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Gus Van Sant

Gus Green Van Sant, Jr. (born July 24, 1952) is an American film director, screenwriter, painter, photographer, musician, and author.

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It's a tragedy that Gus Van Sant's Gerry is only available on DVD. Please do something,
Can't sleep when I have an exam in the morn oh no. Gus van Sant, Bertolt Brecht and Hong Sang-soo running through my mind.
Worth noting too the sex appeal of Cornell. He looked like he'd walked out of an early 90s Gus Van Sant movie >
"I love you, though. You know that. I do love you.". My Own Private Idaho (1991, dir. Gus Van Sant)
Gus Van Sant is dead and was replaced by a lookalike: a conspiracy theory thread
Cue the screeching violins! Gus Van Sant's PSYCHO slices on Blu-ray on 5/9.
This like Wu Tang Clan. Meets Gus Van Sant. Plus the McLaren sound like Ron Van ***
"You know what the best part of my day is?". Good Will Hunting (1997) | Dir. Gus Van Sant.
This looks good, especially if your into 8 chins with a marshmallow face! Includes an awesome Gus Van Sant (good wi…
We get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds. 🎞 Good Will Hunting (1997) Gus Van Sant
Asia Argento, Gus Van Sant, Michael Pitt, and Tom Waits all come across as much worse than Laura Albert!
I don't. Why would I wanna see Obi-Wan dossing on Tatooine for 2 decades?. ...actually as I say that I'd like to see…
If a movie isn't released, it's one thing, but if you know it will b...
I'm normally drawn to something I haven't done and seen before.
Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Sant. "Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourse…
I think that in some cases, I've made films that have a sentimental qua...
I'm thinking of remaking 'Psycho' again. Doing a third remake. The ide...
I'm just curious why we shot elephant by Gus Van Sant at a school that condemned actors deserve better not
is Portland Public Schools condemned students from going to that school then why did we shoot by Gus Van Sant in it
I'm in the red shirt I don't have red hair but if you look at the credits it says otherwise my 1 only line in…
There is no reason to know the time. We are timeless. 🎬 My Own Private Idaho (1991) Gus Van Sant
The Mask, starring Julia Roberts and Vanessa Redgrave. Directed by Gus Van Sant, music by Tobermorie. Budget: $100m
Disney with all of those remakes it has in stores reminds me of Gus Van Sant doing Psycho.completely soulless
Phoenix will play a man who was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of 21
You aren't really anybody in America if you're not on TV. 🎬 To Die For (1995) Gus Van Sant
If I'm diagnosed with cancer I might become despondent, but someone young...
first of all, it's great and directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting) and has Sean Connery, and a Matt Damon cameo.
This road will never end. It probably goes all around the world. - My Own Private Idaho (1991) Dir. Gus Van Sant
Joaquin Phoenix and Gus Van Sant reuniting after 20 years for John Callahan biopic
what about a shot-for-shot remake of Gus Van Sant's Psycho... by Gus Van Sant himself!
Gus Van Sant's PSYCHO turns 18 today which means only 5 years to go until the shot-for-shot PSYCHO II remake.
Today in film history: Gus Van Sant's shot-for-shot remake of Hitchcock's opens in 1998.
Watching Good Will Hunting. Wish I could send a letter to Gus Van Sant on my theory of the film - the film speaks volumes to me.
Today I met Gus Van Sant, director of one of my favorite Good Will Hunting.
Going on an unexpected master screenwriting course on Gus Van Sant at unearthly hour tomo, not sure what time it really is just now though. Gus Van Sant directed that. I prefer their stuff after that album, but i like to torture people with MMMmbop XD
RHPS:Fox 10) What, no "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!" sign, either? Oh, there it is. Fine. Good. 11) Remember when Gus Van Sant remade Psycho?
i always wanted to do a Gus Van Sant style picture about Brandon Lee's last day.
Gus Van Sant's remake of "Psycho" was bad, but the worst part was being trapped in the parking lot after whilst the attendant was pooping.
A24 picked up a notoriously savaged film from LAST Cannes, the film distro version of a Jamal Crawford heat check:
Even when you're making a movie about life, death is a presence, and I guess it's part of my dr
Gus Van Sant's is one of the biggest bombs in Cannes history, but A24 picked it up anyway
maybe they would have seen the Gus Van Sant remake with Vince Vaughan?
For all the boredom the straight life brings, it's not too bad.
