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Gun Control

Gun control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens.

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Hey Micheal STOP with the Gun Control cue card. This is not the time for take all guns away BS SCUMBAG!
Gun Control doesn’t keep guns away from criminals, just like making drugs illegal doesn’t keep drugs away from them…
Gun control isn't leftist politics it's neo-liberalism. A lot of people in the civil rights movement supported armed self defense
Don't forget Benghazi, the 1 event she had control of, all she had to do is give the word, she didn'…
Remember this the next time a celebrity tries to lecture you about gun control.
You know, gun control might help with that murder rate problem. And save the lives of police officers. Just saying.
White liberals only want gun control 4 minoritoes. It is a form of control. No knock raids never happen against rednecks
gun violence is out of control in this country. So let's just rescind an common sense law. They should be scared
Where R Students openly praying in school, no support for gun control or reproductive rights? Afghanistan
. You want to stop lobbyists? Start with the NRA! Stop doing their bidding. We need gun control. NOW.
The only way to prove to yall that I have enough self control to own a gun, is to buy a gun so. 🙃
"Many Are With Her. like most Americans agree with Hillary on gun CONTROL HA…
the ones using the guns are already prohibited from having them. Gun control is.not the answer. Gang control is.
Hypocrites. Obama used Sandy Hook parents & BLM mothers as props to push his anti-cop and gun control agendas.
Gun Control Hurts Single-Parent Mothers. . _. To Watch the full video... https:/…
Bill floated to donate $200K per year to gun control groups👎🏽
.You assume to know my stance on gun control Tsk tsk, you know what they say about those who assume? o.o im not a liberal tho
There are lies, lies and Wayne Burton LIES
Take this statement and replace immigration with education, drug control, gun control, or health care then reevalua…
how about on the priorities NOT discussed-environment, Russia/cybersecurity, gun control, preserving…
Same goes for gun control. Funny how they understand this concept when they want to.
Lol. You LITERALLY fled Ussr And are still this obsessed w/gun control? You're not good w/ history huh?
Let it be known you're not allowed to use my death for propaganda unless I was explicitly on board with your cause.…
Rachel Maddow is now characterizing all mentally ill people as dangerous just to defend gun control!
You ever see death eaters in America? No. Gun control means Voldemort wins
Gavin's real reason for more gun laws has nothing to do with protecting the people, only control over them!
Trump complains of gun violence yet never once mentions "gun control" or the fact he just made it easier for mentally ill to buy guns.
Gun control has always been rhambos motivation for hands off gangs!
Worried about antisemitism? Jews in American have the 2nd Amendment.
Again: . If between 2012 to 2016 you psychotically pushed gun control, refugees, or class warfare, your political future is limited. Sorry.
Cause gun control has worked so well in Washington D.C. and Detroit!
Australia had one mass shooting and then enacted strict gun control laws.
The gun/weapon doesn't matter, it's the person in control of it...That matters
And, what was that he said about a gun control compromise?
Way to keep America safe is to begin at home with gun control laws...not out of control bigoted laws like a Muslim ban
Any American waving a Mexican flag can go to Mexico also. Enjoy that gun control in Mexico. Only peep w guns cartel.
Connecticut: Gun Control comes with several price tags.
The right is the violent. The left usually asks for gun control.
It is just getting worse... Chainsaw carjackers in peak gun terror. Crime is out of control under Daniel Andrews https:…
Democrats would back all your policies if you just agreed to gun control
lolol...the only time democrats care about kids is to push transgenderism & gun control. Dems only in it for agenda
that wasn't my topic today but thanks for bringing up gun control. I also feel dead children should not be propagandized
Sounds good. But Sharia, Feminism, legal gun control, and even bad social change tries to sway pub opinion before Laws come.
Sounds like there's a reduced need for gun control, then.
Shh! You're dampening enthusiasm for more gun control.
Trump repealed a gun control law, didn't hold a press conference, and buried the announcement at the end of an email https:…
When she asks "did you bring protection?" Don't make a joke about gun control. Trust me.
