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Guy Fisher

Guy Thomas Fisher (born 1947) is a convicted racketeer who was once part of "The Council", a notorious African-American crime organization that controlled the heroin trade in Harlem from 1972-1983. He became the first black man to own and operate the Apollo Theater in Harlem when he purchased it in 1977. Fisher is currently serving a life sentence at the United States Penitentiary, Tucson in Arizona.

Nicky Barnes Big Meech

I'm chillin at the crib bout to watch football and going to watch this fight later what u bout to do
S/o to guy fisher, never met him but god *** that's my ***
I was pose to be alive in Harlem ... During that Guy Fisher Era .. Im sold
top guy fisher, just wait till he's drinking triple JDs b4 ko. You and him are the new dad and lad
no leadership...even in the 70s/80s the drug dealers used to invest in the hood...Guy Fisher OWNED THE NBC owns it
Thinking bout Guy Fisher...never met him but got *** that's my ***
naw that junk taste nasty and the weed stinks really bad I change my mind 😖
If rap don't work ima get it like guy fisher
Thinking bout guy fisher never met him but *** that's my ***
I think only John Gotti and Guy Fisher never told.
I think im guy fisher young paid fly ***
Guy Fisher and Diddy “Griselda Blanco and Oprah are my idols”
This Don is One of the ones that got it like Michael Jordan got it like Guy Fisher or Fat Cat had it this Don got it
Guy Fisher and Nicky Barnes were so fresh
You'z a Nicky Barnes *** *** tryna tell on Guy Fisher, if a snitch was to die today, I bet his hood would not miss 'em
a great guy and legend of armwrestling Allen Fisher
SOMETIMES COOL, SOMETIMES RINO LIAR FOX/PORTLAND TALK SHOW HOST LARS LARSON ATTACKS HIS OWN FANS WHO ARE TRYING TO GET A REAL INVESTIGATION OF SANDY HOOK SCANDAL...LARS ALSO SUPPORT GOVERNMENT-INSTITUTED KIDNAPPING VIA NDAA Lars Larson shared a link. 6 hours ago for all the tinfoil hats out there Police: All 26 Newtown victims shot with assault rifle Lt. J. Paul Vance, the face of an ongoing Connecticut State Police investigation into worst grade-school shooting in U.S. history, Thursday debunked media and Internet reports that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza killed his victims with handguns and not the Bushmaster XM-15 E2S rifle that has been a f... 16Like · · Share 64 people like this. Levi Jackson His rifle had selective fire? If it didn't, it's not an assault rifle. 6 hours ago · Unlike · 9 Rick Rittel BS! 6 hours ago · Unlike · 8 Jeremy Bullard My question is... didn't Adam Lanza have to be buzzed into the school? If so, how in the heck did he get past the buzz with that rifle in . ...
Thinking about Guy Fisher.. Never met him but god dammn that's my ***
You know what I thought of the other day, Artie Artie Roberts, Johnny Macheté, John Weiland, Lee Fisher, Alp Akbasli, Jorge Quintanilla, Rob Parker, James Catano, Jesse Owdom- If i were a human resources person, I'd fire any guy who claimed to be "hard at work."
Greivis Vasquez on guarding Kobe: "It's always a special assignment against him. He's the best player in the league." -Gio
I think Nate Fisher is my fave TV guy human whatever.
y'all both lucky. I still got another 2.5 then I'll be done
Herein lies a recount of my experience at Pauly D’s ‘DJ set’.
this guy is using the lakers with Kobe, Shaq and Derek Fisher w/ 2K13
I'm not a fan but I'm becoming one.. Kobe is making basketball fun to watch... GREATNESS...
This Todd Fisher dude on this bacon show looks like Guy Fieri meets Jerry from Parks & Rec.
In the hot tub today and talking with another couple. The guy asks what I do for a living and I tell him. He then enthusiastically says "your a magician - really? can you do a quick trick for me?" Now reread that for a second and imagine how speechless I was? I am in a hot tub, on vacation, with my family, and shirtless in swimming trunk...but yeah I have a deck of cards in my pocket and would love to show you something. LoL
awww sooki sooki now! Cute+pretty eyes+wonderful voice=perfect guy! Is there a record deal in there somewhere?
i think ill OD tonight this is dumb. If you dont beleave me ill just leave everyone alone. Bye.
