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Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records, known until 2000 as The Guinness Book of Records (and in previous U.S.

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THANK YOU - lovely to speak to you "Girls just wanna have fun!" we can SMASH this Guinness World Record htt…
"So what you do all september?". "Nothing i got name in Guinness World Record". "What?- . "How-. "Yeaahh" *smirks*
Cyndi Targosz interviews Guinness World Record holder Lindsay Kay Hayward. She is the tallest actress in the world and a very FUN and talented actress! www ...
Zeus, the Great Dane who in 2012 earned the Guinness World Record as tallest dog in the world, has died at age five.
Come see the Guinness World Record toothpick exhibit today, and look for us in Parade Magazine tomorrow!!
Become part of history and break a Guinness World Record to END HUNGER
The Great Dane from Michigan that held the title of world's tallest dog has died at age 5. Owner Kevin Doorlag told the Kalamazoo Gazette that Zeus made his debut in the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records as the tallest living dog. Zeus was 44 inches tall at the shoulder and 7 feet, 4...
The USO traveled to The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati on Thursday to unveil its Guinness World Record-breaking flag. The USO recently shattered the Guinness World Record for most signatures...
Ambers angels trust attempting Guinness world record at plymouth argyle to line more than 4041 teddy bears
We are setting a guinness world record today for the largest start or race cars on one track! Racing baby!
A Interview with Arsenal Fan and Professional Football Freestyler and 4x Guinness World Record Holder Daniel Cutting Youtube Page: ...
Guinness world record for smallest ***
RIP Zeus - beloved Guinness world record holder and therapy dog dies at age 5
This man hold the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue:
Niall talking about the 'Guinness World Record' that they broke! .
Things are getting serious! Here is the first video of Cam Zink testing for his Guinness World Records attempt for the Longest Dirt-to-Dirt Backflip on a mountain bike at Mammoth Mountain! Watch the LIVE on ESPN on August 21st at 9:30 p.m. ET
Is there a Guinness record for world longest beard
Guinness Record (2012): Flight for longest indoor distance flown by a paper airplane .
.set a new Guinness World Record with “Rap God” for having the most words in a single song, with 1,560 words i…
Guinness World Record attempted to be broken at USA
Have you ever seen 352 riders gathered all at the same time? Congratulations for the record!
WCU football game today! We will be breaking a Guinness World Record for the most fortune cookies opened at one time.
A husband and father of three officially has the World's Widest Tongue, according to Guinness World Records. Byron Schlenker, 46, told his daughter examined the width of his tongue, after she saw the previous record listed in a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records from 2012. Schlenker's tongue is 8.3cm wide - beating the record of 7.9cm, the website reported.
The Guinness World Records of 2015 gives dogs the “first domestic animals” record: domesticated around 13,000 BC in the Middle East
Which gotta be Guinness world record time b... Queens Chinese food places gotta step it up 😂😂😂
Dogs with Guinness World Record is out! Stories via
they tried to make a Guinness world record in the 1dday, didn't work. They just made music, and it happened.
How does it feel like to be in in the Guinness World Record book ?
We broke the world record for most ppl dressed as characters in Grand Rapids, Minnesota!
[CAPS]Even in sports LUHAN is known to be verygood.His Guinness World Record title&his sparkly eyes v:dontlookbaek -G http:…
SEA goes GREEN! Join the TREEVOLUTION and be part of Mindanao's goal of breaking the Guinness World Record of...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Here are the boys with their Guinness World Record for being the first band to have 3 albums which reached in US! ht…
Just got word from Guinness, U2 have set ANOTHER world record with their new album: "Most Deleted Album Of All Time"
is there a Guinness world record for the shortest tongue?
I liked a video from Guinness World Record for Most Jaffa Cakes (13) Eaten in One Minute
Tonight,we broke the Guinness world record with 6100 angklung performers in Adelaide. Angklung has been
Luke Hemmings should be in the Guinness world record book to be the tallest teenager ever lol who agrees?👌
wants to meet Chief Minisiter Jayalalitha :) :) Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping to meet chief minister J Jayalalithaa during his visit to Chennai on September 15, when he will be launching the audio of director Shankar's upcoming film Says the film's producer "Arnold has been the governor of California and has heard about the TN CM. So, he is keen to meet her while he is here in Chennai. Arnold's team has sent a request to the chief minister's office regarding the same." Meanwhile, the will meet our own at the audio launch of the film. "Rajini sir is India's superstar and he has agreed to be part of the event. It is exciting for us to have two big superstars on the same stage," says the producer. Revealing his plans for the audio launch, Aascar says that the event will not be like the usual launches and will be more like a stage show. "International bubble artist Ana Yang, a Guinness World Record holder, will be performing as part of the event. A.R. Rahman will present the songs from the film as a concert ...
