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Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco (February 15, 1943 - September 3, 2012) was a former drug lord for the Medellín Cartel and a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine drug trade and underworld during the 1970s and early 1980s.

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"Jay-Z with illegal drug dealer Griselda Blanco OMFG
"💰💰💰bet yall dont een no who this is Griselda Blanco & Charles Cos…
“Jay-Z with illegal drug dealer Griselda Blanco this pic is life idc
I'm FASCINATED by Griselda Blanco what a woman the queen of cocaine
If a Pablo Escobar movie is coming out in January can they hurry and make a Griselda Blanco one as well?
When that Griselda Blanco movie come out starring catherine zeta jones ***
I can't wait to see Griselda blanco's bio topic
“Nah fam they need a Griselda Blanco movie 😂🙌”🙌
Nah fam they need a Griselda Blanco movie 😂🙌
Cant wait till the Griselda Blanco movie comes out.
Griselda Blanco needed a *** like me. You wanna kidnap the president's son... cool... we go to jail.. atleast we down together..
Griselda Blanco was so real.. *** I woulda loved to dated her crazy *** .. she put *** on..
Every time I hear that song 'coco' I want to become the new Griselda blanco.
At work, like why my mom couldn't be Griselda Blanco..😩😩😩
striving to be the next Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco, Audre Lorde and Marsha P. Johnson are my sheroes.
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They cast Catherine Zeta-Jones to play Griselda Blanco in a biopic.
Change your name to Griselda Blanco so I know it's real 🚬😘
Jay-Z with illegal drug dealer Griselda Blanco
I want to be like griselda blanco when i grow up
Most savage person ever was Griselda Blanco!
To all my Trap Money *** Trap Gods out dere bringin u Griselda Blanco the baddest 'trap god' ever…
mfs must have never heard of Griselda Blanco . on god i was obsessed like a mf w/ her . stayed reading & watching movies abt her .!
Stop the track. salute to El Chapo, 21 guns salute. RIP Griselda Blanco.
can I be griselda blanco, except not dead
"still so much money"I'm watching Griselda Blanco in bliss
Are we supposed to believe this alleged boyfriend of Griselda Blanco?
I wanna be like Griselda Blanco though.
Watching this documentary bout Griselda Blanco. The God mother of Cocaine. She meant business!
There would have been no Pablo Escobar without Griselda Blanco
“I'm tryna be like Pablo Escobar 💵💵 *** yea. Something like Griselda Blanco 💵🔫
“Did people know who Griselda Blanco was before Rick Ross dropped that bar?” Yea from Cocaine Cowboys 💪
Joe Blow and KThaqs Go To Chase Manhattan.or I could just be George Jung if you'll be Griselda Blanco
"Decided to do my informative speech on Griselda Blanco! My intro so fye!!!"a drug lord?
Watching a documentary about Griselda Blanco. She's too real
I don't know if it's because all old Spanish women look a like but I'm sure Griselda blanco is the same women who killed Selena
Watching Cocaine Cowboys griselda blanco was really a boss
I can watch this a million times and still pick up things I didn't notice already. Shoutouts to Griselda Blanco lol
"To the cowards who killed my son the ground will shake beneath yur feet this deed will not go unpunished"-griselda blanco
Anybody else watching CNBC and the story behind drug queen pin Griselda Blanco? She's the one that introduced Pablo Escobar to be a drug king pin. Interesting
Can't believe she don't know Griselda Blanco is
"I'm screaming rest in peace Griselda Blanco"
I watch the Griselda Blanco episode of Cocaine Cowboys every time; every time.
Married to the game like Griselda Blanco 💪💋👑
Hector my amigo straight. Don't want no beef, I may crack your taco. I'm screaming rest in peace, Griselda Blanco
I take that back, ain't weak, that "Griselda Blanco" bar was fire lol
“I wanna meet Griselda blanco aka the godmother”she died
Some of yall men who are mad and all up in arms about women comments about the green-eyed bandit are the same ones who stated that you'd have sex with Griselda Blanco's cocaine selling, baby killing ***
I inspire to be like Griselda blanco with a marylin Monroe attitude and Barbie style🙌
Of course the fake trappers would make Griselda Blanco their Felon Crush Friday 😒
She ugly 😵😂😂 her name shouldn't be Griselda Blanco .😩😩
Screaming rest in peace to griselda blanco
Rest in peace Griselda blanco she a snow angel
Griselda Blanco also got murked the same way she was murkin *** .. So
R.I.P. Griselda Blanco she ah snow angel
Godmother of Cocaine, responsible for over 40 murders Griselda Blanco. http…
Earlier today, a motorcycle-riding assassin pumped two bullets into the head of Griselda Blanco inside a Medellin, Colombia, butcher shop;...
