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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day (Deutsch: Murmeltiertag) is a day celebrated on February 2. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early.

Bill Murray Punxsutawney Phil Tim Minchin Andy Karl Chris Elliott Alan Curtis Old Vic Ben Brantley Steve Zissou Beverly Hills Cop Stephanie Abrams Swansea City Tom Cruise

😊 Our musical, Groundhog Day, just got nominated for 7 Tony Awards. SO thrilled for everyone. It has been a *** of a trip.…
We've seen Frankie Vargas die more times on than Bill Murray in Groundhog Day
What a night at the theatre—Andy Karl, the terrific lead in "Groundhog Day," injured his leg in the 2nd act and came bac…
Groundhog day but with better teams in the English Championship. Develop a plan B or C Warbs or you will become une…
[from my Groundhog Day reboot, Good Friday]. INT. BEDROOM - DAY. JESUS wakes up, realizing where he is. JESUS. oh…
New Yorkers version of Groundhog Day. Once we see this, we know Spring has arrived.
Groundhog Day time warp. wrote his own epitaph in 2013? Crawl under your school desks!
Brian, you do a great job. I don't mean to be "Mr. Negative", but watching the Wild in the Playoffs is…
When's there's a Groundhog Day and it turns out to be on a Tuesday
On Groundhog Day, the Groundhog was drunk and lied to you.
Easter listening -- a theological discussion of secular films including Groundhog Day and Fight Club
It's our B Roll (or EPK for the English amongst you). I think it's the mix from the foh desk - not sure. Sounds ok.
I used to take Groundhog Day very seriously as a kid. Like I'd smack you in the face if you were happy with 6 more weeks…
I was at Groundhog Day last night and I'm almost happy there was a glitch bc the energy in the room rose and u were outstanding
Jose Mourinho again left cursing Manchester United’s wastefulness in attack after Groundhog Day in Brussels
just saw Groundhog Day and wowowow you're freaking amazing so so happy I got to see you!! You're hilarious and so talented wow
Happy national pet day Barney even though this picture is from Groundhog Day a year ago. Missing you 💕
Had such a blast at the So happy for the Harry Potter and Groundhog Day teams! And moved by the words of
This award makes me so happy! I adored Groundhog Day in London, and Andy was phenomenal.
So happy Groundhog Day won best new musical!
i'm am so happy for Tim Minchin and the whole team behind Groundhog Day!
BEST MUSICAL Groundhog Day! Congratulations So happy for all of you! xx
Best Actor in a Musical... . Andy Karl!!! Shocked but VERY happy. Groundhog Day was FANTASTIC!
Groundhog Day golf. Freddie messing around with a few of his friends at Augusta. Garcia & Westwood missing lots of putts as usual.
57-year-old Fred Couples made Friday at feel like Groundhog Day.
"No matter what happens tomorrow, or the rest of my life - I'm happy now." -- Groundhog Day
will be happy, I've just watched Groundhog Day. 😀 😉😉
All of this Groundhog Day appreciation is making me v happy
Groundhog Day's longevity is due in part to its lack of pop cultural references, unless you count the Willard Scott…
Groundhog Day at the British Drug Free Bench Press Championships with a lift of 220kgs (485lbs) to win in the -110k…
We're stuck in the section of Groundhog Day where Phil tries to commit suicide over and over again
Cleared for release but still in prison: Groundhog Day In Guantanámo Bay
Groundhog Day is on. Just reminded myself that furry rat predicted an early spring.. It's spring and it still feels like winter.
Danny Rubin, the writer of Groundhog Day, the movie and the musical speaks!
Another 5-10 cm of snow tomorrow. Who do I talk to about doing away with Groundhog Day?
It interesting how this plays out like the movie Groundhog Day. Confirming the lack of free will. Random good or bad luck will only change.
Groundhog Day performance w new caveat none of us can get up in morning w/o illegals. I DID!
"For those who have chosen to look at reality..., every day is truly like Groundhog Day in an insane asylum.". -- Dane Wigington
Every day is all the same. Just like a Groundhog Day.