LOL its soo big it should be in the Guinness World Record book 😂 fam he won🏆
Guinness World Record holder for speed of changing my mood 🏆
Delighted to discover Scotland holds the Guinness World Record for "fastest man dressed as a fruit":
The Heart and Stroke Foundation needs you to help break a Guinness World Record at Caesars Windsor! Register Now:
I hear a lot of people saying that the members of "Guinness World Record" that visited punjab youth festival were...
Another Lie of Govt. of Punjab about Guinness World Record book. Punjab Govt
Govt. hits an all time low. Dressed up two gorays as Guinness World Record officials in Punjab Youth Festival 😂😂. Source: …
By Chris Wright It's taken a while, but Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic is now officially the proud holder of the Guinness World Record for the
Hamilton Collection
New York native , Patrica Flemming , has just broken the Guinness World Record playing The Blue Danube for 6 weeks with her labia .
The boys have just been awarded the Guinness World Record for being the first ever to debut at number 1 in the USA with their 1st 3 albums
One Direction break Guinness World Record as they debut at number 1 with their first 3 albums in the USA - Pics
Asmir Begovic now officially holds the for the longest goal scored! Who remembers this one? :)
Metallica have been entered into the Guinness World Records 2015 edition for their touring accomplishments.
Very cool... Congrats to for breaking a world record!
The boys with their Guinness World Record!The first act to debut at with their first 3 albums
One Direction break Guinness World Record with US chart success. By Sam Rigby. One Direction have set a new world...
"One Direction are fading". yeah okay they just got a Guinness World Record for getting all of their albums to
The boys with their Guinness World Record award ^^ —
'BEYONCÉ' in the Guinness World Records 2015 Book as the Fastest-selling album on iTunes |
1D 'proud' of Guinness World Record success -
"NEW: The boys with their Guinness World Record award!
The boys with their Guinness World Record, so freaking proud!
One direction is in the guinness world record book2015 for being the first arisit to hit on US charts for 3 albums
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RECORD:GK Asmir Begovic's goal v S'oton last Nov. has been recognised by Guinness World Record as the longest goal scored in football[91.9m]
Asmir Begovic included in Guiness World Record after scoring from 97.5 yards after 13 seconds against Southampton.
Miley Cyrus, One Direction, and more have just won Guinness World Records.
I have just received this!! This Agreement dated 04 September 2014 Between Guinness World Records LTD (hereafter referred to as 'GWR'/'us'/'we'), Company Number 00541295, of 3rd Floor, 184-192 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3HP UK and 'you' Mr philip kerwood Carlisle United Kingdom In relation to the record attempt ('Record Attempt') of:Longest continuous relay ride on a 125 cc motorbik ** The exact title of the record is subject to change and GWR may offer you a valid alternative record if your suggestion is not acceptable.
Rakt dan karun bagha changla vatel Be a part of guinness world record attempt
Mazda unveils the all-new MX-5 • MKIV roadster shown to media at new event facility in Barcelona • Latest model features a unique KODO design and SKYACTIV Technology • Weight reduction puts the new Mazda MX-5 at a level comparable to the original model Mazda revealed the all-new Mazda MX-5 this morning to an exclusive audience in Barcelona and simultaneously around the world at two similar events in Japan and the U.S. The MKIV model, which features a distinctive adaptation of the KODO – Soul of Motion design, received a very warm reception from around 250 media in attendance. It will go on sale in Europe in 2015. The all-new MX-5 comes with SKYACTIV technology, including specially tuned SKYACTIV-G petrol engines and the first rear-wheel drive version of the SKYACTIV-Chassis. Weighing 100kg less than the outgoing model and with the lowest-ever centre of gravity, the new edition of Mazda’s iconic roadster enhances the Jinba Ittai “rider-and-horse-as one” responsiveness and agility that has alw ...
This September GlobeBusters will lead the first ever organised motorcycle expedition to cross Burma [Myanmar]. Tourism has grown in the South East Asian country, following political reforms in 2011, but apart from excursions organised from neighbouring Thailand, there have been no guided motorcycle trips deep into the country. Riding a pair of BMW R1200GS adventure sport bikes, double Guinness World Record holders Kevin & Julia Sanders will lead a group of hand-picked GlobeBusters customers, starting from Delhi in Northern India, crossing Burma from North East to South West, then over the border to Thailand, completing their journey in Bangkok.   Their route presents some very challenging terrain, including sustained high altitude riding in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal & Bhutan, followed by the dense jungles of central Burma, where humidity reaches 90%. The group will also have a security escort for the final section in India approaching the Burmese border.   In total the expedition will cover 6,000 ...
One Direction have earned a spot in the Guinness World Records 2015 book due to their phenomenal chart success in the US.
The South Park Movie holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Swearing in An Animated Film” with 399 curses, including …
ICYMI: Cam Zink set the Guinness World Record for a mountain bike backflip with a mark of 100 feet, 3 inches.