Well stage 4 down, Brett Fisher was talking crap on the climds, i hung out with the other fat guy Jonathan Stow in the groupetto, so sad i climb so poorly i am at the back in a vertual race lol. Not only did i crush Shleck in the spring, i drank him under the table after lol
So over fisher. Me n guy are now in love 💘
Yeah lol I miss them too, I'm just trying to hurry up and graduate and pay off some debt. I'll be definitely visiting though
Yeah I'm either going to stay here or work an internship.
I am not going to lie, sometimes I think my life will just be constant, never changing and never improving. Do you feel that way sometimes? They say America is the "land of opportunity, but I don't see it. Sometimes I wish life was that Sims 3 game where opportun ities just pop in the sky...LOL
What a nice guy helping him up... Sorry but your Mohawk or whatever it is has got to go.
I think the last final day is like May 4th. What about you guys?
Good job!! And awh yeah good luck with playoffs too. School is going well, almost time for exams. How's school with you?
its going alright.We won tonight so thats a plus!sad cuz the season is winding down 3 games left then the playoffs.How's school?
Woah...if I believed in dinosaurs I'd say this is a relative of theirs.
The State Farm commercial with the fisher guy who keeps pulling the dollar away from the girl is too funny "you gotta be quicker than that"
“yea mines high 37 low 7 😞 so sad” That's rough lol. How's everything going with basketball?
"I want a buff, black hair, smart, athletic, sweet guy!!!" But Derek Fisher is bald
Congratulations Chris on your 61st 300 & 32nd 800 tonight!!
DNR Game Warden Mike Green finally made it by the house tonight. Nice guy. I was impressed with him. Still didn't get to keep the Fisher! :(
Start researching these companies for this career fair coming up
I'm totally done with my homework for the week! Trying to get ahead and start my weekend right on Thursday!!
I will find my future wife in a gym...
the guy in this photo is a friend of mine...his family's home was destroyed by the storm that blew through earlier...some of y'all may know them, there's a little bait shop by the trailer, on AR 64, Fisher Flats between P.V. and Mulberry.
One of my favorite new shows is now on National Geographic, "Diggers," about two guys with metal detectors that go to lots of historic places and find super neat stuff. I own a metal detector and they make it look so easy. It is my goal to find a lost ring of my late father, a gold Shriner's ring. I will find it one day, I hope. If you or a loved one have lost anything and need a geeky guy with a metal detector, let me know and I will attempt to find it. My only request for payment is a Coca Cola in a can.
"everybody went to practice except you" BECAUSE I WENT TO FISHER LOL
OMG I'm giving my baby girl advice on her first crush!! i'm not ready for this
Guns up to the guy lifting in an Abercrombie polo. Sacrificing comfort for fashion
Fisher: Rams won't hire Rob Ryan Not sure why this guy gets so many chances.
Update on my wingman: He heard his own voice today for the first time in months. Was nearly in tears over it... and I was totally a blithering fool. He fought being put back on the vent so he could practice speaking just a little while longer, but he is still too tired/weak from the pneumonia and all to maintain things for long while trying to speak. He was getting a stronger voice by the end of it, though. He admitted he was afraid he'd never speak again, would never be able to make anyone understand what he was trying so hard to say. The team of stroke recovery know-it-alls say they are floored that he's as fluent as he is this soon. His speech therapist, Sara, was thrilled... grinning almost as much as I was! He wanted to try standing up this morning, but I managed to talk him out of that after a while. He's frustrated with the "slow but steady" method of PT. Nothing new there. he generally wants to do things at his own pace. With some luck, I'll be able to get someone to take a peekaboo at his truck s ...
dare you to watch this song and not have the tune in your head for the rest of the day. It would take too long to tell you what's happening in the movie up to this point but you should know that the guy, Eddie Fisher, is Debbie Reynolds (no relation) boss. Make sure you watch the video unti the end. It's only about 4 minutes. Beware:) The tune will be stuck in your head. That's a good thing because it's a cute song. Enjoy!
Guy in the car next to the Dolby shuttle asked if we had wifi so he could join it! San Francisco is special!
ESPN Video: Jalen Rose discusses Michigan being No. 1 in the AP poll for the first time since the 1992-93 season.
I would kill for some rolls from red lobster right now..
Congratulations to Cameron M. Fisher, recipient of the 2013 Robert W. Varnell Leadership Award!
I might be closing this account too...Not just my instagram, im thinkin real *** it!
Who has never effin' seen Mary effin' Poppins???
