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Guaranteed Rate Field

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Tonight is my 450th game at New Comiskey/U.S. Cellular Field/Guaranteed Rate Field.
Guaranteed Rate Field sounds so low rent & stupid. Far as I'm concerned the home of the White Sox will ALWAYS be called US Cellular Field.
Joe West hit by an object at Miller Park. Adrian Beltre is playing at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.
I said guaranteed rate cause they playing in guaranteed rate field smh
Todd Frazier's first inning HR was the 83rd HR hit at Guaranteed Rate Field this season (Sox and opponents combined)
No changes planned to Guaranteed Rate Field after gruesome injury to Yankees rookie via…
Jose Abreu hits his first home run at Guaranteed Rate Field this season.
José Abreu: first HR at Guaranteed Rate Field since it became Guaranteed Rate Field
Not a bad view. Even if it is the White Soxs. @ Guaranteed Rate Field
Play ball! The Sox welcome the Rangers to Guaranteed Rate Field.
Guaranteed Rate Field?! Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue... .
Guaranteed Rate Field is ready for the Or is it? 😏. First pitch is right around the corner...…
In honor of being in attendance, it is Mullet Night at Guaranteed Rate Field, where the arrow is always pointing down.
He is 2-6 with a 4.50 ERA in 12 career appearances at Guaranteed Rate Field, working 5 or fewer innings in 9 of 11 starts.
Guys, no lie, serious as a heart attack, it's Great Clips mullet night at Guaranteed Rate Field. Swear. And this is…
Texas has lost 5 straight at Guaranteed Rate Field and 11 of 15. The Rangers and White Sox haven't played since 5/11/16, a span of 415 days.
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Kickin it with Riccardo at Guaranteed Rate Field tail gate! Thanks for the invite!
Same part of the field as in Guaranteed Rate, but a helluva lot higher up.
I went to Chicago's Guaranteed Rate Field last week to talk to Kevan Smith about his journey from Pitt quarterback…
(@ Guaranteed Rate Field - for Texas Rangers at Chicago White Sox in Chicago, IL w/
At Guaranteed Rate Field, prepping for Sox/Indians. PGL at 530, Game at 6. Only on CSN Chicago!
White Sox game 7:10 pm tonight at Guaranteed Rate Field. Expect additional traffic in the area.
[Chicago Tribune] Yankees manager blames lack of padding at Guaranteed Rate Field for rookie's injury
you need to check out the craft kave at Guaranteed Rate its in right field seats are 1st come 1st served right on the field! Gate2
Hey, now, there are those of us that do have some class. Really. And it's G…
Poor kid. Guaranteed Rate field has to go.🙄🙄🙄 yankees taking L's with these injuries.
I want to know the reasons behind the White Sox's stadium being called Guaranteed Rate Field w/out looking it up. Hi, my name is Jeanne.
It was a late night last night at Guaranteed Rate Field, but the got the win and that's all that matters!…
Carlos Rodon is back in Chicago and will start sometime next week at Guaranteed Rate Field. Exact day TBD.
Guaranteed Rate Field is close to a freeway, too. Just one side street between the park and I-90/I-94.
I had no idea US Cellular Field (Comiskey Park) changed its name to Guaranteed Rate Field. That's awful 💀
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Chicago in 🇺🇸United States news.. a gathering of over 36 in Guaranteed Rate Field!
Random Hawk Harrelson alarm clocks continue to go off around Guaranteed Rate Field. And it's the first inning.
Guaranteed Rate Field // 13 of 30 // Chicago, Illinois. I swear this a *** name for a MLB…
Hanging with mini me today. Great weather! @ Guaranteed Rate Field
Might be making that 8:16 train back home from Guaranteed Rate Field after all.
It's a beautiful day for baseball. The Sox welcome the Padres to Guaranteed Rate Field.
Pretty cool! — feeling entertained at Guaranteed Rate Field
The White Sox and Padres resume play tonight with Game 2 in a three-game series at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.
