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Guy Penrod

Guy Penrod is a gospel music singer, who is mostly known for his work as the lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band, a position he held from 1994–2008.

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The drafted a guy in the Top 10 and won’t play him. So many questions.
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Tune in now to see The Little's on Guy Penrod's Gospel Music Showcase!
A few tickets opened up via online cancellations for tonights concert with Guy Penrod. get them online.
It took an hour and 5 people, but we caught a baby squirrel that showed up in the living room. Sorry little guy but the ren…
Guy Penrod/Revelation Song via [in this video you will see Jehovah manifesting His presence while they sing
Caldwell passes 2 of 4 downs inside the 1 smh let your big money QB follow his center up the guy for 6!
It was an honor having Guy Penrod and his family shop with us this week in our Pigeon Forge, TN store.
Check out our Exclusive Interview w/ Guy Penrod ft. TOBYMAC! Share for your Chance to WIN! -
Is Guy Penrod and his hair going to show up?
Through It All by Guy Penrod..🎵I thank Him for the mountains, valleys and storms🎵 ♫
This week on GMS, Guy Penrod welcomes the heartfelt harmonies of Watch this Sat. at 2:30 and Sun. a…
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Through It All - Guy Penrod... Come join us at We play music 24 Hours a day!
Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Russ Taff and Bill Gaither - Knowing You'll Be There Live Performance!! Buy it now:……
I appreciate that my guy, I got some stuff in the works rn I'll let you in on soon no doubt
I found this awesome recording of "Well Understand it Better By and By" on
There's just not a lot of people that can sing better than Guy Penrod.
Your perfect love is casting out fear Guy Penrod - You Never Let Go (Live)
I was as as just about anybody & I still don't really trust the guy but when he makes a strong move, credi…
You're talking to a guy who's fought communist up close.That leftist BS doesn't rub onme
The love of God is greater far.Than tongue or pen can ever tell
I added a video to a playlist Bill & Gloria Gaither - Then Came the Morning [Live] ft. Guy Penrod
Guy Penrod - Even When We Do: # Playing via our Mob APP & on - - :# The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
I'm listening to "I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Cavalry" by on
Nothing But The Blood by Guy Penrod - Hymns listen live at
Have you purchased your tickets to see Guy Penrod live at First Baptist Wagener on Monday, Dec. 5? Don't miss out!
The real is coming to our little town Mon. Dec. 5. Get tickets now!
I have 1 Artist Circle reserved ticket for the Guy Penrod Christmas…
Click to listen to the song 'Amazing Love' performed by Guy Penrod
Grammy and GMA Award-winning recording artist Guy Penrod is bringing his Christmas concert to First Baptist...
I asked this old guy if he found everything he was looking for and he gestured to his wife and said "36 years ago" 😭
Get your tickets now to hear in concert in Wagener Dec. 5.
Guy Penrod's voice alone can bring about world peace.
Listening to Guy Penrod, Larry Ford, Larnelle Harris-I Will Sing Of My Redeemer on my Android phone . A great song!
Guy Penrod - Then Came the Morning Live Performance!! Buy it now:
Now Playing: Guy Penrod - We'll Understand It Better By And By , @ Where you turn to Learn,
. Amazing-U'll put our country N2 the hands of the worlds biggest grifters B/C UR feeling R hurt B/C UR guy didn't win?? SMH!!
You've seen him countless times with Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band, now join Guy Penrod and the Heights...
What happened to the eccentric, positive ideas guy Newt Gingrich? Does the GOP really want the dudes who discarded their wives?
Count Your Blessings by Guy Penrod - Hymns listen live at
Sinner Saved By Grace by The Best of Guy Penrod listen live at
I'll see your Super Ted and raise you a Penrod Pooch ... He's the number one super guy!
I added a video to a playlist Guy Penrod Crusade in Van Wert Ohio
Hey I wish he was a little taller but we got a great pick and the got the guy on their board! Awesome
What a song of the Love of God and our responsibility to each other.
Paxton Lynch is a read-option QB, a huge guy, but a huge project. I'd rather see them get Cook...more pro ready.
Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing I Saw the Light (feat. Jessy Dixon, Guy Penrod, Lillie Knauls,...
I really want the Gaither Vocal Band or Guy Penrod to just come to Newfoundland or Toronto.
had a blast working with Indiana guy, at a super bowl in Indianapolis.
I'm listening to The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference by on
Ted is being really smart. I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee but I can't support him over a track record guy now
choir practice w/ Des is so much fun. we've determined we have musicgraphic memories😂😂 & NOW YOU KNOW WHO GUY PENROD IS!
This campaign is a fun hobby where Ben Carson is getting attention. He is a decent guy but not a credible candidate
Say what you want, but the new Guy Penrod album is Awesome!!