The Thing was a great remake. Worst: Gus van Sant's Psycho, so identical it was utterly pointless. Good film school material.
Why A24 took a risk and picked up Gus Van Sant's notorious bomb
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Gus Van Sant's maligned 'Sea of Trees' is a deeply reflective experience
FYI, Cannes sensation and Gus Van Sant's Masterpiece "The Sea of Trees" is available to stream.
The time is finally here. Gus Van Sant's 'The Sea of Trees' can now be streamed:
Tormented by personal grief and the spirits of the dead in "The Sea of Trees."
I did not hate Gus Van Sant's This does not mean I think you should see it.
Gus Van Sant's The Sea of Trees is out (in NY & LA, Seattle release TBD), and it's not a good movie:
The Sea of Trees review: a fantastically annoying and dishonest tear-jerker
Love, loss and mouthfuls of dolorous dialogue in "The Sea of Trees." Our review:
River Phoenix & Gus Van Sant on the set of 'My Own Private Idaho', 1990
Ep 019 Gus Van Sant: Good Will Hunting vs Even Cowgirls Get the Blues is here, check it out!
Gus Van Sant's Good Will Hunting and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues releases at 7pm PST, don't miss it! .
Im so thankful for gus van sant... we have so little popular and recognized *** cinema directors 😭
My art teacher in junior high was a very out *** man and a mentor to m...
Just DON'T EVER see the Gus Van Sant shot for shot Psycho remake. Now that was money & time well spent! 😜
Now the music industry is sort of like a Craigslist venture, right? Wh...
Do you think Gus Van Sant is chill with directing my life?
Even if you try to copy a film shot by shot, you still can't. It's sti...
There's a lot of films that have relatively rigid road maps because th...
Matt Damon talking about winning the Oscar for "Good Will Hunting". Mr. Gus Van Sant is this week's director!
Director Gus Van Sant with Robin Williams and Matt Damon on the set of 'Good Will Hunting' (1997).
PARANOID PARK(is overlooked Gus Van Sant. One of his most gorgeous pieces of cinema.
If you don't have the story and the unfolding of the trajectory of the...
The reason I know about 'Tomb Raider' is from when I was researching '...
It's a joke Gus Van Sant got an Oscar nom for Milk the same year he did Paranoid Park.
. Drugstore Cowboy was with Matt Dillon and WS Burroughs, directed by Gus Van Sant. You must be thinking of something else.
Gus Van Sant with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves on the set of My Own Private Idaho (1991).
River Phoenix at work with director Gus Van Sant on 'My Own Private Idaho' (1991).
Guy Pearce and Mary-Louise Parker to Star in Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant's *** ..
Watching Bowling for Columbine and Gus Van Sant's Elephant almost broke me - I'm not sure I could ever watch...
Happy to join up with this team shooting in Vancouver, BC now.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Well, some folks really dug it. I'd say if you like cinema verité stuff like Gus Van Sant it might be for you.
The area of teenage life is not necessarily rarefied; we've all gone throug...
I'd come into filmmaking as a painter so, for me, making 'Good Will Hunting...
There are all kinds of ways that people present their films, but that's kin...
Watching 'Good Will Hunting' . Another great movie from Gus van Sant and Matt Damon
Did you ever notice that Gus Van Sant always has his name come up in the same font in his credits? lame
either you've achieved a highly contemplative state or you're in a Gus Van Sant movie.
The Dirties- a mix of Larry Clark's Bully, Gus Van Sant's Elephant and a dab of Wes Anderson + a whole lot of film love= fantastic & tragic.
You're afraid that I won't love you back. 🎬 Good Will Hunting (1997) Gus Van Sant
Funnily enough, I got that same sense of deja vu when watching Gus Van Sant's and Peter Jackson's
Picture of River Phoenix and Gus Van Sant while filming for My Own Private Idaho
Matthew: "I had a conversation with Gus Van Sant the other day-". Me: "Wait, what?!" .
Because I didn't have brothers, I was always interested in the kids down the str...
Remember when Gus Van Sant reshot every scene in psycho for some *** reason?. is this that?. but weirder??
My goals is to be in a film directed by gus van sant
Gus Van Sant's frame-by-frame of Psycho was awful; Losey's is faithful but really excellent on its own terms .
Reading Sea of Trees by very interesting so far. What's the relation to Gus Van Sant's
``I want to thank Gus Van Sant for selling out so that I could use his editor Curtis Clayton, who did a great job. By Vincent Gallo
Great way to end 2015; saw Gus Van Sant & at before which has great one take shots in a hotel!
