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Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels is a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed citizen crime patrollers.

Curtis Sliwa Memorial Hospital Central Park

-Erza "She would want you to keep fighting. What makes you weak is what makes you The Guardian of Angels."
I just know that our guardian angels are looking after us and helping us 😞
I believe in people, I believe in and guardian
I wish we all had little guardian angels to quite us and make sure our life is full of opportunities
and the Lord guardian angels are around you always and forever dearheart
How about those naxals we know as "Guardian Angels" in "intelligentsia media the power hungry today out…
I just really wish guardian angels were real and that mine was Keanu Reeves, that's all.
will the Guardian Angels help watch over the people?😇
Magic Tip: gut feelings are guardian angels.
Welcome to the community. Might I suggest that any future lists be also tagged to…
I've been told I have two guardian angels but I have never felt their presence. Maybe one day.
congrats on Stagecoach! I'm Tazz with the Los Angeles Guardian Angels. I love country music. Sing a lot of it at Karaoke.
Loved the Q&A. You and Mariana with Critical Role are my guardian angels, I will write a letter to tell you why, much love 💗💗
Pictures of the controversial vigilantes who protected the streets in 1980s New York - via
What shall we call leftwing killers of Bastar, Comrade ji, and more importantly what shall we call their guardian angels in…
Animals are so good- I'm honestly convinced that a lot of our critter companions are practically guardian angels (or like friendly fae...)
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It today’s a caller asks, “Where did the idea of guardian angels come from?”
Love you all. Prayers out to all of our guardian angels looking after us. 🙏🏼
Negroes on this app are really like, Guardian Angels for White women. Incredible.
I thank God for friends who have brought peace in my life. Guardian angels who have loved me at my lowest, who continue to sa…
You have guardian angels with you right now. These angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely...
Thank God for allowing me to see my Birthday, I thank God for his Grace, Mercy, and Heavenly Guardian Angels.
Only video I have shot gunning with my two guardian angels😔 forever in my heart. I love you both and I know you guys are tog…
Your guardian angels and other members of the angelic realm, are happy to help release you from the negative effects of f…
Oh yes no one is old enough to know the Guardian Angels. So mashing them into a Guardians of the Galaxy poster was…
These rescue dogs had Guardian Angels looking out for them! Proof that one should never lose hope! We have no...
I added a video to a playlist Guardian Angels by Plácido Domingo featuring Jackie Evancho
Guardian Angels leads Cedar Bluffs 14-11 in Set 1 of the D1-2 district final.
There are Guardian Angels in Burgess Meredith's voice saying "C'mon kid, you can do it!". .
Guardian Angels starting a chapter in Shasta County
Guardian Angels starting a chapter in Shasta County. .
Website Builder 728x90
What's next for the Guardian Angels in Shasta County
Curtis Sliwa is an American anti-crime activist, founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels, and…
FLORIDA Guardian Angels meeting with the founder Curtis Sliwa this weekend in kissimmee fl at Eagle Security.
The man himself...the one and only Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels!!!
John Maxwell and the leader of the Guardian Angels- Curtis Sliwa
Privileged to be hearing Curtis Sliwa, Founder of the Guardian Angels @ Orlando…
"Through the theatre of the mind create something people can experience" - Curtis Sliwa founder of Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels dogs are life savers for veterans - Helena Independent Record
Humpback whales: the Guardian Angels of the sea by Jason Kottke via
Do kids have pretend friends or are they guardian angels sent 2 guard us?
I doubted if this story was truly yours.But now,I think we all have similar curiosity about our guardian angels & about
The local Corangamite Climate Guardian Angels are appalled that the Fed Govt is paying polluters! htt…
Corangamite Climate Guardian Angels flank of at today's Torquay outdoor broadcast ht…
Five mortals had been previously chosen from before their birth, by the guardian angels appointed for the purpose.
God is giving me the strongest guardian angels ❤️👼🏼
My guardian angels look like shooters
Your child will be by the guardian angels who protect Earth's children.
We, our Heaven Father, our Savior Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost; our trusted leaders and friends, our guardian angels
Bird-Greensleeves - love-affirming true story about proof of Guardian protection all around us
Poor little guy. But he's got guardian angels flying over him. Easy rest to you.
Here at we are big fans of Guardian Angels and Rev. Alexia! She was our 2016 St. Augustine lecturer!