The Old Bell Inn in Delph, Saddleworth has gained the Guinness World Record for stocking the most gins, with 404:
WANT TO BE A WORLD RECORD HOLDER?. The Hutchins SRC are attempting a Guinness World Record for the most...
Congratulations, you're now stanning a Guinness World Record holder ♡
Vanna White hasn't hasn't wore an outfit more than once on the show and holds the Guinness World Record for clapping.
I have just worked out that I own 9 Tich autographs. Is there a Guinness World Record for the most Tich autographs collected?!
TORONTO - Famed spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra sought to unite a mass global audience in quiet moments of personal reflection as he led a Guinness World Record group meditation attempt.
I'm so good at making people feel uncomfortable like I should win a guinness world record or something
A heavily tattooed German man Rolf Buchholz, 55, have face/body art and horn implants. Buchholz has a record 453 piercings, many of them on his face and genitals, according to Guinness World Records. His picture alone, is scaring to me! Ya Allah, You Alone we worship and You Alone we Ask For Help. Guide us Along the Right Way, the Way of those whom You have Favored not the Way of those whom goes Astray, Ameen!
I just set a Guinness World Record. I am the 1st person to read the Software License Agreement, rather than blindly click 'I Accept Terms.'
We would like to invite you to our Next Event which shall be on October 18,2014 at SM City Cebu called "World Class Zumba Fitness" this is in partnership with Guinness World Record and World Vision. objective of this event is to break the current world record of Zumba Class by India and also this aims to help rebuild schools in Northern Cebu.
2002 Year a French team set the Guinness World Record for oyster shucking, when 10 people opened 8,472 oysters in an hour. If that team...
Drexel University’s Frank Lee, PhD, has officially outdone himself. The man behind this spring’s giant game of Tetris® --played on the north and south sides of Brandywine Realty Trust’s Cira Centre skyscraper-- replaced his own name in the Guinness World Records ledger as the creator of the world’s…
Here's Big Mike sporting his Ripped & Rich pack for the 5 days of Guinness World Record breaking game. Teams play...
Guinness gave the world record for 'most lawsuits filed' to a man. He sued them. -->
I wonder if there's a Guinness World Record for the most watched Netflix, I bet I've already beaten it or can😂
My friend whos trying to achieve his dream. he also is pending a Guinness Book of world record in PvZ via
The Guinness World Record for the Largest Data Warehouse: A Q&A with of
St Louis is home to the Guinness World Record for Most People Doing Somersaults!
The language holds the record for the richest language in the world with over 5 million words.
At the Guinness world record museum
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The lads at heading into their final Guinness World Record breaking hour for
One last donation please to for as the beat the world record for continuous broadcast.
MA - Brit who rides around the world becomes Guinness World Record holder -Read more -
Taylor Swift . We have to break her GUINNESS WORLD RECORD (WANEGBT sales) with the next single !! Let's buy…
Is there a Guinness World Record for most days gone without wearing a real bra? If not, I'm def down & well on my way to makin it
luhan has a Guinness World Record now... wait and see if he uses that for a pick-up line
Fabulous thanks. We took part in a Guinness World Record Attempt, can you guess in what?
Got to put 3 guinness world record books to hold the charger in place over night 👌
Happy Birthday Madonna! The Queen has 8 Guinness World Record more than anybody else in history!
NRL KrF Nike laser achieves Guinness World Record for enabling highest projectile velocity; see
Who or what is saeeda? Please explain — She holds the Guinness world record title for blocking the most people o...
Tyneside chef cooks for 41 hours and breaks Guinness World Record
Steven Gerrard holds the Guinness Book world record for the smallest forehead.
Belgium set a Guinness World Record for the longest time in modern history that a country has been without an official government.589 days.
Live @ the CHW Museum with Guinness Book world record holder for longest and fastest drive!…
HUGE THANK YOU TO THESE BUSINESSES! We couldn't have done the Guinness World Record without your help!
Probably just set the Guinness World Record for juggling a soccer ball and holding a baby.
Post: Grow Your Financial Muscle One of my friends is a Guinness World Record Power Lifter. H…
Can someone call guinness world record team?This has to be the biggest open air dance party. still people call us extemists lol
Ram Singh Chauhan practices Shambhavi & also happens to hold the Guinness World Record for longest mustache at 18ft
We will be attempting to set the Guinness World Record for longest flip cup game this year. Spread the word & follow for d…
Join Perth businesses to break the Guinness World Record 8th Aug at Perth Town Hall. Speed Business Networking.
Michael Jackson holds the Guinness World Record for highest-earning deceased artist.
The Prom (pedestrian zone) will be closed 7am and 3pm on Sunday 10th August 2014 for Guinness World Record Street Jive event.
