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Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens is a 1975 documentary film by Albert and David Maysles, with Susan Froemke, Ellen Hovde, and Muffie Meyer.

Little Edie Big Edie Fred Armisen Bill Hader Little Edie Beale Betty Buckley Albert Maysles Rachel York Ben Bradlee Jackie Kennedy Jenna Russell Sheila Hancock Drew Barrymore Upper East Side East Hampton Christine Ebersole Rufus Wainright

Grey Gardens is for sale for $20 Million, *and* it's owned by Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee?!
When Sally Quinn bought Grey Gardens, her husband Ben Bradlee looked at it and said: "You're out of your mind."…
fact: Ben Bradlee (yes, that Ben Bradlee) bought Grey Gardens from Little Edie (yes, that Edie)
I just want to run far away most days. Like, it's Grey Gardens at home and Sergeant Tiny Terror at the office here.
The famous Grey Gardens home is on sale for nearly $20 million
*calls up my Mom* ‘Yes I’ll take care of it did you hear that Grey Gardens is back on the market? No, it doesn’t have raccoons this time.’
Like wine? Then you'll want to check out Jen Agg's new restaurant:
The East Hampton home used for the 1975 film Grey Gardens is for sale!
I probably shouldn't put Grey Gardens in my Women's History Month display right?
Maybe we should go grey gardens, quit going to the vet or outside and just die in my apartment together
Grey gardens is back and there are no raccoons living in the bedrooms and it's all very green
Grey Gardens Is Back for the First Time in Over 40 Years: It's now a gorgeous $20 million East Hampton home, with…
No 'grey' in my studio!! New work for Spring is on the way..
This week’s is Island Mist. The grey tones of this gives gardens a contemporary feel!
An iconic American estate just came on the market in the Hamptons:
this is sounding quite Grey Gardens
I'm surprisingly successful considering I'm just one of the feral cats from Grey Gardens
If you haven't seen GG your life is incomplete RTscenes https…
Famed Hamptons home Grey Gardens for sale for $19.95M.
The real Grey Gardens house is on the market for $20M via
Best wishes to our nominated clients at the awards BEST MUSICAL REVIVAL Ragtime BEST OFF-WE PRODUCTION Gre…
When the Gilmore Girls watch Grey Gardens the circle of life comes together.
to me it's Grey, because Grey Gardens
or we start the 2nd act with a flashback to how Wendy's heart got broken in the style of grey gardens
Famous 'Grey Gardens' home hits the market for $19.95 million
You've heard the iconic Grey Gardens is for sale but have you seen and my video tour with…
While I do give props on the model with the hijab on, his line looks like it's for Little Edie on Grey Gardens.
Finally got Brian to watch Grey Gardens. He lol'ed, but also hated it. When do I tell him Little Edie is my hero?
Drew Barrymore needs an award for her work in Grey Gardens. After watching the documentary, I'm convinced SHE played a better Little Edie!
"I think my days at Grey Gardens are limited." Little Edie via
S-T-A-U-N-C-H AND S-H-I-T via Grey Gardens is for sale for $20 mil! Big Edie & Little Edie would be happy.
Still from the Maysles brothers documentary Grey Gardens - Big Edie and Little Edie.
Brilliant story by on Grey Gardens' life after Big Edie and Little Edie departed
Grey Gardens, famed home of Jackie Kennedy relatives,...
Grey Gardens, famed home of Jackie Kennedy relatives, selling for nearly $20M...
The iconic Grey Gardens, once home to Jackie Kennedy Onassis's aunt Big Edie & cousin Little Edie, is for sale!
Grey Gardens, the former home of Big Edie and Little Edie Beale immortalized in 1975 documentary, is for sale.
Eater's got a preview of and new Grey Gardens, in Kensington Market.
Grey Gardens is like a real life Robert Altman film. Half expect Elliott Gould's Marlowe to pop up asking questions…
Review: 'Grey Gardens' at StillPointe Theatre - DC Metro Theater Arts (press release) (blog)
'Grey Gardens' consumed my life for over two and a half years. It really takes its to
Tavi Gevinson’s NYC apartment is like a miniature Grey Gardens:
*starts watching Grey Gardens documentary*. *immediately switches to watching Christine Ebersole's performance of Will You, just because*
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher doc Bright Lights is the new Grey Gardens. Incredibly intimate, bitingly funny and sad.
