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Grosse Point Blank

Grosse Pointe Blank is a 1997 American black comedy film, directed by George Armitage, and starring John Cusack and Minnie Driver.

John Cusack Minnie Driver Joan Cusack Dan Aykroyd High Fidelity Jeremy Piven Alan Arkin Pulp Fiction Dan Ackroyd Say Anything War Inc Monsters Inc Big Lebowski

I love John Cusack. Say Anything and Grosse Point Blank are faves!
I didn't know who wrote Grosse Point Blank, or what happened to him. Gosh.
I've started a series of conversations I have no energy to play out. I'm just frustrated with everyone settling on "Grosse Point Blank."
There's a poster for "Pulp Fiction" in the background of a hitmen shootout in "Grosse Point Blank.". Ouch.
A really awesome song from a really, really awesome soundtrack (Grosse Point Blank)
Did you know Grosse Point Blank was released some day years ago. It's hard to believe.
John Cusack rom-com's have great soundtracks. See Grosse Point Blank for further details.
Grosse Point Blank is my particular favourite of his! is indeed an extraordinary talent!
LOVE the film Grosse Point Blank. Awesome sound track, cracking script & Cusacks in it!
Grosse Point Blank. I have no idea if its on Netflix but I always suggest it :)
Disastrous date not improved by 2 tickets for Grosse Point Blank, him muttering in a bad mood on both! Never did see end!
I thought Grosse Point Blank until the baby part now I have nfi
mixes with Grosse Point Blank mixes with Dirty Dancing mixes with Frozen
The grass is always greener in Grosse Point, Blank.
the johnsons in die hard and the NSA agents in grosse point blank. something about texturing minor characters with great economy.
ok, one of my fave films, “Grosse Point Blank” John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Dan Aykroyd. Assassins at the school reunion. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just finished watching grosse point blank with again forgot how good the soundtrack is and how missed joe strummer is...
Just re watched Grosse Point Blank. Still one of the quirkiest weirdest movies I've ever seen. John Cusack is perfect for it. it
So far Drive Hard seems like Grosse Point Blank Fan Fiction. Martin Blank back to his old tricks.
FOR 2 weeks I've been saying GROSSE POINT BLANK & my husband makes me watch the CREEPY killer movie! Fruuuck!
Watching 'Grosse Point Blank' one of my favourite films 🎥🎬
Flipping channels, found Grosse Point Blank on the Spanish channel. Como se dice "hound hitter?" or "pooch puncher?" en español?
I guess I've always imagined my reunion like Grosse Point Blank, although almost nobody still lives in my hometown.
go with one of the classics, A Life Less Ordinary or Grosse Point Blank.
US is on my list, with Some Like It Hot, Grosse Point Blank, Cabaret and Flash Gordon. New arrival on list: Grand Budapest Hotel.
A line Dan Aykroyd uses in the movie Grosse Point Blank. Great film. :-)
the Faculty came out one year after Grosse Point Blank. Compare Jon Stewart's career to John Cusack's. Man.
I think Cusack is playing same character in Grosse Point Blank, War Inc., and Grand Piano. From great movie to complete waste of time.
Just finished watching Grosse Point Blank with John Cusack and Minnie Driver. What are your favorite '90's movies?
as we all know ... music is an integral part of most movies. it can help to define a film ... set up a scene ... or cause misdirection. what is/are your favorite song(s) or music that has helped to define a movie (or movies)? for me: 1. Apocalypse Now - The End and Flight of the Valkries 2. Grosse Point Blank - I Can See Clearly Now (for mis-direction) 3. New Jack City - New Jack City 4. Cooley High - it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday 5. Warriors - In The City. how about you: can you name at least 3 that define a movie?
Starting off the New Year right: eggs, coffee, and one of the best movies ever made that explains many things: Grosse Point Blank! (Dan Akroyd, Minie Driver, John AND Joanne Cusak, Don Cheadle, Hank Azaria, Alan Arkin, and tons of political and romantic comedy).
