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Gwadar Port

Gwadar Port is a warm-water, deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Balochistan province of Pakistan.

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non-inclusive says Vaqar Zakaria. port is an example.
From Investment into Gwadar's port is driving a real estate boom.
No water for Baloch nation in Occupied Balochistan , but there is money for panjabi business in Gwadar Port and…
China definitely develop Gwadar port as their military base .
China’s new Silk Road reaches Pakistan hears locals' views of Gwadar Port
On Air now China's expanding influence in Pakistan & the future of Gwadar Port
considers creating a naval base of its own in port of Part of growing closeness of the 2 powers.
Water being provided to the residents of the port city of
Iran cannot digest Gwadar Port, these things will happen now
Breaking : Baluchistan Liberation Army killed 8 Pakistani Navy Personal at Gwadar Port in a charge of Resource...
Gwadar Port, Baluchistan..Two Pakistani Naval Officers killed by freedom fighters in Gwadar..Balochs suffering from Pak Genocides hit back..
Proxy War inside the Enemy Territory. 2 Pakistani Navy Officers gunned down and several injured in an attack on Chinese Built Gwadar Port.👍👍
Why, despite big promises, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor hasn't delivered local benefits
Track the development of Gwadar Free Zone, alongside other projects on our database here:…
,Right it off - India rightly said to China on Gwadar port!
Chinese navy did exercise w Iranian navy few days ago. India investing in Chahbahar port in Iran. Gwadar Chahbahar not far
Update your maps at Navteq
Chinese warships arrival at port is an aggressive act against Baloch sovereignty, No matter how much weak we r but we…
All not well at CPEC-challenges for Vhina/ Pak in Gwadar, a strategic port. How protected is Chinese plan? .
With nothing to lose from Trump China is moving quickly to pull Pakistan from its US alliances. via
Gwadar port was first offered to India by its owner Sultan of Oman in 1948. Nehru refused the gift! Absolute lac…
40years d world tried to stop GWADAR PORT🇵🇰 part of CPEC&Chinas big plan. Now ready 2 start so this is trending 🖕.
China gives 🇵🇰 two patrol vessels for the protection of Gwadar port.
Why Pakistan's Gwadar port is a big draw for China
Good point. Navy is especially important now with the construction of Gwadar port.
How port is an attractive business option for .
If it doesn't work, we lose the Central Asian market to Gwadar port (China & Pakistan gains in that case).
Exclusive Documentary on Pakistan Naval Boundaries, Its role in Development of Gwadar Port and CPEC
... and my Iranian cousins will soon be selling gas to Pakistan, join CPEC and declare Chahbahar port a sister port…
.Hijack & sink a large cargo ship in Gwadar. It will block the port from trade & cause huge financial loss to Pakistan.
A historical day-the 3,000 Kilometres trade route that links Xinjiang,China & Balochistan,Pakistan goes live with the opening of…
Sink large cargo ship at Gwadar to block port & cause huge economic loss.
.Everytime Pakistan sponsors major terrorist attack = Sink a large cargo ship in Gwadar & block the port for years.
Best way to punish state sponsored terrorism is to sink large cargo ship to block port for years.
Pakistan: China to deploy naval ships along with Pakistan Navy to safeguard strategic Gwadar port and trade routes http…
"This is first time Gwadar port is exporting containers to overseas destinations"- Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan
Hire local terrorists to sink a large cargo ship at Gwadar or Karachi. Port closed for years.
China’s newest colony: After gaining control of Gwadar port and new Pakistani power projects, Chinese firms to buy Pakistan'…
Following China, Iran and Russia has decided to use the Gwadar Port for trade to have…
Gwadar sea port will bring prosperity not only to the people of but the entire South Asian region.”
Gwadar Port was inaugurated by General Pervaiz Musharraf even Wikipedia knows that but our leaders inaugurate again & aga…
Gwadar Port was inaugurated by Gen Musharraf and Army, politicians unduly taking credit of CPEC are quite known for the…
Gwadar Port wl incr Foreign Direct Investment as incorporation into the global economy will attract (MNCs) for inve…
A Pak Navy vessel guided the Chinese merchant ship from Port Qasim Karachi to Gwadar Port.
China concerned over security of its citizens working in Pakistan’s Gwadar port city .
Open loot of precious natural resources of not far when port of will have Chinese Flag.
In return, China will get a free trade zone in port and access to the
handed over to Chinese delegation inaugurates Gwadar Port Free Zone
Pakistan suspends talks with India. China gets access to Gwadar port in . Connect the dots.
will connect landlocked Xinjiang region with Arabian Sea through deep sea port in
Economic growth(jobs and opportunities) trumps security and defense concerns (on the development of Gwadar port in Pakistan) - Amb. Jilani
Gwadar port free zone inaugurated by Chinese delegation
in 3 years we will free Balochistan and Sindh. Forget Gwadar port,Balochis will get the benefit
Chinese delegation -led by CPC head in Xinjiang- inaugurates Gwadar Port Free Zone in Pakistan
According to a Roznama Dunya report, has decided to purchase six maritime patrolling vehicles from China to secure…
Pakistan to purchase six maritime patrolling vehicles from China in order to secure Gwadar Port and stop RAW spy
In Balochistan, development of the Gwadar port has deprived thousands of fishermen of their livelihood and shelter: HRCP
Port - Completed, handed over to for 40 years starting 2015 by .
billions of investment in pakistan..Gwadar port. And pakistan's animosity with india. Reasons enough 😐😐😐
India is promoting the "Chabahar Port" initiative in Iran close to Gwadar to provide Central Asia as an alternative.
Today We have Aftr 30 years we will have ECC approves 23-year tax holiday for Gwadar Port
Govt steps up security for Gwadar port, city:.
Not many headlines about Gwadar port, God forbid anyone writes about Chinese imperialism & the brutal exploitation of Balochistan.
Gwadar signifies long-term Sino-Pak cooperation. Gwadar Port is the product of long-term cooperation between China and Pakistan.
Salim Ahmed Lahore—Gwadar is the region’s most strategically well located port that would be a hub of maritime...
Why Port is More Vital than Port. Click the link:.
The port city of Gwadar where the Arabian Sea meets the Persian Gulf just outside the Strait of Hormuz
Largest Deep Sea Port in the World. Gwadar port is the largest deep sea port in the world. https:…
CPEC ambiguity: Linking its Xinjiang region with Pakistani Gwadar port is its core interest. CPEC has two rout...
Happy to see India extending line of credit to Iran's Chabahar port. The port will be India's gateway to Afghanistan and counter to Gwadar.
Naval capacity needs to be shored up to counter China's string of pearls strategy as well as its rumbling in Gwadar port in Pakistan.
oversea depot direct response to treaty. maybe Gwadar port
will link Gwadar port with Chaman, Dera Ismail Khan and
regularly holds such exercises all along the coast with . special focus on Gwadar Port
good column. I think gwadar can be turned into Dubai if our govt show some sense. Make use of worlds second deepest sea port
Due to PAKISTANI selfish and ridged politicians strategy China may turned away from CPEC and use Iranian Bandar Abbas port instead of Gwadar
a very important and strategic port for countering china's Gwadar project
China developing Gwadar port in Pak. Whoever complete first, gwadar or chabhar, will get first mover advantage.
connects Port in to China's northwestern Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region via vast network of highways & railways!
