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Grim Reaper

The concept of death as a sentient entity has existed in many societies since the beginning of history.

Alan Rickman Bogus Journey David Bowie Lily Allen Bruce Forsyth

Rock n roll delusions, seeing the Grim Reaper, and Yeti hair. New Unwritable Rant!.
Lily Allen slowly taking the place of Cliff Richard in the next celebrity I wish the Grim Reaper to pay a visit too.
BREAKING: Grim Reaper apologises, the last place he expected to find Farage in 2016 was in German embassy applying for a family passport
2016 was the year the evil Grim Reaper robbed our favorite celebrities from us, not the bad celebs.
This morning, Los Angeles: "Aren't you a little short to be the Grim Reaper?" (Or so I hope and imagine.)
Aye. Why can't Grim Reaper take tossers like Jeremy Clarkson and Katie Hopkins instead? There's still a few days yet.
spin class is less me having fun and more me trying to avoid the Grim Reaper
Kai I'll give u a game of pink slips message me on Xbox iz Grim Reaper
Wait was the grim reaper Jamaican or am I just tweaking
Remember when the grim reaper was Jamaican?
You are a terrible person and the grim reaper keeps dragging his feet with you, there is no justice.
I just hope the Grim Reaper doesn't have something to say about this beforehand...
The goblin and the grim reaper though 😂
selling a 14K gold grim reaper pendant. hit me whoever is interested.
Grim Reaper: "Relax guys. Soros is on my short list"
When the and the grim reaper came to your rescue ❤ I had to included the perfect OST ✌ http…
Update your maps at Navteq
What do you call a grim reaper when you're ur mom *** him off? via /r/Jokes
am i the only who always excited when the scene of Grim Reaper and Goblin come? I SHIP THEM SO MUCH😂
The goblin is dumbledore and the grim reaper is voldemort and the goblin's bride is harry
My new ship is not human! . A handsome and a super hot grim reaper they are😏
When a goblin and a grim reaper come to your rescue, what is there for you to fear?
My husband thought the bedroom curtains were the "grim reaper" the other night.
my fav scene from the drama so far. So hilarious 😂 I thought Grim Reaper will be dull, but what we have 😂😍
Claim 'Grim Reaper Hippopotamus' now & get your CAMPAIGN PROMO SPECIAL OFFER here
'Grim Reaper' mode to keep me warm during these cold, winter nights.
After watching the first episode of TvN's I hereby declare goblin x grim reaper as the main ship of this drama ht…
"You look like the grim reaper as a librarian." -
he did REVENGE OF SHINOBI too right, music in that is some real grim reaper spooky *** bangers
In an alternative world: khn as the grim reaper ㅋ
$75k brings the heat! Texas Grim Reaper takes on Birdman for the BIG Check!
GOOSEBUMPS. This is what i call a badass entrance 🔥. Goblin & Grim Reaper to the rescue!.
All purpose parts banner
when feel broken heart and thunder out from his body !. lol even grim reaper scared of him!! . JJANG DRAMA!!!…
I be on Xbox all day.. just send an invite & im there like the grim reaper at the hall of cost
I wonder if goblin and grim reaper will be friends or enemies. Or both.
The Grim Reaper's bed time scene is too awesome. Whoever picked that organ music as back song, you're doin it right sir. Well…
i'm praying the Grim Reaper doesn't come for Angela Lansbury, Derek Jacobi or Maggie Smith.
I might dress up as the Grim Reaper and go wave at the people in the nursing home. Who wants to come??
You can be a King or a Street Sweeper but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper - Robert Alton Harris !
saw Christ doing an Ollie over a Shark tank . .. saw the Grim Reaper intently observing
Again gave a life to Pinocchio deprived of life was the Grim Reaper. .
He was good. And now he's gone. RIP, Buckwheat Zydeco: (P.S. Enough w/ the pop culture deaths already, Grim Reaper!)
New Wave of British Heavy Metal lives! In Camden tonight for Grim Reaper!
Clinton conned the *** country, but can she con the Grim Reaper with that big fake open jawed smile meant to hide her jowels?
