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Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in the world with 223 locations throughout the United States.

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your boi has an interview at Guitar Center tomorrow 😎
The 2nd rule of streaming production is if it's the night before broadcast & you need something, Guitar Center probably has it, surprisingly
Why do we care what this guy thinks? If his band didn't make it he'd be working at Guitar Center mak…
Y'all I made a friend at guitar center. Of course she's a Capricorn. Lol
Late night trip to Guitar Center thinking about the new Mackie Big Knob!
Pick up a guitar next time you hit up that guitar center. Then we can shred and smoke some fat doinks, brother.
There's a country singer at our civic center tonight with about ten semis full of gear. Wonder if there is a steel guitar anywhere in there?
The worker at guitar center was chill asf
Guitar Center be having me wanna go broke
We're Click to apply: Merchandising & Marketing Manager - CA
look out Guitar Center, heard a clerk here say you guys could (quote) suck it! (unquote)
Shoutout to for taking me to Guitar Center and helping me realize I'm somewhat talented at something 😂
Tight schedule today. Will we make it to our third guitar center of the trip so far? May the hand of fate guide us swiftly
Every time I go to Guitar Center I forget every song I've ever learned how to play
This might be a great fit for you: Receiving Associate B (Weekends) - MO
Why is this Guitar Center bass teacher getting so political?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I think *** will end up being a Guitar Center on a Friday after school filled with 11 year olds playing 7 nation army out of tune.
I bought one of your guitars at guitar center cuz I'm out of town and didn't have one. And it's the nicest guitar I've ever played
LOL at my bank account after today's field trip to Guitar Center.
"Foo Fighters are like the band equivalent of Guitar Center."
Install Department will have fun in Conroe at the end of the month. @ Guitar Center
Can you recommend anyone for this Lessons Lead - LA
You'll never guess who was in Guitar Center today! (besides me) 😜 Any guesses?!
Make a run to Guitar Center and get one.
Selena Gomez gifted a fan she met at Guitar Center a drum set.
Hand prints & signature of Chuck Berry in the pavement outside of Guitar Center, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood. . Photo Nikki Kre…
We would like our associates to teach each other - learn how Guitar Center rocks social learning & development
Just had an impromptu Rick Wakeman jam with my dad in Guitar Center nyc lol
Hand prints of Lou Reed on the Rock Walk, Guitar Center, Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Photo by Nikki Kreuzer.
Gregg Allman memorial at the Rock Walk at Guitar Center in West Hollywood WATCH:
Someone just tried to return my wireless to a Guitar Center in Bakersfield, CA. If you live in California be on the look…
A short stop at Midtown Comics Times Square and Guitar Center, now for some dinner Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.!!
.when did you start working at Guitar Center
Live from Guitar Center, it's my Uncle Hank's band!
Guitar Center bonds slide to record lows on concerns about company’s debt burden Is the big leveraged buyout wave …
Hello Mga Kapampangans! RJ Guitar Center (Philippines) is opening a branch near you on April 28, Friday!. See you...
Arlington Heights police investigate second theft at Guitar Center
Looks like a trip to Sam Ash/Guitar Center/other music stores in Columbus is in order.
Grammy-winner recently invited 5 musicians to LA to perform with him on stage! recaps the night: http…
Really need to visit the guitar center today. Strings are truly busted.
Coheed and Cambria "2's My Favorite 1" Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV via
Is Steve relinquishing his GIBSON and FENDER dealership ... has it been 30 years, did GUITAR CENTER finally open at NASCAR's Daytona Live?
Tyler Joseph was introduced to Josh Dun through former band mate Chris Salih. Both dun and Salih worked at Guitar Cent…
I liked a video 8 Cruel Ways to Troll Rude Guitar Center Employees
Guitar Center’s app hits a high note by matching its desktop conversion rate
Jerry Garcia's guitar, "Wolf" to be auctioned, proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center. Wonderful!
Jerry Garcia's Wolf guitar to be auctioned off in Brooklyn on May 31st to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center 🎵.
Headed to guitar center to spend $2300! gotta have my own equipment. Studios in CLEVELAND ARE WILD WITH THE SCHEDULING! I can't take it...
