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Greta Gerwig

Greta Celeste Gerwig (born August 4, 1983) is an American actress and filmmaker.

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directors whose new movies I always want to watch: Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, Coen Bros, Greta Gerwig, Neill Blomkamp.
Listen to Lady Bird with Greta Gerwig and Spike Jonze (Ep. 111) by The Director's Cut on
Spike Jonze and Greta Gerwig talk 'Lady Bird' on The Director's Cut. Good stuff. Great stuff. I love this movie.
Terry Gross talking to Greta Gerwig about Woody Allen was one of the…
The dialogue between Greta Gerwig and Terry Gross about Woody Allen and Louis CK on Fresh Air is excruciating, but also illu…
Man, this Fresh Air interview w/ Greta Gerwig is so cringey & sad. I hate that she has to ask Terry to talk about h…
Terry Gross puts Greta Gerwig on spot regarding Woody Allen (who she's worked with), Dustin Hoffman (who stars in N…
*** Terry Gross getting all up in Greta Gerwig's *** over being in a Woody Allen movie
Greta Gerwig deserves an award for sneaking “Snoop Doggy Dogg” into her indie film. And I deserve a caning for instantly recognizing it
was given to us, by Review: Greta Gerwig’s ‘Lady Bird’ Is Big-Screen Perfection
How famous parents helped her master the celebrity portrait
Guess what's expanding this weekend? Lady Bird! Go see it and then tell someone who needs to hear it that you love them. h…
Watching Frances Ha for the millionth time. Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig’s screen chemistry is like so good
Movies: Greta Gerwig shows off directing talent with debut, ‘Lady Bird’
Kristen Wiig, Greta Gerwig, Emma Stone hugging it out, bless
Saoirse Ronan, Lucas Hedges, Timothee Chalamet, Greta Gerwig...need to say more?
I am Sacramento adjacent but cannot find a theater showing Lady Bird. How dare they? Greta Gerwig and I deserve better.
Lady Bird boss Greta Gerwig on her star, the scandals and ‘grown-up’ movie love.
The Hockey Sweater is now a musical!
If you want to understand me. Go watch Greta Gerwig captured exact moments and feelings I had growing up. Amazing.
Which one's your team? Relive the classic Canadian story, The Hockey Sweater, in a brand new way — as a musical!…
Take a break from the garbage news cycle and see this lovely movie
The woman behind this movie, Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) is from Sacramento and the movie is set there!
I'd put my money on Patti Jenkins, Dee Rees and Greta Gerwig to be nominated, along with Christopher Nolan…
Among other awesome tidbits in this story: first draft of was 350 pages:
apparently the Greta Gerwig/ Saoirse Ronan movie Lady Bird is not about the dog from King Of The Hill
wow. Greta Gerwig lands big as a debut director- ‘Lady Bird’ Takes Flight as Best Specialty Opener of 2017
Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird continues to soar--$1.2M in just 37 theaters this weekend, $33k per. Nest in this awhile.
My favorite moment at pre-Governors Awards party last night: directors Greta Gerwig, Dee Rees and Ange…
The L.A. Times directors roundtable will feature three women: Angelina Jolie, Greta Gerwig and Kathryn Bigelow.
Kathryn Bigelow, Dee Rees and Greta Gerwig being pushed in director by their distributors. Agnès Varda with a legit shot…
Interviews! talks with Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan for
How Greta Gerwig turned the personal into a perfect movie
Scott Menzel talks with Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan about Lady Bird.
Greta Gerwig is the best campaign manager Saoirse Ronan could ever have. 💕
Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig talking with Scott Menzel from We Live Entertainment
Writer/director Greta Gerwig's is a brilliant, hilarious and charming coming-of-age story with strong per…
John Leguizamo told me I was a "smart" person; Greta Gerwig thanked me for writing about her;…
Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan talk that outrageous car scene in | Variety Screening Series presented by
💜NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT💜 our next read is ‘The Argonauts’ by Maggie Nelson, recommended by Greta Gerwig! Read what Gret…
Wild how Greta Gerwig managed to perfectly replicate the look of every boy I had a crush on in high school- they *a…
Andrea Arnold, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Greta Gerwig are forces to be reckoned with in the filmmaking world.
