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Grosse Point Blank

Grosse Pointe Blank is a 1997 American black comedy film, directed by George Armitage, and starring John Cusack and Minnie Driver.

John Cusack High Fidelity Joan Cusack Minnie Driver Joe Strummer Pulp Fiction Under Pressure Martin Blank Alan Arkin Dan Akroyd Grosse Pointe Blank Sgt Pepper Dan Aykroyd John Wick

I did buy a green tshirt that looks like the one Minnie Driver wears in Grosse Point Blank, and it was £5... 😭
*** I was hoping you'd try for a Grosse Point Blank style return.
Grosse Point Blank DOES have some Greatness to it, but doesn't run in the right circles for some reason. Maybe it speaks too well for itself
can't help but feel there's a film-critic bias in these lists that always deny Happy Gilmore & Grosse Point Blank
So never mind. I never saw Point Break and I will shut up now. (See Grosse Point Blank though. It was good.)
Loved the soundtrack he put together for the film Grosse point blank still one of my favourite albums
One of the best fight scenes is the kickboxing in Grosse Point Blank. "Thank you for the pen."
Agreed. Did you see Grosse Point Blank? "It? You don't know if your cat's a boy or a girl?" "I respect its privacy."
Grosse point Blank was good as was Guardians of the Galaxy
Why can't anyone ever find their copy of 'Grosse Point Blank' when they need it most?. Intentional design flaw by the studio?
And a couple of other assorted gems: They Live, Grosse Point Blank, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and the previously mentioned IGGYS
On the bright side, Grosse Point Blank is elevated onto my favorites list.
Watching Grosse Point Blank again. Everybody should watch it, it's up there for me, so if you think I'm a fair/good reviewer. Treat yourself
Quiet descends. Glass of red (maybe more than one). Grosse Point Blank lined up . Not bad
Also would put Pretty in Pink up there as it's really my generatio…
Grosse Point Blank, because I have a brain and I breathe.
I don't like everything you say, but I'll be damned if I don't watch War Inc, Grosse point blank and better off dead every year.
Nice to see Breakdown on there. Titanic still overrated. Would elevate over Grosse Point Blank any day.
I will go off the few movie soundtracks I own: Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim, Grosse Point Blank, Jay and…
Grosse Point Blank is one of my favourite movies
it’s a GenX thing, but for my money the best school reunion film is Grosse Point Blank. It’s worth it for Joan Cusack alone.
Remember in Grosse Point Blank when John Cusack finds out his house has become a convenience store?
I have L.A. Confidential, French Connection, Steve Jobs, Dogtown and Z Boys, Grosse Point Blank and Donnie Darko (on UMD!)
I think Grosse Point Blank has more hits in it than Martin Blank has carried out.
and Grosse Point Blank, which is what set me off on this topic
How can you ever compare Grosse Point Blank to Central Intelligence
Is "Grosse Point Blank" a good film? I hear that it is and several people have recommended it to me. Should I watch "Grosse Point Blank"?
I'd forgotten how gentle and funny Grosse Point Blank is. I wish more movies were like this.
Cava cocktail, Grosse Point Blank. Things are looking up.
Born the same year as Lost World: Jurassic Park, Titanic, Men in Black, The Fifth Element and Grosse Point Blank :/
Point of No Return (La Femme Nikita is even better,) Grosse Point Blank, Pulp Fiction of course, Long Kiss Goodnight.
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best assassin with a heart of gold love story since Grosse Point Blank.
Watching 'Grosse Point Blank' on Netflix. Younger was really cute, not that he's not anymore. Just saying.
Star Wars, Ferris Bueller, Alien/s, Grosse Point Blank -in fact all John Cusack films. Life of Brian.
Has Minnie Driver ever been better than in Grosse Point Blank? Great film one of my favourites.
That moment when you're about to call it a day then Grosse Point Blank comes on.
The camerawork in Grosse Point Blank is really elegant.
"This is a much better version of garden state" - Aaron on Grosse Point Blank
oh also, I watched Grosse Point Blank last night and just realized it's probably extremely your jam.
Grosse Point Blank. Forgot how good the soundtrack is.
I remember Minnie Driver being absolutely insufferable in Good Will Hunting, but she's kind of great in Grosse Point Blank.
