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Gwede Mantashe

Gwede Mantashe is a South African politician, holding posts of ANC Secretary General and chairperson of the South African Communist Party.

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Has been on point honouring legends, it was Doc Shebeleza then Tito Mboweni, cant wait till we get to Gwede Mantashe
Gwede Mantashe and Zizi kodwa are the speakers of the ANC ,what is the job of the SG and Speaker in th…
Julius Malema speaks about the role of Gwede Mantashe and how he is killing the ANC.
Julius Malema: Anyone who listen to Gwede Mantashe is bound to fail.
SABC must respect us, Some of us left campus to watch Julius Malema & not this coward Gwede Mantashe.
concludes. next presser at 2pm. let me bath & charge my phone. Gwede…
ANC SG Mantashe has called on veterans to guide the ANC following President Zuma’s spy tapes appeal judgement. https:/…
Lindiwe Sisulu: "Where was Gwede Mantashe when we were fighting for this freedom in exile?". Jackson Mthembu:
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe, will visit the Lower South Coast Region in KwaZulu-Natal tomorrow.
Gwede Mantashe's wife got a huge toilet tender Only build these faulty toilets. Gwede's wife should be called to order. h…
Gwede Mantashe is the architect of the collapse of ANC.
It is safe to assume that Gwede Mantashe is team cyril???
"You work for the royal family and you become an invisible contributor. "The royal family takes credit on your behalf."…
Gwede Mantashe says Lindiwe Sisulu is royalty. Give me royalty any day compared to what he has given SA up to now!
Gwede Mantashe and Lindiwe Sisulu engage in a vicious war of words
says it's "utterly disturbed by the apolitical utterances made by Gwede Mantashe" on
Steve Khompela our Jacob Zuma and Bobby Motaung our Gwede Mantashe at Kaizer Chiefs. Finish and Klaar! 😂😂😂
| Mantashe says ANC is sowing wind of disaster - ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe h...
Gwede Mantashe briefs the media on outcomes of the special national executive committee meeting
RECAP: What do Jackson Mthembu, Lindiwe Sisulu and Gwede Mantashe have in common besides political affiliation? https:…
The coward Gwede Mantashe removed Makhosi Khoza as the Chair of the Portfolio Committeee. The pig eating its own child…
Gwede Mantashe is busy destroying ANC helped by modern Goebels Zizi Kodwa they will stop at nothing to defend corrupt Jacob Zuma and cronies
Zuma, Baleka Mbethe, Gwede Mantashe, Mugabe etc. Aren't they getting "public pressure" to resign? Manana is One in a million
Nomvula Mokonyane & Lindiwe Zulu are going straight to *** for doing this to Gwede Mantashe. How can they do this…
The translation for the word "amageza" into English is "crazy". Gwede Mantashe is a South African politician,...
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe; 'We offered ANC veterans & MK council 2 days to look into the health of organization'
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe is my guest ontonight and later Business Leader Sandile Zungu on the state of the economy.9pm -12am
Dr Reuel Khoza was far ahead of his time. Gwede Mantashe & almost lynched him
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe on On powers of the Reserve Bank and the Constitution, I think that’s Public Protector overreach.
...we lose that credibility immediately, we’ll battle economically.” - Gwede Mantashe
is Gwede Mantashe Captured? Say Mkhwebane overreaching her powers with reserve bank plan
Gwede Mantashe like Trevor is a free agent now.
My message to SG Gwede Mantashe keep on protecting Zuma. SA people are not fools. The ANC will loose power in 2019.
Mkhwebane overreaching her powers with Reserve Bank plan
Now I am curious to see Gwede Mantashe's picture during his hey days
Gwede Mantashe tells EWN Mkhwebane's call for the reserve bank monetary policy to change is "public protector overreach".
Chikane says while ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe called on people to come forward with evidence of many did not
What is it that Gwede Mantashe said about the Western Cape High Court and the North Gauteng High Court?
Intelligent people like Cyril Ramaphosa, Gwede Mantashe and Dr Zweli Mkhize have allowed themselves to be dictated by o…
Gwede Mantashe rebukes Andile Lungisa in the Eastern Cape. President Zuma congratulates him. Who s in charge in the ANC really??