Nobody spoke before Greta Gerwig defined voice. And while we’re at it, Virginia Woolf defined writing!
Lady Bird was perfection. Greta Gerwig knows exactly where my heart sits and she attacks it without remorse or pity. Give it all the awards.
"Greta Gerwig is one of the defining voices of our generation." GRETA GERWIG DEFINES WHAT IT MEANS TO HAVE A VOICE!
.Greta Gerwig detail why women make great directors
Shed more than a few tears during the movie Lady Bird written and directed by Greta Gerwig. Even though it takes...
Greta Gerwig takes flight with directorial debut, ‘Lady Bird’ via
best believe that when I watch Lady Bird (2017) dir. Greta Gerwig in the cinema my internal monologue will be smth like “Barnard alumnA”
Greta Gerwig's directorial debut is remains at 100% 🍅, with 40 reviews
Greta Gerwig’s great “Lady Bird” is out today. We collaborated with to design the titles.
Actress makes her directorial debut with `Lady Bird’.
I'm watching a movie where Greta Gerwig is kissing Ben Stiller and it kinda makes me upset because she's too good for him.
Saoirse Ronan so spectacular in Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird," it feels like witchcraft. My review:
Not just another bored-teenager-in-the-suburbs movie: Greta Gerwig's terrific Lady Bird
"Greta Gerwig is a filmmaker that can’t be ignored" — Opens This Weekend .
In most films, girls exist to be looked at. But in Greta Gerwig’s the girl is the one who looks.
Is there a piece yet on Joan Didion and Greta Gerwig both being from Sacramento and the role it plays in their work? I wo…
“It makes sense to I was learning." How Greta Gerwig's acting career helped her direct
'Lady Bird' Film Review: Greta Gerwig Crafts a Lovely Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman…
“Diversity is something the younger generation expects, it’s something they want to see, and be represented” Greta Gerwig
All of my new favorite directors had movies released by this year. Sean Baker, Greta Gerwig.
People should study this Greta Gerwig profile. I can't wait to see 'Lady Bird': “What is ‘Boyhood' for a girl?"
Greta Gerwig is the force of sheer kindness Hollywood desperately needs
Love this article about Greta Gerwig. Her film Lady Bird is out in limited theaters this w.e & it’s truly WONDERFUL! http…
Greta Gerwig talks the making of and her love for Chantal Akerman on this week's The Close-Up:
Greta Gerwig greets Lois Smith, a highlight of her film, Lady Bird: .
In Noah Baumbach's mother! JLaw is Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bardem is Ben Stiller, and everyone else is Greta Gerwig.
Saoirse Ronan directed by Greta Gerwig? Very very very very very very excited for
Is Greta Gerwig the funny Brit Marling or is Brit Marling the serious Greta Gerwig?
Saoirse Ronan throws herself out of a moving car in the first trailer (Watch)
Father god I'm so ready for movies to be good again. V excited for Greta Gerwig's debut feature.
Watch the trailer for Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan:
A24 presents from writer/director Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan...
Greta Gerwig gets personal for her directorial debut starring Saoirse Ronan. Watch the trailer:
The biggest success of Telluride was Greta Gerwig's debut See the first trailer: https…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Saoirse Ronan delivers her greatest work in Greta Gerwig's brilliant Watch the trailer: h…
Watch the trailer for a touching mother-daughter tale for the ages from writer/director Greta Gerwig. ✞ November ✞…
Ah! Greta Gerwig is in this I love it already
Oh me too! 1 of the reasons Greta Gerwig's directorial debut is on my Most Anticipated of TIFF list i…
If you've said "Love the plot of this Greta Gerwig film, but I wish it centered on a black woman instead," watch
I just want to be as cool as Greta Gerwig in 20th Century Women one day.
Andrew Haigh has awards pedigree and Greta Gerwig doesn't. Oh well- disappointing.
greta gerwig and I are officially twins
Two down: Didn't know Gwendoline Christie could be this funny. Get her a comedy and get Alice Englert in contact with Greta Gerwig.
