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Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records, known until 2000 as The Guinness Book of Records (and in previous U.S.

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Have you seen the video footage of the Guinness World Record that involves 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ and a 8.1 ton...
can you see how many spoons you can put on your face (this is actually on the Guinness world record book like wut)
This IBM promo was made entirely with atoms, and holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Smallest...
We stumbled onto a fun and practical way to teach kids about being generous:
David Adamovich - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Knives Thrown Around a Human ...
Help us set a Guinness World Record line of food cans!
Cheltenham folk have been practising the Jive at the Town Hall in preparation for the Guinness World Record...
Ivo Grosche - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Garters Removed with the Teeth in ...
To celebrate...we thought we'd share this big fella! Guinness World Record holding, 13'6" tall garden gnome on a...
Hundreds learning jive ahead of Guinness World Record attempt in Cheltenham on 10thAug Can you help?
Chloe Hegland - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Football Touches in 30 Seconds (female)
shonette, great description. What was the guinness world record for?
Should of been a Guinness world record for how fast I dropped the *** from my forehead to my mouth 👅
JL preparing to break the Guinness world record of 78 seconds to put on a cricket kit
Give this man a Bells. Or should that be a Guinness? Toyota 86 sets drift world record (w/video) | TopCar
JL speaking after his first Guinness world record!! "It was nice to get over the line"
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I'm Korean writer in broadcasting. I have a question for you. Do you know Britney Gallivan? I know she has Guinness World Record.
Irishman aims to break Guinness World Record for ‘Longest journey reversing tractor & trailer’: Sure why not?
JL gearing up for his Guinness World Record attempt!! 20 balls in a minute! Can he do it??
Erin Lavoie - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Christmas Trees Chopped in Two Minutes
is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest display of scarecrows. Join in:
Steve Schmidt breaks Guinness World Record in teeth nail-pulling: Schmidt captured in his third Guinness World...
The Unique Flag of Nepal. An. attempt to Guinness World Record by. making the largest Human National. Flag of...
It's an ELVIS kind of morning as I news you in the NC Triad, peeps. Hear a story of a Guinness World Record over...
Big congrats to for breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest read…
Hooray! We've officially broken the Guinness World Record for the largest reading lesson, with 1,438 children! Congratul…
"Smash"-ing Western Banks, and now this? Please stop. Video:Thinnest condom sets Guinness World Record …
What A Man Did With This Tree Trunk Will Blow Your Mind. One tree, four years of work and an indescribable amount of talent: that’s what it took to create this incredible masterpiece. A famous Chinese wood carver chopped down a single tree and tirelessly worked on it for over four years to make this piece. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see what he created. It all started out with a simple tree trunk… Then Zheng Chunhui, a famous wood carver, spent over four years creating this masterpiece. The carving is based on the famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.” The original artwork was created over 1,000 years ago. The piece won the Guinness World Record for the longest wooden carving and measures over 40ft (specifically, it is 12.286 meters long, is 3.075 meters tall at it highest point, and is also 2.401 meters wide). The intricate carvings of daily life in ancient China are so detailed and perfect, they could drop your jaw. It’s no surprise that this incredib ...
Madeline Albrecht, who worked for Dr. Scholl, had the task of performing smell tests on feet. She holds the current Guinness World Record for number of feet smelled — about 5,600!
MT The in NJ will attempt for most hunger relief packages packed in 3 min! .
The Art of Living hosted a grand symphony of more than 1000 musicians playing sitar in Delhi, India, along with other 100s of Tabla and other percussion plaers. This event set a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of sitarists performing together on one stage. The music for this enthralling sitar orchestra is based on ancient ragas from the Gandharva Veda, namely Raga Gara, Baageshri and Hansadhwani, which conceptualize the all encompassing love for the Divine.
Guinness World Records 2014 We got asked to review the New Guinness World Record book which is set to be released on the 12th September 2013 ...
We go behind the scenes with Bigfoot, the world's original monster truck, to see how such a machine can regain the Guinness World Records' Longest Ramp Jump ...
Hi all.. Its 11 July in Milan ITALY n we - Vispi kasad and Team INDIA will go for the 2nd Guinness World Record for India TODAY.. Pl pray for us to get the level of 13.5 feet height with 6 layers Sandwich. Pl share in ur group to get maximum blessings from whole India. Ur blessing n good wishes will bless us with the 2nd World Record with INDIAN FLAG in ITALY.. CHAKDE INDIA.. GOD BLESS US..
Aichi Ono (Japan) - Guinness World Record for the Most Head Spins in One Minute
"In 2005, Will Smith made a Guinness World Record for attending 3 movie premieres in 24 hours."
Guinness World Records presented record title of Tallest Teenager female in the world Congratulation !!
get help from the Fellow Guinness Book of World Record Players of this Press Media depiction of...greatest play on his tort
Did we have fun? On Guinness World Record day. Big thank you to all who took part.
Remember when the Guinness world record guy called Niall "Liam" and Louis turned his sass on lmao
On Friday 16th May, along with Jamie Oliver and the help of 2,150 kids we celebrated Food Revolution Day! This resulted in us breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest cookery lesson and kick-starting the world record attempt for the rest of the globe! Thanks again to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Jamie Oliver for making this dream come to life!
OK. COULD it get hotter in my house jw I think we have a Guinness world record qualifier over here
I must be holding the Guinness world record for most consecutive bad decisions a person has ever made 😭
Share our page with your friends so we can get as many people to our Guinness world record as possible!!!...
I wonder if Nursie from Blackadder’s costume would have been approved under Guinness World Record rules. Their costumes seem to lack udders.
And the Guinness World Record for longest running practical joke goes to... me for my entire life!