Yes true indeed the Griselda Blanco comes out of me indeed
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'Cocaine godmother' Griselda Blanco gunned down in Colombia Picture Griselda Blanco, the drug kingpin known for her blood-soaked style of street vengeance during Miami’s “Cocaine Cowboys” era of the ’70s and ’80s, was shot to death in Medellin by a motorcycle-riding assassin Monday. Blanco, 69, spent nearly two decades behind bars in the United States for drug trafficking and three murders, including the 1982 slaying of a 2-year-old boy in Miami. Called the “Godmother of Cocaine,” she was deported in 2004 to Colombia, where she maintained a low profile. Colombia’s national police confirmed her slaying late Monday. According to Colombian press reports, two gunmen on motorcycles pulled up to Blanco as she walked out of a butcher shop in Medellin, her hometown. One man pumped two bullets into her head, according to El Colombiano newspaper. It was the sort of death many had predicted for her: Blanco has been credited with inventing the idea of the “motorcycle assassin” who rode by victims ...
salute to El Chapo. twenty one gun salute, RIP Griselda Blanco.
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He has met Barack Obama and Griselda Blanco.. You haven't seen the life he has seen
I only look up to people I can never be Gabriel Marquez, Pablo Escobar, Francisco Santander, Griselda Blanco,ingrid Betancourt Nicolas Gomez
Stop the track..salute to el choppo...21 guns salute Griselda blanco
Griselda blanco and Charles Cosby. She liked black men I see
Griselda Blanco is my role model. Google her.
I'm so hyped about the Griselda blanco story to be played
I can't wait to watch Griselda Blanco aka cocaine queen
Rest in peace Griselda Blanco. She a snow angel
I can't wait for this novela about Griselda Blanco to start.
Really looking forward to and the Griselda Blanco story! Have a great weekend beautiful 😀
Rest in peace Griselda Blanco she a ❄️👼
“Jus found out who Griselda Blanco is lol” 😂😂😂
Jus found out who Griselda Blanco is lol
You fought as Capo 21 times for: ✪ Griselda Blanco. Together you received and defeated: ☣ДḠЛℑ☣ AH SAN.
How Griselda Blanco, changed economy forever. Watch it in at 6.
Griselda Blanco the legal drug dealer
So much coke I can make a snow angel.👼⛄️ Rest in peace Griselda Blanco, she's a snow angel.🙏
doing my research paper on Griselda Blanco ✊
Griselda Blanco be selling some sexy *** dresses. Ladies yall sleep.
Them Pablo Escobar/Griselda Blanco drug dealers were on job, I would be lying if I said I didn't rate their work ethic.
Swear! I just finished watching Cocaine Cowboys 2 man! So Scarface was about her huh 😏RT Griselda Blanco was a goon
Rest in Peace Griselda Blanco she a snow angel ❄️👼 -
That documentary bout Griselda blanco & that she killed her husbands , she was a savage 😤
El Chapo man he a fugitive, Griselda Blanco was a fugitive! (R.I.P)
RIP Griselda Blanco she a snow angel
Every time I see the Griselda Blanco commercial makes me feel like I'm evil lol
Swear if I see one more female with their name as Griselda Blanco I'ma dm them "plug me in" cause obviously you bout that life or patrayin'
Happy Birthday to the late, great GRISELDA BLANCO! May your legacy live on! 💸
Watching the novela and they show this commercial about Griselda Blanco and that biach was ugly and looked like a frog how dare they try to fool people like me who know about history. They put a pretty actress to play her and to make a triple telecast about her is an insult to the people and the families she killed.