How many commercial ships has Gwadar port handled since its inauguration in 2007?
a point from where wants to link to Gwadar port in the Arabian Sea 3/3
CPEC and Gwadar port are the surety of bright future of Pakistan. Due to these projects Pakistan is going to be Asian tiger in true sense IA
USA intended that TAP would go to Gwadar. It is now Chinese commercial and naval port.
Gwadar Port: Harbinger of prosperity for Baloch people
I believe it is still made to rival gwadar as Central Asian states could use the Iranian port instead of Gwadar.
If Akhand Bharat is reality Gwadar port will be under india's ctrl not unde Chinese
I'm afraid they will also not recruit baloch people in gwadar port n use d resources for their own agenda.
Gwadar Port from air warm-water,deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Pakistan.
90% of PK's port city s without water 4rm last 25 days & 95% of Dst Gwadar have never had piped water or sewerage systems at all
One belt, one road: CPEC is a comprehensive development programme that requires the linking of Gwadar Port to ...
CPEC Hurts? LOL, We have Gwadar Port, Afghan alrleady connected to Iran via Trains/Road. And, you think CPEC hurts? LOL
Port city gwadar hit a severe drinking water shortage
In the shadow of Pakistans war crimes, China plots to *** Gwadar port, s...
Govt plans to build two LNG terminals at Port Qasim and Gwadar port to handle over two bcfd of LNG
ur gwadar port can b an asset for u. And it's a threat for dubai
Tensions between Pakistan and UAE are increasing. is it fallout of Chinese entry in Gwadar Port ? Ait travel disputes may be the first step
Govt working on Gwadar Port, Karachi-Lahore Motorway and Hazara motorway projects: Mamnoon Hussain
Trade Minister visits Port of hopes will become similar hub
Dried Dam of developing port city Gwadar. Where clean drinking water is just dream for impotent local inhabitants.
Pakistan and Turkmenistan Negotiating 2nd Gas Pipeline to End at Gwadar Port
Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif said the handover of Gwadar Port to China is a good beginning.
Gwadar port will change the pakistan acconomy.
CPEC (Game Changer) is an ongoing development mega project. It will connect Gwadar Port to Xinjiang, China.
China’s Gwadar port is most the recent intersection of both Chinese land and sea strategies. Asia's high speed rail
not only oil & Gas flow from Gwadar port also Jihad will, with the help of non state actors of Pak army knowingly
Gwadar has worlds largest deep sea port...
CPEC, Gwadar Port to be built at all costs: COAS General
, Gwadar Port to be built at all costs:
port will be built as a strategic port and we are well aware of enemy intentions: COAS.
completes 502km roads connecting Port with western alignment of Economic Corridor
will monitor 3,000-kilometer hall running from the Gwadar Port to China's western Xinjiang district
These rds will link Gwadar with rest of country to yield envisioned dividend of Port&Corridor to transform peoples' live…
““Largest deep sea port of the world is in PAKISTAN http:…
through to the port city of Gwadar cutting off 2500 kilometers of track. Beneficial to the Chinese and some what to Pakistan,
Cpec gwadar port to be built at all costs coas - News And Politics Videos
Construction of these roads will link Gwadar Port with rest of the country at Chaman & Indus Highway: COAS.
CPEC & Gwadar Port will be built & developed as one of the most strategic deep sea port in the region – COAS.
Gwadar Port to b built at all costs, we are aware of the plans of our enemies,
502KM of the 870KM road project for linking port with the rest of the country has completed by FWO.
The construction of Gwadar Port will be highly beneficial to Pakistan and the region. htt…
Gwadar Port and CPEC will be built despite opposition from our enemies - Gen Raheel Sharif
China is new ruler of Pakistan after acquiring Gwadar Port and station navy built Highay from China to gawadar thru Pakistan
Think tank on the vision of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan And the Future status for Gwadar Port - Pakistan for the Economical Development of Ismaili Community living in cities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kasghar China, Tajikistan, Azarbhaijan, Russia, and living in South East Asia such as India, Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and far eastern countries, and more over Middle East, UAE, Africa, Iran, Turkey, Spain, other part of Europe, Canada and USA and for Islamic ummah, living world over, with all other common people who are living under poverty level - Just Think What Imam Vision and thoughts about the world - His Highness the Aga Khan: A Life in the Service of Development just view the History about Gwadar - Pakistan and Hazir Imam vision about Gwadar and for the Community of Gwadar Ismailis and let me add more our Last Pir Subzali was belongs to Gwadar - Pakistan
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a program to connect Gwadar Port in southern Pakistan to China’s northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang via highways, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was among the first advocates of the project; since then Chinese President Xi Jinping, formar Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have become strong supporters of the project. When the corridor is constructed it will serve as a primary gateway for trade between China and the Middle East and Africa. In particular oil from the Middle East could be offloaded at Gwadar, which is located just outside the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and transported to China through the Baluchistan province in Pakistan. Such a link would vastly cut the 12,000-kilometre route that Mideast oil supplies must now take to reach Chinese ports. The project received a major boost when control of Gwadar was transferred to Chi ...
Pak requests $27.3B worth of projects for China to fund in exchange for access to Gwadar port via
A large number of Sharks are often hunted by fisherman at port of Gwadar, Balochistan Pakistan
collaborating to build terminal at Port -
collaborating to build terminal at Gwadar Port
We messed up Port Gwadar by handing it over to nincompoops of Port Singapore Authority who did ZILCH all these years
Have been hearing since last 10 years. Gwadar will take another 35 years to become working port.
Gwadar port can be equipped & used for Afghan transit trade & US /ISAF cargo. Highway to Qandhar will bring prosperity enroute
Chinese lafd QUETTA: Reposing their confidence on the improved security situation in port city of G...
China conducts study for rail link to Pakistan via PoK - China has reportedly commissioned a "preliminary research study" to build an international rail link connecting its border province of Xinjiang to Pakistan, a contentious project from India's perspective as it runs through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). China has allocated funds for preliminary research on building an international railway connecting its westernmost city of Kashgar in Xinjiang with Pakistan's deep-sea Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea, state-run China Daily quoted the director of Xinjiang's regional development and reform commission, Zhang Chunlin, as saying on Saturday. "The 1,800-km China-Pakistan railway is planned to also pass through Pakistan's capital of Islamabad and Karachi," Zhang said at the two-day International Seminar on the Silk Road Economic Belt being held in Urumqi, Xinjiang's capital. "Although the cost of constructing the railway is expected to be high due to the hostile environment and complicated geographic condi ...
international railway connecting Kashgar in Xinjiang with Pakistan’s deep-sea Gwadar Port ...