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Listening to podcasts in between lectures has made me want to watch; Dragnet, Grosse Point Blank and Hudson Hawk. Possibly in that order.
So it's my H.S. 20 year reunion next week, and even though none of my friends are going (that I know of?!), a part of me is wondering if it will be some awesome combination of Grosse Point Blank and Romy & Michelle's H.S. Reunion. Even though those movies are 10 year reunions. There's no way I'm too old for John Cusack, surely?
Great Panic Room Double feature : "The Awful Truth w/ Cary Grant & Irene Dunne, then Grosse Point Blank w/ John and Joan Cusack and one of my all time favorites the spectacular Minnie Driver.
Grosse Point Blank is literally one of my favorite movies.Love John Cusack in this movie!
John Cusack: 'Did you go to your 10th year Reunion?' Joan Cusack: 'Yes. It was like everyone had swelled...' -Grosse Point Blank
Has Minnie Driver ever been as good in any movie as she was in Grosse Point Blank
I kinda want Joan Cusack's job in Grosse Point Blank. I think I'd be good at it. Did she have a healthcare plan?
Trying to think of movies about our hero returning to his/her hometown after years away, like Sweet Home Alabama or Grosse Point Blank. Thoughts?
Watching "Grosse Point Blank" on HBO. It came out in 1997, the same year as my 10 year high school reunion. "Romy & Michelle" also came out that year, and yes, I saw then both before attending my reunion. 1987 seems like a popular year to have graduated from high school. I feel so hip in a very old kind of way. ;)
Pop quiz hot shot. Name your favorite movies, music artists, or albums that you think are awesome. They might not be "classics" but maybe they don't get the credit they deserve. And we don't mean things like "the room." For example: I think Grosse Point Blank is great and can watch it over and over and over again. Go!
Cheryl just asked me what's the John Cusack movie "Say Anything" like. I replied that it's supposed to be a comedy, but I've never been able to maintain enough interest to watch it all the way through. Then I realized I was describing another John Cusack movie "Grosse Point Blank". Which brought me to the further realization... I've never watched a John Cusack movie all the way through to the end!
Reccing time. Just fit this in before we go stand in the rain watching The Boss. And seriously, see Man Of Steel, it's truly fantastic. But now, how about a film with a Springsteen cameo? We ruminated earlier in t'week on the myriad dangers facing the adaptor of other media into screenplay format and how those pitfalls are increased when the media in question attracts a fanatic following. Nick Hornby's novel High Fidelity, ostensibly about the romantic tribulations of a record store owner, is more honestly about the inherent nobility of the collector, the enthusiast, the geek, the sort of person who's primed to get all manner of higgledy-piggledy if you screw with the object of their fanaticism. It's asking for trouble. Mind, if you are that person, if your love of music burns bright, and of perchance you'd written something of the quality of the great Grosse Point Blank, you are a) not likely to feel the intimidation and b) going to improve on the novel with every change you make. Relocated to Chicago, s ...
Monsters University screening invite.Wooho! How sad am I? Monsters Inc has to be one of my all time favorite movies, right up there with Grosse Point Blank and the Wedding Singer. Don't judge...
Just watched Grosse Point Blank whilst a lovely lady snored next to me.
Grosse Point Blank is one of my all time favorite movies any plans to reprise Martin Blank?
John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank does a very good Robert Downey Jr. impersonation.
If you ask Elisabeth Moss how she feels about Grosse Point Blank actor Jeremy Piven, be prepared to hear an earful. The Mad Men actress s..
Is there a better on-screen chemistry than that of John Cusack and in Grosse Point Blank?
Does age. Watching new film and he looks the same as he did in one of my favourites grosse point blank. Awesome awesome film
alright, I won't tell you about (in no order) Grosse Point Blank, High Fidelity, Dazed & Confused, Empire Records, or others.
