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Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, belonged to a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Guy Fawkes Day Gunpowder Plot Guy Pearce Time Warner Guy Fieri William Wallace

same with Guy Fawkes and Xmas carols. 'Tis begging season!
Can we just skip to everyone hitting the streets in Guy Fawkes masks and get back to democra…
Westminster Hall is part of the original English Parliament.. William Wallace and Guy Fawkes were put on Trial there..
Oi! I'll have you know that was the most uncomfortable wedgie since Guy Fawkes Day in Eton.
Okay, got it, Anonymous has announced a "Day of Rage" and yadda yadda yadda Guy Fawkes masks and iPhones etc
Surely there is a modern day Guy Fawkes knocking about somewhere
Day trip to York. First stop the birthplace of Guy Fawkes
Err, November 9th, apparently. All this violence and demagoguery might have me thinking of Guy Fawkes Day.
Dave's gone Jez to follow and now Parker aka Nigel too. Bojo plotting with Cromwell & Guy Fawkes is thinking of how to get a 2nd attempt ...
dont worry, everyone. YES he IS Guy Fawkes ... and YES he is not yet sleepy after a long night of playing video games...
Vote Leave had good night if reflected in polls 'Guy Fawkes' game play suggests heightened public fear created & threat level will be raised
Given the history of that place & the current political climate banning Guy Fawkes night altogether would be a smart move..
AP Primary call last night was a windfall for the Guy Fawkes mask factory
if the vote is leave Cameron better not delay or it will be Guy Fawkes night again !
Ban bonfire night too. Guy Fawkes was misunderstood. Silly celebration.
Guy Fawkes night gets earlier and earlier every year.
Undeniably odd to see the royal colours carried by a horse called Guy Fawkes, named after a man who sought to blow up the House of Lords
These guys aren't members of Anonymous, they're just dumbasses with Guy Fawkes masks.
SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: PM fawns over Guy Fawkes blogger who destroyed minister | Daily Mail Online
the Occupy Wall Street movement and every other Leftist street uprising would be less stupid with less Guy Fawkes masks
Guy Fawkes was hired by the Roman Catholics,to blow up the opening of parliament.November the 5th was to commemorate the victory.
forget Nov 5th when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament, Cameron tries to sell it 24th could be new Bonfire night
Ugh, I hate the idea of kids being traumatized by jerks in Guy Fawkes masks at a political rally. This really bothers me.
V for Vendetta is really gonna make me buy a Guy Fawkes mask
Nice play by our Guy Fawkes mask look alike.
An instance of omission is found in the capital and another by Guy Fawkes, and myself, may be quoted.
It's interesting to see Guy Fawkes silk screened on a tee shirt worn by a very mainstream young woman.
"is the most honest person to enter Westminster since Guy Fawkes", someone on the Internet. I like this.
I'd point out the Guy Fawkes mask is more associated with anarchism than libertarianism, but so is this article…
There's a kid walking around this Tesco I'm in & he's wearing the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta.
Guy Fawkes at 7.30? Mum only gets home at 7 on a Thursday! I will confirm if we can get booked in or not! 😁
can you give us an update on Fawkes? How is that lil guy doing?
Paxton Lynch kinda looks like the Guy Fawkes mask
Doesn't he kind of look like a Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask? Only more terrifying?
I see Jackson is bald as a coot now and YMF has a lovely Guy Fawkes look.
"I can just see the hipsters typing away on their MacBooks in a fury, while wiping the sweat from under their Guy Fawkes masks." -Dad
the *** who wear guy Fawkes branding probably support Hillary, but the racist cops and nazi nerds like Trump…
Thanksgiving & Guy Fawkes Day should be interesting as well...
If the Guy Fawkes masked evolved in Dragon Ball Z
Yeah, and the irony is that a lot of them wear that Guy Fawkes mask.
is he going for the Guy Fawkes look?
Hitler plays a big part in the British does Guy and *** Fawkes.
if the dude with the Guy Fawkes mask was *wearing* the sombrero they would definitely be treated more seriously.
