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Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri (born January 22, 1968 as Guy Ferry) is a United States restaurateur, author, television personality, and game show host.

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Planet Hollywood Observatory finally re-opens with new menu by Guy Fieri at Walt Disney World via
Yeah, but I know how this ends. Juggalos as the dual-presidents of the united states and Guy Fieri as a Supreme Cou…
Yeah, Nick Jonas performing at the Allstar game, NAH. Give me Guy Fieri shirtless at center ice cookin hibachi to EDM mu…
Check out this recipe from Guy Fieri
I'm just saying have you ever seen Guy Fieri and Joey Fatone in the same room?. Wake up America
Tiger Woods tryna get a bunch of retired Hooters waitresses hot under the collar looking like Mr. T meets Guy Fieri
The answer is Guy Fieri would have made a more COMPELLING Joker than Jared Leto so yes. Id also would have preferred Mark Hamil
Guy Fieri and 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' came to JJ's Red Hots this week
Guy Fieri article edited anonymously from the Indiana Statehouse
Probably the lowest blow in the Vanity Fair review of the Trump Grill was when they said it isn't even fit for Guy Fieri.
Robert Irvine, talking about Guy Fieri: "I wanna take Guy outside and do nasty things to him.". UH
I mean, clearly Anthony Bourdain is. But not Guy Fieri - he really is just very juvenile.
Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is even sadder when soundtracked by Johnny Cash's "Hurt" -- wa… via
someone from Guy's Grocery Games called at work today and asked if someone wants to compete so I guess I'm gonna meet Guy Fieri
Hi, I'm Guy Fieri. my *** is so gross like it's super weird and smells funny and my dog keeps sniffing my pants. I mean, Grocery Games
Guy Fieri. Jennifer Aniston. Steven Segal. Brendan Fraser. Guy Fieru but with groucho marx glasses. These are the Godhand
Some days I feel I am the Liz Lemon of SOT, others I feel I am the Guy Fieri
I think in legitimate *** you're just locked in a room with Guy Fieri and Kody Brown (husband on sister wives) for eternity.
I'm not sure what it is, exactly, but Guy Fieri and Santa Clauses seems like a winning combination
Sometimes I wonder if Guy Fieri has ever actually been to Flavortown.
"We've got dinner reservations at Guy Fieri's Great American Garbage Fire."
Should I wear my Guy Fieri costume for my Senior "Me" photo?
4. I stood in Walmart for 30 minutes getting this right. Guy Fieri pot set for $69?! Checkmate atheists.
"It's like a ketchup hot tub in flavor town!". Guy Fieri is my hero don't @ me
Just contemplated for a solid 10 min if I saw Guy Fieri at the airport in Charlotte. That's when you know you've lost your mind prob
The Guy Fieri / Tony the Tiger mashup you didn't know you needed.
Guy Fieri is living the life, getting paid to travel and eat bomb food
Was having a nice and relaxing treat yo self day getting a mani pedi until Guy Fieri came on the tv and ruined everything
Guy Fieri is on the plane my dad's on I gtg
do restaurant owners feel validated when Guy Fieri says their food is "rockstar"
...I've been watching Guy Fieri for hours
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"just a Guy Fieri looking for his Girl Fieri"
you n your boy Guy Fieri need to get on this thanksgiving album idea.
To the broke *** Guy Fieri w frosted tips LN who thought it'd be good to critique my mix but just got caught in a lie instead TY come again
a MMO about dogs where you play as Guy Fieri
I just realized I couldve been Guy Fieri for Halloween...
I'd like to see guy fieri go to the krusty krab and sample the cuisine
I've yet to understand the appeal. Like the Guy Fieri of skepticism but less classy.
I will defend Guy Fieri till my death
Frank has a wet dream about Guy Fieri and it gets spicy.
STOP SHOUTING AT ME PLEASE, GUY FIERI. You're right though - that food really does look out of bounds. And legit. And out…
Guy Fieri leaned in so his tongue gently moved against Frank’s ear. “Marinate my sautéed sausage, Baby.”
my english assignment is to write a science fiction short story and I am translating that to Guy Fieri fan fiction
I'll suck anyone's *** to get me to the front row of a guy fieri concert
I wish my dryer had a 'getting hit on by Guy Fieri' dryness setting. The 'jury duty on your bday' one I'm currently using is…
Congratulations to the winners of the FBIT Costume Contest!. 1st place: The Milkshakes. 2nd place: Bruce and the Lee's. 3rd pl…
I'm not even at the skate function ft. that dude in the back and guy fieri
How much money would it take for you to get a small guy Fieri tattoo on your ***
Get your Football Sunday pregame on at Guy Fieri's. All You Can Eat Tailgate Brunch from 10AM-1PM before our showdo…
this is my friend as guy fieri on Halloween I hope you enjoy
this was our 4th cruise with CCL. IMHO, the Guy Fieri burgers were a HUGE improvement!