Archival photos from the Library of Congress show black and white images of Detroit's beloved Belle Isle Park between 1900 and 1920.
A terrier mix who was left for dead, has a new loving home and his former owner has been charged with felony animal cruelty.Last September, the dog now named Frankie, was found tied to a tree, beaten, and shot in the face multiple times with a pellet gun. He was found by a group of campers at Sugar ...
Angela, Peter’s boss from Family Guy, is voiced by Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia is Peter’s boss. I don’t know how to react.
it's my Birthday and i'm feeling the FB Family love. Thanx everyone for all the HB shot outs! Love Peace and Family/friends
OPINIONS WANTED: Guys out there that fish tournaments... We ( A Kayak Club I’m involved with) is considering allowing trolling motors for guys/gals that are considered by the their state of residence to be physically impaired. Does anybody have opinions, or know of any issues that arise; for or against the use of trolling/electric motors in tournaments. Or if you know of any events that allow their use. Links to rules would be helpful in those cases! Appreciate all the feedback! thanks, Brendan
What time does urgent care is Jacksonville close?
When I was serving as a young men's adviser in my church, one of the boys (age 16) posed this question during a lesson: "If God is all powerful, can He make a burrito too hot for Himself to eat?" This is sometimes referred to as the "omnipotence paradox" because the minute God created something that is beyond His power, He would cease to be all-powerful. C.S. Lewis answers the paradox this way: "The power of God means the power to do all that is intrinsically] possible, not to do the intrinsically impossible. You may attribute miracles to Him, but not nonsense. There is no limit to His power. If you choose to say 'God can give a creature free will and at the same time withhold free will from it' you have not succeeded in saying anything about God. Meaningless combinations of words do not suddenly acquire meaning because we prefix to them the other two words 'God can.' It remains true that all things are possible with God: the intrinsic impossibilities are not just things but nonentities. It is no more pos ...
New York death metal icons Suffocation have been decimating every opponent daring enough to take them on in Loudwire's series of Death Matches. Suffocation
The folks who control Annapolis are looking at new Gas Taxes and other "revenue" from the hard working men and women of Maryland. Meanwhile: “Consumer Confidence posted another sharp decline in January, erasing all of the gains made through 2012. Consumers are more pessimistic about the economic outlook and, in particular, their financial situation." Thoughts?
I want a fisher price Russian roulette set
if Jeff Fisher is a 4-3 guy, why would you hire Rob Ryan in the first place???
Anybody wanna go see Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse in Calgary in May? Pozzi I know your in!!!
Give it to us! Who do you want the Rams to hire for the DC job?
I want a guy I can trust. I can call in the middle of the night when I'm upset. Calls me beautiful instead of hot. likes to cuddle & watch movies with me all day. A guy that respects and cares for me. & proves its okay to trust and believe in him. & remind me constantly how important I am to him. Where are you? ♥
The Beatles were the Biebs of their time don't fool yourselves. Wanna be an effective parent? Don't make them listen to your ancient crap.
Joeckle is crazy quick & has a nasty cut block, but he isnt a power guy. ZBS teams love him but power O teams love Fisher
The only thing that stops a bad GPS system is a good guy with a gun?
DIBRadio 1st question, "Should you give your boyfriend/girlfriend a key to your place? Can they drop by without calling first?" Keep it 100! Big Tone The CEO
Is still in Awe :P that my mother Brenda Lesmerises, is watching "the walking dead season 2" more calmly then Brooke Fisher is...who has declared we are not eating steak for a while...XD LMAO.
Guy Fisher did his time cause a snitch *** told on em
Did A.I. make the right decision? I say Yes and No... It's a lot of VA people out there... Whats your take??
It seems I have SO MANY kids at the 99.99% IQ level.I need to do some more research on educating them. Cuz, thez too smart for the 'gifted' programs. Met (another) 3 year old today who reads. LOL
Our track coordinators are working on putting together programming. Do you have any suggestions on things you'd like to see us incorporate? Is there a subject you are an expert on and would like to submit a panel or workshop idea for? Let us know!
Monty Fisher might want to share this as well.
My grandfather stormed the beaches of Normandy when he was my age and today I got my balls stuck in a Fisher-Price Musical Pony baby walker.
you are drop dead beautiful.hang in there's a good guy for you.wish I was 20 years younger id move to Lancaster.