MILK REVIEW (2008, DIR. Gus Van Sant). As documentaries about dairy farming go this is a strange one.
Gus Van Sant to direct new miniseries about fight for LGBT rights.
"On a scale of a Lars von Trier, a Gus van Sant, and a Gus von Trier, how serious of a film do you want?"
.For New Year we are forced to wear black, again
so i guess my absolute fav Gus Van Sant movie is Restless, and you should def watch My Own Private Idaho for River Phoenix's performance
alright tonite i plan to finish my Gus Van Sant binge watchin' thingy so be warned there's gonna be lotsa hot takes probab
Comb over to rival Trump on Gus Van Sant.
The first image of Matthew McConaughey in Gus Van Sant's 'Sea of Trees,' now in high-res:
Matthew on Gus Van Sant's 'The Sea of Trees': 'It's one *** of a survival story':
Compared to this, Gus Van Sant's Psycho was a stroke of originality. is one and only, like The Crow.
This could be the most pointless remake since Gus Van Sant's Psycho.
Gus Van Sant said that his remake was more or less an experiment. These are most likely just cash grabs.
Not since Gus Van Sant's utter fail of remaking has there been such a pointless decision in film-making! :(
At all costs don't let Gus Van Sant see this, it might give him ideas about another remake...
I wish I were back home. I wish I were holding your hand. 🎬 Restless, 2011, Gus Van Sant
Nobody found shot It was "Restless" (2011) by Gus Van Sant. Next shot in 5min!
Discipline of Do Easy by Gus Van Sant based on ‘Doing Easy’ An essay by William S. Burroughs.
They don't even allow black people in Portland. A small colony of Hispanic boys is permitted, for sucking off Gus Van Sant.
On this day in 1992, the music video for “Under the Bridge” was released. Directed by Gus Van Sant.
It’s when you start doing things for free, that you start to grow wings. My Own Private Idaho, Gus Van Sant (1991)
you should get Gus Van Sant to direct the movie of you hearing that new one for the first time: Missing Missy Elliot
Tonight at 9pm, tune in for Gus Van Sant's experimental "Psycho" remake. Anne Heche! Vince Vaughn! Julianne Moore!
Same thing still applies to the brown bunny too. Had gus van sant made the same exact movie it woulda won best picture at Cannes
"But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other." Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Sant
Gus Van Sant & River Phoenix at the New York Film Festival in 1991. More from festivals past http:/…
Gus Van Sant did that with Psycho. What a ***
What's going on with the american Death Note movie? First they said Shane Black would direct it, then Gus Van Sant and now it's Adam Wingard
Ok, this time, I'd like to be in a Gus Van Sant or Rob Reiner film
I havent seen many Gus Van Sant movies but I feel like he's super overrated. My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy are still cool though
Awards potential "The Sea of Trees" directed by Gus Van Sant gets booed at Cannes Film Festival
- Cannes: Gus Van Sant's 'Sea of Trees' Sells to Roadside, Lionsgate in U.S. -
Psycho (1998) - Gus Van Sant | | Thriller top 10 horror movies of all t…
I haven’t seen it in years but I feel like it holds up. It’s directed by Gus Van Sant, and there’s a William S. Burroughs cameo.
Gus Van Sant interviews director Larry Clark circa July 1995 in regards to his film 'Kids':
Trying to imagine how long I would've lasted at The Oregonian if my only interest in Gus Van Sant films was that some of them were R-rated.
To my knowledge, yes. Gus Van Sant was still doing this around MILK. Maybe some are still doing it under the radar.
.fights for those who need a voice. Read it here:
have you seen Gus Van Sant's shot for shot remake of PSYCHO? Its excellent.
I think those directors ll be in cannes competition this year :. Gus Van Sant Terance Malek , Michele Heinkie ,...
Photo: serpientes: River Phoenix photographed by gus van sant
in 10 years, who is going to pull a Gus Van Sant on T2 and do a shot-for-shot remake?
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It’s like Being John Malkovich, except with Spider Man and Gus Van Sant.
Director Gus Van Sant appears in this movie, playing himself -
AHHH GUS VAN SANT !! he is like the director I either dislike the movies or love so much lol but I was very interested by this
Listening to talk about Gus Van Sant on OPB. Hehe :)
About to hear myself & Mario Falsetto talk with on about the series/course on Gus Van Sant. Tune in, yo.