I think the thing that freaks me out the most about Guy Fieri is that he doesn't like eggs. I mean...that's weird, right?
*Pitching my cookbook idea*. Guy Fieri: This is basically food groups fried & coated in Cheetos dust. . Me: You don't like it?. G…
Courtney brings a picture of Guy Fieri to school everyday as motivation
hi im guy fieri and THID is DINERS DRIBR IND A ND DIVES
to when Link was Guy Fieri before Guy Fieri was Guy Fieri.
For all of my flaws, at least I've never yelled at my wife in public like this dude with his Guy Fieri lookin self
my list of the top 5 people ever:. Ellen. Jamie Lee Curtis. Reese Witherspoon. Guy Fieri . Anne Frank . honorable mentions:. POTUS. Ernest Tubb
My school currently has two different petitions to get both Ina Garten and Guy Fieri to come to our school and I feel so proud
The opening number of my Hamilton re-write about the legend Guy Fieri
Ty Pennington was the Guy Fieri of houses.
Guy Fieri puts bacon in his Bloody Mary's. That man is brilliant.
Please god let there be a photo of Guy Fieri and Luis Suarez
Green Day's new album comes out in October. And so does Guy Fieri's new cookbook. Literally wake me up when September ends
I'm addicted to Food Network. Celebrity Worse Cooks in America is on... I can't look away- female Guy Fieri! Holy sh
is Guy Fieri the Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood of Food Network
"...his hair gelled into exclamation points". Flawless description of Guy Fieri in the
Guy Fieri is the poor man's Guy Fieri . w/
I'll print out pictures of Randy Jackson,Miranda Cosgrove, Pitbull, and Guy Fieri and send a box full of them to u
Every time Guy Fieri says "Money" to describe food, Ryan Lochte accuses him of armed robbery
hmmm thats not an 83% or a 97%. Mrs kennedy you need to step up ur Guy Fieri game
*Guy Fieri during sex*. "Mmmm. Let that chipotle mayo drip down your chin.". "I'm so close. Now straddle me and slam the insul…
Overwatch is nice and all but when will Mary Berry and Guy Fieri be added? Hm?
I have ppl tell me everyday that I look like Jamie Oliver. I don't see it at all. Better him then Guy Fieri right lol.
Have I ever mentioned that beach volleyball is the Guy Fieri of Olympic sports?
Guy Fieri may or may not have helped GSW sign Kevin Durant 😂
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Chef, restaurateur, author and Emmy Award-winning television host Guy Fieri will serve as Grand Marshal of today's rac…
Holy God this wk's pod is Guy Fieri-themed & all kinds of amazing
Except the ones who think Guy Fieri's restaurant is haute cuisine.
Guy Fieri is the human version of the Kool-Aid man.
Guy Fieri is the Kool-Aid Man if he were filled with mayonnaise instead of Kool-Aid
Which celebrity chef would you want to prepare a me... — Anne Burrell or Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsey.
one of the all-time great NYT reviews was on Guy Fieri's Times Sq debacle.
Hi, I'm Guy Fieri. The secret to great cooking is finding someone you love to cook for. I love myself
Vinnie Paul and Guy Fieri might be the same person.
I went to a poetry slam and heard some really honest, beautiful pieces, but my favorite was about Guy Fieri's lust for Ra…
Guy Fieri went to Cuba, are you guys are really sure that Francis Fukuyama was wrong? Seems like history is pretty over to me.
Well, Cuba is definitely open to the US. Guy Fieri was there for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. God help them.
To be a part of Warriors nation, one must become...Guy Fieri
nostalgic for the days when there was still a chance Guy Fieri would lose the Next Food Network Star & Trump just played himself in movies
Confession: I want Guy Fieri to lather me up with BBQ sauce and lick it off like I'm one of his burgers.
Im at pine street biscuits and Guy Fieri has been here i am honored to be within these 4 walls!
Where two or three gather together in Andrew Lloyd Weber's name, Guy Fieri will sing Memory. Writing your bishop, now.
