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Gucci Mane

Radric Davis (born February 2, 1980), better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper.

Radric Davis Chief Keef Lil Wayne Young Thug Waka Flocka Waka Flaka Young Jeezy Rich Homie Quan Nicki Minaj Cali Swag District Miley Cyrus Young Scooter Kanye West Waka Flocka Flame Riff Raff Spring Breakers Chris Brown

Listning to gucci mane headed to get some daquri s and back to the crib i go in for the night ! Nothing in the streets for me tonight :)
Like gucci mane said you gotta love somebody, but trust nobody
I just listening to gucci mane and Young Jeezy on da phone with each other with dj drama. Its official they are bk together and fenna do a new song when gucci get out. And gucci told jeezy to tell T.i he wanna b at da bash dis yr. I'm going dis yr. Hip hop is getting better. A town fenna b hot
All i've been listening is to Chief Keef / Spm / Gucci Mane / Future / &; Trap Music . 🎤👌.
Mariah back on the streets! Better get a sweater cause it's bout to b a cold summer! Burr! (Gucci Mane voice)
LYRICS: [Verse 1:] First thang first, baby girl let's get acquainted My name Gucci Mane, baby tell me what you dranking That boy is a lame, he don't got no s...
ATLANTA – “I woke up to him tryna lick the ice cream cone off my face and just blacked out” Said rapper Gucci Mane to a Dekalb county judge where he is now facing charges of first degree murder. Gucci Mane who is currently facing 20 years in jail on federal[read more...]
Need some good rap like A-Mafia and Gucci Mane. Anyone know of some songs? Post Youtube links :)
Listen to and Download Put Ur Hands Up (NO DJ), the new song from Young Dolph F. Gucci Mane & Young Thug. New Young Dolph
Offset from the Migos sound like a clearer Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane net worth: Gucci Mane (real name Radric Davis) is an an American rapper who has a net worth of $100 thousand. Gucci Mane began writing
Gucci Mane - Me (Diary Of A Trap God) [Intro] Me, I got my own back I'm the CEO, CFO, account manager, and security [Verse 1] Who the only one he trust? Me C...
They call me twinkle twinkle cause they know that ima star - Gucci mane
You can call me ugly, but you can't call me broke. Matter fact just call me when you need some Chokes /Gucci Mane bjj remix
"You gotta love somebody, trust nobody..." {GUCCI MANE}
Gucci mane like tiger woods i cant even put!! I cant give em much!! Have of me!! Have fa have of what!!!?? Half!!
I want to give a s/o to the ladies on fb with strong faces who look like the the following celebrities " PLIES, GUCCI MANE, LIL BOOSIE THE TIN MAN from THE WIZ, or CHAMP BAILEY"... good fu€king morning to you
If you are going to "bump" music out your "trunk"... I suggest you play good music so we can all enjoy it ... Not Gucci mane 2 chainz or any of the generic high hat seizures that sounds more like an epileptic kid playing the drums. You only look that much more silly
I feel like Gucci Mane when he shout out Bouldercrest exit 51
Aye free Gucci Mane He a real.Live Trap God and a legend in my eyes!!!
Lil boosie in gucci mane got a song wit tha beat I use I'm still goin in better than them
Looks like Gucci Mane may not serve that long prison sentence after all. In December Gucci was
Most people don't know gucci mane is my favorite rapper 🎧
I came from strife now im the one choszin/Ima beast boy I lead my peeps out west like Moses/ easy/ Ima g mayne I spit frost and leave the Mic breezy/ u Sorry Rap Lames is making me feel queezy/ so Yall didn't like my battle it's cool im Gucci Mane/ im in yah crib all black mask like boocheman/ send them hollow points to yah *** go through yah *** Mane/ yah homies hold yah up like Rudy at the end of his movie man/.STARR# A LIL SRL SCHEME SOON IMA MAKE YALL EAT EAT DAT YALL BEEN TALKING
And so we drop tha stick but it's GUCCI mane.we have next year n tha 4x200 I luv u Jay keep ur head up
I wouldnt hurt a girl on purpose cos I feel they dont deserve it-gucci mane
I'm my best friend, and I'm my worst enemy, ain't no one else can hurt me less i let them is you feelin me!? -Gucci Mane
Ol' bby Gucci mane lookin' a** jp, gone nw, stomach hurt.