As a native of Cincinnati myself I will often post photos of famous people in Cincinnati today I would like to salute Don Helbig . He is a co worker at kingsisland . And is the current spokesperson . Don holds several ridding records including a Guinness World Record for riding a rollercoaster the most times today you can always spot Don walking on the park
Guinness World Record criteria finalised for - the largest sailing race in the world - -
The Biggest Coffee Drinking event will be staged in Davao at 9:00am on December 13, 2014 (12-13-14) where an estimated One Million People are expected to participate in an attempt to set a new World Records of Coffee drinking. Aptly dubbed as One Cup, One Tribe, One People, the center of the event will be at the Rizal Park, Davao City, and will be extended to cover the whole stretch of the roadside going to Calinan to the West, and to going to Pantukan, Comval to the East. The longest line of coffee drinkers that covers a distance of around 120 kilometers from Calinan to Pantukan would also stand to get recognition from the Guinness World Records. These two possible World Records will certainly place Davao City and the Philippines into the world map with distinctive achievement that will take another century to break. (You might notice that even the ascending sequence of the staging date to be at 12-13-14 will take a full turn of a century to repeat)
4018. That's how many people need to show up at ULTRAparty Saturday at 9 p.m. on Washington Road and put a balloon hat on for five minutes. If that happens, we have a Guinness World Record. Are you in?
DID YOU KNOW? On November 11, 2010, 671 students and staff members of The Lawrenceville School in central New Jersey set the new Guinness World Record for the biggest custard pie fight. The record is based on the number of participants. The school needed at least 435 people to break the previous record
Chainsaw Juggling from Unicycle - Guinness World Record LIVE by Space Cowboy - 100% DEAD
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Children in Gaza attempt to set Guinness world record for kite flying.
Meet Colonel Meow, the furriest feline... He holds the Guinness World Records Title of Longest Fur On A Cat, with 22.87 cm (9 inches)! Subscribe for more: ht...
1. Pick your subject carefully Annually, 50,000 people apply to Guinness World Records (GWR) in the hope their achievement will make it into print. Only around 1,000 actually do, so how do you avoid disappointment? According to Craig Glenday, GWR Editor-in-Chief, research is vital. “There’s a huge f
Are you registered for the "Stop, Drop and Rolling" for the Guinness World Record on Saturday, September 6th at...
Did you know? About 850 people in New Orleans participated to break the Guinness World Record for human mattress...
Bart's Bash finalised Guinness World Record criteria which sailing clubs have to comply with to count towards the...
Guinness World Records: 4,557 drummers of the Singapore Orchestra have set a new record for Largest...
German driver, Harold Muller, has set a new Guinness world record in a modified Toyota 86 by drifting for 2 hours and 25 minutes. Watch the video at the link
The Guinness World Record criteria has been finialised for Bart's Bash on 21st September 2014. Visit to find out how you and your club can get involved in setting the record for the largest number of boats involved in a sailing event.
Johannus organ accompanies largest gospel choir in the world. Iglesia ni Cristo's centennial celebration last Sunday (July 27) broke Guinness World Records for the Philippine Arena being the world's biggest mixed-use theater in the world and for having the largest gospel choir during the worship service. Iglesia ni Cristo members came in droves to Ciudad de Victoria in Bocaue, Bulacan to witness the church's centennial celebrations on Sunday. The focal point for the celebrations was the Philippine Arena, said to be the largest domed arena in the world, specially built for this celebration. The 55,000-seat stadium could not accommodate the mammoth crowd that trooped to Ciudad de Victoria, however. A lot of the members, numbering over a million, just witnessed the celebrations on the grounds of Ciudad de Victoria, camping out the night before just outside the arena. Those who managed to go inside were treated to the spectacle of the facility itself and program prepared for the occasion, including the perfor ...
"Improve your memory with the Guinness World Record Holder!". Nishant Kasibhatla is a Guinness Record Holder and...
Robert Ebner - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Wooden Logs Chopped in Half with ...
Salsa guru & Guinness World Record holder Lourd Vijay is here to judge you on 2nd Aug, Sat.
A super-speed spa in a car! Engineers Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster have taken on the momentous task of turning a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille into a into a fully functioning mobile hot tub! But that's not all, they now have their sights set on a Guinness World Record, and plan to take their turbo-tub to Bonneville Speedway, Utah, in August to set the land speed record for the worlds fastest hot tub! For more incredible videos of the amazing side of life, visit and subscribe to our channel.
The Guinness World Record criteria for the Largest Sailing Race in the World has been finalised! Click on the link to find out how to become a World Record holder and sign up now!
Wyatt Austin Jewelers will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest vow renewal ceremony. Join us on August 22nd and and be apart of history! For more details check our website
Kevin Shelley - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Toilet Seats Broken by the Head in ...
Final Guidelines for Guinness World Record attempt are here.
Guinness World Record Annascaul Beerfest 2014 & Author Eamonn Hickson made it on to
A tractor and trailer is being reversed ten miles to Annascaul for and Kerry Cancer
Tony Gemignani - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Pizza Rolls Across the Shoulders ...