Had a fantastic day at Bill Bailey's Winter Convention last night with Guy Penrod, Mark Trammell Qt, Booth Brothers!
Guy Penrod is making his first appearance at Bill Bailey's Winter Gospel Music Convention in Palmetto, Florida.
Live Hymns & Worship by Guy Penrod: Known and loved for his heartfelt, country gospel sty... Christian Music
More Power To Ya by Guy Penrod; Music is one of the best ways that I know of 2 share my thoughts/feelings :) ♫
There's no way this guy is white.. But let's just say he is for our confidence
Guy Penrod Live CD and DVD, and Passion: Salvation's Tide is Rising are both new CD's available at
well if you want teddy Bridgewater 2.0, Goff is your guy
This is my jam: The Old Gospel Ship by Bill Gaither on Guy Penrod Radio ♫
Guy Penrod has a new "live" DVD coming out at the end of January! It's gonna be spectacular! Don't miss getting...
Jesus is love - Lionel Richie . Call his name - Howard Hewett . Thanks to Calvary - Old friends . It is well - David Phelps, Guy Penrod
Here is the Gaither Vocal Band a few years back with Guy Penrod taking the lead on "Why Me Lord".
This is Shaggy. He knows exactly how to solve the puzzle but can't talk. All he wants to do is help. 10/10 great guy https:/…
This Guy Penrod, ever heard his song Through it all?. Lets yearn to know God more and live for Him.
Listening to Guy Penrod. It's a good evening.
Nice pass to the big guy out of UGA!
then how about I send my guy to knock you out?
"The King Is Coming" Guy Penrod is a gospel music singer, who is mostly known for his work as the lead singer of...
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love hearing Guy Penrod sing praise GOD
Hopefully if you live in Enterprise, you got to go to the Guy Penrod concert last month
Guy Penrod is on the stage here at Oakland City University!
Guy Penrod fans...he will be at the Newberry Opera House this Thursday.
I WAS A CHOIR DIRECTOR FOR YEARS: At Temple Baptist, Hobbs, NM, Guy Penrod was in my choir. I was their...
I need You more, more than yesterday ♫ I Need You More by Guy Penrod —
Fantastic praise and worship with Guy Penrod and a packed house
The 8 p.m. Guy Penrod concert at the Hudsonville Community fair has been moved indoors to the Fairhaven Church. FYI :)
The Guy Penrod concert will be at fair haven tonight too, choir students might want to get there early or carpool. 🎶
Guy Penrod concert in Hudsonville is getting moved to Fairhaven Church tonight!
Guy Penrod who use to be part of the Gaithers.
this storm caused us to move our Guy Penrod concert to Fairhaven church. Spread the word if possible.
Can you help and get the word out that our Guy Penrod concert is moved to Fairhaven church tonight?
rain is forcing us to move our concert to Fairhaven church tonight for Guy Penrod.
We are moving our Guy Penrod concert to Fairhaven church tonight from the storms.
pouring here, causing our Guy Penrod concert to move to Fairhaven church.
Guy Penrod concert is officially moved to Fairhaven church.
What's your guess? Will it rain for the Guy Penrod concert tomorrow night 7PM at the fairgrounds?
This is from a year ago, courtesy of Guy Penrod and Gordon Mote singing the Gaither standard,...
If you're grieving you need to hear this song!
When Kris says he's about to play "the most beautiful music you'll ever hear" and Guy Penrod starts playing.
GaitherNG -"Forgive Me"- Guy Penrod,Russ Taff,Bill Gaither,David Phelps. Forgive me, I'm so sorry, I've been so wrong
Tonight on Praise the Lord: Jan Crouch hosts Frank Santora, Jonathan McKnight, Guy Penrod, HLE Cast & Singers at Holy Land Experience in ...
Studying about revivalists from the Great Awakening while listening to David Phelps and Guy Penrod...🙌🙌🙌
***PROGRAM ALERT*** Catch The Browders today on Gospel Music Showcase with our friend Guy Penrod.
Id B ecstatic if Manziel wasnt on the team next season! The guy is a cancer & all these young players look up 2 him cuz hes a celeb.
Now THAT'S a quartet if I've ever seen one!!! Calvin Newton, Guy Penrod, Ben Speer and Gene McDonald all gather...
no I'm more of a mountain mikes kinda guy
# Would love to see you, Penrod, & @ Michael English in concert together. u 3 r the best singers in SGM atkinson
Now Playing: Guy Penrod - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms , @ Where you turn to Learn,
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I have just found the Gaithers! Oh my word they are amazing! David Phelps and Guy Penrod have amazing voices!!!
We're having a great time at the Enterprise Celebration with our friends Ricky Skaggs, Guy Penrod, Russ Taff and Mark Lowry!