Every time I hear Gucci mane rap my IQ drops 3 fans should just kill they self lmao
Gucci mane going 2 do a lot of time *** smh
"I am just now finding out that Gucci Mane is on trial! I didn't even know he was in jail. That must mean I am getting out of touch with today's rap music! YES! I am getting this close to disregarding any hip-hop music that wasn't produced by the year 2003. 'Cause since then, the "art" of it has died."
Rapper Gucci Mane is on the verge of catching a major break that could see him escape a lengthy jail sentence stemming from two September incidents in which he threatened police with a gun. In new court documents, Gucci Mane, real name Radric Davis, and the lawyers for the U.S. government have asked the judge to push the trial – currently set for April 15 — to a later date as they work out a plea deal. “All parties anticipate resolution without the need of a trial,” the documents said. Last December, Davis was charged in federal court on two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon. If he’s convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison. But the new deal indicates that he’s negotiating a deal which includes less time behind bars.
I enunciate each word in ignorant rap lyrics. I channel my inner Bryant Gumbel when Gucci Mane comes on.
Im jealous of Gucci Mane, jealous of Chris Brown, Chief Keef went in & got out. Still tippin, goin strong wit it behind them & BETTER 4 it
Okai, EDM's version of "Trap" is NOT REAL TRAP!!!... Juicy J, Gucci Mane, Drumma Boy, OJ Da Juiceman, Zaytoven, Lex Luger and even Soulja Boy are examples of REAL TRAP music!!!... EDM's version of Trap is actually called Trapstep... A mix between Trap and Dubstep. Know your facts people...
He has collaborated with artists such as Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan and Waka Flocka Flame.
Kmsl these kids say the darkest things. Aysia and Ju'Mayca conversation while watching Gucci Mane and Mariah Carey Obsessed Remix video: Aysia: awww heck name that man looks nothing like my grandpa Ju'mayca: you a lie look at them big ol' a shy lips. he look just like that ugly man with all that gold in they mouth... Aysia: on the floor laughing Ju'mayca: im sorry momma but yo daddy breath smells like old peanuts ((Im diyin laughing over here)) T'erra Kendal Tamara Kendal Marie Shante Shanta Robinson Allen Allen Lilfred Allen Frederic Allen Mskina Pruitt Monterio Pruitt Yotarsha Head Lakeshia Kendal
Fu Xi is the inventor of writing, fishing, and trapping. Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy are two known descendants...
Starting a band that does bluegrass covers of Flocka and Gucci Mane songs
How the *** does Gucci Mane keep putting out so much music when he's in jail?
My alias is Gucci Mane, my name is Radric Davis.
Crazy how Gucci Mane is still making money in prison (1.3 mil) but still could face the possibility of serving 20 years.
Gucci Mane - Heavy / One of his best. "yeah i got amigo, but they don't bring me tacco, only bring me kilos"
I had a dream that Gucci Mane came up to me outside McDonald's and asked me to buy him a Big Mac cos he was banned
Gucci Mane // *** Yes is how a roadman tells a girl he feels her.
it's not. Gucci Mane makes trap, thats an edm remix.
domain names
Ain't have my own personal choice of music till about 11th grade. Before that it was whatever my sister listened too & Gucci mane laflare
after I listen to this Gucci Mane song lol
Chente taught me the ways of Gucci mane , I'm forever grateful for that
Calling a lady ugly is kinda bad, u cn just say she looks like wesley snipes or gucci mane
God bless with Gucci Mane Young Nate Dpg Lonnie Sanders Larry Martin Drake Graham Da Block Doc Digi Lonnie Sanders we love you
MBV / Neneh Cherry / Gucci Mane w the same amount of plays this month SO FAR also hella Wayne
Check it out. My drum cover of 'I Just Wanna Party' by YelaWolf ft. Gucci Mane. We shot this in my kitchen. It...
"20 bags of kush, who's my weed man? Me. bottles of Codeine, who's my lean man? Me." Gucci Mane --- ME
Blame Gucci mane for Young Thug he signed him. Smh.
Im gucci mane la flare im so far from these wanna be's
Gucci Mane is the craziest person on the planet. This is literally the funniest the craziest/most hilarious thing I've ever seen.
“Gucci Mane knows how to make a quick $1.3 million: Free . The stree…
Late night on set I had Chickens on deck way before Gucci Mane and Birdman
She mix the coke with heroin and she call it speed balling - gucci mane
When you realize Gucci mane is still in jail
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Gucci Mane don't get enough credit. Brought you waka, OJ, Nicki Minaj, and now Young Thug. That crazy fat *** know music.