I've done a lot of death cartoons - tombstones, Grim Reaper, illness, obituaries... I'm not great
Just waiting for the inevitable news that Gary Glitter has been made Education Secretary and the Grim Reaper is up for Health Sec
A busy day for the Grim Reaper: Wicker Man director Robin Hardy, Caroline Aherne, Elie Wiesel and now Deer Hunter director…
and before you assume I am some kind of Grim Reaper .I stopped working to stay away from Central London
Grim Reaper, Morticia Adams and Fr Dougal McGuire gather at funeral
When you keep saying you wanna die and the Grim Reaper actually shows up at your doorstep
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? — grim reaper
When the grim reaper's collecting celebrities and you just want to enjoy your birthday
Is this your grim reaper's to do list? Please say yes
In other news The Grim Reaper has announced his new band The Four Horseman featuring Bowie, Lemmie & Prince will begin touring very soon.
B4 the grim reaper comes knocking on your door, are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh no, Lets go crazy, let's go nuts
You're not a woman," he said finally. "You're the Grim Reaper with red hair!
@ the Grim Reaper. he's on a roll lately!
The grim reaper is working overtime. Which famous person is next?
Have you got this right? Isn't the grim reaper & Both are nasty foul mouthed crooks
It's scary the amount of Musicians and entertainers in their 59s and 60s are dying lately. I may have to hide away from t…
Grim Reaper: I'm so sorry... Prince: It's all right. Grim Reaper (singing): I never meant to cause you any trouble... Pri…
The grim reaper has obviously found a good A&R man. RIP
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The 2016 Grim Reaper has been doing overtime; I'll do you a deal, you can have anyone other than Patrick Stewart
And when we do. What's it all for?. You better live now. Before the grim reaper come knocking on your door
I think the Grim Reaper got a bit too excited for the new season of Game of Thrones.
who is next. That grim reaper is on overtime these days!!!
At Colm Toibin's Halloween party last year, Roddy Doyle came dressed as the Grim Reaper. Oh how we laughed. Nobody's lau…
OK grim reaper now hear this: snaffling much admired creative folks away every time I’m offline for hours isn’t an acceptable trick.
WeLL. Can U give me A chance to be your Grim Reaper?. -Entropy
These people take great care of themselves... or don't. But sometimes, it's life. It's fate. It's the Grim Reaper coming for God knows who.
Also the grim reaper better leave Betty White alone! I love Betty White!
Bowie, Rickman, Wogan, Daniels, Corbett, Wood, and now Prince. Could someone please tell the Grim Reaper he is using the w…
Grim Reaper, please feel free to balance the books a little, take any one of Lily Allen, Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre for starters
. No more origin story movies please. We don't need to see Uncle Ben or The Wayne's shot again I feel Like the Grim Reaper
For a long time I thought William Shatner played the Grim Reaper in Bogus Journey and looked different from make-up. It was William Sadler.
I tried to flirt with the grim reaper but he rejected me
I get the distinct impression that the Grim Reaper is clearing up all his outstanding accounts for the end of the financial year.
The Grim Reaper is indeed passing through Europe..
2016 grim reaper just keeps reaching out and grabbing our much loved personalities. I've never known anything like it before.
The grim reaper has taken the brightest star on the TV I'm crying for her and her family
Grim reaper continues to be busy if you're a celeb or even moderately well known
the grim reaper loves 2016 please STOP killing everyone off.
Sad day. My husband leaves his hospital job reluctantly. Jeremy Hunt The Grim Reaper.
Its April already and only a 1/4 of the 'entertainment' world have died...roll on September maybe The Grim Reaper' will take some Z-Listers!
You'd have thought T'Grim Reaper would do an April Fool's on us by not killing anyone famous today.
Is it me or is the year of The Grim Reaper
Come on grim reaper get those *** stuart hall and harris next. Then see their grace fallen in just 3 words. He is dead
The grim reaper lowers his hood to reveal that he's a bunny.
and you! I thought denial that I've been feeling like the grim reaper of late would see me through, but obviously not!
Will the good people please stop dying!! 2016, busy year for the grim reaper. 😳
Is the Grim Reaper working on commission or something in 2016?!
Sad, sad news.The Grim Reaper is doing overtime in 2016!
I think the Grim Reaper needs to calm down a little bit in 2016!