Washington fears that the Port might be used as a listening post to monitor US military activities in the Persian Gulf
Gwadar port has no civilian depth to cater to,shipping from there to China is way too dangerous, sleep tight :)
Forget Gwadar port if Pakistan succeeds in Talibanization of Balochistan.
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World’s largest deep sea port is Gwadar. That's my
Had USSR "won" in Afghanistan, they would have had access to port of Gwadar in Pak., and thus able to export C. Asian oil/gas.
This insurgency was engineered to prevent port from becoming operational and connect and
Pakistani officials approved 9 development projects at the Port of Gwadar, at a cost of approximately $17 million
Reading book on geopolitics of Ind Ocean. Oman controlled Gwadar in Pak til 1958. Now, port being developed by China.
The Gwadar port is the world's third deepest Port.
After the construction of Gwadar port in we shall not be less than Dubai.
The CM said the federal and provincial governments wanted to build the Port at fast track
European fish import from Pakistan to begin through Gwadar Port in two months: National The European countries have lifted ban on fish import from Pakistan which would begin in next two months through Gwadar Port, bringing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the country besides boosting exports as well as increase the port throughput significantly. This was stated by the port and shipping minister Kamran Michael while briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Ports and Shipping, which met here on Thursday with Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah in the chair. "Since the Gwadar Port establishment it could not be operational optimally and resultantly no significant increase was observed in trafficking," the minister said. Dostain Khan Jamaldini Chairman Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) said that no export is being made through the port since its establishment and only urea and wheat is being imported. However, now the country is self-sufficient in wheat as well and only urea is being imported. The country has imp ...
PM approves nine projects worth US$1.7bn to make Gwadar port functional ISLAMABAD: Minister for Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael on Thursday informed the National Assembly that Prime Minister has approved nine projects costing US $1.7 billion to make Gwadar Port functional. Replying during Question Hour in the House, the minister said that the port is the third Deep Sea Port of the country which is ready in all respects to cater for both import and export. Presently it is handling import of bulk urea of TCP as per decision of ECC and in near future it will handle the export goods also. Gwadar Port can handle ships of 50,000 DWT making it comfortable for the imports as well as importers to ship maximum cargo on single large ship, the minister informed. Parliamentary Secretary Industries and Production Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan said that the government did not determine the prices of cement. Cement industry is in the private sector as such prices are governed by market mechanism only and the government has n ...
If Govt of Pakistan make Mian Shahbaz Shareef full authority Chairman of Gwadar Port than, what will be the results??? Share Views
Baloch Dalai Lama urges Baloch people from Helmand to Chabahar from Sarbaz to Karachi from Jacobabad to Pasni from Dera Ghazi Khan to Jiwani and from Oman and Ajman to Bahrain to tell the Punjabi and mohajir thugs and their Chinese masters, in one voice, they will not be allowed to *** Gwadar Port from the Baloch.
The Chinese are currently upgrading some 600 kilometers of the China-Pakistan highway. The KKH was built in 1986 from Kashgar through Pakistan and the upgrade will make it suitable for heavy container traffic and linking it to Gwadar Port. China and Pakistan are also working to link Gwadar port and Xinjiang through a new Chinese-financed railway network. This will turn Gwadar Port and the KKH into a trade corridor for China and other Central Asians countries and create in Gwadar an energy, transport, and industrial hub providing direct and economical access to the Arabian Sea for both China and resource rich Central Asian states. Why Alliances ? 1. You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many customers. 2. Alliancing is the quickest, most effective way to re-engineer a business. 3. Well, you have NO CHOICE but to keep running faster just to stay in place. If you rely solely on your ability to implement internal change, you may not make it. 4. You can adapt by changing your organization's relation ...
Daily Times Monitor LAHORE: Frontier Post Chief Editor Rehmat Shah Afridi criticised Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif in a TV interview on Tuesday and showed documents that he said were proofs of the former Prime Minister’s corruption. The veteran journalist claimed that the PML-N chief had once earned Rs 330 million in a day by allotting 24 sugar plants to various people. He also alleged that Nawaz wanted to give the contract for developing the Gwadar Port to a defaulted American company in 1999. Afridi said Nawaz had received a huge sum of money from Osama Bin Laden in Madina in the name of jihad. He told Osama he would assist Gulbadin Hekmatyar and Haji Zaman, but the warlords did not receive a penny. Nawaz brought to Pakistan Rs 1.49 billion of the sum and used Rs 270 or Rs 290 million of it against Benazir Bhutto in the 1990 no-confidence move. Jamaat-e-Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad also knew about this money, Afridi said. He said Nawaz had betrayed and robbed all his frien ...
KARACHI: Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael has said Gwadar Port will be made fully...
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I don't think India can or should pull of a gwadar like port. The peace b/w US Israel is temporary.
(Biz) Finishing touches: Port to be operational in six months
Gwadar port is located in which country ?
Race with Gwadar is on. MT After Geneva, India & Iran trying to fast-track overhaul of Chabahar port
Chinese offer to build rail link December 02, 2013 Railway Engineering offered to construct Gwadar to Khunjerab rail link at an estimated cost of 250 billion rupees. The cost includes 160 billion rupees infrastructure as well as the 90 billion purchase of locomotives on electric traction basis. The project's completion time is four years. The consortium has offered to extend a loan for the entire project on soft terms. Given Pakistan's state of the economy and a burgeoning budget deficit, an offer to complete an infrastructure project with obvious positive economic fallout on our economy through meeting the entire cost of the project would be welcomed. Khunjerab Pass already boasts of the highest paved road crossing of Pakistan and China that was completed in 1982. Due to heavy snowfall impassable roughly from However, in 2007 an investigation was carried out with respect to the construction of a railway link between Havelian in Pakistan to Kashgar in China; and in 2009, a feasibility was carried out whic ...
The much-needed construction work on the link roads to Gwadar Port in India has been progressing very well
New post on PAKISTAN DEFENCE NEWS BLOG | Suspicious Hideout of Maulvi Fazlullah in Afghanistan! Isn’t Questionable? by admin Maulvi Fazlullah hiding out in Afghanistan The history of attacks at bus stops, markets, trains, and public processions is very old. The details of these terrorist activities are present in the newspapers since 1980s from Boree Bazar Karachi to Qisa Khawani Bazar Peshawar. For these terrorist bomb blasts many Indian terrorists (agents) of RAW got arrested and were awarded different sentences by Pakistani courts. Most of these terrorists were released as heroes by the last govt. while few are still completing their sentence in Pakistani prisons. Leaving aside the time device and remote control bomb blasts, suicide bomb blasts were first time witnessed in Pakistan in 2004, when neither America has started drone attacks in Northern tribal areas of Pakistan (some elements in Pakistan have been misguiding the public that TTP are taking revenge from innocent Pakistani ...