Can't wait too see which one of you tweeps breaks the current Guinness World Record for "Too Drunk & High to Light Firew…
Congratulations to VA Dem Senate candidate for breaking the Guinness World record for "Largest pile of human trash"
Cleveland Cavaliers fans are currently breaking a record for "Most People Back Peddling at Once", Guinness Book of World sa…
Guinness book of world record holder may be in your future then
Thank You pariwar for making us proud with the Guinness World Record.
I hold the Guinness world record for shaking it the most at a urinal.
I'm trying to grow my afro so big that i get into the Guinness World Record Book
Setting the World Guinness Record for the largest human DNA helix with over 2,640 participants.
Throwback Thursday. 2011, we Attempted to Break the World Guinness Record in Salsa Dancing. Are U ready for 07/24/14
Guinness book 📚 of world record today at Inorbit,. 10 coffee cups used to make this picture 📷 of Sachin Tendulkar ht…
It will be on next week RTDidnt know was a guinness world record holder !! :)”
Didnt know was a guinness world record holder !! :)
NO AGE RESTRICTION.NO FITNESS REQUIRED the chance to be apart of a Guinness World Record Though.
Is there a Guinness world record for the most crayons in a household? Because if there is the current holder better move their booty over
Is there room in the guinness world record book for a girl that pees a lot
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Biggest dog ever!!! George...He weighs over 245lbs. and is the Guinness World Record Holder for Tall
wow! U can break guinness world record by just using your voice! The window might break too! Congrates!
Join me on and set a Guinness Book World Record for today.
4th of July party. Broke the Guinness World Record for largest soul train :) — at Goodyear Ballpark
MORNING MINDBENDER While Independence Day is known for its fireworks, the Guinness World Record holder for the largest fireworks display is held outside the United States. This display consisted of nearly 480,000 fireworks and was set on December 31, 2013. From what country does America need to steal the record? A. China B. France C. Philippines D. United Arab Emirates E. Vietnam
.is the World's Largest Music Festival, a Guinness World Record since 1999:
Orrin Woodward crushed the record. Thank you so much for the OW.
Well done to Chirk Guides and all other welsh guide units. They are now Guinness World Record Holders.
Sleeping before 1 am today. Not bad. I deserve to be in the Guinness world record book 😂😂😜
Third Day , Third Explosion , They must record this in the Guinness World Records
on the bright side, you'd break the Guinness world record of oldest man alive!
Jackie Chan now officially holds the Guinness World Record for the most credits in one movie AND the most stunts by a living actor.
Can't wait to see your name on the Guinness World Record website!
2226 Tel Aviv residents assembled to set a Guinness for the largest Shabbat ever served.
An area swimming pool was part of a Guinness World Record attempt Friday.
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The professor who played Tetris on a Philadelphia skyscraper set a Guinness world record...again.
broke the World Record of the Most Blood Glucose Tests taken in 24 hours in one place . ^^
The former Playboy bunny rolled the first ball in Bowlmor Lanes AMF’s attempt at a Guiness World Record to record...
There's still time to get a TPP Guinness World Record t-shirt. All profits to charity!. Store:
Just passed over 500 sign ups to break a Guinness World Record for yoga right here in Portland on July 11th. Are...
Guinness World Record-holder Julia Gnuse, the 'most tattooed woman' in the world
Toyota set the Guinness world record by the largest toyota logo. Guess how many cars they have used ?
A skyscraper in Singapore just set a new record for the world's largest vertical garden: http:/…
Not only are the strawberries awesome, but they're going for a Guinness World Record for the Largest Scoop of Ice...
Where's the Guinness book of world records? We just took the slowest bike ride on record. Shortest distance in the longest amount of time.
.set a Guinness World Record (for the largest game of musical bumps.
The Guinness World Record for most people running in high heeled shoes is 155.
did you find out the guinness world record for how many *** to be sucked? XD YOU WERE SO DRUNK IN THAT EPISODE OF MINECRAFT XD
This is officially the world's biggest, baddest, greenest vertical garden RT
A special thanks to LIFE Leadership for helping break the Guinness World Record!
Boy Scouts from Glenview Pack 154 are hoping to set the Guinness World Record for longest Pinewood Derby track!
Dozens of suburban Boy Scouts, their dads, pack leaders and others gathered in the Woodfield Mall parking lot Sunday determined to set a new Guinness World Record, and have a lot of fun along the way.
Subscribe for more here: On October 26th, 2013, Dada Life attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest P...
Not really newsworthy, but the participants have yet another Guinness World Record under their belts...
you crashed the Guinness site. We should apply for a Guinness World Record for "most incidents of overloaded servers."htt…
(Michael Lee was one of part pyrocrew) 65% fireworks are import from China as for Dubai breaks the Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Firework Display' across the whole of The Palm Jumeirah and the islands of The World. The World Record breaking display covered a distance of over 99.4km of shoreline and featured hundreds of thousands of colourful fireworks and a series of scenes designed exclusively for the show and set to a musical soundtrack designed for the event.
Good Morning San Antonio! Let's have some fun. They're going to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for largest swim lesson on Coney Island today. If you could break any world record, what would you do?
If you like Jane Austen, Regency attire and want a shot at a Guinness World Record, just sign up. via
| fan? Be part of a Guinness World Record
Funny-woman Jenny McCarthy is catching next Saturday night’s fever for a new Guinness World Record. Bowlmor AMF, the largest operator of bowling alleys worldwide, enlisted “The View” co-host to rol...
After hosting 6,829 episodes of "Jeopardy!," Alex Trebek has set a new Guinness World Record: most game shows hosted by the same...
DJ Khaled holds the Guinness World Record for longest migrane.. Get this man some Advil
congrats!! Try for another few days..u may enter world Guinness record!!
