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Gucci Mane

Radric Davis (born February 2, 1980), better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper.

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Two years ago, Gucci Mane spoke at Crawford long middle school for career day
J. Cole is 30. Mac Miller is 24. Hopsin is 30. Earl Sweatshirt is 21. Vince staples is 22. Tyga is 26. Gucci Mane is 35. Wale i…
I don't think I could be around someone who doesn't respect Gucci Mane as the trap god 👐🏾
One of my top 10 GM tracks -Gucci Mane "Amnesia" feat Ebony Love, Yo Gotti, Mario, Sean Garrett on
It’s frightening and scary so they say I've got a horror mind. Gucci Mane not Stephen King but my car crazy like Christine
Trap God & Trap God 2 are some of the greatest mixtapes Gucci Mane created
Gucci Mane will be released from prison this year
Busta Rhymes got a song with Wacka Flocka and Gucci Mane.. *** it is sweet..lmao
the same kids flying confederate flags on their lifted trucks are blasting Gucci Mane in the school…
Gucci Mane has released over 30 projects & more than 500 songs from prison over the years.
If u live in pg county and go to midnight Christmas mass they just play Gucci Mane's "Have an Icey Xmas CD" over and over.
Post Malone, RiFF RAFF & Lil B are all on Gucci Mane's East Atlanta Santa 2
If you don't got no sauce than you lost - Gucci Mane
" best thing about robbing dope boys, is that they ain't finna run and tell the police " -Gucci Mane
But Tony Yayo is still better than: Spider Loc, Stitches, Shyne, Viper, Gille Da Kidd, Lil Ugly Mane, Gucci Mane & many more.
Gucci Mane is expected to be released by the summer of 2016
Gucci Mane announced that he’ll be dropping ‘EAST ATLANTA SANTA 2’ for Christmas. Gucci Mane is still in jail.. 🎅🎄🎁 https:…
Ready for Gucci Mane's It's coming right before Christmas. .
Gucci Mane's new mixtape will make the perfect stocking stuffer: Christmas:
Gucci Mane announced just in time for 🎅.
6 years ago today, Gucci Mane dropped this
Wise words from Gucci Mane this morning..
Atlanta Zoo x Gucci Mane never gets old
Y'all acting like Gucci Mane didn't drop 3 albums from jail this year.
Listening to Gucci Mane for 2 hours a day will help your pullout game stay strong
In the kitchen with my shirt off, I know Gucci mane would be proud
I'm thankful for the level of education that Gucci Mane has.
I wonder what Gucci Mane does on thanksgiving?
I'm Gucci mane you heard that I go coco loco
Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for and And Gucci Mane. Don't get lost in the sauce on this fine day.
Trap (black) Friday! Make sure you get your new Gucci Mane merchandise from
Kansas by Gucci mane has the hardest intro of All time!
When that Gucci song came on she sang that part like she was *** Gucci mane😭
Gucci Mane the real Bird Man,. He own Atlanta hip-hop to me
Gucci Mane dead *** has no prison release date that we know of.
A man plays ‘Bricks’ by Gucci Mane as his wedding intro
Listen to Pistol In the Party by Gucci Mane on
I remember one night I went to Gucci Mane house. He made lean for me. We talked about the bando and what the trap could…
Rick Ross done lost over 300 lbs and now Gucci Mane ditched his signature GUT. Being in shape bout 2 b back in style http…
Lauryn Hill Kanye Andre 3000 and Gucci Mane my favorite rappers of all time.
Gucci Mane taught us that girls are like buses. Miss one, next 15 one coming.
Gucci Mane fear no man . I'm a tough guy like Conan.
Vince Staples presses fan for hating on Gucci Mane, dont be this guy at a show
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium but with Gucci Mane and the trap.
startling new evidence discovered by rovers on Mars reveal that Gucci Mane himself taught the Martian king how to whip it
Gucci Mane's right-hand man explains how Gucci communicates with fans from behind bars:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
This is the story of how Gucci Mane rose, fell, and rose again. .