I HAVE GUY PENROD TICKETS 😁😊 so if you want one, you can have it!
Guy Penrod Christmas by Guy Penrod - Gospel music mainstay and award-winning vocalist Guy Penrod celebrates the...
First song in the Guy Penrod show the entire PA system goes out! Lol jocooper85
Take My Life. Guy Penrod • Worship on God wants us to be holy. We should obey his word.
I ordered a peanut butter cup shake and the guy who gave it to me said we're gonna make babies since its his favorite shake.
Alicia surprised me, I surprised John, I fell in love with Guy Penrod, my mom is my bff, and southern…
Michigan really *** still *** They are going to have to bring in a Michigan guy to fix it. Jim Harbaugh or Les Miles?
In the theater for the maze runne, the movie hasn't even started and I don't like the main guy
***CONCERT ALERT*** Join our friend Guy Penrod on October 3rd in Lynchburg Va. for a great night of music and...
Here are pictures from Thursday afternoon from the NQC, It was great to have Guy Penrod and Jason Crabb on stage...
Sarah and Emmy with Guy Penrod's sweet wife :)
Ever since I was in elementary school, I grew up listening to Guy Penrod on Saturday mornings and have…
and I see you saw a great old friend Guy Penrod that's a neat Reunion I will try to come to NQC next year but until then have a
Guy Penrod knows what's up in the hair care department but probably wears carpenter jeans in casual settings
Mark Uhrich Sr. Tonight Guy Penrod , Tickets on sale at the door . Doors open at 6p, First Baptist Church 1401 S Covell. See you There!!!
This could have been the theme song to the message Mario brought to us this morning at Good News Church...
If you're in the area or can make your way up for Guy Penrod's night of worship that'd be amazing!…
pretty sure that the guy reporting this stuff is just making it up to bad I it would be great to have josh back
This was an amazing day. Guy Penrod is so talented!
The guy in the truck squeezing you onto the shoulder might be a jerk. But do not forget he is in a truck. Yo…
Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. ~ Guy Penrod
for someone so big and a icon to care so much about Cleveland is so amazing, idk the guy but it means so much to me
I think they'll roll with Cassell plus u know Patterson is going to be a beast. Charles is ur guy especially in a PPR league
had to toss them cause Guy Penrod has long hair
♪Don't worry about nothing ...Pray about everything ♪--Guy Penrod
Tonight on from Orlando, Jan Crouch hosts Guy Penrod, Jonathan Miller and the HLE singers and dancers. 7 PM PDT, 10…
Jason Crabb and Guy Penrod, will for the first time be featured on both the Evening Concerts and the Daytime Showcases durin…
Photos from Tracy Crouch's post in Guy Penrod in Concert - Bossier City, Louisana
This week on Gospel Music Showcase, Guy Penrod welcomes 2nd Generation: the two sisters sang with their family group, The Singing Greens, for most of their life.
Guy Penrod ladies and gentlemen. in 30 years.
Guy Penrod performing Nothing but the Blood on Marcus and Joni Originally aired: (01.29.2013)
Guy Penrod singing Yes i know in the Uppsala teather ,Suecia, Sweden, Word of Life Europe Conference.
The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference [Live] Guy Penrod is amazing too!
Having breakfast at the Omni downtown wit Bemji Gaither , Bill and Guy Penrod. Lovin it!
A message from Guy while in Scandinavia, enjoy! -The Guy Penrod Team
One more. I can't help it! Did I say I had a good time tonight? Oh, and I love Guy Penrod!
Got to meet Guy Penrod tonight. Got a pic with him too. So excited.
not saying the theory was right/wrong but he was a bit of an *** And I like the guy. Bought his DVD. Knows his stuff.
And Guy Penrod led a great sing along
Getting ready for some great gospel music with The Gaither Vocal Band, the Isaac's, the Martins, Guy Penrod, Mark Lowrey, Charlotte Ritchie, and many other great singers at Gaitherfest!
A local focus on 'Heart of the South' this weekend - Landmark, Manitoba's Don Doerksen just completed a CD (produced by Phil Cross!), so we'll be highlighting that this weekend! Every song on the program written by Phil Cross. And don't forget - the CD release concert at Prairie Rose EMC in Landmark on Sunday night. And... Guy Penrod in Brandon Monday night!
The official online home for gospel recording artist Guy Penrod
Guy Penrod is in every sense of the word a man cut from the cloth of rugged individualism.Never is this more evident than in the tracks of his first solo cou...
Oh, how i would love to meet Guy Penrod in person!! :)
This Week host Guy Penrod welcomes 2nd Generation to the program. Don't miss this episode of Gospel Music Showcase, Saturday at 5:30pm ET only on the Daystar...