So much for our strategic importance The deed has been done. The US-Iran deal has been agreed upon and like most international pacts, this one, too, has the power to change the course of the world as we know it today. While Pakistan continues to struggle with its demons of corruption, terrorism and strife, as well as its delusions of being strategically important to the US, Iran has gone ahead and mended its 30-year long, animosity-laden relationship with the US under the new leadership of President Hassan Rowhani. What this new development means for Pakistan is anybody’s guess. The US-Iran alliance will provide the US with an alternative route to Afghanistan for Nato supplies, thereby undermining Pakistan’s to-date strategic importance in the region. Moreover, access to Iran will allow the US the use of the country’s Chah Bahar port and provide an alternative to the Gwadar port in Pakistan. Of course, more progressive policies under President Rowhani can also lead to stronger alliances between Indi ...
India conveyed its plan to Iran towards developing Chah-bahar port there that would ensure connectivity with Afghanistan and Central Asia even though the recent Iran-P5+1 interim deal has not reached a decisive point. The development of Chah-bahar port — around 80 km away from Pakistan’s Gwadar port- has been affected by the uncertainty of sanctions on Iran and Finance minister P Chidambaram who has conditioned his permission on the port, by demanding a certain percentage return on investment from the port development project. About Chah-bahar Port: Afghanistan and Iran inked an agreement which will permit Afghanistan to use Iran’s south-eastern Chabahar port for shipments and trade. Why Afghanistan needs to use port of Iran? Afghanistan is a landlocked country thus it needs to use Iran’s port for its shipments and trade. Strategic location of Chabahar port Chah Bahar is Iran’s southernmost city. Iran’s closest and best access point to the Indian Ocean. It is the only Iranian port with direct ...
PAKISTAN BEAUTIFUL. GWADER - Balochistan. Gwadar is a planned free trade port city on the southwestern warm water...
As the media are not reporting it, here is what's really going on in Thailand... Thailand: Uprooting Wall Street's Proxy Regime Unprecedented protests have taken to the streets in Bangkok, now for weeks, where at times, hundreds of thousands of protesters have appeared. Estimates range up to two million people at peak points, making them the largest protests in recent Thai history. The protests aim at ousting the current government after it ignored a recent court ruling finding their attempts to rewrite the constitution illegal. The current government of Thailand is being openly run by a convicted criminal, Thaksin Shinawatra, who is hiding abroad and running the country through his own sister, Yingluck Shinawatra and his vast political machine, the “Peua Thai Party” (PTP). PTP is augmented by street mobs donning bright red shirts, earning them the title, the “red shirts,” as well as a myriad of foreign-funded NGOs and propaganda fronts. While it would seem like an open and shut case, regarding th ...
MT Chinese firms pitch to Pakistan: build railway from Xinjiang to Gwadar port + $2.3bn loan
Chinese firms pitch to Pakistan to build railway connecting Xinjiang to Gwadar port, & offer $2.3bn loan:
Chinese firms make their pitches for railway line connecting Xinjiang to Gwadar port:
Pakistan govt plans new shipyard at Gwadar port: Image:
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Pakistan govt plans new shipyard at Gwadar port: ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani government is considering setting up...
Govt plans to set up new shipyard at Gwadar Port:
Surviving Hindu Heritage in Baluchistan today Even today there are surviving evidences of the long forgotten Hindu past of Baluchistan. It may sound unbelievable, but till today there survive a few ancient Hindu temples in Baluchistan. The Hinglaj Mata Mandir is one such temple. This temple is popularly known as the Nani Mata Jo Mandir (Nani Mata's Mandir). Located about four hours drive from Karachi towards the Iranian border, this temple still attracts devotees even from the Baluch Muslim converts. It is a small temple set in the midst of a gorge, evidently it must have been moved here to prevent its idol from being destroyed by the marauding Muslims. Many Hindu temples have been moved to safer place for this reason during the dark days of Muslim tyranny. The pilgrimage to the Hinglaj temple starts with a visit to the Baba Chandrakup, a mud filled volcano that has been revered since Hindu times and is today revered by many Muslim converts too. The Nani Mandir is located on the other side of the coastal ...
Article written by one of my Political Colleague Alamgir Khan on drones. Few words for people defending drones. It seems strange!!! Mostly media persons, political parties, analysts defending drone strikes and promoting US policies. Watching *** news channels feels like as i m in Washington and watching CNN. Dollars ruined their faith. What if drone attacks were in Islamabad, Karachi(dha) or Lahore. The blood of Pakistani Tribal people seems to be the commodity exchanged with dollars which results terrorism. Tell me what is the difference between Raymond Davis and Drone attack??? Both r same. Both backed by US and killing our own people. Both violated our sovereignty. Both given diplomatic status. There is no dignity or self-respect of a beggar. One will have to stand against this imperialism and stand with own feet politically & economically. Some so called liberals of Pak still say that Pak needs US and must stick with them to stabilise our economy. US don't want us to proceed with the Iran Gas Pipelin ...
How many of you agree with this statement: WEST'S FEAR OF CHINA IS CAUSING PAKISTAN DESTABILIZATION The West wants to create a sectarian civil war in Pakistan because they fear China's rise. They fear China's capabilities if China is able to get that Gwadar port. Consider so many bomb blasts and sectarian mass killing that is taking place in Pakistan especially in Balochistan - where the Gwadar port is located. This is a west-made thing. Courtesy:
Senator Kamran Michael, Federal Minister For Ports & Shipping, inaugurated 3rd logistics, shipping & SCM conference Karachi: Federal Minister for Ports & Shipping Senator Kamran Michael has said that Gwadar Port will be made fully functional in next five months. Almost 60 per cent of development work on roads has been completed. This port will connect gulf region and middle-east to Southeast Asia. It is vital for national growth and in securing economy of Pakistan. The Federal Minister informed that government is striving to extend trade avenues and boosting business in the country. “We are going to buy four oil tankers for our fleet after which will be able to extend fleet of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) up to 15 by the end of this year,” he told. The minister was speaking as chief guest at the inaugural session of 3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain Management 2013. Event was organized by the Publicity Channel in collaboration with Ministr ...
Development of Gwadar Port and the proposed economic corridor would change the dynamics of the region: PM Nawaz Sharif
Taking charge: China poised to get control of Gwadar Port in a month via
Gwadar Port, which China has talken control of, has a special significance with reference to its geo-strategic location and potential for development of trade links with the nations of the Central Asian Republics.
Gwadar may be given special status for speedy development: Nawaz Friday, 05 July 2013 15:36 Posted by Parvez Jabri BEIJING: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that the government desires to develop Gwadar Port on Hong Kong model and it may be given special status through necessary legislation to ensure speedy execution of the project. In a meeting with President China Overseas Port Holding Company Limited Sun Ziyun, the Prime Minister said there should be no delay in the infrastructural development of Gwadar and assured government's all out cooperation to the companies engaged in Gwadar's development. He said the government wanted to develop an airport of international standard in Gwadar and called for early completion of the repair and rehabilitation works on Karakorum Highway. Nawaz Sharif said KKH was of utmost importance that should be rehabilitated without any delay so that the bilateral trade between Pakistan and China may flourish. He also urged the Chinese company's head to accomp ...