You know you're a pretentious film hipster when your Top 4 includes:. - Carol. - Suspiria. - Some foreign film, idk. - a Greta Gerwig movie
Greta Gerwig. College. A new dance craze. is now on
George Clooney. Melanie Laurent. Greta Gerwig. Angelina Jolie. What do these people have in common? They're at…
I'm also so excited for Greta Gerwig!
Find someone who looks at you the same way Greta Gerwig (and everybody) looks at Mahershala Ali
My favourite genre of film is Greta Gerwig Dancing To David Bowie
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Gettin haircut 2day. & Im not too manly to tell u guys Im bringing the stylist pics of Greta Gerwig in 20th Century Women as my hair inspo💁🏼
Interestingly, Greta Gerwig’s movie Lady Bird is one of those movies different media outlet are talking...
New films by Joachim Trier, Greta Gerwig and Darren Aronofsky to premiere at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival
The first titles include new films by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Aronofsky, Greta Gerwig, & more
what if i just cut all my hair off and dye it red like greta gerwig in 20th Century Women
Greta Gerwig's directorial debut 'Lady Bird' is coming to ahead of an release: https…
Late to the party, but I watched Mistress America and enjoyed Greta Gerwig's one-liners. The screenplay is fantastic.
Revisited Frances Ha; Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig make me feel more alone and inadequate and stagnant than usual and now I'm sad, again.
Really good movie on folks: 'Maggie's Plan', directed by Rebecca Miller; co-starring Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke & Julianne Moore
I liked a video Tonight Show Family Feud with Steve Harvey, Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig
Love and freedom in the Summer of '79 . Annette Bening & Greta Gerwig star in today @ 12:00, 18:00
Annette Bening is great as always, but Greta Gerwig steals the show in her best role yet! Solid acting throughout
WIENER-DOG's portrayal of Greta Gerwig & Kieran Culkin as grown-up Dawn & Brandon from WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE is... confusing to me. How.
Greta Gerwig discusses getting pushed out of her comfort zone for
Which 2016 film about Greta Gerwig helping other women and Billy Crudup having questionable motives did you like most?
I enjoyed JACKIE, but I'm looking more forward to the other new movie with Greta Gerwig and Billy Crudup.
And oh yes Billy Crudup and Greta Gerwig are delightful and then some in it as well
Love this bit Greta Gerwig said about female sexuality and Abbie’s relationship with Billy Crudup (minor spoiler):
Jackie, starring Natalie Portman, Peter Saarsgard, Billy Crudup and Greta Gerwig came out on December 2nd. Have...
"Gotham Independent Film Awards Red Carpet"See what actors like Greta Gerwig, Naomie Harris and Casey Affleck wore…
Annette Bening, Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig feature in the 20th Century Women trailer: https:…
Watch the dreamy trailer for the coming-of-age drama ‘20th Century Women,' starring Elle Fanning & Greta Gerwig
Go behind the scenes of with Greta Gerwig & Ethan Hawke
CLEARLY. NSA has Mindy Kaling and Greta Gerwig and still can't compete. Like, how is that even possible?
Sir Andrew of Murray's efficient handiwork has left me with a free evening. Which means Greta Gerwig and a packet of peanuts.
Oh my god I just found out that Greta Gerwig is the voice of Pony in China, IL
no I love Greta Gerwig...or maybe I just love Frances Ha.
I boycott this poll since I would watch 1000 more Greta Gerwig performances.
Complete the sentence: I'm sure she's a lovely person but I couldn't watch another Greta Gerwig performance
"A metropolitan comedy in the former high style of Peter Bradshaw gives the go ahead!.
Women call the shots in Maggie's Plan, a new Julianne Moore and Greta Gerwig film!.
Wait, please tell me Greta Gerwig is in all three.
Rebecca Miller explains why Ethan Hawke and Greta Gerwig were perfect in Maggie's Plan
starring Ethan Hawke and Greta Gerwig is at Cinemas now.
I mean she is as Greta Gerwig as she's ever been, but there's enough else to enjoy (I'm p ambivalent about her)
Five of the best... films out now in the UK
Beauty brings out the beast in people, Refn tells us, as he turns the seductive slickness of fashion styling ...
