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Grog Shop

Cashmere Cat Milo Greene Vince Staples Cleveland Hts

Don't miss the at Grog Shop on Dec 3!
Them parties at the Grog Shop in Cleveland still be goin' down?
I'm going to River Oaks at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Dec 27
it's lit! Make this the move Sunday @ the grog shop! Get your tickets now before its too late!
Appreciate everybody that came through to the Grog Shop lastnight
Slide in them DMs if you want a ticket to Cruel Winter Fest. 12•9 Shop. $10 each.
This Sunday we at the Grog Shop Doors swang open at 9:30 be ready
I'm going to at The Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Apr 9
Catch me at the Grog shop on New Year's Eve with my guy
With my bro headed to the Grog Shop to support
It's looking slow for the Grog Shop 😩
If u in cle we at the grog shop tonight !!!
Tomorrow make sure you're at the Grog Shop for . 🦃 Day Lit Fest!!!
Tonight shall be pretty lit 😌🔥at the Grog Shop. Doors open at 9 😆come and support your local artists! 👌🏽
Grog Shop wid it after the holiday festivities tonight
Yeah the grog shop is about to be so lit tonight I got bangers stored up.😎
Available in my local grog shop. I see a influence happening...
Brung in my Holiday at The Grog Shop!!! Lastnight was mad real! And so much fun!!!
After y'all take y'all post meal nap lmao come to the grog shop mane!!
Last show of the tour tonight in Cleveland at Grog Shop. Come on down! (📷
I might go to at The Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - May 4
Show at the grog shop March 18th ... Blessings on us 🙏🏾
CLEVELAND!! We're here and can't wait to perform for you tomorrow night! 7 pm at Grog Shop! Get…
The idea that closing your online grog shop helps geographic expansion is gibberish. Unsurprisingly none of the papers bothered chasing it.
Cleveland Show 3/20 at the grog shop Tickets on sale now at !
I cannot wait to see at the Grog Shop in April!
that was exactly 1 month before I went to see at The Grog Shop and gave them a my demo
on the other hand, I dreamed that was a killer drummer playing weird solo sets at the Grog Shop.
house of blues, grog shop, agora, Mahalls
I'm going to at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Apr 1
I reviewed recent show at for Fun was had.
So exited to go to at the grog shop with
So happy. A lot of people joining us on 3/20 at the grog shop. Good people. Tix only 12 bucks still available.
I might go to Eleanor Friedberger at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - May 1
Eleanor Friedberger will be at Grog Shop on May 01, 2016 at 08:00PM
Barnacle Bill's Grog Shop in Rumson, NJ...on the river, nautical everything, fresh steamers, cold beer, kickass burgers...
at the Grog Shop right here in BEAUTIFUL Cleveland,...
should do a pop up concert! In Ohio... In Cleveland. At the grog shop in Cleveland Hts 👀😂😂
The Modern Electric / Seafair / Jivviden will be at Grog Shop on December 23, 2015 at 08:00PM
TOMORROW & are gonna tear down the Grog Shop  RSVP->
Big Krit tomorrow at the grog shop. . Come by and get your tickets .
The first time I met he was selling merch at The Grog Shop & he told me to go to his show at Mahalls so I went to the one in CBus
Wolf Alice at the grog shop sign me up immediately
A date for the diary girls and boys!!! We are heading into the kitchen with The Grub & Grog Shop for this feast!!...
REI is canceling urging folks to go outdoors rather than shop
come to the grog shop and support these cool kids tonight and maybe hang out with me I'm going alone yikes
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Farewell show tonight! goes west! We wish them the best of luck in their new adventure! Doors 7pm $12
It's going down Nov.4th..slide thru the Grog Shop and show some love
Want to win a pair of FREE TICKETS to this Friday's Halloween show in Cleveland, OH at the Grog Shop?!?! If so,...
More news from The Grub & Grog Shop. They've invited That Old Chestnut to take over their kitchen for an evening...
got some new music coming out in november & a Cleveland show (grog shop) on black friday (11/27)
Nov.4th come thru to the Grog Shop the Halloween hangover will b headlining Tickets…
at Grog Shop. Walking Dead edition. Hosted by as Rick and me as The…
This Saturday, Halloween night, at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH wsg/ Vibe & Direct! You have been warned!!!