My biggest addiction is money , I'm tryna be the Griselda blanco of my generation. I gotta make it !
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Omg so excited one of my idols they just made a movie or series not sure wrote a paper on her in college so epic (Griselda Blanco) la viuda Negra now that's a heartless b*** some day someday
These *** swear they Griselda Blanco as soon as the feds show up everybody goin 2 prison
Payso track off the mixtape "4rom The Bottom 2 MTV" dedicated to women getting money and also in memory of the Queen Of Cocaine Griselda Blanco 1st female bi...
Stop the track! Salute to El Chapo 21 gun salute, R.I.P. Griselda Blanco Peso, euro, all about dinero Tailored suit like Pablo, time to sell this yayo
What? They're coming out with a novela on Univision 23 based on Griselda Blanco... I'm have to check that out! Lol
George Jung was cool as *** ,Pablo Escobar ruthless, but Griselda Blanco she was downright Evil lol a woman was the worst one.
I've been watching serial killer documentaries and bio flicks all day. Ranging from Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer,Aileen Wuornos, Griselda's just so interesting what goes on in the mind of serial killer.
Saw a commercial on one of the Spanish channels for a movie about "cocaine queen" Griselda Blanco, and the actress portraying her is fabulously gorgeous. In real life, though, even when GB was young, she was no beauty, and in her heyday, she was a hideous old bat. I guess that doesn't sell commercials, though.
"A person is only as good as their word is." - Griselda Blanco
You said that I almost seen a tear drop rest in paradise: GRISELDA BLANCO
Happy 71st Birthday Griselda Blanco Godmother of Cocaine. She was the best! A Self made Billionaire. She was the First Female Cocaine Billionaire and was the first cocaine Millionaire in the 70s she was the pioneer of cocaine smuggling with her husband jaime bravo who she killed because of his dis loyal ways and she survived being shot 3 times and came back harder making a income of $10 million dollars a month for 10 years straight before being arrested in 1985. She had commited over 240 murders in miami. Back in Colombia she used to be a prostitue. She was born in Cartengena,Colombia brought up very dirt poor. She was use to seeing dead bodies just laying in the streets she was persuaded to kill her first person at the tender age of 9 years old the boy was 10 years old and she shoot him between his eyes after holding him for ransom and the parents not following through with giving her gang money. She was the most feared woman and drug dealer at the time if you double crossed her or didn't make a payment ...
Feb 15, 1848 the USS Maine blowed up near Cuba. Cuba was fighting them Spaniards and nobody claimed the incident but most Americans suspect dem Spanish. Feb 15, 1942 Singapore falls to the *** Japan surrendered to the Allies before a British plan to retake the Malay Peninsula could be executed. Feb 15, 1950 Disney's "Cinderella" opens. Feb 15, 1903 first Teddy Bear goes on sale. It was a mild hit. Feb 15, 1961 a Boeing 707 went down on approach in Berg-Kammpenhout, Belgium. All aboard perished including the entire US Figure Skating team. Feb 15, 1978 Mr Leon Spinks takes the heavy weight title from Ali in a split decision. 1974 Mr Spinks, then a Marine, had just taken Olympic Gold. Merfdaddy had got into some mild hot water. It was 6 weeks base restriction or box in upcoming tournament. I was the only one in my battalion in that weight class. Never boxed in my life. Most physically exhausted thing I ever did. My coach: Leon Spinks. True story. Git the snot beat otta me. 'Nuther true story. ...
Happy birthday to the realest Illiest Boss I know my God mother Griselda Blanco she is 71 today salute
Happy Born Day to The Blacc Widow...a.k.a La Madrina...b.k.a The Godmother..Griselda Blanco...u changed the game & there'll NEVER b Anotha to do it like u did!
Will the real KBreezy Dagame stand up??? Speak now or forever hold your peace!!! Griselda Blanco there is an imposter trying to take the name that she had started years ago!!!