They should announce the release of a ‘sequel’ to the movie Groundhog’s Day, but then just re-screen the exact same versi…
Like Groundhog Day, but with fall damage and rebar.
Request to critics headed to B'way opening of "Groundhog Day": Review opening night. Then go back the next night and review it again.
'Groundhog Day In Bay'- reflects on a visit to clients held without trial in era of
omg! What if I told you I was stuck in a *** Groundhog Day here!? Yesterday I ran into this woman who's the mayor...
Surprised to say Groundhog Day on Broadway was amazing. See it then see it again.
He wrote "Groundhog Day," then the musical. What happens when one thing becomes your life?
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Arsenal have now been knocked out of the Champions League at the last-16 stage in SEVEN consecutive seasons. Groundhog day. 🙄…
Happy Groundhog(ger) Day! Looks like we're not quite done with winter just yet ☁️❄️
is nominated for outstanding writing team. Groundhog Day? Day after Tomorrow? WE can't be talking abt NBC…
Back to back USC games must feel a bit like Groundhog Day. Good luck to Baylor's basketball team on the 24th.
What was the song the cast of Cats sang to Groundhog Day tonight before the show? I…
Groundhog Day meets Van Wilder - John Gielgud stars as an impatient office worker. 12 years in the making.
Groundhog Day, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Steve Martin. Directed by Terry Jones, music by The Tremeloes. Budget: $5
Groundhog Day is over! Special thanks to Dan & Marie for prompt & courteous resolution of our issue.
it's like watching Groundhog Day with Obama administration and now this huh?
Like Groundhog Day. Listening to someone being shouted at.and mocking them with noises now.
yes... groundhog day... AGAIN... and yet I can't stop hoping!
oh, the groundhog day one? Yeah, i knew it was Michael Shannon. Incredible how famous he is now.
it's like Groundhog Day. Needs a total overhaul but I don't think Hertherington has the stomach for it anymore.
No real change from the status quo according to commentators. No surprise. Groundhog Day politics
Only thing missing is 10 new players to play along side Sanchez and a new manager .
Get your iPhone insurance today!
it is like the movie Groundhog Day -- stop talking and just do it -- b4 u lose 45 and ur majority
It's like Groundhog Day with this vast Russian conspiracy. . Will the temper tantrum ever end?. Americans are completely…
Edge of Tomorrow! Sci-if Groundhog Day with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as a stone-cold badass. Paxton chews all the scenery.
It's hard to take the film seriously when trailers make it look like an emo pumpkin spice latte version of Groundhog Day.
I'm huge fan of Bill Murray. Enjoyed his stupendous performance as Phil Connors in 'Groundhog Day'! A funky one
Dems appoint pro-Wall Street shill as leader. It's like Groundhog Day. Enjoy the next 8 years of Trump.
"But tell Lyt if he don't bounce the round ball way... He'll die over and over I will Groundhog Day" 😲
Get ready for Groundhog Day in the Alabama legislature
Get ready for Groundhog Day in the legislature
made its return to last night! What did you think of Mindy Lahiri's Groundhog Day ( and her…
She is Groundhog Day CNA. Been there 10 years, every day is her first day. . Amanda,Amanda,Amanda. What?!?. Can so in so have ice cream???. 😫
feeling sad, so I'm rewatching Groundhog Day
Is it still November? Am I in the movie Groundhog Day??? Why are we still discussing election results??
Arsenal face their annual Bayern Groundhog Day tonight, but the reality may be a little different this time around
Oh you didnt have a valentine on Valentines day? Well neither did I, & I dont have a groundhog for Groundhog Day OR a Christ for Christmas!
Here we go again... calls for another Protein World ad to be pulled. It's like SJW Groundhog Day >>.
one good episode is with Stephen Tobolowsky who played Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day
Another Groundhog Day until impeachment, but you'll get there.
It's like Groundhog Day with these guys.
awesome! my dad, also an avid reader, shares the Groundhog Day bday, so I tend to think people born on that day are awesome.