Day 27 / Looking forward to Cleveland, OH! Say Hi and Telekinesis play at The Grog Shop tonight!
Today is vegan Tuesday at The Grub & Grog Shop... 2 vegan meals for just £10... Like this braised onion and leek...
at thegrogshop... Walking Dead edition... My team is real! @ Grog Shop
Fosho tryn get Grog shop lit Af Nov 19th for the homie !
they started letting me into the Grog Shop when I was 15 and there was never a time where I didn't feel safe.
*** you suppose to be at the Grog Shop about to watch Vince perform
I will be oerforming my new singles "💯" & "4eva" Monday July 27th @ the grog shop!! This event gon…
Good luck to and tonight at the Grog Shop!
Get up here now! Its going already. live @ Grog Shop w Dre Mickel and Vince Staples!
Goin to check at the Grog Shop tonight. Appreciate the Jams homie.
Expensive bottle of grog stolen from a Sale a bottle shop
Grog shop finna go tonight come thru yall
Too stoked for tonight at the Grog Shop!
Our chariot for this tour. Played Grog shop last night in Cleveland and on our way to…
Just got tickets on TicketWeb for An Evening with at Grog Shop on 10/19/15
If you missed out on & performance. I feel bad for ya. . Grog Shop 2/8/15
is going to be at Grog Shop on Sunday, Sept. 27th. You in?
A picture from last night at at Grog Shop
Good times at the Grog Shop. Freaking awesome band with 👾
so killed it tonight at The Grog Shop in coventry
Come show love for my dude August 2nd at Grog Shop!! Hit up for tickets.…
Vince Staples at the grog shop tomorrow...
Forgot I painted this in high school. Acrylic based of a photo I took of Evan at the Grog Shop, 2011.
Put unknownphrazes in the game! Check him out at the grog shop tomorrow night!
Make sure yall head over to The Grog Shop tomorrow for that COMMONAVE and its goin and now gonna hurt the pockets❗️
When sent the whole Grog Shop up with "Kyrie Irving"!. I MIGHT BALL ON A ***
Grog Shop 23rd birthday with Eagles of Death Metal. V exciting.
Come out August 2nd to the Grog shop in Cleveland heights for my brudda show. Opening for…
Grog shop. Vince Staples. Tomorrow! Come out and have a great time with us and the homie
dear, Dears,. The Sleeps will be making sausage at the Grog Shop tonight. come grind out a loaf with us. drawers at 7:30pee em ...aaah
Sage Francis comes to the Grog Shop this Sunday! Local support from Johnny La Rock & Furface and the homie...
Get Bass Drum of Death to the Grog Shop asap
Good times at the Grog Shop last night.
Wish I could've seen wiz when he came to the grog. Like he's perfect for that place & his music already has that grog shop vibe.
If you're in the Cleveland area tonight come out to the grog shop and listen to some great music and have a couple brews 😁🎶
Manning the grog shop for an hour while the owner has his teeth fixed 🍷🍸 (@ Gordon's The Cellar Door)
hey, we booked some shows with *** Dale in Aug. but not the one at grog shop unfortunately.
Come through the Grog shop tonight will be on the ones and twos tonight
To all my friends in Cleveland... Come rock out with us at the Grog Shop in two weeks on June 24th!
the 18th at thr Grog Shop in Cleveland
Photoset: Milo Greene at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio (June 9, 2015). You must see them if they hit...
I'm going to Vince Staples at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Jul 15
holy . potentially one of the best shows I've ever seen @ Grog Shop
I might go to Anthony Raneri at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Jul 21
June 28th. is performing at Lemur Fest at the grog shop!!
Who wants to come see JEFF the brotherhood with me at the grog shop 12$
Getting our daily jam session in before they get here tonight! @ Grog Shop
Tonight! The Grog Shop will have the game projected tonight, so you won't miss a thing! We play at 8:30.