Watching Gather Homecoming Classics!!! Dr. Cory O'Neal you know I'm in heaven! Larnell Harris and Sandi Patti!!! Guy Penrod, The Crabb Family and David Phelps!!
yeah Christian paid this guy to take a picture
A great composition of new Christian Music coming your way!
I want a guy that looks like Guy Penrod or nothing at all.
 ♫ Be Strong and Take Courage by Guy Penrod (with ingsi at Pancaran Kasih Hospital) —
I know you posted this message 2 days ago but just want to say yes I'd like to go back to the seventys as well this guy was
yeah your wrong because I'm the sexiest guy alive
in love with Guy Penrod's Breathe Deep album😍🎶
Important info on fall tour tickets, new music by Guy Penrod and more!
Guy Penrod to release first solo project, Breathe Deep
It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas at Larry’s Country Diner
Awesome, awesome pic of Guy Penrod in the latest Homecoming Magazine!
no doubt he's great they are both top of the league! I'm just a Berry guy.
Guy Penrod's brand new Worship CD is available for preorder starting today! .
Got to see Guy Penrod live for the first time last was awesome!!
Guy Penrod - What a Friend We Have in Jesus on Cloud 9 Radio, Listen @
Kevin Williams opening a Guy Penrod concert with the song "Blessed Assurance" on guitar at Claremore Church of the Nazarene on August 30, 2013.
Guy Penrod - On The Authority lyrics and translations
Awesome night with Guy Penrod & Jim Cymbala at the Evangelism Conference!
Closing session of beginning. Packed house w/1,550 here to see Guy Penrod and Jim Cymbala.
Guy Penrod and Jim Cymbala at live.alsbom. Org tonight 6:30cst
Be sure to come back for the evening session at 6:30 p.m. with Jim Cymbala speaking and Guy Penrod providing special music at
Mark Lowry with Guy Penrod and David Phelps - Mary, Did You Know? Live performance!!! Buy it no...
Cooking, making dip for Attie to take to her party tonight, for us to take Brian's tomorrow. Listening to Guy Penrod's hymns cd. Brings back very sweet memories of Second Baptist Church, Brother Gene Casey. Also of my mom playing and her , Lani and I singing the old hymns.󾌵󾍀
Since apparently, my mini-crisis will be averted for the time being. And I will believe in Happy New Year. While for some reason, I have The Gaither Homecoming Friends in my head now..yes, they still come on tv. And I am still partial to none other than Guy Penrod..yea, boy..Well, so is his wife and all his still love to love to listen to Jason Crabb. But, it so reminds me of dear heart. When we do get to heaven, sweet sweet music and dear calming people and sweet fellowship.
Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Bill Gaither and all their homecoming friends have wonderful voices♥
It's late. I'm watching Bill Gaither and Guy Penrod, the singer with the long gray hair singing up a storm. Some of his videos are old. You can judge by the hair styles. Why is it that male gospel singers have such strange hair styles? I do love the old songs of praise and worship with good lyrics. I always enjoyed Russ Taff when he sings. Get ready 2014 is on it's way, any day now.
Had a so-so day. The weather was warm and I got to wear my flip-flops all day. Did a lot of riding and shopping. I just had the blues today. Got up thinking about Daddy and just couldn't get him off my mind all day. So I went by *** Barrel and picked up his favorite music, The Gather Band, David Phelps and Guy Penrod. . Yes Daddy, I'm listening and missing you terribly tonight.
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No. If they love a QB & believe he's a SB-caliber guy, they should trade up. Can't pass up those guys.
Prove how smart they are? I doubt that. Take a guy that they believe will give them a chance to win SBs? Yeah.
just pulled in to work. and have been listening to Guy Penrod the whole way. "Then Came The Morning". wow! inspired and going to have a great day!
Guy Penrod with his wife and kids singing about the important role model dads need to be to their children
Gordon's quarterbacks this year makes that feat even more amazing. Guy IS the most dominant WR in NFL (along w/ Mega) r…
I really miss Guy Penrod and Michael English not being with the Gaither Vocal Band.
Bill Gaither.cnt get enough of ths beautiful music on ths wonderful sunday mrng. Take it away Guy Penrod.
FBCC: Guy Penrod in concert at Central Baptist Church in Crestview on Saturday, January 25, 2013. Tickets are $18. I will be taking the FBCC bus. If anyone is interested in going, please see me at church tomorrow or message me so I can put your name on the list. I have 4 seats left on the bus! I need to order the tickets, so please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks~
I'm late catching up here, but a big thank you to Jim Novak of Traverse City for sponsoring the Guy Penrod concert in October. Proceeds from the concert pay the education costs of the Papillion orphans and any funds remaining are designated to the orphanage project. What a blessing Jim and his family to Papillion! Guy Penrod put on a wonderful concert! Thank you Jim!