Today's Guinness World Record card features a talented parrot, who could probably beat 99% of us at basketball...
I love that my church tries stuff like this ... even if there is risk it won't work:
Who knew there was a Guinness record for most Hand Claps in a minute? Now you know!
Son of Guinness World Record Holder. Full of Gratitude, Great Dad, Buys coffee for friends. Loves H/\LIF/\X
Aneta Florczyk - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most People Lifted and Thrown in 2 ...
Paddy Doyle - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most One Arm Push-ups in One Hour
the fact that I straightened my hair in 10 minutes should be some sort of Guinness world record
Have you seen the video footage of the Guinness World Record that involves 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ and a 8.1 ton...
can you see how many spoons you can put on your face (this is actually on the Guinness world record book like wut)
This IBM promo was made entirely with atoms, and holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Smallest...
We stumbled onto a fun and practical way to teach kids about being generous:
David Adamovich - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Knives Thrown Around a Human ...
Help us set a Guinness World Record line of food cans!
Cheltenham folk have been practising the Jive at the Town Hall in preparation for the Guinness World Record...
Ivo Grosche - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Garters Removed with the Teeth in ...
To celebrate...we thought we'd share this big fella! Guinness World Record holding, 13'6" tall garden gnome on a...
Hundreds learning jive ahead of Guinness World Record attempt in Cheltenham on 10thAug Can you help?
Chloe Hegland - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Football Touches in 30 Seconds (female)
shonette, great description. What was the guinness world record for?
Should of been a Guinness world record for how fast I dropped the *** from my forehead to my mouth 👅
JL preparing to break the Guinness world record of 78 seconds to put on a cricket kit
Give this man a Bells. Or should that be a Guinness? Toyota 86 sets drift world record (w/video) | TopCar
JL speaking after his first Guinness world record!! "It was nice to get over the line"
I'm Korean writer in broadcasting. I have a question for you. Do you know Britney Gallivan? I know she has Guinness World Record.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Irishman aims to break Guinness World Record for ‘Longest journey reversing tractor & trailer’: Sure why not?
JL gearing up for his Guinness World Record attempt!! 20 balls in a minute! Can he do it??
Erin Lavoie - Guinness World Record Holder for the Most Christmas Trees Chopped in Two Minutes
Steve Schmidt breaks Guinness World Record in teeth nail-pulling: Schmidt captured in his third Guinness World...
The Unique Flag of Nepal. An. attempt to Guinness World Record by. making the largest Human National. Flag of...
It's an ELVIS kind of morning as I news you in the NC Triad, peeps. Hear a story of a Guinness World Record over...
Big congrats to for breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest read…
Hooray! We've officially broken the Guinness World Record for the largest reading lesson, with 1,438 children! Congratul…
"Smash"-ing Western Banks, and now this? Please stop. Video:Thinnest condom sets Guinness World Record …
What A Man Did With This Tree Trunk Will Blow Your Mind. One tree, four years of work and an indescribable amount of talent: that’s what it took to create this incredible masterpiece. A famous Chinese wood carver chopped down a single tree and tirelessly worked on it for over four years to make this piece. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see what he created. It all started out with a simple tree trunk… Then Zheng Chunhui, a famous wood carver, spent over four years creating this masterpiece. The carving is based on the famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.” The original artwork was created over 1,000 years ago. The piece won the Guinness World Record for the longest wooden carving and measures over 40ft (specifically, it is 12.286 meters long, is 3.075 meters tall at it highest point, and is also 2.401 meters wide). The intricate carvings of daily life in ancient China are so detailed and perfect, they could drop your jaw. It’s no surprise that this incredib ...
Madeline Albrecht, who worked for Dr. Scholl, had the task of performing smell tests on feet. She holds the current Guinness World Record for number of feet smelled — about 5,600!
MT The in NJ will attempt for most hunger relief packages packed in 3 min! .
Guinness World Records 2014 We got asked to review the New Guinness World Record book which is set to be released on the 12th September 2013 ...
We go behind the scenes with Bigfoot, the world's original monster truck, to see how such a machine can regain the Guinness World Records' Longest Ramp Jump ...
Hi all.. Its 11 July in Milan ITALY n we - Vispi kasad and Team INDIA will go for the 2nd Guinness World Record for India TODAY.. Pl pray for us to get the level of 13.5 feet height with 6 layers Sandwich. Pl share in ur group to get maximum blessings from whole India. Ur blessing n good wishes will bless us with the 2nd World Record with INDIAN FLAG in ITALY.. CHAKDE INDIA.. GOD BLESS US..
Aichi Ono (Japan) - Guinness World Record for the Most Head Spins in One Minute
"In 2005, Will Smith made a Guinness World Record for attending 3 movie premieres in 24 hours."