As we've rearranged the date for the Rhubarb Supper Club w/ The Grub & Grog Shop, you have a second chance to...
I've never seen a band hate their audience that much as when I saw them at the Grog Shop in Cleveland
Come see this summer! on July 31 and at the Grog Shop on August 22. Come rock with us!
and 90% of the time the Grog Shop shows are better than the Q show.
. Poor woman's husband is always in the grog shop drinking grog. Guess h…
Fallout's 2nd summer show will be at the Grog Shop August 22nd. Be there !
if no one takes you we are playing at the Grog Shop tonight. 😎
Join us Tuesday at the Grog Shop with Milo Greene and Hey Mersailles. Our album can be found at...
The birthday gifts I got this year all kicked *** Except the 1 thing I asked for I didn't get. tickets April 28 at the Grog Shop.
Local H at the grog shop June 13th.
Good morning! I know yall RIGHT. well come to the GROG SHOP IN COVENTRY 4/19 🍃
it wouldn't hurt to ask... But any guest spots available for your show at the Grog Shop in June 15?!
everybody come out to the grog shop in Cleveland for my dude concert 😈😎💯
I don't know why don't want Maccas but are ok with the grog shop down the road
Lol the grog shop area is hilarious
CLEVELAND | Make sure y'all head to Grog Shop tonight, + to be 🔥
Got our tickets for at the Grog Shop May 20th! Counting down the days😁
Rome Fortune show at Grog Shop tonight... Keepin his followers updated
it's a nice spot honestly..grog shop goes.. Leme kno if yall get that, I could def help promote or sumn. Else…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Cleveland, Ohio. Who will I be seeing tonight at the Grog shop?!?!?!
at The Grog Shop this month. Needless to say there will be pizza at this party?!
Have yet another new song that we can't wait to share with you! Catch us on May 31st at The Grog shop to hear the debut 😏
I saw them at the grog shop last year and they were incredible live
Did you know they're playing at the Grog Shop in Cleveland on May 18?
Might as well live at the grog shop this summer tbh
Tom Evanchuck has a show on 04/23/2015 at 08:00 PM @ The Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, OH
dude what's up! Last time we talked it was at the grog shop in Cleveland when we played together, you were in …
Have your say. A developer wants to open a new take away grog shop in the old hardware building in town. This...
There is no possible way that seeing The Get Up Kids at The Grog Shop could be a bad thing.…
Going to see tomorrow at the Grog Shop for the second time this year. Super stoked.
Saul Williams doing the grog shop on April 15th 😳😳😳😳 *gasps for air
"You are the first person in 23 years of the Grog Shop to order a MaiTai."
Beachland Ballroom presents Bahamas at the Grog Shop - Wed Jun 17 8:30pm
please come to the Cleveland grog shop it would mean the world
Standing around the Grog Shop waiting to see The Get Up Kids play.
can you give me a ticket for tonight at the Grog shop
My first show will be at the Grog Shop.
Tomorrow! Andrew Jackson Jihad Happy Hour Party! Free pizza, drink specials + games before the show at the Grog Shop.
, the night you opened for at the Grog Shop, who was the guy that came on after you? Did he get announced?
My new Grog Shop bar concept introduces retro-philic hipsters to the charms of the Middle Ages.
Just got tickets! See you at the Grog Shop in Cleveland. Awesome!
Will I see any of my brethren at The Grog Shop tonight?
pretty sure 2013... at the grog shop. The show you had that bad *** chief Jayhoo painting I tried like *** to buy ha!
A lot going on this week. Getting everything ready for the mixtape as well as preparing for the show at grog shop Saturday!
The Felice Brothers will be at Grog Shop on June 07, 2015 at 08:00PM
Photo: punkghostfrank: UM? psa: if you’re at the grog shop please record whatever the *** he’s...
One more show for Odeon or Music Box means one less for Beachland or Grog Shop.
Meet us at the Agora on March 28th and The Grog Shop on April 5th.
who wants to see State Champs w me at the grog shop May 18th??? $12 tickets???