READ: Gwede Mantashe's angry letter to anointed one, Lungisa | The Citizen
cloaking herself in the colours yesterday... Somewhere Gwede Mantashe is in tears
So Gwede Mantashe and Jacob Zuma are now engaged in a pissing competition over the issue of Andile Lungisa. Let me grab some popcorn...
Mantashe cracks whip over Lungisa: Incensed ANCsecretary-general Gwede Mantashe is leading the charge against…
Gwede Mantashe warns of copycat party rule breakers
Ministers like Bathabile Dlamini,Gwede mantashe,Mzimande,Faith Mothambi,Nomvula.I mean what we did wrong?
Gwede Mantashe warns of copycat party rule breakers via
GWEDE MANTASHE use to speak as if the ANC is his,people quoted his arrogance and left the ruling party,they destroy our movement
Gwede Mantashe warns of copycat party rule breakers, reports
Gwede Mantashe wants to charge Lungisa for the same thing Pres. Zuma specifically went to the EC to congratulate hi…
You can tell Gwede Mantashe is drunk...Gordons etlao betha papao
Andile Lungisa may end up on the carpet for attacking ANC’s Gwede Mantashe via
New regional chairman could be hauled before the party’s top disciplinary body soon
Gwede Mantashe is being cartooned in the ANC. He helped his enemies to destroy all his allies including &…
And apology from Cde. Andile Lungisa to the SG Gwede Mantashe.
Gwede Mantashe charges Andile Lungisa... Zuma "endorsed" him... Cyril is the one charing the National Disciplinary Committee h…
Gwede Mantashe is saying because Andile Lungisa "insulted" him through the media; he must also apologize through the media. h…
Gwede Mantashe has no power in the ANC. SG for nothing
"Some court judgements will have to be ignored from time to time"-Gwede Mantashe, ANC Secretary General
| ANC never got the R80m – Mantashe: ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has again denied…
With ANC Reports, you are specific. e.g ANC SG Gwede Mantashe or ANC Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa. With the blue part…
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We want implementation, we want economic transformation, but Gwede Mantashe & Dr Zweli Mkhize only talk about principles all the time 😕😕
Fransman ready to put up a fight Former Western Cape ANC boss Marius Fransman has lashed out at Gwede Mantashe and…
READ: the Whatsapp messages sent by Sport and Rec Min Fikile Mbalula regarding ANC SG Gwede Mantashe calling him a…
Gwede Mantashe allegedly “pleaded” with Julius Malema to help him scupper Zuma’s Gupta-linked nuclear plans
AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo and Gwede Mantashe after seeing Zuma fleeing
Not so long Gwede Mantashe was saying this job will kill him! But he keeps on protecting the Man who will kill him! Luthuli House
The reason y Gwede Mantashe saysy will not recall Zuma is because he is also corrupt! Luthuli House
Cyril Ramaphosa. Mbete Baleka. Gwede Mantashe. Jessie Duarte. Zweli Mkhize. Your continued silence has been noted, don't try and backtrack soon.
Marius Fransman disagrees with Secretary General of the ANC Gwede Mantashe, and says closing universities "is wrong…
Mantashe: ‘A weak ANC is bad for the people’: African National Congress Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe say...
Let's try it again: Gwede Mantashe, the former chairman of the SAPCP (South African Pseudo Communist Party) was engaged in Freedom Charter
Gwede Mantashe, the former chairman of the SACP (South African Communist Party)... Oh, sorry. Let me correct myself.
Gwede Mantashe: 'I would shut down universities to teach student protesters a lesson'
Ths thng of chasing Students away frm Res came with the ANC secrtary gneral Gwede Mantashe.ANC z playin wth our futur come 2019 you'll see
seems like the Universities management are taking the words of Gwede Mantashe of shutdown for six months.