When you're in a Grosse Point Blank kinda mood but can't watch the movie the tunes in it will more than suffice.
Grosse Point Blank is basically Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but 10 years earlier.
I like to think of John Wick as the sequel to Grosse Point Blank.
Was thinking of going Grosse Point Blank...chocolate and tequila
Just saw you in Grosse Point Blank and you haven't aged at all, how is that possible? Speaking of which, happy belated birthday!
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The guy next to me at the coffee shop is clicking his pen loudly and repetitively. Dude: 3 words.Grosse Point Blank
Now watching so, for no real reason, my top 3 films: 1) Grosse Point Blank 2) Identity 3) 1408.
Grosse Point Blank Check. Ps. I looked it up, first line on director's wiki page: 'Not to be confused with Rufus Wainwright' lol
Grosse Point Blank is one I've never seen all the way through.
Grosse Point Blank . fight scene . [ in the High School ].
that $3.50 For Grosse Point Blank was money well spent
Watched Grosse Point Blank last year and still love it. A bit of its time but that's part of the point.
Just want to say "thanks" for our weekend movie Entertainment - High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank. The best!
Grosse Point Blank reminding me that I'm closer to my 20th high school reunion than my 10th.
Shout out to Grosse Point Blank, when John Cusack and Joe Strummer go to Palmy.
Ruining Grosse Point Blank by saying lines a fraction before the actors say them
In the GROSSE POINT BLANK universe, Doom 2 was an arcade game.
Me: tryna count how many times i've watched grosse point blank. me 2: oh fux it i ain't got enough fingers n it's on…
Have a great one Marty ✌️ Grosse Point Blank is number 4 in top 10 of all time fave movies though...
Joe Strummer produced the soundtrack for Grosse Point Blank. This makes me very happy.
'Grosse Point Blank' ties as my FAVORITE with 'High Fidelity'! 👌🎥
Watching 'Grosse Point Blank' on Sky Movies and look what arcade machine is in the general store 😎
Grosse Point Blank is my favorite movie! So good on every level
Watching Grosse Point Blank for the first time. Unsure who thought John Cusack and Minnie Driver would pass for 27 in this bit
Pulp Fiction and Grosse Point Blank just make me realize what a great side career being a hitman would be.
The movie Grosse Pointe Blank tries really hard to slip in the words Grosse, point, and blank as many times as they can
Minnie Driver in Grosse Point Blank is my favorite Minnie Driver.
Watching Grosse Point Blank on Netflix and forgetting that John Cusack's career burned bright and died young.
Watching Grosse Point Blank for the first time in years. I love this film
I'm gonna watch Grosse Point Blank tonight and fall in love with John Cusack for the millionth time
Yes. I like it too. . I love how Cusack is practicing kickboxing in SAY ANYTHING . then shows his skills in GROSSE POINT BLANK.
Have you seen Grosse Point Blank? Excepting Batman 1989, it's my favorite movie of all time.
do an episode on Grosse Point Blank please
Second film of the day off, Grosse Point Blank.
Being around my family reminds me why I love Grosse Point Blank so much and found it so relatable
Are you still going to deny that Grosse Point Blank is the first movie in this trilogy?
Hehehe. You know, I still haven't seen Grosse Point Blank...
Oui. I completely misread that first bit as Grosse Point Blank and wondering if I'd seen the wrong film.
I'd throw in some A life less ordinary and the timeless Grosse Point Blank - I look forward to those days with Matilda x
I have just bought Grosse Point Blank on DVD. Alongside Ghost World and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Cheap DVDs rule.
I'm saved! I just remembered that I recorded Grosse Point Blank the other night!
Listened to ep 123: Grosse Point Blank! Has watched it yet?! I love it! And thank you again for being on! ❤️
Nice job! 10 years!!! 10 yeaaars! 10 years!!! (Said in the style of Jeremy Pivens in 'Grosse Point Blank')
Also, the moment from Grosse Point Blank where Joan Cusack looks under her desk, finds the bag of money and screams ALLLRIGGGHT!
While I'm sure it's Grosse Point Blank, it could almost be Romy and Michelle! ;)
Decided, to quote Grosse Point Blank: Everybody's coming back to take stock of their lives. You know what I say? Leave your livestock alone
I'm hoping that was a deliberate Grosse Point Blank quote 😎
I have grosse point blank on my iPod Joe Strummer choices
Soundtrack to Grosse Point Blank. Always a pleasure to hear it.