All purpose parts banner
well you should bring your beautiful self to Cleveland and the play the grog shop, peabody's or the beach land ballroom
Post the pic you took of the crowd at lastnights set at the Grog Shop
Ya'll were trying to get shows at the grog shop while I already played the House of Blues 2 times.
The homie going in last night at the Grog Shop. You shoulda been there
Three comics from Michigan, a few hometown heroes, and me! returns to Grog Shop!…
English post-punk greats Gang of Four bring classic 'Entertainment' and newer music to Grog Shop: The Gang of ...
was beyond amazing lastnite at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Hts. Got a chance to meet him.
Cashmere Cat n at the grog shop tonight was EVERYTHING! lol so much fun!
Grog Shop right now. Going up. Cashmere Cat turning.
By the time NicX gets back to cleveland, he will have the grog shop sold out.
alt-j and tycho coming to grog shop April 1 :)
I wanna go see ilovemakonnen at the grog shop😒
Very trippy performance at right now. @ Grog Shop
Come to see Trusting Obscurity play at the Grog shop next Wednesday the 11th! We will be debuting a new song!!!
About to get ready to see at the grog shop!! So pumped 😻🙌
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Goin to support my bro at the grog shop for this show! Doors open at 8!…
Title Fight is playing the Grog Shop Friday but I have neither the time nor money :\
Cleveland tonight to The Grog Shop to see Cashmere Cat. 🙌
cle / east side! make sure you catch the people's champ opening for at the Grog Shop tonight
buying tickets to see ya at grog shop in Cleveland after hearing u on shade!
If it weren't for the fact that Pup is on Warped this year, Id be a lot more bummed out that they're show at the grog shop sold out.
I don't know who this Cashmere Cat person is but I wish I were home, I'd go to the Grog Shop and call him daddy.
OHIO we will be in town for 2 nights on the Kingston City Spring Tour w/ Arise Roots. - April 10 | Grog Shop |... http…
Thanks to 360_bike_shop I have the last few bits to start rebuilding.
So freaking pumped to open for these guys at the grog shop! Can't stop singing their songs! Microwave! via
If you're not seeing walk the moon April 3rd, I encourage you to see On An On at the grog shop that day instead!!
Photo: Join the homie at the Grog Shop tomorrow night
Grog Shop Cleveland Hts on Mondays it be goin down stop thru enjoy the festivities
at their height they barely packed the Grog Shop in Cleveland, most people left after Rainer Maria
Cashmere Cat is coming to Cleveland and performing at the legendary Grog Shop in Coventry TONIGHT!...
And we continue on! Ohio tonight at the Grog Shop! Can't believe we only have 4 more shows left!
I'm going to These Knees at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - May 9
Make sure you get to the Grog Shop tomorrow !
will be at the grog shop tonight and I won't... Kill me
Excited to announce + ​Surrounding Cities are opening for me on May 9th at Grog Shop​! h…
Going to see friday at the grog shop 😎✌
4 days until the Key x Father concert. 💯at the Grog Shop.
Lagwagon and swingin utters at grog shop Tuesday!
I'm going to The Lighthouse and the Whaler at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Dec 13
vinyl theatre is gonna be at the grog shop on Black Friday
Im at the grog shop and someone gave me free tickets after I already bought my ticket :-(
A grog shop opens before a supermarket? I guess that makes sense for a Sunday.
Is anybody at the Grog Shop tonight for the Swellers
CLEVELAND. Who's coming to the Grog Shop tonight? We'll play every song that you request that is already on our set list.
Cleveland! Go see last Cleveland show ever tonight at the Grog Shop! Sad I can't be there.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Tonight is The Swellers last show in cleveland at the Grog Shop. Reverse The Curse is playing too! Doors at 6:30,...
the plug. CRUEL WINTER FEST. DeC 23rd at the Grog Shop. Get at me lk_drew and all my…
Grog Shop going. on a Tuesday. December 23rd yall. ❄️
But really this show went REALLY hard. The grog shop almost collapsed .
No cookies after all, guys. Have to take care of mom. I'm still going to the Grog Shop, though. I need a dose of sanity.