Yeah pretty much, most don't even know who Guy Fawkes is lol
Did Anonymous start rocking the guy fawkes mask because of V for Vendetta?
camps are retirement homes for people who like guns and Guy Fawkes masks.
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15 year old me being woke. I think this was around the time I was giving very serious thought to buying a Guy Fawkes mask, for real
probable don't know who V/Guy Fawkes are because they certainly don't get it.
Blairite plotters ur no better than Guy Fawkes - he wanted change, u just don't want democracy - Shame on you 💋 LEAVE!
I added a video to a playlist Guy Fawkes vs The Joker. ERB FanMade.
No one knows pitching coaches. If you're the pitching coach that wears the Guy Fawkes mask? Instant fame.
Can the police arrest a protestor for painting their face to resemble a Guy Fawkes mask? Putting it into practice.
If I were a pitching coach, I would wear a Guy Fawkes mask to the mound, rather than covering my mouth to prevent opponents from lipreading.
"The Jacobin dictatorship.". Fast forward to the 21st century. It's much like the dummies that see Guy Fawkes as an ally.
Just stop using the Guy Fawkes' mask. It's too diluted and confused of a symbol to be worth it anymore.
I reckon they're plotting as we speak, almost a Guy Fawkes scale.
Having a taco bowl on 5 de Mayo and saying "I love Hispanics" = having a Subway Italian sub on Guy Fawkes Day and saying "I love Europeans"
With all this ravioli throwing by anarchists, at this rate they're gonna trade in their Guy Fawkes masks for Chef Boyardee ones next year
The white hipster brigade. What, no Guy Fawkes masks?
On this day in History:. 1570 - Guy Fawkes, conspirator in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, is born. . 1888 - Alfred Nobel...
Brilliant! Did you go to the Guy Fawkes pub as well? Maybe I should become a tour booker! Also happy birthday (if it's yrs!).
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Dude in a Guy Fawkes mask, in a pickup, in Carmel. Speechless.
You're a liar & an intellectual coward. Cya Guy Fawkes sheep.
Creeping, like Guy Fawkes, to blow up his wife, Arise, be gone.
Written by: Everyman   It’s time to explain the meaning behind the Guy Fawkes mask…
A short history lesson on GUY FAWKES.
Guy Fawkes was NOT some paleo But a member of an extremist Catholic cabal. Dissatisfied with James I's policies of conciliation
The Guy Fawkes mask is owned by Time Warner every time one is purchased your not fighting the man your paying him
If the chaos in both parties doesn't put a big ol' Guy Fawkes smile on your face, you are part of the problem.
umm? A supporter with a Guy Fawkes icon? Seriously?
Genuinely if the government doesn't end metres I might kill someone. Namely them. Maybe I'll have a Guy Fawkes Day but for me
Says the potato with a Guy Fawkes mask whose only skill is to post tired, old memes. Carry on...
I believe if Guy Fawkes were alive today he would try to blow up Comcast instead of parliament. And we would have a national holiday.
It like Guy Fawkes setting light to a barrel of gunpowder while sitting on top of it, mates standing round!
Guy Fawkes just keeps going up in my estimation!
. Calculating how likely it is I'll die tomorrow, how guy Fawkes died and em well Doot .
When I visited I saw the Magna Carta, a Domesday Book, Shakespeare's will, Guy Fawkes' confession, and much more.
probably just hit them at a busy time of year, I was hoping it would help them get people checking bonfires at Guy Fawkes X
Doctor Harper,the biggest plot since Guy Fawkes,thank me next week.
Georgie referred to it as The Infamous Guy Fawkes Incident. BACKWARDS INTO THE FUTURE. KU
We R TAX PAYING CITIZENS, the cuts in benefits, health & Education...we shpulf be outraged. GUY FAWKES no 2 needed.
"CyberGhost 2015 VPN" software that comes with a free Guy Fawkes mask found in German MediaMarkt. I feel so secure!