Nate Schmidt has been amazing. We should call him Guy Fieri because he can steal your girl and he's a chef on the ice
I need to see Marc Summers beat the *** out of Guy Fieri
Not a fan of the Greg Evigan wannabe in the Dodge commercials. He's the Guy Fieri of automobile ads
Guy Fieri is what happens when a Garbage Pail Kid comes to life
I greatly appreciate how Guy Fieri profile feature pieces read like Heart of Darkness
I'm convinced that Guy Fieri and Larry The Cable Guy are the same person.
If I dyed my hair blonde who would I look like? . 1) Kevin Cronin. 2) Guy Fieri
in other news: Sammy Hagar looks like a cross between The Dude and Guy Fieri
Petition to bring back MTV's "Made" so I can become a sushi chef at my own Guy Fieri themed biker sushi bar
"Daddy, what is Guy Fieri?". Well, when a hedgehog and a bottle of Mountain Dew love each other very much...
OK, I'm gonna stop before I get all Pete Wells talking to Guy Fieri here, but sister ... please rethink saying yes to this kind of thing.
Whenever I feel bummed out by working in the service industry I just reread Pete Wells' review of Guy Fieri's Times Sq restaurant.
A guy who looks like the offspring of Jack Baldwin and Guy Fieri just got on the bus
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Happy 4/20. It's important to remember the real reason behind 4/20. When Kush God rose from the dead and smoked a blunt with the Guy Fieri.
Guy Fieri is the Larry the Cable Guy of food.
I guess I never imagined Guy Fieri had a son because to me he's like this divine being who is here to do God's work.
From the Halls of Montezuma. To the shores of Triple D. It's Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. I'm Guy Fieri. I covered the Lincoln Memorial in ranch
Her: do you wanna make it a little more.. Romantic in here?. Me: way ahead of you. *i turn off all the lights and throw Guy Fieri on TV*
I want to see a celebrity death match between Guy Fieri and Adam Richman
I wonder who told Guy Fieri that bleaching his hair would look good
How does one get a job like Guy Fieri, Adam Richman, or Andrew Zimmerman? And where do I sign up?
I want to see SNL have Aidy Bryant do a Guy Fieri impersonation. I bet it would be fiyah.
Lindy West's BvS review is pure comedy gold to rival the NY Times review of Guy Fieri's restaurant.
I love when the Food Network stars shoutout to each other in their individual shows. Guy Fieri referencing Alton Brown gave me goosebumps. 😳
Steve Urkel, Elsa, Obama, JLaw and Guy Fieri did a musical for &
Oh hey Guy Fieri's restaurant is in the Rio. Who wants to join me in a flavor town journey at RT???
Guy Fieri. Time to take these fools to Flavor Town.
A reminder that my avatar is Harmony Korine and not Guy Fieri.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I'm tired of mixing up Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell
Guy Fieri, Steve Harwell, Violent J, and Dexter Holland are all brothers.
cuisine gets updated with help from celebrity Jacques Pepin and Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri looks like a person that would vote for Trump, and he's about as smart as one, too 😑
when are you, Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsey gonna have a chef deathmatch.
How does Guy Fieri opened Guy's American Bar and Dining Room, she allegedly made another $39,354.53 in fraudulent charges, records state.
Guy with the bleached hair is a cross between Guy Fieri and Neil Patrick Harris.
Celebrity chef Guy Fieri creates new BBQ eatery for Carnival Magic via
Guy Fieri smokehouse restaurant opens on Carnival Magic. Read more:
Guy Fieri smokehouse restaurant opens on Carnival Magic... New on
Badruddeen: Guy Fieri smokehouse restaurant opens on Carnival Magic
Guy Fieri smokehouse restaurant opens on Carnival Magic
Guy Fieri smokehouse restaurant opens on Carnival Magic .
Guy Fieri recomends that you join volleymemes
Wow wow saw a dude who looks like guy fieri.
Inez is asleep on the floor surrounded by candy and I'm laughing hysterically watching guy fieri on the tv
Guy fieri was here but we werent in ramsays today!
my brother just lunged off the couch onto his knees and yelled "TAKE ME TO FLAVOUR TOWN GUY FIERI"
i grill a burger she call me Guy Fieri 😍
Its 1:30am and im watching guy fieri yell at people in british accents on tv
.I would rather have Guy Fieri chase me around a hotel room shirtless and high on cocaine than have you a…
Guy Fieri and the Insane Clown Posse picked off all the pepperoni with a little horse. I am Elsa from Frozen.
How does Guy Fieri keep a straight face whenever he says "Welcome to Triple D" ?