It was my pleasure to attend the Matt Starr Career Builder Master Class at Guitar Center Hollywood. Matt takes...
Bay Area drummers drummer for Slipknot, Son of drumming great Max Weinberg, free clinic Guitar Cen…
swithin playing 'above all' on a Korg Krome 73 via Sounds great! Need2visit Guitar Center Hallandale, FL.
I saw Mix-A-Lot at Guitar Center buying mic cables in like 05'.
Matt Starr spoke/played tonight at Hollywood Guitar Center. Talked about career path and guidance. Quite inspiring.
I went to guitar center for the first time last week and played with analog synths for the first time ever after 3 years of my obsession
When u play a butt hole like a guy at guitar center trying out a guitar with a Floyd Rose for the first time
Join us 3/11 @ 2pm for an in-depth workshop on electronic percussion w/ RSVP:
Sat in guitar center and played the most expensive guitar for three hours.
Who's down to go to guitar center tomorrow!?
Join us tonight @ 6pm +our friends for an in-depth workshop on electronic percussion! RSVP:
But if you're one of those DJ's who go to guitar center to hog the cdjs and practice what your MC will say on the're doing the most
I added a video to a playlist Joe Satriani "Satch Boogie" At: Guitar Center
I'm gonna drop out of high school and go work at guitar center.
guitar center will always be my favorite place. also got new strings for my acoustic and electric. plus this membership card so blESS. goodday
I challenge you to guitar dual at Guitar Center. Stairway vs. Smoke on the Water 😂😂
I ordered a new keyboard from Guitar Center today 😎😍🎹
"Don't play the drums loud cause I can't think" 😑💀 I thought this was guitar center, not the library.
Do you think guitar center would check my mbox to see if a speaker input works?
Enter to win a Gibson guitar signed by to benefit The Resiliency Center of Newtown here: ht…
Check out the Annual Hawaiian Slack Guitar Festival at the Hult Center tomorrow night. .
Wrote this in guitar center today lol
Warren Haynes ­with -- Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2011 via
I might go to at Guitar Center in Queens, NY - Mar 23
Warren Haynes ­with Joe Bonamassa -- Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2011 vía
Selena Gomez bought a stranger she met at Guitar Center a new drum set. Read more here: 😢🙌
December 25: Selena bought a man she met at Guitar Center a drum set! She is so humble and generous and this is why we…
Selena bought this guy she met at Guitar Center last Friday a drum set. ❤️
He is accused of stealing financial information and trying to buy items at Guitar Center and Home Depot
I'm a BIG contest held by Guitar Center! $25,000 prize & spot on the Jimmy Kimmel Show!
Guy snuck in a case of beer to Lollapalooza pretending to work at Guitar Center with a speaker via
. Keep checking some of the big sites. Sam Ash, or Guitar Center. used bass guitars.
I liked a video Preston Stephens blazing at Guitar Center
Here's a clip of Gil & Rani playing through "Mousefood" at a rhythm section workshop they gave at Guitar Center... https:…
Broadcasting live with Mark Harris celebrating the grand opening of Guitar Center on Riverdale…
I liked a video Josh Doyle: Winner of Guitar Center's Singer-Songwriter
I liked a video Tess Henley: Winner of Guitar Center's Singer-Songwriter 3
reps Guitar Center for Rialto as west coast center via
Your local Guitar Center has the Best of Modern Drummer Magazine Festival DVD for 14.97 and Tommy Igoe's Groove...
I'm at Guitar Center for the John Petrucci signing and I'm stalled in the keyboard section. Help. I want to buy all the things.
.it sounds bad in the mic (you can hear air blowing into the microphone. Guitar Center sales them and other music stores too
Joe Bonamassa & Glenn Hughes at Guitar Center's King of the Blues Finals via
It's weird walking into Guitar Center and not seeing a million people I know.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A cool little in store visit yesterday at Guitar Center West LA
.spread music love and the notes will rkng decibels of peace lol.Good ish guitar center.
Wanna see a lot of mid life crisis dudes? Go to the guitar center
Gettin my steinberg from guitar center today 😊
I could spend hours in Guitar Center
So the Caller ID is the only thing that mentions Guitar Center?
