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Gun Violence

Gun violence defined literally means the use of a firearm to threaten or inflict violence or harm. Gun violence may be broadly defined as a category of violence and crime committed with the use of a firearm; it may or may not include actions ruled as self-defense, actions for law enforcement, or the safe lawful use of firearms for sport, hunting, and target practice.

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and to Gun Violence condemn Trump attack on trans service members
Conservatives' solution for Gun Violence is School Militarization, and Michael Moore's last words
Read the Crime Lab's newly released report, Gun Violence in Chicago, 2016. . A total of 764 people were murdered...
Read Crime Lab's Gun Violence in Chicago, 2016. 764 people were murdered in 2016 in Chicago, 279 more than in 2015.
Crime Lab just released its report on 2016 Gun Violence in Chicago. Take a moment to learn more at our website:…
Kim Snyder's Newtown Looks at the Aftermath of Gun Violence in a Connecticut Town
Dems to Ryan: No Break Without Action on Gun Violence: WASHINGTON – Led by the four organizers of last June’s...
The fall events lineup UC Berkeley includes the Gun Violence in America series we're hosting with the Graduate...
Our Lady of Ferguson and All Those Killed by Gun Violence. . A new icon by Mark Dukes.
Jessica Alba calls for end to gun violence at Teen Choice Awards
There's a call to end 'gun violence' at the
▶️ son of joins at the TCA's as they speak out against gun violence. https:/…
Jessica Alba invites victims of gun violence on stage at Teen Choice Awards
having a gun violence talk in the middle of the Teen Choice Awards is about as appropriate as catching Pokemon Go's at the Anne Frank house
Jessica Alba Called For an End to Gun Violence at the Teen Choice Awards
The fact that the even did a speech about gun violence, yet didn't mention Christina Grimmie disgusts me
Jessica Alba called for an end to gun violence at the
It's time we put a stop to hate violence. Join and take action in favor of commonsense gun safety legislation.
Christina's death and the mass shooting. both happened in Orlando . days apart from eachother . she died from gun violence. WHERE…
Can we agree that the grossest thing they did was leave their own nominee, a victim of gun violence, out of their gun vi…
21 savage knows solution to gun violence. he is the modern-day MLK. my location on if u wanna debate this physically
The wants to talk about ending gun violence but didn't talk about Christina Grimmie? I see you.
Jessica Alba and Ne-Yo plead to during an emotional tribute:
I stand by these brave teens who's lives have been torn apart by gun violence
Respect to the Awards for paying tribute to victims of gun violence & police brutality.
"Hamilton O.J. Simpson, Orlando, Gun Violence, & What the 4th of July, Alton Sterling..." new blog by
People of all ages attend John Lewis Town Hall meeting on Gun Violence at Ebenezer Baptist Church
Gun Violence topic at the last Cook County Board Meeting
with Congressman John Lewis at his Town Hall for Gun Violence, &
Join me tomorrow at 11:30am at Ebenezer Baptist Church to Continue the Community Dialogue on Gun Violence.
Harry Nilsson was hurt by the murder of John Lennon, he spent rest of his life trying to stop Gun Violence
100% agree, read what he says in full – Steve Kerr on Gun Violence: 'Our Government Is Insane, We Are Insane'
*** I really wish the United States changed its views on:. Gun Violence. Rape Culture. Police Brutality. Homophobia. Xenophobi…
:Spencer Overton w/ Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies talks about Gun Violence & People of Color
VIDEO: Brooklyn Teens Call for Peace in New Short Films on Gun Violence via
The National Medical Council on Gun Violence will meet in Chicago this wknd to discuss latest research & strategies.
VIDEO: PEOPLE's Call to Action on Gun Violence – Here's How to Contact All 535 Members of Congress via…
"Stop the Gun Violence" rally will be held today in Hickory Hill
Gun violence not a mental health issue, experts say, pointing to 'anger,' suicides
Hillary had a plan to reduce gun violence. Bernie does not and he votes with the NRA
Is climate change, cyber attacks , gun violence, mental illness, emerging technology or terrorists the biggest to the ?
"It is past time we act on gun violence."
What happened to good old fist fights? I'd rather that than this gun violence.
Is the NRA why has no plan to reduce gun violence?
Has released his plan to reduce gun violence? We've been waiting since Iowa.
i definitely like to research. I've done research essays on gun violence, police brutality, etc. Those are the issues that
Like Malala, Moms won't be silenced. We will use our voices to end gun violence.