Sometimes comedy gold can show up in unexpected places. Like the YouTube-comments under a video by rapper Gucci Mane.
I pray I’m not the only person who’s iTunes shuffles from Arcade Fire to Gucci Mane.
Why was Gucci mane in jail the first time?
Double by Gucci Mane been in rotation frequent af lately
No Gucci Mane in my car, ever. EVER.
On David I died and came back to life on off the leash by Gucci mane I feel like he might be God who wants to start a religion about it
how they gone play jeezy on Gucci mane radio???
*falls asleep listening to Gucci mane*
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - Yung Double - Scale (w/ Gucci Mane) - - - click to tunein >
Gucci Mane is now 383 in the InQuizie celebrity ranking.
Keep it real mane these niccas broke as *** i can 👀 they ribs
nah these High as only to drake night time its day time Gucci mane
*** shouting out with words from Gucci mane himself.
what's the name of that Gucci mane song we listened to in the car on the way back to caelans
Still trying to get a Gucci mane skateboard deck. Come on people
If gucci mane got so muxh money then why he robbing
Listen to Back in 95 by Gucci Mane on
I didn't have no Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to get me through the growing pains of high school. I had Gucci Mane
Do you know how hard it is to find someone who likes Future & Gucci Mane as well as Pink Floyd
That gucci mane was on during the workout today 😂😂
No wonder I don't like his music, his idol Gucci mane. Foh
a lyricist is someone who uses words in complex or creative ways...thats not Gucci Mane bro
“His realness is of fantasy proportions.” ~ on for
If Gucci Mane got so much money then why he robbing
Gucci Mane x Kermit The Frog so slept on
Kids, Gucci mane had 100 bricks and now has 3. How many bricks did Gucci mane sell?
Gucci Mane - Orange. : Another track from behind bars.
Gucci Mane x Greasy make me wanna punch a ***
if you wish Wes Anderson directed a Gucci Mane video
Low key Gucci Mane & Future Freebricks 2 is better than Drake & Futures mixtape. Gucci & Future... Another level, no disrespect.
I got called Marcus Canty and Gucci Mane on here smh.
How is Gucci Mane releasing so much music from behind bars? Meet Sean Paine:
Lil Boosie, Fetty Wap, Travis Scott and Gucci Mane battling for worst rapper of all time title
"Classical - Intro" by Gucci Mane from The State vs. Radric Davis (Deluxe) ♫
"I would collaborate with James Franco as a rapper any day" - Gucci Mane
"If you ain't got no sauce...then you lost; but, you can also get lost in the sauce." - Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis.
Gucci Mane is releasing a movie called, 'The Spot' on 10/17. The movie stars Rocko, Young Scooter and more.
if you see your favorite rapper. Future. Big Flock. J Col. Kendrick. Lil Durk. Lightshow. Drake. Swipey. Gucci Mane. Post Ma…
My playlist just went from Ariel Camacho to Gucci Mane lmao it be like that sometimes
Winston says he listens to Lil Boosie, Drake, Gucci Mane and gospel the morning of a game.
Heart of a lion. Soul of a Black Panther. Attitude like Gucci Mane's.
Big Sean is 27. Meek Mill is 28. Nicki Minaj is 32. 50 Cent is 40. Bobby Shmurda is 21. Tyga is 25. Gucci Mane is 35. Wale is 30
Gucci Mane, Drake and Tyler, The Creator are the biggest influences in hip hop this generation. Facts only
I went from listening to Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas to Future, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mack Miller and Gucci Mane both have a song called "Donald Trump"
Lana del Rey to Gucci Mane. My music taste on point
The Five Heartbeats & The Temptations put together couldn't sing Gucci Mane "I'm at this point in my life" better than Guwop did.