2016 really does seem to be the year of the grim reaper. What IS going on? Enough now ☹️
nightY nighT, don't let the grim reaper biTe 🌹
If you agree to feed a grim reaper baby-back rib, you will lose silk ladybugs.
A grim reaper that consumes souls to regain his energy.
Lastly, he was the grim reaper he won't forget.
All these famous people dying this year, I can imagine celebrity grim reaper Paul Gambaccini has really milked these sad events.
that is so *** precious. And yeah I was on the grim reaper's site the other day and he said he thinks it'll be renewed. \o/
I feel like if the grim reaper wore a hot dog suit instead of a black cloak maybe we'd call him the grin reaper and death wouldn't be so bad
The making of Roger the Rambler - Grim Reaper Halloween Edition, he hates Land Rovers
how is corbyn on their side? He offers no solutions, just rhetoric. Hes like a smiling guardian holdig grim reaper
and the MKXL nerd. Now watch me turn GRIM REAPER ;)
Spending summer nights hustling at the 7/11 trying to duck the grim reaper.🙏🏼💰
Just heard Bruce Forsyth on the radio talking about Corbett. The Grim Reaper definitely has one hand on his shoulder.
What the *** can't decide so will be the Grim Reaper today as not done it before
"Do your tattoos have meaning?". Ya the grim reaper means i want my soul taken away & the tombstones show what i want from l…
Can't. . Surprising the residents of my grandmas nursing home with a surprise grim reaper themed flash mob.
The Grim reaper has s2 as a certainty
" Bruce Forsyth lives in a secluded part of Surrey, so secluded in fact, even the grim reaper can't find it ". - Sean Lock
I tried to be slick and EX grim reaper through EX Cutting Sync
I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that my little isn't here anymore
I'm convinced the grim reaper just wants to be my best friend, not today buddy. Maybe in like 70-ish more years.
👈🏾Suck your soul out you like the grim reaper 😋💦
The Grim Reaper waiting in your driveway
Race wkd w my team.holy crap the hills.Grim Reaper hill omg I am going to pass out Sunday night.
get ready for Grim Reaper of Resurrection...
Lol i almost hit some old white man and i was like "im playing grim reaper today"
"You won't go anywhere Tohsaka Tokiomi" Evan keep smirking like a grim reaper
Custom grim reaper piece done by Rasty yesterday.
Barnaby, the fluffy puppy's grim reaper
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wow, I love I just won this for free, New! Grim Reaper & Baby Reaper Vinyl Sticker Decal - Wa
"I'm just tryna look like the grim reaper all the time." | | Hawthorne @ Hawthorne…
Another birthday in the Grim Reaper Family... Happy birthday to one of our newest members Richie Yeates. Have a...
"and tell da grim reaper im tryn sacrafice baphAmet" 😂 goof🖕🏽 and dis is not a sneak diss 💯🕯
I wish da grim reaper was like a dentist and u could call to schedule ur death
Spliff of reefa a day keeps the grim reaper away🌹
.et al, Shinigami = Japanese god of death, like a grim reaper, popularized in Western culture by the anime Death Note
It's such a great feeling when the grim reaper's sleeping over.
Let me be the grim reaper in all your features
The grim reaper with a scythe on fire is actually fairly terrifying.
I wanna put a bigass hood on my trench coat so I look like the grim reaper
Does that make The Grim Reaper or Atlas Mr. Peanutbutter? Either seems pretty great.
Trump: Grim Reaper isn't punishable. 100% unpunishable, ask my friends. Anyone who says they can is an *** It's cheap, I…
"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper".
I should get a tattoo of the Grim Reaper shredding the guitar
This was when the grim reaper took the life of my Sim then proceeded to do a slam dunk then disappeared.
But like a totally chill respectful stairway to heaven hermit grim reaper.
My left knee legitimately looks like the grim reaper in my peripheral vision rn.
If she's dead it's probably because she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a ***
//Seriously. This AU picture is more like a grim reaper or something.
she's asking me why the Grim Reaper was there😩
Tom Coughlin died five years ago but the Grim Reaper hasn't mustard the guts to tell him yet .
Mr : Is it true the Grim Reaper is in Midsomer Murders? I may have asked before if so forgive me. Mr Dearth, I think?