So if everyone in the knows how to solve America's problems, why won't they to our gun violence plague?
Thanks for support of and for bringing the important issue of violence to audiences.
Gun violence in PG-13 films has tripled since 1985, and overall, violence in movies has nearly quadrupled since the 1950s, a…
it's not gun violence.. I've never meet a gun with free will. It it's savage criminal activity.
Gun violence in the U.S cross all segments.
Take a moment to think about the real victims: those shamed bc someone said prayers alone cannot end gun violence
Gun violence prevention activists in Texas are contesting open carry laws through policy and grassroots activism https…
Enough is enough. Link between gun & domestic violence is astounding & troubling that it continues. We r smarter.
definitely agree with you. These types of gun violence needs to be stopped!!!
The good ole USA leads the world in the worst of categories: Gun Violence. The NRA leads our Congressmen around by their noses.
Im also still waiting for people to realize that moving out of Chicago won't save your kids from gun violence and gangs
Hollywood A-listers to protest guns at the 'I'm wearing the victim of gun violence' htt…
Two-hour on American issues, but no mention of the gun violence crisis that kills 91 Americans daily
Who's ripping up the 2A? Where's your proof? Scalia's comments on Heller & MacDonald support laws to stop gun violence.
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HRC getting huge applause here in Vernon Hills as she discusses her plan to act on gun violence
needs to and recognize the epidemic of gun violence we face every day in America
Honored to be part of press conference this morning on gun violence prevention.
We need to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and convicted stalkers. h…
Gun violence & accidents preventable with smart technology?: Last week's Pugwash meeting focused on what techn...
Racists be like:. TW, Gun violence, police brutality. . (It's an Air Soft rifle btw)
The real truth about American Gun Violence and who does it
.just took action to Here's how we build on that progress:
.is right: We can protect the Second Amendment while protecting our families and communities from gun violence. …
“I don’t want to keep operating on children who’ve been shot.”
Dr. Sakran nearly died after a gunshot wound at 17. Today, he's a trauma surgeon fighting to end gun violence.
President Obama and Hillary have proposals to tackle gun violence. A GOP President would take any progress away. http…
Hillary is starting 2016 in NH right where she left off in 2015–on a mission to prevent gun violence. https:…
A young man in NH asked: How are you going to make sure me and my brothers are safe from gun violence at school?. https:…
Commit to addressing all violence, not just "gun related" crime, and force the "gun control" advocates to recognize the true cause of crime.
New post: A wall memorializing victims of gun violence would stretch 2½ miles
In my opinion the No peace No piece chants in the movie CHI-RAQ subtracted from the serious msg to end gun violence.
Another woman dead because of domestic gun violence. American gun policy is killing women.
Gun violence & accidents preventable with smart technology?
Provisions in Administration's Proposals on Violence. - See more at:
The show will discuss Chicago violence in Monday's episode. Details:
Just in the last 72 hours 66 people have been killed and 99 injured from in the U.S.
I remember when our platform was 4 our community . Now it's dances, misogyny, gun violence, bufoonery.
This powerful new ad shows why we need to stand with on gun violence reform. …
If GunControl was really about saving lives mass shootings 1% of gun homicides wouldn't be driving the debate. Inner city…
When are we going to work together we made great things together black people now we can't come together stop …
Things completely undiscussed at last night's gun violence, race, Flint, educational inequity. Party out of touch?
Faces Not Forgotten: An art installation to never forget the child victims of gun violence. https…
'Steve Harvey' episode about Chicago violence to air Monday - Chicago Tribune
"we spoke up about guns,he accused Hillary of shouting,so we came up with to end gun violence."
If you're really into current events and political activism in regards to gun violence, check out They're great.
Never underestimate the power of a mother's love. Together, we WILL end gun violence.
So most women believe that victims of gun violence don't deserve the right to challenge the gun lo…
In USA, once in every 16 hours an American woman is fatally shot by a "romantic" partner
And of course, it'll fix the violence problem, same way gun laws saved us from gun crime. . .
Don't forget it's All Stars wknd: How Spike Lee, the NBA commissioner and ESPN took a stand on gun violence
"It's been tough. I've lost a lot of friends." . on how gun violence has impacted his life. https:/…
Thank you for taking a stand against gun violence, and good luck tonight at
Dems are concerned about gun violence but do not care about Obama's drones
We couldn't agree more, we can't let gun violence become the norm. Good luck tonight at
it starts with the candidate endorsed by Brady Campaign against Gun Violence being elected:
"The students from Horace Mann Middle School sends a strong message to the community to stop the Gun Violence...