I have been saying for a week there is a Marikana Super Storm brewing. It starts with how addressed the issue
Mthembu and Mantashe are one. That Jackson press conference was sanctioned by Gwede
[WATCH] Mcebo Dlamini responds to Mantashe's comments on shutting down universities
Chad Thomas from IRS with ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe at studios
Mcebo Dlamini: 'Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe's children have the education that we don’t have'
Listen to Gwede Mantashe's address to investors yesterday. Listen to Pravin Gordhan's drivel on "Fiscal Consolidation".
Black Coffee would you please also slap Gwede Mantashe and Blade Ndzimande. Siyabonga in Advance
Tonight 21h30 Chad Thomas from IRS will be on just after Gwede Mantashe interview discussing state of SA's intelligence services
Gwede cannot believe what Mantashe says. Gwede Mantashe says something & disagrees with himself & then sulks to bed
There is only one person to blame if University of Limpopo has closed its gates until next year. GWEDE MANTASHE! .
SG Gwede Mantashe says NSFAS is not a loan for final year students (who pass) it's a grant: via
Gwede Mantashe is that leader that lacks accountability.
Gwede Mantashe: ANC suffers from a 'trust deficit' with voters.
No discussion in ANC about replacing Gordhan – Mantashe: Big talk Gwede when u know SA being looked at for downgrade. What then?
Incredible that Gwede Mantashe, Blade Nzimande & Pravin Gordhan sound closer to Ronald Reagan & Margaret Thatcher on
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Gwede Mantashe and his ANC gang should claim Elon Musk as a child of the ANC now.
"Today when fees must fall nobody remembers the promise that was made that 87% of students in SA are in no fee schools." SG Gwede Mantashe
"SA is a victim of its own success, with many having forgotten the ANC's progress towards providing free education." SG Gwede Mantashe
Cape Town - ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has quashed talk of an early conference for the party to elect...
Gwede quashes talk of ousting Zuma: ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe says calls for an early conference f...
Sometimes you can agree with *** like Gwede Mantashe for varsities to be closed the way students are so stupid.WHY VANDALISE?
gwede mantashe says economy of South Africa is stable, he must take his high blood medication before he talk
Gwede Mantashe continues his nonsense about shuttling down institutions. Ngani it doesn't affect him and his family directly
Secretary-general Gwede MantashePicture: Veli Nhlapo The ANC’s losses at the polls during the local government...
Gwede Mantashe's comments yesterday that MoF Gordhan has full support of ANC may also be contributing to further rand strength.
Terry Tselane approached the Kathrada Foundation in tears when Jesse Duarte and Gwede Mantashe told him to fake the next…
Gwede Mantashe: University infrastructure should be protected and let the fees commission do it's job
Gwede Mantashe saying students need a "cool-off & then they you can talk sense into them"
Gwede Mantashe lack leadership qualities n skills, our country is collapsing because of Gwede n his core
ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says he is backing the FICA amendment bill because it is in line with UN regulations.
Gwede Mantashe says veterans must refrain from saying the party is dying but says is not gona happen soon,meaning it will eventually
eNCA | SA economy stable: Mantashe: ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe appealed to business leaders not to ...
ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe addressing RMB investor conference. Says he has license to say what cabinet ministers…
Blade Nzimande must resign together with Gwede Mantashe and with immediate effect
Gwede Mantashe to Terry Tselane: "If I was younger, I'd organise people to deal with you" He must confess his sins, it's t…
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe says the party’s loss of support after last month’s local government...
OMG! Gwede Mantashe must never ever have access to the highest office in the land. He will make us miss Jacob Zuma.
Go and drain gwede mantashe and Blade Nzimande if u need blood
Buyambo Mantashe is studying in China, while his father has ambitions to close Universities for 6months Gwede Mantashe.…
I agree with Comrade Gwede Mantashe when he says ANC has scored own goal and need to fix that. We need to substitute other players to fix
"A weak ANC is bad for South Africa, a strong ANC is good for South Africa"- Gwede Mantashe
Gwede Mantashe says it's not the Ministers that make the ANC, but that the ANC makes competent & dedicated Cadres.
Gwede Mantashe tries to allay investor fears
ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has assured investors that South Africa is stable.
While on the other side the like of bo Gwede Mantashe are so irrelevant
27 September, 04:55 PM ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe addressed an audience of investors in Newlands, Cape...