Why do ppl care so much about what music u like "You really like Gucci Mane, are you serious" *** why do u care what sound…
NowPlaying She Can Get it feat. Gucci Mane (Prod. by Kevin McCall) - Kevin McCall
King of the jungle I'm a lion. White lion in da house we named it Miley Cyrus - Gucci Mane
Now playing on the beat94.5fm Myblockradio - Busta Rhymes - Make It Look Easy (w/ Gucci Mane) - tune in @
I'm listening to Turn Up by Gucci Mane & Chief Keef on
Why look like Crunchy Black lil older cousin who best friends with Gucci Mane?
when's last time u listened to Gucci Mane- Street *** Lemme tell u right now, it was flawless in every aspect
Just replace them with Outcast, Gucci Mane, and Mike Vick
Gucci Mane's chorus on Shine Blockas. . Hold up, hold up, guess who just showed up?. Rolled up, rolls cut, drop with the doors up
Pink Floyd to JS Bach to Gucci Mane to Keith Urban to Issac Hayes. I Just love music.
fast break by Gucci Mane always gets my day going
Ball hard like major league baseball players who is Shirley Franklin cuz Gucci Mane the mayor
Website Builder 728x90
I want to see a cross over cover album with Alicia Keys singing Gucci Mane and Gucci singing Alicia Keys
Gucci Mane is a Leandro Barbosa of the mixtape game
Listen to Keys (feat. Gucci Mane, Nacho Picasso, Mack Shine) by Deniro Farrar on
Gucci Mane and Fetty Wap needa make more music together. Every joint they're in is lit.
Thank you for alerting me to a new Gucci Mane mixtape. Joey should do rap mixtape/album reviews one day each month
Currently standing behind an ex-Atlanta Hawk forward who looks like Gucci Mane in Village Inn
This is my jam: Wasted [feat. OJ Da Juiceman] (Album Version) by Gucci Mane on French Montana Radio ♫
Gucci Mane has the most mugshots in the rap game
I told my dad Gucci Mane was in terra haute prison and he said "no way now I like that guy we should go see him, what times it start, 9?"
Not a big Gucci Mane fan, but imma love him forever for that "Candy Lady" beat.
Gucci Mane will possibly be released from jail on July 11th. .
😂"Gucci Mane attended Lawson State Community College in Alabama. The school found his school ID:
Trap Queen Remix with Azealia Banks Quavo and Gucci Mane skrai8 🔥🔥🔥I'm in love 😍😍
Gucci Mane - Gorgeous use to knock in middle school and still do 🔥💥💯
Young Thug has gotten an icecream tattoo as tribute to Gucci Mane
A rare photo of Tom Brady n Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane art show. Edgewood by the red store. No Alley Boy.
I'm pretty sure the sauce Gucci Mane was referring to is Papa John's garlic dipping sauce😩
Gucci Mane & Eminem are my favorite rappers. Anita Baker and Doughboy Clay are my favorite singers.
The only black people white people like are. • Gucci Mane. • Migos. • Chris Rock. • Morgan Freeman. • Their plug
After 5 long years of ignorance & confusion, I, Bryan Davis, finally discovered why Gucci Mane shouts "CHIQUITA!" in his song Lemonade
Hey people at Christian Mingle I bet that you're not attracting many paying customers advertising on the Lemonade-Gucci Mane music video
Ann Romney gonna leave Mitt for Gucci Mane now
Gucci Mane music make me hype, Chief Keef get me upset, and Jay-Z makes me think. What does it all mean?
Gucci Mane once paid his $100,000 bond for murder with 3 pairs of earrings and a chain.
Right Now // Gucci Mane ft. Chief Keef and Andy Milonakis. you read that right
White Jordan Infrared 6 Shirt inspired by the Orlando Solar Bears hockey team & Gucci Mane. >
Forever a Gucci Mane fan. That's what happens wen you were born in Southern Mississippi. 💀😎
Aaron Hernandez gonna be cell mates with Gucci Mane and drop the greatest mixtape of all time out of prison
Play Lemonade by Gucci Mane in the car next thing u know u street racing cops driving on top of buildings and ya car exhaust…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Breaking Aaron Hernandez and Gucci Mane outta prison gotta be a grand theft auto 6 mission now
Gucci Mane ...Mariah Carey bling blaw owww ... I wish I had a lie detector test right now!