Shawwty said her fav rapper is Gucci mane
Welcome to the first-ever edition of “This Week in Music,” in which we take a look at some of the high-concept journalism published by VICE's music site, Noisey. This week, we learned that Gucci Mane…
I can't wait to post this new Gucci Mane Remix me and ZeroPointOne are working on! next level. The haters will be lining up around the block. ;)
As the saying goes, prison is the place for the living dead. Well, Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane, may be in prison but he’s still calling shots. The $1.3 million he made in 2013 is proof.
6:30 n the mornin and we just gettin home cuz ma had chicken and I was gettin my grub on !!! Had fun wit the wifey and friends Turnt and today we doin the same shi!!!rock star weekend might not make it n my gucci mane voice lmfao
-fck all That Isaid daddy u know how u b squeezing that pump "squeeze my *** juss like dat". throw it back. " ayyye GUCCI mane be doggn it ,beat her down straight poundn it! Drilln on yah sheets have yah girl at the laundry mat!!
*** Biggie, 2pac and Gucci Mane ain't non better!! Keeping it 💯
Even if Gucci Mane is away, Sean Paine is making sure he’s still got one foot in the trap.
Gucci Mane "Wilt Chamberlain" & "The Movie 1an2" mixtapes is if not the greatest MIXTAPES OF ALL-TIME!
Gucci mane walk up in the gucci stoooh saying " IT'S GUCCI " black translation: "stoooh" means "store"
Found an old IPod & this playlist taking me back tonight, my old school nites playing my own uncen music in Wild Cats & South Beach. On now Gucci Mane Go Head, hmmm next???Hand Clap, Pop my Trunk, Rack Daddy Your a Jerk, Booty Dew, Freak a Leek, Get Buck in Here. Man i'm missing the good old days right about now.
Got stuck with Gucci mane. Why can't I be a July baby
Gucci mane freestyle take a minute check it out
Gucci mane voice party party let all get wasted
Gucci mane get cake ya it my birthday boi
Gucci Mane made over a million in cash last year, despite spending a lot of time behind bars, through various projects. Gucci Mane may be behind bars but that doesn't stop him from raking in the dough. So how exactly does he do it? Noisey decided to find out and they got in touch with Ronald “...
Man my phone be dryer than Gucci Mane lips..
Need a man in ya life putting dat pipe in ya life d ya down how ya like n my gucci mane voice dats what sum of y'all women need
Ready turn up an try make dis a good day. How u goin act Cmoney Gucci Mane.
VYBZ KARTEL COULD STILL RECORD BEHIND BARS. While fans and family of convicted dancehall artiste Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer anxiously await his sentencing fate, there is still a glimmer of hope as Justice Lennox Campbell is looking into options that would allow the deejay to record while behind bars. Campbell made the pronouncement yesterday in the Home Circuit Court following the one-week postponement of the deejay's sentencing date. The judge stated that he wanted to find out if the prison had rules governing persons with artistic talents such as Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm to continue to promote their music. He also wanted to ascertain if it was open to the court to make recommendations that proceeds from their music be turned over to the estate of Clive 'Lizard' Williams. recording equipment If Kartel and Shawn Storm are given permission, they would not be the first artistes to record behind bars. Siccaturie 'Jah Cure' Alcock, who was prosecuted in 1999 on charges of rape, robbery and gun possession, ...
Listening to Gucci mane st vs radric 2 . One of my best rappers
“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest” - Gucci Mane
This fool said gucci mane better thn Jeezy... gucci got tht "retarded flow" im not a fan of it lol I CAN'T!
lmao urban diffenition of ratchet... Ratchet A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she's wrong. Typical signs to beware of include, but are not limited to: -owning a Blackberry -BLARES anything by Drake, 2Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Cali Swag District, or any other garbage entertainment rapper -rowdily quotes "lyrics" from aforementioned artists -has a weave reminiscent of a bird's nest after a tempest hit the tree it was in, and is dyed at least thrice -wears torn leggings/stalkings (mostly of the fishnet variety), unpolished 8" heels (or higher, depending on how God-awful they look), fitted jean jackets (to accent the blubber 'round their arms and stomach), and 4 layers of caked on make-up to go clubbing -repeatedly use ludicrous terms such as "YOLO", "swag", "boost", "beaking", "doe", "really", "naw", "actually", "twerk", "coaster", "dagga", etc., to make a valid statement when they speak ...