Please don't comment about the God Mother Griselda Blanco If it isn't anything positive .. Please don't make her angry
This *** said Griselda Blanco was the devil lol I beg to differ She was a Boss rs I guess I'm the devil now huh lls... Some people just look at all the bad a person has done and never the about f everything bad in her life She was a Boss In my eyes Loyal
If you don't know who Griselda Blanco Is Google her She was actually a good woman despite of what the media said Salute to the God mother she will forever live through me.. My video Griselda Blanco is dedicated to her.. We love you Ms Blanco r.i.p /HappyBday Boss Lady
R.I.P Griselda Blanco your truly missed.creates
Griselda blanco going to be making her first appearance . Going to stack up beside a couple . I wanna bring her sister but 2 may be too much for me to handle!
Texas ƔBeBe BlondeƔ© just brought the body count to 345,971 by icing ✪ Griselda Blanco.
Griselda Blanco type females i kno u lil *** play with her and c how dat turn out fuk a gang U and dat dead horse u keep beating *** we dem ***
Feeling like I need to adapt to crime cus doing the right thing dnt seem to be working salute to el chopo, Griselda Blanco they had the right idea.
Balls got Ppl thinking they Nicky Barnes or griselda Blanco... The streets Dont kno u
Reading about Griselda Blanco - The Cocaine Godmother. She truly was GANGSTA!
Griselda Blanco was really one step away from kidnapping John F. Kennedy Jr. and using him to get out of jail.
Nancy Ruth Owens May 30 ADAM WALSH, for those who are too young to know and some people are asking, is the son of America's Most Wanted John Walsh who was kidnapped and decapitated in Hollywood, Florida in 1981 by the Hispanic Medellin Cartel and who needed to use a white woman because thirty years ago a Hispanic man couldn't get anywhere near a white child. I was shot in the arm during the second kidnapping. A short time later John Walsh attended my funeral in Clewiston, Florida and I have no idea whose body is in "my" grave. My name is Nancy R Owens, aka Pablo's "White Rabbit," and I lived with Pablo Escobar, JoJo Delgado, Rivi Ayala, whom I married in 1981, and Griselda Blanco, in the early 80's. As a "soft" soldier, I knew very early on that whites, specifically the *** s Angels under its leader, Sonny Barger and other white groups such as up-and-coming politicians like John Walsh, were being murdered or demoralized using American dollars via cocaine sales in trade for white genocide. All white biker ...
Pablo Escobar, Griselda Blanco, Al Capone and Frank Lucas those are gangsters
Griselda Blanco named her youngest son after the godfather...Michael Corleone that notorious drug dealer way back
Griselda Blanco and Pablo Escabar knew each other?!?!
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I might as well be productive while I'm up instead of watching this piece The Godmother: Griselda Blanco
I knew at some point Griselda Blanco had to be talked about on this Gangsters show on
“Griselda Blanco” word that is the name I'm lookin for Mexico right?!
Karma catches up to all you head honchos, two dome shots in that head, Griselda Blanco"
Women are better drug dealers from the shows I have watched they move weight it makes it unique exp the crazy Griselda Blanco
2 white girls they goin Griselda Blanco !
“Griselda Blanco is literally the cocaine queen”im saying!
Griselda Blanco is literally the cocaine queen
Julie doesn't know who Griselda blanco is 😹😖
Griselda Blanco, her Manager when asked if she was a paranoid psychopath replied, "in her trade, drugs & death, I'd call it common sense."
*** Man.Griselda Blanco was a That woman knew how to get
Griselda blanco was a gangsta forreal
Watching the Griselda Blanco story, that lady was a beast!
Dang they tried to kill Griselda blanco 6 times
Griselda Blanco was nothing to play with
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Watching this story on Griselda blanco ...and I'm like 😯😯😯
I didn't know soul train awards was on, but f that bullshhh, I'm on this gangsters americas most evil(griselda blanco) way more intresting *** I can learn something
nobody knew who Griselda Blanco was till she came up in a song . just sad .
Griselda Blanco.who knows who she is?
The Godmother Griselda Blanco was no *** joke. Watching her story is like *** !