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A guy just got 8 tv's.someone is going hard in the paint
Breathe Deep: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by Guy Penrod and more.
When nick and I hung out a guy told us to listen to someone
At my KW office listening on Pandora to Guy Penrod singing, "At the cross where I first saw the light and the burdens of my heart rolled away."
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Day Twenty Seven: I am thankful that I have two sisters who enjoy the same music I do. We love to go to Gaither Concerts, Guy Penrod, David Phelps and Michael English. Thank you for the time you take away from your families to enrich our lives and praise Jesus Christ through song and worship.
Day 27 - I'm thankful for good Christian Music like Casting Crowns...Third Day.Mandisa.Toby Mac.Gaither Vocal Band...Guy Penrod...The Cathedrals.and most especially Kevin Carter and Full Assurance! Usually when I study I have music going in my office and it makes my study time much easier.
PRAYER FOR TODAY: David Mainse Lord God, I’m not capable of carrying out the wisdom of the Proverbs on my own. I ask for Your daily grace. I’m singing as I type, the old hymn written by Joseph Scrivens of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus!” (click here for a rendition of this classic song when Guy Penrod sang it on 100 Huntley Street). Amen!!!
Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing The Haven of Rest (feat. J.D. Sumner and Guy Penrod) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group. All right...
I thought I had already posted this, but I can't find it. If this a repeat for some, I apologize. It really started in the fall of 2011. It was about time to cut my hair and we suddenly had a rather cold spell of weather. I was not being rebellious, I was just cold, so I put off cutting my hair. Now, I could be wrong, but that might have actually been time for the first haircut since going to Mexico. Anyway, as it grew, I began to find that I was enjoying it...I liked it long. I had not had my hair long since before I went to Liberty. I began to think of folks like Guy Penrod (a Liberty classmate) from the Gaither Vocal Band and Hayes Cooper, a character played by Chuck Norris. People began comparing me to others such as Keith Green and Barry Gibb. One person tried to upset me by comparing me to Charles Manson and I saw that for what it was. Anyway, I found myself feeling more "at home in my own skin." When Frank Oatridge died of cancer, I went to his memorial and saw someone there who also had long hair ...
Just went to church with Guy story. And my Brother n his family...lived it, loved it.
Remember folks ... The church building is just that. A building. WE are the church! Church is not an organization. It's a living organism! -Guy Penrod Find a church you're comfortable going to that meets your spiritual needs. Listen to your heart. You'll know when you're "home" then get there as often as you can. This fellowship with others will help you through the battles and storms.
I just got back from the most amazing concert. A good friend and I went to The Paramount in Bristol to see Guy Penrod in concert. We went 2 years ago for my birthday to see him. That was a good concert, but this one was far better. This time he sang more familiar songs and hymns. It might just be me, but he seems to have found his voice again. He can really belt them out. He is right up there with Vestal Goodman and George Yontz as my favorite gospel singers. He has a truly amazing talent and I am so glad to have seen him in concert twice now!
Took my mother, Jean Eller and her sister Ruth to see Guy Penrod at the Paramount for her early birthday present. It was an awesome spirit led and blessed concert!
Tonight Guy Penrod, tomorrow the famous Blake Quesenberry at 11:00 am ;-)
Great night at the Paramount listening to Guy Penrod! Just a sweet testimony he has and beautiful singing
went and watched Guy Penrod at the Paramont in Bristol ,great concert and preaching , he is a blessed singer
Had a great night with my baby. We went out to eat then he took me to see my favorite gospel solo artist Guy Penrod!! The concert was absolutely amazing! Thank you baby for taking me! I love you Billy Barrett!!
I'm excited getting ready to see guy penrod in concert at the paramount at 7:00
Well folks, I had a wonderful time last night...I have been to the Gaither Jubilante I know two times and was sick one time and had to get it from Direct TV, and I really enjoyed them, this was a time before all the greats went home to be with the Lord...Last night I went to the Gathier Vocal Band with some of the Homecoming friends. The Spirit of the Lord was surely in the house. All I can say is AWSOME. and a night I will never forget. Got to see many of the groups in Gatlingburg in Oct. Mark Lowery and Guy Penrod,who is my favorite along with Sweet Mark Lowery got his autograph and a picture with him... Then today my three kids came to visit, one from Rutherfordton one from Germany, and one from Myrtle Beach, we went out to lunch and had some chatting time and some Tony jokes, I love them so much. and I feel that they love me too...So I have been Blessed in so many ways.I also bought me a Gathier Homecoming Bible and I really love it, bought me three CD'S one Gaither Vocal Band , One of Mark Lowery ...