Did U know that enrolling in our Essential Gus Van Sant class gets you into the film series for FREE? Sign up today:
Be sure to listen in tomorrow at noon! & Mario Falsetto will be on talking about our Gus Van Sant class & film series!
"U can't fill down times with different jobs bc procrastination is u thinking of what u r going to do next." - Gus Van Sant via
Gus Van Sant's take on the last few days of Kurt Cobain's life. Not a documentary, but interesting and beautifully ..
Bret Easton Ellis was going to write a screenplay about them for Gus Van Sant to direct.
James Marsters in a show created by Jenji Kohan and directed by Gus Van Sant? Yass! The TV gods have ans…
Great du jour:. Drugstore Cowboy (1989). with Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch;. directed by Gus Van Sant. Grade: A
Rocket, born Charles Adams Claverie, was at one point a part of underground art scene. He was friends with David Byrne and Gus Van Sant.
Gus Van Sant's "Sea of trees" is most likely going to be a huge success and hopefully get Oscar Noms for Matthew McConaughey & Ken Watanabe
New HBO drama from OITNB's Jenji Kohan has Gus Van Sant as director. Rumours say it's about the Salem Witch trials. http…
Worcester saw plenty of pop-culture action in '14 By Craig S. Semon Telegram & Gazette Staff craig.semonpop culture in 2014 could be summed up by the two Kims — Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un and the fictitious plot to kill him in "The Interview" and Kim Kardashian, whose bare backside proved to have the gravitational pull of a planet when plastered on the cover of Paper magazine — closer to home, there were some happenings of note in the year that just passed. Alright, alright, alright Three-time Academy Award-nominated director David O. Russell chose Worcester for "American Hustle" because the city hasn't really changed since the late '70s. And, for "The Sea of Trees," two-time Academy Award-nominated director Gus Van Sant thought Worcester (and the surrounding areas) was the perfect backdrop for a suicidal college physics professor to ponder his life's misgivings and killing himself. No wonder Wormtown has low self-esteem issues. Matthew McConaughey plays the suicidal professor who goes ...
Finding Forrester is still good, and Sean Connery is shtill shexy, but I forgot how long this flick is. Jesus, Gus Van Sant, I'm tired.
My Own Private Idaho was actually a merger of 3 projects Gus Van Sant was working on
Oh, no... I clicked on "Psycho" on the cable box and it's the horrible Gus Van Sant remake.
"Finding Forrester," y'all. Watch it. Gus Van Sant at his finest, IMHO. Thanks for the head's up!
Just found out Kase Ryo starred on a Gus Van Sant film. That figures why his English in SPEC 2 is superb. SEBUMI DAISUKI!
That's the only Gus Van Sant movie I have any patience for.
Although the last news on it was a year ago.
Psycho (1998) - Gus Van Sant | | Thriller top 100 movies of all time
Restless 2011 by Gus Sant Van, the movie ; for preparing the death.
I wonder if Gus Van Sant watches De Palma films with a smirk on his face.
Considering the wonderful stuff he's capable of Gus van Sant has made some truly atrocious films
and I wrote about "Elephant" this week. I love it SO much. Please have a read of what we have to say.
Anyone else think of TO DIE FOR when watching GONE GIRL? Enjoyed Fincher's film but couldn't get Gus van Sant's out of my head…
My own private idaho by Gus Van sant👌
Gus Van Sant on memory: "I used to take photographs just to remember people."
Psycho (1998) - Gus Van Sant | | Thriller top 20 movies of all time
"To Die For" directed by the (sorta) indie film maker Gus Van Sant ... predictable, but engrossing ...…
Another awesome director I have huge respect for, Gus Van Sant! My favorite film of his will always be…
Don't bother, it's just Gus Van Sant calling various crew "the man" (except Harris Savides, who he deems "the man now, dawg").
Not before ROBIN HOOD: LITTLE JOHN: THE FIRST MERRY MAN that just screams for a grim n' gritty take by Gus Van Sant!
Alfred Hitchcock's remake of Gus Van Sant's Psycho is on TCM tonight. Ugh. So pointless. Perkins is no Vaughn.
This like watching Gus Van Sant's reshoot of PSYCHO but with more stabbing pain,
I heard Gus Van Sant was the latest name attached to Death Note, which I could see working if the cast was right.
A cinematic abomination. Comparable with "Psycho" by Gus Van Sant & the American version of "Let the right one in" UNNECESSARY
Has there been any news on the Live Action Deathnote movie? I've only heard Gus Van Sant was directing. Thanks!