Gwadar the future of Pakistan GWADAR, “The Future of Pakistan”, is a Balochi term which translated means “Door of Wind”. However, looking into the future, it can be referred to as the “Door of Prosperous Wind”. Gwadar has geo-strategic significance due to many reasons. It is on the conduit of three most commercially important regions of the world. The oil rich Middle East, Central Asia bestowed with natural resources and South Asia having the potential for growth, for this century. The city’s strategic, warm-water, deep-sea Gwadar Port was completed in 2007.The port is 14 meters (46 feet) deep and handles the largest cargo ships to Pakistan. The city is emerging as a trade hub and a transit for Chinese oil and timber imports and transshipments. It is my belief that via Gwadar we can take Pakistan to far greater heights, provided we adequately utilize its potential, developing it in a planned way and attract potential Pakistani and foreigner investors. Pakistan has neither a dearth of human r ...
FPCCI presents Gwadar’s future potential KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Standing Committee on Gwadar Promotion and Development presented a detailed presentation on Gwadar’s future potential. Col (retd) Fazal Maqbool Afridi Chairman of the Standing Committee highlighted the importance of Gwadar in the days to come. He informed the participants Gwadar would attract a lot of investment from foreign countries particularly China in the future and thereby become an economic hub not only for Pakistan but also for the entire region owing to its geographical and strategic importance. He said Gwadar was located close to the Gulf countries, the world’s biggest oil reserves and shipping routes and also because it reduced the time consumed in moving cargo from China to the Arabian Sea from five days to one day, if the land route was completed. While comparing Gwadar Port with other ports in Pakistan, he said a ship at Port Qasim had to cross a channel of 40 kilometers ( ...
US FUNDED TERRORISTS SOWING - US POLITICAL SUBVERSION IN BALUCHISTAN Baluchistan, Target of Western geopolitical interests, Terror wave coincides with Gwadar Port handover to China. The Hidden Agenda is the Breakup of Pakistan The US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been directly funding and supporting the work of the “Baluchistan Institute for Development” (BIFD) which claims to be “the leading resource on democracy, development and human rights in Baluchistan, Pakistan.” In addition to organizing the annual NED-BFID “Workshop on Media, Democracy & Human Rights” BFID reports that USAID had provided funding for a “media-center” for the Baluchistan Assembly to “provide better facilities to reporters who cover the proceedings of the Baluchistan Assembly.” We must assume BFID meant reporters “trained” at NED-BFID workshops. While VOB fails to disclose its funding, it is a sure bet it, like other US-funded propaganda fronts, is nothing more than a US Stat ...
American Indian and Russian are trying to break with the help of funding groups in Pakistan. One such case is which is being funded and trained by merciless secret agencies not only to spread terrorism in Pakistan but also to break away and form its on separate independent state of is a strategic region highly enriched with oil, gas, gold and other natural minerals. It is a gateway to Central Asia and almost all of the gas pipelines of South Asia pass through this region. It is the only region giving access to China over warm waters because it houses Gwadar Port (world's largest Warm Water Deep Sea Port).
Author: Rear Adm (Dr) S Kulshrestha (retd) Oil tankers from Gulf transit about 6,000 nm and those from the African coast transit about 10,000 nm before they discharge their energy cargo at Chinese ports. Both the tanker routes have to pass through Malacca Straits in addition to problem zones in their respective routes. If tankers can unload at Gwadar, they would have to travel only about 680 nm from the Gulf and about 3,000 nm from African coast. To overcome this major strategic vulnerability, China is making major investments in the Karakoram-Gwadar corridor. This explains the upsurge of Chinese activity in the Gilgit- Baltistan region and the Gwadar Port. In 2008 the then chief of Naval Staff, Indian navy Admiral Sureesh Mehta said Gwadar could be used by Pakistan to “take control over the world energy jugular. This port and corridor pose a major threat to India’s energy security and would have grave implications in any two front war.” If we can think of great place-names of the past - Carthage, T ...
The Chinese Government have a Plan Not only to cater the Importance of Energy Corridor through Gwadar Port , but also to get a most viable and economical Trade and Transit route for its Products to the World , and if it is used by a trust worthy friend, then it not only helps them , but supports Pakistan also with a Better Economy ,as Not only the trade and Economic activitiy of Pakistan will enhance but Monetary benefits will also give rise to the Pakistani Economy , with the taxes , royalty and the Duties collected by the Government of Pakistan .
Chinese maritime strategy, "pearls", Gwadar; Gwadar Port, the Latest of the Chinese “Pearls” By Marco Giulio Barone. The “String of Pearls” strategy was conceived for providing Beijing with the possibility of having access to raw materials and energy supplies from the Middle East and Africa through a series of choke points along South Asia, from mainland China to Port Sudan. But this strategy has shown some vulnerability because of India’s increasing naval interdiction in the Indian Ocean[i]. From a Chinese perspective, Gwadar port may represent the solution to this threat. In fact, as part of broader agreements between China and Pakistan, several major infrastructure pivoted to Gwadar will connect China directly to the Arabian Sea[ii]. Accordingly, if China succeeded in Gwadar, the United States and India may have to redraw their grand strategy in East Asia. In a momentous decision, on January 30, 2013, Pakistan handed over the management of Gwadar port to a Chinese company, China Harbor Engine ...
If Gwadar Port can be given to China, can't one of our city's beaches be given to the Dutch.then this Heat might be a little soothing
to go ahead and complete the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and Gwadar port projects and reject any US pressure whatsoever. 2/3
MNS will serve US agenda,cancel gas pipeline project with Irann revisit Gwadar port control by Chinese n allow US influence in Pak
3 companies: China Port Holding, China Merchant & Cosco Shipping will be responsible for the handling of Gwadar port
do u know Pakistan purchased Gwadar port in Sept 1958 from Oman.
After Port of Singapore pulls out of a 40 year contract ( signed in 2007 ) China given control of strategic Gwadar Port in Pakistan.
After elections, I watched many tv programmes, discussions and analysis on policies of pml n about economy, energy, war on terror, pak-iran gas pipline, gwadar port etc. I think its premature to discuss. People give mandate to pml n, let them perform. Things will be clear after 100 days of govt fonrmation. I only pray for pml n that they fulfil their commitments with nation.
'Without developing its hinterland & connecting it to rest of the country, Gwadar's potential as a com port will remain entirely on paper.'
'According to Pak Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani, Li is expected to sign three MoUs on expanding the facilities at the Gwadar port.'
'Indian security establishment would want to pay special attention to new agreements that Li is likely to announce on upgrading Gwadar port'
Not only that, Gwadar Port is deadly for Dubai. China's stake balances power game over the waters.