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Waiting to hear Guy Penrod. Mom would have loved this! Also with Aunt Connie and..
Getting ready to go inside the Paramount Theater to see Guy Penrod with Anita Olinger Terry Davidson MoM and Lori Cardwell!
On the way to the Paramount to see Guy Penrod with my sweetie and my sweet Rebekah!
So excited!!! Going to see Guy Penrod at the Paramount. Thank you for the early Christmas present Barsha Grant. With Barsha Grant
Having dinner with Leah Bragg Terry Sexton Nanny Merci Hope and Avary! Now off to Guy Penrod concert!
Just left my daughter Brooke Hicks baby shower...Now headed to Bristol to see Guy Penrod! Great Day...thank u Lisa Harris great baby shower.
Work, pageant, & then off to see Guy Penrod ... Busy day but can't wait. & my momma
Can't wait to see Guy Penrod tomorrow night at the Paramount and The Browders next weekend in Hiltons!
My night was made. I met Guy Penrod !
Momma and Matti had a great night in Charleston at the Guy Penrod concert.of course I had a good time too! We had center stage, front row seats...probably 2 1/2 foot from the stage! Couldn't get better!
Great night listening to Guy penrod sing.
Does anyone want two guy penrod tickets for tomorrow night at Bristol paramount? They are center isle seats and free to a good home! Had purchased them for a suprise date for my husband I'm still in the hospital and getting a port placed for chemo in the morning
8 things you may not know about me... 1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, anything yellow! 2.I was 5'9" tall in grade 7. 3.I have a yellow iphone :). 4.I collect paperweights and pig figurines 5. I took violin lessons in the last 2 years. 6. My favorite musical artists are Neil Diamond, Guy Penrod and Alan Jackson. 7. I love watching reality shows. 8. I love the Maritimes-especially Nova Scotia. The people, the music and the scenery is incredible.
I wish I could go to the Guy Penrod concert
Excited to go hear my favorite gospel singer Guy Penrod sing in concert tonight.
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I guess I have been good all year my mother -in - law gave me money for Christmas and my mom got me tickets to see Guy Penrod tomorrow .I know it's early but hey Im Not complaining :)
Join WEMM tonight for Guy Penrod at the LITTLE THEATER at the Charleston Civic Center!
Going to see Guy Penrod tmrw! With Lori Cardwell Robin Hayden Anita Olinger mom
Looking forward to seeing my old friend, Guy Penrod, in Bristol tomorrow night.
Early morning for John...gotta dr appt at 11, but it takes awhile to get him up and rolling! Then tonight the first part of mommas Christmas...dinner at Tascalis and then on to Charleston to see Guy Penrod in concert...front row seats! Let's get this day rolling...praying the rain will slow down for me!!
I bet the trumpets played and the angels sang every sweet reframe of Amazing Grace and Heavens hands opened up the gates and the children danced when they saw your face. As happy as they were to see you coming, I was just as sad to have to watch you go. Where every single voice makes a joyful noise how sweet the sound when the saints rejoice. To every broken heart and every wounded soul, new life begins on streets of gold. With every tear here that's raining from my eyes, I know the sun is shining where you are ... Oh Knowing what I know about heaven, believing that you're all the way home. Knowing that you're somewhere better is all I need to let you go. I could hope that I could pray you back but why on earth would I do that when you're somewhere, where life and love never end. Knowing what I know about heaven. (Guy Penrod) Tim listened to this song all the way home from AL to Texas after coming to church with us at Oasis of Praise one Sunday about a year ago. I'm certain that he's in heaven tonig ...
Anybody who is going to see Guy Penrod, the old fat woman who can't see at night would love to bum a ride from Sissonville.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Guy Penrod, formerly of Bill Gaither's Vocal Band, will appear at the Civic Center Little Theater at 7 p.m. Friday. Penrod was named the National Quartet Convention's Soloist of the Year in 2013 on the heels of receiving an award for the No. 1 selling Southern Gospel Album of 20...
Our Friend Tim Thomas doing sound for Guy Penrod in Charleston West Virginia tonight ~~ sure wished I ws there to see the show and say howdy to Tim !! Love ya !!
Enter to win 2 tickets to see Guy Penrod live in Bristol, Tenn., Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013.
Looking forward to the next couple days. Guy Penrod concert tomorrow, Goo Bagg's party Saturday then going to Ohio to visit family next week for the holiday. Pretty excited!
Enter!! Guy Penrod is one the most talented vocalists ever and it's fabulous to have him visit the Tri Cities! I have no doubt that this show will be bless anyone who attends! I would be there if the budget allowed for it!
What an enjoyable morning...watching Guy Penrod sing... While enjoying my birthday wishes!!! Perfect. He is always uplifting!