The ones on here with the Guy Fawkes masks mostly are.
my own description of him is a Guy Fawkes mask melted and formed to look more like a pedophile
It'd be cooler if he were to wear a Guy Fawkes mask while doing it.
Currently pondering the semiotics of a chrome Guy Fawkes mask.
When Bennett's house was searched in 2014, a Guy Fawkes mask - the unofficial symbol of the Anonymous - was found in his Scarborough flat.
Guy Fawkes mask found in his appartment used to identify affiliation with Anonymous.
As I lift up my Guy Fawkes mask to take a vape hit, my Heath Ledger Joker makeup is briefly visible on the non-goateed pa…
"I doubt these are the socks-with-sandals kind of tourists. If I see one more Guy Fawkes mask..."
I'd like to hear you write consecutive albums where every song sounds like someone in a Guy Fawkes mask marching in place
The placement of the Guy Fawkes mask coupled with a call to the 99% stylized over the campaign poster of
A Guy Fawkes mask for America, but instead of Guy Fawkes, it’s Chris Christie’s confused face.
I can just imagine it:. London: Guy Fawkes was executed here. Geelong: Guy Pearce worked here.
I'd need to be paid 800 dollars to wear a Guy Fawkes mask in public too. :^).
Have you ever been kissed by a girl in a Guy Fawkes mask? I bet you'd like that, too, cause you've got real issues.
Why are you wearing a Guy Fawkes mask & talking about liberal bias, officer?
Apparently my ISP owns the Guy Fawkes mask.
The last images of me in a Guy Fawkes mask, until I buy a new one. I dropped mask on the floor, it shattered(broke).
I am not going to get into an argument with a Guy Fawkes mask.
Guy Fawkes mask are the libertarian hipster fauxhawk
IIRC it wasn't based on A 4chan meme. It was based on ALL 4chan memes. guy has a Bane mask, girl is Guy Fawkes.
PSA A Guy Fawkes mask isn't very acceptable for a 'proxy'. Don't use one. *says the guy who has used one twice*
If you wear a Guy Fawkes mask you support violent extremism he tried to BOMB & .
V for Vendetta - Guy Fawkes mask elegant cuff links
Do you even know about Guy Fawkes, whose caricatured mask you've swiped for your avi?
'Wuu2?'. 'Nm, just dressed as King Alfred walking around Winchester with a Guy Fawkes mask.'
I know everything there is to know about Guy Fawkes what is your problem? I think the mask is pretty OK?
Lowres evil suited guys. One accidentally became Sora in a Guy Fawkes mask, as is often the case. https:…
Tonight: The Truth about Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot via
We have a bank holiday in Manitoba on Monday to celebrate this guy who sounds similar to Guy Fawkes in the UK
Hone Harawira and Guy Fawkes, together at last
TIL that buying the Guy Fawkes "Anonymous" pays royalties to Time Warner, a nemesis of piracy. via /r/
tfw you get dorito cheese all over your Guy Fawkes mask
Jesus... Anarchy... Post-American... Guy Fawkes mask... I still pay taxes... Etc. Etc. Etc. . (Got to make sure I stay on brand and all.)
looks like Guy Fawkes mask. Brilliant Disguise, J: if can't sign w Cowboys, try to remake V as in Vendetta
My friend said Adam Driver with a moustache looks like Guy Fawkes. I hate her now for putting that image in my head.
?? I'm a bit confused. Okay, so poem about Guy Fawkes...relates to URL & how you came by it how?
The ghost of Guy Fawkes stalks this explosive .
Is it me or David's face looks like a guy fawkes mask?
Next contestant ... the anonymous Guy Fawkes mask.
The ghost of Guy Fawkes walks in this explosive
This guy in the first row *** at he has the guy fawkes mask on his desktop. What a scrub lord.
. Sony really needs to beef up their network. It's already ridiculously slow without neckbeards in Guy Fawkes masks ruining it
My folks pronounced it as in "Guy Fawkes". Can't remember when I last heard it that way.
Kylo Ren is the Dark Side's equivalent of a sexually frustrated nerd who puts on a Guy Fawkes mask and harasses girl gamers online.