Grosse Point Blank is an excellent film.
The Grosse Point Blank scene where Martin rages at the Ultimart clerk but it's me complaining the Queen's Elm has become a knitwear shop
Film: Grosse Point Blank by George Armitage. Director of the great Miami Blues. This is another sardonic jewel with a perfect…
great interview! Couldn't agree more about Grosse Point Blank, underrated movie.
Watched Mr Right today, was enjoyable. Reminded me of Grosse Point Blank but with less Dan Akroyd :(
Watching Grosse Point Blank for the 20th time. So good you guys.
It feels like a Grosse Point Blank kind of evening.
I really like Grosse Point Blank, I'll do it. Pro bono.
There would be no grosse point blank without sctv “not only is cusack my favorite actor hes a …
There's only one antidote: a midnight viewing of Grosse Point Blank.
.. every BODY dies sum/some day.. and no one choses when.. "grosse point blank"// with John Cusack..former Rat pack (1980s)member
I don't think you're selling this. Try Boogie Nights, LA Confidential, Grosse Point Blank
random question: have you seen the movie Grosse Point Blank?
Grosse Point Blank soundtrack is my jams
probably not what you're after but the one that always sticks with me is Grosse Point Blank's Under Pressure scene
will we ever get Grosse Point Blank of our generation? Or maybe I missed it already?
Yay dinner! I had salmon filet...alone..but GROSSE POINT BLANK SON!
Great romantic comedies to watch today: Avanti!, Desk Set, You Kill Me, His Girl Friday, Grosse Point Blank, All of Me, Roxanne, House Calls
WHY IS GROSSE POINT BLANK $18? John Wick is $15! Is it because of remastering costs or greed or… what?
I flicked on tonight and thought the same. Between this & GROSSE POINT BLANK I'm saddened by the present-day absence of Driver.
Privet, I'm a High Fidelity or Grosse Point Blank guy myself but I echo your sentiment.
Was it Pretty in Pink by Psychedelic Firs or OMD If you leave your fav? Me, it was the sound track to Grosse Point Blank
Does the part of Grosse Point Blank where John Cusack refers to Joan Cusack as Sgt Pepper count as a
Time for a bit of Grosse Point Blank - John Cusack
Is there a gif of Joan Cusack destroying the office in Grosse Point Blank? There needs to be!
Watching Grosse Point Blank - this movie only gets better and better.
"I love your show. It's so timeless!" "Yeah, it runs a little song sometimes." (Grosse Point Blank) HOME is timeless too. Jump in anywhere!
. Grosse Point Blank, Hi-Fidelity.amongst others. Need we go on?
1. Grosse Point Blank: assassin in the school corridor...
How can HMV have 3 copies of Grosse Point Blank on blu-ray in stock but are not able to find any of them!!
looks awesome! I was dying to get down but had to settle for a Chinese and Grosse Point Blank instead. Still not bad though.
Seeing Grosse Point Blank for 1st time since 97 & saw and her Dharma & Greg father in law, Mitchell Ryan, in same movie.
Grosse Point Blank and High Fidelity are the two best films that Cusak had done IMO.
ha ha, I remember Grosse Point Blank because it took place in Michigan (where I lived) and they had TONS of commercials
You gotta watch "High Fidelity" right after "Grosse Point Blank"...those 2 bookend each other so well. And great music in both :)
would you ever make a Grosse point blank sequel? (Plz)
High Fidelity is really underrated, fave Cusack after Grosse Point Blank Cusack
. I walk into my favorite bar and the bartender automatically changes the music to the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack for me
That time you can’t find anything to watch on TV and you end up watching Grosse Point Blank.
True. The only other Basque person I've heard of was the short hitman in Grosse Point Blank played by Benny The Jet Urquidez.
I forgot what a great soundtrack the movie Grosse Point Blank had.
yeah, it's a bit sad. i'm trying to remember the last GREAT movie of his and all i come up with is Grosse Point Blank in '97
rediscovered Grosse Point Blank. Forgot how much I enjoy that movie.
loving me some blank space. I id hard with grosse point blank. living it. basically.
turned the tv on and Grosse Point Blank is on. Sgt Pepper moment. Your work with your sister is always spot on.