Teairra Mari ft Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy - Sponsor (Clean) on WHLR HOTLINE RADIO
Cash money, Outkast, Field Mob, Nappy Roots, Lil John & The East Boys, Goodie Mob, Gucci Mane, only artist that matter to me back then
I only listen to Gucci Mane and OG Hank Williams now.
Young Jezzy will forever be better than Gucci Mane period
Aye man you really think I'm finna talk about that -Gucci Mane
"Im a millionaire, still a country boy/ In my right hand man got that tonka toy." -Gucci Mane is the TS Eliot of my generation.
"Gucci Mane locked up and ur trying to tell me u have the cure to cancer man who cares we gotta free that *** first"
If you can appreciate 90's R&B music along with Gucci Mane & Ottis Redding then we are clearly meant to be
“Gucci Mane deserves all the Grammy awards tbh”
“Gucci Mane deserves all the Grammy awards tbh” rs
Gucci Mane deserves all the Grammy awards tbh
Your musical compatibility with RippleFrog is LOW. Music you have in common includes Migos, Future, Gucci Mane, Acid Mothers Temple & The Me
Kendrick Lamar and Gucci Mane go head-to-head for the title of Best Rapper Alive.
Order Miche Bag Online!
F.A.B NATION ARTIST chadthepilot Lands big on the new hit single Feat. Gucci Mane ! Following the…
No days off! Gucci Mane has dropped nearly 500 songs from prison:
Gucci Mane's work ethic shall never be question. He released three mixtapes today! "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner"
As of March 2015. Chief Keef is 19. Bobby Shmurda is 20. Young Thug is 22. Gucci Mane is 35. Swae lee is 19. Slim Jimmy is 20
New projects from Gucci Mane and Chief Keef could be on the way:
I love how frequently Gucci Mane gives shoutouts to Aaron Burr in his songs. He's so historically educated
Gucci Mane is the patron saint of trap music
Jameis Winston out here built like Gucci Mane.
Gucci Mane is honorable mention for GOAT... . ...Trip on a *** on your way out my mentions. 👍 • 💯💯
“Who are 3 ppl you wanna meet before you die?” Morgan Freeman, Gucci Mane, Dale Earnhart Jr.
"Daily reminder that Gucci Mane has an ice cream cone tattoed on his face." — Stanford
Are you aware that Kendrick Lamar and Gucci Mane did a song together?
Due to icy road conditions, Gucci Mane will be released from prison.
it's a white girl in town, name is cocaine . it's some dirty birds in town Gucci Mane n Waka Flame
Zach's favorite artists are Gucci Mane, Iggy, Macklemore & Insane Clown Posse. He doesn't know better
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Yall think j.cole's music is so intelligent because the only other artists you listen to are Chief Keef & gucci mane
My heart was broken when gucci mane unfollowed me
I usually think guilty pleasures are stupid but I love gucci mane and it makes me cringe because I'm so white
hottest rapper out  realeases new tape with features from Gucci Mane, Young Thug,etc 
The hottest mixtape out with features from Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Peewee Longway etc
listening to Gucci Mane,OJ da juice man and Wacka Flocka Flame
Why can't more brotha's strive to be like Common and John Legend instead of Chief Keef and Gucci Mane?
Young Thug is in the same league with Gucci Mane ":. FOH!!!"Young Thug > Big Sean"
Gucci Mane is the king of drill music.
Little Johnny wanted to be just like Gucci Mane when he grew up.
"2 years ago today Gucci Mane showed up at Crawford Long Middle School for career day. http:/…
I need a girl that'll drink Olde English and listen to Gucci Mane with me
if anyone feels like they made a bad decision today remember that Gucci Mane got an ice cream cone tatted on his face http…
Photo: Gucci Mane Releases New Album on iTunes Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane may be incarcerated at the...
People who are free:. Darren Wilson. George Zimmerman. Daniel Pantaleo. People who are not free:. Gucci Mane
One of Gucci Mane songs kame on my Pandora, I quickly pressed that good ol 👎& kept it brimmin 😂
Listen to my full interview with here and go download his "C Note vs Gucci" mixtape with Gucci Mane!