At least make it like "The Baxter" or "Grosse Point Blank." Also, 'twas not my intention to depress you.
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no they were saying that the guy in grosse point blank worked at KFC!
Also makes me want to watch Grosse Point Blank immediately.
Numerous school massacres stopped by gun owners who wielded their weapons in defense of children
Sad video. Please know, what you are about to see, is sad and may seem disturbing to watch.
It's like GROSSE POINT BLANK and THREE KINGS had a baby that got dropped on its head. A lot.
always love him in Grosse Point Blank
Some combination of Reality Bites and Grosse Point Blank taught me Blister/Add It Up, but I doubt I knew their name.
Watching the best movie ever made (Grosse Point Blank), and remembering how I used to think they were old. Now they seem so young.
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I liked SA but yeah BOD was better. Older movies I loved Grosse Point Blank lol
Grosse Point Blank on HBO. Such a great flick! Prob seen it about 20 times. Still listen to the soundtrack! And how cute is
Almost forgot what an awesome movie Grosse Point Blank is
Grosse point blank.I win. What is the prize? A beamer? No one buys American anymore huh?
I think 'moral flexibility' from Grosse Point Blank describes me perfectly. Why doesn't HBO do a series about this movie?!
that's cool. I've seen Grosse Point Blank about 300 times so it evens out.
Love watching Grosse Point Blank, Dan Ackroyd as a psycho contract killer
I love that song always makes me think of the movie "Grosse Point Blank."
Can anyone say for absolute certain that 90s John & Joan Cusack are not in fact the same person? Watching Grosse Point Blank. Have doubts.
Made me chuckle! Great series of btw... Keep them coming! (Grosse Point Blank?)
I will be listening to the soudtrack of Grosse Point Blank a lot today. It pretty much sums up life at the moment.
I forgot how many parallels there were between Grosse Point Blank and 's Keller series. Love them both
just saw War Inc and numbers station truly enjoyed both films, now I'm on a cusack marathon starting with grosse point blank
Hi John just watched Numbers Station - great film. Would you love to make a sequel to Grosse Point Blank?
Grosse Point Blank has a pretty great sound track. Probably why it's one of my favorite movies.
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Bronx Tale took Grosse Point Blank to soundtrack school
Grosse Point Blank. No 2 in my top five cinematic faves.
Grosse point blank has the best soundtrack ever
I never get tired of grosse point blank
Grosse Point Blank is on. Saw this as a double feature with my wife when we were dating.
At this point, I dunno how many times I've seen Grosse Pointe Blank. At least half as many times as Die Hard.
Alan Arkin is so great in Grosse Point Blank
Grosse Point Blank. Some of the best movie lines EVER. This movie IS my dark sense of humor incarnate.
For me it's Grosse Point Blank, but I know what you mean about Almost Famous.
My fav past time. Watching grosse point blank
"Great Moments in Cinema - Grosse Point Blank". Indeed probably one of the greatest scenes in the entire 1990s.
Just watched the Big Lebowski again 2 days ago! Was gut laughing. Love every movie on that list. 1 more. Grosse Point Blank
Ok, so Watchmen isn't the greatest film, but the soundtrack is outstanding, it's up there with Grosse Point Blank.
Grosse Point Blank(1997) is one of the greatest black comedies ever. Thanks for the great films.You're a freemason of your craft
Grosse Point Blank. I never get sick of this movie. It has a great soundtrack and some fun writing. Perfect while grading
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Grosse Point Blank. Much more enjoyable in adulthood than when I saw it as a teenager in cinemas with my mom
Watching Grosse Point Blank. Totally forgot about the Muzak version of G'n'R's Live and Let Die.
My first HBO movie is Grosse Point Blank. Haven't seen this in at least 10 years.
Watching Grosse Point Blank. Anyone who doesn't think its 1 of the funniest/best films of the last 20 years is more than welcome to unfollow
I am watching the truly great Grosse Point Blank.
watching Grosse Point Blank and then Hi-Fidelity with my pugs.