Guitar Center's training modules are full of memes lol
Above & Beyond partner with Guitar Center for ‘Blue Sky Action’ cover competition
When you walk into guitar center and see a kid play the intro to Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff"
Correction the area code was 212, caller ID said Guitar Center. I didn't answer, and no msg left. Most likely solar panel scam
Came to guitar center in Anaheim to pick up a launchpad and realized they don't open till 10 😄😄😄😄 what do I do here for an hour and a half
Tonight I will be at Guitar Center, Commack, NY. 6:30 start time!! Hope to see some of you there.
Get your own RJ Bluesmaker guitar! Available at RJ Guitar Center branches nationwide!
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do it, I was messing with one in guitar center and loved the sound
Shot some pics at the fair and at guitar center :)
I liked a video Legendary Blues Guitarist Buddy Guy at Guitar Center
Guitar-Center : Shop Guitar Center for Flash Deals! Limited supply, limited time, and unbelievable savings! Hurry…
I liked a video Slash: At Guitar Center, Technique and Style
you down to go to guitar center Saturday and do it? Lmaooo
It's nice when somebody in your favorite band recognizes you and helps you check out at Guitar Center.❤❤
Every Friday this same group of guys come into guitar center and go straight into the acoustic room and play nothing but corridos
Turnt Asf about going to the guitar center tomorrow to get some equipment 😈🎙
He play guitar outside the student center & know 2 songs "wonderwall" and the 1st part of "smells like teen spirit"
I went to guitar center on Saturday & I'm pretty darn proud of myself for keeping my focus on why I went 😂 *pats self on back*
Was told to watch for a 1950s Gibson stolen from Guitar Center that might end up at my pawn shop. How did someone just walk out with that? 🙄
Turns out they do have violins at guitar center. Why aren't i there right now. 🙃
Today, this person told me to come by n jam with him at guitar center
I let some of the teachers at the Guitar Center hear the greatness that is today. I love hanging around there.
When joe says he's going to guitar center for alittle but and you're there for three hours
Why do the old guys at guitar center gotta flip out on me whenever I play anything remotely metal
I swear me and his dude on the drums just lit up guitar center it was a mini concert L m a o
orendavelvet was excited that she found Uncle Steve's hand prints at Guitar Center
10 years ago Jerry Miszewski and I walked into a guitar center on the way home from a concert and impulsively boug…
Had to take a trip to to get some new tools for the toolbox. @ Guitar Center
When you stop at guitar center and realized you have a better selection at your house first world problems
The transformation of American Home Furnishings into the Comcast call center is guitar startling.
Guitarists on YouTube trying to be "fusion" by ripping off Tom Q and Guthrie licks are worse than Guitar Center Smoke on the Water kids
JLL# advises Guitar Center on 220,000 SF Lease for new DC via
Reasons I love my Guitar Center job: impromptu morning jam sessions with customers. Video soon!
This is good. Guitar Center is difficult.
What the *** The store manager of this Guitar Center's last name is ROCKford
go towards Target on Bald Hill near Guitar Center. Pretty good gusts in that area
Quick fact for anyone who wants to be confused and sad: Mitt Romney owns Guitar Center.
Gary Clark Jr at the House of Blues in San Diego with Sweepstakes winner from Guitar Center
Got a moment to hit the guitar center and grab a couple of things
I think the job I seek after college is going to be some sort of managerial job with guitar center or another music related store, prime af
Guitar Center has a unique business model: dystopian hellscape guarded by three headed mouth breathing MRAs.
Gretsch Streamliner Guitars are ROCKIN’ IT!!! - G2622T Streamliner™ Center Block with Bigsby Man oh man oh...
Guitar center n Showcase are my best friends lol...
Mayne... been going ham since I worked at Guitar Center in 12... This big flock track is ill.
This *** sleep as shot and I'm trying to go to the guitar center.
Practicing at guitar center yesterday. .
Investing in want to go on a date bih meet me at Guitar Center 😂
Logan from Guitar Center Bakersfield (and Cellar Door Tapes) playing around with the Trio+, Obscura, and Boneshaker.
guitar center has them but id check Sam Ash or cash America first.