We’re aiming for 5,000 water warriors to set a new Guinness World Record on SAT AUG 16, 2014.
More than 2,000 people eat Shabbat dinner together in Tel Aviv to set Guinness World Record
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That moment when you step on the scale and instantly want to challenge the Guinness world record for most days without eating
Miley holds the Guinness Record for most charted teenager in the world with twenty nine entries as of Nov two thousand…
Excuse me, is this Guinness World Records? I'd like to submit my record for the largest air guitar collection
Hey Chris Bosh, its one thing to get postered, getting postered by a dude with the guinness world record bald spot tho? Its childish 😂
I just wanted to say that because of your support I was able to raise $110 to help while I set the Guinness World Record.
Parker can hold a Guinness world record for his eyes ***
Jeopardy's Alex Trebek earns Guinness World Record for 'most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter.'
See which Guinness World Record this girl hoped to help break in Kathmandu -
"Poppy set the Guinness world record for the oldest cat at 24" the oldest cat is only 24? Please you know they have 9 lives!!
Trivia Question: Which country star, playing at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort on June 19, was just recently acknowledged by the Guinness World Records for playing the most live shows in 24 hours?
Ruan Liangming breaks the Guinness World Record for time spent covered in bees.
Their Marriage Broke A World-Record, But Their Secret Is Simple. Everyone Needs To Know This. Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher broke The Guinness World Record for the longest marriage. They were married on May 13, 1924. In 2008, they earned the record for longest marriage at 84 years. In 2011, Herbert passed away at 105, and a few years later in 2013, Zelmyra followed at 105 years old as well. When Herbert passed, the couple had been married for 87 years. Before their death, they were interviewed about their secrets to everlasting love…and their answers are astoundingly simple. Before they passed, they were interviewed about what it takes to have a beautiful marriage that lasts a lifetime. See their simple and sweet answers below. 1. What made you realize that you could spend the rest of your lives together? Were you scared at all? With each day that passed, our relationship was more solid and secure. Divorce was NEVER an option, or even a thought. 2. How did you know your spouse was the right one for you? We ...
Answer: This Sudbury-born presenter has been given the Guinness World Record for having hosted the most episodes of a game show. Question: Who is Alex Trebek?
Channel 13 missed it! Guinness world record being filmed in Peru, in today! Brian "The Human Fuse" miser longest shot by a human arrow on fire, filmed at the Peru Ametuer Circus building!
It's official. Mayor Bruce Harris makes the announcement that Chatham has set a new Guinness World Record for blowing wooden train whistles simultaneously for 10 seconds.The number is 1,210.
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Adam Carolla is one of the most versatile men in Hollywood, where he created Ace Broadcasting (now Carolla Digital) and hosts the The Adam Carolla Show which broke the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast with almost 60 million unique downloads from '09 to '11 and continues…
Sign Up to Join in the Largest Meditation in History. On August 8, join Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and the Chopra Center as we set the Guinness World Record for the largest meditation gathering in history.
At the beginning of April 2013, (also known as Sunday Times Driving) began an investigation following claims from US car maker Hennessey that its 928 kW (1,244 bhp) Hennessey Venom GT was the new world’s fastest production car, taking the crown from the Guinness World Record-holding Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. With a recorded speed of 427.6 km/h (265.7 mph) the Hennessey was 3.4 km/h (2.1 mph) slower than the Veyron but Hennessey dismissed Bugatti’s official record saying that the Veyron Super Sport was restricted to 415 km/h (258 mph) in production form and that for it to achieve its record top speed of 431.0 km/h (267.8 mph), the car used was in a state of tune not available to customers. Hennessey said its Venom GT, on the other hand, was road-ready and unmodified and was therefore a production car in the strict sense of the term. There is also contention about whether the Hennessey Venom GT is in fact a "series-production" car as it can only be registered for road use in the US as a ...
Just announced, Far Rockaway Queens, NY wins the Guinness World Record for the most Fried Chicken Joints in a 2 Mile radius.
Greetings for the day... We are born 2 dance team organizing a Guinness World Record attempting Event. We have 250 Singers on the floor with 450 Musicians and 4500+ Dancers. Venue is Sardar Patel Stadium with crowd capacity of 60,000people. We are attempting Limca Book of Awards and Guinness Book World Record in this event. We are looking for your favorable reply. In case of any query, feel free to get in touch with me at any point of time. Regards, Born2Dance Team
Monday's exciting news! Red Bull Media House & SIS LIVE set Guinness World Record! Find out more:
One day, I'm gonna see in a Guinness World Record book as the fastest woman in the world 👌
Did you hear that the tower built in front of St. Stephen‘s Basilica this weekend set a Guinness World Record? htt…
Don't miss this great opportunity. Popular and all-round Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok who’s completed countless world tours will finally make his way to his first ever concert in the United Kingdom, Aaron Kwok de Showy Masquerade World Tour Live in Concert London 2014. Known as Hong Kong’s Heavenly King his concerts have always been sold out and his performances have always been spectacular with many creative choreography and stunts. Aaron has always impressed fans, On February 17, 2008 during his Asia World Arena in Hong Kong, he created a new Guinness World Record for the largest revolving stage measuring 32ft 10 in x 31ft. The concert will be held at the SSE Arena, Wembley on August 16 at 7:30 PM. Ticket sales will start on Saturday, May 31, 10:00 AM BST. Fans can purchase tickets at wembleyarena. There will be four ticket options. VVIP: £188, VIP: £128, Zone A: £88, Zone B: £60 Take note that the first 100 VVIP ticket purchasers will get the chance to attend a photo session with Aaron Kwok in gro ...