"Porsches and Rolls Royces, I got choices, all my clothes designer *** " - Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane is locked up in Terre haute
Dean Winstanley is younger than Zooey Deschanel, Kim Kardashian and Gucci Mane.
Aw, shoot they got Gucci Mane at Wabash Valley correctional?? This will probably be the only time he's ever here in Terre Haute lol
Gucci Mane > Michael Jackson... When was the last time Michael Jackson dropped a mixtape?
Mayweather, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and other rappers don't make it rain in the club...according to these strippers Follow 4 more Videos Mohamed Abdulkadir
I have the weirdest taste in music.. One min I'm listening to Gucci Mane & the next Stevie Nicks
“Gucci Mane need a lifetime achievement award *** !! He need it when made so icy
“Gucci Mane and Chief Keef use to sit next to eachother in the English”. "In the English"? You sat with them…
Thank god this *** obama can't run for a third term smfh *** really gonna let Gucci Mane stay in jail till 2016
Gucci Mane selling mix tapes outside of the Piggly Wiggly on Milgen...
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you the aux cord, play "Lemonade" by Gucci Mane
Based in the City of Bessemer, Alabama Homicide Watch is a true tale about two brothers who allow the street life to divide their family. They soon realize that their choices will come back to haunt them both. VILLAIN SEASON: Villa is a aspiring film maker from a small town in Alabama who finally gets the big gig he's been waiting for. What he soon discovers is it may be more than he bargained for. Featuring guest appearances by BWA Kane, Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, Al Nuke, Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet & More.
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Pablo Escobar is my dad and Charlie Sheen and Gucci Mane are my uncles
I'd like to go to a YG, Yo Gotti, or a Gucci Mane concert one day
Gucci Mane being locked up and Mcdonald's breakfast closing early is what's hurting the United States, not Ebola
"I didn't know Gucci Mane could read and write" . *** ! How can a man run a multi-million dollar business and not read?! Yall are stupid
“Gucci Mane wrote an inspiring letter from his prison cell:
Gucci Mane wrote an inspiring letter to his fans from his prison cell:
“Gucci Mane writes a letter for his fans from jail. Refers to himself as the “Trap God”.
If the US government frees Gucci Mane and extends McDonald's breakfast all the other issues in the country gonna slowly…
now I think bout it couple black guys have beat murder charges too..Gucci Mane, Ray Lewis, Don King to name a few
Gucci Mane looks like he quit trappin and got a job as a summer camp leader 😂
My listen type varies from Somo and Sam Smith to Gucci Mane and Chief Keef 😎😅
Trinidad James and Gucci Mane is probably the best combination of all time.
Gucci Mane drops off the official video for "North Pole" off hit upcoming mixtape "Trap Back" dropping on Super Bow Sunday (Feb 5th) -...
Erik Satie, Miles Davis, and Gucci Mane are the holy trinity.
Gucci Mane in prison dropping mixtapes and Michael Jackson been dead since 2009 & still releasing music, but i still couldnt …
Gucci Mane has been sentenced to 3 more years in prison for hitting an Army staff sergeant with a bottle at the Harlem Nig…
Dang the judge added 3 more years to Gucci Mane's sentence for hitting that Army staff sergeant in the head with that bottle.
Like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls “Look at God. RT: 53 Gucci Mane mixtapes, all in one place
As a Latin woman I've come to realize the importance of culture. When I'm around my own people, life takes a drastic turn. Not just my own people but rather people who look like me. There's: Amber Rose - I love you Britney Spears - I love you Cassie - I love you Lana Del Rey - I love you Y.G. - I love you Lil Wayne - I love you Gucci Mane - I love you A.S.A.P Rocky - I love you The Guy from Chief Keef - I love you Selena - I love you Wiz Khalifa - I love you Culture! Very important. Thank you all for making my life a little more livable. They notice we look different. Kinda like little Demons. We are made from Fire. People made from fire are big trees. Then you have the smaller trees. Red Aliens come before Grey Aliens. Things in which most don't know. When ever you all show up, I don't know if you notice and you probably don't think you all are a help, but its the small things. Being born in Mexico, I suppose all I'm supposed to do is work. I can't wait to get these other cultures away, move back undergr ...