The video on Guardian Angels can be found here:
Thousand Oaks, CA is part of the Guardian Angels program. .
So proud to have our friend Alexia's organization Guardian Angels being featured on the
Prayer to our Guardian Angel, Queen of Angels. Protection & Strength... via
Angels are never far far away. Simply call upon your guardian angels whenever you need support x x x
Guardian angels really are real. Remember that y'all
And my guardian angels returned. . The message is" fear close mans ears and nothing will be" because of the fear" Sweet dreams.
. Sleep my child and peace attend thee,. All through the night. Guardian angels God will send thee,. All through the night.
Black women are guardian angels put on this planet to endure the most pain and still shine through it all 💛
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Remember Guardian angels in NYC? I predict a new group of guardians for restrooms to sweep the nation. watch
we will see the rise of people monitoring restrooms like Guardian Angels. Angels in the Outhouse
I had an awesome dream last night, I dreamt that the "Guardian Angels" finally realized that they're pointless to society.
Pretty much my guardian angels, i love you both lots xxx
It was the story I made up in my head as a kid to get me through the abuse.The winged creatures: My Guardian Angels
Guardian Catholic School cultivates a garden used as an educational tool & source for healthy lunch options.
My Aunt's brain surgery went perfectly and I can't thank my 2 guardian angels enough for looking over her yesterday 👼🏼👼🏼
Here's where to buy my Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Books: Digital and Hard Copies:
Never ride faster than your guardian angels can fly!! Especially mine who are vying for my soul…
"I believe certain people cross your life as guardian angels and some connections can't be…
[WP] A group therapy session for guardian angels suffering from post traumatic stress disorder caused by the last …
This street dog had no hope...until he met his guardian angels of His story comes to life in 3 minutes
are different and should not to be confused with angels or of any kind. They are unique.
If you don't believe in miracles or Guardian Angels, start believing now! Cat will get to go home later today. 😻🙌🏽
Today the students @ Guardian Angels read to Jazzy for the last time before break!
XVI ArteVivo Auction. Modern Art Museum in Mexico City, with the work “Guardian Angels”. . October 2014
I've got a gun and a couple huge guardian angels. In the event of a disaster, I'm not worried.
A fantastic duo from Meet your 'Guardian Angels' & other fab originals here!
Every single soul on Earth has Angels and Spirit Guides with them. Each soul also has a Guardian Angel that is...
The goodness of your Heart speaks to Amma,TMH's God, Great Spirit, Allah, guardian angels etc., They keep protection around you.
Got A couple Guardian angels up above watching over Me
A rotten apple in the Guardian Angels stigmatizes us all over the worl...
I've buried six Guardian Angels who have been shot and killed in the line o...
Great bbq fundraiser run by our dedicated Catholic School Council! Great turn out Guardian Angels!!!
Tomorrow's dreams not yet here. Grow in our hearts warm & dear. Guardian angels do stay near. Our life's spirit has a career. W/ smiles to wear
hey I love you buddy... It makes us stronger... We both have Guardian angels watching over us!!! Stay strong man!
God gave the family 2 new guardian angels this morning❤. R.I.P ♥
🙏🏽 I have guardian angels !! I'm so blessed! So many times where I could've gone away... But my God and my Angels 🙏🏽❤️
let's hope the strongest guardian angels are with rn. All we have 😓
Been a week since I nearly crashed into a tree. Couldn't be happier for my guardian angels looking out.
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If you have the Sun, Moon or anything near these Royal Stars, they are your lucky stars, your guardian angels.
Almost got into an Uber accident w/2 of the most indispensable people at the conference today 😳.Guardian angels were at work
Grateful for my guardian angels, ancestors & beings of light ..
just got round tae watching. Amazing family with strength. Respect tae u all. Sending Guardian Angels
"Your Guardian Angels want you to know how much they love you right now. and all-encompassing."
Happy good night, you guardian angels :)
argonauts Bluebird of friendliness Like guardian angels it's Always near Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch Who watches (2/4)
Ingrid ANGELS BESIDE ME Guardian of the power of Prayer Daniellle 200...
Guardian Angels look at Toronto for the fourth time | Toronto & GTA | News | Tor
I don't have friends I have lil Guardian Angels
If, by Guardian Angels you mean the army of strays who commandeered my yard and set a perimeter latrine-style to ward it from wildlife, sure
Thank God I have a million guardian angels looking out for me.
