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Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V. is the world's largest baking company, with brands in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

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We own in for , but we are not part of . For any a…
“Imagine all the food man has produced over the past 8,000 years. Now consider that we need to produce that same am…
Twinkies Market to 2021 – Analysis of Hostess Brands, Grupo Bimbo, McKee Foods, pladis global, and Yamazaki Baking
is joining 37 other cities worldwide in hosting the third annual Global Energy Race with Grupo Bimbo as...
Grupo Bimbo to restart talks on Canada Bread dispute - Mexican baker Grupo Bimbo has said talks with union lead...
How are you, as counsel, supporting your business? Discussing now at w
Read how the 2nd place team in the competition used deep learning techniques to win.
B.B.U. to close two baking plants by end of January 2017:
Mexican investment that saves jobs flows into Pennsylvania where Trump resonates /
Profile of investment in including proud member
Having and as sponsors is pretty lame. The bar should be higher.
Smurfit Kappa in Colombia receives award for best supplier by global bakery company 'Bimbo' https…
Kim the link can't be trusted. Unilever use 1.5 mill ton of uncertified
We would need to check in Mexico where they are huge.
looked at a few of their products, they say they use soybean oil in those I looked at
NEED HELP I purchased a route as independent operator from & they breached my contract now refusing to settle. Attorney needed
Bimbo Mexican brands making mark in
presence in is the epitome of the trade relationship between our State and
Is there something new Bimbo is adding here?
W/ Chief of Global HR Raul Arguelles displaying their investment in AZ
Happy Halloween everyone. Have fun and be safe for trick or treat.
This year instead of candy I'll be handing out bread for Halloween. hurry honeywheat goes fast!
Biggest food manufacturer to move toward at global level
Mexican bread titan Grupo Bimbo and US cereal major General Mills have ranked on Forbes’ annual top 100 ‘most innovative’ companies list.
To be innovative, you have to foster a culture of risk-taking. talks Forbes Innovation Award:
Why is Bimbo looking for cash? . The Mexican Grupo Bimbo will have a primary public offering of 201,250,000...
Sad but true. Current owner of the Twinkies and *** *** brands, Mexico's Grupo Bimbo, had planned to take advantage...
Mexico's Grupo Bimbo postpones its follow-on share offer awaiting more favourable market conditions
Global bakery goods market led by Grupo Bimbo, Mondelez International and The Kellogg Company, finds new research.
In 1974, Banderillas, Doraditas and Orejas reached households. Which one is your favorite?
Grupo Bimbo? Great name. I just naturally assumed that was the name of Silvio Berlusconi's favorite football team.
On Saturday April 13 in Montebello California, we participated in a great event in the celebrations of Earth Day.
Mexican company Grupo Bimbo will produce knock-off soon. This is in the midst of Hostess being bought out by another company.
asks the important questions: Where do you stand on the Twinkie debates?
the great achievement of # BimboIberia has been introduced in Spain and Portugal an unknown product: sliced bread.
Photoset: grupo-bimbo: Recreate the cover for any video game/movie/album with clip art and comic sans.
Do you want to know what are a good leader skills? Read what Daniel Servitje says:
Where else in the world would a bimbo take on a twinkie? via Odd news brought to you by
"Knowing is not enough, you must also apply. It's not enough to want, you should also do, "Goethe. How do you apply your knowledge?
Bimbo takes on Hostess in an epic battle for Twinkie supremacy
nowadays, is one of the largest organizations in the food sector in the Iberian Peninsula.
"If we're good with people, they will give us the best value to be the best firm", Roberto Servitje.
Besides its quality, do you know what was the key to the fast acceptance of Bimbo?
Espero que el borusia no juege asi mañana! !
The 1960´s we implemented more advanced systems, which were able to make 1 and a half piece of bread, per second.
Barcel Occidente plant was built under 3 pillars to reduce our environmental footprint.
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Grupo Bimbo (GRBMF.PK) plans to launch knock-off Hostess products before the well-known brands ca... $GRBMF.PK
Grupo Bimbo, America's largest baker, is rushing new Hostess knock-off cakes under Sara Lee label to market. Scoop!
News: Twinkie offense: Grupo Bimbo, the biggest baker in America, is working quickly to launch knock-off Hoste...
News, press releases, galleries, infographics and videos. All information about
Commitments with 3. Water saving 4. 5 emissions reduction. Conservation and environment improvement.
our commitment to the focuses on five action lines: 1. Energy saving 2. Integrated waste management.
In 2010, Mundo Ejecutivo magazine recognized us as the Best Sustainable Company in Mexico.
promotes harmony with nature and the Earth, in order to achieve the right balance
thanks you for your week participation. Remember to get some rest to start a great week!
Did you know that July 4, 1945 was signed the articles of incorporation of Bimbo?
As a part of Bimbo Iberia Family, “Tortazo” is a multigrain cake with milk chocolate cover, with no preservatives or colorings.
"is an unusual case among Latin American multinationals because it has managed to expand in the U. S."