Real Clear Politics- 13-Year-Old: I’m Scared of Gun Violence in America: I support the Second Amendment, but I...
Obama to Hold Town Hall Meeting on Gun Violence: The hourlong event will be televised on CNN, and will come da...
This Angel Investor's Solution to Gun Violence? Smart Guns: Silicon Valley V.C. Ron Conway is fed up with Amer... http…
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Led my Christian Education class today on Luke 3, Gun Violence, the reign of God, and Their theological freedom inspires mine.
Open Letter to Chicago Men: Nix Gun Violence or No Sex: Life in Chicago's violence-plagued South Side is far f...
Cruz (out of) Control: “I stopped Washington,” gave gun violence the green light.
My will be backing this initiative. Amid Gun Violence, Uniforms Flash Orange Patches of Protest
Neil deGrasse Tyson infuriates conservatives by pointing out simple gun violence statistics
Sobering statistics on gun violence from Neil deGrasse Tyson.
If these reports are to be believed... then what's the bigger threat to American Citizens Terrorism or Gun...
More Americans fear gun violence than terrorism: poll --
Here's what Americans fear more than terrorism via
Neil deGrasse Tyson lays out America's gun violence problem like a scientist.
5 things can do about gun violence NOW. Urge to act. via
New post: Elorza establishes council to reduce gun violence
Would love to wake up without news about more gun violence.
Over 100 people killed by gun violence so far in 2015 in
Amid terrorism worries, more Americans fear being victim of firearms, poll finds
Federal law doesn't prohibit convicted stalkers from purchasing or possessing guns.
Here are 5 things can do about gun violence NOW. via
.member Jessica Martin asks why violence escalates much more often now into gun violence vs. 1970's
The enforcement of ineffective drug laws has contributed to increased gun violence.
Saying 'trigger' which is part of gun violence, is racist and offensive to me.
O is using Chicago as the blueprint for National Gun Laws - Chicago is in gun violence.
Hey, we have story revealing disturbing numbers of gun violence in up next.
Congress has yet to about gun violence. Tell them it's time for common-sense action:
.This Iowa mom wants you to ask candidates specifically how they will keep our kids safe from gu…
It's time to stand up to the NRA. We have to until our families are safe from gun violence. https:/…
~30,000 ppl die per year in the US due to gun violence while UK it's ~30? Population difference x5, death diff x1…
I need to give these testimonials about gun violence but you church people ain't ready!!! Y'all live in a world...
I'll be taking pre-orders for our fundraiser to help raise awareness and promote anti-gun violence in the city. $20
President Obama Ordered the CDC to Study Gun Violence and the Results Are in... ⇒
Americans are more afraid of gun violence than terrorism
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
An NYC AAU team as well as the Clippers Chris Paul, take a stand against gun violence.
The ammosexual hates the truth about gun violence.
More lives lost. We need sensible gun violence prevention measures, and we need them now.
America stands alone in our lack of common sense background check laws to prevent gun violence. (via
Gun violence and racism that is alive and well on our colleges and universities should disturb anyone who claims to be a child of God!
Congress thinks it's untouchable when it comes to gun violence but they'll know it's reality if a RWGN gets into the capitol building. SMH
How Hawaii manages to be have a rising number of firearms and rock-bottom rates of gun violence.
Of course we also lead the world in obesity & gun violence & other causes of death, but that would apply universally.
This is the same tact that has been used successfully to shut down gun violence prevention research
5 things can do about gun violence NOW. Time for to act. via
I think there's a better way to stop gun violence though, especially given the USA's geographical situation.
Great analogy This is EXACTLY how Moms are tackling the gun violence crisis https:…
100 veterans versus how many million Americans. Vets who swore to defend same constitution they want to tear up?
Tonight a discussion about Gun Violence in Cleveland w/Blaine Griffin Ex Dir, Comm Relations Brd, City of Cleveland
Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin has been a leader on advocating for solutions to Gun Violence.
President Obama: Take Executive Action on Gun Violence - Sign the Petition! via
WASHINGTON -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wants Congress to establish a Select Committee on Gun Violence in the wake of
So Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Blaming the City’s Increase in Crime and Gun Violence on…
Lord I come against all the Gun Violence in and Beyond. Lord take the off the streets.
