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Gulf War

The Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991) commonly referred to as simply the Gulf War, was a war waged by a UN-authorized coalition force from 34 nations led by the United States, against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait.

Gulf War Illness Persian Gulf War Gulf War Syndrome Gulf War 1 Vietnam Era Saudi Arabia Middle East Operation Desert Storm British Legion United States Marine Corps Saddam Hussein Oklahoma City

1st Gulf war he was with TF1-70 launching Kiowas off of DDs and FFs. Was…
what did he lie about? Iraq had been breaking the treaty with th…
This Gulf War vet was homeless and we give illegal scumbags and Muslims anything they want? Absolutely shameful.
Nurse 'Nayirah' was fabrication that l…
I played basketball for my colleges, was college swimmer (and set records); coached NCAA D1, Calif JUCO and CIF; Persian Gulf War veteran.
I was a Navy Gunner and participated in the Persian Gulf War. Photo here is of my favorite weapon, a 25mm chain gun
As a veteran of the Gulf War, I knew the rules, we all did. Either he's not very bright or being taken…
OH-58D. My son was a crew chief for those birds in the initial Gulf war and a tour in Iraq and Afg.
How can I send you a copy of my Gulf War Books?
I wonder what music McMaster ,Garner, & all the other war criminals played when killing a…
I am convinced you blew it. Assad no more gassed his own people he was/is winning the war then the Gulf of Tonkin happened
Speaking as a Gulf War Veteran-Let's see how smart they r, after they sacrifice a part…
Remember doing the Gulf War the Israeli Government pulled 'POS' Wallace off the air He was providing f…
And OFC 2 just as we flew out to Gulf War 1.
300,000 people did not die in the gulf war. Probably about a 10th of that.
The first gulf war was under UN auspices wasn't it? He's such a ***
you guys aren't even trying anymore. You had a good run since the first Gulf War...just disintigrate the netwo…
...but I hear what you're saying, the *threat* of the dogs & use of gas, etc. wasn't as important…
Trump cannot go to war with North Korea: Analyst
designed 2 destroy U ..all of IT..just heard SundayWire.. Western war tools used n Syria were social…
200 years from now if a Gulf War monument is set to be torn down I hope someone marches against it & stops them. No…
A destroyed Iraqi tank in Kuwait during the Gulf War (1991)
Soldier standing in front of deserted Iraqi T-55 tank during the Gulf War (1991)
Thank you for serving in the GULF war. I remember praying for y'all all the tim…
Bush had US congress vote on Gulf War 1 acc. to America's War For The Greater Middle East. Counts as declaration of war?
Staffordshire regiment 1st battalion, first Gulf War, was too young to serve in Falklands.
First attempt to make a fermented hot sauce, code name: "The gulf war". Cya in 3 weeks
Not sure when the Gulf War had a bearing on the Eurovision song contest.
"The duplicity & hypocrisy of the United States & the West can't even be measured, it is so enormous" -US Marine Gulf War v…
follow me at your own peril, I'm a left leaning atheist USAF Gulf War vet, who has no love of Trump or his base.
he was pro Gulf War and everything, he has always been like this.
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Piece of useless information but one of the top A…
& Yemen war=Gulf of Aden end of noose on China sea routes; Big pri…
“The Gulf War is responsible for the huge and horrifying rise in Islamic terrorism."
(8) newsworthy topics then: Gulf War, Lewinsky, Roe v Wade at 20. What headlines do you remember? Heated discussions back then about how...
My biggest mom memory is when she busted through security at the airport to hug me when I returned from the Gulf War- your m…
🇬🇧Gulf War Syndrome British Legion calls for more help for veterans
He only failed because the US intervened in the Gulf war.
IMAGE: Oil wells on fire during Gulf War
An old Dutch man in Charlie's once accused me of the Gulf War.
Japanese forces protected during the Gulf War and leaving South Sudan says otherwise - North Korea angle isn't new ...