I seriously am in love with this movie 😭😭😭 probably my fave Gus Van Sant film. River 💔😭
Last night Gus Van Sant took me to a piano bar. Except there was no piano
Now you can buy Gus Van Sant's film studio in a converted barn in Portland, ORE: http
Gus Van Sant's 'To Die For' was ahead of its time with Kidman playing the ultimate fame *** http:… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Have you listened to this interview between Gus Van Sant and Bret Easton Ellis on the latter's podcast?
I think she meant 1998 Psycho Gus Van Sant. The worst Gus Van Sant of them all.
Happy birthday to Gus Van Sant, born on this day in 1952.
We also have Noah Baumbach's While We're Young, and Gus Van Sant's Sea of Trees next year to look forward to!
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS and GUS VAN SANT during a costume fitting for Drugstore Cowboy.
Can't decide what is the more pointless remake Gus Van Sant's 'Psycho' or Spike Lee's 'Oldboy'
Gracepoint is essentially the TV version of Gus Van Sant's Psycho
Hey, someone buy Gus Van Sant's Sauvie Island home and let me hang in the "arty-fartsy art studio." Please.
Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan holds her own in Paul Schrader's sexy fringe LA thriller The Canyons. Watch out for Gus Van Sant as a shrink!
- Michael Pitt at the press conference for Gus Van Sant's Last Days at Cannes Film Festival, 2005. htt…
Great skateboard footage by the folks who shot the super 8 sequences for Gus Van Sant's PARANOID PARK:
Better yet, let's do a shot-by-shot remake of Gus Van Sant's Psycho. Jim Parsons as Norman Bates. This is your Citizen Kane
Gus, how are you going to present an accurate picture of Michael Getze if you don't consult with him for your movie?
And later I thought, I can't think of how anyone can become a director without learning the art of cinematography - Gus Van Sant
Considering a Gus Van Sant-style shot-for-shot reenactment of the Tonya Harding wedding night tape.
Gus Van Sant's Elephant and Gerry are two films which are obviously gaming influenced. they would make amazing games.
gus van sant is attached to the "Death Note" movie! finally, an anime adaptation put into a good helmer's hands! PRAISE YEEZUS!
James Franco has so much love for the *** He's set to play ex *** activist in Gus Va
I've been hearing references to Gus Van Sant's Gerry from multiple sources lately. Did something happen I'm not aware of?
Is the Gus van Sant film he's doing?
my liver never reach me to remake Hitch,Gus Van Sant learned that HARD. Remake nah. Homage, Heck Yeah
The Sea of Trees! Gus Van Sant and Matthew McConaughey are so close. Hook a brother up with a set visit
pls work with a Korean director that has Gus Van Sant/Lars Von Trier/Werner Herzog flair. Or just a Noir movie would be fine!
Whoa—Gus Van Sant is filming "Sea of Trees" in Worcester, MA right now with Matthew McConaughey (via
Thank you to the generous backer who picked up the lunch with Gus Van Sant! Did you know it's the 25th anniversary of Drugstore Cowboy?
Whoa. Whoa. Wait. There's an upcoming American adaptation of Death Note. being directed by Gus Van Sant. I can't even
Hello, Gus. Would you like to direct a film about a woman who meets a man, shakes his hand and refuses to ever let go?
Michael Pitt is an incredible artist -- Gus Van Sant's "Last Days":
Just came across this today: | Seeing how crazy Van Sant's films are, there is hope for the Hollywood Death Note yet.
It should be a Borgesian copy like Gus Van Sant did w/ "Psycho." CGI 2003 Kate Beckinsale!
in which David foster wallace raves about Good Will Hunting and discusses blood meridian:
Currently shooting Gus Van Sant's Sea of Trees. In the rain.
Will gaming ever get it's Claire Denis, or Gus Van Sant or Kimberly Pierce or even it's Alice Guy-Blache?
Good interview with Gus Van Sant by Byron Beck. This movie was my first awareness of the existence of Portland...
Gus Van Sant Talks on the Eve of the 25th Anniversary of Drugstore Cowboy:
Boss just went up on Netflix and it is hella good. Like House of Cards' more artful grandfather. Gus Van Sant directs the pilot! Watch it.
Corrections from me on Peter Hyams directed 2010, not Peter Weir. Gus Van Sant made Milk after G.W.H. which is great!