He's adorable! Mine was born on Feb. 2nd, a Groundhog Day baby!
How is letting this drag on NOT like Groundhog Day? He needs to break some skulls and bring order
Don't whine about not havin a valentines date. Grow up. Some ppl don't have groundhogs on Groundhog Day or flags on Flag Day…
No valentine on valentines day? Some people dont have a groundhog on groundhogs day. Check your priviledge.
Did you know that not only was February 2nd Groundhog day, it's also Hedgehog day? Here's to our hedgehogs! 📷…
St austell cornwall - the finalizing view versus meet with an kinswoman groundhog day: TsZVlDz
Don't have a Valentine on Valentines Day? . Tough. . Some people don't have a groundhog on Groundhog's Day. Check your privile…
Groundhog Day was originally on Valentine's Day but they changed it cuz one *** going in & out of a dark hole screwing thi…
Sitting at lunch today. Did you have a valentine yesterday? Umm did you have a groundhog on Groundhog Day?. I'm dying 😂😂😂
Will us Gunners be smiling later on tonight, or is it Groundhog Day again? I'm quietly, optimistically confident!
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I don't know how you can watch that train wreck. It's like Groundhog Day IRL.
Speaker Jim Scheer says can't continue to be like "Groundhog Day" fighting over rules; wants to extend tempo…
Oh you don't have a valentine on valentine's day? Some people don't even have a groundhog on groundhogs day. check your priv…
A Bill Murray day on on Sat 18th Feb. Sadly no 'Groundhog Day' or 'Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'.
While yall were sportsball-ing, Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia taught me that Groundhog Day is "Grundhogg Dæg" in Old English
OMG, we have had & Barrett Doss singing Groundhog Day on repeat for days! .
Ummm... just saw the preview of the movie Before I Fall... and it's literally just a suspenseful version of Groundhog Day... why would you?
It’s Groundhog Day! He refused to come out. A rep said it’s b/c he afraid to be mistaken for a beaver in our current polit…
Just learned from my housemate that in German Groundhog Day is titled "daily the groundhog says hello"
As everybody knows, if win on Groundhog Day that means six more weeks of Pavelec.
In what is starting to feel like an alcoholic version of Groundhog day, it is time for the annual farce that is...
I'd have loved to sit in on the pitch meeting -- "It's 'Groundhog Day' but with aliens and guns."
You may have forgotten, so here's our Groundhog Day reminder to ask the DNC and RNC to reform the primary process. htt…
Watching Groundhog Day for the first time ever and tbh so far it’s kind of boring. Also Bill Murrays character is a jerk.
Trevor examines Groundhog Day from an African perspective.
Reasons why I miss grade school: literally no one told me it was Groundhog Day yesterday
FINALLY watched Groundhog Day tonight on your rec. 20 min in my gf texts me to break up and it's ruined forever. Love the show.
They've been sending it for months ! Don't care what reason groundhog day, x-mas, my BD ! NO !
Brilliant piece: To understand the secret to doing great work, watch Billy Murray's Groundhog Day.
When you hear that Phil saw his shadow on :. …. ❄️
but will the Groundhog truly find himself one day.
I awake this morning knowing whatever I to do it will not involve any isms groundhog day for
This person has been posting the same Groundhog Day post for two years. T… (
Thank you to everyone that helped make the Groundhog Day Luncheon a great success. Special thanks to Great…
Groundhog day: Magic down Raptors 102-94 at home
Hope everyone had a great Groundhog's Day!
It's Groundhog Day: Sorry liberals: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Four more years of .Enjoy!
Hey Scott, April 1st is a ways a way. We just had groundhog's day. I think someone needs to lay off the
On this day in history, Gretchen Foster gave us the masterpiece that is "Ode to the Groundhog"
Listen to 45: Groundhog Day & DeVito Month by Rutten and Ranallo on
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
True that. I’m enjoying my friday with pjs, tea, and the movie Groundhog day!