Nancy Pelosi calls for a Select Committee on Gun Violence via
(Bush later blames gaffe on liberals and media)Jeb Bush on Gun Violence "Stuff Happens" (UPDATED)
Who By Bullet: A Message for the Jewish High Holy Days on Gun Violence via
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Just Blamed Southerners for His State’s Gun Violence: "As long as you can...
Maybe she's the one behind End the NRA or US Gun Violence...always WAY behind in posting stories.
"Gun Violence as a Function of Gun Ownership rates for countries with a Very High Human Development Index Score" -
Another atrocious act of gun violence in the United States. Can we move America off the planet?
Programs that limit access to guns have decreased suicides
(2/2) Sen said of Loughton - "being a victim of gun violence is not a qualification for social policy of any description"
VIDEO: Man with schizophrenia shot, killed by Los Angeles County deputies - KABC-TV
.sues major U.S. city over planned "gun violence tax":
It's the guns! At least according to a new study about gun violence about mass shootings in the U.S.
Since Sandy Hook, there have been 864 mass shootings; since Michael Brown, police have killed 1,100.
NRA sues Seattle over gun violence tax via
NRA sues Seattle over 'gun violence tax', says it violates state law
Recouping the cost? "Gun violence" pales in comparison to excessive use of force lawsuits paid by taxpayers.
Democrats across the country are standing up to prevent gun violence - will you join us?
How does the propose we curb gun violence? Give everyone a gun? Let's try that shall we.
Sympathetic to you being victim of gun violence. If you wrote about it, is there a link you'd recommend for more info on it? Thx
NRA Sues Over Seattle's Adoption of 'Gun Violence Tax' on firearms & ammo.
Washington, D.C., on edge as toll from deadly summer of gun violence mounts
Looking away at the violence in our society is just like going to war without a gun. We will get short without any form of defense
"Gun violence in America, in 17 maps and charts"
It's nothing like Syria, but it is definitely an epidemic of gun violence. My city leads the nation in gun deaths. :/
Martin Scorsese backs plan to destroy real guns when filming fake ones
America's unique gun violence problem, in 17 maps and charts via
They ignore domestic violence victims unless it involves a gun. I questioned your friend support of
What Martin Scorsese is doing about gun violence
HardikPatel brandishes gun,threatens violence for OBC quota for all(not merely poor Patels).Media laps it up.What if a Mus…
NRA sues over adoption of 'gun violence tax’ - (via
NRA sues over Seattle's adoption of 'gun violence tax'
With former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords & husband Mark Kelly at the American State Legislators for Gun Violence...
You are feeding into white supremacy. Does black on black violence give racist whites license to GUN DOWN…
ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Samantha Potter WENY spoke with a witness who recaps what happened near Grove Street Park,...
I think we could use better gun restrictions. The post-industrial nations of Europe and Asia don't have our gun violence.
that's false. The clearance rate 4 black murder victims is less than 50%.
Charles Austin-charged with Murder 2nd & Armed Criminal Action for the death of Misty Marion on July 18 - gun violence…
We need all these rappers to come out and make a stand against gun violence and selling drugs and inspire young kids to be more
One final time. The man can be blamed & it can also be gun violence (aka violence by guns). Got it ***
If someone told progressives not to focus on gun violence but ALL violence, they'd have a fit. But - NO RACE
As the first order of business after Charleston, Congress just banned government research on gun violence. Happy Thursday fr…
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Teen killed, child wounded in shooting on Boeing Street in eastern New Orleans ... -…
Did you know? voted against the Brady bill joined Republican line on gun violence after SandyHook.
2/2 just as there is no reference to gun violence in the Christianity or other religions. It is the individual who chooses
1/2 you are wrong in your summation entirely. There is no reference in Islam regarding guns or gun violence
Curious whether he's ever actually lost anyone to gun violence...
Police are trying to figure out why gun violence in the NE is no longer "the exception"
Less gun violence in Middletown means less state aid
Oklahoma bishop participates in Utah march against gun violence
I lost a older sister to gun violence in 09 she was only 19
.^^^THIS^THIS^ is why they don't want you to do gun violence research. They are
One thing YOU can do to combat gun violence. For more information, visit
ICYMI: Our Mother's Dream quilts made a stop in Kentucky over the weekend!