Checked in @ Guaranteed Rate Field for the vs game w/
Sometimes stadiums with corporate names sound okay enough like "Wrigley Field" or "Miller Park". "Guaranteed Rate Field" is not one of those
White Sox drop 6th straight game in 6-3 loss to Padres at Guaranteed Rate Field
The nachos at Guaranteed Rate Field are guaranteed to give you diarrhea. I'd rate the bathroom a 4.3/5
Tomorrow I'm going to Guaranteed Rate Field to see the vs. @ 6:10pm. The first 20K fans get a Hawk Harrelson Alarm Clock!
Bulls jacket with his hat broke way off. @ Guaranteed Rate Field
Guh. Sox lose 6-3 to the Padres at Guaranteed Rate Field.
Rally hats, on! Sox trail the Padres 5-3 in the 9th at Guaranteed Rate Field.
Not big soxs fans but free sox tickets are lit. ⚾️ @ Guaranteed Rate Field
Sox are behind the Padres 5-3 in the 8th at Guaranteed Rate Field.
King Bigdog running the pregame lot on a Friday at Guaranteed Rate Field
csnchicago​.com >> Bill Melton, Chuck Garfien are all about Dog Day at Guaranteed Rate Field
Call me old fashioned but Guaranteed Rate Field does not have same ring as Comiskey Park.
Guaranteed Rate Field? Omg, Comiskey Park was a great name. Corporations suck
Jose Quintana has worked two clean innings here at Guaranteed Rate Field. coming to bat in the bottom of the second!
So far, Scott Podsednik has thrown the only pitch of the season at Guaranteed Rate Field. Quintana and Verlander back at it tomorrow.
Beer at the ballpark: The have inked new deals with breweries to up the selection at Guaranteed Rate Field ht…
Calling all White Sox & St Rita Fans--Thurs., May 11th is St Rita Night at Guaranteed Rate Field for White Sox/Twins.
And make sure you know where to sit when taking the kids to Guaranteed Rate Field...
I have been to all the NL Central stadiums plus Guaranteed Rate Field, Target Field, and Citizens Bank Park.
Can't we let U.S. Cellu -ahem Guaranteed Rate Field, have this one?
White Sox are making up for their egregious error in re-naming their stadium Guaranteed Rate Field with a giant down arrow
The Chicago White Sox's stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field, has transformed into a football stadium for tonight's Toled…
people, what's worse: renaming the Sears Tower to the Willis Tower, or renaming Comiskey Park to Guaranteed Rate Field?
TIL Citi Bank pays $20m for naming rights to Citi Field
U.S. Cellular Field, home of the White Sox, to become Guaranteed Rate Field - Chicago Tribune
$2Million a year to name it Guaranteed Rate Field.. Gets more pathetic everyday
I heard the other name option was "large stadium where men hit balls with bats and sometimes there are fireworks"
I think Guaranteed Rate Field is a wonderful name for a ballpark. say, have you met my kids, Clubber-Butter and Fish Grease
lmao. Says the White Sox fan. Go to Guaranteed Rate Field
Guaranteed Rate Field? In 1953 MLB would not allow St Louis Cardinals to play at "Budweiser Stadium."
We are now going to be asking the Q:. 'Have you ever been to Guaranteed Rate Field?' Southside fans can't be happy!
i just remembered that the sox are changing their stadium name to Guaranteed Rate field lmao
Sports Business Minute: How the change to Guaranteed Rate Field happened for the
All I can think about is my ex and guaranteed rate field, so I guess that's how my night is going
When you hear the White Sox changed the name of their stadium to "Guaranteed Rate Field":
Or if due to weather the game was relocated to Guaranteed Rate Field.
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and now they have Guaranteed Rate Field.FAIL
stadium is now called ‘Guaranteed Rate Field.’ But, to me, it’ll always be the Sears Tower. . Wait, what were we ta…
the White Sox lose and when the Cell turned into Guaranteed Rate Field.
*** someone took my unassigned assigned seat. Oh well, at least the Cubs don't play at Guaranteed Rate Field
Signing off on 'Guaranteed Rate Field' defines the entire organization under his leadership.