. "Because I know what guardian angels look like, and they don't have sharp teeth and glowing white irises."
Andrew Norris picks out the top 10 guardian angels from kid's books https:/…
I'll always love yamachan and HSJ!They're like my guardian angels and I'm very thankful to them ♡
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I can feel my guardian angels looking out for me. I haven't felt this light on my feet in a long time. ❤️
Ask 4 a SIGN from 2 prove your are real! Read Bouncing Books from Angel On Board - Real Life Stories
I love my boyfriend and Rhyia so much, they're like my guardian angels
Some people have guardian angels, I have a ghost that closes doors in my face and throws mud at me once a week
Guardian Angels making major moves this weekend! via
Secrets, Pain and Guardian Angels: A Lifetime of Pain and the Women Who Saved My Life. Thomas Dewey.
My mom wants me to tell you to call Curtis Sliwa and have the Guardian Angels protect you and your family.
. Was Curtis Sliwa and Guardian Angels "neo nazis". NO. And not Vigilantes either. Nothing wrong with vigilence
Local Home Depot and Guardian Angels giving to the community -
More truth than fiction in this guardian angels novel!!! were led to this book!
This book gives attention 2 an under expressed part of religious spiritualism. Guardian Angels. can read a
Forever grateful to the phenomenal good Samaritans who helped me out tonight, God sent me guardian angels and I'm so amazed by their love 💞
May our guardian angels watch over us as we sleep tonight:
The Climate Guardian Angels are very effective at holding politicians accountable. indeed.
This is a Wedding Same Day Edit (SDE) created for Kelly & David, whose Ceremony was held at Guardian Angels Church …
My family really does have our guardian angels. God is too good ❤️. I am very grateful.
Could Crofton and Guardian Angels move on to a championship round?
Pray my boys just keep stacking & stay out the way. My family means the world to me .! 🙏🏽 I pray their guardian angels never leave them .!
7 years without you Uncle Jesse and not a day goes by that we dont miss you! I love my guardian angels 👼
Seriously almost died today. So grateful for this life and my Guardian angels.🙏🏼
The tells of Guardian Angels logging each breath, whim, thought, action & classify it good/bad!
back in the C2 final. See the late semifinal highlights from Friday night.
Holy Saints,Martyrs,Archangels and Guardian Angels, Pray for us.Thank you.Amen.
Every night before I go to sleep I pray guardian angels over every single kid I babysit, I think of them all as my own babies💗
I could've lost one of my best friends tonight.. But we defiantly had some guardian angels watching over us.
Super thankful for Triple A, Star Farm roadside assistance, Flynn's tire repair and, most importantly, my guardian angels today
I have the best guardian angels. Thank you.
papaw and tay watching over me. I have the best guardian angels there could be.💜
andchildren,send thier guardian angels to protect them from harm... LOVE YOU LORD GOD!!!
God and my guardian angels are good.
Update your maps at Navteq
Guardian Angels playing lights out against Superior in class C-2's semis.
After spate of slashing attacks on NYC subways, the Guardian Angels are back on patrol:
Me and one of my little guardian my hunny is a real and best…
The Chili Hubbub is Sunday March 13th from 12-4pm at Guardian Angels Church. Learn about the restaurants who are...
In the first C-2 semi at Devaney: Guardian Angels CC blitzes Superior out of the game, leads 10-0 1:58 into the game.
Guardian Angels sprints to a quick 10-0 lead over Superior. TIme out on floor.
Superior won the tip-off against Guardian Angels Central Catholic. Get all the live scoring updates here
Do u believe that spiritual beings are behind most Incredible Coincidences? We do... ---> Do u believe in
The Invisible Hand - uncommon true story about proof of Guardian protection all the time --->
Do u believe that guardian angels are behind most Incredible Coincidences? We do... Do angels leave presents
Covering both C-2 semifinals at Devaney tonight for First up Superior/Guardian Angels CC.
We have such a large range to cover all party themes, when it comes to costumes you can call us guardian angels...
New charm in honor of my new guardian angels 👼🏼
Rise In New York City Subway Crimes Puts ‘Guardian Angels’ Back On The Job: Compared to this time last year, t...
When it feels like no one understands you, isn't it great to know that God & your guardian angels understand and love you…
🙏🏾👼🏾 you have joined Greg! Y'all are my guardian angels watching over me! I know y'all are up there cracking jokes.😘 http…
Getting to the Patient Cloud and Guardian Angels: By DAN HOUSMAN It’s been an exciting 2016 already in the rea...
