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Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse (informally the Storehouse, also known as Guinness Hop Store) is a Guinness-themed tourist attraction located at St.

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We could tell you how much fun the Guinness Storehouse is during the St. Patrick’s Festival or we could show you! https…
Here's how you can stay the NIGHT at the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar
Sleep inside the Guinness Storehouse with Airbnb's amazing Gravity Bar bedroom
Very cool - offering a couple one night's stay in
Here’s how you could win a trip to spend a night in the legendary Guinness Storehouse
Fancy a night at the top of Storehouse in one-only Write about how great Guinness is!
This is the week for All Things Irish! Here's a post for Guinness lovers: consider this opportunity of a lifetime.
The Guinness Storehouse has been listed on Airbnb... for one night only via http…
Want to be the first person to sleep in the Guinness Storehouse? Here's how you and one guest can:…
Win a Sleepover at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
Sleepover at Guinness? has listed its first Irish 'Night At' at the v…
Guinness Offer Chance to Win a VIP Overnight Stay at the Home of the Black Stuff
Here’s How You Can Spend a Boozy Night in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
Spend the night at Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse on Airbnb via
Via How you could spend the night overlooking
You can spend the night at Dublin's storehouse with
Sleep inside the Guinness Storehouse with Airbnb’s amazing Gravity Bar bedr...
You can spend the night at Dublin's GuinnessIreland storehouse with Airbnb
Via lptravelnews: How you could spend the night homeofguinness overlooking
Lil tbt appreciation post for the Lynch boys💚 @ Guinness Storehouse
Dublin, it's been an absolute pleasure 🇮🇪 @ Guinness Storehouse
Good things come to those that wait @ Guinness Storehouse
we had them lined up on our today and can confirm the Guinness at the storehouse does taste like Gui…
Head to the for your stag party activity and enjoy more that just delicious pint!…
Just booked my Guinness Storehouse (tickets for March 17th. I'm getting excited for my trip to
apparently the Whiskey Distillerys are better than the Guinness Storehouse...yeah Saints will be good craic
Please be gentle today, Xmas party at the storehouse last night for all our staff
Learning how to make barrels at the @ Guinness Storehouse
Travel Tips 3 things to do in Dublin, Ireland. Tip Dublin Castle . Guinness Storehouse. Kilmainham Jail...
The Guinness Storehouse is decent! The Gravity Bar and Academy are by far the best bits!
I poured a perfect pint of the perfect drink 😍@ Guinness Storehouse
The fun starts at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
When in Ireland.. you have to enjoy a Guinness in the Storehouse, even if you hate Guinness.…
Drinking the Guinness that we made at the Guinness Storehouse, with…
Take me back to exploring Dublin with my Dad 🇮🇪 @ Guinness Storehouse
Went to the Guinness storehouse today! It was so cool!! I got to pour my first Guinness and tour…
.toured the Guinness Storehouse and learned about our global CSR programme
I need to go to the Guinness storehouse
guinness storehouse, teelings whiskey, kilmainham, hop on off bus tour, small museum.emm all can think of for the mo. Enjoy!
Can't go to Dublin without drinking a pint of the black stuff. Sláinte! @ Guinness Storehouse
When you have a 12 hour layover in Dublin on your way home from London and decide to take a tour of the Guinness storehouse.
Guinness storehouse is always popular with tourists, Kilmainham Gaol if you like history, the little museum of Dublin
This American tourist's attempt at pouring the 'perfect pint' in the Guinness Storehouse is hilarious:
Enjoying the Guinness Storehouse tour with April. Great day!
You guys my aunt went to the Dublin Storehouse and got a certificate for pouring a 'perfect pint of Guinness' for this nonsen…
Great to see our fabulous Guinness Storehouse on & its Learning for Life programme.