Grosse Point Blank was your best character! Great movie!
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In other less ranty news this article is great! Grosse Point Blank & Say Anything make a great double bill.
An absolute treat of an article about the terribly underrated Grosse Point Blank, courtesy of
Not sure I'm convinced, but Joan Cusack has said that it's an 'unofficial' sequel. And she's amazing *:)
Grosse Point Blank, Martin is on the verge of quitting and takes out a bunch of working equivalents.
Grosse Point Blank has a great soundtrack.
Trying to work out which has the best soundtrack. almost famous, or grosse point blank.
You would be Minnie Driver cool in Grosse Point Blank, minus John Cusack. I guess.
The attempted kill Cusack does with the thread and drippy chemical in GROSSE POINT BLANK doesn't get enough love. Much like the movie.
Oh hey, Abraham from is in Grosse Point Blank. Interesting how a different angle can make someone look imposing...or not.
.Grosse Point Blank til the day I die.
Agreed 👍 John you are a great serious and comedic actor. I fell in love with you in Grosse Point Blank.
Back in Omaha. This weekend I get to see "it was as if everyone had swelled..." As they say in Grosse Point Blank.
The Jerk is an all time classic. Should be in the same convo as Fargo, Grosse Point Blank, and Police Academy 3.
after I saw Grosse Point Blank and worked on my look-like-an-assassin face on city streets all summer.
Grosse Point Blank is the best film ever! Gotta love John Cusack and
I considered becoming a professional assassin to do the Grosse Point Blank thing but...meh, to much effort.
Remember that scene in Grosse Point Blank where he blows up the minimart with the microwave? Imagine if he had a cellphone battery.
I still watch Grosse Point Blank every time I see it on. Just finished another viewing. Probably my favorite movie next to Usual Suspects.
Watching Grosse Point Blank and slightly disappointed that my school reunion wasn't that exciting
Watching Grosse Point Blank. There's only one Joe Strummer that's for sure, and Shane MacGowan
I loved the movie Entourage! You killed it! side of my favorite movies of all time..Grosse Point Blank! POPCORN
Watched Grosse Point Blank last night. Baby Cusack e. I want to be a goofy assassin when I grow up.
Grosse Point Blank still ranks as one of my favorite films ever. RIP Tom Jankiewicz.
but I think Blister in the Sun's inclusion on the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack threw me off like your REM example
if you mean Joan/John Cusack of Grosse Point Blank fame then I approve.
Working on my 2015 commencement speech. It's called "Go Home and Watch Grosse Point Blank, You *** . . Booking up fast. . Reserve now.
I agree about LA. It's great. I didn't even deploy Grosse Point Blank, my favorite '90s movie.
ever have that moment like John Cusack in 'Grosse Point Blank' & go "You're a handsome devil, what's your name?"
Heading into 30th high school reunion. "Grosse Point Blank" keeps coming to mind.
Still love Grosse Point Blank but it'll always be weird that I'm already older than the characters in that film are meant to be.
To me it's about self-defense, so the movies and the fight scene in Grosse Point Blank - Cusack vs. The Jet.
like, I "got" the triple pun of Grosse Point Blank before this movie I've seen 10+ times? I hate this
Under Pressure on Can't hear that without thinking of that bit in Grosse Point Blank when looks into the baby's eyes
Everybody take some time today to think about how Grosse Point Blank was underrated in its time and has aged very well
love the soundtrack for it and Grosse Point Blank.
I love this movie: Grosse Point Blank 1997. Nice greetings from germany
so many great films. 'Grosse Point Blank', 'High Fidelity', . 'grifters', 'better off dead', 'america's sweethearts' 👍
happy birthday.. Currently watching grosse point blank :).. From UK.
she could have been in mine purely for Grosse Point Blank
grosse point blank is by far 1 of my favs. Would you ever consider doing another? Like same characters and cast?
Grosse not aiming at you point blank
Grosse Point Blank!! must have been killer fun filming. Appreciate your work man!
Always feels a bit Grosse Point Blank going back to where i grew up, only i'm not trying to kill anyone & isn't there.
Catching up on some old movies: Watched Grosse Point Blank. Didn't know the mustache went that far back.! Nice!!!