If China fix this Civil Nuclear system in Gwadar it is be good that Gawadar Port will be in good running position as well as Gawadar be
Consider the following facts about China-Pakistan relations: 1.China is building the strategically significant port of Gwadar in Pakistan. 2.China proposed a railway link from Kashgar in Xinjiang through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to Pakistan. 3.China is also building the strategically located Chahbahar port in Afghanistan to contain Indian influence in the region. Which of the above statement is/are correct? a.Only 1 & 2 b.Only 1 & 3 c.Only 1 d.None of these
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Premier Li Keqiang has said “the tree of China-Pakistan friendship” was planted decades ago, nurtured by successive leaders and “is now exuberant with abundant fruits.” The two day visit, of the Chinese premier is being taken with an affirmative welcome from all sectors of the Pakistani society. It is also being taken as a positive sign that the Premier, in his first tour abroad, has made sure to re-assure the friendly ties between the two countries, even though an interim set-up is being run in the country. The Premier met the interim PM, the President and the expected PM, who is yet to take in office, in these two days. In February, Beijing had signed a pact with Pakistan over the construction and development of the strategic port of Gwadar, which could connect China to the Arabian Sea and Strait of Hormuz – a gateway for a third of the world’s traded oil, if a road net is built from the Karakorum Highway to Gwader. This project is a long-pending dream of China, and it would only be essentia ...
India Concerned Over China's Activities In Pakistan-occupied Kashmir NEW DELHI, May 25 (Bernama) -- India has expressed reservations over Chinese activities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Press Trust of India (PTI) reported. Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai said India is unconcerned over developments in other countries but where it involves the PoK, the government had conveyed its concerns to Beijing. "Our views have been passed on to China. We have serious reservations about Chinese activities in PoK," he told reporters on Friday. Mathai's response came a day after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Beijing would go ahead with its plan to build infrastructure in PoK despite India's reservations, having signed a memorandum of understanding with Islamabad on a transport corridor expected to pass through the disputed region. China has called for an economic corridor to link the country's far-western Xinjiang region to Pakistan's strategic Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea, which China helped build and is now ...
Plz ask to guarantee continuity of gas pipeline & Gwadar port project with China in your first NA speech!
Only if Govt. builds port then I am *** sure that Gwadar will become richer n better than Dubai.
Shahbaz Sharif In Karachi-Metro Bus will be introduced in Karachi
IP gas line: Munawwar urges new government to reject US pressure remove gas pipeline ... -
Gwadar Port was bought by pakistan but the amount was paid by prince karim aga khan.
China takes over operational control of Pakistan's Gwadar Port -
takes over operational control of Gwadar Port
Li Keqiang, the Chinese PM, who like his old predecessor, Zhou Enlai is always smiling, has indicated that he does not mean that. At Islamabad, he explained that while the Sino-Indian friendship was widening, the Pak-China relation was becoming deeper.
"Peace in Balochistan following success of Gwadar Port; injects billions of revenue; Country prospers drastically" - future headlines
"PIA banned from international flight service for the next ten years. Gwadar Port successfully launches cruise service." - future headlines
takes over management of strategic Port in Province
India to develop Iran port for access to Afghanistan With Pakistan continuing to deny India transit access to Afghanistan, New Delhi is trying to complete as early as possible the formalities for entering into an agreement with Iran for the development of the Chabahar Port which will provide it a vital link to transport its goods to the war-ravaged nation. The Union Cabinet is expected to shortly approve a proposal to invest about $ 100 million for the development of the south-eastern Iranian port city of Chabahar to sustain India’s presence in Afghanistan and through it to Central Asia. The Chinese presence at Pakistan’s Gwadar Port has accentuated the need for India to move fast on the Chabahar project, keeping in mind its geo-strategic interests in the region after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 2014. Iran, it is learnt, is also keen on attracting Indian investment in the Chabahar project since port infrastructure is one of the areas which does not attract US sanctions against ...
America wants pak to get rid off gwadar port
We've reservations about rail line connecting Pakistan’s port with because it crosses Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai
China already has what it needs from Pak i.e Gwadar port admin. Just wanted to make sure NS doesn't change his mind.
For PMLN this election is war between Ameer and Ghareeb. now i know wo gareeb ko ameer kion nahi honay dytay:). tu phir un ko vote kon day ga.
In a significant move, China today signed a pact with Pakistan which will connect the latter's strategically important port of Gwadar to it via rail, road and air routes. The crucial deal was inked during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Islamabad today.
China takes over operational control of Gwadar Port - -
Why the Sino-Pak alliance is economically worthless By Farooq Tirmizi Published: May 22, 2013 Pakistan’s leaders love using laughably outrageous metaphors in describing the country’s relationship with China, yet the truth is that this so-called alliance means almost nothing positive for the Pakistani economy. All of Islamabad – indeed all of Pakistan – appears to be bending over backwards in laying out the red carpet to welcome Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. But the fact of the matter is that China will give Pakistan almost nothing, and this two-day trip is really only being made by the Chinese premier to avoid slapping Islamabad in the face completely, after having made his first trip abroad a three-day visit to India, in a key signal about the real shifts in Chinese foreign policy. Pakistanis love to proclaim China as our “all-weather friend. In his last visit to China, former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani described the relationship as “higher than mountains, deeper than oceans, stronger tha ...
has successfully taken over the operational control of Port on Thursday.
China takes over the operational control of Gwadar Port; include more updates – Shajar Research: China takes o...
American Ambassador held meeting with NS and shows concern over Gwadar Port to China and Pak Iran Gas Pipeline Projects sources
China takes over operational control of Pakistans Gwadar Port
How irresponsible statement. Nawaz Sharif initiated the Gwadar Port Project & also persuaded China to invest $200Mn in 1999.
| The vision of Nawaz Sharif when he initiated the Gwadar Port in the 1990's on it's way to become a Reality.
Gwadar Port to be connected with China via Rail, Road & Air Routes. Pact between & China signed.
One common thing about all my PMLN friends is none of them is complaining about load shedding!
Country needs China’s help in full utilisation of Gwadar port: KCCI - Nation
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Pakistan's deep-water port in China today, has taken over management of Gwadar Port, China Port linking the Coastal Road United Way will provide built-in support. February Gwadar port in proper decision made control was handed over to China today, three companies including China Port Holdings will b...
China takes over operational control of Gwadar Port - Pakistan Daily Times
To confirm please check Pml n members views about gwadar port (they try to confuse that with provincial autonomy) in shows
China-Pakistan deal on economic corridor passing through PoK: To link Xinjiang to the port of Gwadar on Arabian Sea
What is the best solution for making good relation with china. (a) by settling border issue. (b) by increasing trade (c) by increasing culture and tourism exchange. *recent GD topic at allahabad.
acquires charge of Gwadar Port Trust from today says port authority.
Balochistan: China And Pakistan Strike Gwadar Port Deal: Beijing and Islamabad have signed an agr...
China assumes charge of Gwadar Port - The News International
Pakistan inviting China to take over the Gwadar port. Now that is a great idea, right. Pakistanis are such losers.