Day 21: A flight surgeon during the Gulf War then-Major Cornum was aboard a Black Hawk…
Was 911 to cover up World com/Enron prosecution. Gulf War for arms dealers no more than most wars since WW2
No one wanted to join forces or enter wars even the Gulf War and more. it's been common sense reasons that I do still remember.
cause England wanted the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Gulf War, and all WARS done by the USA for the Queen of England
Wolf Blitzer made his name on the very first Gulf War.
All purpose parts banner
Same goes. Even irl protests all over the world have proven to not always halt wars (see: 2nd Gulf War)
Neither did the Trail of Tears, Vietnam, Gulf War, Missing WMD's .. or Just Sayin'
THIS DAY IN HISTORY: declared an end to the Gulf War in 1991, weeks after the US launched Operation D…
the entire political body was involved in Gulf War, the press and the population. Spurious to pin blame on Labour veterans
Gulf War at 25: Desert Storm a milestone for 101st via
VA Changs Gulf War Veterans -The VA has made some changes to the eligibility and claims period for Gulf War...
2015 Article>>>FYI to all our Gulf War veterans>>>According to the Association of Birth Defect Children, Gulf War...
Sean is the love child of Bagdad Bob of Gulf War fame
Genetic factors in ill Gulf War veterans. Would be interested to hear the views of denier
Gulf War veterans with brain cancer denied fast track to compensation …
73% we help has seen conflict in NI Afghan Iraq Bosnia & 1st Gulf War
Challenger 1 of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards during the Gulf War.
Foster kids 2x the rate of PTSD of Gulf War vets, only 20 percent ‘doing well’
168 people would still be alive if we banned white Gulf War vets like Timothy McVeigh…
After senseless wars I.e. war on drugs,Vietnam, Gulf War,Desert storm,and Panama. I'm compassionate enough to fight the war with love
On this day in 1991 the Gulf War began. Under the command of U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf, the operation...
Memorial Day to mark long-awaited celebration of Gulf War 25th anniversary via
I've often asked when WW1/WW2 were first referred to as such but have never found out. Also why just "Gulf War", not "Persian"?
Chronic sinusitis is common among Gulf War veterans with Gulf War Illness
"“9-11 has a long history going back through the Gulf War to the establishment of Israel in 1948.”. 2/3
FLASHBACK: Guinea pigs: FDA's toughened warnings on Cipro may be linked to Gulf War Illness:
Who reported that Iraq was left in "near-apocalyptic" conditions after the Gulf War? American History
New FDA warnings on Cipro may tie into Gulf War Illness
happy holidays!! Keep fighting for VA to pay compensation for Gulf War Illness!!
Gulf War veterans still have high rate of multisymptom illness
The VA is doing the same with Gulf War Illness in waiting 30 yrs of Agent orange!!
I don't know if you've heard of CMI. It's all over VA websites. It encompasses Gulf War, OIF/OEF/OND, & presumptive illness.
Loving wife wins case to end life support for Gulf War veteran husband in coma after horror crash
Power House by Susan Trento.. First time in our history a war was sold us by a public relations firm... Gulf War
Vietnam? That had nothing to do with oil. Neither did the Gulf War as we were defending Kuwait.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I covered the first Gulf War in Saudi Arabia and Israel for ABC New...
US embassador to UN has been responsible for countless deaths of civilians since Gulf War 1 (Desert Storm). Sickens me.
withou a doubt Ah64 is the most advanced in current era,Gulf war is an example where it destroyed 500 iraq tanks!
During the Gulf War, I remember two little third grade girls sa...
I still have all my teenage diaries! Love, loss, religion, gulf war! Love it
Assad's regime cooperated with America against Iraq during the Gulf War, and participated in Bush's CIA rendition program.
weakening Saddam in the first gulf war just set off this chain of events that allows these terrorist groups to flourish
How about the other thousands of dead Americans? Since the start of the first Gulf war? Or is Benghazi the only one?
