,Uncle Ben well cast
I want a relationship like what Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey had.
"Peter Parker you do not throw Gwen Stacey off of things! You just don't!"
Dane Dehaan has been cast as Harry Osborne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone are back as Peter Parker & Gwen Stacey.
Watched "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012) last night. Have to admit, I was a little skeptical about a re-boot when the last flick was only 5 years ago, but happy to report that all fears were quashed. This movie was terrific. Andrew Garfield nailed the role of Peter Parker, as did Emma Stone for Gwen Stacey. (The memory of Bryce Howard's Gwen Stacey is nothing more than a memory). Not being too familiar with the Marvel "Ultimate" Universe (which this is obviously set in), I was taken aback that Pete's parents were scientists (?) that worked for Norman Osborne? I thought they were cold-war era spies. I loved Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. There really wasn't much about this flick I DIDN'T like, it was very entertaining; a pleasant surprise. 9 out of 10. PS- Who was talking to Curt Connors at the post credits scene?
Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey's kids. That would be spiderkids. If possible. Half spider and half genius, gorgeous child.
Gwen Stacey and peter parker was how it should be , Mary Jane didn't come in till later .
I got my Peter Parker coustme ready! My nephew is lettin me borrow his skatebroad! Only thing I don't have is my Gwen Stacey!! Jessica Alba will do! Emma Stone would be a distance replacement as well!
Just finished watching the Amazing Spiderman...much better than the orginal...they finally got it right...any comic book fan knew that Peter Parkers first girlfriend was Gwen Stacey and not Mary-Jane Watson.
I'm Spider-Man and i want Mary Jane not black cat not Gwen Stacey and I might have worn the symbitoe for A while but that's not me I'm the nerdy Peter Parker under the hero suit the most imperfect super hero there is lol
Anybody want to be the Gwen Stacey to my Peter Parker for Halloween?
Oh, yes. Steve Rude is going to do a (Kickstarter only) series of Peter Parker/Mary Jane/Gwen Stacey commission booklets? Can't wait.
While we're on the topic of Peter Parker. Looks like Gwen Stacey's gonna die in Amazing Spider-Man 2. As MJ appears also.
It’s been an eventful couple of days for Miles. He may or may not be responsible for killing his uncle Aaron, the super villain Prowler. He met with and was blessed by Peter Parker’s Aunt May, Gwen Stacey and Mary-Jane Watson. And he met and was ordered to retire by Captain America. In the backg...
Since i'm pretty much Peter Parker at NOC does that mean Jeremy Stillwell is my J. Jonah Jameson? or is he my Dr. Connors? Now taking applications for Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Flash, and Gwen Stacey
Was organizing a diorama of my mini-mates and toys based on 'couples' in the film, and I had you know, -Jake and Neytiri (AVATAR) -Hellboy and Liz (HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY) -Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) But then I was stumped. I have a Mystique, Magneto, and Xavier minimate set from X-MEN:FIRST CLASS... who's the couple?
Next movie review... The Amazing Spider-Man!! Not so Amazing to me. Emma Stone was a GREAT Gwen Stacey, and with her character being the intellectual equivalent of Peter Parker the writers have more to play with than the horribly repetitiveness of Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane damsel in distress/love triangle boredom. The Gwen Stacey character has the potential of being a great unseen partner. Now to Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, don't know the guys name who played him, but superior performance!! What i felt was the only thing wrong with his character is what was wrong with Christian Bale's DKR. He's a super hero that has been too humanized. Coming home with bruises and cuts constantly!! Its more real yes, but that's why he's a SUPERHERO so we can pretend he's better than us. Now here comes the kicker... he gets unmasked in this only 2ndly more times than in Spider-Man 2. He at one point jests to a crook he's webbed up "Nobody seems to get the point of a mask" yet he's constantly taking or getting it taken off. ...
I only state this because I heard it today. No the Amazing Spider-Man is not any more true to the comics than it predecessors. This myth that reboots are more faithful to comics makes me laugh. Seriously, read them. OMG he's looking at Gwen Stacey and not Mary Jane. OMG he's using web shooters he built. Okay good points. BUT: Most fans agree that the Peter Parker/MJ relationship is better. So point for SM 1-3. Also Stan Lee, creator of SM, said he liked the idea of the biological shooters better as well. The Lizard? Was focused on his arm. In his own lab. At home. In Florida. Not as Oscorp where he happened to meet Peter. Plus what about this whole mask removing thing? And the fact that Aunt May, the main moral compass of Peter's life, had zero lines. Course with abusive and rude Uncle Ben yelling at him the whole time, he probably wouldn't have heard anything anyway. Worse part? Didn't hear the line that made Spider Man Spider Man. Say it with me. "With great power, comes great responsibility."
You busy later? I have Hairspray time this evening coz you're the Gwen Stacey to my Peter Parker.