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Nice little visit to the Guinness storehouse in Dublin, actually a very impressive place
Learning things about Guinness and that 🤓🍺⭐️ @ Guinness Storehouse
All the family sharing Guinness at The Guinness Storehouse
Tourist day a the Guinness storehouse
How big is your vision? . I got to visit the Guinness beer brewery and storehouse in Dublin,…
Game of Thrones star is thrilled with his trip to Guinness Storehouse
Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa REALLY loved his trip to the Guinness Storehouse
Storehouse tracks all its reviews, even bad ones
Nothing like a Guinness from the source!! @ Guinness Storehouse
Love this capture by kushalsankhe at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland😍
Old Jameson Distillery to receive €11m Guinness Storehouse treatment. Find out more at:
A lovely day for a Guinness! @ Guinness Storehouse, St Jame's Gate,…
The man knows a good pint of the black stuff when he sees one
Let's see, if you station yourself near the Guinness Storehouse to play, I think I could get me and mine out there. LOL
The back up have arrived, we got this. @ Guinness Storehouse
When you pour the perfect Guinness. @ Guinness Storehouse
Guinness enthusiasts will recognise the look of sheer joy on his face
PICS: Jason Momoa (AKA Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones) REALLY enjoyed his trip to the Guinness Storehouse:
Nobody loves Guinness as much as Khal Drogo
Jason Momoa's (aka khal drogo's) instagrams about his trip to the Guinness Storehouse today are a thing of beauty
Jason Momoa's instragram posts from the Guinness Storehouse are giving me second hand joy today.
any one of his posts is a better ad for Guinness than the entire Guinness Storehouse
I have arrived..the smell is heavenly @ Guinness Storehouse, St Jame's Gate, Dublin
Guinness, "what are you made of?. Mede of more" @ Guinness Storehouse, St Jame's Gate, Dublin
Currently doing the Guinness Storehouse tour on my own
I believe taking both positive and negative reviews on gives you a great feedback from customers.
Pretending that we love drinking Guinness 🙈🍺 The Guinness Storehouse was such an amazing…
top 10 places to get stranded? Playboy Mansion, Disneyland, Guinness Storehouse and more?
Just got my Guinness at the storehouse and Emma got ID'd
Via via The Guinness Storehouse when it was an actual storehouse:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Nice view from the bottom of the atrium Storehouse in
Everything tastes better in a Guinness glass @ Guinness Storehouse
I've got you a little something from the Guinness Storehouse it's only small though x
All 65 Roses will be on Tour Guinness Storehouse tomorrow! Call by & say HI!.
So annoying was in the Guinness storehouse and that's like 10 minutes away from my house 😭😫😖
Why the head of the Guinness Storehouse tracks his TripAdvisor reviews - even the bad ones
A pint of Guinness for breakfast at the storehouse 😁
The Guinness Storehouse tracks all its TripAdvisor reviews - even the terrible ones (via
One reviewer complained there was no other beers available FFS "The Guinness Storehouse tracks all its reviews"
Cheers to great beer and a great city 🍻 @ Guinness Storehouse, St Jame's Gate, Dublin
Guinness is good for you! 🍻 @ Guinness Storehouse, St Jame's Gate,…
Enjoy! I recommend Kilmainham Gaol or the Guinness Storehouse as attractions. Love Dublin.
Looking snazzy Uncle Lou! Gotta check out Guinness Storehouse in Dublin it is awesome! Happy Shamrock Day!
Record visitor numbers for Guinness Storehouse in Ireland - Breaking Travel News
Vid of our to the Visit to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin! Can you pour a proper pint?CO
Me this afternoon at the Guinness Storehouse.
It took coming to Ireland to go on my first brewery tour. The Guinness Storehouse is setting the bar really high!
Here at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Great views from the top!
we stayed in the hotel and had a meal and cocktails last night, going to the Guinness storehouse soon! Having a pint now!
The Guinness Storehouse was like the Willy Wonka chocolate factory of breweries! 🍻
I liked a video from Dublin GUINNESS STOREHOUSE tour !
"A woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle" @ Guinness Storehouse
"A Woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" @ Guinness Storehouse
I'm at the guinness storehouse its lit
Did you know that was formerly used in the process? To "store" means to add...
Off to Guinness storehouse then shopping in Dublin 🙂
it was before Cerys lmao.def do the Guinness Storehouse and tour. The Guinness tastes ace at the top floor bar
Photo montage from today's Guinness Storehouse visit. Fact: Arthur Guinness & his wife had 21 KIDS. . 🍻 🍀
Tasting room at the Guinness factory @ Guinness Storehouse
at the Guinness Storehouse no way you go for another kind of pint than…
I'm not from Dublin so I don't know hun, sorry. Guinness Storehouse meant to be great but you probably need 2get tickets now
The lease was signed for 9000 years. Hmm... @ Guinness Storehouse
We’re open each day this week including New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day from 9.30am-5.30pm
If you are looking to find out how Guinness is made in the New Year, check out this site!! Full site finished in...