When I reflect about my life I always watch a John Cusack film. Usually Say Anything but nowadays Grosse Point Blank
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We just watched Grosse Point Blank, one of my favorite movies, for many personal reasons, such as me going to high school in the 80s.
I ld sacrifice my life 4 on his characters in Grosse Point Blank and Don King were too awesome
will compel and to make a follow up to Grosse Point Blank.
Grosse Point Blank. One of my top 10 movies.
you're missing out on a great terrible spiritual follow up to Grosse Point Blank if you don't get that reference
Grosse Point Blank takes that prize for me.
Grosse Point Blank; can't end an evening much better than that...
Grosse Point Blank steel has gone live
Appear to have embarked on an accidental John Cusack marathon. High Fidelity, Grosse Point Blank, Con Air. Will soon be reduced to 2012.
hmm, for the moment, I'll go with… Lucky Number Slevin, Her, Enchanted, Memento, Grosse Point Blank, Clue, Drive, Dark City
I remember when Alec Baldwin replied to me... It's a good feeling 😊. And yes, I loved her in Grosse Point Blank.
I'll let you know as soon as I watch it. Unrelated but have you seen Grosse Point Blank?
I love John Cusack. Say Anything and Grosse Point Blank are faves!
I didn't know who wrote Grosse Point Blank, or what happened to him. Gosh.
I've started a series of conversations I have no energy to play out. I'm just frustrated with everyone settling on "Grosse Point Blank."
There's a poster for "Pulp Fiction" in the background of a hitmen shootout in "Grosse Point Blank.". Ouch.
A really awesome song from a really, really awesome soundtrack (Grosse Point Blank)
Did you know Grosse Point Blank was released some day years ago. It's hard to believe.
John Cusack rom-com's have great soundtracks. See Grosse Point Blank for further details.
Grosse Point Blank is my particular favourite of his! is indeed an extraordinary talent!
LOVE the film Grosse Point Blank. Awesome sound track, cracking script & Cusacks in it!
Grosse Point Blank. I have no idea if its on Netflix but I always suggest it :)
Disastrous date not improved by 2 tickets for Grosse Point Blank, him muttering in a bad mood on both! Never did see end!
I thought Grosse Point Blank until the baby part now I have nfi
mixes with Grosse Point Blank mixes with Dirty Dancing mixes with Frozen
The grass is always greener in Grosse Point, Blank.
the johnsons in die hard and the NSA agents in grosse point blank. something about texturing minor characters with great economy.
ok, one of my fave films, “Grosse Point Blank” John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Dan Aykroyd. Assassins at the school reunion.
Just finished watching grosse point blank with again forgot how good the soundtrack is and how missed Joe Strummer is...
Just re watched Grosse Point Blank. Still one of the quirkiest weirdest movies I've ever seen. John Cusack is perfect for it. it
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So far Drive Hard seems like Grosse Point Blank Fan Fiction. Martin Blank back to his old tricks.
FOR 2 weeks I've been saying GROSSE POINT BLANK & my husband makes me watch the CREEPY killer movie! Fruuuck!
Watching 'Grosse Point Blank' one of my favourite films 🎥🎬
Flipping channels, found Grosse Point Blank on the Spanish channel. Como se dice "hound hitter?" or "pooch puncher?" en español?
I guess I've always imagined my reunion like Grosse Point Blank, although almost nobody still lives in my hometown.
go with one of the classics, A Life Less Ordinary or Grosse Point Blank.
US is on my list, with Some Like It Hot, Grosse Point Blank, Cabaret and Flash Gordon. New arrival on list: Grand Budapest Hotel.
A line Dan Aykroyd uses in the movie Grosse Point Blank. Great film. :-)
the Faculty came out one year after Grosse Point Blank. Compare Jon Stewart's career to John Cusack's. Man.
I think Cusack is playing same character in Grosse Point Blank, War Inc., and Grand Piano. From great movie to complete waste of time.
Just finished watching Grosse Point Blank with John Cusack and Minnie Driver. What are your favorite '90's movies?
as we all know ... music is an integral part of most movies. it can help to define a film ... set up a scene ... or cause misdirection. what is/are your favorite song(s) or music that has helped to define a movie (or movies)? for me: 1. Apocalypse Now - The End and Flight of the Valkries 2. Grosse Point Blank - I Can See Clearly Now (for mis-direction) 3. New Jack City - New Jack City 4. Cooley High - it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday 5. Warriors - In The City. how about you: can you name at least 3 that define a movie?