Tonight's programming includes: . 3 episodes of "Jim Nabors' Neighbourhood" and a special viewing of "Anne of Grey Gardens"!
OK -seen a lot of fabulous on stage but am absolutely giddy with excitement to see Grey Gardens tomorrow night!
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"Grey Gardens," featuring great performances from Betty Buckley & Rachel York, is a masterwork :
Los Angeles is representing musical theater with the amazing "Grey Gardens" (Rachel York, Betty Buckley) :
Rachel York, Betty Buckley, Bryan Batt, Sarah Hunt, and Simon Jones are fantastic in "Grey Gardens" :
One of the highlights of "Grey Gardens," currently playing at the Ahmanson, is as George Gould Strong: https:/…
"It’s not too soon to contemplate a Broadway revival of Grey Gardens. This production has found the right leads.".
Grey Gardens. The first act was awful, the second act was incredible.
Such glorious decay: The musical 'Grey Gardens' at the Ahmanson: Summertime is the perfect ...
Thanks to GREY GARDENS is now a musical!
Lady in lobby: 'did you see Grey Gables?' . Me: 'You mean Anne of Green Gables, or Grey Gardens?' . Lady: 'Wow. No way you…
The Women of Grey Gardens Were the Kardashians of Their Time via
'Grey Gardens': Theater Review - This restaging by Michael Wilson of the 2007 Tony winner serves as an outstand...
Talking with re: was a blast. If only you could see what isn't
Sonja is one lady short of a Grey Gardens situation in that house.
Rachel York and Betty Buckley at the Ahmanson in 'Grey Gardens': Theater Review
"Grey Gardens"The Musical opened at the Ahmanson on July 13 to thunderous applause.Closes 8/14. A must see!
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This is Grey Gardens, folks. I know, it's terrible. 😂
BWW Review: Buckley and York Bring an Emotionally Engaging West Coast premiere GREY GARDENS to the Ahmanson
@ Grey Gardens with a beautiful Birthday Gift of HOPE and FORGIvENESS ❤️ Mrs Jonex
And my kid just said, "It feels like we're living in Grey Gardens." 😮2/2
"Rachel York's heart-wrenching performance alone is reason enough not to miss this."...
Dame Angela Lansbury at the opening night of Grey Gardens at the Ahmanson Theatre on July 13, 2016 in LA. https…
Were the women of the orig. talks the show & https:/…
PIX: Opening night at starring Rachel York and Betty Buckley
in my gritty reboot of Grey Gardens, Little Edie Beale is an escaped replicant from the offworld colonies
I think about this clip of Edie Beale from Grey Gardens at least once a week.
"You want to play Grey Gardens and rehab at your friend's house on the Upper East Side?!?!" -favorite line ever
"I wanna play Grey Gardens at my friend's house in the Upper East Side." 😂
"Play like Grey Gardens and Rehab over at my friend's house on the Upper East Side..." 😂
📷 littleediebeale: Color lithographs of Grey Gardens by Frances Benjamin Johnson, 1914.
📷 Return to Grey Gardens, Little Edie’s grand-niece (Maria Beale) channels the boho spirit of the cult...
Jeanne Trippelhorn played a great Jackie O in Grey Gardens, but Parker Posey would have been a slightly better choice, tbh.
Grey Gardens: rarely-seen images from the film about the eccentric Beale family
Bring back . Merrily we roll along. Urinetown . Forbidden Broadway . Grey Gardens . Songs for a new world . Please, thank you.
In my head Rufus Wainright and I are cackling over Grey Gardens, passing a champagne bottle back and forth.
Have u ever watched any of the Grey Gardens documentaries? Story of Big Edie and Little Edie Beale?
True. I also think Little Edie was on our peripheral because of "Grey Gardens" and Jinxx was accurate as ***
I swear Little Edie from Grey Gardens is standing behind me in the Q at Waitrose.
Omg is comic gold! Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are genius especially the Grey Gardens parody.
Then after you educate yourself watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisen do Grey Gardens
No probs. If you're thinking of film, how about Rufus Wainright's Grey Gardens about the documentary of the same name?