When I was in high school my friends and I would spend hours at Guitar Center playing countless…
Wanna go to idj now or guitar center
Come hang with me on my GUITAR CENTER CLINIC TOUR!! GOOD TIMES!!
Any of my musician friends planning on buying any gear this weekend, let me know. I have 20 guitar center bucks I'm not gonna use.
I went broke in Guitar Center yesterday no funny sh!t
Going to guitar center after work bc payday
Check out Marrell Music new music center .
*** I can't sleep I'm too lit lol we going to guitar center apparently he has the hook ups
I actually put up a recording last Saturday-I was at Guitar center singing and playing keyboard.
! you're @ Guitar Center right now buying a guitar from some guys I know! Comin to your show tonight. https:…
Guitar Center Professional to host exclusive demo/preview of Yamaha Montage synth at ...
Was literally in my glory today @ guitar center. Another thing to save up for: electric drum set💥
Sourcing Manager (1328): Details: Guitar Center is looking for a strategic Sourcing Manager t...
Y'all go play laser tag, bowl, and shop. Me gon go be in somebody guitar center. Lol
When your jam come on In guitar center
It's so hard not to buy something when you go to guitar center. I just be wanting everything. Even unnecessary stuff 😂😭
all I really wanna do is work at guitar center
I'm so mad & were at guitar center & chickfila yesterday, which is literally 5 minutes away from my house!
See and play new 2016 models today at 6:30pm:
Get free lessons at Marrell Music lesson center .
If you're gonna play a Les Paul, dont play djent @ *** in guitar center
I wish guitar center wouldn't close so early
Finally going to guitar center tomorrow 🙏🏻
What a concert next Wednesday The Long Center for the Performing Arts thanks to Austin Classical Guitar!. Don´t...
Let's change the name of that folder to "Things I wanted to rescue from Guitar Center" and throw…
and that is why Sappho is not allowed in Guitar Center lol
I have $90 credit to guitar center, do i buy:
Wanna go on a shopping spree at guitar center 😍😍😍 I get paid tomorrow 😏
Happy Birthday, I'm gonna spend the rest of the day at Guitar Center practicing your signature pow…
I'm at the same guitar center that Justin was at 3 days ago I'm :(:
Thanks! I'll go through every Taylor next time i visit a Guitar Center :) your work on the Nerve Endings album was awesome btw
Alan Doyle&Beautiful Gypsies Poster appearing at Guitar Center near you
Shout out to the Guitar Center on Westlake and Alibi Room at Pike Place, both of which I've visited twice today
Blues Video | A clip of and Improvised highlight jam at Guitar Center's … htt…
Guitar Center director reflects on a Valley memory of Glenn Frey, Hogly Wogly's ribs and 'Lyin' Eyes'
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Guitar Center to offer customers the full musical experience - Tyler Morning Telegraph
I liked a video Warren Haynes "River's Gonna Rise" - Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2011
Guitar Center in Flint didn't have my uke... told me they did, but guy on the phone screwed up. Drove 1hr 20 minutes to find that out.
Guitar Center is needed today... I need a headphone extension cable
We're giving away $5000 in gift cards to Guitar Center to our lucky winners. May the best track win!
Joe Bonamassa, Hubert Sumlin & Jimmy Vivino at Guitar Center's King of the Blues Finals...
Guitar Center Drumoff 2015 Semi-Finals in Hollywood. that blue lighting though
Picking up my Les Paul tomorrow at Guitar Center!
Forcing mom to watch on Guitar Center Session :3
Spent my day in Guitar Center dreaming about those babies I could never have because I'm poor.
Tool and Primus are going on tour. It's named "The Guitar Center employee dream tour"
They play good music in guitar center im happy
Christmas is around the corner, come in to Voigt Music Center to pick up the perfect guitar pack for that up and...
.totally SLAYS in this new performance of Gold Guns Girls. 💰🔫🙋 So good!
A chance to Win $100 to spend at Guitar Center, be the first to know when our site goes live
I've been invited to Guitar Center's holiday party thing. I guess it's a perk of going there way too much.