Starting off the New Year right: eggs, coffee, and one of the best movies ever made that explains many things: Grosse Point Blank! (Dan Akroyd, Minie Driver, John AND Joanne Cusak, Don Cheadle, Hank Azaria, Alan Arkin, and tons of political and romantic comedy).
Listening to podcasts in between lectures has made me want to watch; Dragnet, Grosse Point Blank and Hudson Hawk. Possibly in that order.
So it's my H.S. 20 year reunion next week, and even though none of my friends are going (that I know of?!), a part of me is wondering if it will be some awesome combination of Grosse Point Blank and Romy & Michelle's H.S. Reunion. Even though those movies are 10 year reunions. There's no way I'm too old for John Cusack, surely?
Great Panic Room Double feature : "The Awful Truth w/ Cary Grant & Irene Dunne, then Grosse Point Blank w/ John and Joan Cusack and one of my all time favorites the spectacular Minnie Driver.
Grosse Point Blank is literally one of my favorite movies.Love John Cusack in this movie!
John Cusack: 'Did you go to your 10th year Reunion?' Joan Cusack: 'Yes. It was like everyone had swelled...' -Grosse Point Blank
Has Minnie Driver ever been as good in any movie as she was in Grosse Point Blank
I kinda want Joan Cusack's job in Grosse Point Blank. I think I'd be good at it. Did she have a healthcare plan?
Trying to think of movies about our hero returning to his/her hometown after years away, like Sweet Home Alabama or Grosse Point Blank. Thoughts?
Watching "Grosse Point Blank" on HBO. It came out in 1997, the same year as my 10 year high school reunion. "Romy & Michelle" also came out that year, and yes, I saw then both before attending my reunion. 1987 seems like a popular year to have graduated from high school. I feel so hip in a very old kind of way. ;)
Pop quiz hot shot. Name your favorite movies, music artists, or albums that you think are awesome. They might not be "classics" but maybe they don't get the credit they deserve. And we don't mean things like "the room." For example: I think Grosse Point Blank is great and can watch it over and over and over again. Go!
Cheryl just asked me what's the John Cusack movie "Say Anything" like. I replied that it's supposed to be a comedy, but I've never been able to maintain enough interest to watch it all the way through. Then I realized I was describing another John Cusack movie "Grosse Point Blank". Which brought me to the further realization... I've never watched a John Cusack movie all the way through to the end!
Reccing time. Just fit this in before we go stand in the rain watching The Boss. And seriously, see Man Of Steel, it's truly fantastic. But now, how about a film with a Springsteen cameo? We ruminated earlier in t'week on the myriad dangers facing the adaptor of other media into screenplay format and how those pitfalls are increased when the media in question attracts a fanatic following. Nick Hornby's novel High Fidelity, ostensibly about the romantic tribulations of a record store owner, is more honestly about the inherent nobility of the collector, the enthusiast, the geek, the sort of person who's primed to get all manner of higgledy-piggledy if you screw with the object of their fanaticism. It's asking for trouble. Mind, if you are that person, if your love of music burns bright, and of perchance you'd written something of the quality of the great Grosse Point Blank, you are a) not likely to feel the intimidation and b) going to improve on the novel with every change you make. Relocated to Chicago, s ...
Monsters University screening invite.Wooho! How sad am I? Monsters Inc has to be one of my all time favorite movies, right up there with Grosse Point Blank and the Wedding Singer. Don't judge...
Just watched Grosse Point Blank whilst a lovely lady snored next to me.
John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank does a very good Robert Downey Jr. impersonation.
If you ask Elisabeth Moss how she feels about Grosse Point Blank actor Jeremy Piven, be prepared to hear an earful. The Mad Men actress s..
Is there a better on-screen chemistry than that of John Cusack and in Grosse Point Blank?
Does age. Watching new film and he looks the same as he did in one of my favourites grosse point blank. Awesome awesome film
alright, I won't tell you about (in no order) Grosse Point Blank, High Fidelity, Dazed & Confused, Empire Records, or others.
At least make it like "The Baxter" or "Grosse Point Blank." Also, 'twas not my intention to depress you.
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no they were saying that the guy in grosse point blank worked at KFC!