Guinness World Records presented record title of Tallest Teenager female in the world Congratulation !!
get help from the Fellow Guinness Book of World Record Players of this Press Media depiction of...greatest play on his tort
Did we have fun? On Guinness World Record day. Big thank you to all who took part.
Remember when the Guinness world record guy called Niall "Liam" and Louis turned his sass on lmao
On Friday 16th May, along with Jamie Oliver and the help of 2,150 kids we celebrated Food Revolution Day! This resulted in us breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest cookery lesson and kick-starting the world record attempt for the rest of the globe! Thanks again to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Jamie Oliver for making this dream come to life!
OK. COULD it get hotter in my house jw I think we have a Guinness world record qualifier over here
I must be holding the Guinness world record for most consecutive bad decisions a person has ever made 😭
Share our page with your friends so we can get as many people to our Guinness world record as possible!!!...
I wonder if Nursie from Blackadder’s costume would have been approved under Guinness World Record rules. Their costumes seem to lack udders.
And the Guinness World Record for longest running practical joke goes to... me for my entire life!
Can't wait too see which one of you tweeps breaks the current Guinness World Record for "Too Drunk & High to Light Firew…
Congratulations to VA Dem Senate candidate for breaking the Guinness World record for "Largest pile of human trash"
Cleveland Cavaliers fans are currently breaking a record for "Most People Back Peddling at Once", Guinness Book of World sa…
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Guinness Book of world record holder may be in your future then
Thank You pariwar for making us proud with the Guinness World Record.
I hold the Guinness world record for shaking it the most at a urinal.
I'm trying to grow my afro so big that i get into the Guinness World Record Book
Setting the World Guinness Record for the largest human DNA helix with over 2,640 participants.
Throwback Thursday. 2011, we Attempted to Break the World Guinness Record in Salsa Dancing. Are U ready for 07/24/14
Guinness Book 📚 of world record today at Inorbit,. 10 coffee cups used to make this picture 📷 of Sachin Tendulkar ht…
It will be on next week RTDidnt know was a guinness world record holder !! :)”
Didnt know was a guinness world record holder !! :)
NO AGE RESTRICTION.NO FITNESS REQUIRED the chance to be apart of a Guinness World Record Though.
Is there a Guinness world record for the most crayons in a household? Because if there is the current holder better move their booty over
Is there room in the guinness world record book for a girl that pees a lot
Biggest dog ever!!! George...He weighs over 245lbs. and is the Guinness World Record Holder for Tall
wow! U can break guinness world record by just using your voice! The window might break too! Congrates!
Join me on and set a Guinness Book World Record for today. featured in NBC s Science of Love
4th of July party. Broke the Guinness World Record for largest soul train :) — at Goodyear Ballpark
MORNING MINDBENDER While Independence Day is known for its fireworks, the Guinness World Record holder for the largest fireworks display is held outside the United States. This display consisted of nearly 480,000 fireworks and was set on December 31, 2013. From what country does America need to steal the record? A. China B. France C. Philippines D. United Arab Emirates E. Vietnam
.is the World's Largest Music Festival, a Guinness World Record since 1999:
Orrin Woodward crushed the record. Thank you so much for the OW.
Well done to Chirk Guides and all other welsh guide units. They are now Guinness World Record Holders.
Sleeping before 1 am today. Not bad. I deserve to be in the Guinness world record book 😂😂😜
Third Day , Third Explosion , They must record this in the Guinness World Records
on the bright side, you'd break the Guinness world record of oldest man alive!
Can't wait to see your name on the Guinness World Record website!
2226 Tel Aviv residents assembled to set a Guinness for the largest Shabbat ever served.
An area swimming pool was part of a Guinness World Record attempt Friday.
The professor who played Tetris on a Philadelphia skyscraper set a Guinness world record...again.
broke the World Record of the Most Blood Glucose Tests taken in 24 hours in one place . ^^
The former Playboy bunny rolled the first ball in Bowlmor Lanes AMF’s attempt at a Guiness World Record to record...
There's still time to get a TPP Guinness World Record t-shirt. All profits to charity!. Store:
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Just passed over 500 sign ups to break a Guinness World Record for yoga right here in Portland on July 11th. Are...
Guinness World Record-holder Julia Gnuse, the 'most tattooed woman' in the world
Toyota set the Guinness world record by the largest toyota logo. Guess how many cars they have used ?
A skyscraper in Singapore just set a new record for the world's largest vertical garden: http:/…
Not only are the strawberries awesome, but they're going for a Guinness World Record for the Largest Scoop of Ice...
Where's the Guinness Book of world records? We just took the slowest bike ride on record. Shortest distance in the longest amount of time.
.set a Guinness World Record (for the largest game of musical bumps.
The Guinness World Record for most people running in high heeled shoes is 155.
did you find out the guinness world record for how many *** to be sucked? XD YOU WERE SO DRUNK IN THAT EPISODE OF MINECRAFT XD
This is officially the world's biggest, baddest, greenest vertical garden RT
A special thanks to LIFE Leadership for helping break the Guinness World Record!