I'm having a hard time deciding wether Grey Gardens is depressing or hilarious.
DOCUMENTARY NOW. seen all the docs they're spoofing. funny stuff. Dronez!. (protip: watch Grey Gardens before watching this)
Grey Gardens is strikingly similar to an episode of Intervention.
mom: what are u doing up?. me: I'm learning about the grey gardens
I was asking myself how many folks would actually go watch Grey Gardens to get the parody...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I feel like my head is Grey Gardens some days.
"prescriptions don't usually call for a HANDFUL OF PILLS!" The Grey Gardens one is hilarious. Hilarious.
Watching Grey Gardens. It's like looking into a crystal ball.
when was this made? I had never heard of it. The Grey Gardens tribute blew me away.
Grey Gardens is the most startling thing I've ever seen; the destruction wrought by the raccoons alone blew me away.
Omg my destiny is to become Edith Bouvier Beale in Grey Gardens, just cooking sweet corn in a pot of boiling water next to my bed
I love it so much. We put a drink on our menu called Earl Grey Gardens. When someone gets the reference, it's love.
If Grey Gardens had been scripted, it'd basically be the best script ever written.
This episode of Documentary Now making fun of Grey Gardens is killing me 😂😂😂
We're watching Grey Gardens (yes again) and it's a lovely reminder that (for me) fiction movies just can't compete with documentaries.
I am obsessed with "Documentary Now!" The Grey Gardens spoof was hilarious and I love the Kunuk the Hunter one 💕
The Nanook of the North and Grey Gardens eps, man
Is it weird that I find Bill Hader even sexier after watching him spoof Little Edie from Grey Gardens? 💁🏾
Why didn't anyone tell me Fred Armisen and Bill Hader did a grey gardens spoof
Going into a Giant Eagle on a Saturday Night is like walking into a scene from Grey Gardens.
Just putting this out there - American Horror Story: Grey Gardens. Can you even imagine?
Documentary Now!'s version of Grey Gardens is everything to me
Bee Balm - It grows over 6 feet tall, smells great, self ... -
Mixing grey gardens with whatever happened to baby jane
Fell asleep this afternoon watching Grey Gardens and woke up in the middle of a polka documentary?
Documentary Now episode about Grey Gardens had to be the favorite thing I've seen all month
The armisen hader send up of grey gardens is beautiful
Following question from - another view of that J.M King book cover. More>
If you've enjoyed the fantastic architecture in today's comp, don't miss our current exhibition, Grey Gardens.
Anyone in Bispham area see a dodgey man in grey joggers and addidas tee looking suspicious be aware he has been walking around gardens
I saw Grey Gardens, Nanook, etc at SFSU but don't know anyone else who's seen what you're spoofing. Brilliantly niche!
What level of Grey Gardens is it if I keep telling 6 she has to stay with mommy forever?
This Bill Hader / Fred Armisen spoof of Grey Gardens is killing me 😂😂😂
Cause if you saw grey gardens lmao they are spot on
Can't stop laughing at Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in the Grey Gardens spoof, Sandy Passage.
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- Loved episode 1, which sent-up not just "Grey Gardens" but, um, another one I won't mention due to spoilers and such.
Canon IXUS pic of a pair of Grey Headed? Taken at Vallarta Botanical Gardens 5 more lifers seen too 👍 https:…
What I wouldn't give to see Fred Armisen and Bill Hader remake Grey Gardens verbatim. Like I want all 94 minutes.
The Documentary Now spoof of Grey Gardens ends exactly like I always felt the original should have.
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's parody of "Grey Gardens" on might be the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Now I'm watching "Documentary Now!" (Netflix). Don't know if they telegraph the joke, but how many people are gonna get a Grey Gardens joke?
Dear you don't need to do a spoof of Grey Gardens. Those real women were already caricatures of the women they used to be.
My life feels very Grey Gardens at the moment.
Do you ever get in the mood to rewatch Grey Gardens? I need to find that dvd.