Oil from KSA on way . dont worry ppl we will be getting electricity soon :) but with some gifts in terms of agreement with KSA - Additional Drones and Taxes - which can never solve the security issues in Pakistan - Shutting down gas pipe line project with Iran - which is not acceptable to Saudis but alternate energy solution for Pakistan - Shutting down Gawadar Port agreement with China - which is not acceptable for US & Gulf Countries but gold mine for Pakistan Congrats Pakistan for another US & UK dependent Government ...
China assumes charge of Gwadar Port - ISLAMABAD: China has formally assumed charge of Pakistan s deep-water Gwadar...
has formally assumed charge of deep-water Port following an agreement signed b/w
China assumes charge of Gwadar Port -
A senior government official said the Saudis are looking to help out the incoming PML-N government led by Nawaz Sharif.
You are here: Home | National | Balochistan | China to built 2500 km road connecting Chinese border with Gwadar
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Chines Prime Minister visit PAKISTAN Importance ? why he visited first and so urgent ?.Looks some thing Burning out in comming days.
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan and China Wednesday vowed to further consolidate their time-tested ties and signed a number of accords and MoUs, including the one for establishing an economic corridor that would provide air, rail and road connectivity to bolster bilateral trade between the neighbouring
and the activity starts ! ISLAMABAD: China and Pakistan should make cooperation on power generation a priority, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said, as Islamabad seeks to end an energy crisis that triggers power cuts of up to 20 hours a day, bringing the economy to a near standstill. AGREEMENTS The two countries signed a series of cooperation documents covering the economy, culture, and science and technology. Pakistan and China signed eleven agreements, Memoranda of Understanding and documents to strengthen and diversify cooperation in economy, science and technology, space and upper atmosphere communication and boundary management. These were signed by officials of the two countries at a ceremony held at the presidency after talks between President Zardari and the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang. The two leaders witnessed the signing ceremony. The agreements include those on economic and technical cooperation, boundary management system, Sino-Pak Border Posts and their Management System, satellite navigat ...
Nawaz-Kayani meeting Mohammad Jamil Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani met with Prime Minister-in-waiting Mian Nawaz Sharif, and reportedly discussed matters of national security, war on terror, regional peace and other relevant issues. General Kayani briefed Mian Nawaz Sharif on the security situation, and shared views with him on Pakistan ties with US, Afghanistan, India and other regional states in the context of war on terror and foreign troops' pullout from Afghanistan by the end of next year. As regards dealing with the militants, Mian Nawaz Sharif has always held the view that the issue should be resolved by means of dialogue, and TTP's offer for dialogue should be considered seriously. Instead of issuing statements, Mian sahib should start working even before taking over as to who he should talk to, because there are fissures in the TTP. Secondly, parameters of the negotiations with the TTP should be drawn, because the experience of negotiations and agreements with Maulvi Fazlullah ...
Li Kegiang, the chinese Prime Minister, made his first foreign visit to India on 18 May 2013 in a bid to resolve border disputes and to stimulate economic relations. He said the choice of India as the first international visit highlights Chinese importance in its relations with the is official now...pakistan is number one only on the lists of terrorists, would be terrorists, militants, extremists etc...
Pakist­an would do well to stop having unreal­istic expect­ations of assist­ance from its giant neighb­our.
China to built a Naval Military Base at Gwadar Port'. CHINESE Premier
Today attended the lunch hosted by the President and dinner hosted by Prime Minster. I had the opportunity to meet the Chinese Premier and our leader Nawaz Sharif.
Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif sb, is the best Leader of Pakistan. He is a great Leader as well as a nice, Pious, Educated, Sensible, and Committed person too. He has the Vission and ability to make Pakistan in to Asian Tiger.
The Foreign Ministry in Islamabad said Sunday that Pakistan and China will sign several memorandums of understanding during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Pakistan, starting Wednesday.
Abuzar Ilyas reporting about Geo Political affairs: A senior analyst said that when he was on visit to China with an Official delegation, he asked Chinese Vice PM that 'how much you can collaborate with Pakistan' and he replied that 'we can collaborate in every field to every extent'. The analyst also said that Chinese PM clearly announced that 'China will make a Naval Military Base near Gwadar Port'.
without any hesitation- i can say, this Election was MOST RIGGED ELECTION in the history of pakistan Thank you CJ iftikhar, Fakhru Bhai and American Chief of Staff Ashfaq Kiyani
Is Pakistan and China are real friend ? If Yes what he did for Pakistan ?
I think Chinese PM visited to protect Gwadar Project and It is a mean and cheap stanse to visit Pakistan in Caretaker regime. My remark It was impataince visit by Chinese PM.
Keqiang arrived in Islamabad on the heels of a visit to India, his first trip abroad since becoming premier.
Pak China Relationship. China–Pakistan relations began in 1950 when Pakistan was among the first countries to break relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan and recognize the PRC. Relations between Pakistan and China are very brotherly. Following the 1962 Sino-Indian War, both countries have placed considerable importance on the maintenance of an extremely close and supportive relationship. Since then, the two countries have regularly exchanged high-level visits resulting in a variety of agreements. The PRC has provided economic, military and technical assistance to Pakistan and each considers the other a close strategic ally. Bilateral relations have evolved from an initial Chinese policy of neutrality to a partnership that links a smaller but militarily powerful Pakistan, partially dependent on China for its economic and military strength, with China attempting to balance competing interests in the region. Diplomatic relations were established in 1950, military assistance began in 1966, a strate ...
Pakistan and China to sign MOUs on development of strategic Gwadar port
President Zardari awards Chinese PM with Nishan-e-Pakistan, Aseefa bz and Chairman PPP Bilawal bhutto are also present
Pti and mqm are doing home work to destabilize pakistan.
Chess game started by AZ (in Feb) has reached decisive phase and it will uncover quite a few players very badly. Specially after the visiting Chinese Premier's meetings with AZ and Pakistan conferring upon him Nishan-e-Pakistan.
Finally what everyone has been waiting for. premiere of china visiting pakistan. A little worried about the gwadar port ... Who else has their doubts?
Li’s Pak. visit to deepen ‘all-weather’ ties: Plans to develop Chinese-run Gwadar port likely to figure in Wednesday’s talks
Laughter Therapy Iranian Vice President Muhammad Reza Rahimi tells Nawaz Sharif, "Iran is prepared to supply gas and electricity to Pakistan.''
Gwadar Port. Agreement with China. If we are handling Bin Qasim Port than Why we cant handle Gwardar Port? Should we cancel the agreement or remain it? Plz give me logical answer.
India's Love Affair With Pakistan After PM Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Gilani’s historic meeting in Egypt the joint press release stated that composite dialogue should not be linked to terrorism. It is one more climb down by India who had consistently maintained that the talks could not take place till the perpetrators of 26/11/ crime were punished. After the Mumbai train blasts of 2006, India refused to talk to Pakistan but in a turnaround similar to that in Sharm el-Sheikh, agreed to resume foreign secretary-level talks when Musharraf met Singh in Havana. Perhaps Indian Prime Ministers should not attend NAM summits because the environment makes them forgetful and forgiving. India nearly went to war with Pakistan after the 2001 attack on Parliament. Talks were suspended only to resume in end 2003. Grouped under three categories, here is a quick recap of what the *** have done to India since 1947. First the four Indo-Pak wars: • On 22/10/1947 the Pakistan Army headquarters informed De . ...