Going to the Guinness Storehouse made me realise exactly how Charlie Bucket felt in the Chocolate Factory
Storehouse Tasting Experience is a series of rooms that envelopes you in the world, taste & ingredients of Guinness
Are you going for the double of the Old Jameson Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse?
I just poured my own Guinness. Get on my level. @ Guinness Storehouse
Brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, & Guinness are launching real-life tourist attractions 2help tell their brand story
Well we're all having a grand old time.. . 🐢. @ Guinness Storehouse
Temples to Booze contributing to the brands of places as destinations
Experiential marketing taken to the next level at brands as desinations:…
Theme parks for brands. Good piece on experential >
arriving early Nov 2. Quick stop at Guinness Storehouse then ready to go!
Entertainment for people waiting to do Guinness Storehouse tour.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Visited the Guinness Storehouse today, and learned how to pour the perfect pint🍺
Remembering when I tried a SQL injection attack at the Guinness Storehouse at last year's EuroSTAR! 😂
The Guinness storehouse is showing their Royal blue
Enjoying a pint of Guinness in the Storehouse!
That's great! Where in Ireland are you going? You might enjoy a visit to the Guinness Storehouse as well:
Are you getting excited about Only 10 days to go! Ft Storehouse
It's 10:30 am and we are going to the Guinness Storehouse. Normal things to do in Dublin
Now I'm thirsty! "History and pints on tap at Dublin's Storehouse (from
You can all look forward to this year's Christmas card | Guinness Storehouse | Dublin |
Go to the gaol, Guinness storehouse is fun/great view, eat all the food
- It's time for a at Dublin's famed Storehouse. Find out more:
The benefits of a physical place to engage your customers directly, for longer via
Guinness Beer , the best beer in the whole world 🇮🇪 @ Guinness Storehouse
it's the Guinness storehouse in Dublin
If you're having alcohol problems i feel bad for u son but I'm in the Guinness storehouse n I've had more than 'one'*, serve me. *one pint
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Pretty amazing place to be honest. @ Guinness Storehouse
80% of visitors express a greater closeness to the Guinness after visit “home”
History and pints on tap at Dublin's Guinness ... - -
What are you waiting for to boost your ?!
The brand benefits of places like the Guinness Storehouse via
TRAVEL: Pints and history on tap at Dublin's Guinness Storehouse - Washington Times
It takes 119.5 seconds to draw a perfect pint: Learn this and more at Dublin's Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse named Europe’s top travel attraction in World Travel Awards
Dublin's Guinness Storehouse is officially the most popular tourist attraction in Europe
Perfect evening with the ISMB folks at Guinness Storehouse !!
Go to the Guinness Storehouse and Temple Bar
Cold pint of Guinness directly from the Storehouse tap. Nice!
Make sure you check out the Guinness Storehouse, where the magic begin. ;)
There was a lot if Guinness consumed last year if these figures are anything to go by...
Good time at the Guinness storehouse with mattcurzon, thanks for a great week man, everyone give him…
Top down or bottom up, explore seven floors at Guinness Storehouse.
Leaving ISMB. Going to miss the Guinness storehouse and (v sadly) David Searls Ulysses and Bioinformatics talk (need video!)
In respect of your comment on about parading VIPs to Guinness Storehouse fair play for stating the truth👍🏻
How about trying a recipe that’s made with Guinness Cured Irish Salmon -
Ireland's top visitor attractions revealed - Guinness Storehouse top fee-paying choice while National Gallery of...
We're in good company with and plus topping the list!
Why is there no level 6 at the storehouse?
Delighted to have been one of the top 10 free visitor attractions in Ireland in 2014:
Any extra ticket for Guinness Storehouse event? Asking on behalf of a big shot ;)
The first taste (is this a bad time to admit I don't care for Guinness...?) @ Guinness Storehouse
.and loads more for Nighthawks special at Guinness Storehouse on Saturday
And bring your extra Guinness Storehouse ticket, if you have 1.