Gucci mane gne b at the 618 on the 9th of april...ill b his biggest fan..
Playing it safe is the greatest risk - Gucci Mane
You mean to tell me Yung Radric Davis the Gucci Mane made over a million dollars last year.
SUBSCRIBE THOUGH, its FREE Gucci Mane "Darker" music video featuring Chief Keef. His "World War 3: Gas, Molly and Lean" projects out on iTunes now!
Was waiting for Gucci Mane to pop in like: "Mr. Mane, are you sitting in the whites-only seats?" "B* I MIGHT BE!"
The State vs. Radric Davis by Gucci Mane is one of the better put together albums in the past five years IMO. Good album.
Gucci Mane the only person that can beat Floyd Mayweather if you wanna be logical.
There once was a time when i would see people with locs in their hair, i would assume they were somewhat smart or at the very least read a book from time to time.But Cheif Keef,Lil Wayne and these *** hangin' out the corner pants saggin', drawz showin' and blastin' Gucci Mane is a painful reminder that times have changed. But don't judge a book by it's cover right? Yeah...ok.
With special guests Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, and Wocka Flocka with the whole Brick Squad
My beats kick like a kung fu master Gucci Mane baby that was raised around Mac Dre and Riff Raff whos teachers at school were DJ Fresh&Diplo
To be 100 George Zimmerman is like a white Gucci Mane. They both poppin *** openly and getting famous. If Gucci wasn't a criminal it would be identical to the case, but Gucci did beat it the same way.
I do not ONLY blame Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne for rapping about stupidity and degrading woman, I also blame Doug Morris (CEO of Sony Music Records), Lucian Grainge (CEO of Universal Music Group), and Stephen F. Cooper (CEO of Warner Music Group). How dare they finance and distribute the demise of MY culture!
SUSCRIBE to WORLDSTAR: Gucci Mane feat Trinidad James "Guwop" Directed by Cricket TRAPHOUSE 3 May 21 on iTunes
Deport Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Free C-Murder and Gucci Mane. Lock up Chief Keef. Ban Migos and Rich Homie Quan fro…
Yesterday was a busy day. We had some issues getting ready. From not having keys to the auditorium to having a judge have to back out because of a sick baby (thanks Amanda Dees for stepping in at last minute). Even though every thing didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked the Miss Smackover pageant was a HUGE success. Thank you Amanda and JoshandKayla Deal for judging. Thanks to all who came to watch, and to the juniors and seniors who were escorts and/or helped behind the scenes. Thank you moms who were willing to look for size 12 women's shoes for their sons. And a BIG thank you to the boys that participated and for being good sports through it all. Without you this would not have been the success it was. The final results were... Photogenic Titasha Bootyfield aka Reid Malone. People's choice Jackie Martin aka Jackson Martin. Miss Congeniality, Jackie Martin. 2nd runner up, Titasha Bootyfield. 1st runner up, Jackie Martin and your Miss Smuckover, Gucci Mane aka Blane Dolden. Congratulations "ladies ...
Mine will go from Gucci Mane to Matchbox twenty to Darius Rucker
Get wasted, too wasted, so wasted it's scary Yellow canaries in my ear, they pretty Let's party like it's 1960, I'm the E A Jimmy Hendrix Now the hip I'm a hippopotamus, I'm rolling up that rhinoceros Shes jockin and it's obvious, I landed in your metropolis Don't know who the baby's father is, but I don't owe no apologies She just want a Harley, I'm rollin up the Marley, I'm drunk as Paul Mcartney I'm aided by the shawty I'm Gucci Mane not pootie tang, I put it down, don't pick it up Advice to you, don't pick on us, Me and Yelawolf got crazy guns We came here with 5 of em, we gon leave here with 9 of em That's 14, I'm keepin em around, I'm goin til I get tired of em
I can't listen to stupid rap artists like Gucci Mane, Waka Flaka, and Chief Keef. They messed it up for rap.
I think I'm gonna pursue my dream of becoming a white female rapper named White Lightening :-) ..I mean if Waka Flaka and Gucci Mane can get famous I should have no problem.
someday i want to get a pickup truck and start doing donuts on the green at Augusta National while blaring Gucci Mane and thro…
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If a rapper has a lame name, you already know they got lame rhymes. e.g: 2 Chanz, Future, Soulja Boy Tell Em, Gucci Mane, Waka Flaka Flame etc.