Definitely might have to see pepper @ the grog shop
I need a friend that'll go to the grog shop w me tonight lol :-(
in case yall didn't know, i'll be in the Grog Shop along w/. . & more. . Dec. 23rd! 🔥
Just got tickets on TicketWeb for The Church at Grog Shop on 03/07/15
Can you please come back to CLE Saw you at the Grog Shop a few years back. But not on Friday. We do not roll on the Shabbos
Thanksgiving @ the Grog Shop in Cleveland gonna be crazy!!! .
Come out to the grog shop thanksgiving night for a great turn up! Tix are only $12 in adv. at…
We'll have limited OG "Imagination Beyond Illustration" merch+ Smoke Noises merch available at the Grog Shop with...
Performing live next to Public Enemy at the Grog Shop soon when the date drops you will know x I'm Blessed 💯
HEY GOOD DAY INTERNET what do you know + RJD2 at the Grog Shop tonight... I wonder if there will be a Ghost cameo hm
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Grilled Cheese, Water Guns full of Liquor, Grog Shop, Mixer? Y'all not listening tho...
comtruise performing at the Grog Shop. Amazing show! @ Grog Shop
Juat got back from the Grog Shop after an epic performance by Cheers sir! Thanks for chatting!
10 Photos from Gentlemen of Leisure Performing at the Grog Shop .
It's Friday and I'm at chipotle and I got hired as a marketing intern at the Grog Shop today so it's the best day ever
Off to see the islands in concert at the grog shop. I dont know who they are or where that is but im goin
Latest: Man or Astro-Man & The Pack A.D. Deliver Earth Shaking Performances at the Grog Shop
Really? They were suppose to play Grog Shop again.
Grog Shop tonight to check out and my brother !
Pretty excited to see and at the Grog Shop tonight
of bourbon. The cops were at the grog shop 4 sum reason, the girl at the counter said it was to pick up footage but wouldn't
out of a neighboring grog-shop. The commissary of police, who
The grub & grog shop is back with the Noonshine cafe. Today 11-3
Very quiet night in the grog shop tonight, everyone want to be straight for voting?
excited! Just heard about VT on View. Snagged Tkts for show in CLE @ Grog shop
There is a white boy rap show at the grog shop on your actual birthday. :p
Finishing my drink before I stumble up the street for some fries. @ Grog Shop
Rocking out to a bit of at the Grog Shop... @ Grog Shop
IM IN CLEVELAND OCT 8 AT THE GROG SHOP WITH & !!! . Lebron will probably be there. But I'll be like 'go celtics'.
I bet he did it at the grog shop our junior year ):
to when I met in 2011 at the Grog Shop in Cleveland 😏
I remembered, that section of Cleveland with the Grog Shop is called Coventry ;)
Who will I see at the grog shop tomorrow night?
*** yes Pepper and New Beat Fund at the Grog Shop November 29th
Hyped as *** to see perform tomorrow at the Grog shop
remember when opened for shwayze years ago in Cleveland at the grog shop?? yaaa now look
.+ Special guest tomorrow at the grog shop!
Deafheaven plays Grog Shop next week? I look forward to turning soft in front of everyone (I already am)
I might go to Sham 69 at Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH - Sep 21
well a banco show & big KRIT & Two9 gone be at the grog shop soon.
yes!! October 17 at the grog shop! Tickets are cheaper and my friends and I are going!
Just found out gone be at the grog shop the day after my birthday bruh, it's going
Tue Nov 25, 2014 | 8:30PM ( 7:30 Door) | The Grog Shop | $20 | Goleta, California's Lagwagon first burst on the scene way back in 1988 playing a unique brand of speedy, highly technical pop-punk that made them one of the most influential punk bands of the 90's. The first band ever...
Thing that makes my 6yo son laugh most today: repeating "hedge grog" having seen "Old Prickly, Snuffly Hedge Grog" beer in the shop!
Happy birthday to The Grog Shop queen: Kathy! And Happy Birthday to Dan Rogan, the patron saint of The…
The bathroom at the grog shop is AWFUL.I don't see how some of y'all girls go in there & say "hold up let me take a selfie"
Grog Shop was shakin tonight. Peace to and every1 who performed.