NY Dolphins fans should be lining the street with Guy Fawkes masks and Hire Chip signs.
Brads making me watch a film about guy Fawkes, what even is this?!
Did Guy Fawkes have an inflatable doll?
Remember, remember the 5th of November. Hmm? Was he so evil
the 30 years war, various inquisitions, Irish troubles, Guy Fawkes, the Jacobite rebellions etc etc would suggest otherwise
This spectacular women will make my Guy Fawkes Night celebrations EXPLOSIVE!
Its January. So I'm going to spend the evening drawing Guy Fawkes.
Come on Dazz get on your lighter ... The chosen Guy Fawkes ;)
Can u see he and I walking N2 a corporation with Guy Fawkes masks, white shirts, black tie, black Blues Brothers
"Someone very stupid just hacked my account" it's Penny guy fawkes
Fetch me my Guy Fawkes mask. This timing is just too convenient.
Will the next Guy Fawkes please step forward
Jesus. Puerile. Come back Guy Fawkes all is forgiven.
might as well have let Guy Fawkes have the keys unbelievable.
1,606 followers. Jan 27, 1606: The trial of Guy Fawkes and other conspirators for plotting against Parliament and James I of England begins.
Is that David Gest or a someone in an Guy Fawkes mask?
for instance, I remember one video where a Guy Fawkes mask wearer called on a nuclear weapons site to "stand down" or something
Breaking news! it has been reported that the SNP along with a guy called Fawkes tried to blow up WM, Labour demands action
Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Parliament in order to start a Catholic government, not to put England in a state of anarch…
s/o to the guy running down western avenue in a Guy Fawkes mask and cargo shorts.
and this conversation is now over. Goodbye "the man with no name". I'm not having a convo with a wannabe Guy Fawkes lol
People of Mitchells Plain can gerus stop with the fireworks. Guy Fawkes is mos over 😒
don't. Pass a bylaw restricting use to 1 day before to 2 days after Guy Fawkes + new years eve and Chinese new year. It's the...
Three Tai Tapu boys, Masters C., F. and J. Andrews, hit on a good plan to celebrate Guy Fawkes' Day
5 Nov was Guy Fawkes Day and we went to fireworks event in Saturday :P . Also, I was glad to see fireworks in UK🇬🇧🍁
Great day out with the horses today, only ruined by lingering fireworks still being left off the week *after* Guy Fawkes
Changed my name for all the important things! Remembrance Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Rin's b-day-. :^)
Remember Remember The 5th Of November: Remember, Remember the Fifth of November: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot:
Guy Fawkes signed confession for his part in the Gunpowder Plot
By the way. I didn't see one stupid "remember, remember" Guy Fawkes Day post this year. Proud of you guys.
Austin (LM) was able to retell the Gunpowder Plot story and think about how we remember Guy Fawkes.
Veteran's Day and Armistice Day are combined in the US. At 1st I thought this was a Guy Fawkes reference but date was wrong.
I interviewed David Lloyd on creating his Guy Fawkes mask. https:/…
It's called "Bon fire" which was performed for Guy Fawkes that day.
It's 410 years since Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament; John Chilcot's report into the plot is due any day now...
Missionary claims in N is no more religious than "celebrating Guy Fawkes' Day" in 1907
Pitty there isn't a modern day Guy Fawkes
How was Guy Fawkes Day this year? Waiting for a blog post to see your pics!! :)
Remember, remember the fifth of November. Who is Guy Fawkes anyway?
"As the frustration and anger of Englishmen like Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, and the other Gunpowder Plotters...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
The GOAT Alan Moore on Guy Fawkes, Anonymous and V for Vendetta's origins...
A day late but happy from across the pond..the word guy comes from Guy Fawkes and meant a bad man..
have a very happy Guy Fawkes Day, remember to be safe around fire
Guy Fawkes says happy try killing the government day 🎆
that's pretty mean to say to this Pirates fan. Anyway, happy Guy Fawkes Day!