Waka Flaka dissed the *** out of Gucci Mane on the song Ice Cream Cone. Lol.
Spring Breakers taught me that Riff Raff has beef with Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane got a bunch of good music out. Not saying he's the best rapper but he ain't the worst...
Roger Goodell pls book Spinal Tap and Gucci Mane for the next SB
When my mom is in the car with me, I feel like I gotta throw on Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. As soon as she gets outta the car, I throw on 50 cent and Gucci Mane. She has no clue I'm half black!
"Dennis Rodman" from Migos' YRN mixtape was a memorable collaboration with Gucci Mane, not only for its absurd concept, but also for its infectious hook. This time around, Guwop contributes a verse rather than a hook, sounding like a stylistic godfather to the ATL spitters.
SUSCRIBE to WORLDSTAR: Gucci Mane feat Young Thug "BREAKDANCE" Directed by Cricket off TRAPHOUSE 3 the Street Album on iTunes May 21 2013.
Gucci Mane releases a new track/video titled Break Dance from his upcoming album Trap House 3, dropping on May 21st. Gucci Mane - Break Dance ft. Young Thug ...
Up listening to old Rich Kidz and Gucci Mane. Jamming!!
Gucci Mane - James Worthy (Prod by D Rich) Trap back 2 this where I got it from
This *** Shane Battier take more charges per game than Gucci Mane got on his criminal record
Gucci mane lemonade used to be my fav song
white boy from the suburbs keep it real Gucci mane word to your pediatrician
I love Gucci Mane . I’m listening to free music Of Gucci Mane now at streaming radio. Check it out !
Listenin to Gucci Mane this much is gonna ruin my life .
& running up in Gucci mane is real real risky.
Playing the old gucci mane...he bring the trap god outta me
Wiz Khalifa,Lil Wayne,Birdman,Kid Ink, Soulja boy,Gucci guys know what pain is...all those Tats :o
Banging some Gucci mane n Young Scooter to kick start my day
"Never look down on someone, unless you're getting head" -Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane a dog ruff you know the way I handle ***
Gave your mama a zip of dust sold your father an oz of hard Gucci Mane - Trap Back (Prod. by Southside) via
Gucci Mane is gucci I think, I may not have studied enough for this question though
Love this gucci mane song. So Much Money
My TL is dryer than Gucci Mane's lips hanging out the window of a speeding car. Goodnight yall.
Yo when did you put out a track with Gucci Mane? .. *** congrats
Okay pues just hmu Gucci Mane, I gotta' work on my Salsa anyway lol.
I was goin tell you go listen to some gucci mane or something to get your mind right lls
Gucci Mane Im goingg too see my best tomar Bumin Thru ?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
What's your favorite gucci mane song
Gucci Mane rap like he's buying drugs from an ice cream truck.
Gucci mane is god. Do what Gucci says. Chyna Fox
Watchin this gucci mane movie wit big cuz
Famous rapper 'Gucci Mane' has a reported IQ of over 235, making him smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking …
Gucci mane a real *** *** even tho he got trash music.
Before achieving widespread success, most rappers are forced to endure a series of hardships. But few have gone through the same kind of trials and tribulations that Gucci Mane has. Despite the pitfalls, Gucci Mane takes each moment in stride, both playfully and insightful. After building up a so...
Gucci mane not Stephen king but my car crazy like
It's Gucci mane the weirdo with brand new material
Damm Gucci mane might be facing 20 years :O
Gucci Mane.I want her... I think I want her.BUR!
Gucci mane will always be the GOD OF TRAP !
Gucci mane - Me This my anthem lol hit that money dance
Earlier today, the incarcerated Gucci Mane released a new video for “Handle Me.” The song is off his new album The State Vs. Radric Davis 2: The Caged Bird Sings th…
Can I just say I love meltdown? He's like Charlie Sheen, but even Sheen didn't think to plagiarize Gucci Mane...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Gucci mane ain't graduate but guess what im a Trap Scholar
Gucci Mane for best actor Spring Breakers for best best picture Spring Breakers for best original score (Skrillex) Spring B…
What if they had a Beyond Scared Straight episode at the jail Gucci Mane at lol
Rich Homie Quan, Gucci Mane and Young Scooter is how I get work done and inspiration.