Hello from the other side… My latest science flyby of is complete. My team is digging into the data
I rated Groundhog Day (1993) 10/10 Always watch twice in a row so it feels real.
Andy Murray ready for Groundhog Day after setting up fourth Australian Open
Lost in all the great news was Mayor de Blasio making it thru Groundhog Day without killing one. America's already becomi…
Groundhog Day is Phil's day. We're all just living in his shadow. How will you make the best of a longer winter?.
Before I Fall is basically Groundhog's Day with 80% teen angst
Still wheeling from yesterday's event. When the groundhog rolled up and said cash me outside, how bout day?
Groundhog Day! Here's to six more weeks of unpredictable Supercross action! h…
It takes a different kind of misery and boredom to complain about something as harmless and innocuous as Groundhog Day…
Phil sees his shadow on Groundhog Day via
Every time you go to sleep you're enacting a 'Groundhog Day'-like process in your brain
"Which groundhog decides on groundhogs day?"
It's and Punxsutawney Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter ⛄
Groundhog day, or the Twilight Zone, take your pick.
Andy Karl to Star in 'Groundhog Day' on Broadway - Hollywood Reporter
2013 injury: 6 days before my bday. 2015 injury: Earth Day. 2017 injury: Groundhog Day. ... idk man
Groundhog Day party, part 2, after THE movie at The Byrd @ New York Deli RVA
Learning about Raising A Reader & Groundhog Day at our February PACT Time
Morning, ! Every day feel like Groundhog Day..? It's a good time to learn something new!
I remember the days when we used to call it "39 days after Christmas" and not "Groundhog Day" LOL there is a war on religion in this country
Groundhog Day provides reason for plenty of activities for Arlington Heights students
It's Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of a Trump presidency.
Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts 6 more weeks of winter
Mrs. Patterson's 1st grade class tuned in to check out Punxsutawney Phil's Groundhog Day prediction!…
Groundhog Day is on the same day as the National Prayer Breakfast, making it a double-decker "No Science Thursday!"
It's now officially Groundhog Day, or as its known in NYC - the day Mayor de Blasio murdered Staten Island Chuck
Why does no one ever talk about how Di Blasio killed Staten Island Chuck and single handedly ruined Groundhog Day in '14?
Groundhog Day...with Stephanie Abrams and the The Weather Channel...looks like he saw his shadow!
*** does Stephanie Abrams have to do with Groundhog Day? :)
Boss: what's the next holiday we can take off for? . Me: uhhh, Groundhog Day
this is a meh remake of Groundhog's Day via
Don't Forget!! Thursday is Groundhog Day!!! Let's all Hope he does not see his shadow so we will have an early spring.
Wolf the Predator, Groundhog the Prey: Who Will Win the Day? Visit the VLM this Saturday for games, crafts, team...
Groundhog Day 2017 history: 7 facts about the origin! What will Phil see on 2/2?
It’s almost check out my commemorative illustrations from the last bunch of years:…
These early mornings like... Countdown to Groundhog Day!
Trivia tonight at O’Connor’s in White Plains. There is a Groundhog Day themed round. The hint is “1952 US Presidential Election"
Watch Tom Cruise in action in a sci-fi version of 'Groundhog Day'
'The Edge of Tomorrow' recut as the sci-fi version of 'Groundhog Day'
Groundhog Day Gross Motor and Visual Motor Challenge - no prep!...
Groundhog Day is near! Let's keep repeating and sharing the urgent need for YOUR help in...
Groundhog Day is on the 2nd, we will know soon 😜
Scars of the Groundhog Day tornado remain 10 years later
Happy early Groundhog Day! In this gopro blooper you'll see a spirited little orphaned groundhog who was admitted last sp…
Groundhog Day Beer Contest! Pick a beer...Comment below with your pick. We will tap a keg of whichever beer...
Getting acquainted with our shadow before Groundhog Day! We need the sun shining behind us if we want to see our…
Gotta give a shoutout to for its brilliant double-feature on Feb. 2: Groundhog Day and Groundhog Day.