State police help Hartford police with gun violence
is your legitimate thought that MORE ppl with guns will DECREASE gun violence??
Every time the temperature increases in so does the gun violence. needs a new gun law!. I loss too many friends to guns
Thus, highlighting gun violence in the black community provides no evidence of a heightened sense of crime in the community
Here's the full interview conducted with Alderman Boyd after his nephew was killed.
Did file Gun Violence Restraining Order against the deviant? Hey Bob hows it hanging? Thats right its NOT U cut 'em off
Ha! Canada is lovely this time of year. But what would you do with all that free healthcare & lack of gun violence?
Young Americans are now more likely to die from gun violence than from car accidents.
Trying to solve gun violence with guns seems like trying to cure cancer with cancer.
Couple who lost son fights for 'gun violence restraining order'
Honor every child killed by needless gun violence.Vote in every election.
Gun violence (most the cause of gangs) is down more than 50% over 20 years, despite millions more "meanie" guns.
We can't hide from gun violence via
5 Military heroes murdered and the White House's response to "Gun Violence" begin process to take gun from Social Security recipients.
HAPPENING NOW: AG Schimel on on MKE gun violence
I've just about had it with the gun violence
Women, the mothers of our children, hate gun violence and VOTE. Why aren't they being mobilized against NRA candidates?
This week, looks at gun violence prevention efforts in
Latest Calgary police attempt to curb troubling escalation in gun violence
“Every gun-related death is a preventable death” - on how we can from gun violence:
.If you cared about the people of Wisconsin you would acknowledge gun violence. Until then, shove it. htt…
We thank Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer for standing with El Barrio Unite and saying NO ! to Gun Violence in East River Houses.
League of Women Voters Hosts Discussion on Gun Violence. If you're in Chicago, join them!
has to say about Gun Violence & Bullying. She plays Ms Neville's in the film. …
""Gun Violence" is an idiotic Democrat Party lie. When has a Smith & Wesson opened fire on its own…" — Max Rugemer
What you can do:. 1. Talk to City-County Rep about Mandatory Sentencing. 2. Talk to legislative Reps about Gun Violence. 3. Mentor Youth
Stop Blaming Mental Health for Gun Violence. The Problem is the Availability of Guns.
A Sabbath Prayer for an End to Gun Violence: In Commemoration of the Second Anniversary of th… via
Gun Violence and Human Rights: Welcome to the Family via
Ok, so, two Americans get the Ebola and just the fear of an epidemic has Sen. Mark Kirk say we Must Ban ALL West African Countries from coming to the US..and the President appoint an Ebola Czar.OVER 30,000 people get killed each Year from Gun Violence, which IS an epidemic.but their is NO VIOLENCE Czar.and Mark Kirk won't even vote to have Common Sense Gun Laws.or Ban Assault Weapons.Interesting.Oh, that's right, most of those killed by gun violence are Black and Brown.silly me.
Paul Crum in Memphis, TN writes, "Campaign Nonviolence Memphis held a Community Forum on Gun Violence last night as our week of action continues. Memphis is ranked as the nation's 5th most violent city, but plenty of people are working to change it, including these four gentlemen who comprised our panel: (pictured from left) Stevie Moore of Freedom from Unnecessary Negatives, Elgin Tunstall, Violence Intervention Liaison at Regional One Health Center, Delvin Lane of 901 BLOC (Better Lives, Opportunities and Communities) and Bishop Mays, Jr., Director of the Memphis Gun Down program. Attendees heard from several other speakers representing community groups and city & county agencies. Memphis Mayor A C Wharton was also present to praise the efforts underway to stem the tide of gun violence, and to present the challenges we face in our work. Thanks to Cheryl Cornish and First Congregational Church for hosting us once again."
*Brand New Shirt Alert* stop Gun Violence tee.really we need to stop all violence period…
Chicago's Gun Violence & the Celebrity Influence by: Rev. Darius Dionte Randle   The violence in Chicago has seen it's ups and downs. More evident in the summer than in the winter, because of the warmer months and the longer days of sunlight. Gun violence in Chicago is much more stronger in statistics with some neighborhoods than others. So for example, your Englewood; Roseland, South Shore, and a part of Chicago's westside has been known to being very violent with many victims being found murdered or shot dead in these neighborhoods. A lot of our celebrities call Chicago home. We are home to Kanye West in which he was born and raised here; his mother was a professor here at one of the most distinguished and respected universities in the country, Chicago State University. We are home to Common, the rapper now famous movie star. We are home to Jennifer Hudson, who was an American Idol, then turned R&B sensation; and actress. Home to R. Kelly one of the greatest R&B singers in the history of music; not to ...