Gucci Mane's music when I was in middle school was life changing.
Let me start by saying I am probably the worst guy to make a best of 2013 list. I’m way more interested in what was happening 40 years ago than what happened in the last year and I probably write at a grade four reading level. That being said, this is what grabbed my attention: MUSIC Best Hip-Hop Album: Pusha T – My Name Is My Name with Killer Mike and El-P – Run the Jewels has been a dicey few years for hip-hop in general. I began to sound like my parents saying “I just don’t get this. What is this?” (See: Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame). Or the artists I cared about just kept doing mediocre stuff that I couldn’t justifiably dislike but had a hard time really getting into. But Hip-hop in 2013 gave me hope with these two solid records and a slew of mixtapes and singles that tell me the good old days are coming back and Hip-Hop isn’t just a cautionary tale of cough syrup abuse. Pusha’s album displays all the talent of a Kanye West album without having the experimental arrogance of a Kanye ...
"it makes absolutely no sense to drop a new album on Christmas Day, but Gucci Mane has never been concerned with making sense." The Critics
Listening to She A Soldier (Feat. Rich Homie Quan) [Prod. By Lex Luger] by Gucci Mane on Diary Of A Trap God. Download now on android - |
Gucci Mane drops a tribute to Robert Griffin III.
Gucci Mane killed a man in jail that was tryna rape him?
Gucci Mane and Maya Angelou cut from the same cloth
Gucci Mane is more credible than Kanye West.
Mike Will Made It is without question the hottest young producer in the game right now. His client list includes Miley Cyrus, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, Future, Gucci Mane, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Meek Mill, Cassie, Jay Z, Ciara, Juvenile, 2 Chainz, Ace Hood and many more. Over the last two years...
this is why I love a Gucci Mane and Avett Brothers reference in less than 15…
Alexander said "I dont even think Kendrick Lamar is in the same league as Gucci Mane" . *** nahh!! -.-
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Im calling on God, Jesus, George Bush, Walt Disney,Ian Connor, Gucci Mane, and Lil twist and Rosa Parks to help me pass th…
I think I listened to four new records this year: Trap House 3 by Gucci Mane, Nothing Was The Same by Drake, Fade by Yo La Tengo and Brass
Gucci Mane pleads not guilty of killing cellmate. "I would never take another mans life. But if I had to it would be Young Jeezy."
*** put a ice cream cone on his face and mad cause a *** in prison tried to lick it off lol life of Gucci Mane smh. O well Next
So Drake is marry Kim Kardashian mama, Miley Cyrus is pregnant by Juicy J Ray J is really Kim baby daddy and someone try to luck Gucci Mane ice cream lol The celebrities got my side hurting
The beat to trap scholar by Gucci mane is to beast
Gucci Mane said, "I would never purposely take another man's life, but if I had to do it would be Young Jeezy's" 😂😭
If you don't know a gucci mane song. We CAN NOT be together.
These guy Chief Keef Ain't conducting him self like an artist & that's why he will fell of the boat! "Just like Gucci mane" C'mon home boy take Jay-z as your role model not Gucci! Bye! Bye Chief Keef "A stupid rapper we don't like"
Gucci Mane DID NOT kill his cellmate this morning for trying to lick his ice cream cone or because he tried to rape him.
"Hey Gucci Mane are you developing Tourette's?". *twitch* I might be.
I've been listening to it for like 2 weeks its Gucci. have you heard Gucci mane and rich homies album together?
Gucci Mane needs some serious help.
Gucci mane the hardest in the game 10% caught another body
Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane was Caught With 4 Assault Rifles & 7 Kilos Of CThanks for following! ) Yay your
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So did Gucci Mane really kill someone that tried to rape him or nah?
Pray for that man!RT“I hope I dream of Gucci Mane tonight"
I hope I dream of Gucci Mane tonight
"Gucci mane kills cell mate for licking the ice cream cone on his face" lol
Gucci Mane going to jail forever, or nah?
I dont blame Gucci Mane for killing that man. He tried to lick the ice cream cone off his face
Gucci mane - use me Yes dammit u brought it outta me locs into bed and goodnight long day of football tomorrow
Who up i woke up wit a hang over i got fuked up last night gucci mane wasted . . . .