It's our second week of release, and is still on top five films to see:
guardian: Five of the best... films out now
Greta Gerwig is great in gender study drama Maggie’s Plan – in cinemas today. Our review:
Five of the best... films out now The Guardian World News . The Neon Demon (18) (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2016, Fra/D…
Yay, going to see Greta Gerwig in tonight!
Rebecca Miller tackles modern life at its fullest in her new feature Maggie's Plan
is released today. If you're excited you should see our article- Greta Gerwig: The Essential Collection
Can we get Greta Gerwig to write a Simpson Treehouse of Horror?Because: Etta Earwig. So. I mean. Come on.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
That sounds close to perfect. Greta Gerwig being in it is a draw for me.
"Make a plan to see this" says reviewer of witty,sharp comedy out TODAY!
"As warm and comforting as Greta Gerwig's cardigans" . ★★★★ Robbie Collin, The Telegraph. showing now!
Quality not quantity in this case plus I enjoyed the rest of the movie, even Greta Gerwig for once. Juliane Moore was fun.
"If we can laugh, there is hope." We speak to Maggie's Plan director Rebecca Miller
★★★★ starring Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke arrives at Cinemas today.
Opening today - witty NY comedy with Ritzy faves Greta Gerwig & Julianne Moore
Maggie's Plan star Greta Gerwig: 'I love people. I believe in their essential goodness’
I love and loathe Greta Gerwig all at the same time, but that is probably the point.
Got my first film festival screening tonight, Maggie's Plan.A movie starring Greta Gerwig, Julianne Moore & Ethan Hawke,clearly made for me!
Can you really go wrong with a Greta Gerwig movie? review.
tuned in late to Mistress America with Greta Gerwig. Looking pretty good.
with Julianne Moore, Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Rebecca Miller on new modern rom-com
Watched Mistress America last night. That is a great film. How I love Greta Gerwig.
Watched 'Mistress America' - Greta Gerwig is such a good writer. Looking forward to seeing 'Lady Bird'
directed by Noah Baumbach, starring Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver.
Enjoyed Noah Baumbach & Greta Gerwig's Mistress America pretty much as much as Francis Ha, and that's saying something.
In Rebecca Miller and Greta Gerwig offer an invaluable new modern-day heroine.
Greta Gerwig steps out in a lacy Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2016 ensemble at the 'Maggie's Plan' LA Special Presentation .
Ethan Hawke & Greta Gerwig in the trailer for Maggie's Plan
MAGGIE, PLAYED BY Greta Gerwig, wants a baby but isn’t so sure that she wants a man. John (Ethan Hawke) yearn...
Why is everything Greta Gerwig is in good?
Apparently Greta Gerwig is in the last two episodes. She reveals the secret. I have no idea what it could be.
I love few things more than Greta Gerwig. Seriously.
Another View: needs an independent, full-time Can Greta Gerwig get her valentine...
These are my greta gerwig hand gestures
The idea of Greta Gerwig in a CBS sitcom is heartbreaking
Will someone help Greta Gerwig make her ode to Sacramento? e
Greta Gerwig and it's not even close!
STX's Sophie Watts is giving me British Greta Gerwig vibes.
Should I worship Chlöe Sevigny b/c she's the 90s hipster messiah or should I go with Tumblr-millennial fave Greta Gerwig?
Just got the script for the aborted Greta Gerwig / Anders Holm / Nick D'Agosto / Meg Ryan CBS pilot HOW I MET YOUR DAD. Let's act it out!
Lola Versus Online HD Stream - Just three weeks before her wedding, Lola (Greta Gerwig) finds herself suddenly ...
I love Greta Gerwig so much it's not normal. Definitely not normal.
GREENBERG with GRETA GERWIG and RHYS IFANS. For more Greenberg showtimes ...
greta gerwig in Mistress America vs. greta gerwig in Frances Ha is Very Very Strange To See
Greta Gerwig and the kirke sisters are my aspirations
My thoughts leaving that movie are very disjointed but I liked it, and also I wanna see the crazy Greta Gerwig liberal arts affair flick.
yes I❤tht part when Greta Gerwig painted his nails&d camera zoomed in! His painted lips, his eyelashes...OMFG!