Boy Scouts from Glenview Pack 154 are hoping to set the Guinness World Record for longest Pinewood Derby track!
Dozens of suburban Boy Scouts, their dads, pack leaders and others gathered in the Woodfield Mall parking lot Sunday determined to set a new Guinness World Record, and have a lot of fun along the way.
Subscribe for more here: On October 26th, 2013, Dada Life attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest P...
Not really newsworthy, but the participants have yet another Guinness World Record under their belts...
you crashed the Guinness site. We should apply for a Guinness World Record for "most incidents of overloaded servers."htt…
(Michael Lee was one of part pyrocrew) 65% fireworks are import from China as for Dubai breaks the Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Firework Display' across the whole of The Palm Jumeirah and the islands of The World. The World Record breaking display covered a distance of over 99.4km of shoreline and featured hundreds of thousands of colourful fireworks and a series of scenes designed exclusively for the show and set to a musical soundtrack designed for the event.
Good Morning San Antonio! Let's have some fun. They're going to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for largest swim lesson on Coney Island today. If you could break any world record, what would you do?
If you like Jane Austen, Regency attire and want a shot at a Guinness World Record, just sign up. via
| fan? Be part of a Guinness World Record
Funny-woman Jenny McCarthy is catching next Saturday night’s fever for a new Guinness World Record. Bowlmor AMF, the largest operator of bowling alleys worldwide, enlisted “The View” co-host to rol...
After hosting 6,829 episodes of "Jeopardy!," Alex Trebek has set a new Guinness World Record: most game shows hosted by the same...
DJ Khaled holds the Guinness World Record for longest migrane.. Get this man some Advil
congrats!! Try for another few days..u may enter world Guinness record!!
We’re aiming for 5,000 water warriors to set a new Guinness World Record on SAT AUG 16, 2014.
More than 2,000 people eat Shabbat dinner together in Tel Aviv to set Guinness World Record
That moment when you step on the scale and instantly want to challenge the Guinness world record for most days without eating
Miley holds the Guinness Record for most charted teenager in the world with twenty nine entries as of Nov two thousand…
Excuse me, is this Guinness World Records? I'd like to submit my record for the largest air guitar collection
Hey Chris Bosh, its one thing to get postered, getting postered by a dude with the guinness world record bald spot tho? Its childish 😂
I just wanted to say that because of your support I was able to raise $110 to help while I set the Guinness World Record.
Parker can hold a Guinness world record for his eyes ***
Jeopardy's Alex Trebek earns Guinness World Record for 'most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter.'
See which Guinness World Record this girl hoped to help break in Kathmandu -
"Poppy set the Guinness world record for the oldest cat at 24" the oldest cat is only 24? Please you know they have 9 lives!!
Trivia Question: Which country star, playing at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort on June 19, was just recently acknowledged by the Guinness World Records for playing the most live shows in 24 hours?
Ruan Liangming breaks the Guinness World Record for time spent covered in bees.
Their Marriage Broke A World-Record, But Their Secret Is Simple. Everyone Needs To Know This. Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher broke The Guinness World Record for the longest marriage. They were married on May 13, 1924. In 2008, they earned the record for longest marriage at 84 years. In 2011, Herbert passed away at 105, and a few years later in 2013, Zelmyra followed at 105 years old as well. When Herbert passed, the couple had been married for 87 years. Before their death, they were interviewed about their secrets to everlasting love…and their answers are astoundingly simple. Before they passed, they were interviewed about what it takes to have a beautiful marriage that lasts a lifetime. See their simple and sweet answers below. 1. What made you realize that you could spend the rest of your lives together? Were you scared at all? With each day that passed, our relationship was more solid and secure. Divorce was NEVER an option, or even a thought. 2. How did you know your spouse was the right one for you? We ...
Answer: This Sudbury-born presenter has been given the Guinness World Record for having hosted the most episodes of a game show. Question: Who is Alex Trebek?
Channel 13 missed it! Guinness world record being filmed in Peru, in today! Brian "The Human Fuse" miser longest shot by a human arrow on fire, filmed at the Peru Ametuer Circus building!
It's official. Mayor Bruce Harris makes the announcement that Chatham has set a new Guinness World Record for blowing wooden train whistles simultaneously for 10 seconds.The number is 1,210.
Adam Carolla is one of the most versatile men in Hollywood, where he created Ace Broadcasting (now Carolla Digital) and hosts the The Adam Carolla Show which broke the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast with almost 60 million unique downloads from '09 to '11 and continues…
Sign Up to Join in the Largest Meditation in History. On August 8, join Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and the Chopra Center as we set the Guinness World Record for the largest meditation gathering in history.