Furthering the popular theory that Gus Van Sant is Henry Rollins in an absurdist wig.
The things that inform student culture are created and controlled by the unseen culture,... - Gus Van Sant
Don’t be sad enthusiasts Interstellar and something called Sea of Trees by Gus Van Sant are on the way
And Vince Vaughn is a superstar in my mind simply because of his appearance in Gus Van Sant's far superior PSYCHO remake...
In response to Gus Van Sant's "Last Days": "I have no idea what's going on, but I'm into it".
Matthew McConaughey to Star in Gus Van Sant's 'Sea of Trees' via
yes, a movie is rumored to be directed by Gus Van Sant (Elephant). Produced by Justin Lin Ent. No more news for now
HOTT or HMMM? James Franco goes boy-band blonde (for his movie role in Gus Van Sant's "Michael"). And, he's not the first to do it! Check out another one of our favorite male celebs who swapped their brunette locks for a platinum 'do:
Imagine the world without Drugstore Cowboy writer/director, Gus Van Sant ***
We talk about Gus Van Sant's films in the new ep. wrote about his Last Days: They're high - FILM ***
One thing I kept out of the TRUE DETECTIVE story because schedules couldn't be worked out is that Gus Van Sant was approache…
Gus Van Sant's breakthrough feature, and easily one of his best. (review)
Matthew McConaugheyis filming his new movie in Massachusetts. Production kicked off Monday for his drama “Sea of Trees,” which co-stars Ken Watanabe and Naomi Watts, and is being directed by Gus Van Sant, who, of course, helmed the Boston-based “Good Will Hunting
Gus Van Sant directed film starring Matthew McConaughey 'Sea of Trees' Goes into production.
Discipline of D.E (Gus Van Sant, 1982) based on short story by William S. Burroughs -
I can't believe Gus Van Sant is taking on Death Note someone slap me in the face
Exactly!! Gus Van Sant AND Death Note. Can you imagine? That being said, I would've loved it if Darren Aronofsky had done it.
No way! I still haven't read the Dark Tower series and I really want to. I've also heard that Gus Van Sant was gonna direct the
I didn’t know, that was an interesting decision. But then Gus Van Sant’s shot for shot remake of Psycho was perhaps taking >
Yes! One of my favorite anime stories, is going to be a movie -
Gus Van Sant to direct adaptation of Death Note
I'll never understand why Gus Van Sant would try to remake Psycho. Especially with Vince Vaughn as Norman.
Gus Van Sant should also make shot for shot remakes of other horror classics like The Exorcist and From Justin to Kelly
Gus van Sant, Justin Kelly, Quinto, Franco.. making a he was *** but now he is happily straight movie.. About ex *** a-hole Michael Glatze.
Boycout the upcoming movie MICHAEL... About The Happy ex *** Michael Glatze...Justin Kelly, James Franco, Gus van Sant should now better
What do you think of Gus Van Sant possibly directing an american Death Note adaptation?
I thought he'd died a couple of years back. Enjoyed Gus Van Sant's Last Days last night. RT
Did you guys see this news last night? Thanks to for the link >JM
Gus Van Sant has won the Palm in 2003 Festival of Cannes for Elephant, a movie about Colombine High shootings.
Elephant's film director Gus Van Sant will make American adaptation of Death Note, succeeding to Shane Black.
Watching Gus van Sant's Last Days. It's movie about Kurt Cobain but... "It's not". I love it but it makes me sad 2. He was such a gifted man
don't listen to him. It was Gus van Sant.
I love Death Note! The Japanese live action movies are pretty good. Gus Van Sant is directing the American Remake
Ad of the Day: Gus Van Sant Directs Trio of Breathtaking Spots for the BMW i8
Pretty slick ad for the new i8.2 years since I first saw this car and now it's here.Also loving the Van Sant.
it's ok, just another young-terminally-ill couple romance. Gus Van Sant has other good projects- Elephant, Paranoid Park
"Sometimes you start with the wrong balance and the whole thing gets messed up." –Gus Van Sant on More:
Did not know Gus Van Sant was behind 'Restless'. Makes me rethink the entire movie.
ICYMI: MY COLUMN on free agency, Gus Van Sant's & missteps of the htt…
"Website The Tracking Board is reporting that American director Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk) will...
Podcast- talks movies, movie production & viewing trends with Gus Van Sant. Great conversation as always, go subscribe.
Rob Zombie on Gus Van Sant's "Psycho":. “I picked this not because it’s the worst film ever made, but because...