MRW when a comp sci teacher makes a remark about the 2nd Gulf war.
Does that mean another Gulf of Tonkin incident that LBJ fabricated to start the Vietnam war? LBJ ***
Nothing new. Recall Saddam's WMD? Gulf of Tonkin? Sinking the Maine? All swallowed whole by media in service of war.
Bingo, ma'am! As was said about Schwarzkopf after the Gulf War: "They would follow him to *** -and s…
Don't forget biggest arms dealer, 1st POTUS 2 b at war 8 years, signed off last 1500 fracking permits in Gulf.
Nice Kuwait. I remember the first Gulf war in 1990.
too many skeletons. Guy was a Ba'ath party sympathizer though during the first gulf war
Iraqi Ba'athists who fled to Syria during the Gulf War morphed into ISIS.
well, Assad is a Ba'athist and Iraqi Ba'athists fled to Syria the million during the Gulf War.
Baghdad Tower is a 205m long, The tower is a replacement to the one destroyed during the Gulf war.
bernies support of Birds speech against Iraq war and their work together on Gulf War veterans support programs
was going to check on # of followers likely 26 others. out there. Frankly have known abt 5 guys who fought in Gulf War&. all ?
calls on the international community to do more to end Syria’s war:
Assange discovered USA bombed Iraqi civilians on purpose in gulf war. Yet he the one punished :/ free him now
I played basketball and was swimmer for my colleges; coached NCAA D1 & Cal JC; Bachelor of S.; Persian Gulf War vet
of UK troops in aiding Kurds after the 1991 Gulf War aroused suspicion of UK partiality towards the Kurds.” MR BLAIR’S MEETING, 31
Blair took UK to wth May wants to go after the Gulf leaders she is⚠️clear-eyed”abt the thr…
TIL that congressional approval for the first Gulf War was effected by the testimony of a Kuwaiti nurse who claimed to have witnessed Iraqi…
Yes, Gulf War Service. The air is terrible over there, but limited to their region.
3)has been injured and may be injured by multi vaccines. But must push gov't to fund studies.
Good news! Gulf War Illness being studied by CDC and multi vacc admitted to play a part. Supercomputers R tracing cytokines...
A form of meditation developed at Walter Reed after the Gulf War continues to help those who with
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2)who have Gulf War Illness. Y not investigate student...
I spent 6 in the Navy. Between Grenada and 1st gulf war. No war luckily. But I did cross Gaddafi' s line of death.
In a New York second, I would fight for our country again! CTRC (Persian Gulf War Vet). Serviceman of Pearl are roc…
Bush Snr handled the cold war drawdown (and the Gulf War 1) quite well, but Republicans haven’t performed since then.
Let's take a trip down memory lane 4 some classic FAKE NEWS Give a big round of applause for CNN 1st gulf war. .
2007, Operation Orchard. Some say that cybering air defense goes back to first gulf war even.
killed Kurds with gas sold to him by America. Long expired by time of Gulf War.
Good to know other people have learned what I have known for so long. Haven't watched CNN since Gulf war I.
biggest lick to the US to ever hold the office. Zero leadership in the '91 Gulf War or in parliament. Tories crumbled under him
Observation post New Zealand. IRISH SHORTS: Nora's Escape and other Read my blog…
Observation post Auckland . on Motutapu Island. Read my blog .
AHH the late 70s and early 80s. Before my spine went out in the GULF WAR
Hear, Hear! Listen to this man's words! An Air Force Veteran of the Gulf War, calling out the police, national...
It took the Gulf War to demonstrate that America did want more tha...
Q: Which gulf gave its name to the 1991 Gulf War? A: The Persian Gulf
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jack Van Impe is great-I watched during 1st Gulf War, which he called as prelude to (but not actually) Armageddon
"Triumph without Victory, The Unreported History of the Persian. Gulf War", -Headline published in the U.S. News & World Report,. 1992.