It's a nice day outside & I'm sitting in my house watching grosse point blank. :)
High Fidelity followed closely by When Harry Met Sally. I would also include Grosse Point Blank but that has murder in it.
So my boyfriend showed me Grosse Point Blank...stop being so brilliant. I wasn't expecting it to be do funny
Watching Grosse Point Blank right now . One of my favorite movies, it's a wonder blend of a love story, comedy, and contract killing.
I'm excited but leery of the new AD. As they said in Grosse Point Blank 'you can never go home again, Oatman.'.
Watching grosse point blank, forgot how good it was.
Absolutely not. I felt the same way after watching The Grifters and Grosse Point Blank years ago.
Grosse Point Blank is like someone crossed The Breakfast Club with Leon...
After watching Grosse Point Blank, I have decided to keep a picture of Minnie Driver about as an emergency sanity-restorer.
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Grosse Point Blank gets better with age.
Just started watching Grosse Point Blank after doing my weights. Grrr!
He's in two of my favourite films of all time of all time of all time. Grosse Point Blank and High Fidelity.
Can you put a movie on in the background? Deciding btw Fight Club and Grosse Point Blank here. That's where I'm at today.
Moody Blues Days of the Future Past, Sound track from movie Grosse Point Blank, Soundtrack Amadeus, Anything by Leroy Carr
Grosse Point Blank: John Cusack & Minnie Driver, bloody brilliant film - had forgotten how funny it was
"Grosse Point Blank" is on. Wish my tenth high school reunion was more like this. Minus Minnie Driver of course.
the baby that stares at John Cusack at the reunion in Grosse Point Blank
Grosse Point Blank. Something is made apparent in this film. Jeremy Piven had less hair in the 90's than he does now.
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Best soundtrack of any movie in history: Grosse Point Blank.
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Grosse Point Blank is my favourite of his.
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Freaky Friday question of the night. Spit or swallow ? P.Tim
watching Grosse Point Blank (for the umpteenth time) and realizing its in my top two movies of all time. Thanks for everything.
Without a doubt ... always makes my all-time top 5. But there's something about Grosse Point Blank. Best fight scene ever.
Sometimes what you need from the universe is a thwack in the head. It is only too happy to deliver. Leaves me grateful for the education, despite the headache.
Good shout bmore... However it's no Grosse Point Blank!
Eww, new commercial for diapers shows a mom breast feeding in a restaurant.. so gross. I hope women don't actually do that..
"No no no, a psychopath kills for no reason, I kill for money... its a job... that didn't sound right...": Watching Grosse Point Blank again
oh and I must also tell you that I absolutely love grosse point blank. Been a fave film for yonks.
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Love when I do the full body shave feelin aerodynamic!! Had to have my stepmom shave my back though LOLOLOL :p
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After you started talking about Cusack I remembered Grosse Point Blank.
Or if John Cusack shows up with some choice Peter Gabriel jams, do you immediately yell "put down that boombox I LOVED GROSSE POINT BLANK".
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Getting a lot of responses for Grosse Point Blank. Good flick, but didn't come away thinking that was Dan Aykroyd's movie.
Sneakers? I was going to say Grosse Point Blank but I kinda hated him in that.
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My rescue bengal, the coolest cat on the planet. I named him after the dog that was accidentally assinated in grosse point blank
I seriously can't believe that anybody would go to Pure tonight in that it's lingerie night...crazy
So wait, do we all think its funny and cool that the Girls From LA video basically makes a joke that girls here don't get drunk enough for guys to date rape them? Or are all just posting this thing in an ironic way?
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Watching grosse point blank, falling in love with all over again!
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funny when people say they're so tiny yet they got that way from shooting up heroin! lol yeah what an accomplishment. Way to go!
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Why has no one made a moustache wax that smells like bacon?