Balochistan: Pakistan's Next Headache?   The international community is anxiously waiting to see if the forthcoming elections in Pakistan can provide a solution to Islamic insurgency and stabilize the country. While the impact of Pakistan's instability on post-NATO Afghanistan is widely discussed, it is important to examine sources of domestic instability in Pakistan that are not directly related to Afghanistan but which might have implications for the transatlantic community. Balochistan, a province which accounts for more than half of Pakistan's area but less than five per cent of its population, could be the next major trouble spot in the country and the region. Unlike other provinces in  Pakistan, it is not inextricably linked to the rest of the country, though it is a net supplier of mineral resources to other provinces. Its peoples' sentiment toward Islamic nationalism and extremism is best captured in the words of thelate Nawab Akbar Bugti: "I have been a Baloch for several centuries. I have been ...
Since the two premiers did not take any questions after their meeting and only read out their respective statements before the media at Hyderabad House, the Joint Statement released shortly after the talks is the only instrument in the public domain through which one can *** and analyse Li’s visi...
Nawaz Sharif= International NRO+Influence of the House of Saud Wish lists 1. Safe Passage to the US-led troops and ammunition etc. through Chaman Border to the Pakistani ports 2. Revisiting Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project 3. Curtail the Chinese Control of Gwadar Port This is my bits of analysis. I may be wrong but the circumstances and events are indicated to unfold likely.
China and India are destined to be together. They should work hand in hand if Asia is to become the anchor of world peace
The PML-N government will find itself in quicksand with so many adversaries fighting in so many directions on so many fronts One of the salient features of the last week’s ‘free and fair’ elections was the polling of more than hundred percent. If that was the case generally in Pakistan then the situation in Balochistan was even more incredible. According to a report published in the Daily Times, “Though the Election Commission of Pakistan has said that the election turnout was more than 50 percent, local Baloch activists reported a very small turnout of around three percent only. Political observers believe a direct threat from the insurgents and calls of wheel-jam strike from the nationalist parties like the Balochistan National Front, Baloch Republican Party in the Baloch-dominated areas curtailed public rallies before the polls and produced a very low turnout in the province on the Election Day.” Balochistan whose large parts were annexed through deceit and military aggression by the Pakistan ...
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Gwadar Port? The Indians fear that through administrative control of this port, China might get access to the strategically important Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea and even extend its military clout to these waters by using this port as a naval base. Although Pakistan and China have made it clear that this port is commercial and would not be used for military purposes, Indian apprehensions have not been allayed. Each and every nation is within its sovereign rights to develop its ports and give their management and control to any country it finds suitable. Pakistan could not give control of such an important strategic asset to an unreliable country that has entered into strategic partnership with its main adversary and itself denied the same privilege despite the fact that it is its old friend, the greatest non-NATO ally and the front-line state in the War against Terror.By Iftikhar Ahmad.
94. As a growing Concern about increasing influence of China in Indian Ocean Region.which of the following statement is correct 1. It's increasing influence is commonly reffered as 'String Of Pearls'. 2. China has naval bases in Sittwe port in Myanmar, Chittagong in Bangladesh, Hambantota in Srilanka, Marao in Maldives, Gwadar in Pakistan, Lamu in Kenya. 3. On 12th December, 2011 it announced that to set up its first military base abroad in Seychelles,to seek back up required during escort Mission for it's Navy. Codes: (a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1 and 3 (d) All
Pakistan is set to become the fifth Asian country to use China's domestic satellite navigation system, launched as a rival to the US global positioning system, a report said Saturday.
Gwadar port has much strategic importance for China. This port is like jugular vein for China’s defense, trade and regional benefits. That is why China has invested 198 million dollars for coastal highway construction which connects Gwadar port with Karachi. The important reason of China’s interest in this project is that she has no port of warm water for transportation of planes throughout year for trade. China’s Chinghai port has distance of 4300km from its industrial area while Gwadar port is only 2500km far from its industrial area where warm water is a source of trade for whole year. Through construction of Gwadar port Western China will also be developed because distance of Gwadar port is 1500km from Kasgher while China’s Eastern coast is 3500km far from Kasgher. According to economic experts, this port will be helpful for China’s oil and gas imports. This port made it possible for us to connect directly with African and Gulf countries. If America blocks street of Melaka for China then sti ...
What does the lengthy meeting today, between the Army Chief and the PML-N Chief (not yet officially designated PM) suggest ?
Every body request to nawaz s do not stop two projects (Gwadar port & iran gas line) other wise your party same position like PPP.
Aoa Pakistanis , just a few questions circling in this Pakistani s mind... 1 . What will happen to our relationship with china , gwadar port and other Chinese projects bcoZ nawaz govt is us of a s puppy dog 2 . What abt Iran gas pipe line and power projects? 3. US of a has made the statent that no matter what we won't stop drone attacks so with Nawaz Sharif as our premier and imrankhan coalition with jamat islami how will pti achieve that ?? Just a few thoughts ... Was USA and ksa involved in rigging enmasse in Punjab? Cuz this province makes up the chunk of our govt... It would be interesting to follow our foreign policy this time ... And most importantly our youth must watch the process like hawks. BcoZ ppl Sab say Pehlay Pakistan !! Paindabad ...
Syed Jamaluddin´s campaign for an independent state for urdu speaking people living in Karachi and other cities in SINDH province of Pakistan
Navy beefs up security at Gwadar Port, western coast
"Pakistan needs more regional trade... projects like the gas pipeline, Gwadar port + Gwadar-Ratodero road"
China makes inroads into pakistan and gains access to the Arabian Sea with its takeover of Gwadar Port
China is ‘the new West’ for many "Pakistani" students: When Misbah Rashid taught Chinese 30 years ago, few signed up. Today her department has more than 200 Pakistani students, increasingly attracted by the prospect of an affordable education and a job. For decades, a foreign education was the preserve of the richest who could afford the stratospheric expense of sending their progeny to Oxford or Harvard to mingle with an international Westernised elite. But Rashid’s pupils are mostly middle class. Ambitious and academic, they lack the means to afford an American or British education and so they sign up for Mandarin Chinese at the National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad. Some of them hope to get a job with a Chinese company in Pakistan. Others will go on to further studies in China, which offers around 500 scholarships a year and cheaper fees. A course in China costs a few thousand dollars a year, compared with the tens of thousands of dollars US and British universities charge. What is ...
Gwadar, an advanced sea port, was developed Six hundred, fifty kilometers of coastal highways were constructed
Gulf States, especially UAE and Iran consider Gwadar as an emerging rival port in the region.
Gas pipeline, Gwadar Port decisions to boost economy
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