I'm up I'm up in my gucci mane voice
At the end of the day it doesn't matter b Gucci Mane did what he had to do what if it was you at risk
Lmao Gucci Mane La Flare..this is my face when u say somethin dirty!!!
Say man, ah *** just told me Gucci Mane killed his cell mate.dat ain't true is it?
Soo apparently i just found out gucci mane is now facing 25 years to life from strangling his cellmate too death from "trying to lick the ice cream off his face " lol to that last part ! If you dont believe me look that ishh up. smdh !
Gucci Mane stomach look like he wearing one of those suits they use to train attack dogs
Gucci mane killed the guy who tryed to rape him. Who wouldn't do that
*** Gucci mane done gave a *** da business...long road he going down now
For those who care, the story floating around about Gucci mane killing his cell mate is false. Tmz full of *** ni ee lol
Gucci mane is one of the worst rappers in history this bum is only worth 100 thousand
Rumor going on that Gucci mane killed his cell mate in jail for tryin to rape him legit source yet but *** comedy if true
Gucci mane facing first degree murder charger for choking cellmate to death
Gucci mane dey fear say, dem go chop in *** . Sia nka wobehu!󾌲
Gucci mane not Tiger Woods, I can't even putt, I can't give her much. Half of me??? Halfa halfa WHATT!! Yuhh!!
Waka Flocka reveals the status of his "Flockaveli 2" album, and when asked if he had any thoughts on Gucci Mane, he replied "Who's that?" Waka then explains why he decided to get engaged, his thoug...
Dang gucci mane he killed his cell mate early saturday morning wit his bare hand in self defense for his Butt Hole...lls but at da same time dang now he might be facing life as well as his charges smfh to real
BREAKING NEWS!!! - Gucci Mane kills his cell mate. He said his cell mate tried to rape him whiles he was sleeping. He kill him with his bare hands. Akoa tri mu 3den..󾌲󾌲
Im gone be mad If they give Gucci Mane life 󾌽 Thats favorite rapper Til I Die
By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer The State vs. Radric Davis has become a literal statement over the past year. It seemed, as one point, Gucci Mane was past his legal woes. Ironically, when...
Sitting hea eatin my junk food nd listen to Gucci mane til I get on da fone
Gucci mane told tha judge if he had too kill agin it would be tha rapper Young Jeezy Gucci mane goin in
All the BSM family on a song. Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Frenchie, Haitain Fresh, Wooh Da kid, T-Wayne, Skitzz, and D Dash. Oh can't forget bout me.
"Gucci Mane" told Da judge dat he would Neva take anotha purposely take anotha mans life but if he had to it would be "Young Jeezys"
If yoi think gucci mane or 2 chainz or Lil Wayne go hard. Your why i hate this generation
So we all know my bae (Gucci Guwoup) faces 20 years on federal gun charges but this.:His cell mate tried 2 rape him & medical exam reports prove that gucci mane choked the man to death this morning so hes facing not only his above sentence but now 25 years to life also!! Im over sick fr & Its not because he killed ol boy he got what he deserved :( :( :(
Gucci mane is crazy for real dont listen to his music.
Out of all the artists I've met I must say Gucci Mane was the realest one out there!!
Can't believe Gucci Mane got 20yrs dam!
Is it true Gucci mane killed his cell mate cause he tryed to rap him.
S/o 2 dat dude Gucci Mane facing life for killing a *** dat tried to rape em in the county... Cant blame em *** woulda did da same thing... Well sum *** idk know bout u closet folks...
Gucci Mane must turn in two firearms, TMZ reports. According to a federal indictment obtained by the website, Gucci, born Radric Davis, has been ordered to hand over a .42 caliber Glock, a .45 caliber Taurus and ammunition. The Feds' punishment was�(AllHipHop News) The recent series of...
Well dam its over for Gucci mane now.
Tired of my bad luck everything around me is dying R.I.P. Gucci Mane 2
Lmao the man tried to lick the ice cream cone on Gucci Mane face .