I've long bought the idea that we're in the midst of a Gulf War that started in '79 - great overview by
I proudly served in the United States Marine Corps during the Gulf War and I DO NOT accept your appreciation or gratitude.
Remember that time when CNN faked their reportage on the 1991 Gulf War from, not Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but the roof of CNN…
Robert this really is BD Freeman. I returned from the Gulf War (Marines) I was homeless. Most folks don't know that about me.
I served between the Gulf War and the Vietnam Era. I used to be on active duty. I have been married twice. I am married. I Drive to work.
. Is Bob Hawke, who supported the first Gulf War, a war criminal? And Lee Rhiannon who supported the USSR?
1973-1997 Viet Nam, Gulf War etc. but you let Clinton Slide on Security? Ha.
Uh. Wars that have been started because of stealing oil:. Gulf War. WORLD WAR TWO. After that second one I don't need to go on.
Can you find those Dean Smith quotes about the American flag on uniforms at the outbreak of the Gulf War?
The only Middle Eastern American in female, adores her white male ex-Gulf War milty vet partner--a lesson for us all.
But even then might have been too late. I just don't have faith in Americans anymore. This from a Gulf War vet, btw.
At least, this is what my husband has said about it. He's the Gulf War vet.
I am a disabled Gulf War vet with a service Dog and had an emergency with my Dog.Not being a customer and the staff not knowing m
Maria Lassnig responds to the Gulf War - 'The Future of War' (1991)
Stunning pic from of the Tornado in its 25th anniversary Gulf War livery at low-level. Halcyon days!
8 SAS soldiers go behind enemy lines in Iraq during the Gulf War, but only one returns. starts now. htt…
Boots & Coots lighting up an uncapped oil well in Kuwait after 1990 Gulf War, to burn off toxic gasses such as H2S: https:…
The Saddam regime, which America supported, became its enemy in the first Gulf War
I remember the Gulf War but I remember the Oklahoma City bombing very well
While I remember Gulf War, the first incident that had a clear impact on me was the Oklahoma City Bombing.
Similar--I vaguely remember 1st Gulf War and "Read my lips!" but def. remember/understood Oklahoma City bombing.
"This is not Kosovo. This is not Afghanistan. It is not even the Gulf War." Read Tony Blair's note to George W. Bush http…
"September 2001—25000 British troops plan to join Oman in Gulf War games aka Operation Safe Sword (before 9/11)...". h…
Scott Pelley shares a story about Bob Simon covering the 1990 Gulf War in Saudi Arabia
How Eastern thinking differs from us Westerners by Major General Curry:. . During the 1st Gulf War, US and ...
Maybe you didn't know Desert Storm was an operation during the Gulf War? Maybe you didn't fact check before you lied!
To mark the 25th anniversary of 500 Gulf War vets reunite at national parade.
The poem "CITIZEN SOLDIER" traces soldiers struggles from Revolutionary War up through Vietnam and Gulf War.
Gulf War veteran to march in National Memorial Day Parade - The Garland Texan Website
During the first Gulf War,Graham was called up to act as staff judge advocate at McEntire Air National Guard Base -Safe enough
Tell that to WWII vets Ben Grimm and Reed Richards, I mean Gulf War vet Ben Grimm, and--
6) spearheaded investigations into mental illness plaguing veterans of Gulf War;term for it Gulf War Syndrome.
The Clinton administration was brutal on those talking about Gulf War Syndrome even worse.
Gulf War Syndrome is laughing at you. So am I
gotta start with Afghanistan right? Gulf War for totally different reasons than ensuring wars, ostensibly at least.
Would be worth a shot! (so to speak). And PTSD diagnosis also goes to state of mind... A variation on Gulf War Syndrome maybe?
"In the Bible it says Thou shalt not kill but there were the Crusades and two world wars and the Gulf War and there were Christians killing
Since the Gulf War, since the new World Order, America is now the number on...
The Johnny Cash Museum teaches you that in 1991, before Rick Rubin, JC released a really awful anti-Gulf War song with an agitprop video.