PSA: To the women of my FB here's a list of men who have reportedly abused or attack a woman: Dez Bryant, The Game, Chris Brown, Allen Iverson, Gucci Mane, Ginuwine, K-ci of jodeci, Floyd mayweather did I name somebody u was in love wit yet one of your mcm's lol we all have I faults let ray rice and he wife resolve their issues.
Gucci Mane shaves year off prison sentence:
Gucci Mane Will Get Out Of Prison Early due to the falcons beating the saints
Gucci Mane gets a year off his prison sentence: The rapper was imprisoned for firearm possession …
A new favorite: Gucci Mane Prod. By FierceBeats (Radio) by on
smh gucci mane's in jail dropping new mixtapes like everyday and I cant even get a good morning text lmfao weak
Go check out this new mixtape is featured on. She's so thug Gucci Mane ' s criminal record don't compare
Fed up of the filipino Gucci Mane tummy. Chop this fat off
Gucci Mane To Be Released From Prison A Year Early - Good news for Gucci Mane fans, the rapper will be released an...
Gucci mane stays leanin Holmes Holmes what u leanin on
did Gucci mane really get more time for killing someone in jail for licking his ice cream tattoo
Gucci mane said "I'll pistol whip a *** with a crow bar" I don't know what that mean but I know he ain't nobody to play…
Gucci Mane has shaved a full year off his jail time & will be released in December of 2016
dis me after I listen to Gucci mane once
Gucci Mane has got one year taken off of his jail sentence
Don't do math homework and think u can casually listen to ya boy Gucci mane you will dumb down
Gucci Mane and Nirvana are my favorite artists
Gucci Mane scheduled to be released in December 2016.
Check out this article: Gucci Mane is a very happy prisoner! -
Listen to Gucci Mane - I Heard ft. Rich Homie Quan by BossMagPromo
MC Hammer (feat. Gucci Mane), a song from Teflon Don by Rick Ross on Beats Music
Gucci mane new brick factory 2 goin hard
Gucci Mane is a happier prisoner today ... after being told he'll be leaving the big house 12 months earlier than expected.According to court docs ...…
By now you know that Gucci Mane is incarcerated but he received news that had to have made him extremely happy. He is definitely the happiest person in prison...
Gucci Mane fans will rejoice when they hear this. The GuWop rapper was sentenced to 39 months in prison after his arrest for gun possession in September. According to reports, a judge cut Gucci a l...
A judge has granted Gucci Mane credit for 11 months of served time. The rapper is scheduled for release in …read more [ 5 more words. ]
Thanks to an Atlanta court's ruling, rapper Gucci Mane will be released from a federal prison sooner than expected.
t.i n hopsin are the koldest in the game But gucci mane killed it in the truth
An Atlanta judge has granted Gucci Mane credit for nearly a year of time served in a gun possession charge stemming from a September arrest last year according to TMZ.
Gucci Mane will be out of prison an entire year earlier than his initial sentence. Lucky for him, an Atlanta judge gave him credit for the time he's served since being arrested for gun possession l...
Someone's blaring Gucci Mane in the middle of the Flatiron District, and you are my idol.
Playing with gucci mane is like playing with a lighter
“"There's a guy at WKU that looks like Gucci Mane"”
"I'm the white Gucci mane with a spray tan"
Gucci Mane mks me Wanna do all kinda drugs and hv relations
I don't see nothing wrong, with a little Gucci Mane.
ima marry Gucci mane when he get out in 3 yrs.. yup that's what ima do
my real name is Gucci Mane, but Guwop is my alias 1017 Brick Squad Records, and we are the most hated clique
Listen. I don't always show my ratchet side, but when I do it's to Gucci Mane's "Lemonade" 😩💕🙌
Y'all ball when y'all can, I stunt when I wanna. Your girlfriend wanna - me I think we're gonna. I'm east Atlanta shawty but I hang where I wanna, got plug in Arizona but use to slang on the corner. Just been listening to the old gucci mane...