I haven't seen any of those either :-P Maybe Grosse Point Blank. Not a Cusack fan apparently, but he gets the ladies.
That, Better Off Dead, and Grosse Point Blank are probably his three best movies.
"Where are all the good men the heart or in the head?" who said it in which movie? --- no cheating! do you know it?
Ladies you gotta ride his d**k reverse cowgirl until he gets ready to *** then start sucking on the d**k until he shoots all in your mouth & SWALLOW
Grosse Point Blank is a treasure. Last thing I really loved him in was 1408.
Explaining the plot of GROSSE POINT BLANK to a couple of stoned chicks should not be this difficult...
no luck. May have to watch Grosse Point Blank instead.
Watching Grosse Point Blank. Forgot how funny it is. Also forgot how old it is (wow, 1997. What a difference 15 years makes)
Sunday sofa afternoon: excellent delivery pizza from and Grosse Point Blank.
I want to watch Grosse Point Blank now, thanks
Yesterday's blood related movie quote was from Grosse Point Blank, of which the dialogue took place between John and Joan Cusack. Here is today's all in the family, blood related movie quote. Good luck! Alex, you're a much better father than I was. Thank you. But you didn't exactly set the bar all that high.
Last day in the office. I am Joan Cusack in Grosse Point Blank with kerosene and sledgehammer.
As I said to someone earlier, to misquote Minnie Driver in Grosse Point Blank, I think Sanchez is more sprained than broken.
Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Shaun of the Dead, The Big Hit, Mr and Mrs Smith, Grosse Point Blank
The English Beat - Mirror In The Bathroom. Making me want to watch 'Grosse Point Blank' again.
watching you right now in Grosse Point Blank.I love this movie.
No one wants to see Grosse Point Blank w/ me bc it's a 15 year old movie & I've already seen it 3 times this year. They say I have a problem
if you've seen Grosse Point blank so many times that you just expect live and let die to segue into the Musak version at any time
I've narrowed it down to Grosse Point Blank, War Inc and High Fidelity. HURM.
Watching Grosse Point Blank, one of my all time favs.
at home good time to catch up on my recent movie purchases watched Grosse Point Blank what to watch next hm
Just finished reminding myself why I really like John Cusack movies. "Grosse Point Blank" ... Night all!
Mmmmkay then, this evenings film shall be Grosse Point Blank, one of my favourite movies about high school reunions and being an assassin :)
Things my brain shouldn't combine: Hot Tub Time Machine, Grosse Point Blank, and lack of sleep. My brain can really get twisted in dreamland
playing the phenomenal soundtrack to the classic Grosse Point Blank now.
oh man I really want to see Grosse Point Blank again. I love Minnie Driver
friday nite viewing, but Miami Connection, Super, Big Lebowski, or Grosse Point Blank are in order
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Saw Grosse Point Blank earlier today. LOVE that movie.
Grosse Point Blank is an amazing movie. so is War, Inc.
Haven't watched it in a long time but I still have mad love for Grosse Point Blank (and its soundtrack).
-You don't know my cat. It is very demanding. -it? You don't know if it's a girl or a boy. - I respect its privacy. ~grosse point blank
Grosse Point Blank is not only a great movie, but its soundtrack is also flawless
Grosse Point Blank on.. I need to find my Violent Femmes CDs..
Forget poker, Grosse Point Blank just started on HBO. john cusak at his best. Top 10 movie ever!
Watching Grosse Point Blank. It's definitely time for a movie marathon!!!
Grosse point blank. John Cusack. Need I say more?
And have just seen that "Grosse Point Blank" is on later. It's like my perfect movie day!
I also recommend Grosse point blank, there is a great scene accompanied by the beats mirror in the bathroom.
Bypassed xfactor and watched Grosse point blank. My concious lives for another day. If reincarnation is real, bagsey John Cusack next.
To quote a line from Grosse Point Blank, "I think you need a Shakabuk" As I grab my helmet to hit the trails. Have a great Sat all.