Grim Reaper to amy dumas she might cheat pork so she die.s
Thank you, Grim Reaper, but that doesn't make up for Lemmy, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Abe Vigoda, Glenn Frey and Maurice White.
>wet & green, like Auntie Ivy's garden, & back home. Do you like playing dress ups? Is the Grim Reaper like your boss?
The Grim Reaper will no longer be prevented from reaping souls due to band affiliation.
The grim reaper got ahold of me last night andd wontt let me go lol💀
the Grim Reaper's behind you and he's looking ... oh, he's looking at me.
I'm the one who stood and watched when the grim reaper came knocking
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"You disgust me. I am a Grim Reaper, I refuse to grant anyone the freedom to kill!"- Death The kid
Porky spent his career lying and cheating to get to the top had a brush with the Grim Reaper now is righteous
The one they listed as 1st would have been preferred at the time. Grim reaper did not have mercy. It gets better.
rightfully so! you saw the grim reaper I would've lost my entire mind
Underneath my feet I'm the grim reaper
I look like death 24/7, that is my hidden talent to be so consistently grim reaper like
you should add the Grim Reaper as a third option, just for mercy's sake.
Literally feel like the grim reaper today
Now the grim reaper is just chilling at my party
Johnny thinks that kidnapping for breakfast is a good idea but I literally look like the grim reaper right now
The grim reaper kept telling me to stop getting undressed when my suspenders were falling off last night 😕
Hello, Grim Reaper?. Yes, I would like to exchange one Bill Cosby for that Robin Williams you acquired. Sure, i'll hold.…
Now looking at 20-25 inches of snow, possibly a top 5 storm for NYC. I am the winter grim reaper.
If you mean Dracula and DEATH, then Castlevania. If you truly mean the Grim Reaper, I have no clue.
The fact that my sim is working out in the gym with the Grim Reaper is entertaining me more then it should. 😂
Mother Grim turned her into a Reaper and all Fayette wanted was to just move on,,, to be free n at peace but Grim makes that impossible
Almost a month after Christmas and Sean is finally taking the tree down
Why would you leave the Grim Reaper this open?
Check out grim reaper fipping the bird phone case for Samsung galaxy 6
In what video game series were Dracula and The Grim Reaper recurring villains?
I liked a video from Grim Reaper DEATH Scare Prank
Where is Rush Limbaugh with a camera, oh I already sent everything to Sarah Palin and the Grim Reaper, Tom Cotton
The sneer that Alan Rickman gave to the Grim Reaper must've been DEVASTATING.
I plan to dally with the Grim Reaper today (according to the UK's Chief Medical Officer) - nipping for a pint after work
Hi I have an idea for the end of BWC Maybe after all of her husbands Eden falls in love with the Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper in memorial marble at St Pauls Cathedral, L-lmdina - old capital of Malta.
I would look like Jim Carrey as the Grim Reaper if I never went outside..less than I already do
*** or Grim Reaper? 2 hidden gems among the many bands that were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
Hoping I dont end up dead but I can see the grim reaper
If the Grim Reaper rapped.he is I and I am him.
The sanctuary anent the epic in relation to nerja adds high grim reaper discovered therein nerja caves: YMJGtdGMf
😂😂😂 My point exactly bro. If wolverine , grim reaper & the baphomet plus rondo it's gonna be seal team 600.
I want to post a selfie but every pic I take the grim reaper is in it (I look like the grim reaper)
I bought this little Grim Reaper just because it reminded me of Ghost 👻.
I acc look like the grim reaper right now the way I'm dressed in all black n my hoody up 💀💀
"The grim reaper, kinda? Ooooh, scary, I didn't know the grim reapers were into skirts and goggles these days," Hiro teased—
You equivocate body count to motives. That's the math of the Grim Reaper, fools, or apologists.
I liked a video from Boogie with the Grim Reaper | Ep. 1 | Let's Play Sims 4
The collection as for the necrology touching nerja adds la grim reaper discovered inwards nerja caves: HWvohcQcv
. "He's not just facing a Deadman.. He's facing a Vengeful Reaper, the Reaper of Souls.. A Grim Reaper who will send the —
Grim Reaper's, Better Criticals, Critical Banker and Four Leaf Clover ALL stack and it's amazing.