Bombay Stock Exchange launched an institutional trading platform [ITP] for small and medium enterprises [SME] on 12 February 2014. Assam became the first state to ban smokeless tobacco legally Vice President of India M. Hamid Ansari launched the India-China Year of Friendly Exchanges on 11 February 2014 The South Central Railway (SCR) launched Hyderabad Live Train Enquiry System (HYLITES) on 10 February 2014 Sikkim became the first State in India to achieve 100 percent sanitation coverage President of Israel Shimon Peres set a new Guinness World Record with 6500- student online civics class World’s oldest tigress, Machli Found in the Ranthambhore National Park India and Germany sign two umbrella agreements for financial and technical cooperation India’s Visa-on-arrival facility extended for tourists of 180 Countries, except eight Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the implementation of the National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology World‘s First Paperless public Library of ...
Las Vegas resident somersaults his way into Guinness World Record book
-- THIS IS A MUST SHARE STUFF! This video is about the "making of" the largest fireworks display achieved from Guinness World Record, on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the issuance of the constitution of the State of Kuwait. Kuwait Mania | ✓ Like ✓ Comment and ✓ Share with your friends. ** Terms of viewing ** i) Kuwait Mania has no role in the production of this audio and/or visual media and therefore bears no responsibility for the content of this media ii) All credits to original media/content owner iii) Parental guidance advised iv) If this media violates any copy rights and/or intellectual rights, please let us know and we shall take the appropriate action
.does the Guinness World Records book hold the Guinness World Record for being the book with most Guinness World Records?
Pirate Day 2014: Help bring the Guinness World Record back to Penzance | The Cornishman via
Dubai set a “New Guinness World Record” by screening of 8,675 individuals for within 8 Hours Only!
😂😂😂😂 he didn't even get the Guinness world record that ***
Things you didn't know: R&B singer Eamon earned a listing in the Guinness Book of World Record for "the most exp...
WEBSTER: The Guinness World Record for 'fastest texter' was broken at the weekend, a 17 yearold Brazilian typed...
A Mexican man once listed as the world's heaviest human being died Monday at the age of 48. Manuel Uribe had slimmed down to about 867 pounds (394 kilograms), well below his then-record peak weight of 1,230 pounds (560 kilograms), which was certified in 2006 as a Guinness World Record.
No big deal but, GISHWHES participants, we just were awarded yet another Guinness world record. This time for "largest ph…
Teen sets new Guinness World record for texting -
Raffles city has a pizza shop giving out free pizza all day because they're trying to break some Guinness world record
At 77 Ernestine Shepherd is the Guinness World Records' oldest female bodybuilder. For more stories like this.
Dubai , breaking a Guinness world record 8,675 diabetes screenings for mall shoppers in just eight hours.previous record was 7,024 tests.
If it wasn't for my fast metabolism, I swear I would've been in the Guinness world record book for fattest *** alive..😴
THANK YOU to everyone who took advantage of our Memorial Day special! You can still register online until mid-day Friday and in person on Saturday. Keep spreading the word and help Savannah break a Guinness World Record!
Guinness world record holder for the biggest wagon ever created
Guinness World Record holder for the Most Pierced Man Bucholz shows some of his 453 piercings in Dortmund.
How you can help set a by signing the "Every Moment Counts" flag:
One more hour! Last chance to get tickets for only $10 (1/2 price, 50% off) to "THE CRAWL of the SOUTH" ~ Savannah's attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Largest Bar Crawl.
Reporter screws up attempt at largest bubble Guinness World Record attempt
Guinness World Record for youngest person ever to contract Chlamydia.
Only two more hours to purchase your "THE CRAWL of the SOUTH" ~ Guinness World Record Attempt tickets for only $10, then they go back up to $15.
So on June 7th Steak N Shake is going to be in the Guinness World Records for the longest sing along I need at least 3 people to come sign up with me tonight to be a part of the sing along and my manager will personally buy you dinner on June 7th from 11 a.m. To 1 p.m.
Not the best day for ice cream today thanks to the rain, ☔️but we had great fun watching all the funny pirates passing by, for the Guinness world record attempt in Penzance! It's great to see community spirit and super efforts by everyone involved.
What a day!! We may have missed out on the Guinness World Record by 77 people but it was a great experience!! Charlotte and I got to do an interview in the rain and have photos taken by strangers before using official clickers to count in the pirates!! Something to cross off my bucket list along with having my photo taken with the man from Guinness World Records!! :) :) Jane and Sue just couldn't miss out on the action and got a photo too!! :) An overall brilliant day!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG! ME Deema Aweidah, Raneem Homsi, Leen Farra are all in Guinness world record for complaining the most about ronaldo and messi when they are both beasts! high five to all of us again lol, i want to congratulate the people i tagged CHEERS
NEWS: Two students will be attempting 87 hours to break the Guinness World Records for longest from 6am tomorrow to 9pm on 30th May.
Did you know... The largest collection of cameras in the world is held by Dilish Parekh of Mumbai, India. He has a collection of 4,425 antique cameras which he has been collecting since 1977. Source: Guinness World Records
Keep an eye on 3e tonight . Guinness World Record video report is on channel 3E tonight at approx 6:20pm The... http:/…
Penzance has been invaded by pirates! I've already had a few swarthy pirates in the gallery today. good luck Penzance in recapturing the Pirates Guinness World Record - ar!
:::Happy Birthday Aachi::: Actress Manorama celebrates her birthday today (born Gopishantha on May 26, 1943). She has appeared in more than 1500 films, over a 1000 stage performances, and several television series. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2002. She is a recipient of the Kalaimamani award by the government of Tamil Nadu. She holds a Guinness World Record for acting in more than 1000 films. When asked once about the secret of her youthful charm and beauty, Manorama quipped in Tamil "Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum", meaning "The beauty of the mind is reflected on the face." She went on to say that her heart and mind are still youthful, which is the secret of her youth.