Congrats to on being most visited free attraction in Ireland
This week we go back to Guinness Storehouse, Belfast and The Cliffs of Moher. Also, we are…
Guinness Storehouse Ireland's top visitor attraction in 2014: Dublin's Guinness Storehouse was Ireland's top f...
I have fond memories of the Guinness Storehouse. Prob not conducive to research productivity but it is historical!
The Guinness Storehouse has topped a list of Ireland’s popular attractions. Where is your favourite spot to visit?
Guinness Storehouse is top choice for visitors coming to Ireland on holiday. htt…
G+: 2015-07 Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. Enjoyed my visit.
Most popular visitor attractions in Ireland? Here are two top ten lists: …
No.1 tourist attraction in ireland yet again. 1.2million visitors
Top Irish visitor attractions published today. Have you been yet??
Just book our tickets for the storehouse! Roll on August we're coming for you! 😜🍀
National Gallery and Guinness Storehouse top visitor lists via
News | IE : The Guinness Storehouse and the National Gallery of Ireland have topped the list of Ireland's most…
All our visitor attractions powering ahead last year and poised to grow again in 2015...
National Gallery and Guinness Storehouse top visitor lists
National Gallery and Guinness Storehouse top visitor lists - Irish Times
Ireland's top tourist attractions: Guinness Storehouse tops the list - how many can you tick…
. Visited the Guinness Storehouse last wk. The black stuff in Ireland tastes amazing! Has to be done. ;)
- a pint of the black stuff at Guinness Storehouse
Oh fab! Have you been to the Guinness Storehouse or Temple Bar yet? :)
Photo: I got my gold star for the day (at Guinness Storehouse)
how about NDRC? It's at Crane Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8 - straight opposite Guinness Storehouse.
My review of the Guinness Storehouse now on line
Met my man at the Guinness storehouse
Guinness storehouse today you would have loved it! Got you a souvenir 🍻
Guinness! Two free beers! And a irish party in the storehouse. What a great afternoon with…
"This Christmas. Give someone special an unforgettable Guinness gift.
Tryna marry every man who works at the Guinness Storehouse
We decided to go to the Storehouse (*^O^*)
Think inside the box this Christmas. Give someone special an unforgettable Guinness gift.
Guinness Beef Stew via Makes it look so easy! We'll see.
The Guinness Storehouse is a perfect example of how business goal can be at odds with your users' (length of time to Guinness).
Looking for an activity this weekend? Visit Jameson Distlilery or Guinness Storehouse in Dublin? Find Hotels here:
Breast Cancer Awareness
There is also a few tickets available for the Guinness Tour here:
Enjoying my pint of Guinness storehouse
We're in Dublin at the Guinness Storehouse for the Masterclass. Very excited!!
Only one place to finish up a trip to Ireland @ Guinness Storehouse
I just found barley in my pocket that I stole from the Guinness storehouse and idk if I should laugh or cry
Working on my moustache at the Guinness Storehouse yesterday in Dublin. Thanks for everything!
Tickets still available to the Guinness Storehouse tour tomorrow at 4pm. You can purchase tickets here:
Enjoying a pint of the black stuff @ Guinness Storehouse 😄
booked the Guinness tour on Thursday 4pm not cheap at 32 Euros but it's recommended
You're not an American tourist in Ireland unless you have a Guinness Storehouse bag 👍
yeah of course! 😊 I'll send photos cos there's loads lol i think we might be going to the Guinness storehouse too?
A perfect pint and the perfect pair cute girls and @ Guinness Storehouse
This was on our way to do some Guinness tasting in the storehouse
When in Rome.. Guinness Factory pint of the 'black stuff' 💚🍀 @ Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse
I can craft a perfect pint of Guinness by giuls9395
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Nothing like some Guinness in the morning! @ Guinness Storehouse
Guinness is good for your health.. @ Guinness Storehouse, Dublin
Great afternoon at the Guinness storehouse 🍻❄️
Apparently water is essential to the brewing process. /sarcasm @ Guinness Storehouse
Looking for that special gift? Our exclusive Christmas gifts package offer a whole lot more! ht…
Thank you Dublin for the memories. I will be back. @ Guinness Storehouse
the world is ending inside of you. let it love you to death. @ Guinness Storehouse
We love to share our stories with visitors at Guinness Storehouse. What's your ?