- even if they are masks of Guy Fawkes. They're references to the perceived spirit of Alan Moore's V. b) Meaning changes. .…
Happy bonfire night! We'd like to think modern republicans are more peaceful than Guy Fawkes' lot...
Guy Fawkes, where are you now that your country really needs you? via
Fewer fire callouts on Guy Fawkes night
Fewer fire callouts on Guy Fawkes night (News)
4 years ago today I was at an Occupy Chicago rally in my Guy Fawkes mask. Some anarchists ruined our peaceful protest.
An giant effigy of David Cameron holding a pig will be burned for Guy Fawkes night
This is why everyone is talking about Guy Fawkes night in Lewes
On November 5, 1775, General George Washington condemned his troops' Guy Fawkes holiday celebrations. Do you know why?
Don't forget to celebrate the best terrorist of them all. No not Osama Bin Laden, no not Barack Obama or Tony Blair, Guy Fawkes is 😀
I think Guy Pearce should play Guy Fawkes in a film by Guy Ritchie
Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby Loading the Gunpowder by George Cruikshank from:
John Dee with Edward Kelley exhibiting magical skill to Guy Fawkes by George Cruikshank from
"Sure! I'd love to come! Is this going to be on Comedy Central?" - Guy Fawkes, completely misunderstanding what sort of roast he's going to
Thanks, but I was concerned about the correlation between Push Penny and Guy Fawkes, they fall on the same day, so it makes sense
TIL Guy Fawkes (Guy Fawke's Day, Nov. 5th) did not plot for anarchy. He was planning the fall of pa…
8 facts you may not have know about Guy Fawkes this bonfire night: Every British schoolchild knows that the bo...
Five days until Guy Fawkes Day, but most importantly, five days until the Avett Brothers bless my ears with their music.
Hey neat trick to launch the book on Guy Fawkes night - citywide fireworks in London to mark your book! (Sorry rest of world)
A word in thine ear, Tis not wise to provoke a large, unusually clever rabble the week before Guy Fawkes.
Join us for a fun and frightening evening ending with the annual Guy Fawkes effigy burning!
GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL - How dare they move Guy Fawkes night because of the Celtic game. Burning effigies of Catholics is our …
Guy Fawkes night is nearly here! London has some amazing displays. Check out TimeOut for their best spots
v for vendetta redone where the Guy Fawkes mask is now a Guy Fieri mask
I wore a Guy Fawkes mask all night two years ago. It wasn't that bad. It was Fun creeping people out all night lol
Why do yall always pick some *** in a Guy Fawkes mask for these kinds of stories
it gives me a feels to see so many wearing a Guy Fawkes mask knowing nothing of who that was or what he was about
As soon as I see the Guy Fawkes mask avatar I stop listening
So hard to find a Reuters picture relating to the Nauru detention camps that isn't a dude in a Guy Fawkes mask at a Sydney rally
Further to astutely made point, I don't think I've ever met anyone in a Guy Fawkes mask who wasn't a bit of a bellend tbh
"I voted Conservative, but then I saw a 33-year-man screaming while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and changed my mind," says li…
at least I knew that Guy Fawkes was the reason we have bonfire night ✋🏼
well there could well be fireworks on Guy Fawkes night 😂
no! Don't even think about Christmas until after Guy Fawkes night
Every night would be Guy Fawkes night Froggy b'y!!
When you try and take an edgy photo on a night out and you come out looking like Guy Fawkes 🔥🔥🔥
we have Guy Fawkes night on 5th November where we let fireworks off to celebrate a terrorist trying to blow up Houses of
That's Guy Fawkes night in the UK. We have bonfires and fireworks.
I think it should be banned to have Christmas stuff in shops, until after Guy Fawkes night. :P
How can you serve in her Majesty's gov and be so disrespectful? We will be having Jeremy Corbyn night instead of Guy Fawkes night soon!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
And 51 Days till Guy Fawkes night, one of my Son's favourite time of the year. ))
.detailing how Parliament has made data more accessible. First hackathon was on Guy Fawkes night 2011
Check out my birthday Guy Fawkes night no need to worry about parliament imploding from within
Just been asked if I'm gonna go to a Bonfire in Germany on bonfire night... It's a British thing love, hence, Guy Fawkes...