Taxi driver strikes and delayed flights caused headaches for Cannes-goers not already feeling it from too many glasses of rosé, but another day of bright blue skies brought out the stars as the festival got into full swing. Gus Van Sant and Matthew McConaughey talked the recent Oscar winner's next f…
From Casey: I am writing this letter to address last week’s screening of my film, GIFT, which played for the first time in 20 years at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, as part of the Modern School of Film’s highly acclaimed mentor based filmmaking program. I was not invited to attend, or to take part in the Q&A. Instead the movie was represented by my ex partner, Perry Farrell, who co-directed, co-wrote and co-starred in GIFT. I had already come to terms with not attending the film. MSF said that the subject of the evening would be Drugstore Cowboy, 25 years later, and that GIFT was added as a companion piece. Though I was a director, I presumably wasn’t a big enough name to invite, which disappointed me, because I would loved to have shared my creative journey, and met Gus Van Sant – after all we shared a talented cinematographer, Eric Edwards. Being snubbed artistically never feels good but I’ve learnt to live with it over the years. I have no legal leg to stand on, as regrettably I signe .. ...
Justin Kelly, a protege of Gus Van Sant, has set a summer start date for Michael, a film that will star James Franco in a film that’s based on the Benoit Denizet-Lewis article My Ex *** Friend, published in The New York Times Magazine. While there have been some *** empowerment-themed films...
Best of NYICFF: Kid Flix Mix Thursday, March 20, 2014, 1:00 PM Recommended for ages 3–6. The New York International Children's Film Festival is North America's largest festival of film for children and teens, and stands at the forefront of a movement to define a new, more provocative and compelling film for kids. Each year the festival presents a carefully curated collection of the best new animation, live-action, and experimental film from around the world in an exhilarating festival atmosphere with all the immediacy and excitement of a Cannes or Sundance. The NYICFF jury includes such film icons as Susan Sarandon, Gus Van Sant, Matthew Modine, James Schamus, Michel Ocelot, Uma Thurman, Evan Shapiro, Christine Vachon, and John Turturro. Now these exciting, culturally enriching NYICFF films are available to audiences nationwide in an all-digital presentation of short film compilations and award-winning feature films. The Little Bird and the Leaf Switzerland Animation, Lena von Döhren, 2011, 4 min. It ...
Favorite directors (consistant favorite movies): Woody Allen, PT Anderson, Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Gus Van Sant, Terry Gilliam. This is for you Barbara Crawford as per my promise around CT about movies to see.
Movie News of the day. Enjoy! LEONARDO DI CAPRIO will re-team with his 'The Wolf of Wall Street' co-star Jonah Hill in a film based on the Vanity Fair article “The Ballad of Richard Jewell.” Richard Jewel, a security guard who discovered pipe bombs at the 1996 Summer Olympics, was initially hailed as a hero but later became the prime suspect in the bombing which killed one person. Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) will star with Ken Watanabe in 'Sea of Trees'. Gus Van Sant will direct the story of an American man and Japanese man who embark on a reflective journey through Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forest.” MICHAEL KEATON (Robocop) is in talks with director Tim Burton about 'Beetlejuice 2'. CHRISTOPH WALTZ (Horrible Bosses 2) will star in 'Tulip Fever', the film version of Deborah Moggach’s 17th century novel of the same name. SETH ROGEN (Neighbors) will re-team with '50/50' director Jonathan Levine and its co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt on an untitled comedy from Sony about three childhoo ...
This is the first time I've been defined as an "Art World Attendee". (Between Paul Schimmel and Liz Goldwyn) The Broad Hosts VIP Reception for Jeff Koons & John Waters February 26, 2014 Written by Laura Schreffler | Published in News © Ryan Miller/The Broad© Ryan Miller/The Broad Luminaries from the worlds of art and entertainment stepped out in Hollywood on Monday evening to attend The Un-private Collection: Jeff Koons and John Waters. The Broad, alongside the Gagosian Gallery, presented artist Jeff Koons and filmmaker John Waters in a sold-out conversation at the 1,900-seat Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles to kick-off its 2014 Un-Private Collection talk series. A VIP reception at the Orpheum Theatre immediately followed, also co-hosted by The Broad and Gagosian Gallery. The evening was attended by Eli and Edythe Broad, Larry Gagosian, Doug Aitken, Edward Ruscha, Andy Moses, David LaChapelle, Gus Van Sant, Johnny Knoxville and Moby. Art world attendees included Lauren and Benedikt Taschen, Tim . ...