OK, Campers, Rise and Shine! Celebrate this year with these cute pancakes! .
People saying Goodbye to January, what if Groundhog Day happens to us?
Groundhog Day is approaching! Are you wishing for 6 more weeks of Winter or Spring?
My professor just said "our exam is on Groundhog Day this is going to be so fun y'all!!!"
We LOVE this pic of original London cast members of at today. All
This Saturday at come see from the movie Groundhog Day, Beverly Hills Cop and Willow htt…
liberal sheep groundhog day for Lunatics sshh they snoozing😪 in their snowflake not Disturb the Sleepi…
Groundhog Day of that sanctimonious, nasty, racist, hypocrite Flabott infesting my tellybox again. Switched off. Bed. No nightmares 😱
wow! I wrote out a theory about trump and Groundhog Day just this week.
See how & shorter winter can affect your next breakfast, on the
Woodstock’s 25th anniversary of Groundhog Days.
it's soul destroying. Like Groundhog Day. But you have to keep chipping away. It helps if colleagues are too!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hello! Happy Thursday everyone!! Happy Groundhog Day! I've don't know never saw! Happy birthday To Bessie Coleman feel blessing! But just it
We're a long way from the warm glow we all got a week ago listening to Ian Paisley Jnr... Groundhog Day.
Bill J. Murray is stuck in the same day, while Bill S. Preston travels through history. Groundhog Day and Bill &...
Celebrate Groundhog's Day with some fun yoga games and activities.
... Groundhog Day, phew that means we're stopping up (and this time I was really worried) !
Saturday if I watch the movie "Groundhog Day" 12 times in a row I will get free tickets to the movie theater for a year. Is it worth it?
Still confused why Andy told me to remember it's Groundhog Day before I left for work this morning..
Who didn't watch Groundhog Day more than once? But there's no need to repeat the investment in natural gas http…
.| No direction and little hope ... feels like Groundhog Day again for Sunderland
Here's what you need to know for next Thursday Feb 2.
We are so excited to be performing at the 3rd annual Groundhog Day performance in Newton! Our…
Perhaps you watched too much Groundhog Day?
GROUNDHOG DAY CONTEST - CONCOURS DU JOUR DE LA MARMOTTE. It has been quite a while since I had a contest and with...
Forget groundhog day, this is the sign that spring is just around the corner
We just got the official word: the "Down and Yonder" trailer is going live on Groundhog Day.
This makes sense. Groundhog Day is next week.
BREAKING: EARLY SPRING FOR THE NW ;) That is if you believe in the power of the rodent on Groundhog Day. Working...
I hate Microsoft. Trying to delete a skype account. It's like a groundhog day of recurring nightmares. I am giving up
They should make a sequel to Groundhog Day, but it's the exact same movie.
We hope you're planning to be at Cannery Square next Thursday morning, February 2 to celebrate Groundhog Day! The...
Day 7! Only a week left until our 35th annual Groundhog Run! The 5K starts at 8:00 AM and the 10K starts at...
The Groundhog Day party is a week away! Join us as we celebrate at the The Elephant. Funds raised go to support...
it should be like Groundhog Day. 'Will the nazi get punched when he goes outside? Oh! He did! Six more months fascism free'
are you & going to party again with for Groundhog Day? Bring Bill Murr…
And Australian politicians are still chasing coal jobs? 19th century Groundhog Day
One week from tonight, join us as we celebrate the release of IPA!…
Groundhog Day barista throwdown at the Brew.
Felt a bit like Groundhog Day at 4pm! Back at Charters with this bunch again this week. So proud of their winning pe…
Get ready for I Got You Babe on repeat. Groundhog Day DJ by
ONE WEEK from today Phil will tell us if this winter thing will be short-lived. HA. Groundhog Day is February 2.
The Olde Town Hub opens on Groundhog Day. Will we have a Punxsutawney Phil impersonator on hand?