Was that your attempt at a rebuttal of his reasonable criticism of Trumps ridiculous les…
Because itscommon sense.Guns dont kill people.Its the people that kill others.I suppose you are gun control
Proud to call people against abortion "pro-life" until they also support common sense gun control, etc.
We don't want to get political but let's talk about gun 💪🏻 control here... Wednesday conditioning with Coach D!
Gun control prevents more people from dying, before the crime happens. bc when it does happen then its discussing death penalty
did you notice from LI that Saliterman used to work for GW Bush -- i.e., he is likely personally against gun control.
Todd on Gun Control:. The right to bear arms is absolute. Any attempt to infringe on that right is unconstitutional .
Billy on the Street Takes on Gun Control with Keegan Michael-Key in Latest Obstacle Course
Please look at the rise of violence in states w/ more gun control Dee. We all should have the right to self defense.
MAKE HIM STOP! Obama shocks the nation with THIS Gun Control Executive Action!
The "Gun Murder Rate" is unimportant when discussing gun control yet people on the gun control side always bring it up
now to make hot takes about gun control on Mediu– oh wait.
I am all for gun control, mostly to keep them out of the hands of *** like Session.
Gun control so called expert doesn't have a clue
Yeah but ima use a real gun cause you outta control
Yeah, obviously, you guys didn't think this through very well. via
Places with most gun control= places with most violent crime. Places with least gun control= places with least violent…
This is the architect of the Fast and Furious "program" for Holdet and Obamas attempt at gun control, liar, liar...
1/2 Gun control advocates don't get that by restricting self defense rights they only create more victims...
Speaking of Jeff Sessions, here's a quick summary of his votes on gun control & gun safety. (Hint: It's not pretty) https…
I agree with ur pick ur battles message-but for some gun control IS their single issue.
Switzerland: 8.2 million people, less than 50 homicides. Chicago: 2.5 million people, almost 800 homicides. They ne…
Gun control is dumb that will never work in favor of the people
Wouldn't actually say pathetic. Its out of our control, they are who they are. But now we know there a waste time son of a gun.
Gun Control: Why Wld An American Pres Want Americans to be Unable to Protect Their Families From Jihadists? http…
live on suggesting of "gaslighting" the public perception of gun control and Movement
Strict gun control at work . Admin CW...
as in lack of gun control and/or police shootings. And that British justice system is *meant* to be fairer than US.
Gun control the Chicago way. Only 762 shot dead this year!.
Four hours later and he still can't explain why Baltimore's homicide went up after Maryland passed gun control. 🙄
Because taking class pictures advances the will of the People? Day 1 and already wasting time that could be spent…
Gutfeld Blasts Tim Kaine for Calling for Gun Control after OSU Attack Tim Kaine & Obozo act like brothers!
Jase Robertson on Gun Control...this is how to frame the issue and be respectful!
Piers Morgan gets angry after losing Gun Control debate and throws his n... via JUST HAPPY HE'S GONE
In case you missed it: : A Modest Proposal for Gun Control
Chelsea and Hillary Dance on Scalia's Grave for Gun Control - American Thinker - - h…
Gun Control - OFFICIAL VIDEO via this is a great song and video - 9//25/16
Unarmed Nigerian Christians burned alive by Radical Muslims!! You really want Gun Control?!?!
I liked a video Jim Cornette on the Need for Gun Control in America
Turn into a Get Out the Vote Plea for Hillary Clinton, Gun Control and *** Hillary is white!
Chelsea and Hillary Dance on Scalia's Grave 4 Gun Control - American Thinker - - http…
Jim Cornette on Gun Control and the Orla . crazy *** Jim Cornette make a case bettr than anybody ever has
REMINDER: Republicans shut off House cameras so US voters can't see Democrats sit-in for gun control. htt…
Congressional Democrats should recruit you. We need to force a vote on gun control.
Democrats say they will occupy House floor until gun control vote is held.
UPDATE: Dems have been sitting for 2+ hrs but you can't watch them because Ryan cut off the cameras https:/…
WATCH: Moment House Democrats declared they will in protest of GOP inaction on gun control measures
Her panic attack is not a gun control issue. . She might need to quit listening to the "sky is falling" Dems
Speaker Ryan doesn't want us to see the brave Dems who've had enough silence on gun control
We're the ones asking for reasonable gun control laws... most acts of terror/hate on US soil aren't from Islamists.