Push up challenge for the troops breaking Guinness world record :)
One half of the longest married couple in Britain has died after 81 years of wedded bliss. Frank Milford, 101, held the hand of his wife Anita, also 101, as he passed away at the residential home where they lived. The devoted pair met at a YMCA dance in Plymouth in 1926. They said the secret to their long marriage was 'give and take' and making up after rows with a kiss and a cuddle. Mr Milford's 76-year-old son, also called Frank, said: 'She's very upset obviously, but she was sitting holding his hand when he passed away. 'For the past three weeks or so he hasn't been eating or drinking and I think we all realised he was ready to die. He knew it was his time and I think he simply died of old age.' Mr Milford said that despite his frailty his father had remained 'as sharp as a tack' and had not lost his sense of humour. The couple, who had two children, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, spent their entire married life in Plymouth and stayed in the city throughout the Second World War. Guin ...
TONIGHT We are in Penzance at Cornish Pirates RFC Ground as part of the 'Pirates on the Prom' Guinness World Records Attempt weekend. On stage at 9:30pm. Who's coming?
A 111-year-old US man has been crowned the world's oldest living man by the Guinness World Records.
Some people break world records and others shatter them. Gabi Ury falls into the latter category after her recent attempt to take the Guinness World Record for the Longest Time in an Abdominal Plank Position by a female. On the Saturday after her...
Guinness World Records announced that 111-year-old Dr. Alexander Imich, who lives in Manhattan, is now the world's oldest living man. He's also the oldest living war veteran and the first 'oldest l...
Music History for Friday 2012 - Adam Lambert became the first openly *** singer to debut at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart, with his album Trespassing. 2010 – Poison frontman Bret Michaels won NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice. 2008 –Singer Shirley Bassey had to cancel a performance for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday concert after suffering from abdominal pains. 2006 – The King of Sweden presented the surviving members of Led Zeppelin with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm, recognizing them as “great pioneers” of rock music. 2000 – Eminem released his third studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP. It sold more than 1.79 million copies in its first week alone, setting a Guinness World Record as the fastest-selling solo album ever. 2000 - Billy Corgan, leader of The Smashing Pumpkins, announced the band would break up at the end of the year. 2000 - Noel Gallagher walked out on Oasis during the band's European tour. 2000 - Pearl Jam's long-awaited sixth studio album, Binaural, was released ...
Hey Everyone ! So these are some fun things I want to or have planned for this summer. Let me know if you want to join or it be cool for a cool date thing with your significant other. They are: 1. Guinness World Record breaking on June 7th 2. Taste of Time Square June 4th 3. Backyard BBQ June 7th 4. Royal Bull Race and Tomato fight in VA August 23rd 5. Fly board in Long Island 6. Hot Air Balloon 7. Dinner Cruise 8. Bryant Park Movie Night Mondays - you can buy picnic style setup on groupon 9. Janes carousel 10. Coney Island Movie night Mondays 11. Brooklyn Bridge movie night Thursdays 12. Mermaid Parade June 21st 13. Biking in Roosevelt Island 14. 911 memorial museum 15. Met game / Yankee game 16. Camping 17. Whale watching 18. Pottery making 19. Niagra falls 20. Painting Party Let me know your thoughts or if you have any cool ideas please let me know 😀
Sharing from our good friend at Street's Corner. If you're in the San Antonio area, let's help the USO San Antonio get signatures to break the Guinness World Record for "Most Signatures on a Flag"
Marcel Fernandes Filho can text perfectly at inhuman speeds. That's what it takes to be a Guinness World Record holder. by Chris Matyszcz..
Just set a Guinness World Record for loudest playing of this song @ 7:30am while in a Subaru Forester
Never underestimate Hunter Hayes' work ethic. Immediately after breaking the Guinness World Record for the most concerts played in multiple cities in 24 hours, he boarded a plane to Japan.
Flower people power sees poppy crowd set new Guinness World Record
Guinness World Record holder for Most Drugs Ever Done by a Human being died today; he was attacked by a pack of wild dogs he thought he saw
How well does your memory match up to the Guinness World Record holder for memory? Find out tomorrow morning.
2014 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire will attempt new Guinness World Record for Crocheting!
22-year-old country star is now a Guinness World Record (holder!
Guinness World Record holder dancer arrested in India
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So, I just tried texting one of my best friends from High School to wish her a happy mother's day and ended up having a full on conversation with some random lady named Stacy, who also is a mother. Rayannah Mitchell ... congratulations! You're the Guinness World Record holder for changing your number! Also, Happy Mother's Day!
Meet the guys who took 355 selfies in an hour and set a Guinness World Record:
Every Moment Counts | Help the USO break the Guinness World Record by signing the flag. The USO is a private, nonprofit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to support our troops and their families.
Internationally acclaimed human beatboxer and World Loopstation Champion Shlomo presents his latest vocal project Shlomo and the Lip Factory, an all vocal band of 7 brilliant beatboxers and singers. Be warned: it is like nothing you have seen before: incredible, inspirational and totally absorbing. A Guinness World Record holder, Shlomo gave up astrophysics to perform his amazing vocal pyrotechnics. It was a good move. Since then he has won global acclaim and worked with some of the biggest names in music including Bjork, Damon Albarn, Jarvis Cocker, Martha Wainwright, Imogen Heap, The Specials, DJ Yoda and even comedians the Mighty Boosh. In the process he has consistently pushed the boundaries of beatboxing, bringing the art form to new and unexpected audiences through such diverse collaborations. A tight group of talented young vocalists, both beatboxers and jazz singers, who come together to create something bigger than the sum of their parts. Performing an inspiring mixture of soulful improvisations, ...