I don't think that's a big deal because he's still a player that can help teams win titles. Reminds me of a Fisher type guy
Time to launch the shortest monthly challenge of the year with one of the best movements out there: THE SQUAT! For the sake of the undecided, I am going to toss out a great daily effort of 100 air-s...154 members
Ok, so it WASN'T that we got accidentally disconnected. Get this. The TimeWarnerCable guy got up on the pole outside, found out that a squirrel had CHEWED THROUGH THE LINE, and water got in it.and thus everything (internet, cable, etc) was down. The guy had to replace our entire cable line again (it was done about a year or two ago) and now they get to dig up our yard once more and bury the line. More importantly, our internet and cable is back and faster than ever!
Every 6 months I basically have every joint in my body x-rayed. WPAFB hospital is a teaching hospital, and the guys taking my x-rays are all 18-20 year olds, with their teacher standing behind the glass watching them, and they are always nervous. They have to ask me to do things like “hold your hand like a karate chop, but then angle it and spread your fingers apart….while standing on you head & crossing your eyes….followed by an inverted lotus pose.” They always have to retake a few BC they were blurry or not positioned correctly etc. I usually break the ice by making them have to say things like, “MAAM! You really don’t need to take your bra off for a foot x-ray!” I find it relieves the tension, makes them laugh, and makes the process fun for me, but today I out did myself. When the tech asked if “there was any chance that I could be pregnant?”-- I replied “No chance, but for you sailor, I might reconsider.” The poor little guy turned a shade of red that I have never seen b ...
Fast and Free Expedited Shipping on orders over $59 offer applies to Bookbyte inventory only
Tease us and put the yoga pants back on
Some of you trying to bust the shorts out in this 59 degree weather. I'm seeing a whole bunch of disappointment by the time SB13 come
Take my vitamins to keep my immune system strong
Coach Fisher my recievers coach is the coolest guy on the the entire coaching staff I know we gonna get along well and ball out together lol
Feeling a little under the weather, going to keep pushing. Gym a little later.
Scientists know of only a few species that are completely sexually monogamous; one such species is the Diplozoon Paradoxum, a flatworm that fuses to its partner until its death.. This doesn't sound the norm does it? It seems mammals and animals; in fact almost every living form on this planet are with multiple partners over a span of their lifetime. Why is it that we as a human race tend to genuinely believe we are only meant to be with one person? Who can we blame for this one? Religion? Culture? Parents? Schools? ..
Jeff Fisher’s search continues for a defensive coordinator as Rams decide former Cowboys assistant 'was not the right fit.'
what Erevidivies player would you like to see in a UTD shirt?
ANONYMOUS QUESTION; I'm just starting to wean my lb to blended food eg vegetables, fruits?, I was just wondering what mixtures ideas you have or any ideas to make things more tasty for him?
I'd like to think it was Fisher who came to his senses after being around the guy for a few days and said, 'this won't work'
Such an amazing photo... 100ft wave surfed by some American guy
if you like Dogma's you will love the Giro d'italia special edition one, i know Adam Jon Page will want one
Not surprised about Rob Ryan & Jeff Fisher not agreeing on schemes. 3-4 man to man coverage guy. Fisher more of a 4-3 cover 2 guy.
Prayers please! If this week wasn't bad enough, Bentley just tested positive for rsv too! :(
HUGE break for Rams by coming to their senses & steered clear of Rob Ryan. A "me-first" guy. Totally opposite of culture Fisher's building.
Rams hire then dismiss Rob Ryan as the dc position,good cause I didn't like him anyway
Brigham is doing amazingly well after his tonsils and addenoids were taken out yesterday. He is a champion.
"ugh all I want to do is have sex in Bobst"
I am disgusted with the overall view people have on KOBE Bryant...he's been doing this since 17yrs old, no college experience, no love from the league, and most fans don't like him because of his doubt top 5 player all time, but the discussion should be more like best since JORDAN!
Apparently beat an Asian guy up on Saturday night. Wow I need to stop drinking
How does Sam Fisher stay looking so young, maybe its all the bad guy killing.