Husband going to Detroit next week. Just reminding ourselves of Detroit movies: True Romance, Grosse Point Blank, 8 Mile...
Grosse Point Blank.. Stellar.. Kudos.. In My Top Twenty.. Use of "Mirror in the Bathroom" was brilliant ; )
anastasia, grosse point blank. oh and you might like Americas Sweethearts. is in them. see what you think. :-)
I just want I watch grosse point blank or High Fidelity right now 😡
Yes, I'm watching "Grosse Point Blank" one of my fav movies of all time, and no guilt in saying it :)
Grosse Point Blank is easily in my top 5 favorite movies.
My brother and I are doing some indie film scoring. Excited to share it with you guys when it's wrapped up. Do you have a favorite film score? Or maybe one that you hate and feel like it ruined the movie?
Turned on the TV for some background while doing some fairly simple work on my laptop. Found John Cusack giving Minnie Driver an airplane ride in Grosse Point Blank. The last hour may not have been quite as productive as I'd intended.
Recently watched "Grosse Point Blank" which was Awesome as always. Which got me wondering what is everyone's top 3 John Cusack films. I'll go first 1. High Fidelity 2. Better of Dead 3. Grosse Point Blank
Net Point Blank... this is what was left after the taxman got his hands on Grosse Point Blank.
Grosse Point Blank has the greatest soundtrack ever because Joe Strummer made it.
The just introduced me to Grosse Point Blank, love Jeremy Piven and Alan Arkin.
Grosse point blank in hd! That's why I pay for all the cable channels.
Just watched Grosse Point Blank for the first time. Really enjoyed it. Seeing Dan Ackroyd makes me think it's almost time for Ghostbusters!
This song just makes me ask: Why am I not watching Grosse Point Blank right now?!
great film. Fred Ward, Jennifer Jason Leigh, same director as Grosse Point Blank.
Aw! Too cute! I love all his movies, but Grosse Point Blank is my favorite!
As someone who owns the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack, I love you guys so much.
I favorited a video from Grosse Point Blank Psychologist
Y'all aren't Romy & Michelle-ing it to the reunion, right? No mini-skirts, stillettos and Patron shots. I'm picturing more Grosse Point Blank style- sarcasm, the Specials, but less guns.
Watching Grosse Point Blank until dude jumps from space later today.
After last night's "Say Anything" have decided to have a Cusack day. "Hi Fidelity", "Grosse Point Blank", "being John Malcovitch"
Just watched Grosse Point Blank and attended my 15yr class reunion last wknd! What a great movie, it is timeless!
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World has become one of my favorite movies. Any time it's on, I'm compelled to watch the rest, no matter where I come in. Uh-oh, now Grosse Point Blank!
Integrity will always be rewarded on that last round was Grosse Point Blank round 7 coming soon.
Great of you to come onstage during "In Your Eyes" last night at the Bowl. GROSSE POINT BLANK on Blu-Ray is pretty rad, too.
I had forgotten how good a movie Grosse Point Blank is.
rent? Can you still do that? Grosse Point Blank easily in top 5 all time favorite movies.. Ever.
You remind me of the main character in Grosse Point Blank!
Grosse Point Blank ..forgot thank lets go eagles ..n *** vick can't hold the *** ball man
Watching Grosse Point Blank w/ . Love his movies and even more his political view points.
'Grosse Point Blank' is the only movie that I will watch whenever it's on. I love the movie and I have a 'thing' for 'Minnie Driver'... Fell in love with her when she was 'thicker' in 'Circle of Friends'...
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Hearing the Violent Femmes this morning has just reminded me to watch Grosse Point Blank again sometime soon
your delivery of "It was me, it was just one guy" in Grosse Point Blank cracks me up every single time. You rule!
Back to the Future, Princess Bride and Grosse Point Blank. Perfect movie night after a crazy productive day.