Fred Armisen, Bill Hader spoof famous docs like GREY GARDENS — and are very funny — in DOCUMENTARY NOW!, on Netflix: h…
Also tomorrow: reviews Sara Barker and Grey Gardens plus on this wee…
I love the spoof they do of Grey Gardens
GREY GARDENS is an extraordinary tale of co-dependancy and self neglect by two talented women-can't believe it was made nearly 50 years ago
Trying to get my mansions green, after I've Grey Gardens seen. Honey, won't you hold me tight? Get me through Grey Gard…
Nice blog about DCA's exhibition Grey Gardens by
All purpose parts banner
- I think it would be a great role. Look what Jessica was able to do with Big Edie in Grey Gardens
Grey Gardens which is about the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, live their eccentric lives in a filthy, decaying mansion
: Grey Gardens live, a four-day art fair and 10 other things to do this week
Emotional times honoured to witness +Sheila Hancock in Grey Gardens. Stunning cast performing o…
This week we talk about The Dazzle, Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Grey Gardens
The Dazzle, Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Grey Gardens discussed in this week's episode
'Grey Gardens': Sheila Hancock and Jenna Russell star in musical about Jackie Kennedy's…
i got the Walmart version of grey gardens
Local TV, Inc. Has gifted us a wonderful DVD of the locally produced Louis Wright show all about Grey Gardens. Thank you SO Much!
and clueless, grease, Addams family 1&2 and grey gardens
46% of water use at household within Gauteng is for watering gardens. Use grey water for the garden instead of fresh wa…
i already know im not getting 'Grey Gardens' on DVD
I didn't set out to write it like Grey Gardens. Just went where the material took me.:)
Early christmas present in August when I saw in Grey Gardens. Perfect gift for a lover of great musical theatre.
Watching my mom and her twin try to cook the family crumb cake recipe and use a flour sifter is a lot like the film Grey Gardens.
It's Christmas eve and I'm watching Grey Gardens should tell you where my life is headed
It's not Christmas unless I'm watching Grey Gardens with my father.
There will be a Grey Gardens situation between my mother and I when I get older. That's not a guess. That's a promise.
I'm still not sure GREY GARDENS counts...
Biggest success is probably the GREY GARDENS TV movie, or RESCUE DAWN.
For some, Grey Gardens is a life worth emulating.
They're playing Grey Gardens in a truck stop in Sawyer, MI of all places!
Aw, my old local! Once found the Criterion for GREY GARDENS for $5 there, and many great imported titles otherwise unavailable.
So excited for January, not only getting to see "Grey Gardens" but the Queen of Broadway herself, AUDRA MCDONALD! I cannot wait! ! !
We are nearly half sold for our second GREY GARDENS screening! Don't hang about, book now:
How was grey gardens not more popular of a musical?
you're like one of those chicks in Grey Gardens
14th Christmas with J's fam. Not even sure what Xmas would be like w/o him. (Spoiler: I am, it's basically me and my mom Grey Gardens-ing.)
Exclusive video: Rehearsal footage of Grey Gardens starring Jenna Russell and Sheila Hancock http…
met a *** guy recently who had never heard of GREY GARDENS, and I was slightly affronted.
Next up at LTA the is the musical GREY GARDENS! Get your tickets now!
I daydreamed about how liberating it would be to live alone in high ‘Grey Gardens’ style and own such an extraordinary view…
Hope they model it on Grey Gardens.
Overheard 2 women talking about you & Grey Gardens at a show tonight-it's coming up so soon, can't wait! Hope all is well! x
Next movie on my list to watch is 'Grey Gardens' let's hope I have some free time this weekend to watch it.
Just finished rewatching the HBO Grey Gardens. Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore are absolutely spectacular.
This is so cool: Ben Bradlee and his wife bought and restored Grey Gardens
How the historic estate Grey Gardens was restored. cc: .
First preview night of Grey Gardens at the Seymour very squishy home for the next month !!!
I hope it was a good role! Like Little Edie in Grey Gardens! Or you'd be a a great Elphaba in Wicked!
He also played David Maysles in the HBO Grey Gardens. So there's the Trump/Maysles connection you never knew you wanted!