25 hours until Ireland part two featuring the Guinness Storehouse and actually becoming the Galway girl 😍🍻🍀
Great! If you liked the view from the Guinness Storehouse, you'd love the Skyline Tour Croke Park.
Of course! :) Guinness Storehouse, Temple Bar, The National Museum... Is this your first visit to Dublin?
...trip also includes Guinness Storehouse (the factory!), Battle of Boyne Centre, Newgrange, Dublin tour, and River cruise on the Shannon!!
Day 3 is in the books. Went to Christ Church Cathedral. Dublinia. Guinness Storehouse. Yeah good day!
4 day hostel tour to Dublin for St Patricks Day. Tour includes visit to Guinness Storehouse and welcome party!
Go to Kilmainham Gaol for sure, Trinity College has an amazing Long Room full of old books, Guinness Storehouse...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
We've been to Dublin! Fantastic time singing at the top of the Guinness Storehouse, and at my Alma Mater, Firhouse Community College. Plus an awful lot of eating, drinking, dancing, rowing(!), but not a great deal of sleep...! No rehearsal this week, but a social get-together at Jamie's wine bar anyway, 6:30pm. Back to normal next week but at St Margaret Pattens.
Discovering the Guinness Storehouse (museum.) What a place! Innovative, creative and the most amazing view over Dublin. The chaps who run Robben Island could learn a thing or two
will be live in the Guinness Storehouse on the eve of Arthur's Day with guests incl & 9.55
so did we! over the moon. Do you know if those who won have access to pre opening in Storehouse as well?
Quick tour at Kilmainham Gaol then to The Guinness Storehouse for a pint. (@ Guinness Storehouse) [pic]:
just pulled my own pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse 🍀🍀🍀
On a Guinness Storehouse tour with as we speak!
If it's beer you're after visit the Guinness Storehouse & you can learn to pour the perfect pint:
The Guinness storehouse! , Ireland is nothing short of incredible!
One week in the UK was just far too long. Stayed a tad closer to home this time. @ Guinness Storehouse
includes an evening at the Guinness Storehouse. Putting the black stuff back into international relations.
should go Dublin then to the Guinness storehouse! free pints of the stuff in the gravity bar!
Hey- is the Guinness Storehouse taking part this year? Not seeing the on the guide. Thanks
There'll be delicious treats to sample in the Guinness Storehouse on
woohoo!!! Off to the closing party... Guinness storehouse I hope you're ready for one *** of a party! :) CHOICE HOTELS ROCK!
Little Giant Ladders
"Touring the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin cc via
Can now officially pour a perfect Guinness, too bad I can't stomach it. @ Guinness Storehouse
Storehouse/Visitor Centre from Heuston Stn. I sent 2 Tourists back up Stephens St. & advised they turn Left.? Hope that's OK?
they're in the guinness storehouse at 12 that day! Not sure about after
Overheard at the Guinness Storehouse - "We just climbed 7 empty floors filled by a few posters for the most expensive pint in the world!"
How to prepare your own Guinness... (@ Guinness Storehouse) [pic]:
Still waiting on to explain why they are doing Diageo's marketing - guess I will be waiting too...
Kodaline playing at the Guinness Storehouse on Arthur's Day.. Love to be there
The Guinness Storehouse will play host to five floors of interactive, sensory entertainment on
Absolutely buzzing just won tickets to an exclusive Kodaline gig in the Guinness storehouse on Arthur's day Thanks to
Thanks so much for the golden ticket, cannot wait for Arthurs Day at the Guinness Storehouse to see WOHOOO!
Goodbye Dublin. I loved your museums, your Guinness storehouse and the way you pronounce Lidl. Until next time, friend.
Playing with glass at the Guinness storehouse...
At the Guinness storehouse for a private corporate event. Taoiseach is upstairs having diner. U2 are…
The Guinness Storehouse is well worth its ranking as Dublin’s No. 1 visitor attraction .
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Also, very bold of Guinness Storehouse to remind us of the c.1995 campaign: "Women! Your primary function is childbearing!"
And now touristy Dublin: Guinness Storehouse was enjoyable, but the material got thinner with each floor
At the Guinness storehouse getting my certificate in crafting the perfect pint of Guinness!