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe says it will be business as usual at Luthuli House, despite that planned march. More on this now o…
The day Gwede Mantashe and Jacob Zuma killed the ANC youth league, was the death of the African National Congress.
Mantashe: ANC chose its best candidates: Secretary General of the African National Congress, Gwede Mantashe, ...
The ANC Secretary General,Gwede Mantashe will deliver the keynote address, SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande will also address the gathering.
Zizi Kodwa says Gwede Mantashe will tell us more about the list conference. "I hope it ends there."
Gwede Mantashe's remarks about former president Thabo Mbeki will cost the ANC more voters decline. It is a blunder of all time.
ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has hit back at former president Thabo Mbeki who criticised the ANC under...
SG Gwede Mantashe says chief justice Mogoeng must watch what he says "Judge's entering political debate is dangerous"
The Secretary General of the ANC Gwede Mantashe said that they have the obligation to look into their conduct and reconnect with branches.
What will say and do on the challenges we face today?,ask Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe
“the ANC is like an elephant, the party’s secretary-general Gwede Mantashe once said: a lumbering beast, it is slow to change direction.”
"Speak out against (South African President) Zuma and pay the price"-ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe
Speak out against Jacob Zuma and pay the price, warns ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe
Breaking News: Those who insult President Jacob Zuma on public platforms will pay the price - Gwede Mantashe, ANC Secretary-General
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has maintained that the party was given a mandate by voters. That may be so...
Why is Gwede Mantashe, the Secretary General quiet on the Matter of the President
This is best encapsulated by ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe saying to MPs they should only vote according to the Party line.
Baleka Mbete, Jesse Duarte and Gwede Mantashe infuriate me. Can't stand the sight of them
ANC dismiss DA’s impeachment move: ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe says he is confident that the party’s ...
Thuli Madonsela was insulted called names and Gwede Mantashe insists no apology is necessary,do w have women in the ANC NWC? I'm really hurt
'None of your business' - arrogant communist ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe tells journalists
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said the president had “humbled” himself: “We are comfortable with the fact he has apologised.”
[LIVE BLOG] ANC top 6 address now underway at Luthuli House with Secretary General Gwede Mantashe on the podium
"The have full confidence in the leadership of President Zuma" - Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General.
, somebody should Gwede Mantashe , Nathi Ntleko and Thulas Nxesi's handkerchiefs to mop his sweaty brow. Kunzima!
What do these comrades have in common: Pule Mabe, Gwede Mantashe, David Mahlobo, Collen Maine?
"If oligarchs cannot be disciplined by the state. We are going to develop into a mafia state..." - ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe.
Cyril Ramaphosa, Zweli Mkhize, Baleka Mbete, Gwede Mantashe and Jesse Duarte you have a duty at the lekgotla this weekend. Recall Zuma!
Pravin Gordhan has the backing of Cyril Ramaphosa, Gwede Mantashe & Zweli Mkhize. The ANC Top 6 divided right through the middle on him.
Gwede Mantashe suffering from a JZ syndrome on Justice Factor
Gwede Mantashe on the justice factor.Chanel 403
.speaking to ANC SG Gwede Mantashe on tonight's episode of The Justice Factor. Watch live 403
SG Gwede said ANC fully supports claimed a 3rd force is destabilising the economy
we are struggling to see EFF on sabc TV but we see mantashe everyday why?
Sho. SG Gwede just released a statement backing Is this a message to pres after a hectic …
Gwede Mantashe for President . leader for change
Eintlik, what's going on between Gwede & Mantashe? Dintsha eng daar, nca nca
Gwede Mantashe - what we achieved in 94 was the beginning of a long journey
ANC has full confidence in Pravin Gordhan - Gwede Mantashe
WATCH: My interview with Gwede Mantashe on the alleged stand-off between Gordhan and Zuma
We know who is leaking against Gordhan - Gwede Mantashe |
Read SG Gwede full statement on here
Is it just me or dis pres J reduce SG Gwede statement earlier today to
What Gwede Mantashe is rambling about is no different to Mpshe questioning timing of Zuma's prosecution in 2007 - not the crime of
So the Presidency is accusing Gwede Mantashe and the ANC of gossiping. Or am I getting this wrong?