New York crime-fighting Guardian Angels back on patrol after subway slashings. via
New York crime-fighting gang the Guardian Angels head back on patrols by via Ushome | Mail Online
DC Guardian Angels will began patrolling the Metro red line due to the rise of violent crime
Undefeated in the Guardian Angels 6th grade Christmas Basketball Tournament ! Nice work !
It is the Feast of the Guardian Angels and the 87th anniversary of the foundation of Opus Dei by St Josemaria Escriva.…
Guardian Angels are back in Central Park. in
You Earth people laughed at Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels a long time ago - do you now maybe think he was on to something ?!?!
Seeing quite a few Guardian Angels around Columbus Circle and Central Park. Thanks, but too bad their presence is a necessity.
What would it look like if Thurston Howell the Third joined the Guardian Angels?
Guardian Angels at candlelight visual for 21 year old murder.
The Climate Guardian Angels are awesome and will make a massive impact at Paris Please help them get there!
Life is amazing! Remember that! ---> IS WORTH LIVING-don't be in a hurry 2 become an angel! ~A quick message from
What is covered within the Cavendish Care Certificate induction? Guardian Angels Training UK -
Hamilton Collection
Do guardian angels leave notes for us?
Your are with you all the time. Even when thy change shifts to ascend to for a break, your other angel is there☆
P1474. Don't you see. Guardian Angels. Standing beside me. As they reduced to ashes. Your hatred and scorn. You devised for me.
Guardian angels apparently exist. The reprobate and rascal got the all clear for MURICAAA! 🇺🇸 ✈️ http:…
Take care of your body. It's the only 1 you'll ever get-until u get your wings! IS WORTH LIVING-don't be in a
If guardian angels are real then they be watching us do some nasty stuff sometimes. Lmao
Thank you for being my guardian angels. You saved me 💕
Vampire Guardian Angels are guardian angels who became evil Vampires & Serial Killers in this horror comic series http:/…
Thank you lord for this beautiful picture you painted and for my guardian angels I know are up there.💛☁️☀️
Curtis Sliwa met with the former president of Peru Alejandro Toledo. They discussed the Guardian Angels in Lima Peru h…
So thankful for having the best guardian angels 🙏🏻👼🏼
Im going to put this all in gods hands and with the guidance of my guardian angels who know i am anxiously waiting for this 💗
Check out my main web site for my Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Series, Books and films
Watch out 4 angels watching out 4 u ---> Angel on Board - Watch out 4 angels watching out 4 you!
Buy paperback/digital copies, signed copies of my Vampire Guardian Angels comics
I told Reyna about her guardian angel & she started crying because "she loves angels very much."
"His soul flying I'm still still firing... Even his guardian angels duck".. *** lmao I mean *** 🙊
Heavy heart. One of our Guardian Angels has passed away in the Bucyrus, Ohio chapter. RIP SANDMAN.
Jimmy Akin - Church teaching on Guardian Angels via
Altaf Raja / Kumar Sanu are the Guardian Angels of cabbies.
TIL in India, there is a Guardian Angels-style vigilante group that protects young couples who fall in love...
Come to my birthday party on March 26... drink wine, win wine and support the The Alliance of Guardian Angels!...
Check out this throwback from 1980! The Alliance of Guardian Angels and I have been at it a LONG time. Learn more...
They are my Guardian Angels, my Lodestar that guided me when I was lost in the dark
PHOTO: Hannah Anderson is escorted to a memorial service at the Guardian Angels Catholic Church for
I love when guardian angels show up at the right moment. Thank you and
I guess you could say rei and kaworu are shinji's guardian angels
When kellie and Lauren are your guardian angels 💞😻👼
When you focus on the journey,you will blessed with the guardian angels to direct your path.…
The guardian ANGELS of life fly so high as to be. beyond our sight, but they are always looking. down…
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Guardian angels - Today's Zaman: Guardian angelsToday's ZamanLittle did I know what just one, three-w...
If people says you can't see guardian angels they're wrong because I've seen you
skills training and management training courses - Guardian Angels Training - Find out more...
Beautiful messages from the Angels, along with practical guidance for you to connect with your Guardian Angels.
“Children often have imaginary playmates. I suspect that half of them are really their guardian angels.”