With Barcel Occidente plant opening, there are now 6 plants from Grupo Bimbo operating in Jalisco.
Experts agree that an afternoon nap is the opposite of laziness at work, as the nap can improve productivity. Do you take a power nap?
If you had to put together a map of what your Bimbo sandwich takes on, what would it be?
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Passion, teamwork, trust are some of the values that define us. Do you already know them?
The origins and the path are part of the great work being done today at Meet our founders:
"We have worked to achieve the goal of our reference to be 'a fully human company'", Roberto Servitje.
How has Grupo Bimbo compete both in emerging countries and the United States?
The smile is the most studied scientifically facial expression. Have a great weekend!
Do you know La Corona Chocolates brand? Part of since 2005.
Nowadays has a management model based on the universal principles of "World Class Quality".
Achievements are the result of the hard work that # GrupoBimbo family is, learn more about acknowledgements here:
know that joined the Mexican Stock Exchange in 1980?
Barcel industrial presence grows in the country, betting on a new 100% sustainable investment.
A balanced breakfast makes people eat better and orderly. What do you like to have for breakfast?
Photo: sirwhindleton: grupo-bimbo: sirwhindleton: ill give you 100 dollars if you can find a top lip...
Did you know that in the beginning products were distributed in Bimbo's network? Gansito's success make the system differentiated.
In 2001 acquired in Brazil a product line that offers a variety of flavors with less than 100cal. Greetings to Brazil!
“In globalization you participate or overcome a victim” Daniel Servitje, read the full interview here:
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It is said that love is the universe’s architect, what do you think about it?
that in 2010 acquired Dulces Vero from Mexico?
"The principles-reflected in our corporate culture and ethics. They are the cornerstones of our business”, Daniel Servitje.
Suandy brand was born in 1974, and is dedicated to manufacture “Rosca de Panque”, “Biscotel”, “Pastisetas” and Chocolate cake.
Hostess cake brands would fit in good with Bimbo cakes.
Hostess in talks to sell bread brands; Flowers and Grupo Bimbo among bidders -
Was really hoping Grupo Bimbo would've bought Hostess, just so I could say I was off to buy some Bimbocakes.
In the last few years, wind energy has been used to generate electricity. Learn about its benefits:
that Jaime Jorba headed the first sales team that traveled all throughout the country?
that wind energy development in Mexico is growing rapidly? Find out why:
Do you know why 2012 was a great year for Grupo Bimbo? Find out:
Learn about the products everybody wants:
At protecting the must be a collective effort, that is why we are always striving to implement the best of...
Grupo Bimbo wishes you all a great year. Thank you so much for your daily effort!
Who’s back at work? Cheer up! Have a great week and a great year!
May your home be filled with peace and hope. Happy New Year!
It’s time to celebrate the beginning of a new stage. Happy New Year!
What are you doing on this last day of the year?
The annual Grupo Bimbo supply will be 333 GWh (giga Watts hour)
that wind conditions at the Tehuantepec Isthmus are one of the best in the whole world?
These are the last days of 2012. Which do you think was your best moment this year?
Check out the best Grupo Bimbo videos and interviews:
The Economist talks about global reach:
The relationship with our team is based on the Golden Rule: Respect, Fairness, Trust and Kindness
In 2011, we reduced our electricity and gas consumption in sales centers and plants by 1.93 and 4.65%.
is present in 19 countries. Get to know our worldwide brands:
Check out the best Piedra Larga Wind Farm pictures:
EXCLUSIVE: Grupo Bimbo, world's largest bread company, considering a bid for Hostess' snack cakes and bread brands
Global Currency Tensions Rise (WSJ) - in other words, when everyone eases "to infinity", nobody easesEU to give Spain, France more time to cut deficit (Reuters) - But not because their economies are not "recovering" fast enough, oh no.As we expected, Grupo Bimbo considering a bid for Hostess' snack ...
Grupo Bimbo considers bid for Hostess' brands, NY Post says: See the rest of the story ...
Confirming my source piece from before, writes Grupo Bimbo considering bidding for all of Hostess’s brands.
“Mexico's Grupo Bimbo considers bid for Hostess Brands. Let the renaming fun for Twinkies, ...
Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo eyes Hostess Brands, maker of Twinkies and *** *** via
(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images) Let the games begin. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Grupo Bimbo and Alpha Baking Co., are among some 24 companies bidding for assets being sold by Hostess Brands Inc., the bankrupt 82-year-old manufacturer of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Sno...
Mexican-owned megabakery "Grupo Bimbo", a prime competitor of "Flowers" in the US, might also vie for Hostess' iconic brands
The White Knight Comes for the Snacks, Not for the Union Twinkie the Kid was known for saving Twinkies from evil-doers in his classic commercials. Unfortunately, the Kid was no match for destructive union leadership. Will someone else come to the rescue? Fans of Hostess snacks are hoping that other bakers will run to the brand in the same way they had a run on the products this weekend. And there’s plenty of speculation as to the fate of Hostess and its most iconic assets. Chief among those rumors is that Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican food company, will buy the product line. So does that mean the striking members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) will be back at work soon? Not exactly. Especially if a Mexican buyer is involved, production may go the way of the Brach’s and Fannie May candy concerns: south of the border. With US sugar tariffs set artificially high to protect Florida sugar-growing concerns, a non-unionized shop with access to lower-price ...