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Remember the Zimmerman Verdict With an Evolved Approach to Gun Violence via
I think docs and nurses should be weighing in on reducing gun violence.
.Thank You. We don't need moments of silence. We need Action for and
S. Side mom who worked at U. of C. in random - Jul 7 @ 10:57 PM ET
Seriously, SERIOUSLY, what are some immediate solutions to quell this gun violence plaguing Chicago!? 13 dead, 58 wounded over the weekend including 21 shootings on Sunday. I can't figure this out at all and its infuriating.
"It was a late summer night, out there with our cousins. And that's it. Shots rang out."
Blame weak gun laws for holiday violence, Chicago's top cop says - (via
Gun violence erupted in Chicago over the holiday weekend, with 14 people killed and another 68 wounded from Thursday afternoon to early Monday. Two of the fatal shootings were by Chicago police. It was the city’s highest concentration of gun violence this year, but in its wake it was ascribed to fam…
So. Why isn't this as publicized as much as other acts of gun violence?
sez weak fed gun laws responsible 4 weekend violence in Chi. HUH? IF ever there was an org that needed an infusion of brains.
The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence issued notice Monday of intention to file a lawsuit against Gov. Sam Brownback to challenge a sweeping Kansas law designed to nullify enforcement of federal firearms restrictions.
I don't care what side of Chicago you live on, the gun violence is all of our problem. Don't think your safe because you live Downtown or on the North Side. Please don't say to yourself me and my family are fine. Everybody has to get involved. One child/adult gets shot or killed, there should be a national outrage. I am MAD AND OUTRAGED! That a person can't barbeque, stand on the bus stop, walk down the street or just be outside without getting shot. I say send all the shooters over to the wars and shoot up there. JESUS!
A dear friend said it better than I have heard it these days.PREACH BRO!!!. " Lets end gun violence once and...
Sadly, more people were killed by gun violence in Chicago this weekend than by people killed by sharks in California over the last 64 years. More gun laws won't help as Chicago already has some of the strictest laws in the country. Rather, a change in the hearts of the people is needed.
Wow! That one anecdote totally makes up for the 30,000 Americans they die by gun violence each year. More guns for all!
Chicago Violence 'All Comes Down to These Guns,' Top Cop Says That number marks a significant jump from the same period last year, despite an increase of "hundreds" of officers on the street to prevent violence. "It’s groundhog day here in Chicago again," Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said this morning, in an apparent reference to repeated spasms of violence in the city. Of the 14 fatalities, two were shot dead by police. More Than 60 Shot, 9 Dead in Chicago's Bloody Holiday Weekend The Chicago police department released different statistics claiming the weekend saw 50 shootings that included nine fatalities. The difference in the statistics is the difference in the time frame. Chicago police figures spanned a period from 6 p.m. Thursday as the long holiday weekend began to midnight Sunday. Figures calculated by ABC News' affiliate WLS began at 4 p.m. Thursday to 3:30 a.m. Monday and totaled 82 shootings. The violent weekend ended with a barrage of 21 shootings on Sunday, McCarthy said. McCarthy ...
"Chicago: More than 60 shot July 4 weekend but some of the strictest gun laws in nation…
For those of you not from Chicago, we don't live in a war zone. But gun violence has plagued this great city for decades. …
Why is the liberal press so quiet about the gun violence in Chicago this last weekend in a city with strict h…
Overnight shift on July 4th:gun violence in Chicago: What is answer? Missing something
When the mayor asks "Where are the parents? Where are the communities?" it implies neither exists where there is gun v…
I guess I got the numbers wrong. 14 killed and 68 wounded. MY BAD.
50 people shot in Chicago this weekend. Let's all take a moment to thank the politicians for the gun laws there.
Chicago: in gun control - in murder and gang violence. Let's see the Liberals put the spin on those facts.
MT prayers go out to the families in chicago. time to stop gun violence. the antidote
DeLeo Bill Mark Fisher said he wouldn’t sign it and opposes additional gun control measures in the state
Kid, this is what you chose to wear to a gun violence rally?
Gun violence flares up across US in bloody Fourth of July weekend
Chicago. Can we give that town away?