Do you need anything, Guy Fieri? I am your father, after all. Speak.
It's 1:10am and all I can imagine is that life was made when took her to a restaurant Guy Fieri went to
I just watched Guy Fieri eat a deep fried piece of pork belly. I wanted to have a heart attack.
Hi, I'm Guy Fieri. How much to butter me up, buddy?
"That chicken is way out of bounds!". "It's like a Pink Floyd concert! There's flavors all over the place". -Guy Fieri
"Only reason 'Guy' became a bad name is cause of Guy Fieri"
At the hotel in Seattle. Switch on the TV to the Food Network. See Guy Fieri. It's a sign.
tht reminds me of when l guy fieri when he says THATS GANGSTER
it's ok, but I still don't like guy fieri
At I saw the black keys AND guy fieri so the bar was set pretty high
I would feel uncomfortable cooking with Guy Fieri
how dare you Guy Fieri me in my own home
My roommate is trying to argue with me that I would have sex with Guy Fieri for $1,000. Like?
where can I get a job like Guy Fieri??? he gets to travel the country tastin food like what a dream
hannah: guy fieri... Ugh i want his babies
Alligators vote for Guy Fieri John Cena vote for DJ Khaled
How can I take Guy Fieri's place as the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives? I wanna do that when I grow up.
what if triple d was supposed to teach Guy Fieri about the restaurant business, but he wouldn't stop eating and talking
Close your eyes and picture the full-body sweat pool Guy Fieri leaves on his leather couch every time he jerks off.
Update: we're all getting matching guy fieri hair
GF: Come over. Me: I can't. Guy Fieri: What if you were making incorrect assumptions based on my initials?. Me: . Guy Fieri:. …
Guy Fieri is the hero gotham deserves
celesta Wrote me a guy fieri Imagine .. im ***
"Guy fieri's the type of guy that says he'd pork a girl"
Remember when Guy Fieri blocked me on Instagram lmao
In an alternate universe, bowling shirts with flames on them buy a bunch of Guy Fieri's.
I drove past this guy fieri sign and we drove just fast enough to cut his face off sobs
"How can you not like eggs and be Guy Fieri" ~on Guy Fieri, 3/12/16
I think we should petition apple for a Guy Fieri emoji
My hate for Guy Fieri dissipated when I heard that he doesn't like eggs
saw Guy Fieri make some antipasto with cacciatore the other day!
Thanks for the follow. Going to your boy Guy Fieri's restaurant El Burro Burracho next week
I try to hit all the places Guy Fieri visits in every city I go to. It's, l...
I guess Guy Fieri is going for the "angsty Lance Bass from 1999" look?
“This patio goes off the hook! I think the folks are in a Flavortown food coma.” -Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri reminds me of Big Poppa Pump, which scares me.
Check out this popular recipe from Guy Fieri.
Hi, I'm Guy Fieri. What did you think of Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
I wonder if Guy Fieri is a Trump supporter
If Trump becomes president, Guy Fieri will surely be the new White House chef. Do you really want that America?
Who the f would Trump's cabinet be? Guy Fieri, Dr Phil, Stacey Dash and The Situation
Guy Fieri, although I genuinely do like him, looks like a half-reformed Juggalo.
Commentary with David Feherty and Guy Fieri and fist fights are encouraged.
Hope you get to see Guy Fieri, Michael Symon, Duff Goldman or Mario Batali or all 4
Guy Fieri getting one over on Marc Summers -
okay okay fair. Not everyone can be Guy Fieri with the pancakes like me😎😂
that Guy Fieri interview was way more interesting than the Michelle Roberts interview. Talking sports. SNOOZE!
You're cordially invited to my Guy Fieri themed nu-metal birthday party. Leave your morals at the door
Catching up on my DVR and some of the season 1 competitors are on Guy's Grocery Games!That's the ONLY Guy Fieri show I watch
# I'm watching guy's Grocery Games on Food Network food competition show good night take care host Guy Fieri.
All I want is Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay to be in the same kitchen. 😂
My dream car is Guy Fieri's red convertible he uses to drive from each Diner, Drive-in, and Dive.
Never thought I would see the day but Guy Fieri made Rob Dyrdek the 2nd most annoying person on Ridiculousness.
I just had to enter and log 15 Monster Jam commercials. I have the urge to see Hulk Hogam suplex Guy Fieri through a hot dog stand now.