Ross Hall has a number of tattoos, including a grim reaper at the top of both left and right arms. ref S175645
Yes, but you also posses the power of death... Sweetie you are the grim reaper pony by the look of it
This bar is filled with old people and it's dark in here. Now I'm just waiting for the Grim Reaper to show up.
Today! mixes away the gloom then Grim Reaper Melvyns provided by djlunatik1 and…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
I'm serious someone make me a logo with skulls and flames I need people to know I'm suicidal maybe the grim reaper
When I die, someone, please attend my funeral dressed as the Grim Reaper and just stand there and don't say a word. Tha…
I be feeling like the grim reaper when I wear all black.
Me breaks get t me.both on i can spin thru th Grim Reaper.
I am selling Custom Grim Reaper 2 for $350 near: Lancaster, CA on OfferUp.
The grim reaper is coming, telling from voice
You are making lil reese aka Chiraq's finest Grim Reaper butthurt. so watchout bro... before you have to dodge like matrix.
Hey look dad it's my ex... "ARGGGHGH!!. Sara you need glasses I thought that was the grim reaper coming to collect my soul💀"
Huh. I saw it as a grim reaper/death image, made "techie" with a hoodie. I didn't see it as a hacker thing.
is like the grim reaper in Paris - don't know wether she's play acting or for real
*wears black hooded thobe to work*. Non-Muslim Colleague: You said you didnt celebrate Halloween, so why did you come as…
Where is the grim reaper when I need him
looks like the Grim Reaper has showed up early
I'll take your spirit like the grim reaper.
Doe went down this morning thanks to my Grim Reaper Broadheads 🍂
I'm hopping out of the candy coated grim reaper jeep
The last time you weighed yourself did you see your phone number pop up? Or you see the grim reaper?
Just a reminder that your favorite fighters has lost, too: GSP, Fedor, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, etc. MMA's grim reaper f…
He folded is hands and sat on a chair on the oppositing side of Usagi's. ❝So, have you been thinking about the Grim Reaper?❞
Bob Dole endorsing Jeb Bush's campaign = a kiss blown from the Grim Reaper.
* taps window of retirement home dressed in a Grim Reaper costume *
Dressed as the Grim Reaper of bands, but not doing very well...Kiss, Scorpions, Judas Priest all did…
Watch as I run the Monster Dash 5K dressed as the Grim Reaper.
Photo: akumamatata: St. Michael’s Church, Chapel of the Holy Grave, Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper: [holding scythe with 5 blades] "Proud to announce my partnership with Gillette - the best a death can get."
with the Grim Reaper and Cinderella mangled in her pumpkin carriage crash, this is a breath of fresh air - See more
I had a dream last night. I was slicing vegetables with the Grim Reaper. This morning it occurs to me; I was dicing with death.
The grim reaper is like the middleman for god and Satan
I liked a video from Grim Reaper Dodge-Ball! (You Touched It Last
"The point of the face paint is for a Grim Reaper aspect. Y'know, since it'll be the last thing you see before you die~"
So, wait... does this mean Proto-Drive was a Roidmude the whole time and not a human... and Medic lobotomized him into Grim Reaper?
Comin thru the cut like a known grim reaper. 💀
Played the sims 4 for 4 hourse and turned it off when grim reaper appears, a
Dear Grim Reaper,. I'll trade you Kayne for Dimebag back!
I'm going to come to your work dressed like a grim reaper soon
Twillie gon have to hit up the Chiraq grim reaper lil jay! 😂😂
You ever sat next to the grim reaper?
My sims just had a pool party and Dean beat up the grim reaper for hitting on Cas 😆
If i meet the grim reaper they won't think twice about deciding i should die. My life is practically worthless,no one would feel that i left
So my friend gifted me a 750 mystery skin and I got Grim Reaper Karthus...😑
I can feel 25 creeping up on my youth like the grim reaper.
Grim Reaper: I am here for you . Me: Oh, Thank God. I'm exhausted.
Grim Reaper came for me last night,I beat him off with a vacuum cleaner.Talk about Dyson with death.
Darksiders 2 is fun to play because . 1. You're the Grim Reaper. 2. He laughs when he kills things. 3. You have a pet crow and a zombie horse.