76-year-old is leading a sit-in on the House floor demanding Congressional action on gun control.
Strict gun control laws do NOT stop criminals. Democrats are demagogues and liars. Stop gangs, make them work, no handouts
"We’re calling on the leadership of the House to bring commonsense gun control”:
It’s much easier to act like you’re being blocked from enacting gun control when you wait on it until after you don’t have maj…
Paul Ryan cut the cameras after John Lewis gave this powerful speech:
Changing Times - John Lewis Leads Democratic Sit-In on House Floor to Demand Action on Gun Control
Reps. Clark, Kennedy join House members in sit-in demanding gun control legislation
It looks bad, the way the GOP ignores 32K US gun deaths per year. So Paul Ryan turned off the cameras http…
URGENT:. Call office and DEMAND be allowed to broadcast the gun control sit-in:
VIDEO: The staged a live sit-in to address gun control measures and gun violence
is again on the right side of history, leading Democrats in the House in sit-in to push gun control. https…
mashable: Democrats are staging a sit in to protest inaction on gun control -- But you can only see it on social m…
Here's wearing a rainbow flag and staging a sit-in in Congress for gun control. Amazing.
Democrats stage sit-in on House floor to push for gun control
Why the House Democrats' gun control sit-in is only playing out on social media
All of the members of Congress participating in the sit-in for gun control . https:…
Where Is the Uncle Tom's Cabin of Gun Control?: America has yet to see a work of art that could do for gun control…
Gun Control and dealing with Congress John Oliver - Dickey Amendment - YouTube
Truth To Power: Latin Tags and Light Tanks. When will Congress act on Gun Control?
Gun Control - United Nations - Constitution Club/ USA out of UN and the UN out of U.S.A.
Mass shooters are more likely to be white male Christians. Blaming "Radical Islam" to distract from gun control is idiotic.…
WATCH LIVE: Senate Democrats' filibuster over gun control enters second day
Rather than a real conversation about gun control, the world is talking about the shooter being on Grindr & Taylor Swif…
For people wondering if gun control works 🇺🇸🇺🇸
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So the Orlando terrorist's Jihadist motive becomes even more obvious (if that's possible)- and media is doubling down on gu…
I'll stop talking about gun rights when they stop talking about gun control immediately after these tragic events.
Not so sure we should look to a police state for sensible gun control solutions.
Do this. Tell your senator that you support common sense gun control and the - I did it.
📷 thedailyshow: Trevor unpacks the argument that the Orlando shooting was not a gun control issue.
UN rights chief calls for more US gun control in wake of Orlando massacre...
If you don't have cable you can watch the here:
Happened a couple years back with gun control ideas being tossed around, again with the *** marriage verdict.…
Democrats try to put gun control all over the TV as shows us how corrupt Democrats are can you say media noise ?
When are you going to for LGBT rights? I support gun control but what you are doing is a spit in…
Gun Control?. Oh yes, the theory that becoming a victim is somehow morally superior... .
I'm so done with people screaming for more gun control! Criminals do not follow laws for Gods Sake! Let's ban spoons for m…
I have a feeling that most people in support of the know nothing about it except that it's pro gun control
Go, Senator Murphy! He's leading the Dems in a gun control filibuster right now!
My newborn sleeping while we fight for even the basic of gun control reform. Fight on. https:/…
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Bloody amazing. gun control filibuster has been going since 11.21 am, to force a vote. https…
Sen. for 14 hrs. for gun control. Must stand the whole time & can't use bathroom! 40 Senators hav…
The trouble is that left all agrees on "gun control", but don't stop to clarify what KIND of "control" they mean.
Don't forget that Congress has made it almost impossible to study the effects of gun control
If you haven't watched this, I think it's Obama at his best. It's Obama, on gun control, 9 days ago.
Gun Control is NOT the answer! Where is the list of terrorist allowed in The country by Obama? Where are the people?
⚡️ “Senate Democrats stage filibuster on gun control”. Typical DC politics. Waste of our money.