Perusing my DVDs & realized there is a Say Anything sequel, Grosse Point Blank. Can't be the first to catch that.
ice harvest and grosse point blank both on at the same Saturday tough decision!
Moment Parks and Rec jumped the shark: when April poo poo'd the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack.
Monsters Inc & Grosse Point Blank would have to be in there
love John. We watched Grosse point blank again recently.
Baking cookies & watching Grosse Point Blank. Love this movie!
Collateral, Anchorman, Grosse Point Blank, Kingpin, The Other Guys all on TV right now...ever feel like the universe is smiling at you?
Grosse Point Blank is on... it's going to be a mindless, fun Friday night! Thank you, John & Joan Cusack!!! :-)
shut it syphilistits Grosse point blank has the best sound track of all time I miss Joe
I love most episodes. But the mention of the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack was worth extra points. I LOVE that movie (& soundtrack).
Ben on Parks & Rec is a giant nerd who keeps the soundtracks to Pulp Fiction, Singles, & Grosse Point Blank in his car. I may sue.
Grosse Point Blank has a great soundtrack!
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Joan Cusack in Grosse Point blank was just awesome!
Just like real life, but with more kickboxing and guns.
Grosse point blank is my new favorite movie. I'd definitely kidnap John Cusack and keep him in my closet
Every time someone mentions Point Break I get confused & think I've seen it but I'm really just remembering Grosse Pointe Blank
Heh. Aye. There was a time my thoughts of a potential school reunion were highly influenced by Grosse Point Blank.
Little touches me more than Jeremy Piven in Grosse Point Blank and his unquestioning friendship. "Where's our boy? Where's our boy??"
watching Grosse Point Blank. This movie was true genius. Love it
Something depressing just hit me. Soon, Grosse Point Blank is going to look so old and dated aesthetically. ***
Just been invited to school reunion. Ever been to one? Best one I ever saw was in the movie Grosse Point Blank
There is absolutely NO reason why Grosse Point Blank should be as awesome as it is. Consider: It stars John Cusack, who has often been good but rarely great. The Plot is trite (burned-out assassin goes to his high school reunion. Oh, and he has a scared therapist!). It was directed by George Armitage, whose directing credits (7) include Private Duty Nurses and Vigilante Force. It was co-written by Cusack whose only other writing credit of note is High Fidelity, which was an adaptation. Dan Aykroyd is the principal bad guy, which doesn't inspire much in the way of fear. And yet...and yet. It is clearly one of the movies that I continue to watch again and again. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.
Jaco's top 10 movies of all time (in no particular order): Pulp Fiction, Back to the future, Grosse Point Blank, High Fidelity, Shawshank Redemption, Murder in the 1st, Limitless, Private Parts, The Bank Job, Forest Gump
Ten year reunion is next year. Saddened by the fact that I won't be as cool as John Cusack was in Grosse Point Blank.
I think both of those fights are amazing! Though short, John Cusack vs Benny in Grosse Point Blank
the shootout between John Cusack and Dan Aykroyd at the end of 'Grosse Point Blank' is one of my favorite things ever in a movie.
"Grosse Point Blank" with John Cusack...rediculously hilarious and forever better everytime I see it!!
Yet another John Cusack movie day. Finished "Grosse Point Blank", now onto "Con Air", next will probably be "Better Off Dead".
Just watched War Inc. with John Cusack, brilliant sleeper movie. Watch it if you are a fan of Grosse Point Blank.
Minnie Driver and John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank - unbelievably good together. Love the dialogue and delivery.
Can you and I be Dan Aykroyd and John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank always?
Movies I can watch a million times because they are perfect...Grosse Point Blank with my dear and so funny
Just watched one of my favorite movies, time for bed, If anyone ever wonders why I left Bristol, besides for the love of a good woman, I refer you to the ending line in Grosse Point Blank. Martin Blank played by John Cusack is leaving his hometown with his HS sweetheart Debbie Newberry played by Minnie Driver, whom he hasnt seen in 10 years, but reconected with for the HS reunion, as they are driving away you hear Debbies voice say the following line, and I realise how much it really fits with my life and my ex,. "Some people say forgive and forget. Nah, I don't know. I say forget about forgiving and just accept. . And... get the *** out of town."