In the pages of the good book you can read about liars, losers, cheats, and thieves who were changed, so there's hope for you and me...loving every second of my Guy Penrod CD this morning!
Levi loves the Gaither Vocal Band, and Guy Penrod. Guy Penrod is his favorite!
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Day 12: I am thankful for the Christian artists who are gifted with musical talent that lead me in worship...the Gaither Vocal Band (Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Mark Lowry, Michael English), Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, The Talley Trio, Casting Crowns, Steve Green, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Sandi Patti, Larnelle Harris and countless more.
I LOVE harmony! And Bill Gaither.and Southern Gospel! The Star Spangled Banner has never sounded so good!! But, where's Guy Penrod??
Gotta love Gaither Vocal Band...well some of them..missing Guy Penrod but David can sing!!! LOVE his voice!!
The Gaither Vocal Band with Guy Penrod - absolutely anointed performance of this gospel classic
Every Bill Gaither production is arranged for a slow over blown David Phelps/Guy Penrod solo.
Gaither's Fall Festival in Alexandria, Indiana. was tremendous!!! We enjoyed wonderful music as presented by various musicians that Gloria Gaither invited to the event. I especially enjoyed the Brown Family - singing and on their violins, Buddy Green on his harmonica, Guy Penrod and so many others too. Then a special blessing was meeting Gloria in the Store at Book signing!!!
Guy Penrod!! I just saw him in silver dollar city on Saturday!
Guy Penrod nominated as a finalist for the 2013 ICMA Entertainer of the Year!
when you wish your hair was as pretty as Guy Penrod's
has a concert tonight at Frisco Church in Webb City, MO -The Guy Penrod Team
Guy Penrod--"He Hideth My Soul" I'm singing this old hymn with dad tomorrow. My soul needs this song today!
There's only a few more days left of Southern Gospel Picnic at Come see Guy Penrod perform today!
Thanks Lorraine for posting! This was one of my fav articles! So excited to talk to Guy again in 12 days!...
July 5, 2013 “I then shall live as one whose been forgiven … I'll walk with joy to know my debts are paid. I know my name is clear before my Father … I am His child and I am not afraid.” “I Then shall Live” Gloria Gaither I think that God's greatest desire is for His children to know they are forgiven. He desires that we live our lives confident of His forgiveness. We share the joy of waking up each new morning knowing His love and His forgiveness. Knowing that the penalty of our sins has been paid and through the blood of Jesus Christ we are debt free. Our sins are completely forgiven, never to be brought up again. Knowing our Heavenly Father is what gives us the courage as His children to face each new day. We share in His forgiveness and His wonderful gift of grace. I love what Guy Penrod says … “When we come together as the family of God there is an immediate bonding. It's a great mystery. We are citizens of an invisible kingdom, and as soon as we blend our hearts in Jesus ...
Sitting on the couch chatting w/Holls via text and the TV is still on from earlier... It's late night and we don't have cable, so you know that means - infomercials! And what do you think I hear streaming from the tv? GAITHER HOMECOMING CLASSICS - a DVD collection!! The best performances of all the Homecomings. Judging by emcee Bill's outfit and hairstyle (although, is the hair much better today?) I'd say even this infomercial is a bit old too. But seeing all these old hairstyles ("jack it to Jesus!!"), shoulder pads, kinda awful sweaters, big glasses - hearing the clapping and awesome music, Vestal, GVB, deep-voice George from The Cathedrals - seeing Jake's crazy "hair" and Mark Lowery in a wig just like it, Guy Penrod w/no gray hair!, tears being wiped away, hands held high, quartets leaning in to hear and blend better, hands rocking on the piano, huge smiles... Hearing those songs and beautiful harmonies makes me miss my Hammaw so much... Love you. 󾍀
This week on Gospel Time music from Alan Jackson, Derek Ryan, Gloria and Guy Penrod - our featured album comes...
After Joshua worked the Tim Hawkins concert I asked him "What were some of the other concerts that you worked? And he said "Michael W. Smith, Ballet Magnificat, the Christmas performance, Tim Hawkins." VIP Pass? He said "Guy Penrod, Gaither Vocal Band, David Crowder Band, Weird Al, Rodney Carrington, and the Last Comic Standing Tour. I asked him "Do you remember any event where you didn't go backstage or worked?" He said "Yes, there was one." He was with the youth group from Thorignton Road Baptist, they went to Daytona Beach to a youth retreat, and they saw Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin for a one week camp. But, he bought several Louie Giglio dvds using my money. So I had to ask him, "Have you ever attended anything where you had to pay?" He said "No" and asked me why. As long as he keeps getting in free or using my money to buy dvds I can't answer why.