Hillary invoking so-called gun control loopholes and background checks (which the terrorist passed). Completely irrelevan…
Just now, said there’s a commitment to have a vote on two gun control measures, both focusing on terrorist a…
Thank you for taking action. Senate Democrats Are Filibustering for Gun Control. Watch Live
Chris Murphy continues his gun filibuster. Here's why it makes perfect sense he's the one doing it.
How leaving America changed how people think about guns
Therefore if our gun control is like Amerika, people will die everyday during traffic jams.
Senate Democrats are using gun control to hide a leak of donors that shameful.
This is AWESOME! Superman and Flash argue gun control.
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We’re on hour 11 of the gun control and 37 Senators have joined 💪
Senate Democrats are filibustering for gun control. You can watch it live here:
Democratic Senator Chris Murphy filibusters to force vote on gun control legislation
White House repeats call for Americans to be vigilant.while advocating for gun control.
got a filibuster for bad gun control, but cant get a filibuster for *** rights tho? Cant sit your *** down and call out your fellows?
I'm all ears to hear new ideas. Not being facetious. I keep hearing these platitudes like enough and more gun control but have yet
WeHo artist makes powerful statement on gun control with roof installation
Yeah but he has a terrible record when it comes to gun control so try again sweetie.
.“They’d rather have us talking about whether gun control works or not then...the fact that the POTUS…cann…
.gives passionate speech on gun control: “Enough. Enough. Enough…What we’re seeking is common sense.”
So proud of the Senate Democrats for forcing this conversation on gun control to happen.
I want gun control but both homosexuality and gender dysphoria were classified as mental disorders so it seems pretty tasteless
Same Obama admin demanding gun control at home has flooded the world with weapons thru record levels of arms sales. This i…
Yet another shooting in Roswell, NM. Five dead (four children). Gun control shouldn't even be a debate at this point. Obviou…
well France has pretty strong gun control and it didn't stop it there did it?
CA Democrats Use Orlando Massacre To Pass More Gun Control Legislation" Stay out of California, they are crazy, no way to def…
Dems renew push for gun control measures, aim for terror watch list
plz do! And in your description of the vid add a link for us so we can contact our elected representatives on gun control
13 hours & counting filled with meaningful debate on gun control. If you support the let them know!
Americans want politicians changed, not the constitution. Pro gun control common sense laws violate the constitution!
Chris Murphy is a hero for taking a stand on gun control. He's going to need allies. .
I support the who continute to to for gun control
.How about showing us you're a REAL DEMOCRAT and join the for gun control.
Notice how disconnects dots by having Johnson pivot to Gun Control and White Militia terrorists. As per Obama Islam is a…
What is the Presidents Plan? After the killing spree in Orlando President Obama plans to find ways to gather support for Gun Control.
Check out 'Chelsea and Hillary Dance on Scalia's Grave 4 Gun Control' on Tea Party Nation s
Well, you stepped in big pile of crap with your lies on your so-called 'Documentary' on Gun Control. Now everybody knows! LOL!
I liked a video Bill Burr Vs Jim Jefferies on Gun Control (HILARIOUS)
Everyone is safer when they own a gun and know how to use it properly. Criminals LOVE gun control & so do Nazis.
. Never making such a statement?. Her history of gun control efforts is undeniable. Her rhetoric is on record, for those who care.
Update your maps at Navteq
If you are in the "lessers of two evils" camp, here is the low down on how Hillary will defile your right to own...
GUN CONTROL is not protection FOR you, but protection FROM you!
Democratic Sen. Jon Tester says stiffer gun laws would not have prevented Newtown massacre https:/…
He favored gun control. College is infinitely faster for many tasks than the iPhone ಠ_ಠ.
Obama talks Gun Control with George Washington. -I wish this could happen for real.
one of the things normie 2A people never expect is saying you support gun control because of HBD
Gun homicide in a country with strict gun control.
So proud of the tough, headstrong moms like working to make our country safer from
MT .is my hero - relentless, never intimidated fighting for
mass shootings & NRA's control on our gov't that prevents even the study of gun violence as a matter of pub…
Gun control advocates see Clinton as "an ally who can finish the push for tightened background checks". The HIll
Then why do you support a man who is anti-free trade, anti-free speech, pro-gun control and pro-Planned Parenthood?