Just got told my pints of Guinness are nicer than the ones served in Guinness Storehouse 😊 🎉
lol, even our state broadcaster RTE is promoting the event on its youth channel
once gave a tour of Guinness Storehouse to a group of Germans; their interpreter translated, nobody laughed at my jokes.
Right from the source, poured by myself. — Drinking a Guinness Draught @ Guinness Storehouse —
I don't think I'll ever get my husband back! (@ Guinness Storehouse w/
Is this what it's like to find Mecca @ Guinness Storehouse
The Guinness storehouse viewing tower - is a must - for Guinness views and writing poetry !
Enjoying a late breakfast at The Mespil. Off to the Guinness Storehouse next! @ Mespil…
The view from the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse is as awesome as advertised
Training the old man at the Guinness storehouse
Mastering how to craft a perfect Guinness in the Guinness Storehouse of Dublin
Sure there's Joseph Beuys hanging out at the Guinness Storehouse
Looking forward to a great day tomorrow with my second family at the Guinness Storehouse with Mohh Hairdressing ,Sarah Duffy ,Leeanne Walsh, Olivia Browne Sandra Greene,Anita Mitchel ,lValerie Foster, Stacey Doyle, Gavin Downey, Brendan Hunt, Paula Gaffey, Sorcha O Dowd, Glen Cullen,Vanessa Rusmane and the one and only Geraldine Collins
Wow! Different great taste of barley on finish — Drinking a Guinness Black Lager @ Guinness Storehouse —
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First day of exploring Dublin is done. Did the city tour via bus then went to Trinity College for a tour and to see the Book of Kells. Very pretty campus, but the €9 price to see the book was over priced. Then toured St. Patrick's church and sat in for their evensong service. Neat old church. Tomorrow it is the Guinness Storehouse tour and whatever else we can find. Then back to the beautiful hotel to pack to finally fly home!
Spent the afternoon at Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse and Temple Bar. I am absolutely falling in love with Dublin.
So many things to mention here: 1. As we were leaving the Guinness Storehouse, I found one of the new style pint glasses sitting on the street. I took it, of course. 2. The Jameson Distillery makes me feel like a hobbit. 3. Yesterday I ran into some Chinese tourists and we chatted, then I slipped into speaking Chinese with them. The lady almost had a heart attack. Turns out, they are teachers down in the Haidian district, and we are both familiar with each others' schools. Small world, or is Beijing really THAT big? 4. Phoenix Park has swans. 5. Intended to say something in Spanish to my new Brazilian friend, but it accidentally came out in Chinese with an Irish accent. 6. In Czech, "bruce lee" is a verb that means "to ice skate" (but with different spelling, I'm sure.) 7. I watched the Superbowl at 11:30pm at a HOPPIN' pub called the Mercantile, and became friends with a weird lady named Laura. (I was a little depressed that the place was too loud for me to hear Alicia Keys sing the national anthem) 8. W ...
July 17, 2006 8:38 PM The Guinness Storehouse One of Dublin's main attractions, especially for a beer drinking rat like me, is the Guinness Storehouse. The Guinness Storehouse sits on the site of the Guinness St. James's Gate brewery. It was not a brewery tour, as I was expecting, but more of Guinness museum. The Storehouse took us through the various steps of making the delicious stout. We even got to taste some roasted barley! I had to get Karen to scoop some out for me because I didn't think people would appreciate the site of a rat sniffing around in the barley. The exhibit was quite interesting. I really enjoyed the keg ride. Although the ride was rather tame, it was good fun to sit on top of a beer keg as it went along the conveyor belt. Strangely, no one else was on the ride, so I had it all to myself. I suppose the kegs did look as though they may be uncomfortable to the human butt. I include a picture of the ride below. After learning about the brewery process, we were given small samples of Guin ...
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"The Gathering" being launched at the Guinness Storehouse. Is our Government buying into Arthur's (Diageo) day?
At about event about The Gathering in Arthur's Bar, Guinness Storehouse. Pat Kenny is here. Be still my beating heart.
The launch of The Gathering 2013 at the Guinness Storehouse apt. The whole idea smacks of trying to have Arthur's Day x 365!