Awaken to the fact that you Are perfect and that not everyone will always love, appreciate or approve of who an what you are... and that’s OK. Inner stand the importance of Loving and Championing your Self and in the process a sense confidence is born of Self-Approval. Stop complaining and blaming other people for the things you think / feel they did to you – or didn’t do for you. Learn to open up to new worlds and different points of view. Begin reassessing and redefining who you are and what you really stand for. Know the difference between wanting and needing and begin to discard the doctrines and values you’ve outgrown, or should never have bought into to begin with. Stop maneuvering through life merely as a "consumer" looking for you next fix. Inner stand that principles such as honesty and integrity are not the outdated ideals of a bygone era, but the mortar that holds together the foundation upon which you must build a life. Peace & Love
Its great to hear there will be a Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX. It is rumor it will include Mark Hamel (luke), Harrison ford (han), Carry Fisher (leia)
I'm no criminal. Good coming from the guy who has only just started working and can afford a £10,000 M3 ;)
Everybody owns a *** Telecaster, I'm about ready to do something cool and get a different guitar, maybe a GRETSCH . But *** I like my Telecaster!
I mostly like my Christian family. I had dinner with a pastor here in DC recently who came over from Scotland a few years ago. I loved he and his wife. I felt like I was having dinner with one of the real disciples, that is a guy who follows behind Jesus like a pet dog, routinely getting distracted ...
There's a guy already snoozin 10minutes into this class. Whyd you bother coming
DVD commentary tracks require you to slog through hours of actors complimenting each other and barely interested directors to find a single interesting fact. We bring the most interesting behind the scenes facts out for you in image format.
Anita Smith: Lots of wind on the mountain, some dark clouds rolling in. Hoping for a good rain without the storms. Have a good day,wash your hands,eat healthy and most of all be happy!!
A homosexual does not belong in the same tent with young boys any more than a man belongs in a tent full of Girl Scouts.
Bridal shoes at
Is the whole world going east on cypress creek this morning??? Guess I'm going to be late!!
Rough night here at the farm last night, but looks like all will be OK. Maverick was out after work, to take care of his "business". He started yelping from down in the ring. Managed to call him back, and something had visciously attacked him, clearly requiring a visit to the vet. We got him inside, and crated for a few minutes so we could get the horses in. Barney, on his way in, spooked, slipped, and fell, in the worst possible place, in his stall door. Front legs & head in, stuck into the wall, hind end in the aisle. Now we had two vet emergencies at once! Got Dr. McGee here quickly (within 15 minutes of him going down), medicated him, formulated a plan, and extracted him. Thanks to a panic-induced wrong number dialing, Sue was also here to help, which was a godsend... About 30 - 40 minutes later, Barney was on his feet again, and this morning is his old dapper self... Just really pained me to have to drag him, with the tractor, by his neck, but if I had not, we would have lost him... Got Maverick to t ...
Who knows a good hypnotherapist for stopping smoking, enoughs enough. Thanks.
The next 48 hours will likely be the busiest of the entire month for weather. Severe outbreak, Midwest flooding, numerous record highs, snowstorm develops tonight, then Arctic blast to follow. My job is not a boring one!
Guy Fisher got a life sentence on his last appeal. One of the few names that'll last for real.
I have been blessed with a lot of good friends in secondary school, college, NYSC, and at work; but I would like to single out one specifically today - Jide Bello. We were supposed to write "Green Light" together, but when the orientation of the book changed (based on his suggestion) he opined it was best I wrote it alone. He however didn't leave me to myself, he made sure i kept to my writing targets, did the preliminary editing, made significant observations and contributions, and encouraged me to continue when i felt like stopping halfway through. Left to him i would have preferred his name was included as a co-author cos he really took it upon himself like it was his project. If you want to achieve a lot of your dreams, you need friends like Olajide Blessed Bello, he is a very good fellow. Bobby Udoh, Oladapo Ayodeji, Toluwalope Fabusuyi, Emmanuel Iduma, Chioma Sylvie Mgbaramuko, Eyiaro Michael Tope and so many others also helped me a lot at several points. Thanks all, God bless you.
10 possibilities for Ichigo’s seeming Quincy powers because his mother was a Quincy. This seems to be most everyone’s current guess. The idea is that Ichigo inherited shinigami powers from his father and Quincypowers from his mother. After all, what do we know about Masaki? Not a whole lot! Maybe she was secretly a Quincy the whole time! After all, Ichigo has a blue bedspread with a white cross on it - and who else but his mother would have gotten that for him? The pros: If this theory is true, then we would finally get some back story for Ichigo’s mom, which would be awesome! The cons: Well…if Masaki is Ryuken’s sister, as people are also guessing, then that would make Ichigo and Ishida cousins, which would make THIS shipper very sad. Very, very sad. Possibility Ichigo is a Quincy because his father was part Quincy. Or we could ignore the maternal line completely and just have Ichigo’s father ALSO be a shinigami-Quincy hybrid. On the surface that might seem crazy but consider this: Ichigo’s ...