Their Guitar Center Session was great, got me into a deep dive on their stuff since Panic Switch.
Who wants to give me a ride to guitar center? I'll spark up and buy food or throw on gas
Peek at our session with our beloved (airing 9PM this Friday):
A beautiful girl and a beautiful guitar. Doesn't get much better than that. @ Guitar Center
also steal a lot of other things from guitar center. Really expensive things.
Featured Artist: Alex Ritchie: I met Alex Ritchie while she was working at the Guitar Center in Culver City. ...
Same as yu get from guitar center .
To the guy at Guitar Center testing the accordion: you're killing it. And by 'it' I mean my ears.
The guy at guitar center told me I was a walking hardcore starter pack
Guitar Center on Instagram: “Happy birthday to Here's Kirk talking...
My brother and I found a 'X' guitar in Guitar Center in Phoenix, Arizona. 💚
should guitar center build a location at Alamo ranch?
Guitar center is way better especially with exchanges and extended coverage issues
Me and found some true rockers in Guitar Center today https:…
He went through a 10 year period of not being able to sing the chorus properly but now he belts it out
So apparently my local Guitar Center has invited me to a private Black Friday-esque event... only problem is I'm broke. ;~;
I'm getting a guitar at guitar center on Black Friday but I don't know if I want acoustic electric or bass
forgot to mention last night. The Davenport Grand Hotel smells like Guitar Center. Hope you're having a good day
Producers & Artists! Register for a free Jahlil Beats workshop w/ Guitar Center this Weds 9/9 htt…
Or if I worked at a movie theatre maybe a guitar center lol
I love going to guitar center and amazing strangers by playing the guitar, bass, ukulele, and mandolin
Snowflake Violin, now at Guitar Center, Musiciansfriend together with violin sheet music for movie F
Whenever people say,"music is my thing" I automatically envision them as avid Guitar Center visitors who only play Smoke on the Water
I liked a video from 16 YEAR OLD DRUMMER at Guitar Center Drum Off 2010
I just want my dad to take me to guitar center to look at keyboards & microphones 😭😭
Next time I get surgery, I hope they implant a guitar center in to my brain.
Almost bought a guitar while at the guitar center today...but then I realized I still got house shyt.
They make great stuff. I used to push their wares heavily when I worked at Guitar Center.
I liked a video John Bonham Tribute by Jason Bonham at Guitar Center's 21st Annual Drum-Off (2009)
We are proud to sponsor 2012 Guitar Center Drum Off Champ He will be doing a drum…
When Zach says he can't go to church because of homework and then he snapchats Guitar Center.
I feel like Top Golf and Guitar Center have a lot in common.
Check out this practice video we shot at Guitar Center today!...
Guitar center gave me a bunch of free stuff though.
needed some new strings and new pics @ Guitar Center San Mateo, CA
Kinda wanna go to guitar center to get some picks lol I have like one left /:
I could spend all day at Guitar Center 🎸🎶
Great day jamming and chilling at guitar center with our buddies
I went to guitar center and found the same uke that Tyler has. I like the way it sounds more than all the others
when u start playing I'm different on a piano @ guitar center and an employee says "my man drake!" 😐
A person at guitar center told me I had to be over 18 years old to sell my amp. Life is hard.
i had my last guitar lesson at the Ann Arbor Music Center today. i've been going there for 6 years. it's weird leaving
Our daughter is in Guitar Center's Singer Songwriter 5 Competition. Please view her video and share it with all...
When you start crying in Costco because you're parents won't take you to guitar center to just look at drums...
I will go to the Guitar Center and the New York Film Academy tomorrow! I have to buy CD-R. I will do submission of a manuscript!
Photo: Thinking about my new project. 👀 (at Guitar Center Times Square)
Spending some quality time at checking out the classical guitars @ Guitar Center Canton
*plays beat on bass drum* *yells in the middle of guitar center* "SOMEBODY SAY HEY WE WANT S...". 😂😂😂
The guy at guitar center has my heart 😻
😁 guitar center is my favorite place, it an Ed Sheeran guitar 😊
Guitar Center: where being in the Halloween spirit just means playing lots of Rob Zombie on the radio.