Derby's Wayne Madsen is "officially amazing" now Guinness World Record holder for most keepy-uppys in 60 secs - 282! http:…
Wayne Madsen is a Guinness World Record holder!! 282 'bat touches' in 60 secs in the Keepy Uppy Challenge http…
I had the newspaper take up the news which set the Guinness World Record as a Guitarist.
Still reeling from the awesomeness of yesterday's Guinness World Record-breaker and the laughter and pure daftness enjoyed by over 500 people in a field. If it hadn't been for Jules Mitchell and Maria Tucker (and others I don't know) it wouldn't have been possible. If Conrad Jagger and the team hadn't pulled the charity comedy night together last night, even more money would not have been raised. And don't get me started on Stephen Sutton. The very reason all of this took place. His relentless campaign to raise money for Teenage Cancer; his drive to complete his bucket list. He stayed with us the whole day - only out of hospital a couple of days before. The outpouring of love towards him was obvious. The demands on him were great but he smiled, thumbs-upped and heart-gestured without complaint. A 19-year-old has taught us so much. Thank you Stephen xxx
Hello to everyone on this World Laughter Day. We are looking forward to seeing you at 3pm at Chase Terrace Technology College Burntwood to break this Guinness World Record for Stephen Sutton. Wherever you are in the World share Stephen's happiness and motivation with everyone you meet today. Smile at people you don't know, hug someone you wouldn't normally hug and remember post your 'Selfies' on this page because we want WORLD LAUGHATHON 2014 to be the day everyone remembers as the best day ever.
The Corps of Drums have now passed the 24-hour point and during the day the team have had a few surprise visits. A complimentary breakfast was provided by the Grange City Hotel in London, Major General Ed Davis Commandant General Royal Marines witnessed one of the tricky drummer changeovers and former Royal Marines Mark Ormrod, Jamie Sanderson and Jason Fox showed their support for the Guinness World Record attempt.
Beyoncé may have surprised everyone with her new album, releasing it by surprise, but Jack White recorded the music and pressed it so fast at this year’s Record Store Day, that he set a Guinness World Record. In just under four hours, Jack recorded “Lazaretto” and a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power o…
"La Tortura" holds the Guinness World Record for most weeks (26) at on Billboard's Hot Latin 100 Chart!
Be a part of making history! Contribute now to help us set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Shabbat Dinner. June 2014.
Could YOU do this? Jack White records and releases his new single in 3:55:21, destroying former Guinness World Record by polka trio.
Lahore - Our World Records Correspondent: A 94 kilometre long queue of vehicles from Total CNG Station on MM Alam Road Lahore to Gujranwala Cantt has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest car queue ever recorded in human history. The queue has shattered the previously held record by China, where 62 kilometre of traffic was the longest recorded queue in history until last week. This is another feather in the cap of the Punjab government and Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, who had earlier overseen 33 records being broken in the Punjab Youth Festival.
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More than 2,000 young people gathered in the heart of Orchard Road on Saturday to commemorate Youth for the Environment Day. They also celebrated breaking the Guinness World Record for building a castle with beverage cartons.
These "Fun Facts" are about "South Park:" (1) When Trey Parker was a kid, for some reason he didn't flush the toilet. His father told him that if he kept up this gross habit, "Mr. Hankey" would come and eat him. Thus, Mr. Hankey was born. (2) South Park holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Swearing in an animated series." (3) When Matt Stone does Kenny's dialogue, he speaks into his sleeve. (4) Butters was originally going to be named "Poof Poof." (5) Samuel L. Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Buscemi have all asked to do guest voices, but were either rejected or did not accept an eventual offer.
A satirical and entirely fictional press release re 100% official Guinness World Record attempt
Man on a Guinness World Record mission hand-draws his black marker collection to date
Meanwhile, Kevin will attempt a new Guinness World Record by running a marathon in a jigsaw logo
Wish the the Ford Mustang a Happy 50th and help set a Guinness World Record!
S/O to Lexington Catholic High School for breaking the Guinness World Record for largest Secret Santa exchange at a single location.
Guinness World Record for most people singing national anthem simultaneously goes to Bangladesh (254,537 people):
My friends from the US were over for dinner this weekend on 29 March 2014. I joked with one of them that Pakistan was supposed to observe Earth Hour between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. today (according to what WWF Pakistan requested), but we won't, because we already observe Earth Hour several times a day without delay. I also added, with a pinch of wit, that Pakistan might earn a Guinness World Record for being the country that takes Earth Hour too seriously.
It's quite possible that I may be in the running for the Guinness World Record of shortest cat. So legit guys c:
Pinball selfie taken during the Guinness World Record attempt. Unofficial results, 230 machines being played at once, smashing the Canadian record of 100.
Out of this world! Dubai World Cup 2014 and a place in the Guinness World Record book. A truly global success adored by millions of people.
Comic legend Stan Lee has done everything and now he breaks the record for the most kisses? Well...he does hold 4 other Guinness World Record titles so ...
Are you a big Seattle Seahawks fan like me? We Seahawks fans really can be taken as the world's most crazy Group. Last September, We Seahawks fans had proved our crazy to the world, the cheers we burst had broken the Guinness World Record! In new year's Super Bowl XLVIII Game, We bought good-quality Nike Wilson jerseys at this big Factory-Direct NFL jerseys store Though we many fans weren't able to enter the court, but we believe that Seahawks members had heard the supporting sounds we shouted out. Thanks to nice jerseys and thanks very much for the Champion honor brought from our awesome team.