Grosse Point Blank: 80s music made me want to kill people too. Dialogue. Delivery. Dan Aykroyd. Bang on target.
watch it. good stuff. that and Grosse Point Blank and Better Off Dead. you too will worship at the altar of John Cusack :)
gonna have a Cusack double bill now. Grosse Point Blank followed by High Fidelity- cheers for opening up the neural pathways :D
Grosse Point Blank followed by High Fediltiy, awesome John Cusack evening, and now whisky and Face Off just for fun.
Grosse Point Blank and The Grifters are more awesome films of his. Oh! Being John Malkovich!
Grosse Point Blank is on right now!!! YES!!! with John Cusack :D. Plus the soundtrack is AMAZING
Question: Grosse Point Blank or High Fidelity? Only reason I ask is that Grosse Point is on TV right now.
For god's sake Dan Aykroyd, you were great in Grosse Point Blank. Just forget Ghostbusters 3 and do something else before we're all dead.
A HUGE influence on & part of the reason I always wanted to tell a hitman story - Grosse Point Blank.
Grosse Point Blank. Just as good or better the more I watch it. Greatest soundtrack!
Grosse Point Blank in on Max right now :)
Grosse Point Blank - Fight scene from my favourite comedy of all time! Song = Mirror in the Bathroom by The 'English' Beat
Grosse Point Blank is on! A John Cusack movie I haven't seen in years and could probably quote word for word.
Groundhog Day and When Harry met Sally on mine, as is Grosse Point Blank.
Joan and John Cusack are incredible in Grosse Point Blank.
you've just missed Grosse Point Blank! I know how you love John Cusack!
*** Just found out Grosse Point Blank was on. No matter, seen it 2-3 times. But John and Joan Cusack are RAD people.
watching Grosse Point Blank. I forgot how much I liked John Cusack.
Grosse Point Blank is the last great Dan Aykroyd performance, sterling work
I'd forgotten how terrific the soundtrack to Grosse Point Blank is (which is a movie, on the TV, now, with John Cusack).
Grosse Point Blank - the Brat Pack movie that never was.
Got Grosse Point Blank on, refuse to accept Jeremy Piven as any character other than Ari Gold.
Glad you are enjoying Grosse Point Blank!!! The soundtrack is still al-time.. Had the happiest time making that film
God I love Grosse Point Blank. It's such a witty film and the soundtrack is killer. With High Fidelity, I get a boy crush on John Cusack
Grosse Point Blank is now on BBC1. This film contains best use of a frying pan as a weapon ever. Fact.
Gonna miss it as I'm off to watch Batman, but Grosse Point Blank is on at 23:45 - worth it for Dan Ackroyd alone
Okay, suitcase packed with make-up, jewels, multiple wardrobe changes and smoothie maker. Can't wait to see my high school buddies in St. Pete this week. Thinking maybe I should watch a reunion movie to get myself in mood. NOT American Pie. Maybe...Romy and Michelle--which I've never seen? Or re-watch Grosse Point Blank? Any other suggestions?
got me thinking about Dan Aykroyd movies, now i really want to watch Grosse Point Blank again.
Why does this remind me of Joan Cusack in her wedding dress in Grosse Point Blank?
Been trying out voice recognition software. Really exciting. I'm like Joan Cusack in Grosse Point Blank.
Doing cheap DVD shop on Play - recommendations to add to the collection? Grosse Point Blank is 1st on the list so far...
Watching Grosse Point Blank while the awesome & make us hangover breakfast
nada chickie...Tom is out of town(lol) and I have plans with greta and maybe heather to watch grosse point blank;-)
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