Gucci Mane just killed his cell mate he finna get life lol nomre "BURR"
Ok... Ok...K...(in my Kevin Hart Voice) Gucci Mane did what... wait... Someone licked his ice cream, while holding his private parts, while he was sleep and so he choked them to death... is that correct??? So was it a crime of passion??? Gucci Mane just made a new ID Channel Series Then, Prison Deaths : Ice Cream, Hard Bars and Love Handles - A Rapper's Confessions
Gucci Mane is facing 20 years and then kills his cellmate this morning.SMH
Lol at Gucci Mane for killing his cellmate cause he tried to rape him 😹😹😹😹
if you think Gucci mane will beat Waka Flocka *** and FAV: if you think Waka Flocka will beat Gucci mane
So apparently gucci mane is facing first degree murder because he killed somebody that tried to RAPE him!!! *** was he suppose to do lol
Gucci mane lock'd for killing a *** . Dude tried to eat the ice cream cone off his face! Lmao
Lightshow , lil boosie , lul durk , And Gucci mane. These the *** who earned my respect and speak
"If I had to it would be Young Jeezy's" Lmao Gucci mane Real 💯
Gucci Mane don't got 20 years they said he gotta give back all his guns and he get out in April they said that earlier on the …
Y'all still think that Gucci Mane story real?
fresh taper. word to Gucci Mane photo shoot.
All this gucci mane rumors gotta chill b lol 😂😒😒
So Gucci mane really murked somebody in jail?
What gucci mane said about killing his cellmate 😂😂
Free Guwop "gucci mane already killed his cellmate. *** lol guwop a real one
Did gucci mane kill his cellmate because he tried to rape him??
Lol Gucci mane is in jail for up to twenty years
*** Gucci mane killed his cell mate? 😕😔 he's never gonna make another mixtape again 😞
Like look at this. posts fake news reports all the time. Don't believe that Gucci Mane story
Gucci Mane killed someone claiming he was defending himself from getting raped
Gucci Mane killed his cellmate with his bare hands this morning.
Gucci Mane killed his cellmate or nah? 
Gucci mane 20 years fo some guns and kill his cellmate
Shot out to gucci mane, keep ya head up homeboy:) fed time is easy
Gucci Mane aint kill his cellmate lol.. That niggi did not try to lick the ice cream cone tat off his face while he was asleep.. Yall believe anything on the net huh?
Wondering if Gucci Mane really killed his cell mate, its all ova the net, say he choked him to death becuz he woke up and the *** was licking his ice cream tat and trying to rape him..not sure if its valid yet
*** Gucci mane jus killed his cell mate cuz he tried to rape him
Guess they can't call Gucci Mane an accidentally murdered now.
Gucci mane faces 20year for gun charges ***
Gucci mane caught another body in jail lol he savage
Gucci Mane ain't never cummin home.
I do not like Chris Brown or gucci mane nomore they are some lame ***
Can't say Gucci Mane ain't no killer now. I mean *** Choked the man to
Gucci Mane has got to be the world's most dumbest gangster & rapper! How you get arrested with 2 different ratchets 2 nights apart? Dummy!
I bet u ain't know gucci mane went to college for a semester
"You know what you and Gucci mane have in common, you both have cupcakes tattooed on you." "Umm that's a ice cream cone, not a cupcake". Lmao
Black people don't realize... The Eurasian... Makes those who do his bidding.. Stars and wealthy... Drake, 2 Chainz, Kanye, and Gucci mane... Aren't the most talented.. They are the ones that they could own and utilize... Its about. Who they can control... Who can they use to control and influence the masses... why would me.. Who tells the truth.. Still has his soul... Teaches the truth... care about the wealth of a man who sold his soul for the white man's fame and money... How can I care about worthless paper that has a white mans face on it.. The Eurasian got you thinking his paper.. with white men faces on it.. Is a valuable as the black man's land, gold, and resources.
So Gucci Mane is looking at up to 20 yrs in prison. For killing his cell mate, who he claims tried to rape him.. *** you expect?? You got a *** Mcflurry tatted on your face!! With 3 scoops 󾌴
So did Gucci Mane kill his cell mate frfr?
So did Gucci Mane kill his cellmate or nah
Gucci mane killed a *** in jail cuz he tried to fukk him lol
Gucci Mane Is facing 20 years for killing his cell mate ***
sooo gucci mane killed a *** in jail??? I need answers.and i feel sorr for all yall duke fans
This is hilatious gucci mane killt his cellmate today for trying to rape him. I meam i would do the samethig shoot its either u kill him or he will kill you. Self defense Ju hurd!
So gucci mane killing people again lol dude a straight gangsta mane
So, Gucci mane killed his cell mate. For trying to rape him... Dang.
Gucci mane facing life for killing cell mate tryna rape him! Crazy
Gucci mane strikes again clearly they messing with the wrong guy!
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