I'm getting to the Grog Shop early. I suggest you do the same. Potluck at the grog shop tonight.
starts in less than a hour. meet and I at the grog shop !
So got a pop up shop at the grog, gotta grab something
We at the grog tonight come kick it ! @ Grog Shop
We're all set up and ready for tonight Cleveland. $10 everything. We're at the Grog Shop. x CMMNAVE
tonight is the move. The grog shop, reduced admission before 12
Tonight !!! Cleveland's Funnest monthly event!!! | Meet me on Coventry at The Grog Shop ..…
pregame meal for me will be sponsored by Ninja city in Case Western. Potluck tonight at the Grog Shop
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Summer '14 collection pop-up at the Grog Shop tonight. Support our homies and everyone on this show.
Look for me in this recap video for this show I did at The Grog Shop.
Tonight at the Grog Shop Luck of pot, BKA Potluck
tonight at the grog shop. My pregame consist of College football, Juice and chilling
I have a bucket hat. His name is Juan-Pablo. Come party tonight at the grog shop
Meet us at the grog shop tonight. Got a few buttons left
tonight at the Grog Shop. music by and myself. Hosted…
Today is potluck. See everyone tonight at the grog shop
September is a big month for the Grog Shop
hey you should come see Joywave on the 27th! Grog Shop
YO CLEVELAND i'm doing a show at the GROG SHOP on wednesday OCTOBER 8TH w mc lars and spose! GET UR TICKETS HERE:
Tomorrow it's going down. at the Grog Shop celebrating the birthday of my homie
See y'all in 12 hours. It's Labor Day... Free Comedy Show at Grog Shop. Doors open at 8pm, shows…
Thieves with bricks break into bottle shop: THIEVES made off with grog after smashing their way through a bott...
Now that everybody hip to Makonnen and Key! Somebody pay that bread and bring em to the Grog Shop
Tomorrow night im back kicking it at Grog Shop with the homies ! These concerts be turn't
New album from streaming on Live at Grog Shop 10/23!
So will be at the Grog Shop on Halloween so I guess I'll be celebrating my fav holiday w/ my fav band!
the ready set at the grog shop on hallOWEEN
I'll see you all at The Grog Shop in Cleveland!!!
♫ Today: Cleveland, OH - Aug 12 at The Grog Shop with American Sharks and Rival Knives
First time I equated indie rock with Muzak™ was at a mid-'90s show @ Cleveland's Grog Shop headlined by Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments.
I will be back at the Grog Shop tomorrow @ 8! Come see me as well as many other talented artists at…
I'll be BACK AT THE GROG SHOP for another show tomorrow night! Come see ya boy tomorrow night at
Tomorrow! 'Summer Madness' concert hits Cleveland Hts, Ohio at the Grog Shop! Show starts at 8 pm!…
okay. Aye I was tryna go to grog shop tomorrow night. You down?
On a serious note...come see and myself with a bunch of other hot artist in Cleveland kill it August 13th at the Grog Shop!!!
I missed and tonight at the grog shop...
Stop and ask yourself: Have I ever seen a CreEz MxB show at the Grog Shop. If not ..on July 5th I suggest you experience that.
what's the chances I can get you to see me perform at the Grog Shop?   10% Off
The grog shop gone let bolo bless the stage
July 5th! @ The Grog Shop kicking off the summer right
Just announced. The Grog Shop presents Bassnectar on Oct 17. Tickets on sale Friday at noon
S/O to my set retroartistry will be in the building July 5th at the Grog Shop, mark…
well the grog shop works with house of blues so I think that's the one
Come out and kick it with me at the Grog Shop July 5th, i'll be performing! . Dre Mickel & Tony Blunt
Ayee. I just got my ticket to see C-Ro Del Fresco tomorrow night at the Grog Shop. Turn up! Make sure you're there!
Grog shop this Saturday and we'll be playing with some amazing bands. Don't miss it!
Aug. 3rd come support my bro at the Grog Shop!
LIVE!!! 7.27.14 at the Grog Shop tickets available now contact . lifemgmt.rec
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