RIP, Nibbles. Asheville groundhogs will be missed on Groundhog Day via
I'ts literally groundhog day with Celtics fans
Every day I get the same PR pitch for a Groundhog's Day angle on personal finance.
Groundhog Day. must finish this window on a positive for many reasons.
Celebrate Groundhog Day with this fun classroom discussion and prediction worksheet!.
it's almost like, what if Groundhog Day was a post-apocalyptic horror movie?
Just got an e-mail reminder that Groundhog Day is next Thursday. Everyday is Groundhog Day for me
is canceled in because the groundhog has died. So has the groundhog at
Was so ready to get this Groundhog Day of a week over and done with until I remembered a greek tragedy awaits us tomorrow.
Chris Elliott (his finest work) and Bill Murray in Groundhog Day late night Jan 27-30 at
Two things I could do every day and never tire of--eat my homemade granola and watch Groundhog Day with Bill Murray
We'll, we all paid money to watch Bill Murray do it in Groundhog Day. And there was this guy who died and came back.JESUS!
Oh you don't have a NYE kiss for tonight? Well some people don't have a ground hog for Groundhog Day you ungrateful bit…
I love Groundhog Day, but Andy McDowell's character is actually very unlikeable.
All purpose parts banner
"It does feel a bit like Groundhog Day". Alan Curtis is ready to keep the manager's seat warm once again
Groundhog Day for Alan Curtis as Swansea City search for a new manager... and some cons
Groundhog Day for Alan Curtis and Swansea City, who try to remain upbeat despite ongoing turmoil
Christmas, Halloween, Groundhog Day, shii I'll do it on Columbus Day 😅
Groundhog Day on Christmas Day: Kevin Durant's big night can't prevent another Warriors collapse vs. Cavaliers
I love Groundhog Day, What About Bob?, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but Bill Murray's best performance is in Broken Flowers.
oh and Gallipoli. Stand by Me. The Sting. Gosford park. Groundhog Day. The Life of Brian
And more of my favs; Fargo, Groundhog Day, Borat, The Nutty Professor, Meet the Parents, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Coming to America.
I feel like the John Groce era is just one long plait to a Groundhog Day sequel.
Another game that Manchester United dominated, another draw. It's Groundhog Day all over again, writes
Groundhog Day, all over again: Madigan no-shows meeting, Rauner's GOP launches attack website
I wish Nov. 19th was my Groundhog Day. It would repeat over and over again, so I could see Greg Holden and Garrison Starr live every day.
It's weird given my age (mid-20s) that Groundhog Day was a 3pm Saturday film on ITV, and was so beloved by such a wide...
Definition of Meta: Clint Eastwood dressed like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day who was dressed like Eastwood in The G…
Bill Murray in Groundhog Day is honest to God the pinnacle of comedic and cinematic mastery. I just really love this movie
I've heard Chris Elliott use that line in Groundhog Day!
Chris Elliott uses that line referring to Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day. Great movie and a great line.
Sondheim: to make a musical of Groundhog Day would be to gild the lily. It cannot be improved. Tim Minchin: hey, that gives me an idea
David Bowie is writing a musical. Groundhog Day is coming in. is writing a musical. I am happy…
Today is not Groundhog Day... however, to ur social media person- this is a thing now carry it through the rest of…
It's like Groundhog Day. At Henry Clay again, for Scott County-Bryan Station district soccer semifinal again. Girls tonight.
That’s what better happen or this will turn into Groundhog Day,without the happy ending
Happy Leif Erikson Day, the second greatest holiday after Groundhog Day!
7 Sept: Ant & Dec, Old Vic, heading to hobnob with the cast of Groundhog Day, after the show.
Listening to Phil Simms makes me feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, but instead of the same day on repeat it's mass stupidity
Groundhog Day, starring Liv Tyler and Frances McDormand. Directed by Damon Lindelof, music by Big Star. Budget: $3m
. Rocky. Back to the Future. Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Godfather. As Good as it Gets. Groundhog Day . LA Confidential
fam. Groundhog Day in 87. While rockin some white stacy adams with timb laces
"I grinned pretty much all the way through 'Groundhog Day,' " writes Ben Brantley of new musical
(today, in no order). The Shining. Carrie. Inglourious Basterds. Guardians of the Galaxy. The Prestige. Hot Fuzz. Groundhog Day
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
NY Times review: 'Transforming into the top-of-the-heap musical star he has long deserved to be'
I love Groundhog Day! It's the first movie that I ever thought was clever - when I was a kid.