I hate the way Gwede Mantashe speaks, nalamlomo wakhe.
ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says the questions leaked to the media were a strategic plan to destabilise...
Gwede "Dogbreath" Mantashe is the de facto Prime Minister of SA!.
Oh, and guess what. SG Gwede rocked up at today. Allegedly telling the leaks from Sars should stop.
ANC General Secretary gwede mantashe has rubbished all rumours about a hidden backroom shadow boxing on the issue
- Veterans Today: Secretary General Gwede Mantashe told an anti-racism rally in Pretoria on…
Nomvula has just dealt with Julius Malema! Jacob Zuma, Pallo Jordan & Gwede Mantashe disagreed to recall Thabo Mbeki
Gwede Mantashe, "I don't have a relationship with Pres. Zuma. He is the President of the ANC & I'm the General-Secretary."…
Gwede Mantashe has become so arrogant. I did not vote for any of the apartheid leaders.
"Comrade President, pay back the money or resign otherwise U will be recalled" - Gwede Mantashe & Zweli Mkhize 2/2/16 20:00 at Luthuli House
SK can you find out from Luthuli House where is GS Gwede Mantashe?
"Guptas control individuals, not the " SG Gwede Mantashe.
nd hes proud of bin a thief his laughter in Paliarment its like isende lika gwede mantashe
Gwede Mantashe s Pinky lips wont make me go to school or pay my Fees
Gwede Mantashe can u plz give us a Christmas present?
The only person who can remove the is cry my beloved country uncle Gweezy.
Secretary General runs an organisation, so it's Gwede Mantashe!
So Gwede Mantashe has declined to offer comment on and spokesperson's phone off says Really at this time?
Gwede Mantashe once paraded his goatie, smile from ear to ear, coming to "recall" Mbeki. Doesn't Zuma deserve it more?!
The reality is Gwede Mantashe owes his existence to Jacob Zuma, hence his silence on his endless shenanigans
Even Gwede Mantashe was shocked to hear that Nene has been replaced by another guy from nowhere
It is the selfish ambitions of the likes of that is compromising the .Why not take a stand like they did with Mbeki?
Gwede Mantashe will go on with his painful gums& teeth to defend Zuma because his a loyal subject
Gwede Mantashe seems to have been relegated to the rear. Shame he has no sensible word save to sing Zuma's praise songs.
Gwede Mantashe owns Zuma. He's the decision maker
SG of any org more powerful than its President,essentially Gwede Mantashe runs ANC, Cabinet & South Africa
Maybe we should ask Gwede Mantashe why Nene was fired
I beg to differ i was captain of the Gwede Mantashe XI over the weekend in Thohoyandou
The only person who can save us is Gwede Mantashe here. Call a special NEC meeting and redeploy
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
What does Gwede Mantashe have to say? And ? Nene fired.
Gwede Mantashe is scared of Zuma. "Recall Zuma, makahambe lo baba. Ngeke phela, enough is enough"
Dear Mr Gwede Mantashe you left out footballers from Tzaneen, nkowankowa to be exact.
Baba' Gwede Mantashe is so happy he is the father wavele wazithakazela 😂😂
Lmao he looked like Gwede Mantashe he is fat now
Gwede Mantashe looks like an interesting father
SG Gwede Mantashe , “We're hoping that we'll be able to use the Forum on China-Africa…
So according to Gwede Mantashe in those days he was a brilliant soccer ⚽ player ▶ . I can believe…
Gwede Mantashe launches his football career:
Wait. When did we start referring to ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe as 'Gweezy'? This is an outrage. I love it.
WAIT!!! ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe played as a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker in one...
PODCAST:Julius Malema on Mandela letting rugby keep the Bok emblem and GwedeMantashe plays football for a good cause
On I also spoke to Gwede Mantashe about these pics... PODCAST of Mantashe/Malema coming up shortly
Gwede Mantashe became broke after his soccer tournament in Venda
Champions come out from mass participation- Gwede Mantashe
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"Champions come out of mass participation." - Gwede Mantashe
Sports enthusiast General Secretary of the ANC Gwede Mantashe playing football leading by example?Ke December BOSS!