Oh yea and I went to the gift shop outside of heaven.. I mean Guitar Center..
I went the the guitar center to buy new strings but I ended buying a whole new guitar. 😀
Me, in guitar center, headached and confused,
I'm at guitar center with my mom and she's the one buying a guitar that she can carry on her motorcycle and basically she's cooler than me
Dream: . Win the lottery . Go to Guitar Center . Purchase everything I've ever looked at and thought "that would be nice to have"
Adventures to guitar center with Dani Brown -_▪
If the ever need a guest drummer keeks is ready to rock. @ Guitar Center Lake Forest, CA
Andrew Luck has more picks than guitar center 😂
I liked a video from Slim Goody messing around in Guitar Center
Thanks for signing the Guitar Center petition! Follow us Share the petition:
Everytime i go into Guitar Center i end up paying way more than i intended to.
When you learn Mitt Romney owns guitar center. 😟
Going to guitar center in SJ but afterwards I want some *** VEGGIE GRILL WHOS DOWN
Drove to guitar center just to play on a better guitar. This has become routine.
I need to make a trip to guitar center for some strings sometime soon
If you love rock n' roll watch on Guitar Center Sessions w\.
there's a guitar center on Harvey across just past Lippman's across from campus, and Craigslist.. (Sad face)
This is just on the way to Guitar Center. On the actual road is even crazier.
When a drummer from Brazil walks into the DRUMS section of guitar center 😂 segundo dia com meus novos…
Throwback to last year when I went to Guitar Center to get a string restrung and ended up walking out with a new guitar
Every time I drive past Guitar Center I'm so tempted to stop but I know that that's not the best idea
Gotta go back to guitar center this *** turntable not working smh
pretty sure I can put together a metallica cover band by picking the first 4 people I see in any guitar center.
Website Builder 728x90
Come watch me perform at the Guitar Center Drum Off this Tuesday! 7 pm sharp. Pumped 😎 16745 North Fwy. Houston, TX 77090-3542. United States
my total at Guitar Center was almost 17.38 I was dying it was 17.31 😭😂
Just turned in my application to guitar center. 30 minutes later I get an email that they wanna interview me Friday 👊
Did the red special wiring (love it so far) but I think guitar center goofed it up. i have a question about fixing…
I'm being put on hold to Gone Daddy Gone by the Violent Femmes while speaking with Guitar Center about cdj's
Not interested in reading any news headline that uses verbs like "shredded" unless it's about the opening of a new Guitar Center.
Can Guitar Center and Hot Topic just merge into Hot Center where ppl like me grow on trees and the walls are Merch and money = concert tix
I'm entered into the Songwriter 5 contest by Guitar Center & Amplifier! Follow & share my channel to help me win!
Messing around in Guitar Center the other day...
What does Guitar Center sound like? Two musicians secretly recorded customers to find out - Chicago Tribune
Teaching our newest Intro to Guitar course to the Meadows Rec Center THIS Tuesday! Spots still available give the...
Guitar Center is now selling 5 Hour Energy shots at the checkout. Smart marketing!
I need your help for the guitar center singer songwriter comp again this year!
We don't have stores, but our products can be found at Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Microsoft Stores, and Magnolia Hi-Fi stores.
Aaron's dream date is a trip to the Apple Store or Guitar Center 😩
thought I only had enough time to smoke a blunt before work but I have time to also pick up my new guitar from guitar center ☺️
Guitar Center could sell all kinds of gear with tv's continuously rolling this video.
So I thought there was a music shop near by and I was all pumped to get guitar strings but turns out it's a music lesson center
Me: *walks into guitar center. Finds a legit Gretsch with TV Jones. Plugs in.*. Employee: bro try this ibanez archtop. Its way better. Me: lol
I saw a guy with the thickest, silkiest looking hair walking into Guitar Center as i was walking out. I had to stare. 😍
Hey kids, check out our 5 videos on this Guitar Center...
Really depends on what you're gonna use it for/ where you plan on taking it. Also go to guitar center, mad discounts
Is it possible to live in guitar center
Dad said if he could live in the acoustic section of guitar center, he would😂
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