Watch the music video for I'll Fly Away [Live] by Bill & Gloria Gaither ft. James Blackwood, Guy Penrod & Karen Peck and more new videos on VEVO.
Simply one of the best songs ever! ♫ Let Freedom Ring – Bill Gaither, David Phelps, Guy Penrod, Mark Lowry
The wife snuck a surprise in on me. For Father's day she got me two of the Celtic Thunder cd's. One of my favorite groups, must be our Celtic heritage. Although they could use more than one Scot in the group!lol Now maybe I will get the new Guy Penrod cd, down the road of course.
"Knowing What I Know About Heaven" is my second favorite song by Guy Penrod, especially meaningful this day before Father's Day. Two hours of sing-along beautiful old hymns and some newer songs as well by one of my favorite gospel artists--all this shared with some very special people. The only disappointment was that Guy did not sing "Then Came the Morning". Also Joe's Diner in Huntingdon has 1 egg, 1 bacon, biscuit and coffee for $1.99--lots of refills on the coffee too!!!
A great, great, great concert with Guy Penrod last night! And tomorrow is Father's Day - gifts for all the men and the conclusion of our "40 Days for the Family" series. I hope you can join us. (And, there will be a special Duck Commander moment in the service!)
Today on the blog..."The Penrod Posts"! More explanation in the post, but excited about some of my Guy Penrod concert photos being shared on the Gaither Vocal Band Community Group page on FB yesterday and lots of new visitors to the blog! It was fun to go back through these stories today...lots of good memories! Is there a musician who has made a big impact on your life? I'd love to hear in the comments!
Founded and led by legendary Christian Music icon, Bill Gaither, the Gaither Vocal Band has forever raised the standard for excellence in the field of Christian Music. Since organizing in 1981, the Gaither Vocal Band's all-star roster of members has included many of the industry's most impressive talent such as Steve Green, Michael English, Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod and David Phelps.
In the greenroom, Paul's Journey talks to us about their taping for Gospel Music Showcase on Daystar.
I am ready for a new day. Today was wonerful, but I am so thankful that I have another day to spend with all of my loved ones and friends. I am thinking about all the people who have lost there lives because of senceless reasons. (Bombs and shootings ect.)
Wow this would be so much fun. Love Guy Penrod
First of all, let me apologize to everyone for my delayed update, tried to post earlier (noon), hit post and it was gone! Slightly aggravated, so here goes!! (I know more now anyways) Thank You to all our friends & family for all your prayers, thoughts & support you have given us! Jeff's surgery went well yesterday, it lasted 5 1/2 hours, the surgeon removed the tumor, which we believed to be contained, they removed 1/2 his stomach and a portion of his large intestine/colon. He went to ICU where he stayed overnite. This morning the therapy ladies got him up, had him take a slight stroll and then he sat in a recliner/chair for 4 hours. This afternoon he was moved into a private room where he will stay for the rest of the time, minimum stay will be at least 7 days. We were told by his surgeon yesterday that the tumor was approx. 11 (+) inches (unsure if that is diameter or length) and was kind of like a good sized honey dew melon. He will follow up with a different doctor after he is released to see how lon ...
"Loving God Loving each other,making Music with my Friends. And the Story never ends." Gaither Vocal Band,Guy Penrod among them.
Here's Perry Horner with Guy Penrod at We really enjoyed Guy's songs and testimony tonight.
Thanks 2 the help of friends I was able 2 have Guy Penrod sign a CD for my girlfriend's granny. On my way to becoming her favorite!
A gentleman with a great voice - with Christian recording artist Guy Penrod.
God give us compassion for the lost until that Great Day. - Guy Penrod
Hymns, an album by Guy Penrod on MOG.
Listening to the music of Guy Penrod. Remembering how songs can tell stories.
The voice, the hair, humility, a clear heart for God - Guy Penrod's got it all.
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms w Guy Penrod at
Guy Penrod singing to a captive audience at
Guy Penrod will welcome EPA attendees to Music City. What an amazing voice and testimony.
Guy Penrod was talking about hymns vs. newer worship songs. Old guy next to me leans over and says, "Those 7/11...
Going to see Guy Penrod in concert!
I liked a video from Copy of Guy Penrod - Then Came The Morning
her idol is a Christian singer named Guy Penrod. And nicole goes to LU with his son & one of her good friends
I think I saw Guy Penrod in a Jeep on my way to work today...or Moses.
Ya remember when I said Jimmy Martin is a good guy ya I was kidding
Hamilton Collection
I liked a video from THE BEST OF GUY PENROD
“There's something about you that no other guy has 💘😍”
The worse thing Anyone can say about you is youre fake. You have to show that you are real. - GUY PENROD
grl that's ok as long as it ain't Guy Penrod
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