It is clear that we need a ban on toddlers
But I can believe Hillary when she says she wants major gun control.
Moms march across Brooklyn Bridge to seek gun control
I think Bernie can be better when it comes to gun control, but I don't think he's much wo…
gun control is the least important issue IMO. People will find ways to kill each other, with or without guns
Yes, it is,but I don't want him to ever call for gun control again.
I respect your thoughts and feelings. BUT, do u think tax breaks out weigh everything else trump stands for, i.e. gun control?
It's worth a watch - breaks down the key arguments surrounding Bernie's view on exacting…
MT Gun control is not about the guns, it's about control.
It's the lens of the self. Gun ban types are not healthy in the head. Poor emotional control, whatever.
Must read: on the threats she faces for speaking out against & why she wont be silenced http…
that is patently false. His support for univ healthcare, gun control, min wage, nationalizing banks, tariffs, imminent domain..
MT 'Assault Rifle' is a term created by the left in the battle for 'gun control'.
He was meh. Did nothing, really. Gun control his only achievement. Wasted mining boom on middle class welfare.
Her 24-year-old daughter was fatally shot on live TV in August. Now Barbara Parker's marching to demand gun control
After what we saw in the 1930s in Germany when our government talks about gun control our will to keep them is stronger.
Trying to slide in a "moderate" because the goal is gun control. Garland is extreme on guns
Gun control leading to gun confiscation brought to you by Hillary Clinton who was brought to you by NEVER TRUMPERS
Gun control is a partnership between . . . .
Gun control laws correlate with gun violence & violence in general.
'Did a bunch of little kids get shot today?' Stars join march for
? Then we get this-> Hillary Clinton Plans Executive Action to Exceed Obama on Gun Control -
He didn't answer it. Just like Gun Control. What a Stereo typical racist homophobic Politician. Gross. Creeps me out.
I added a video to a playlist Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE -- Netflix Special
When you promote Gun Control or Bans you attack 2nd Amend, hence Constitution, hence USA---it is a hostile act provoking Revolution.
Obama Ready to Act Alone on Gun Control - WSJ I bet Hillary has no chance now!
Obama's budget proposal includes billions for gun control || /
I generally oppose gun control, but convinces dopes he is!
Maryland legislative leadership pushing new gun control measures today.
Obama's budget proposal includes billions for Bet the goes along with this.
Here's how college women feel about guns in America
And so it begins. Let us brace ourselves for the hate-spewing.
This is what the POTUS was talking about in regards to some aspects of gun control. But of course the GOP see...
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Why the gun control debate is so circular & pointless: no one will admit what it’s really about.
Standing with my colleagues this morning to introduce our gun control legislation
See guest columnists square off about gun control
Leftist blasts Democrats for getting high grades from the
.anti-Semitism has no place in the gun control debate. Please remove your post. https…
That's why California had the result it had. No one could shoot back. Now look at texas we had a similar...
Must read piece on CDC's History of incest/use of gov grant $ to promote anti 2nd A gun control agenda- Lab Accident
Y'all it is too early to be discussing gun control, also this is calculus you're in the wrong place
Please nerf the Vesper's recoil this gun is out of control. Even when lowering sensitivity and using silencer
Obama & Gun-Grabbers are more determined than ever to RAM gun control into law during his last year in the Oval Office. He must be stopped !
When "THIS GOV." want's more Gun Control the more Concerned I get that it's "People" Control & that makes me Like my Guns & Ammo More.& More
Patriots, Gun Control only ends well for those who >>"Control " >> the Guns. must keep the 2nd strong it's the American way -308saiga
MT Gun control was never about guns. It's about control.
Oh sweet Sam Colt! Hillary thinks she is going to come back in SC by campaigning ON GUN CONTROL. As I said, she's done.
I like Ted Nugent's defense that putting a Star of David next to Jewish politicians working for gun control shows they're the *real* Nazis.
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Ted Nugent knows exactly who is behind gun control in this country. It's the Jews.