Transitioning from active duty to civilian life after the first Gulf War wasn't very smooth either.
Since the Gulf War, the air defense environment has changed radically.
"I thought the Gulf War took place in the Gulf of Mexico."
During the Gulf War, the British and American losses of World War Two combined.
because, in 1995, she fought for Gulf War veterans exposed to nerve agents to get the treatment they needed.
worked to investigate illnesses that were reportedly affecting Veterans of the Gulf War.
the 1st Gulf War, Saddam's SCUD exploded in Ramat Gan several times (not that funny, actually, a few civilians got killed)
Dan, I've just discovered your research, have you ever spoken to any Gulf War veterans about the similarity to GWS?
VA gets 'F' for Persian Gulf War claims approvals. 82 percent of claims filed by Gulf War veterans in 2015 denied. http…
he sounds like Bagdad Bob 1st Gulf War. " We are killing them at the gates". Makes me laugh every time I see him.
In 1st half of FY 2015, VA denied nearly 82% of claims filed for the two main conditions tied to Gulf War Illness
Researchers are looking for Gulf War era for a research study!
Fun Fact: According to the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, of the Gulf War were most likely to use their benefits in 2015.
Gulf War are invited to a Reunion and discussion on Illness on April 9!
Veterans' advocate Bruyea defends master's thesis on soldier transition: ... returned from the Gulf War with p...
Gulf War-era II veterans still need better support. Along with all veterans (
Did you know that almost 9% of all Gulf War veterans are now unemployed?
If Turkey suppressing , why Iraqi Kurds fled into in the first Gulf War, and Syrian Kurds fled to Turkey in Syrian Civil War?
now Stormin Norman would have definitely had my vote, he was an awesome commander during the Gulf War
Just got Stormin Norman's book for research on the Gulf War scenes in my book. Should have sooner.
US UK & Saudis set up Voice of Free Iraq radio station Called on Iraqi military to overthrow Saddam during Gulf War
During Gulf War US dropped leaflets over Iraqi troops telling them to rebel
March is the 25th anniversary of the 1991 uprising in Iraq following the Gulf War
Why US foreign policy establishment ignores war but goes nuts when Obama criticises via
I am a Gulf War Veteran and the VA has taken good care of me sense 1993. I think someone should look closer.
Is it just me or does have all the credibility of Comical Ali from Gulf war 2.
"25 years on the environmental legacy of the Gulf War has still not been fully addressed"
. My father bought it. during Gulf War 1991 .
George McGovern: "I would not plan to base my campaign primarily on opposition to the war in the Persian Gulf."
Strike Eagle: Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War Taking Readers Into the Cockpit of the U S. Air Force's F-15E, the
Japan’s Gulf Policy and Response to the Iraq War(2008) #
not telling you what to say but remember "Iraq was destroyed during the first gulf war, then 10 yrs of sanctions killed 1 mill"
The Scout Report: on how his fellow Gulf War veterans are getting denied VA care, on
.Embedding is the last option but it became popular in Gulf War. It's a dangerous method.
This week it's all Iraq - writing about Kut-al -Amara 1916 for and talking about Gulf War 1 at Wattisham.
"What connexion can be made between the 1st Gulf War and Salah Abdeslam ?" . Mon prof de civi US.
.who shld google "Plaza Accord" & ask EVERY Japan citizen INDIVIDUALLY taxed for Gulf War abt "free ride"
The belief system is end times like ours. So the babies were born.
Gulf War Syndrome . Has some of what Vets were exposed to: Sarin Gas, Pesticides, Low Grade Uranium, etc.
I was around that age - a little younger - when the FIRST gulf war started. I protested, but remember feeling demoralized.
help me. Please God help me. I had a Gulf war Exam and was absolutely screwed. I need to tell my story. Have no Confidence in VA
Bernie Sanders (in '91 opposing the Gulf War and the First Iraq War to an empty Congress.
Well, Gulf War 25 is over except for the paperwork. When we, the Autocrats, began planning for this war, we...