I'm not to big on Gucci Mane, but TrapHouse 3 goes hard af..
I hope that Gucci Mane is a fan of Bill Burr.
Obama didnt free Lil Boosie, STILL hasn't freed Mumia Abu Jamal, and hasn't freed Gucci Mane..can we impeach this *** or
Rapper Gucci Mane gets 3 years on gun charge
He droppin 7 tapes when he out “.has been sentenced to 39 months in prison
Rapper Gucci Mane sentenced to more than 3 years for federal firearms charge.
If gucci mane had a yugioh deck it would be all trap cards
Gucci Mane, Radric Davis, gets 3 years & 3 months in federal prison for gun charges. This is an old picture of...
Rapper Gucci Mane gets three years and three months prison sentence on firearms charges: ATLANTA (Reuters) - T...
Why do Gucci mane always sound like he has a cold?
Gucci Mane sentenced to 39 months in federal prison for firearms conviction.
"Rapper Gucci Mane Gets Three Years and Three Months Prison Sentence on Firearms Charges" by REUTERS via NYT
Anybody remember when Gucci Mane kicked that chick out his car?
Today Gucci Mane pleaded guilty to firearm possession & was sentenced to 39 months behind bars.
Gucci Mane will remain in jail for the next 28 months.
Now Rockin' Young Jeezy - Me Ok remix ft Gucci Mane on in all DTLR locations
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While Gucci Mane has a trusted team behind him that’s kept his name alive in the streets with the release of several projects this summer, it appears that the man himself won’t be hitting any stages or studios any time soon, as the ATL rapper has just been sentenced to 39 months in federal prison …
Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, was sentenced to 39 months in federal prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to a firearms charge.
Good evening everyone. this is ur favorite anchorman *** Johnson coming to you live from hood rich studios. Gucci mane reportedly facing time over weapons possession. we will now send it over to our hip hop correspondent Silky Johnson for the details on this situation.
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The rapper known as Gucci Mane was sentenced on Wednesday by a federal court judge in Georgia to three years and three months in prison on firearms charges.“Davis has a long history
Gucci Mane is expected to find out today whether or not he'll be in jail until 2016. The ATL rapper is scheduled to appear in federal court where he could face up to 39 months in prison. As we prev...
Gucci Mane was officially sentenced today to serve 39 months in prison after pleading guilty to federal gun charges several months ago. He pleaded guilty in May to a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after reaching an agreement with prosecutors. The judge also sentenced him to s…
DAMNNN they done gave Gucci Mane 3 yrs for VOP But he still gonna make money when he in jail and more when he come out lol 1017 Brick Squad
You say no to guns, Gucci mane cayn't!
how the *** are we supposed to trust Atlanta to keep Ebola quarantined when Gucci Mane released 8 mixed tapes from jail.
"I know there's some problems in the US right now but they really gotta let Gucci Mane out of jail."- Hercules Rockefeller
Gucci Mane Rape A transsexual In Prison for stealing a pack of cigarettes.
Gucci Mane always did have the dopest beatz as a rapper
download this song free at Gucci Mane Papaduck Cocaine Money
I challenge anyone to drive around Walnut Creek at night in a box Chevy, with a gold grill in your mouth, 30 inch rims, a pink tshirt, bumping Gucci Mane, and a young woman who favors Miley Cyrus in the passenger seat. What do you think will happen?
Please free Gucci Mane so he can resume his positive contributions to the African American community
Gucci Mane celly must be a Engineer he got new music everyday
Im tryin to see that movie wit James Franco and Gucci Mane...
Gucci Mane says he's his only competition & will be releasing a mixtape called, "Gucci vs Guwop" on August 15.
The news won't show you this side of Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane one of the most consistent rappers...and he in jail
Gucci Mane in jail and dropping mixtapes every month and you *** can't even text back
I cant take Gucci Mane serious after he did that song with Maria Carey. Yet Im supposed to believe that hes real trap star, *** na FOH.
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