Twinkies are back on the endangered species list: management and union were unable to reach an agreement that would keep the company open and nw it's forward into liquidation. The move also kills off the Dolly Madison and Drake lines of snack cakes. However, don't worry too much (or plan to make a fortune in the speculative snack cake market); other snack cake manufacturers like Grupo Bimbo, which already sells very similar products, is said to be one of the companies interested in purchasing the brands, recipes and rights to the Hostess line. Mexico-based Grupo Bimbo is largest bakery in the world. It owns Arnold Bakeries, Sara Lee bakery products, Mrs. Baird's, Orowheat and Thomas English Muffins. To tide you over, there's always Little Debbie or Tasty Cakes if you're in an area in which they are sold. Of course, you could try just snacking on something healthy, but what the *** is the fun in that?
HOSTESS HAS SEVERAL BUYERS AND THE MEXICAN BILLIONAIR IS THE PRIME CANDIDATE AND OWNS THE LARGEST BAKERY IN THE WORLD. snack cakes, may find a buyer when it heads to bankruptcy court today to liquidate the 82-year-old company, the company's CEO says. "I think we'll find buyers," CEO Gregory F. Rayburn told ABC News on Sunday. "A few have surfaced already since Friday expressing interest in the brand to acquire them." Con Agra and Flowers Foods are among the companies that have expressed interest in Hostess, but Mexican company El Grupo Bimbo may have an edge, the Christian Science Monitor reported Saturday. Grupo Bimbo, headed by Mexican billionaire Daniel Servitje Montull, is the largest bread-baking company in the world. Economists say part of the reason Hostess struggled was due to high sugar tariffs meant to protect local producers, the Monitor reported. Grupo Bimbo could take advantage of lower sugar prices in Mexico. Hostess makes Twinkies as well as popular snacks including *** *** Ding Dongs, Suz ...
Christian Science Monitor: Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest bread baking firm, which already owns parts of Sara Lee, Entenmann’s and Thomas English Muffins may make a bid for parts of Hostess and make Twinkies in Mexico. Food producers ConAgra and Flowers Food, the American company behind Nature Valley granola, have also expressed interest and so has Little Debbie baker McKee Foods.
The huge Mexican conglomerate that bought Sara Lee and Entemann’s may also be interested in acquiring financially challenged Hostess Brands and therefore keep the “golden sponge cake with creamy filling” and other products on the grocery store shelves in the future Grupo Bimbo is said to be the wo...
Grupo Bimbo- a billionaire enterprise from Mexico- might step in to save the Twinkies. In the epic battles between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, they done slept on Speedy Gonzalez!
Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican company that is the world's largest bread baker, might hold the key to saving the Twinkie from extinction in a Hostess liquidation. Though other companies have shown interest in buying some of Hostess' iconic brands, Bimbo might have the inside track, according to the Christia...
The Mexican company: "Grupo Bimbo" is considering buying whats left of Hostess. Does that mean my Ding Dong will now be handled by a Mexican bimbo?
So they say on Good Morning America that Grupo Bimbo have the edge over other bakeries to buy Hostess. Funny how you let 18000 people lose their jobs so you don't have to deal with unions so you can pay people pennies. I didn't know that America pays more for sugar either which is the reason a lot of cakes are made in Mexico. So you want me to be loyal to American products yet you sell to a foreign owner so you can make out like a bandit and American workers have to suffer. Yet you blame the government for the economy. I hate what business has came to. I know a long time ago they had more American pride and was good to the workers. Now its like you have a job and you should be happy we don't replace you so shut up and make me my millions.
it's worse than you think. Hostess bought Dolly Madison years ago. But supposedly Grupo Bimbo is in the hunt.
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Grupo Bimbo makes green strides with Mexican wind energy
Some interesting facts about Mexico investing. in the USA Cemex, the Mexican cement and building materials manufacturer, is now the largest producer in its segment in the US – commanding 10.5 per cent of a highly fragmented market. In 2010, Grupo Bimbo, the Mexican baker, announced the purchase of Sara Lee, the US baker, in a deal initially estimated at US$959m. The acquisition, which received approval from the US Department of Justice late last year on condition of some divestitures, consolidated Bimbo as America’s biggest breadmaker. Televisa, the Mexican broadcaster, significantly deepened its exposure to the US market in 2010, investing $1.2bn in Univision, the US’s largest Spanish-language network. It took an initial 5 per cent stake and debentures convertible into an additional 30 per cent equity stake in the future. Probably the most recognised Mexican brand in the US in the past 20 years is Corona Extra, the beer in the clear glass bottle served, in the US at least, with a wedge of lime in t ...
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