'Alhaji Masaba' Bida Man with 86 Wives is Alive and Well, Contrary To Death Rumour Rumour has gone viral online and offline to the effect that 89-year-old Alhaji Bello Muhammadu Masaba popularly know as Man Bello, the Bida man who married 86 wives, is dead. Man Bello shocked the world few years ago when it was discovered that he is married the highest number of women, 86 wives, in the world. He immediately made it into the Guinness World Record. The polygamist Islamic cleric is also reported to have over 185 children. According to the Secretary General of Nupe Cultural and Resource Centre (NCRC) Àmà Ndagi Abdullahi, many people called NCRC Secretariat to know if the octogenarian, had truly passed away. "We simply sent one of our reporters to Man Bello's house. Our NCRC reporter who also happens to be the 89-year-old's neighbour, said he met him in good health and in happy spirits." Àmà said. I therefore wish to inform the general public that Man Bello is alive! Meanwhile, the Niger State House of Asse ...
Nola (Hill) Ochs (born November 22, 1911)[1] is an American college graduate. On May 14, 2007 she became a Guinness World Record holder as the world's oldest college graduate when she received her diploma at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas.[2][3][4] She earned a general studies degree with an emphasis in history, graduating alongside her granddaughter, Alexandra Ochs, who was 21 years old at the time.[4][5] A native of Jetmore, Kansas, Ochs was born in 1911 and took her first college class from FHSU in 1930 when the university was called the Kansas State College. Nola and her husband, Vernon Ochs, raised four sons (who have given her 13 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren) on the family farm. She took college courses again from Dodge City Community College in Dodge City, Kansas after her husband of 39 years died in 1972. After learning that she was only 30 hours shy of a bachelor’s degree, Nola moved 100 miles from the family farm to an FHSU university apartment in Hays to finis . ...
A well-known Silicon Valley-based billionaire has set a Guinness World Record with a life insurance policy of $201 million, more than doubling the previous mark.
An unnamed Silicon Valley billionaire set a Guinness World Record for the most expensive life insurance policy ever purchased. The deal reportedly cost over $200 million and took over seven months and 19 different insurance companies to finalize. For more on this record-breaking story, click here:
Jack Bauer is so tough he can save the world seven times in one week and set a new Guinness World Record without any shuteye.
Yuichiro Miura (born 1932) earns the Guinness World Record in 2013 for scaling Everest at 80
Examiner Baltimore - Humane Society of Harford County supporters set new Guinness World Record
On May 6th, Hunter Hayes will attempt to set a Guinness World Record by playing 10 shows in 10 cities in 24 hours. He'll start in New York City on "Good Morning America" . . . and will stick to the east coast until he finishes the next day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The most Canadian story ever told now holds the Guinness World Record (for longest running musical
OK Nationals fans…. periodically “we will” be profiling one of our Team members in a spot we will call….Name that Nat?… “We will” post his/her favorites on the team site and at week’s ends see who can guess the team member. Works like this: Favorite Baseball Team – Baltimore Orioles Favorite Player – Cal Ripken Jr Favorite Movie – Tombstone Favorite Food – Surf n Turf Walk-up Song – Simple Man, Lynyrd Skynyrd Factoid – Once attempted to break the Guinness World Record for watching paint dry Name that Nat?
Namibians set to make film history NAMIBIA has long been a land of long shots. We are a people who take up seemingly impossible tasks and we always seem to make good. Our country has played host to many world class events, record attempts and even been the back drop to epic Hollywood movies. So it comes as no surprise that when in January 2014 a South African feature film broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest film ever made, a Namibian thought, “Hmm, we could do better”... Read more:
LAHORE: In a week that has seen a number of records being broken, the another Guinness World Record was broken on Saturday of the most number of people waving flags. The record was established at the opening of the Punjab Youth Festival at the jam-packed National Hockey Stadium on Saturday as a total of 56,263 enthusiasts participated in the event. The record had previously been held by Argentina where 49,850 participants waved their national flag. Pakistani youth have established 29 world records during the ongoing Punjab Youth Festival. More than 60,000 students of different educational institutions took part in these record breaking activities. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif graced the occasion as chief guest, while diplomats of around 14 countries, several members of National and Provincial Assemblies, Provincial Minister for Sports Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, Sports Secretary Muhammad Khan Khichi, Sports Board Punjab (SBP) Director General Usman Anwar and other dignitaries were also present on th ...
Help RJ Julia Booksellers Break a Guinness World Record for the most amount of people wearing Cat in the Hat hats...
Join in for the chance to become a Guinness World Record holder...
I am volunteering in this years Laugh Fest and they need our help in breaking a record that should be some great fun!! Read on: Community Kick-Off Event – Sunglasses at Night!!! Thursday March 6, 2014 In case you haven’t heard, for our community kickoff event this year, we are attempting to break the existing Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people who are wearing sunglasses after dark! The current record is 1642 – which makes it the BIGGEST record we’ve ever attempted! We know that we can beat this record, but we need your help! The details are as follows: 6:00 pm – sunglass lineup begins near Rosa Parks Circle (the first 2500 people get official LaughFest Sunglasses! And you can bring your own!) 7 pm – program start and world record attempt Please join us on March 6 in the Huntington Bank parking lot across Louis Street from Rosa Parks Circle in helping us break the record – and bring your friends… LOTS OF THEM! And if you haven’t yet picked up your volunteer shir ...
LaughFest's 2014 Guinness World Record attempt hopes to end winter blues: Setting wacky records has become a...
What will be size of Rupee if all Languages are added ? Might be considered 4 Guinness World Record
And an attempt to beat the Guinness World Record for largest ever poker tournament on PokerStars falls 6% short:
Elaine Davidson, Guinness World Record for lifetime 4,225! Met on the streets of last week :)
everyone please "like" this post. I am trying to break guinness world record for most likes .lol
Guinness World Record!After breathing pure oxygen through a regulator for 20mins, 26 year old Brazilian Ricardo da Gama Bahia Bahia managed to set a new record of 20mins 21secs, beating the previous one from the Danish Stig Severinsen. His amazing performance was officially recognized by the Guinnes...