Greta Gerwig dazzles in but why are the 18yr old characters all played by actors in their mid-20s?
Can't wait for Kiernan Shipka to grow up to be Greta Gerwig
Enjoyed Could have been unspeakably smug, but Greta Gerwig 😍 held it together fantastically & liked the limited turnaround. 2.5/5
am I going to wake up in five years and be the person who has seen every greta gerwig movie?
If you're a fan, you're still angry with Greta Gerwig for dumping Olly in "The dish and the spoon"
Greta Gerwig arrives to Sundance Film Festival at Salt Lake City Airport in Salt Lake City: via
Watched Mistress America. Greta Gerwig excels in such roles playing characters that are socially awkward, full of ideas and cheerful &loving
I was serious about ballet for a long time, but my mom got me into tap and ...
that's my 2nd greta gerwig reference of the day! Get out of my head!
"So much of writing is like baking a cake. I can't tell you where the sugar is." - Greta Gerwig
Today I drank coffee, saw Greta Gerwig, saw Woody Allen, took heaps of photographs around the city, bought some books, and ate Italian food.
The most underrated director/actor team has to be Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig
Also saw the trailer for MAGGIE'S PLAN starring Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke & Julianne Moore and I am feeling it, too.
Saoirse Ronan is starring in a movie written and directed by Greta Gerwig. I'm there!
I love Greta Gerwig. I'm still super annoyed the HIMYM spin off show she was set to star in didn't get past the pilot 😞
California won't give Greta Gerwig money to shoot a film in her hometown, Sacramento
I'm watching my way through Greta Gerwig's filmography and boy oh boy, in some of these movies literally nothing happens 😭
.yeah but have you ever SEEN me and Greta Gerwig in the same place at the same time???
The fact this was done live at a music award ceremony still astonishes me. Arcade Fire, Spike Jonez & Greta Gerwig
Oh come on. Arcade Fire, Spike Jonez and the great GRETA GERWIG
I built a nest of chocolate to encourage me to work, but I ate all the chocolate and read articles on Greta Gerwig instead
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
My 'Greta Gerwig just smiled at me and now we're dating' face 😻
Interesting but reminds me to ask: anyone know why gorg greta gerwig was cast as Dawn in Weiner-Dog? Case in point?
Truth in this beautiful scene from Frances Ha starring Greta Gerwig
I'm not really capable of memorizing stuff without moving around, that's *** ..
some people still say Greta Gerwig is Noah Baumbach's muse when she co-wrote arguably both of his best movies
Do you think I could marry both Noah Baumbach AND Greta Gerwig and we could just all be hot and bohemian and neurotic together?
My girl! Fredi Walker-Browne in the trailer for w/ Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, and Julianne Moore
Hmmm.tough choice. To watch the Leafs blow another one, or watch Greta Gerwig in "Mistress America".
Ethan Hawke and Greta Gerwig in a film together? I'm in
somebody put Maya Rudolph and Greta Gerwig in the a film together and I'm supposed to keep breathing? That's my Oscar Isaac and Oscar Isaac
Greta Gerwig. Julianne Moore and Ethan Hawke. MAGGIE'S PLAN appealing to me on so many levels. Looking great! .
Watch Maggie's Plan trailer: Can Greta Gerwig trick Ethan Hawke into falling OUT of love with her?
Gonna give Frances Ha a second chance since Greta gerwig decided to molest my breast last Thursday
do you know if they asked heather matarazzo to reprise her role or did they just skip that & cast Greta gerwig
And I will also say that Mistress America and Greta Gerwig getting no love at the Oscars is criminal.
I got Dakota Johnson and Greta Gerwig confused just now and we're all done!
Final Rec for the day: Baghead, with from + Greta Gerwig in a low-key scare comedy.
I want to take an uber with Mickey Sumner, Greta Gerwig, and Mamie Gummer. Wait, no, a Lyft.
Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig in a romcom. Please God please please make it happen
'Maggies Plan'Greta Gerwig gets wrapped up in a complicated love triangle with Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore
Forgive? Mayhap in the fullness of time. Understand? Never. They tried to make Greta Gerwig a thing, and good men did nothing.
I completely forgot Crystal in China, IL is trans. And played by Chelsea Peretti. A+ show. Greta Gerwig slays.
Golden Globe nominee and Sacramento native Greta Gerwig will keynote
Fandango MOVIECLIPS Hot New Trailers: Greta Gerwig falls in love with a married man in the …
Ethan Hawke cheats on Julianne Moore with Greta Gerwig in first trailer for
When your faceswap morphs into Greta Gerwig
Trailer watch! Rebecca Miller's is a refreshing, hilarious rom-com:
Not only Ethan Hawke, but Hawke in bed with Greta Gerwig. I mean.
Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore, and Greta Gerwig Form the Whitest Little Love Triangle in ‘Maggie’s...
Watch Greta Gerwig & Ethan Hawke in the trailer for Maggie’s Plan
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See the first trailer for Rebecca Miller's MAGGIE'S PLAN, starring Ethan Hawke, Greta Gerwig & https…
Here's the trailer for starring Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore. In UK cinemas 8 July:
Greta Gerwig announced as keynote speaker for Emerge Sum... via
We would go down to Riverside, California, which is very poor now, but that...
Git on over to Joe's Pub tonight: I'll do a couple of tunes - 1 with - Greta Gerwig on board too. Catie Lazarus ***
Actor/comedian Russell Brand and actress Greta Gerwig are seen on the set of the movie 'Arthur' on l
Is there a name for that thing where you watch Frances Ha and fall in love with Greta Gerwig?
I have such trepidation about Greta Gerwig because of how much I despised Frances Ha. I'm not sure I can view her objectively.
Greta Gerwig in Frances Ha is effervescent and unforgettable, while simultaneously a hot mess. she's an inspiration to hot messes everywhere
I enjoyed Todd Solondz's 'Weiner-Dog.' Kieran Culkin, Greta Gerwig, and Danny DeVito all fab, too.
Like I just wanna meet and get advice from Greta Gerwig, Scott Rudin and Saoirse Ronan 😭
I could not be more excited for Todd Solondz's new film Weiner-Dog. Greta Gerwig! Julie Delpy! Brie Larson!
New favorite movie: Greta Gerwig is a comedy genius and Lola Kirke one of the next great actors in cinema ✊🏼
There're moments where it feels like Greta Gerwig is right out of a Ernst Lubitsch film.
:-) Martha is so cool. I've never seen her before, just heard her. She's like Greta Gerwig playing Patti Smith.
REVIEW: Frances Ha (2013) - Greta Gerwig endears to no end in this indieriffic oddity.
"I didn't go to school. I am an auto didact. And auto didact is one of the words I taught myself." . Greta Gerwig is queen of Modern comedy.
Talking about an all lady Ocean's 11 and I'm sayin' Greta Gerwig for Casey Affleck and Wanda Sykes for Bernie Mac
Was compared to Greta Gerwig for the 4th time since going blonde. One of the many perks, I suppose!
I assume Chloe Sevigny has been getting sloppy drunk and complaining about Greta Gerwig for the last 3 and a half years.
Oh! I saw Mistress America and my considered opinion is that collaboration with Greta Gerwig has redeemed Noah Baumbach.
Greta Gerwig deserves better than Noah Baumbach, material-wise.
NYFF-Miller film--smart satire of academic pretensions, wonderful comic turn by J Moore.
Went to see Mistress America last night, the usual awesomeness from Greta Gerwig.
I fantasise about a version of The Intern, where Greta Gerwig replaces Hathaway... and Baumbach directs. And it ends in a very different way
Can't wait for a Greta Gerwig-project to be sponsored on an MLS team jersey one day.
Just saw Mistress America because Greta Gerwig 😍 and kookiness and yeah. Loved it. Passed Kermode's laugh test twenty times over.
Rebecca Miller's is clever and fun. Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke are good together, and is HI…
"It takes the physical and makes it spirit.". Greta Gerwig on why she loves movies.