The god father was based off of Michael Corleone's mother...Griselda Blanco... There was no god father.
cause this *** said rest in peace griselda blanco. Tfff ? her baby murdering *** lol foh
Griselda Blanco was something tf else
I see they've got a new special about Griselda Blanco, hopefully they're showing love to for introducing her character
OK I'm over the awards, I'm Finna watch this griselda blanco story
*** there wouldn't be a Pablo Escobar without Griselda Blanco
Watching this lil documentary on griselda blanco
hey thots there's a documentary on Griselda Blanco on Lifetime.y'all seem to love and know oh so much about her😊
Eating cake, drinking water watching my BIZ'NA'EE Griselda Blanco !
Watching on They are telling the story of the Godmother, Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco murderess doper from Manizalles on Gangsters channel 253 Direct Dadeland Mall shoot out the begins for you rookies Medilin Cartel
My mommy looks just like Griselda Blanco
Me and Griselda blanco dead share the same birthday
Just me and my new puppy Griselda Blanco smoking on that loud♡ -fwm lets match.
LA NEGRA -Play Reading 2013 HOLA Reading Series 10 December at 19:00 in EST IATI Theater, 64 East 4th Street, Second Floor. Between Second Avenue and Bowery) INSPIRED BY THE LIFE OF GRISELDA BLANCO AND THE REAL LIFE EVENTS OF CURRENT TIJUANA. As the Day of the Dead approaches, Drug Cartel Queen LA NEGRA takes a ritualistic journey from child prostitute to Patron Saint of Mexican outcasts- Santa Muerte. Siete, her top drug pusher lover, a *** tourist painter, and hundreds of street children inhabit her world towards light and peace. The citizens of Tijuana, police officers and skull figures of the night force her to face her relentless darkness. These light and dark symbolic forces within her battle for the future of Mexico itself.
Wifey buggin she miss me don't worry I miss u 2 princess Kay Griselda Blanco
In hooters wit the Bros but I'm missin wifey tho Kay Griselda Blanco
Christine Moore PimpSquad BullyCamp no words no edits all raw pics GRISELDA BLANCO
Saludos to El Chapo rest in peace griselda blanco money stack up like Pablo Escobar.
im screaming r.i.p to Griselda blanco.
Baddest broad I ever heard Griselda blanco.cold.
Happy Turkey Day I'm on my way to mommie's house to kick wit my family ,my son back n town , I'm really thankful...But afterwords I'm doing my rounds Lakisha Madrias , Griselda Blanco , Laurie Lail hefa's jus have my plates ready! OOOHHHyea I love ya'll
I've tried to call my BF Tobie answer! Okay, lemma see if my other BF is available Griselda Blanco!!!
I use to study Griselda Blanco every her. R.I.P
The US “war on drugs” is a joke—a failed campaign begun by a failed president that has cost over $1 trillion, caused skyrocketing rates of incarceration, and done nothing to curb drug use. Yes, it’s a “war” with no enemy and no victor, but we don’t even have to point to the mountain of statistical evidence to know that. It’s evidence enough that there are enough famous and fabulously rich drug traffickers to fill not just one list, but two. Griselda Blanco The only woman on this list, “Cocaine Godmother” Griselda Blanco was one of the most vicious and dangerous drug lords of all time. Before Boston George, she was the Medellin Cartel’s most prolific smuggler, running tons of cocaine into New York, Miami, and Southern California. After a 150-kilogram shipment was intercepted by Federal agents in 1975 (the largest coke bust ever at the time) Blanco went on the run to Colombia and enjoyed another 10 years of freedom and success. During her career, she is thought to have committed or ord ...
I need a coke white blazer to complete my Griselda Blanco fit for Christmas 🎄
Bout to give Griselda Blanco a bath... Even though its prolly gonna rain lol
Griselda blanco keep smiling at me in my header
Two dome shots in that head Griselda Blanco.
Griselda Blanco the greatest woman to ever do the *** thing Rest easy 🙌🙏
my class talking bout Griselda Blanco .. !
Griselda Blanco was a freaking savage! Gangster biatch right there!
I need a girl like Griselda Blanco. ***
If college don't work out, ima be the next Griselda Blanco😈
I'm fan of griselda blanco. Legendary
she look like Griselda blanco. Uglass.