IN THE DISPATCH TOMORROW: Deputy pres Cyril Ramaphosa and sec-general Gwede Mantashe to launch the ANC’s election campaign in EC this week.
So Kebby Mapatsoe, Gwede Mantashe, Jessie Duarte, Mandla Mandela etc are nothing under the sun, the only person who's something is CIC
The people who brought us Pres Jacob Zuma and Gwede Mantashe must please take them away.
Kgalema Motlanthe must tell South Africa why his conscience didn't kick in when Gwede Mantashe ordered him to fire Vusi Pikoli. Come on!
University student fighting 4 workers rights and outsourcing when COSATU is having tea with Gwede Mantashe in Luthuli House...
Students have asked Gwede Mantashe to assure them that Blade Nzimande will step down as higher education minist…
The youth will humble you. First it was Adam Habib, then government, then Max Price & now Gwede Mantashe.
Like what they did, to Thabo Mbeki.."Gwede Mantashe: those who win tend to purge the losers"
Mantashe - NGC documents. The role of Traditional leaders must be clearly defined. Stipends for SGBs and Clinic Committees.
Gwede Mantashe ANC has vibrant, militant but disciplined, radical, intelligent, politically astute cadres.
I've only been exposed to the ANC of Gwede Mantashe, the ANC of Kgalema Motlanthe ngiyazela on History books 😏 but its still ANC
Tabane: "[Jacobs] said he'll take my suggestions to Gwede [Mantashe] and get back to me!" MM
view of Gwede Mantashe's upper teeth
Hamilton Collection
.focuses on letter to Gwede Mantashe
New President Collen Maine is turning 35 in September 2015 but he weighs more than Gwede Mantashe. .
Mr Gwede Mantashe is a true hero. Working for the people.
Gwede Mantashe seem 2 be enjoying the view from behind. Typical ANC women pleasing their leaders.
what if I put it to you that come December 2015 Naledi Pandor will be the convener and Gwede Mantashe the coordinator of the ANCYL NTT?
I think Gwede Mantashe will be an "OK" president, any man who's prayerful is a good candidate.
ANCYL delegates welcoming the SG of the ANC Cde Gwede Mantashe
ANC's youth don't want want a youth league, the newly elected President must be Gwede Mantashe's age.
Gwede Mantashe has delusions of grandeur and thnks he can raise the Titanic [or resurrect the dead]
| Mantashe dissolves national task team: ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has dissolved…
eNCA | ANCYL task team dissolved: Mantashe: ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe said the new ANCYL executive ...
There is only one SG and his Deputy in SA and that is Cde Gwede Mantashe and his deputy the rest are GSs pls nothing more
New members are being greeted on stage by ANC SG Gwede Mantashe and deputy SG Jessie Duarte
and I doubt Gwede Mantashe will go down minus a serious fight. Blowback awaits the premier league orchestra imo
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe on podium, says "all I can do is dissolve the NTT"
Gwede Mantashe will address the congress, resolutions will follow and then new President of the League Collen Maine will speak
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe is here at the conference.
Mantashe dancing as delegates sing "Gwede I love you so much!".
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe is here today - everyone trying to get a picture.
SG Gwede Mantashe interacts with elated delegates.
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe is here for the final day of the congress
So to sing in the amadodana ase wesile, you must have a scruffy voice like Gwede Mantashe?
Gwede Mantashe now being reminded phela you are not one of us wena
Gwede Mantashe's silence is loud lately
Mr gwede Mantashe's prayers are needed
Good to see Mr Gwede Mantashe working closely with the community and donating a fire engine truck to Maloti a Phofung
Uncle Gwede Mantashe is too silent lately. I suspect, Sumthing is cooking in his space.. Comrades, mark my words..
Gwede Mantashe has been very quiet since the sexfest started. Maybe it's that Kroonstad nyatsi. Keeping him busy all night long. No?