Uptown I'm more like Guy Fisher no Nicky Barnes never turn on my ***
My thoughts on Gregg Williams (I have no doubt he will be reinstated by the league) I actually like this hiring myself. He will hopefully instill an aggressive nature to our defense that has been lacking. He likes to pressure the opposing quarterback with different blitzes and looks. His style of defense has helped the Saints win a Superbowl so if he can translate the same success with our team then the sky could be the limit. I have always believed that you have to pressure and hit the opposing quarterback no matter what to win. For example, the Giants over the Patriots in their first Superbowl meeting. I am optimistic that Gregg Williams will be able to help right this ship for us.
Pops came thru with jumbo bow tie for my tux . Get my Guy Fisher on for the ball next week
Wayne Fischer,E.T. Nidifferand and Bill Livingston my nieghbor as A kid
Fan Q: I'm unsure what to do, my bub is 5w6d & has reflux. He feeds every two hours, he has 12wet nappies + at least 3dirty naps a day but he's only gained 30gms in a week. My child health nurse is stumped as to what to do for him other than try formula which neither of us want. Have any other mamas got any suggestions? - TL
I don’t know about you but I enjoy a good pickup line, Here is about 55 of them I compiled just for laughs Enjoy!!! 1. You float my ark. 2. Excuse me! I believe one of your ribs belongs to me. 3. Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives…Because he never met you. 4. Hi, my name’s Will…God’s Will. 5. [check the person's shirt tag] “Just as i thought… made in heaven.” 6. When I saw you, I knew the true meaning of “rejoice and be glad.” 7. “Is this the transfiguration? Because you are glowing.” 8. “Man does not live by bread alone. So how about dinner and a movie?” 9. I’ve been reading the book of Joshua, but how many times do I have to walk around you before you fall for me? 10. So, last night I was reading the book of Numbers and then I realized I didn’t have yours 11. I’d like to get to know you….Biblically speaking 12. Bathsheba had nothing on you. 13. If we were around with Noah… then you, me… pair. 14. Me. You. Song of Songs: the remix. 15. Your name must be grace, b ...
I posted a really funny post earlier, and my *** friend Jeremy Rivenburg ruined it. Everyone call Jeremy an *** and then go look at his pecs.
LMFAO ! Corey Fisher and Shantal Cote this past wkd in btown breaking it down LOL
219335_One-Stop Publishing: free print & ebook publishing
I thought moving to Mapleton would make life easier for me but its just made my life terrible I hate it here.
Guy Fisher did his time a street *** on him, Big Meech doin time a street *** told him, in these streets u don't wanna get caught up, wit them DopeBoi products, u gon need a appeal, Only SNITCHES get deals.. Rns...
Stay tuned for a short video next week on my dissatisfaction with Richards Music. Purchased a hi end digital Suzuki Ensamble piano and had problems with it less than 6 months into the purchase. Richards will not fix it. Suzuki will not fix it because they say it was old left over stock and there are no longer any parts for it. Richards has avoided my phone calls and certified letters from my attorney. How does this cat stay in buisness??? Needless to say this has been a difficult transaction and to get NO RESPONSE from Mr. Fisher from Richards is very dissapointing. So, I'm going to hold Mr. Fisher's feet to the fire in the public forum. Perhaps this will avoid someone else from going through what I am. I know there are a lot of musicians out there that browse my Vintage Restoration site, so please feel free to leave a comment. And watch for my short video next week of what is wrong with it. Thanks Tom And by the way, That is Richards Music in Toledo located on Central Avenue.
S/O to my hubby and the MCSO. I am one happy girl. Way to go guys!!! Another bad guy off the streets!!!
This guy on a Gillete razor commercial look jus like !
The guy in the next chair is snoring! LOUD!
Lol this guy made my night way better lol sorry Ashley
Still don't believe Whitney lip synced that National Anthem.
hi my name is hailey and I am a left fielder and I was wondering if you know when any softball teams for 14u are having tryouts for the 2013-14 season in Illinois or Indiana?