You order too many killings for my liking .. You like the Black Griselda Blanco !!!
you trap more than Griselda blanco foh
exactly! I'm Griselda Blanco status in my head these *** beneath me lol
Karma catches up to all you head honchos. Two shots to ya Griselda Blanco
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Griselda blanco was worth even more lol
*** I got the same birthday as Griselda Blanco that's wild !!!
American Gangster got yall tripping! Cuz Griselda Blanco would off one of yall black ppl in a heart beat
Why do black ppl glorify Griselda Blanco, Lucky luciano, Any Italian mobster or any lationo mobster yall do kno they hated black ppl right?
Griselda Blanco is the definition is the definition of a boss.
Cocaine Cowgirl: The Outrageous Exploits and Mysterious Death of Griselda Blanco, the Godmother of Medell?n (K...
I'm re get on my Griselda Blanco flow 🔫💂
I'm just tryna find my Griselda Blanco
I'm yelling rest in peace Griselda Blanco
Fact: On her "BMF" track LoLa Monroe referred to Griselda Blanco who was a notorious drug lord, strong woman and wasnt t…
the Cocaine Cowboys and Griselda Blanco in the 70s
Ima start calling my mama Griselda Blanco
I would like congratulate my friend Alizae Griselda Cantu on this music video with A.B. Quintanilla, you looked...
"I represent my culture no Pancho. Serving that griselda Blanco. I use to wear paco. But now i rock Ralph Lauren and smoke cigars like Castro. "
Women r the most powerful business successors 1.cleopatra 2. Griselda blanco 3.queenelizabeth just to name a few ... So y tell me wat a man can do 󾌯
My girlfriend has to be the shooter ... I want a mini Griselda Blanco.
Kingpinline Griselda Blanco New pics with her haircut coming next week stay tune fb
Griselda Blanco to you heauxs. Eliot Ness to you nigs.
Then realize big meech as a small fry compared to Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco , now she's a real G !
they're on Netflix so I stay watching them lol Griselda Blanco is my idol😎🙌
Salma Hayek wanna be Griselda Blanco or her kin so bad in so many movies. Gotta love her though.
Griselda Blanco in Cocaine Cowboys. It's a doc but wholly *** does she put every fictional mob boss to shame.
so JLo playing Griselda Blanco in a movie about her FOH!
If you don't Know who Griselda Blanco is, go look her up, she's a VERY INTERESTING PERSON
I stay watching Cocaine Cowboys 2 Griselda blanco couldve been my chick
Griselda Blanco *** the head honcho *** 100 bands on ya head show u that ain't ya ***
All I know is that Gucci has actually killed somebody & maybe sold dope on a small-time level. All these Griselda Blanco talk is theatre.
My toes look cute with the white polish . Griselda blanco 💯🔫
Griselda blanco said leave it alone so ima do that. Lol.
it's all warranted because... women NEVER become gangsters at all. does not happen. judy moran? griselda blanco? no-names!
“Rip Griselda blanco”she waa sumn serious..ppl dont really kno bout ha
mr untouchable is a good reading the godmother about Griselda blanco just now.crazy lady
Two shots to ya head, Griselda Blanco. Game be running this bit
what you know about Griselda Blanco!? Lol
Griselda Blanco started out with a lifesaving of $25000 and ended up with $10'000'000 income every week
Lioness Griselda Blanco (godMother) February 15, 1943 to September 3, 2012. there's Levels in all business.
I didn't know who Griselda blanco was until a Pyrex track
Never understood why rappers always referenced Scarface when in fact Griselda Blanco was that ***
Griselda blanco needs to be put in history books
I would've loved to have a convo with Griselda Blanco.
Guy Fisher and Diddy “Griselda Blanco and Oprah are my idols”
Griselda Blanco and Oprah are my idols
LMAO when I listen to rick ross I think i'm Griselda Blanco or somebody
Jorge Rivera Ayala, the imprisoned hitman for Miami drug lord Griselda Blanco, won’t get a shot at freedom.
If you did not know about Griselda Blanco until CSNBC played "Cocaine Cowboys" then oooh something wrong.
2 dome shots to the head Griselda Blanco
Off this.. Night with my Griselda Blanco aka Louise
Griselda Blanco. I got mad respect for her! Rns.
I'd like to know who is Griselda Blanco is
I want me a Griselda Blanco for my gf
lmao, just call me Griselda Blanco .