Today we remember Guy Fawkes being caught trying to blow up Houses of Parliament in 1605. His accomplice, Bruce Forsyth, …
BRUH im hung like William Wallace meets Guy Fawkes
"We need guy fawkes masks, please donate to our gofundme so we can talk down those SJWs!"
the Guy Fawkes mask and using Rules 1 & 2 of Fight Club.
Petland in Robinson: Shut it down. - Sign the Petition! via
Doning a Guy Fawkes mask does not mean you are necessarily - Anonymous is an ideal. Brandishing what may be a…
Unfortunately, this is not something that the county has oversight for - perhaps could look into.
The province’s police watchdog is investigating the shooting and says a knife has been taken into evidence. .
Guy Fawkes you are sorely needed now. .
Good lord. If I have to see Guy Fawkes mask one more time I'll set off a nuke.
The RCMP shot and killed an man wearing a V for Vendetta mask/ Guy Fawkes..
Update: The B.C. Coroners Service has identified the victim of the RCMP shooting in Dawson Creek
PressTV: Anonymous warns Canada police: There’ll be revenge
NAE wunner Guy Fawkes wanted tae blow that place up
When that little voice in my head says, "Reading this hot-take illustrated with a Guy Fawkes mask will irritate me," I should just listen.
This is the image of Guy Fawkes, who attempted to assassinate King James. & is used by the antisemetic anonymous group
BC man killed by RCMP identified as comrade - ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous vows revenge
honestly if I didn't have these thin *** lips I'd look less like Guy Fawkes
Ashley Madison was hacked which would explain why my girlfriend has been walking around in a Guy Fawkes mask setting fi…
Anonymous, but with Guy Fieri masks instead of Guy Fawkes masks
"The last person to enter Parliament with a good idea was Guy Fawkes"
as you know instead of a Guy Fawkes mask the. wear Gizmo masks!
It had sunk. How could Fawkes hope not only of the Exchequer. The locality of Guy's arrest.
Person wears a Guy Fawkes mask which today is a trademark and symbol for the online hacktivist group Anonymous. 2012.
Video of police just after they killed man in Guy Fawkes mask. Viewer discretion advised.
B.C. man in Guy Fawkes mask killed by RCMP identified, Anonymous ‘hacktivist’ group vows revenge   10% Off
.looks like he was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask from this pic
Happy Bastille Day. For UK friends, its like Guy Fawkes, but more successful.
You've got your whole Henry VII and the Guy Fawkes thing and.,...and it's complicated.
Agree! They laughed at 1mill+ who protested the war in Iraq. Too many everyday robots in today's society, not enough Guy Fawkes'
EDSA, February 1986. One year after a mysterious man in a Guy Fawkes mask appears on TV, the masses gather in revolt.
Just saw two consecutive cars drive by me with the driver wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Why that happened I'll never know.
What's worse, Guy Fawkes mask or fedora?
Reading V for Vendetta: a dude in a Guy Fawkes mask just rescued a bird while quoting Shakespeare.
when you get waved at by someone in a Guy Fawkes mask who was riding in a convertible blasting reggae.
.What do you expect from someone who puts the rebel flag on that *** Guy Fawkes mask?
Guy Fawkes — whose mask has become the symbol of the modern cyber protest — was never ever Anonymous :)
Can't watch Venditte without thinking of V for Vendetta and now I'm imagining Venditte pitching with a Guy Fawkes mask.
I'm impressed that this Boyle for the can play hockey while wearing that Guy Fawkes mask the whole time.
offshoot law becoming official.. Our little 'Guy Fawkes grin' can be worth a decade.
Walking home in a quiet neighborhood I encountered a tall guy in a Guy Fawkes mask. Weirdly unsettling to see in a residential street
but the way the library operated in Name of the Guy Fawkes mask count?