Dont marry emo girl cause maybe she walk down da aisle dressed like da grim reaper wit smoke around her and da undertaker the…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
MEANWHILE, SKELETON MAN looks like the Grim Reaper except he has a skinless steel skull for a head & a steel right hand, STAR TREK
The grim reaper is a being that was made during the Bubonic Plague to represent the death the plague brought
f Pixie Cooper — or Andy Burnham, the Grim Reaper of Mid-Staffs — does manage to pull off a surprise win, they're ...
Jazmine Sullivan - Reality Show . Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. Belle and Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
Is the somber dream of the grim reaper a shade darker than black?
don't be silly Jordan, you won't die alone. The grim reaper will be with you.
I am like the grim reaper. I have made agencies cry by deserting them when they needed me the most. Revenge for all the interns!
So a grim reaper just walked into the lecture and i dont have any idea what he's doing
Yeah I look like the grim reaper I'm so tired
Grim Reaper pushing a baby carriage - can someone help me find this drawing?
When someone dies on The Sims, and all your sim wants to do is ask the Grim Reaper to go to class.
Might as well be friends with the grim reaper
Standing at the corner of the room wearing all black, the people might mistaken me as the Grim Reaper or something.
Ragna laid there, his overdrive taking energy from him as it ended and his wounds taxing his body, the Grim Reaper fell out of consciousness
I want a Grim Reaper tattoo but that's kind of a trashy white dude tattoo, like how white girls get anchor tatts and infinity symbols
Confirmed: The Grim Reaper likes to go fishing in Granite Falls!
interesting, I'm no devil but I am a grim reaper so I'm two species above her
Sim Duke Nukem giving a sext massage to the Grim Reaper. Your arguement is invalid.
Bumpin this grim reaper beat from that boy
My spirit animal is the Grim Reaper on a four day long meth binge
„„ She is just so spunky for being the grim reaper
Coming for you like the GRIM REAPER 💀
and the Grim Reaper from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey made it to today's game
If Bogus Journey was made today, there almost certainly would have been a Grim Reaper spinoff in development at some point
How many innocent people have died to the Grim Reaper's (Ian Duncan Smith) benefit cuts?
A man in LA was once arrested for standing outside the windows of old peoples homes dressed as the Grim Reaper
I should've been the one fighting the Grim Reaper... And I should be the one putting a stop to this. So I will.
I kind of feel sorry for George RR Martin. It's like everyone's turning him into some kind of Grim Reaper. =/.
*dies*. *grim reaper arrives*. Me- Hey Ive been waiting for you for so long. Take me now!. Grim - Urgh I have a girlfrie…
[WP]Every time the Grim Reaper reaps somebody, the person who just died becomes the next Reaper. You die and becom…
Theologian of joy and affections has a Grim Reaper thing going on. Darn candid shots...
"Koming thru the kut like a known grim reaper"
It's like being stalked by the grim reaper.
If there is a grim reaper out there like this.. That's super scary.
Sweating from head to toe with one of them things the grim reaper has. Forgot I was a landscape gardener, brows ended up on my cheeks 😭😥
"Grim Reaper-Unforgettable. Go check out. You dont wanna miss this one out.
No.39 bear Panda meets the grim reaper Mr Noah by Panda Be…
— breath in. "Look, if you need any help, just shout. I'll probably hear it being the grim reaper of justice and all."
Who has unlocked this game ending? What has the Grim Reaper got planned next?
If I could make people die, just by pointing at them and saying I'd be the giddiest grim reaper you ever did see.
it's true! Whenever Eng lose wickets you appear like the grim reaper
We are now a Marshall amp dealer. Here is Terra with Nick Bowman of Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper because when I'm done so is the world.
"😳 I were the grim reaper"
Yes..another amongst the 60's icons to be harvested by the Grim Reaper.
Oh my god both Dan and Phil shook hands with 5the grim reaper instead of begging that's a sign they lived a happy life :)…
I pulled some strings, My producer isn't happy, but he'd accept $3k and you get to play the Grim Reaper. http…
As we drive past our local cemetery we saw something that truly resembled the grim reaper. As he walked the lights dimm…
I might get axed but I'll find a way to let you play the Grim Reaper if you give $2k to
Comes dressed as the Grim Reaper before the Case Starts
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