Praise for Jean-Luc Godard: _ Michael Atkinson: "Godard is to his medium what Joyce, Stravinsky, Eliot, and Picasso were to theirs: rule-rewriting colossi after whom human expression would never be quite the same. Quentin Tarantino may be the most famous public genuflecter before Godard's legacy, but Martin Scorsese, Abbas Kiarostami, Gus Van Sant, Spike Lee, Lars Von Trier, Leos Carax, Jim Jarmusch, Raul Ruiz, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Richard Linklater, Catherine Breillat, and Wong Kar-wai, among innumerable others, all owe him a debt they could never pay out. Wrestling in any capacity with movies as art means facing his body of work and taking a deep breath. Godard is a one-man aesthetic revolution that hasn't calmed its cultural mutiny in over four decades." François Truffaut: "What struck me most about Godard[…]was the way he absorbed books. If we were at a friend’s house, during one evening he would open easily forty books, and he always read the first and last pages." Jonathan Rosenbaum: "'No other f ...
Prepare to visit one of the most unsettling locations on the planet. The Wrap reports that Matthew McConaughey (True Detective) will star alongside Ken Watanabe (Inception) in the upcoming film Sea of Trees. Gus Van Sant, director of Milk and Good Will Hu
Matthew McConaughey is set to star in Gus Van Sant's next pic, "Sea of Trees," as first reported by Variety. Van Sant will direct with Chris Sparling penning the script. Story follows a suicidal Am...
According to reports, Matthew McConaughey is set to star opposite Ken Watanabe in Gus Van Sant's next film SEA OF TREES. An American man takes a journey into...
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Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe to star in Gus Van Sant's SEA OF TREES:
Matthew McConaughey Dives into Gus Van Sant's Sea of Trees McConaughey wills star opposite Ken Watanabe about "...
Directed by Gus Van Sant! Starring Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper! Opens NY/LA on September 16! Coming soon to a city near you!
2012's Roundtable was the best in history - Tarantino, Ang Lee, Gus Van Sant, David O. Russell.Ben Affleck
On Sunday, December 22, 2013, I headed to a Christmas Party at the home of Jim Youll. With me was my good friend Arturo Hunter and my dog Yoko O-Yes. About a block away I ran into Cleve Jones and asked if he wanted to come along with us to the party. Part of the fun of bringing along Cleve was that I knew that Jim was a big fan of the Gus Van Sant directed "Milk" movie and that he had a nicely framed movie poster of in his sitting room. Cleve was greeted warmly by Jim and everyone else. It was also great to hang out with Jen Woodfield & Chris Woodfield at the party, as well as with Tim Morano, John O'Leary, Brandon Cruz, and Raj Shekhar. Three lasagna dishes were excellent, as well the Italian soup that he made! I had just started watching the Boris Karloff narated "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" with the assembled guests in the livingroom, when Cleve and Arturo announced that they ready to head off to Beaux (bar) on Market Street to attend the Sister Roma Roma birthday party; I had told them about my de ...
Portlandia - Many faves will be popping up on this coming season. Per Pitchfork: Along with the return of St. Vincent's Annie Clark, this season will feature Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra, the Monkees' Michael Nesmith, k.d. lang, and Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan, among others. The columnist Dan Savage will also appear, as will actors including Kirsten Dunst, Maya Rudolph, Olivia Wilde, Vanessa Bayer of "SNL", and more. Returning stars include Kyle MacLachlan, Jason Sudeikis, Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, and Gus Van Sant. The first new episode airs February 27 on IFC.
Jesus, Elysium was the worst giant allegory in any movie, ever. Matt Damon, you're fired - stick with Gus Van Sant for politics. 2/10.
Some Gus Van Sant on the weekend. Elephant is good, much preferred to Last Days. Great how well Good Will Hunting still holds up.
For more interesting times, start living as though Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant are taking turns to roll
So the awesome Gus Van Sant allowed us to shoot this comedy short written and directed by Joseph Cole at his home. Yes thats the hilarious Willam Belli (boy is a bttm fame) we laughed our *** off...and to be supervised by such a awesome director- ok not supervised but he ordered AWEsome pizza. ...who knew?
Gus Van Sant's Psycho Just Turned 15 -- and is More Fascinating than You Remember via
"A person's sexuality is so much more than one word *** " No one refers to anyone as just "hetero" because that…
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