Trying to invent a replacement for that idiotic Guy Fawkes mask and cloak
I'll be 30 in Sept.&I've literally lived out most my sexual fantasies already LOL. There's only 1 left.It involves a literal Guy Fawkes mask
Can there be one protest where somebody doesn't wear a f-ing Guy Fawkes mask? Zero points for creativity.
The worst is when you think someone is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, but it turns out to just be their real face.
lol dude was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in his profile pic you should've known to unfriend him on that alone
the Guy Fawkes mask should have been a dead giveaway
I didn't see a single Guy Fawkes mask there tonight but I'm always an boot on the ground
It's sorta like Guy Fawkes mask for representation of freedom. People have no imagination. Also, the masks are pure irony
It depends on whether you think a Guy Fawkes mask is a good punchline for a 245 second joke.
you do realize that having the Guy Fawkes mask as your Avi doesn't make you a revolutionary voice of the people right?
"follow the god *** rules" says the guy with Guy Fawkes mask. ..
*Guy Fawkes removes his mask to reveal...* GASPS! Don Mattrick! *resume *** chant*
"A true friend is one SOUL in two bodies" - Aristotle. (Friend = Guy Fawkes b/c his confession was better than all of theirs!!!). :"-)
I'm too old to don the Guy Fawkes mask and chant stuff, but if doesn't explain his regressive views on weed soon, may have to!
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. Did you say it in a mirror while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask?
New Muse album- great riffs, will be fun to witness live. Lyrics? Ugh. Matt Bellamy needs to put down the Guy Fawkes mask for a bit a Guy Fawkes mask. Fight for it with Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman in 'V for Vendetta' at 3:49pm.
Guy Fawkes was inspired to blow up British Parliament by an early form of LSD—hence the charge of High Treason.
. as he hides behind a Guy Fawkes mask,
the biggest irony is the guy complaining he wants French first has a Guy Fawkes mask as his profile
No good can come of a guy getting off a bus outside Sydney Uni at 8.40am wearing a black hoodie and a Guy Fawkes mask.. 😳
Photo: speech on press freedom by in UN 1B basement, Guy Fawkes mask on wall
but worth a reminder: the irony of buying a Guy Fawkes mask. is not the mask, but the people.
I wonder who that man with a Guy Fawkes mask on his head will be voting for?
Guy Fawkes masks are not my cup of tea, I would rather wear a Marx mask because alliteration and that beard is (not as good as Engels tho)
An anonymous-style Guy Fawkes mask with a national flag emblazoned on it is quite a nonsensical image intit?
not mad just think it's cringeworthy. I mean who has a Guy Fawkes mask anymore besides NEETs?
I literally have a anarchy outfit picked out 😂 but what I have so far is a little skull bandana mask and a Guy Fawkes mask
an anarchist revolutionary dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask, as he begins an elaborate and theatrical revolutionist campaign
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If you own a Guy Fawkes mask you should probably kill yourself
You should sell Honey Badger masks to raise money. Id buy one and wear it like a Guy Fawkes mask, to show solidarity.
Says the *** with a Guy Fawkes mask as the avi. The man who wanted to create a Catholic monarchy lmao. You're a true moron.
Im pretty sure if Thomas Paine was alive..he would be behind a Guy Fawkes mask.
I may not like your Guy Fawkes mask but I will defend to the death your right to wear it.
Nice one E. Do they wear Guy Fawkes mask?
I think the Guy Fawkes mask is actually incredibly ironic for the cause that uses it. Guy was a religious extremist, yo. Catholic terrorist.
funny part is they're not afraid of my Guy Fawkes mask at all
If you happen to see the kid in the Guy Fawkes mask arrested last night give him a high five. Proud he stood while others ran.
Maybe it's the shouting "You're Welcome" through a megaphone, and the fact I'm in a Guy Fawkes mask AND Spiderman costume
Accounts with Guy Fawkes mask avatars are invariably the most pretentious, arrogant things.
interesting to see what the bloke in the Guy Fawkes mask up by the boxes was doing though.
that dude in the blue is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask!
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