Global Markets and Safe Haven flows to US Treasuries during 91' Persian Gulf War. in Policy Divergence
The time between the First Gulf War and today is roughly the same as the time between the First Gulf War and the V…
I was living and working there during the first Gulf War, Graeme. And I worked with the white lower classes
Interesting pre-2001 timeline to read. It goes all the way back to the first Gulf War.
I was laid off from work. I am looking for work. I served during the Gulf War. I have a GED. I work in aircraft and parts.
An insight into the ongoing struggle of a Gulf War veteran: via Action on by
Honestly, I have no idea—if you know, tell me. Educated guess, though? Pro-Gulf War; pro-containment via sanctions during GWB.
what did Mearsheimer think of the GUlf War and UN sanctions?
Brilliant debut Reminds me of media before the Gulf War. Journalism has never been more important!
when Aladdin was first released, my mom and I must've seen it the base theater 10 times while my dad was deployed in 1st gulf war
They have never been in so much danger-in recent times-except for the first Gulf War.
Capt. Scott Speicher, my high school classmate & first US casualty of the Persian Gulf War, KIA 1/17/91
Toxic exposures caused illness in Gulf War veterans, new report says
Illness continues to be major effect linked to Gulf War military service, new report finds
For the men and women who served in the first Gulf War known as Operation Desert Storm. I salute you and applaud...
Soldiers and veterans attending the Gulf War service at the National Memorial Arboretum today
Yo candidates. We've had rotations to the Persian Gulf since the Gulf War. Study up! Know the fleets. Know the carriers. Learn
Anoka County prepares to welcome home troops from the Middle East after the Gulf War's conclusion. Yellow...
on 1991 Battle at Rumaila oil field brings an end to the 1991 Gulf War.
History of the Gulf War in my front yard.
I got interested in history and politics after I figured out I knew absolutely nothing while watching the 1st Gulf War on TV.
Gulf War memorial unveiled to honour 47 Brits who died in conflict 25 years ago:
Echoes of 1991 Gulf War linger on – 25 years after, American forces battle Islamic State...
Gulf War vets fume as US fails to mark 25th anniversary
I liked a video Secrets of the Gulf War, Oil, Saddam, Hipocrisy and unkown history of Kuwait (1991)
BBC News - Memorial for Britons killed in first Gulf War is unveiled
A: LaRocco: sometimes you have to vote on issues not yet discussed in district - outbreak of Gulf War as an example
New post: Gulf War remembered with new monument at National Memorial Arboretum
28th Feb 1991 Jubilation follows Gulf War ceasefire. The guns are silent & war is over in the Gulf. via
They're still lying about the first Gulf War: How George Bush Sr helped create this mess
"Our nation's built on helping others and I always wanted to help out" detective served in Gulf War
Beaver County Detective Timmie Patrick is one of many who served in Gulf War via
Today in 1991 The first Gulf War ends you can hear US President Bush speaking on it here:
Address on the End of the Gulf War (February 27, 1991)—Miller Center
Today in History (1991) Kuwait was liberated in the Gulf War.
Chronically ill Gulf War vets still fighting for VA recognition 25 years on
Gulf War Illness is real. My service has been able to help.
1991: Gulf War - ground troops crossed the Saudi Arabian border and entered Iraq, thus beginning the ground phase of t…
Was this you at the outbreak of the Gulf War?. "...not yet 21, had big metal-band-era hair and acid washed jeans..". h…
1991: Gulf War - Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein announced the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait on Baghdad Radio.
on 1991 Gulf War: United States Army forces capture the town of Al Busayyah.
AP Analysis: Echoes of 1991 Gulf War linger on in Mideast
Echoes of first Gulf War seem deafening
Echoes of 1991 Gulf War linger on in the Middle East
If Iraq didn't have WMDs, why are all vets of the Gulf War required for annual checkups 4 Gulf War Syndrome
Re: New flu shot contains adjuvant linked to Gulf War Syndrome: I got my first flu shot in 1999, and i...