Bird-Greensleeves - pleasing short story about proof of Guardian protection --->
Do guardian angels leave gifts for us?
I don't know if I believe in a god, or guardian angels, but something is telling me that I can't give up hope because it'll be OK.
There are guardian angels, but they're here on earth. Pay attention.
The Girls team will be playing Guardian Angels Central Catholic at Clarkson next Friday!
Surf Into Spring and win big for Guardian Angels Horse Rescue Inc.!
Won't deny that Guardian Angels come into play when needed. 🙏
I believe in physical guardian angels. I have to.
Happy birthday to my guardian angels. miss you more & more everyday. 👼❤️
It's amazing how our guardian angels in heaven have ways of making us believe they're with us. Seeing Laken in my dreams m…
Guardian Angels establish new clubhouse on city’s southside.
My guardian angels came to visit me in my dreams last sleep ive had in a while.
I have 2 guardian angels looking over me now RIParadise Grandma I love you and Mommy 👼🙏💗
Satellites watch over me like guardian angels.Covering my body with designer labels.
Grandma always told me I'll never be alone. She was right, I got a couple guardian angels 🙇
Just Wanna say I'm humbled and VERY grateful for antilock brakes and guardian angels
Duke and not FPL? That's like comparing the Guardian Angels to ISIS. 😄
Although you may not feel their presence at the time, your guardian angels are even closer to you during your toughest mo…
Thank god I have guardian angels who got my back 👼
2 years ago today, I lost a cousin. Now he's flying high with my dad. I love you both, keep being my guardian angels. Fly high 💙
Couldn't explain it better, I know ur 1 of my guardian angels Pug. Two years ago today... Missing U ❤️ and ur smile.
In court, 'guardian angels' aim to help immigrants facing dep
Need to get hold of some display boards for tomorrow as been invited to a Dementia awareness meeting at Thistle hotel about Guardian Angels
Orifiel ~ Angel of Forests: Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Holy Angels, What are angels? -
Watching Kennedy Center Honors with my mom. thankful for DVRs and Guardian Angels
The NYC Guardian Angels pay their respect like other New Yorkers at the impromptu memorial set up at the site of the Execution of the 2 NYC police officers this past Sat. Afternoon. 12/20/14 Police officer Ramos and Police Officer Liu were executed in Bed Stuy Brooklyn by Ismaaiyl Brinsley who after a brief chase turned his gun on himself and blew his brains out on a nearby subway platform.
Guardian Angels went to Huntington Station Long Island, they introduced themselves to the local business owners. Two women from Orsdin Deli, told the angels that many nights people gather at night and sell drugs in front of the store, they have been closing early to avoid being harassed when the lock up. They were excited to see the Angels in the area, so they can stay open longer. They also met a butcher who told the Guardian Angels that his parking lot has men drinking alcohol there and using it as a bathroom. It scares his customers away. The Angels went into the parking lot to confront them and send them on their way. Next stop the Community Market, the store manager said gang members hang out by the store and the Angels posted up until they left. The manager is worried for the customers and his employees safety. The Guardian Angels will keep coming back to help the Huntington Station community,
I like the people who don't believe in evolution but do believe in Guardian Angels. Fred Flintstone's fake, but the Great Ga…
Uganda Rugby Union in collabo with call on'Guardian Angels' to support Uganda Sevens players...
Paul works in Family Medicine at Memorial Hospital and is one of our Guardian Angels this year! Please...
MORNING PRAYER (GMT+1) In the name of the Father + and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Glory and Praise to Almighty God for the gift of this new day. In all your ways this day, no evil shall befall you, nor shall affliction come near your tent, for to His Angels God has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways. Upon their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. May your day be blessed, and fruitful and may you have joyful reasons to praise the Lord at the end of this day. Amen. With confidence in His divine mercy, we offer up to the Lord, all our prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world today. Amen. Our Patron Saints and Guardian Angels, Pray for us! * Create account with us at:
Every day the enemy is busy thats why every night I listen to TD Jakes and sleep with Gospel Music on Im in one geck of a storm but I will never give up I'm closer now than when I first believed. May God send his Guardian Angels to comfort and watch over us all this night and if its Gods will wake us in the morning Sleep with the Angels everyone goodnight
Today is the first Monday of July Treasure Coast, that means that it's time for the Pizza Hut Fundraiser for the Treasure Coast / Fort Pierce Guardian Angels chapter. Come on out to any one of 5 Pizza Hut locations in Vero Beach, Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie to participate. When you place your order tell the cashier that you'd like to support the Guardian Angels if you don't have a flyer and they should have a copy to put with your receipt. The fundraiser will go on all day so stop in for lunch or dinner and show your support !! Thank you Treasure Coast for all of your support, have a great summer and always, Dare To Care !!!