Greta Gerwig's costuming in Maggie's Plan is straight up mean
Damsels in Distress - it's passed the 6 laugh test already and only 10 minutes in. Greta Gerwig is excellent.
Tonight 7.30 "Mistress America" Tkts on the door or Trailer Review
Just passed on an Arsenal - Olympiacos ticket to go see the latest Greta Gerwig film. Seen enough sport this summer. Not sorry.
There's a Greta gerwig movie coming to city and I feel like is the only one who could appreciate this as much as me
George Clooney, Martin Scorsese, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks & Greta Gerwig are at this week. Here's the deets -
Greta Gerwig and are just incredible! I'm yet to watch The Dish and the Spoon without crying. Three times, no luck.
Mistress America ... Our indie film this weekend @ the POLK. Starring Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke Fri/Sat,...
She re-arranged her vomit into a mural of Greta Gerwig in "Frances Ha" and said to the neighborhood "you're welcome"
Tonight at 8.30 from director Noah Baumbach "Frances Ha" starring and co-written by Greta Gerwig.
Watch Greta Gerwig seek council from a spirit in a clip from 'Mistress America' /
The pizza in it looks so gross, but I always want to eat it anyway. I think it's just because Greta Gerwig is so awesome.
On a scale of 1 to Greta Gerwig how cute is it to leave a saliva trail from your straw to mouth???
I want to shoot a Japanese toothpaste commercial with Greta Gerwig.
Sony Classics picks up Rebecca Miller's MAGGIE'S PLAN for 2016 release:
Follett talks about Fear of Dying by Jong and suggests Greta Gerwig for Isadora in Fear of Flying film
Tomorrow at 8.30 the third in our four films from director Noah Baumbach. Frances Ha stars Greta Gerwig.
“I’m interested in characters that have just a touch of madness” – Greta Gerwig. via
I'm now really upset that How I Met Your Dad isn't happening now that I know Greta Gerwig and Anders Holm were going to be in it.
Damsels in Distress is a superb film. Not only is Greta Gerwig great but it also covers a true passion of mine; artichoke recognition
I could subject myself to Bill Shorten on or I could catch the end of the delightful Greta Gerwig in 'Frances Ha' in SBS2.
Greta Gerwig auditioned for Gossip Girl: 'I wish they had wanted me'
Working on a way where every time I close my eyes I see Greta Gerwig in black and white photography
Greta Gerwig is the most charismatic actress on earth.
MAGGIE'S PLAN: . Greta Gerwig stars in another great movie with an excellent screenplay. Julianne Moore's accent is questionable.
Watched GIRLFRIENDS (1978); a strong, mature precursor to Greta Gerwig & GIRLS that Kubrick also once named as his favorite movie of 1978.
Go behind-the-scenes of the summer's most enjoyable films:
after watching Frances Ha i am completely in love with Greta Gerwig
"Maggie's Plan" is not the most original romantic comedy, but is funny and sweet. Greta Gerwig and Julianne Moore get to shine!
I just watched a great film called Mistress America, written, produced and starring Greta Gerwig, who is just...
Magic Mike xxl, Greta Gerwig, the rush hour trilogy
Saw Mistress America last night. Greta Gerwig's an angel
Benicia Del Toro, Tom Hardy, Oscar Isaac, Greta Gerwig and Emily Blunt are my fave performances so far this year.
also I really want to do this. Maybe I can turn my broken Farsi into some cute Greta Gerwig-inspired gag
Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig were in my dream last night.
I like Greta Gerwig a lot though and I found parts of it pretty relatable, so I really dug it.
Greta Gerwig is everyone's spirit animal.
The only good thing Arcade Fire has ever actually done was the afterlife video with Greta Gerwig don't @ me
Photoset: jurassicark: Greta Gerwig | photographed by Marlene Marino for Dazed & Confused | September 2015
I think greta gerwig lives like right next to one of the nyu dorms
Does anyone look like they're having more fun onscreen than Greta Gerwig? She's an absolute pleasure.
How Greta Gerwig transcended "muse" status & became the indie actress of her generation. Read: …
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