Also makes me want to watch Grosse Point Blank immediately.
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Sad video. Please know, what you are about to see, is sad and may seem disturbing to watch.
It's like GROSSE POINT BLANK and THREE KINGS had a baby that got dropped on its head. A lot.
always love him in Grosse Point Blank
Some combination of Reality Bites and Grosse Point Blank taught me Blister/Add It Up, but I doubt I knew their name.
Watching the best movie ever made (Grosse Point Blank), and remembering how I used to think they were old. Now they seem so young.
I liked SA but yeah BOD was better. Older movies I loved Grosse Point Blank lol
Grosse Point Blank on HBO. Such a great flick! Prob seen it about 20 times. Still listen to the soundtrack! And how cute is
Almost forgot what an awesome movie Grosse Point Blank is
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Grosse point blank.I win. What is the prize? A beamer? No one buys American anymore huh?
I think 'moral flexibility' from Grosse Point Blank describes me perfectly. Why doesn't HBO do a series about this movie?!
that's cool. I've seen Grosse Point Blank about 300 times so it evens out.
Love watching Grosse Point Blank, Dan Ackroyd as a psycho contract killer
I love that song always makes me think of the movie "Grosse Point Blank."
Can anyone say for absolute certain that 90s John & Joan Cusack are not in fact the same person? Watching Grosse Point Blank. Have doubts.
Made me chuckle! Great series of btw... Keep them coming! (Grosse Point Blank?)
I will be listening to the soudtrack of Grosse Point Blank a lot today. It pretty much sums up life at the moment.
I forgot how many parallels there were between Grosse Point Blank and 's Keller series. Love them both
just saw war inc and numbers station truly enjoyed both films, now I'm on a cusack marathon starting with grosse point blank
Hi John just watched Numbers Station - great film. Would you love to make a sequel to Grosse Point Blank?
Grosse Point Blank has a pretty great sound track. Probably why it's one of my favorite movies.
Bronx Tale took Grosse Point Blank to soundtrack school
Grosse Point Blank. No 2 in my top five cinematic faves.
Grosse point blank has the best soundtrack ever
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I never get tired of grosse point blank
Grosse Point Blank is on. Saw this as a double feature with my wife when we were dating.
At this point, I dunno how many times I've seen Grosse Pointe Blank. At least half as many times as Die Hard.
Alan Arkin is so great in Grosse Point Blank
Grosse Point Blank. Some of the best movie lines EVER. This movie IS my dark sense of humor incarnate.
For me it's Grosse Point Blank, but I know what you mean about Almost Famous.
My fav past time. Watching grosse point blank
"Great Moments in Cinema - Grosse Point Blank". Indeed probably one of the greatest scenes in the entire 1990s.
Just watched the Big Lebowski again 2 days ago! Was gut laughing. Love every movie on that list. 1 more. Grosse Point Blank
Ok, so Watchmen isn't the greatest film, but the soundtrack is outstanding, it's up there with Grosse Point Blank.
Grosse Point Blank(1997) is one of the greatest black comedies ever. Thanks for the great films.You're a freemason of your craft
Grosse Point Blank. I never get sick of this movie. It has a great soundtrack and some fun writing. Perfect while grading
Grosse Point Blank. Much more enjoyable in adulthood than when I saw it as a teenager in cinemas with my mom
Watching Grosse Point Blank. Totally forgot about the Muzak version of G'n'R's Live and Let Die.
My first HBO movie is Grosse Point Blank. Haven't seen this in at least 10 years.
Watching Grosse Point Blank. Anyone who doesn't think its 1 of the funniest/best films of the last 20 years is more than welcome to unfollow
I am watching the truly great Grosse Point Blank.
watching Grosse Point Blank and then Hi-Fidelity with my pugs.
It's a nice day outside & I'm sitting in my house watching grosse point blank. :)
High Fidelity followed closely by When Harry Met Sally. I would also include Grosse Point Blank but that has murder in it.
So my boyfriend showed me Grosse Point Blank...stop being so brilliant. I wasn't expecting it to be do funny
Watching Grosse Point Blank right now . One of my favorite movies, it's a wonder blend of a love story, comedy, and contract killing.
I'm excited but leery of the new AD. As they said in Grosse Point Blank 'you can never go home again, Oatman.'.
Watching grosse point blank, forgot how good it was.
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