Seeking the poetry of baseball at Guaranteed Rate Field. . . .
Yes Guaranteed Rate Field is a stupid name, but keep in mind that the Phoenix Suns play at Talking Stick Resort Arena
U.S. Cellular Field will be renamed Guaranteed Rate Field, after a mortgage lender whose corporate logo is a downward ar…
At the very least, why couldn't it be Comiskey Park presented by Guaranteed Rate or Guaranteed Rate Field at Comiskey Park?
Low interest at Guaranteed Rate Field? OK. Now I get new park name
up on Mariners 2-0 on WGN. What nickname would you use once The Cell becomes Guaranteed Rate Field?
We're all for renaming a stadium but the Chicago White Sox have renamed theirs Guaranteed Rate Field.
LIST: The White Sox, Guaranteed Rate Field and 5 what could have beens
Seeing that Guaranteed Rate sign behind Home Plate reminds that the White Sox will play at the field with the same name next season.
Was just told Wintrust submit a bid for naming rights to make it "Wintrust Field at Comiskey Park", Sox went with Guarante…
Luke Bryan goes 'I've sold out Soldier Field, the United Center and now Wrigley Field' . Uhhh what about 'Guaranteed Rate Field'? 😂😂
A big task that is taking on here -- properly nicknaming Guaranteed Rate Field
Guaranteed Rate Field?. Seriously White Sox you're starting to make me want to switch sides. Embarrassing
VIDEO: The Bears and the Cubs both mocked the White Sox for changing their stadium name to Guaranteed Rate Field:. htt…
White Sox fans, have fun going to . "Guaranteed Rate Field". As of Nov 1st through 2030. Lmfao fu!
Yes, the White Sox stadium will become Guaranteed Rate Field in Nov!!
We've heard of guaranteeing a victory, but ... The new name of the White Sox stadium is Guaranteed Rate Field.
Every morning I wake up and thank the Lord and my parents that I was raised a CUB fan!! Guaranteed Rate Field? Oh my!!
Guaranteed Rate Field sounds like an auctioning block 😒
Guaranteed Rate Field. The will now not only have had a lousy season, but the dumbest name of a ballpark I've ever heard.
Everyone shortens the names of ballparks and other sports venues. I will forever call Guaranteed Rate Field 'Garfield'.
Chicago now has the DUMBEST named baseball field - Sox Park now "Guaranteed Rate Field"
In honor of the and their new stadium name, Guaranteed Rate Field, take this quiz:
I'm not trying to be difficult. Anything to take my mind off of "Guaranteed Rate Field."
Guaranteed Rate and the announce new ballpark naming rights partnership for 'Guaranteed Rate Field':
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Do sports owners/organizations have no shame? How do you agree to name your park Guaranteed Rate Field and not hate yours…
Guaranteed Rate Field 😯😯 cmon you could've found a better sponsor/donor
White Sox will play at Guaranteed Rate Field, so here's a list of bad ballpark names
Dump on Guaranteed Rate Field all you want, but it's not the real issue.
There can't be a worse name than Guaranteed Rate Field. Can't be. via
The White Sox stadium will be renamed Guaranteed Rate Field starting in November.
The "Cell"now "Guaranteed Rate Field."Too long. "G-Rate" Field ok. The "Grate" better. The "Grater" the best. Still Comiskey to me though.
Sorry White Sox fans, but Guaranteed Rate Field sounds like a sad lot on the edge of town that hosts a depressing third-ti…
Not the Onion: White Sox changing name of ballpark to Guaranteed Rate Field.
I miss when stadiums/fields/arenas had really cool names... I'm sorry but Guaranteed Rate Field is brutal. No offense to anyo…
They're changing the name to Guaranteed Rate Field... 🤔 So we'll be throwing the first & LAST festival at US Cellular…
Okay, let's get this straight...the are renaming US Cellular Field as "Guaranteed Rate Field". This is an MLB team, folks.
Guaranteed Rate Field. I'm sure the fans will be Guaranteed Irate over this one.
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