Workshops for the Guinness World record attempt begin this weekend. Do you have the info?! #
I can cross setting a Guinness World Record off my bucket list!
Tryna set the Guinness world record for most spoiled elections
My dad should be in the Guinness world record book for being the biggest *** ever. Someone needs to take away his car and make him bus
Our new project after the Mona Lisa. Inspired by meeting the Guinness World Record holder for most jigsaw puzzles completed, Ms. Georgina Lacuna.
Never started the day by checking the weather forecast... till I decide to break this snow World Record
Africa's biggest Land Rover congregation is only 74 days away (Date: 10 - 11 May 2014 Venue: Soetdoring Vakansieplaas) Will SA Landy owners unite as one in an attempt to smash the Guinness World Record for the most Landys driving in convoy? Not only will we be leading the convoy, but we're also on the hunt for the "Coolest Landy" at the event. LRA's coolest, street-legal and privately-owned Land Rover (and its owner) will feature in the pages of the magazine and also receive a special prize. So if you think your Landy has what it takes to impress us, make sure we know about it... If you're at the event, visit our stand (number 12) for a chat and a copy of the latest issue. We'll also be hosting several give-aways and special promotions and we also have a very awesome surprise up our sleeve (I've already said too much!). Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2014 Landy Festival
I hold the Guinness World Record for doing the most idiotic things in a lifetime and I'm only 20.
540 checkers players set Guinness world record in RenoUpdated: Monday, February 10 2014, 12:53 PM ESTRENO - Five hundred and forty checkers enthusiasts who met in Reno, Saturday set a Guinness world record for number of people simultaneously playing the game.A majority of the players at the Peppermi...
raah how do u do that 😵👏🙌, that should be on the Guinness world record book ! 😌
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There is a bar on campus. I am going to a Guinness world record toga party on Thursday. Free drinks tonight. I like this place.
this woman has the Guinness World Record for the strongest thighs and she can crush a watermelon with her thighs...
Guinness World Record - Free Play at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center – Sunday, March 2, 2014: Children ages 4-18, all levels are welcome to take part in this event. Please see attached flyer, and release forms.
The reveal of another Guinness World Record; 6th officially amazing world record of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.
A famous Chinese wood carver, Zheng Chunhui has won a Guinness World Record after developing the longest wooden carving of the world. . . . . . .
Now that the Guinness World Record has been broken, we set our vision on launching in San Diego, with
Dedicating my summer to trying to break a Guinness World Record
I would like to set a Guinness World Record👍
Feel like getting a Guinness world record book and seeing if I can break one
HUGE congrats to and on a tremendous event, and world record for simultaneous sandwiches!
Going to attempt to break a Guinness world record sometime soon. Stay tuned
the South Park movie was in a Guinness world record book for saying the F word so many times in a movie
You guys. I have decided to drop everything else I am doing in life to pursue my new dream. Setting the Guinness world record for longest jump on the back of a lion. Wish me luck.
Is there a Guinness World Record for hugest amount of sneezes? Because I am so breaking it. This is not a good thing. CURSE THE NOSE
6 Guinness World Record of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, all for the glory of our Almighy God. Proud to be a member!
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*prepares myself for Ray to beat the Guinness World Record of longest caption on Instagram of all time* . Tomorrow is that …
I should be nominated for the Guinness Book of World Record's most unlucky person alive
One hour away from the world Guinness record poker game
This Ford GT created by Performance Power Racing managed to set the Guinness World Record for top speed in a street car. The world record attempt took place ...
According to one time top speed achievement, no. But Bugatti still holds the record in Guinness World Records.
Zig Zag pupils Dave Turner and Katie Walton seen here with some of our team setting a new Guinness World record for the longest distance ever danced to raise money for Dean and Helen John. So far over £27,000 has been raised by Zig Zag pupils and friends.
Although it's not recognized by Guinness World Records the Hennessey Venom GT is now the fastest car in the world.
China beats Japan and sets the Guinness World Record for the thinnest condom at 0.0014 inches, but is it just as effective as a standard condom?
Have a security licence? Want to be part of a Guinness world record? Available March 17th? Contact me ASAP!
I think I just set the guinness world record for most pizza's order in less than 2 months 😁🍕🏆
Guinness world record balloons game on the Barr Smith Lawns at 10.45am - pull up a bean bag now
Why was I happy to get the Guinness World Record books every year for Christmas. Not that many records are broken annually Beth.
Ya know, i really feel like there are 2 EXTREMELY embarrassing things that can happen in public that you feel shamed about for MONTHS after they happen: 1. Falling down in public. The reason that this is so humiliating, is because it has LEVELS! It can go from a quick trip up….to a devastating body bounce along the floor….to straight belly flop on asphalt where u just lay in your own filthy shame for a few minutes until ppl stop laughing….to a horrible reenactment of Godzilla tearing apart Tokyo, as you try everything in your power to grab on to something that you can brace urself with and u descend in to what feels like an eternal struggle between good, evil, gravity and the nutritional content of gravel! (Let it be referenced that, gravity is mostly on the side of evil….but ground is high in fiber!) 2. Throwing up in publicI don’t really want to go in to specifics as to how unbelievably gross it looks for other people to see chunks of un digested food particles fly out of your mouth and nose a ...
L.A. workers set Guinness Record concrete pour for tallest tower west of Chicago
The USC Trojans Marching Band participates in a Guinness World Record. See how they did it.
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Did you know that your VP of NorCal, holds a Guinness world record for Indian classical dancing?
Fun fact: St pete holds a guinness world record for the most consecutive days of sunshine (768 days) from feb 9, 1967 to marc…
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