At the beginning of April 2013, (also known as Sunday Times Driving) began an investigation following claims from US car maker Hennessey that its 928 kW (1,244 bhp) Hennessey Venom GT was the new world’s fastest production car, taking the crown from the Guinness World Record-holding Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. With a recorded speed of 427.6 km/h (265.7 mph) the Hennessey was 3.4 km/h (2.1 mph) slower than the Veyron but Hennessey dismissed Bugatti’s official record saying that the Veyron Super Sport was restricted to 415 km/h (258 mph) in production form and that for it to achieve its record top speed of 431.0 km/h (267.8 mph), the car used was in a state of tune not available to customers. Hennessey said its Venom GT, on the other hand, was road-ready and unmodified and was therefore a production car in the strict sense of the term. There is also contention about whether the Hennessey Venom GT is in fact a "series-production" car as it can only be registered for road use in the US as a ...
Just announced, Far Rockaway Queens, NY wins the Guinness World Record for the most Fried Chicken Joints in a 2 Mile radius.
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Greetings for the day... We are born 2 dance team organizing a Guinness World Record attempting Event. We have 250 Singers on the floor with 450 Musicians and 4500+ Dancers. Venue is Sardar Patel Stadium with crowd capacity of 60,000people. We are attempting Limca Book of Awards and Guinness Book World Record in this event. We are looking for your favorable reply. In case of any query, feel free to get in touch with me at any point of time. Regards, Born2Dance Team
Monday's exciting news! Red Bull Media House & SIS LIVE set Guinness World Record! Find out more:
One day, I'm gonna see in a Guinness World Record book as the fastest woman in the world 👌
Did you hear that the tower built in front of St. Stephen‘s Basilica this weekend set a Guinness World Record? htt…
Don't miss this great opportunity. Popular and all-round Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok who’s completed countless world tours will finally make his way to his first ever concert in the United Kingdom, Aaron Kwok de Showy Masquerade World Tour Live in Concert London 2014. Known as Hong Kong’s Heavenly King his concerts have always been sold out and his performances have always been spectacular with many creative choreography and stunts. Aaron has always impressed fans, On February 17, 2008 during his Asia World Arena in Hong Kong, he created a new Guinness World Record for the largest revolving stage measuring 32ft 10 in x 31ft. The concert will be held at the SSE Arena, Wembley on August 16 at 7:30 PM. Ticket sales will start on Saturday, May 31, 10:00 AM BST. Fans can purchase tickets at wembleyarena. There will be four ticket options. VVIP: £188, VIP: £128, Zone A: £88, Zone B: £60 Take note that the first 100 VVIP ticket purchasers will get the chance to attend a photo session with Aaron Kwok in gro ...
Bombay Stock Exchange launched an institutional trading platform [ITP] for small and medium enterprises [SME] on 12 February 2014. Assam became the first state to ban smokeless tobacco legally Vice President of India M. Hamid Ansari launched the India-China Year of Friendly Exchanges on 11 February 2014 The South Central Railway (SCR) launched Hyderabad Live Train Enquiry System (HYLITES) on 10 February 2014 Sikkim became the first State in India to achieve 100 percent sanitation coverage President of Israel Shimon Peres set a new Guinness World Record with 6500- student online civics class World’s oldest tigress, Machli Found in the Ranthambhore National Park India and Germany sign two umbrella agreements for financial and technical cooperation India’s Visa-on-arrival facility extended for tourists of 180 Countries, except eight Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the implementation of the National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology World‘s First Paperless public Library of ...
Las Vegas resident somersaults his way into Guinness World Record book
-- THIS IS A MUST SHARE STUFF! This video is about the "making of" the largest fireworks display achieved from Guinness World Record, on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the issuance of the constitution of the State of Kuwait. Kuwait Mania | ✓ Like ✓ Comment and ✓ Share with your friends. ** Terms of viewing ** i) Kuwait Mania has no role in the production of this audio and/or visual media and therefore bears no responsibility for the content of this media ii) All credits to original media/content owner iii) Parental guidance advised iv) If this media violates any copy rights and/or intellectual rights, please let us know and we shall take the appropriate action
Pirate Day 2014: Help bring the Guinness World Record back to Penzance | The Cornishman via
Dubai set a “New Guinness World Record” by screening of 8,675 individuals for within 8 Hours Only!
😂😂😂😂 he didn't even get the Guinness world record that ***
Things you didn't know: R&B singer Eamon earned a listing in the Guinness Book of World Record for "the most exp...
WEBSTER: The Guinness World Record for 'fastest texter' was broken at the weekend, a 17 yearold Brazilian typed...
A Mexican man once listed as the world's heaviest human being died Monday at the age of 48. Manuel Uribe had slimmed down to about 867 pounds (394 kilograms), well below his then-record peak weight of 1,230 pounds (560 kilograms), which was certified in 2006 as a Guinness World Record.
No big deal but, GISHWHES participants, we just were awarded yet another Guinness world record. This time for "largest ph…
Teen sets new Guinness World record for texting -
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