Tonight's bout of insomnia was spent watching the documentary Iris, by Albert Maysles, who did Grey Gardens. Iris is 94.
watched Grey Gardens in class today, John Stamos character in tonite's Grandfathered episode mentions Grey Gardens
After listening to Grey Gardens all day, I've become fixated on the idea of Christine Ebersole playing Norma Desmond in AL…
"Take some slices of cheese, soft boiled egg, toast and yoghurt layered at Grey Gardens! -
Look at this amazing breakfast board at Grey Gardens! -
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen channel the women of 'Grey Gardens' in IFC's Documentary Now! -- first look via
Only ONE WEEK left to see Betty Buckley and Rachel York in Grey Gardens! Get your tickets now before they all run...
Grey Gardens: The Musical was made for a run at Sag Harbor's Bay Street Theater, just a few miles from the original East Hampton real
This Bill Hader/Fred Armisen parody of Grey Gardens is too real:
I can't with this Grey Gardens parody by Fred Armisen & Bill Hader //
Fred Armisen all Grey Gardens-ed out is the spitting image of J Mascis
I missed the I hope documentarian Albert Maysles was posthumously awarded for his poignant Grey Gardens follow up, Iris.
Planning excursion Thursday to in sag harbor to see musical Grey Gardens with Betty Buckley. Sounds sublime
Check out these photos from our first read through of Grey Gardens starring Betty Buckley & Rachel York!
A gratuitous photographic composite, for all those who've asked, of the transformation at Grey Gardens, as seen...
With a name like that? Cue Big Edie from Grey Gardens saying "How can you resist!?"
Hat-tip to my wife for this true vision of Americana. Little Edie's flag dance from Grey Gardens:
Grey Gardens is open! A full moon and a golden ribbon cutting last night. Pic from DJ x
Betty Buckley talks about playing Big Edie in the Hamptons' first production of Grey Gardens: The Musical at Bay...
Big and Little Edie Beale cordially invite you to our screenings of 'Grey Gardens' tonight! Showtimes & tickets:
A movie and my bed, yup its a date till i crash out! Goodnight 󾀖 — watching Grey Gardens
“Indulge in all things "Grey Gardens" with Bradley Wood's decadent paintings.
Saw Grey Gardens, in a theatre. I'd seen it twice before (plus the Broadway musical!) but man oh man. The big screen *** you in.
This great new space is about to open in Fitzroy and is currently accepting proposals! Grey Gardens Projects
we've been cutting our own hair and refusing to sweep for months now. It's like a more somber Grey Gardens up in here.
Tonight I ate pâtê from a can in my underwear and now I fully understand how easy it is to go full Grey Gardens
Lessons We Can Learn From Grey Gardens - We look at what we can learn from the sartorial decisi… via
1975's Grey Gardens documentary is one of those rare works that I can't easily stop watching mid-stream. You get hooked each time.
So Grey Gardens was referenced in season 4 before Jinkx even did it in season 5
Princes Street Gardens (1960s). After a wet and grey June day in Edinburgh. This is a reminder of how bright and...
Never clicked that Sharon Needles was channelling Little Edie from Grey Gardens in this challenge. I love it.
How-To: Living Willow Playhouse - This has been built in several schools' quiet gardens - great for
Alan Turing this morning under another slate grey weeping Manchester sky in Sackville Gardens.
A drag queen thinks I should star in a Grey Gardens revival with I assume I'd play the mother.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
even though I loved the Barrymore/Lange film THAT would be an amazing Grey Gardens
I overcame many-templed Olatho� and through gardens of the grey dust.
It was a grey sunday. Laura took me to the Botanical Gardens in Gent. We drew some plants and talked…
Famous Grey Gardens, East Hampton, LI, NY ~ click to see the story of how this was once a beautiful
I'm watching Grey Gardens... I don't get why everyone thinks it's weird
In real life, she'd be in bed all day, swilling Chivas and endlessly rewatching her 35MM print of "Grey Gardens."
Could Sheila Hancock & Jenna Russell star in an off-West End production of Grey Gardens?
Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl, Jamie Parker and Sophie Thompson in Guys and Dolls, Jenna Russell in Grey Gardens! OMG!
Michael Wilson, former artistic director, to stage "Grey Gardens" Cool cast, too.
Edith Bouvier Beale Collections -Little Edie at Grey Gardens in a picture taken by her mother,“Big Edie” http:/…
Carole,do you get a Grey Gardens vibe from Dorinda and Hannah? Did you know Big & Little Edie Beale well?