"Super Hero Hype" Marvel’s latest production “The Amazing Spiderman” puts a contemporary spin on its comic book derivative. The teen puppy love storyline gave the film a more lighthearted demeanor than the first generation. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) plays a less chiseled but better humored version of Peter Parker. Emma Stone trumped Kirsten Dunst as the female role Gwen Stacey. Contrary to Mary Jane Watson’s whiney damsel in distress character, Stone portrays a zealous science expert who actually assists the protagonist in his crusade to overcome mad science. As for DC’s box office hit “The Dark Knight Rises,” Hollywood icons Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine carried out an epic performance. However, the bald body builder with a mouthpiece otherwise known as Bane doesn’t hold a candle to the iniquitous Joker. Heath Ledger ate up the screen with his versatility in 2008. He terrified while he amused and frightened while he intrigued. This villain left audiences fro ...
Okay, so I'm just gonna say it. I enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman better then Sam Rami's Spiderman. Thought Andrew Garfield made a fantastic, almost james deanish rebel without a cause, Peter Parker. His chemistry with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey was excellent. I liked how it was darker and you got to see what happened to his parents. I really hope a sequel is on the way, the second ending definitly seemed like there would be.
Just watched "The Amazing Spiderman" on my phone and I think the movie was awesome. I really enjoyed the way darker ton NYC has for Spiderman & I love the funny quirky nerd that's behind the mask. The flow of the movie wasn't that great but the dedication & action was great. Dr.Curt Connors aka Lizard was decent and was great at the same time. Rhys Ifans the actor was decent I wasn't all that impressed with his portrayal of Dr.Connors BUT the character's of Dr.Connors & Lizard were great as introductory character's. The romance between Peter Parker & Gwen Stacey was perfect not tons of lust which kept it innocent & being that they're in High-school I'm happy they weren't screwing. Well that's my review of The Amazing Spiderman
Long Version of review for The Amazing Spider Man. The Amazing Spider Man did something for Spider Man as a character not just Spider Man but Peter Parker as well. Andrew Garfield was the perfect choice to play a modern Peter Parker. He isn't a sweaty, comb over, funny clothes wearing dork in this movie. In this however he is a shy, soft spoken and intelligent person whom is picked on because he is shy and soft spoken it isn't really because he is a nerd. What is most powerful is how Peter develops as a character through the movie. Many things contribute to his evolution not just the acquisition of his spider powers but the death of Uncle Ben and his love for Gwen Stacey. The way he goes about obtaining his Spider powers is more believable in this setting as well as the death of Uncle Ben. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey was an excellent choice in the movie Gwen is very similar to Peter, She is a very soft spoken and gentle person and isn't popular by any stretch of the imagination. She is very intelligent and ...
And I would very much like Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey to be my new best friends. Adorable.
Hello all. Time for another John Bobbitt movie review. Just came in from watching The Amazing Spiderman. I must say I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. The action was frenetic and exciting. The direction was well executed. The casting was excellent, and the suit looked FAR better than it had in production photos. Normally I pick apart comics-based movies, but having this one set in the Ultimate universe, I was thoroughly pleased. Andrew Garfield was a kick *** Peter Parker, and Emma Stone made Gwen Stacey look far hotter than she ever did in the comics. With good ole dad Martin Sheen in the mix as Uncle Ben the movie was WINNING from the get go. The one and only gripe I had about this movie was that the design for the Lizard was entirely reminiscent of Killer Croc's new look from the Batman books and animated series. Other than that, congrats Marvel on another movie well-done. A+
Peter Parker should ditch Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey and just get with the receptionist from the Daily Bugle
Just finished watching The Amazing Spiderman, and where do I begin? "Spider-Man" has been attempted in the past, but never have I felt this much REAL emotion from a superhero film. There is no longer a need to revisit the best of the Sam Raimi trilogy, because standing alone, this film trumps all three of the previous films. The depth of the characters is phenomenal, the never-before-seen backstory is told beautifully, the realization scenes before the transformation is great, and the film is structured so much better this time around. The deaths actually made me sad, because they took their time and spent the right amount of screen time to show the emotions that should be felt by the audience. The CG work is better than I expected, although they could have tweaked a few details. I don't really have any complaints about this film. One of the most powerful portions of the film is the chemistry between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey, and the character of Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard was portrayed beautifully b ...
I just came back watching The Amazing Spider-Man. And I have to say, this movie in many ways is a lot better than the first Spider-Man movie in my opinion. Andrew Garfield is really great as Peter Parker especially in the dramatic and the emotional scenes and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey is a much stronger female lead than Mary Jane in the previous films. Also the music by James Horner is really great! I really enjoyed watching it!
SPOILER ALERT!!! don't read this... The Lizard killed Gwen Stacey's Father, and she knows that Peter Parker was the Amazing Spiderman.
This new, four-minute sneak peak at "The Amazing Spider-Man" is nothing short of amazing! The video, which premiered last night on "America's Got Talent," shows extended footage from a gripping bridge rescue -- where Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker goes to great lengths to save a young boy from plummeting to his doom. From there, there are more glimpses of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, Denis Leary as her cop father and Rhys Ifans as The Lizard. The movie comes five years after the last Tobey Maguire flick and will focus on "an untold story that tells a different side of the Peter Parker story" -- including a mystery about his parents. Will you be seeing it when the movie opens July 3?
Peter Parker's first love was Gwen Stacey, his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Raised him, he can climb walls and Flash kicked his ***
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