Cloudy hlaudi gets his mandate from our prime minister Gwede mantashe
Yaah clowns, you're like a tiger Gwede Mantashe pulled all its teeth out, lol ! Close shop, you've lost relevance long ago!
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When TM said give me a third term so I can complete my project, the likes of Zweli Mkhize and Gwede Mantashe overthrew him in the night.
SG Gwede Mantashe briefing media at Luthuli House in JHB CBD. MR
.Do you agree with Gwede Mantashe that the North Gauteng & W. Cape High Courts are biased against government?
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has rightly slammed Nhleko's on Nkandla Saga .
ANC Treasurer Zweli Mkhize is leading the ANC delegation here. Says ANC SG Gwede Mantashe and others have NWC meeting.
Get rid of Gwede Mantashe as the Secretary-General he's a disaster
Gwede Mantashe, the all-powerful ANC secretary-general, attacked Zuma by taking on the SA Police min
Durban - ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe decided at the weekend that the ANC’s Lower South Coast regional...
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe says the independence of the judiciary is guaranteed and is not under attack.
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has started addressing the South African Clothing & Textile workers union in Kempton Park
Imagine ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe at Obviously his loyalty is where his salary comes from
ANC secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe, has called for the screening and vetting of all foreign nationals who enter South Africa
Mmusi Maimane is a lot more interesting than Gwede Mantashe
"Where the State has full control, we have made a lot of progress..."SG Gwede Mantashe discusses the ANC >
Who needs Loyiso Gola and David Kau when you have Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe
Gwede Mantashe warned about Malemaphobia. and Gayton are suffering from this.
I think Gwede SG Mantashe can be a suitable candidate for this position.
There you have it folks ---> Kubayi says Gwede Mantashe has the duty to make sure party deployees act on their mandate."
Gwede Mantashe in control yet invisible for url to notice that...
Shame or ignorance or hankering for populism or failed leadership?
I aways wonder iff OAU had mandate to recognise these borders?
Lmao u're worse ke wena,Xhosarizing English with a twang,I can already imagine Gwede Mantashe nje & ngibona wena in my mind :p
MOST READ: Gwede Mantashe tells to leave political matters for the ANC to tackle:
EFF's Julius Malema says he never went to "Anger Management Courses" suggested by Gwede Mantashe. He says it was a silly idea
Julius Malema just called Gwede Mantashe very silly
VAVI EXPULSION ROCKS THE ANC. The comments by Gwede Mantashe, the Secretary General of the ANC, at a meeting...
ANC S-G Gwede Mantashe says ANC will intervene in looming Cosatu split because "Cosatu belongs to the ANC". I thought it belonged to workers
I wonder Mantashe is going to expel dlamini and his buddies when lose local gorv elections next year
Comrade Gwede Mantashe is undermining the CEC, and rightfully so. ''They lacked experience and leadership to deal COSATU''s status quo.
i like what you said "sizogxupuleka icosatu nathi yeyethu" we really can't allow this to happen bcz of Sdumos ajenda
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Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says the split of COSATU will have an impact on the ANC, worse than the COPE split.
We can't be friends wen u talk like gwede mantashe ,harde
ANC General Secretary Cde Gwede Mantashe says "A split in Cosatu must not be entertained" and ANC will intervene.
Vavi bunked three CEC meetingsGwede Mantashe wants ANC to intervene and have cosatu reverse the decision? He has interest??
SG Gwede Mantashe says they won't allow a split in
We are going to grow very close to Cosatu coz we are not going to allow it to die - ANC SG Gwede Mantashe
The day we realize that we have a problem sitting at Lithuli house that is the day South Africa will have peace. Problem: Gwede Mantashe
ANC Secretary General Cde Gwede Mantashe delivering a keynote address at the Launch of ANC's Translated Documents
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe and KZN Chair Senzo Mchunu unveil the translated documents in DBN
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe is expected to present a translated Zulu version of the ANC Constitution in Durban City Hall this afternoon.
ANC SG Gwede Mantashe at the launch of the party's translated documents at the dbn City hall
"The NEC is confident that these matters are receiving the necessary & urgent attention from ANC deployees in governme…
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