Ted Nugent was right. Jews want gun control! Here is a small sampling of media postings. Zoom in to see them.
DetNewsOpinion: Editor’s Note: She shouts, he shouts, we all shout
GUN CONTROL UNNECESSARY. We need CRIMINAL CONTROL via MANDATORY SENTENCING of those who use guns to commit crimes.
Christie is out but he n Trump are n cahoots. Christie will announce support 4 Trump. Challenge them on past gun control stances
Really scraping the bottom of the totalitarian barrel, mister soft drink police, nanny state, gu…
Obama's budget proposal includes billions for gun control
.angry w Nugent 4 posting that some "Jews" are for gun control. But, they dont Question the anti American activity…
Myth of Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945: Hitler did NOT ban private gun ownership .
Obama Wants ‘Billions For Gun Control’ In 2017 Budget - If gives it to him, just proves why we need
It hypocritical of Clinton to go after Bernie on Gun Control, when she sold arms to countries in Human Right…
PA Senator Pat Toomey the "Gun Control" fan endorses Rubio. Old enough to remember when Toomey was considered a "Conservativ…
Ah Pat Toomey, the GOP Senator that almost single handedly brought Gun Control back to life.
Maybe John Hickenlooper can resign and run with Michael Bloomberg on their Gun Control platform?.
Colorado Democrats lied about their 2013 Gun Control. And Colorado is now LESS safe.
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House Speaker Paul Ryan on Gun Control, Obama, and the 2016 candidates
Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense - YouTube Watch, enjoy, and share. Yes there is a THIRD amendment
Sharron Angle Speaks Out on Gun Control => My dear friend Sharron gets it. She'd do all she could to stop Obama.
Obama vows to finally take action on Gun Control: Credit: APFaced with legal and political obstacles that have...
Charles M. Blow tracing the history and origins of Gun Control in America Gun Control and White Terror
White House Leaves out Key Fact on Gun Control, Reporter Sets the Record Straight via…
Why Can’t We Meet in the Middle on Gun Control? - Transcript Michael Shermer:  Yes, well guns is a sp...
Using Dime to shill Gun Control is textbook BS and Sebastian Bach should know better, get out of here with that crap, disrespectful
Obama issuing Executive Order on Gun Control is like a Republican President issuing Executive Order on abortion!
SpeedNews: Obama’s Gun Control “Executive Order” is Political Theater of the Absurd
Watching Deirdre Bolton & see Obama talk about "his rights" on Gun Control. You know his mental illness would negate his ownership. True!
"Obama under fire for new Gun Control announcement..." . Yet he has said NOTHING!!!. He's only expressed displeasure w/ the current process!
Gun Control is not about safety. It's about Totalitarian Government oppressing the American p…
Obama’s Evil Plan: President Obama to act unilaterally on Gun Control through Executive Order: Nothing that Ob...
Shep Smith going off on another one of his Gun Control rants. should be ashamed, get this guy the *** off my TV
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Someone once said comedy depends on truth, I thnk this is a great example of tht: Jim Jefferies - Gun Control via
How's that Gun Control working out for you in Chicago Rahm Emmanuel? Thug City needs new Mayor,always corrupt
Liberals can't argue against the 2nd Amendment so the concept of "Gun Control" is the center of the bogus argument. NRA represents a law. PI
(Race) Gun Control:. "a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities."
Sweet. It works for alot more than just Gun Control
If you understand Aussie humour, then check out Jim Jeffries - Gun Control.
When U give up your Secret Service 4 life, I might decide to give up my guns. Stop lying about Gun Control.
Funny when Dem-Libs crap panties after mass shootings & cry 4 Gun Control. Waste of time- ppl know BO loves flooding USA w illegA criminals
I would rather die in a than a Tomorrow - Gun Control
sorry, sad, frustrated, angry, confused. How could it be? What is it? Terrorism? Gun Control? mental health? *** !
Putting out there again: Adam Gopnik's The Simple Truth about Gun Control.
Support Sandy Hook Promise... Gun Control and help for the Mentally Ill, both critical issues in the U.S.
SA Gun Control: While research suggests it is working, the gun lobby is not buying it by REBECCA DAVIS
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