Hi, I'm Guy Fieri. Slim Jim is a brand of jerky snacks or dried sausage manufactured by ConAgra Foods, the food conglo…
⚑ 2 Tickets for Sale ⚑. Customer has 2 tickets to see Guy Fieri at Dr, Phillips Center tomorrow (February 11
Guy Fieri's American Diner coffee blend is made of the finest ingredients, so it's probably not actually made of American…
Guy Fieri needs to stop saying everything is "gangster"
my celebrity crushes are as follows: 1) Guy Fieri, 2) Kevin James (as Paul Blart: Mall Cop), and 3) Louis C.K.
My favorite thing about is that he still refers to Chef Anne Burrell as "Guy Fieri's sister"
Rev up your engines because Guy Fieri will be checking out the Mushroom Kingdom!
If Fran and Costa show me one more Guy Fieri meme I’m not hanging out with Matt.
Bob Duncan, Howie Mandel, and Guy Fieri, are my idols!
You could go to the French Laundry TWICE, or try Guy Fieri's $700 5-star buffet.
Where is the condemnation from prominent white leaders such as Guy Fieri, Jenny McCarthy, and Paul Ryan?
They need to have a Celebrity Death Match with Anthony Bourdain against Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri is in Italy for this episode of D3 and I hope he is what every one of these people believe an American is forever
If I could make a dream squad, it'd be me, , John Cena, Kyle Massey, and Guy Fieri.
Guy Fieri and Anthony Bourdain in a buddy cop movie
they make an end of evageki movie where the final angel is Guy Fieri and the battle takes place in kitchen stadium
Is Guy Fieri the Chad Kroeger of the Food Network or is Chad Kroeger the Guy Fieri of music?
When does your restaurant open with Guy Fieri and Anthony Bourdain at the helm?
Every time Guy Fieri forgets to call it Hotlanta Chester Cheetah magically appears to remove one flame from his shirt.
Sammy Hagar looks like Guy Fieri dressing as Sarah Jessica Parker for Halloween now
My pre-high school self used to want to be Guy Fieri and I am so sorry.
Yes it was JEFF REED and his horrible head of bleached Guy Fieri hair with 17 seconds left. Only points of the game.
Guy Fieri teams with Fort Collins restaurant owner for Food Network special
SBS Food TV channel needs much less Curtis Stone and Guy Fieri and more Huey. I mean, come on.
No! The anti-Guy Fieri bows out: “Cook’s Illustrated” won’t be the same without Christopher Kimball
To my friends in Santa Rosa area. Is there anyone who can help get me a meeting with Guy Fieri. He has a...
Hey look it's the Beatles, just kidding it's Guy Fieri passing out signed Lean Cuisines https:/…
Kevin Millar is the Guy Fieri of baseball
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
To celebrate, Kansas City is totally going to eat at Guy Fieri's restaurant and take selfies in Times Square
Has anyone ever seen Guy Fieri, Jake Busey and Dexter Holland in the same room at the same time?
that's not even Guy Fieri. That's the guy from Blues Traveller!
If I had a dollar every time Sophie Dineen won state I would be as rich as Guy Fieri
why does Guy Fieri remind me of Pauly Shore?
That catch was OUT OF BOUNDS!!. Guy Fieri's celeb guest spot on MNF
are you logged into Guy Fieri's account?
"Have you ever seen the vocalists of smash mouth and ICP and guy fieri in the same room? NO"
They should replace all the Twilight Zone openings with Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri has followers everywhere! They copy him down to his style..This was taken in St. Louis
I wonder what guy fieri is doing right now
Y'all distracted me with Guy Fieri I have homework to do.
Should I be a goth Guy Fieri for Halloween?
Guy fieri has his bachelor's in Science of Hotel Management.
Please help support Guy Fieri, add a now!
I make it a point to like every one of Guy Fieri's Instagram photos
I wonder what guy fieri is eating right now
why did I just save 3 guy fieri memes
Hailee insists upon pronouncing Guy Fieri's name as Guy "Fyetti" and I don't know why.
I think I wanna be Guy Fieri for Halloween
Hey friends, don't forget I followed Guy Fieri around and maybe asked him who his favorite Golden State Warrior is. http:/…
people make fun of Guy Fieri but he officiated 101 same-sex marriages in ONE weekend and that’s awesome
Guy Fieri hasn't been here but Paula Abdul and Joey Fatone from N*SYNC have so
Maddie and I are being Anne Burrell and Guy Fieri for Halloween
Bad news, comics: While you were aiming all your guns at Guy Fieri, you let "Jackson Galaxy" escape unscathed:
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