Groundhog Day is a triumph. spins gold again. Beautifully directed; 2 ace visual gags got huge…
It's becoming Groundhog Day, we're having the same conversations about the same issues. - Clara Cutajar
Aussie creator of the brilliant "Matilda" musical nails it AGAIN with his new Groundhog Day musical.
It's... GROUNDHOG DAY! At long last, we officially open at the tonight. Huge love & chookas to the extraordi…
Jim: Would you want to do it on Groundhog Day?. Michael Scott: No, I prefer to celebrate privately
Phew. Was worried there for a moment...
ESN : Spain's June 26 Elections: Groundhog Day: Spain breaks with the polls and repeats results very similar to…
On the London stage, "Groundhog Day" the musical is both cuddly and hip
"Groundhog Day" was Broadway-bound. Then it lost its American producer. Now, Ben Brantley gives it a thumbs up. https:/…
First reviews say has exceeded even the brilliant Matilda with the musical version of Groundhog Day
I really want to today to be like Groundhog Day that movie with Bill Murry and just keep repeating this day. Rlly not feeling school or life
A4: Not sure if it's popular, but it was with my friends growing up -- What About Bob? And Groundhog Day.
has done it again! . Critics already adore Tim Minchin's new Groundhog Day musical via
Insight into how collaboration can improve a story and make it go from interesting to truly memorable...
Teacher: Has anyone seen Groundhog Day?. Classmate: Yeah, I watch it everyday
Press night for Groundhog Day and a well deserved 5⭐️ review from The Stage...
Here we go: . Back to the Future. Easy A. Now You See Me. Shawshank Redemption. Captain America. A League of Their Own. Groundhog Day
Review: Tim Minchin's Groundhog Day at the Old Vic (with apologies)
Very fun read: How I wrote the script for in less than a week
It's like Groundhog Day for Tulo and Martin Back to Back Jacks!
Tim Minchin's Groundhog Day opens to 5 *'s at Old Vic.
I seriously need a Groundhog Day. Que sera, but it would be most worthwhile to cash in on just one mulligan, please.
Groundhog Day: the Musical is an instant classic — and could be better than the movie
Better than the movie! And Matilda!? Surely not possible? Tim Minchin's 'masterful' Groundhog Day reviewed
Groundhog Day. Star Wars. Eternal Sunshine etc. Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Usual Suspects. The Dark Knight. Jason and the Argonauts
Trump aides spent months asking a version of "are you on track." Results have been a Groundhog Day of pivots
Groundhog Day. Why South Australians can't trust to deliver child protection reform
By standard TV tropes, it'll be either alternate dimension or Groundhog Day next.
Another day, another terrorist attack. This is like Groundhog Day of awful. When will it stop?
Groundhog Day still talking Melanie Trump- get a life -
New on TAW: Groundhog Day - Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts are joined by Damien Hughes, sports ...
Watching Edge of Tomorrow. It's surprisingly good. Bit like an ultra-violent Groundhog Day with less Bill Murray and more Tom Cruise.
"history, never repeats" I think Tim Finn was wrong. Might be Groundhog Day for us! A hung parliament?
Good morning camp day 3. Ball repair is job 1 for the boss. Groundhog Day. . All the kids r starting 2 look alike
Happy first day of summer unless you live in where it is Groundhog Day
It's no Groundhog Day. Again in Belle Isle Island. Welcome to round 2.
it's like Groundhog Day, nothing will change with this madman in charge. We are in terminal decline.
Going to watch GROUNDHOG DAY right now.
have you ever seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? Thats seriously my life right now.
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