I'm screamin rest in peace Griselda Blanco!!
Griselda Blanco is the baddest woman in history.
Where Tf is Griselda blanco 😒 probably still drunk from last night 😤😤😤
But wont griselda blanco richer the one who put Pablo Escobar on?
they're making one about Griselda Blanco tho!!
People always ask me who Griselda Blanco is.. Cocaine godmother!!! What you know about it? Google it.
*** is call my mummy Griselda Blanco and El Lena lmaoo
Even Griselda blanco got gunned down! She was well over 50 too
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Griselda Blanco was reading the Bible when the feds caught her...
Thanks to I know all about the American Mob. Next up: Griselda Blanco.
Hozay doesn't know who Griselda Blanco is...
Griselda Blanco was the real deal she wasn't called the Black Widow for nothing
Griselda Blanco is the biggest female drug dealer from Columbia. She was the Cocaine Godmother.
Two dome shot to the head Griselda Blanco.
It's still hard to believe Griselda Blanco dated a black man.
If you could be another person for a day, who would y... — Griselda Blanco, also known as the Black Widow or The...
Miami Drug Cartel; Griselda Blanco might of been evil but how many *** were evil; and they single her out 😒
i want a woman like Griselda Blanco lol. *** naw i would probably get killed
Helen is like the Griselda Blanco of the house
Half of these mofos don't even know who Griselda blanco is smdh
Anytime you can tell me more about Griselda Blanco than you can Huey P. Newton. I fear for your sanity.
If you trap & you don't know who Griselda Blanco is then you're not a real trapper.
Griselda blanco had more heart then alotta niggaz i kno
just saw a Biography episode about Griselda Blanco. At the end of the show you spelled Colombia wrong. Correct please.
I'm screaming rest in peace Griselda Blanco.
“Griselda Blanco was one baaad mother.” inded
Freeze got Griselda blanco tatted on his chest lol
Savages was loosely based on griselda blanco
Man,thanks for the info,enjoyed it going to do some work on it."Griselda Blanco go read about her
& now they are into the Griselda Blanco doc.
Griselda Blanco was one baaad mother.
Griselda Blanco ain't play any games !
Tony Montana or Griselda Blanco...idk who I love more lol
Griselda Blanco was one cold hearted G.
“Have y'all ever heard of Griselda Blanco?” The godmother
If Sallie Mae was Griselda Blanco, the population of the United states would be 12 right now
Have y'all ever heard of Griselda Blanco?
They talking bout Neenee on tv... Griselda Blanco lol
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Sometimes I wish I was cold hearted as Griselda Blanco...
JLO is supposed to be playing Griselda Blanco in her biopic.
Watchin this griselda blanco documentary. This mujer go the streets well lock down.
If there wasn't Griselda Blanco, there weren't be Pablo Escobar
If it wasn't for Griselda Blanco, there would be no Pablo Escobar..
Your not a true colombian if you dont know who Griselda Blanco is..
My mom just said who is griselda blanco? She needs to just hold her breath for awhile.
My dad said he is related to Griselda Blanco.lord have mercy on my soul :(
My girll Griselda blanco on gangsters lightt the planess i aint movinn from my couch
Griselda blanco documentary about to come on
Danm I didn't know I followed Griselda Blanco “I wana have this *** dead so bad but I ain't tryna make drama”
the one he gave me was focused on the Black Widow (Griselda Blanco )
smh Griselda Blanco was the God Mother, she the most notorious female drug lord, the female Tony Montana exc…
Griselda Blanco was 's grandma so you know she got that work. Cocaine Cowboys ...
My Goodness..watching Bio..about Griselda Blanco..Mexiican Drug Queen..she was a Cold Piece of Work..No..Soul for no one ..Hit after Hit..Lock her Old Crazy azz up..Riot in the pen
Karma catches up to all you head hanchos...2 dome shots to ur head Griselda Blanco~Hurricane Game
They already know it , & from now on i want you to call me Griselda Blanco ☺👍
Wish I met Griselda blanco I'd take over
Awesome day in the Vienna People studio with Michael Magician McGlynn, laying down another new song, "Griselda Blanco (Living in Miami)".
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