Or maybe Poison Ivy. Idk she's basically hot in everything. Even that weird Grey Gardens movie where he's a hoarder with Jessica Lange lol.
Big and Little Edie on screen at the Charles Theatre in Grey Gardens. via
Albert Maysles, the film maker who captured Little Edie in "Grey Gardens" has died. Such a great documentary!
Left to my own devices, my style is alarmingly like Little Edie's in Grey Gardens.
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I'm pretty sure my sister and I are going to be a weird version of Big Edie and Little Edie from Grey Gardens when we get old.
Little Edie - character from Grey Gardens. EDM - electronic dance music. Probably my worst one yet
Albert Maysles - Maysles Brothers on Turner Classic Movies: TCM right now... Grey Gardens, Salesman (film), Gimme Shelter...
Albert Maysles, a documentary filmmaker behind the films Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens died Thursday at the age of 88
Yup! I was at my aunt's watching the Grey Gardens tv movie and you made me start obsessively listing. I've yet to recover.
What if I watched Grey Gardens (the documentary, which is far superior to the TV movie) instead of doing my homework
watching the Grey Gardens movie haaay
50 Shades of Grey Gardens is already a thing, right?
Just brought this little guy home tool @ grey gardens
Love "Grey Gardens" Just facinating! I think Little Edie should have stayed in NYC
Rufus Wainwright on the enduring appeal of 'Grey Gardens':
Ready for some greenery after a harsh winter? Take these gardens as some inspiration and begin to enjoy your spring!
Sounds like 50 Shades ... I got 50 Sheds of Grey for my birthday last year. Yes, book of 50 small places in gardens painted grey 🏠
This is a boom time for Albert Maysles: his iconic Grey Gardens (1975) in a restored print is screening at Film Forum, and av…
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Albert Maysles, a pioneering American documentary filmmaker best known for works such as "Grey Garde…
She is the coolest. CAN'T WAIT to see the Iris Apfel documentary shot by the fellow who made Grey Gardens:
“I wrote the song totally on acid.” Rufus Wainwright on his tribute to cult doc ‘Grey Gardens’:
Mr. Maysles with his brother, David, made notable films like “Gimme Shelter” and “Grey Gardens,” and received a National…
Waitin on the booski to go see her summer style muse "Little Edie" Beale in a screening of Grey Gardens (1975)
"Grey Gardens" documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles has died after battling cancer, age 88:
In the Beales of Grey Gardens, Albert Maysles suggests Ethel Barrymore plays Big Edie to Little Edie. Ethel was John's sister… [1/2]
Drew Barrymore & Michael Sucsy at HBOs Premiere of "Grey Gardens" - Red Carpet
Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange at HBOs Premiere of "Grey Gardens" - Red Carpet
Foto: sphinxvintage: oldtimeycats: Little Edie Beale at Grey Gardens in 1972. Photograph by Tom Wargacki.
Our boiler went kaput yesterday as I was leaving for work, with the result that my 71-year-old mum had to look after my two children all day, with no heat and no hot water. In December. The strain was such that she didn't feel equal to the task of ringing up British Gas this morning, so I did it, pretending to be her. I had to 'RP' it up a bit, to convince as a 71-year-old woman, but it was fine. Unfortunately, halfway through the call I disclosed that 'I' was not the homeowner, so the bloke on the other end asked to speak to 'my daughter' before he could book the engineer appointment. I hadn't planned for this contingency *at* *all*. In the panicked fifteen seconds I was away from the 'phone, I ran through a number of 'voices' that I thought might do. I ended up with a perfect replica of Sally Thomsett in 'The Railway Children'. The long pause at the other end suggested I'd been rumbled, but that he was obviously six hours into a nightmare shift, and wasn't psychologically prepared to challenge a possibl ...
Life goals: Grey Gardens minus the filth.
Remarkable Elle Deco pic of Little Edie Beale at Grey Gardens in the current New Yorker.
I'm in the dark, spying on the cat and hissing at him when he tries to get in the Christmas tree. I'm 40% Grey Gardens bound, at least.