Ghost bus tour of Dublin last night: somehow I got roped into being a volunteer. Nothing says scary like being in the bowels of a church while having a rope around your neck and a hook up your nose. Off to Trinity College, then to Guinness Storehouse to learn how to pull a perfect pint!
Self Help Africa shared the following link and had this to say about it:More than 300 journalists from print, broadcast and online media attended Media Night 2012 at Dublin's Guinness Storehouse last weekend, and helped to raise close to €20,000 to support the work of Self Help Africa & Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association into the bargain. A big THANK YOU to all for the support.
Today we were up at 8:00AM and headed out. We rode the Luas Tram (which means speed in Gaelic). The locals call it the "Lewie". We got off at Abbey Street and had breakfast at a local coffee shop. We then headed to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. We left there and headed out to the Guinness Storehouse. This is a Guinness museum which explains the process rather than an actual factory tour, but it was good. We had lunch at Arthur's Bar, in the Guinness Storehouse and had a great beef stew made with the stout. We then headed out to see the Christ Church Cathedral and Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Next we went looking for a church to go to tonight but I ran out of gas. Lynn still had plenty of pep left but I needed to rest. I will beat Blessed Teresa tomorrow night instead.
Ok so today after trying to grab a court & practice at 7am we went to the gym to hit the treadmill then off to eat breakfast. Let me just say I want to jump behind the counter & ask for flour butter sugar & baking powder.. Then it was off to the tram to go into Dublin sightseeing. Pics later- went to the Nat'l Museum of archeology & History, Dublin Castle, Dublin Wax Museum, Guinness Storehouse then back to Abbey st to eat some good food in a pub..met a relative of Paul Brady, one of the champs here. Now back at the hotel trying to get in some practice. For the most part things are great here lots of nice people, if you could hear the crowd roaring watching this finals match..unbelievable!!! :)
Well today in Dublin we went on a tour around town and a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. Pretty interesting place. You go throught the history and makings of Guinness and then you get to the 7th floor and you are in a big round bar with glass all from floor to ceiling and you get a 360 degree view of Dublin. When you are facing a particular landmark, information about that landmark is written on the glass. I'll post a photo so you can see what I mean. With Dublin having a population of about 1 & 1/4 million people, it's a lively place.the Temple Bar is a sight to visit with its narrow streets filled with pubs, cafe and shops. We were told not to go there at night though. Pretty rough I suppose. Nice enough place otherwise. Tomorrow we go to Galway Bay and then to Limerick. I'll have some more photos to share. Luv ya
Great morning/afternoon sightseeing. Saw Dublin Castle, which isn't much of a castle anymore, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Christ Cathedral, drove by the Guinness Storehouse (it's huge, can't wait to see it tomorrow!), took in some other sites. Trinity College & the Book of Kells was an awesome experience. No pictures allowed in there unfortunately, but amazing to see. Now lunch & rest up for later shopping & dinner.
In Dublin and ready to take in the sights. Walked around Sandymount where I am staying yesterday. Had Irish stew and a Guinness in a Pub. What could be better? Everyone could tell I was American because I wore one of my wool hats that you think everyone wears but not a single person wears a hat save a bike helmet. On Tuesday in London, I went to the England v. Ukraine world cup qualifier at Wembley Stadium. 1-1 tie but quite an experience. My Fulham friend Robert met me there and we had a great time. I would post pics if I had any. Hopefully, I can borrow some from Robert. Earlier in the day, I went to Buckingham Palace and toured the Mews House where they keep the horses, cars and carriages. No beach volleyball players or sand left over from the Olympics. It is strange traveling by myself. Miss Martha, but I have not been in one antique shop yet and do not plan to visit any. Ha Ha Heading out to Trinity College, the National Museum and the Guinness Storehouse. Hope Alex and Sarah are having fu ...
Went to the Holy Grail of Irish beer today - the Guinness Storehouse. Got a certificate saying I poured the perfect pint. Guessed I wasn't going to fail when the certificate was done before I poured - bit like any training I have ever done.
Overlooking Dublin, Ireland. Trinity College and the Irish Sea in the distance. @ Guinness Storehouse
Hanging out at the Guinness Storehouse in
Probably wasn't a good idea to tour the Guinness Storehouse the day after a pub crawl
Guinness Storehouse with and after a visit to Trinity College
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