I'm gonna be that girl right now but my guardian angels seriously never cease to amaze you. So thankful this Thursday :)
A long overdue "thank you" to Justin Lenocker, Service Consultant. Guardian Angels do exist.
Guardian angel Zayn falls in love with you even though it's forbidden for angels to fall in love with a mor...
now this is a great ; Daddy & Uncle Lou, my two guardian angels. love & miss you both so much.…
Will never understand why God takes people from me but at least I have more guardian angels watching over me...😔
I wonder if when our guardian angels are looking down on us & we do wrong do they be like " stupid *** , "now why tf you do that" lol
They are my whole life, they saved me, they are my guardian angels
be strong baby girl. You know he wouldn't want you upset. You have two awesome guardian angels watching over you ❤ heaven's command, . Arose from out the azure main, . This was the charter of the land, . And Guardian Angels sang this strain: 
Come connect with your Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides! 1pm Sat in Tosa
Father appoint mercy and truth as guardian angels around about your people.
huge hugs Hun. Sending Guardian Angels tae Protect & Guide yae through this very difficult time in your life & tae your family.
He would love gabby so much.. and Gracie. I wish he didn't have to watch them grow from heaven but they have one of the best guardian angels
you guys are Seen you's live couple af times. Roll on the next time. All the best, Sending Guardian Angels
Once again Thank-you for saving these You really are Guardian Angels :)xx.
Angel Ranger - Engaging short story about proof of Guardian protection --->
oh yeah wanna knw something loool I'm never scared of ghost or anything scary because my guardian angels are there to help me out
Words can't explain how much I need you both, I miss you my guardian angels
Guardian angels don't always have wings while shooting sunshine out their butts.
Our large range is up on the site, so happy it's up and running!
"Our guardian angels are closer to us than anything except the love of God." ~ - Eileen Elias Freeman
A reminder from your guardian angels: Breathe. . When you get stressed, you often hold your breath or... featured in NBC s Science of Love
I wish de SPANISH TEAM wr GUARDIAN ANGELS of HEAVEN we wr definately all gonna make it tru lol SPAINFULL lol
MMP 553j "I entrust you to the powerful protection of the archangels & your guardian angels so you may be guided & defended in the struggle.
Happy Birthday in Heaven to one of my Guardian Angels, my Opa. 💙 wish I could have met you.
Yes!I'm same Heather both my Parents r My Guardian Angels♥seeing Paul speaking I could listen to him all day lv his voice too
As of last year, both my parents are my guardian angels. Paul's words and his beautiful spirit helps too.
Hope your plans for this weekend include visits to the Guardian Angels or St. Columban parish festivals! Lots of fun, great food and good people!
With my two guardian angels!!! Back in the day when we would always shut it down!! May u both rest in…
Vampire Guardian Angels: for those who like vampires scarier
Did someone say vampires as guardian angels? Love it! vi…
Graeme highs guardian angels enjoying a well deserved ice cream. New stock dropped off at the hospice today:)
Vampire Guardian Angels are for those who like guardian angels deadlier & vampires scarier http:/…
Ok so we all have a guardian angel, they not wings and glitter but a loved one who has passed over and took a contract to be your main Guardian from Heaven. Often can be grand-parent or a parent that passed when we young. They love you unconditionally...and want to help you as much as possible in life. Someone asked me well where are they when thing go wrong in life, well unfortunately often life has to be this way for our learning..and they must take a back step!!! Don't quote me here on really really bad things that happen...even I'm trying to still work that one out! If your lucky to know who yours is talk to them, write to them the more you connect the more it strengthens the link between you. Readings establish who yours is too, and when I do my life guidance readings which are extremely clever and accurate. It is your guardian angels that assist me in the readings...they know their stuff from heaven. Where you are, where you are going? They love these readings. Just lately I've had lots of clients s ...