Hi, I would like 2 check the stock availability 4 iPhone 6+ 64GB silver or space grey in gardens, low yat, pavilion.
Thrilled to be returning to the stage at GLCT as Lee Bouvier in the musical Grey Gardens ~
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I feel like I look like that one crazy college professor we've all had. @ Grey Gardens
Kandi won't be happy when Todd gets fed up and ends it. But Mama Joyce will be. Them 2 deserve to go all Grey Gardens with each other.
Grey heron in the gardens Harewood House
My entire warm-up at the consists of a full performance of "Another Winter In A Summer Town" from Grey Gardens.
Waiting to hear some good news, might have a full crazy day with Paris is Burning followed by Grey Gardens. Cause why the *** not.
my life is becoming more and more grey gardens, only without their optimistic spirit. I guess it's just a hoarders episode
Not sure why a story on hoarding is run during the holidays. Also Grey Gardens was on HBO years ago. via
I feel like you'll appreciate the evolution of this garden with me,
A Return to Grey Gardens. There are still secrets left to tell about Little Edie Beale, including her diary. .
Grey Gardens - Full 1975 Documentary in HD 1080p: via
Just reapplied my lipstick in the bathroom at a party. Combination of too dark and dry lips makes me look very Grey Gardens.
Have you seen the lady fashions in Iran lately? Apparently the movie "Grey Gardens" is super popular there.
A staple in my Grey Gardens-esque Musical-phillic home. Didn't Charles Nelson Riley sing "It only takes a moment"?
Watching Grey Gardens, wondering if I could pull it off as a one man show.
"It's like a scene from Grey Gardens in here!" - Quote from a 2003 Will & Grace episode that didn't make sense to me then but does now
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It's Saturday: Living the grey gardens life.
I don't know about you guys, but I'm picturing either Grey Gardens or the house from Gone Home
Yotubazos:"For the fans of Grey Gardens. New scenes, entirely new documentary."->:
are giving me grey hairs this good Friday night. I can't deal with us losing against the Knicks and in TD Gardens too. Ridiculous!
Just in my car balling my eyes out listening to playing "Another Winter in a Summer Town"Grey Gardens one of my fav shows ❤️
current state of desktop icons and open browser tabs: Grey Gardens
I screamed! It was embarrassing because I'm at work. Grey Gardens, The Musical. I absolutely can't wait.
I love this photo! And of course anything referencing Grey Gardens and hoarding.
Grey's is shooting today in Descanso Gardens.
The 1975 docu Grey Gardens shot by the Maysles brothers shows a midlife woman & her mother lost in the past.
I had a complex response to Grey Gardens (1975), which shows two socialites who now live in squalor.
Grey and drizzly in TEGS London Shedquarters so far. We remain a happy bunch regardless of this :)
5 hours before my exam and I'm not studying, I'm reading about little and Big Edie of Grey Gardens
I chose to watch cult classic Grey Gardens (1975) because it shows a 58 yo daughter caring for her 80 yo mother.
"My attention has chased in the gardens of the grey matter cells with delicate and elegant shapes, the mysterious..
REVIEW “Grey Gardens” (2009) Unique re-dramatization of the 1975 masterpiece w/ a necessary documentary-fiction layer
REVIEW “Grey Gardens” (1975) Too painful to watch documentary of 2 borderline mentally ill women living in squalor
Theres so many beautiful crazy lines to quote from the movie Grey Gardens-maybe to quote before writing a story-but what kind of a story?
So interesting ... About the restoring grey gardens
watch Grey Gardens. Will help you make sense of the track & *** game performance 😊
I finally watched Grey Gardens. Now I get the obsession with Little Edie. I feel compassion for and connection to her. Should this scare me?
Great New Yorker piece on hoarding, from the Collyer brothers & the Beales of Grey Gardens to today's reality TV
there comes a time in every girl's life when she realizes her future is Grey Gardens, except with rabbits instead of cats.
Edie Beale in Grey Gardens, the home she shared with her mother, in 1972.
I've been a fan of since Grey Gardens and once again she did not disappoint as Violet in Side Show. She is a true GEM of broadway
"They do it to everybody.They want everybody to be the same. You can't have anything different."-Edith"Little Edie" Beale, Grey Gardens 1975
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