Hillary worked to investigate reports of an illness that affected veterans of the Gulf War (now known as Gulf War Syndrome).
Hillary fought for Vets suffering from Gulf War Syndrome, urging a pres commission to investigate. .
A higher % of OEF/OIF/OND Vets using health care had migraines compared to Vietnam, Gulf War, and all VA users.
Geraldo At Large successfully blends elements of action, drama, and comedy into a thoughtful, exciting TV show on the Gulf War.
Shell Shock to PTSD Military Psychiatry from 1900 to the Gulf War
Gulf War veteran loses his kids over medical marijuana use
.Hillary fought for veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome, calling for investigations.
Genetic variables combined with anti-nerve gas pills possibly linked to Gulf War Illnesses. Getting closer to...
Photos from the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm in 1991.
Spent the on a Guided Missile Destroyer in the Persian Gulf during 1st Gulf War. High Temps 110-115 !
Great story on involvement in the Gulf War http…
British Legion calls for more research into Gulf War Illnesses
"25 Years Ago: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Overshadowed by Gulf War" Proof music never stopped war
During the Gulf War, the British shipped 500,000 camouflage condoms to troops in Saudi Arabia—to protect their guns from f…
the Warthog supported us on the ground during the first Gulf War, they wanted to kill it then too. Great close air spt wpn
Named "Last Days in Vietnam" if anyone's interested. Reminds me of childhood in Bangladesh during the Gulf War, bags packed in case of evac.
I swear Perry Ellis was playing basketball at Kansas during the Gulf War. He's lasted longer than Stephen Garcia at QB for South Carolina
Rewind to 1990, takes us back to Saddam Hussein and the Gulf War
Dad often work with him at MacDill AFB. Said he was a great guy. RIP "Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Commander in Gulf War, Dies at 78"
In the Gulf War, the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps (not the Air Force) all had more non battle related deaths than battle related deaths.
I voted for 40, was in Panama during Iran/Contra. Voted,for 41 was in Gulf War, voted for 43 was deployed to OIF III. Hhmm, a pattern?
Thats nothing. Duing first Gulf War when George Bush Sr attacked Iraq, there were riots in Bhendi Bazar in Mumbai
Are you a Gulf War whose claim was denied? This may be why -
This is the reason for the Gulf War and those that followed, it's the reason for the so called 'Arab spring' that de…
officers shot an unarmed Gulf War veteran whose car closely resembled one used in an alleged burglary
My uncle is American. he's Marines Vietnam veteran, my cousins marines, veterans of the Gulf War. My uncle was in Germany in 57
- an Irish-Palestinian citizen and activist and former United States Marine and Gulf War veteran :)
I'm a Gulf War veteran from would be an honor to volunteer for you down here in the great Republic of Texas. ..
Before 9/11, the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil was carried out by a white, Roman Catholic American born Gulf War veteran.
Thankyou for following me and standing for veterans. I am a Gulf War veteran.
This is an ex Gulf War veteran Tornado on which we reproduced the livery yesterday.
I want you I am not a weird Doo I am a Gulf War veteran and I am sick.
# please listen I am a sick lonely paralyzed Gulf War veteran can you please say Hi to me.. And an
It's $4,200 would help Gulf War rebuild after
I've noticed whenever anyone mentions the Gulf War at the Bush School, I reflexively glance at the nearest picture of George H W Bush
Talking to Harold Davis, Gulf War veteran, to find out about a new organization for Persian Gulf veterans
Wen Saddam H said in 1990 dt d Gulf War was going to be d Mother of Al Wars,he might nt hav undrstod d ramifications of his own pronouncmnt
I support the troops. You do too. Lesson of Vietnam, Gulf War, and Iraq War --- Democrats start and then abandon wars
- 25th anniversary of the 1st Gulf War next month. 25 years of bombing the Middle East. Endless wars and invasions.
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