Saw a post on what the community thinks about what can help stop the gun violence. saw 2 comments one that said stricter gun control and raise the price of ammo. first I think the world needs more of God. Now for my comments stricter gun laws only punishes the law abiding citizens and WILL NOT STOP GUN VIOLENCE. Raising prices on ammo WILL NOT STOP GUN VIOLENCE. More people die of drunk driving raising alcohol prices won't stop drunken deaths. More than half of the people in the United States drive vehicles it's obvious by raising gas prices isn't gonna stop people from driving I may not know the exact amount of people that smoke but it's clear by raising the prices on cigarettes isn't stopping people from smoking like seriously people be real stop with ur stupidity and stupid assumptions that things like this will actually work
In Chicago, 68 shot and 14 dead. Why? "Lax gun laws": So tough gun laws will work when tough murder laws don't?
I'm very disturbed by all the shootings and killings in Chicago. Yes it's shooting everywhere including here in Atlanta. But 80 shootings in a few days span. Somebody somewhere needs to open our eyes. I don't care about someone saying my posts are too long. Why cause I'm talking about GOD and not who lying, cheating, who whoremonging with who. That is old tired news. The bible says there's nothing new under the sun. I'm standing to say what needs to be new is people stop drop and fall down on our knees and plead with JESUS to have mercy and intercede to His Father onbehalf of the gun violence there in Chicago.
When opposing gun violence, aggression isn't the answer
I thought more gun control was supposed to curtail gun violence. It sure as *** doesn't seem to be working in Chicago.
SC is in USA in women killed in Domestic Violence situations-Weapon of choice-gun.Nikki Haley encourages buying of g…
Guess which city led America in gun violence over the Fourth of July weekend. Hint: It is the same cit… via
Is it white people who are doing this? Chicago gun violence: The numbers shock, but the reasons are familiar
14 ppl died this weekend in one city due to gun violence. That blows my mind.
hey how much of the gun violence in Chicago was caused by gun owners?
Change the talk on gun violence to stopping community violence: Chicago mayor: 82 shot, 14 dead over weekend
Meetings, street soccer trying to kick gun violence in Lexington
BOOM! SLAMS Obama on deadly weekend gun violence in his hometown of Chicago via
We cannot (are not) fighting gun violence effectively if we are not fighting issues of mental health.
Overnight shift on July 4th: Reporter + photographer document gun violence in Chicago:
At some point we'll talk about why the "solutions" to gun violence in Chicago are heavier policing & not health care, school…
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If federal gun laws were the problem, you'd see an increase in violence EVERYWHERE, not just gun control capitol Chicago.
Chicago: More than 60 shot July 4 weekend in latest gun violence
Stop gun violence, take guns away. Tougher sentences will do nothing to stop the violence
lol...seriously, this is your spin after trying to make gun violence about Bush? Lol...buffoon.
Murdered Fayetteville teen had spoken out about gun violence: Ravon Jordan spoke to City Council about gun...
Pro Tip for arguing with the Don't mention that your ideas will reduce gun violence. That's not what they want.
They say True Kings Raise New Kings where are they and where will they be if we continue to go down this past of self destruction? We say we want the best for our children and ouselves but we allow the preventable to happen around the ones we love and want to watch blossom these kids cant even make it to 25 these days barely out their teens at that I am not ignorant to the many struggles we face as black people like drugs selling drug using the lack of education low wages and neighborhoods infested with crime and people hustling and bustling and all hours of the night yall laughing and,we like it fee feeN until the young uneducated misguided black kid shoots into a crowd hitting all the innocent people ijs read at your on risk im not saying stop being you im just saying let's come together and discuss the gun violence is this what we want to call normal I love my city to death but its crumbling its literally dieng we can't do it all at once crack heads "gas" sellers thieves and thotarahlies all over ever ...
Scrolling through the statuses about the gun violence and shootings. If I see ONE more person say Marshall Law I'm going to effin snap... Swear fo gawt!!
What an absolute thrill today for our staff to see Gabby Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly at a wonderful Center for American Progress event titled "Protecting Women from Gun Violence." Senator Amy Klobuchar, South Carolina police chief Saundra Rhodes, Rob Valente of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and domestic violence survivor Sarah Engle of Wisconsin made up a fabulous panel that talked about what we can do to
My painting for the NOT ONE MORE Event today to end Gun Violence! Please Like and support!
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