I have the best fam in the work I know I can be *** at times and disrespect but I'm me I don't mean it you all know that but you guy mean everything to me if I didn't have you I'd be under a bridge Cody Alan Newsom James Yung Jip Blevins Chris Fisher Cindy M Fisher Jeremy Harlow Dustin Harlow Adam Patterson
OK guitar nerds listen up! I'm thinking of replacing the EH Nano Boost pedal in my effects loop with a nice, smooth compressor pedal that also gives a slight boost. Suggestions?
Only semi humorously stating that I want a big budget Aquaman movie. Or make it really cheap, and just have the whole thing be a guy in an Aquaman costume talking to a sea creature at an aquarium. He could be having an existential crisis, and seeking advice from a whale shark or a leatherback turtle. The turtle voice could dubbed by Paul Giamatti, or just implied by long pauses to which Aquaman could reply with things like "you so crazy Sea Turtle!" I would pay American currency to see that.
Trying to think positive about my 32 years on the planet, 24 years playing guitar, 10 years teaching people how to play their favorite songs, tens of bands, hundreds of stages, thousands of people met, trillions of notes played, many stories...always making people happy. Worth the effort and minor hearing loss :) It's a good day.
I used to get it in Ohio “"..♪thinkin' bout Guy Fisher, never met him but gahtdamn that's my n!gga♪.."”
Mark Suppelsa can you do story on Dr.Guy Fisher & Santra Rucker they are in prison for no reason?phillip.allen94
George Stephanopoulos also you a story Dr.Guy Fisher he in prison on kingpin charge 4 no reason?phillip.allen94
Guy Fisher became the first black man to own and operate the Apollo Theater in Harlem when he purchased it in 1977.
Great day for Hagrid, BOB with Guy H. Fisher, his handler, a major win towards his Grand Champion title, with special thanks to Erinn Sullivan Hadley who has worked with Hagrid to correct an issue he had with showing his bite to the judge. Hagrid loves Erinn. Just wish Guy's daughters had been at the show to take Hagrid into the Working Group Ring. Hopefully they will be there for the next win. Hagrid also earned the final leg to his CD title today. And yesterday he got Select Dog, with Guy Fisher. Amazing that Hagrid could show so well in the horrible heat that we have. Will post a picture as soon as we get it. Thanks also to Karen Bang for referring Guy to us.
Guy Fisher (new York) legend..he was da 1st black 2 own da Apollo theatre in Harlem...he made da street mone
Oops - forgot one thing from the Macomb KennelClub show this past weekend. I want to thank Guy Fisher and the Club for allowing my daughter the honor of singing the National Anthem both days. She did a beautiful job and I am not being biased - thank you to all who complimented her.
Stanley "Tookie" Williams, Donald "Sly" Green, Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, and Guy Fisher are a few of my favorite black gangsters.
I think Im Big Meech, Larry Hoover, n Guy Fisher/ all rolled into 1 flamboyantly fly *** ..
Federal Reserve Miss America Costa Concordia Larry Summers President Obama Matt Kenseth South Korean White House Prince George Barack Obama Paula Deen Premier League London Fashion Week Ben Bernanke Red Sox Breaking Bad Lib Dems Lawrence Summers Atlantic City Justin Bieber Nick Clegg Los Angeles Real Madrid Gareth Bale Floyd Mayweather Jr Man Booker Woody Allen Kanye West Downton Abbey Dina Lohan Jay Cutler John Legend Jersey Shore Yom Kippur Ed Miliband Tina Brown Russell Brand Wall Street Weekend Update United Airlines De Niro Fashion Week Riot Fest North Korea North Korean American West Supreme Court John Lewis Lib Dem Liam Hemsworth Kenenisa Bekele Hugo Boss Queen Latifah Carlos Santana Andy Murray Box Office Mesut Ozil Formula One Peyton Manning Boris Johnson Prince William Naomi Watts Vin Diesel Mo Farah Fleetwood Mac Golden Globes Wicked Witch New Jersey Julie Chen Customer Service Davis Cup Long Island Floyd Mayweather Arsene Wenger President Barack Obama Great North Run Minnesota Vikings Meghan McCain Home Page Royal Mail Martellus Bennett John Kerry Kate Middleton Daily News Sean Hannity Simon Cowell Jon Meacham San Francisco Atlanta Falcons Liberal Democrats Marshawn Lynch Soldier Field South Koreans Janet Yellen Edward Snowden Gretchen Carlson Time Inc Tampa Bay Aaron Rodgers Liberal Democrat

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