PLEASE PRAY FOR PROTECTION: Tornadoes, flooding and continued storms are hitting us hard here in the Midwest. As I write students and their families are in danger as tornadoes are being spotted in Minnesota. St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and our guardian angels watch over and help us to TRUST in JESUS!
Featured work of the week: "Guardian Angels" 20" x 30" oil painting by John Hume. This new original work depicts an Alaska Air National Guard HH-60 Pave Hawk and HC-130 working a mountain rescue in conjunction with a Coast Guard Jayhawk. The original painting is available, as well as standard giclée art prints and metal prints (printed onto aluminum panel). E-mail us for sizing and pricing options and information about metal prints. This piece was featured in this year's Alaska Airmen's Association Gathering promotional materials.
My German husband was disenfranchised of his right to vote in the European Parliament election today at an Irish polling station. We both received voting cards in the mail the other day, and he double-checked his status online beforehand to confirm that, yes indeed, he is listed as eligible to vote in both local and EU elections here in Ireland. But when we got to the polling place and he handed over his card, they told him their records showed he was only allowed to vote in the local election. How very incomplete the European project remains... and BTW, I was totally creeped out by my polling station - a 'national' school called 'Guardian Angels', voting under the watchful eye of a portrait of Pope John Paul II, being careful not to knock over a statuette of the Virgin Mary on one desk... If anyone thinks Irish and Americans have a lot in common, they kinda don't get it.
Hey kids. Maybe you're already hip to this, but my evening mining for nuggets of jams just came across this link. Open it and you can hear a blazing hot version of "Morning Dew" by the Wilson Mower Pursuit. Does anyone have access to their live recording of "Sympathy For The Devil?" WMP, Third Power, Brownsville Station and other acts played at this killer venue in Clawson in the Guardian Angels fellowship hall. We'd rock that place so hard you could see the dance floor sway if you were downstairs. Good Times Pure Michigan
Guardian Angels friend's and family I just found out that one of our own has been involved in a auto accident last night and life flighted. Please keep the Ortiz family uplifted in prayers. Kissi C Ortiz Elissia Ortiz and Larry Ortiz if you need ANYTHING day or night you know the Guardian Angels got you. Unique Ortiz you hang in there baby girl everything happens for a reason. It's not your fault. Look at me and my situation if we didn't lose our house in that fire and go through what we went through there wouldn't be a Guardian Angels. We can't stop what's in God's will. Love yall. Pastor Donnell Johnson please keep this family in your prayers and on our prayer list. God bless Tyson L Marshall
Lyrics from of my favorite Sammy Hagar songs! Pretty much sums up how I have felt the last couple of weeks! Guardian Angels coming back to me Bring me visions like I've never seen Inspiration in my dreams And let your lovelight shine down on me And love, wherever you are Come and find us no matter how far away And teach us the way to our soul That hollow feeling, ever no more Right now I'm chilling in my backyard in the sun with my pups and just trying to let my mind be at peace for awhile! Matty Gfunk loves each and everyone of you and hopes the sun is shining on your day as well...
Mothers are our guardian angels in disguise. This Mother’s Day, let’s give them a pretty surprise. Walk-in to and we’ll tell you how!
You got 3 Guardian Angels watching over you Erica. Hang in there, you're a fighter and a warrior (real talk)
But if I have to go drawing giddy guardian angels ... could be worse?
I'd like to thank the MORON who didn't tie down his carpet for almost taking me out while I was on my way to Beaumont to attend a funeral I had to avoid getting caught up in your trash that flew off the back of your truck. Thank You my Guardian Angels for protecting me.
My guardian angels are definitely watching over us today! Just got run off the road by an oncoming semi. Scary time :(
shut up my boy. For me you're my guardian own angels
They'll always be my guardian angels
Mariana Guardian Angels...Here at Plum Delightful you can get one for every and any mother figure, sister,...
I really have my KNIGHTS in Shining Armors PLUS Guardian Angels PLUS God. This is Amazing :')
Died and saw flames until my guardian angels injected ocean water in my veins
Of you [he kisses her forehead] And just like you told me, they're your guardian angels as well, and they will always love -
in other words pie brained aaptards will act as guardian angels for India. .delusional
I have some amazing guardian angels
Really missing my grandma and great grandmother today 😘😘 my guardian angels
But my guardian angels want me here
Bang Bang❤ that name itself bangs us sooo much imagining u in it ^_^ Weeeheee❤ Enjoy ur shootings to the max❤guardian angels wthU❤
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