Gregg Zaun & Blue Jays

Gregory Owen Gregg Zaun (born April 14, 1971) is a former professional baseball catcher. He played sixteen seasons in Major League Baseball, from 1995 until 2010, for nine different teams. The Toronto Blue Jays are a professional baseball team located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 4.3/5

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I saw that Blue Jays was trending, and my first hopeful thought was... can Gregg Zaun get fired twice?
Blue Jays fans when they heard Gregg Zaun got fired for sexual harassment
What I imagine Gregg Zaun to be saying is... "Here's why both these postseason teams are better than the Blue Jays..."
Ran into former Blue Jays catcher and now TV analyst Gregg Zaun at Home Depot in handyman mode…
The incoming Blue Jays season means, we get the pleasure of more Gregg Zaun hot takes.
The Full Count: Gregg Zaun likes 2017 Blue Jays, but they have to stay healthy, can’t afford key injury to starters…
Ron chats with Blue Jays broadcaster Gregg Zaun about last nights big win & his Gregg Cup fundraiser with Aaron...
Gregg Zaun joins us in-studio to talk Blue Jays, and his best memories of being Michael Jordan's baseball teammate. Live on PTS on 590/SN360
Best thing about Blue Jays on is they say "Here's Gregg Zaun," and then Gregg Zaun never ever comes and it's great.
An ode to the Blue Jays, by Gregg Zaun:. Rose are red,. Violets are blue,. The Blue Jays are also blue,. I like baseball.
Gregg Zaun wrote a poem for the Blue Jays
A trade out there to be made for Blue Jays? . Gregg Zaun says no.Yes will be the right answer.🙏.
Another former catcher for the Blue Jays, Gregg Zaun, has served as the occasional colour commentator since the 2011 season.
In the pre-game show Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell put up the key to victory for the Blue Jays today: "Don't let Bauer (SP) beat you."
Rogers Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction will be held on Monday, February 2nd!! For 59 years a group of volunteers from the Rotary Club of London, London Sports Media and the community, have been organizing the Sports Celebrity Dinner to benefit Thames Valley Children's Centre (TVCC). We really need your help this year to help us spread the word! We have a fantastic line-up including: Gregg Zaun (Keynote speaker) - former Blue Jays catcher and current Blue Jays broadcaster Christine Simpson (Emcee) - Rogers Sportsnet personality and former Londoner Kurt Browning - Four time World Champion Figure Skater, commentator with CBC Darcy Tucker - retired former Toronto Maple Leaf and former Montreal Canadien Marvin Phillips and Coach Carlos Knox - London Lightning Please help us by sharing with all of your friends and on your social networks. Please take a minute to check out the TVCC's 65th Anniversary Video to see how the funds make a huge impact on kids with special needs. We appreciate your support! Buy ...
Must be refreshing for Gregg Zaun to urinate on the play of other teams besides the Blue Jays.
Gregg Zaun just said: the Blue Jays have to enter the off-season healthy so they can hit the ground running at spring training. Huh?
Can the bring in Gregg Zaun for SportsNet broadcasts? Wonderfully candid in talking about the Blue Jays.
I'm sorry Gregg Zaun but the Blue Jays players don't listen to you; and us viewers only do so out of necessity...
HATE Gregg Zaun's Blue Jays losing "statement games" nonsense. You want to make a statement? Win 90+ games. The sequence is irrelevant.
I wonder if Gregg Zaun still thinks the Jays should have signed Prince Fielder.
So... Gregg Zaun suggests the Blue Jays send Juan Cruz down and when Jamie says Perez, Zaun is just disrespectful and says "whatever"
Blue Jays add tiki bar decorations where the windows used to be, Kawasaki hits a HR. Quick, get Dr. Gregg Zaun on the case!
Blue Jays fans don't get many chances to celebrate.
Wow...Gregg Zaun just tore a whole lot of Blue Jays a whole lot of new *** Like A Boss!! Awesome!
“sources tell me that neither Mike Wilner nor Gregg Zaun are candidates to replace Alan Ashby on Blue Jays radio network” thank god!
Met and discussed Blue Jays trade with Gregg Zaun at Long Branch. My night has been made!
Gregg Zaun, former Toronto Blue Jays Catcher and current pre-game and in game commentator for the Blue Jays on Sportsnet, chat's with Pete Dalliday and Vince Bierworth.
With gone too, only one option remains for Blue Jays manager, Gregg Zaun
So the Blue Jays aren't in the playoffs. So why am I being forced to listen to the retarded dribble that comes out of Buck Martinez, and Gregg Zaun?
Welcome back to the airwaves, Gregg Zaun...and thank you for admitting Philadelphia got the best of the RoyHalladay trade with Blue Jays. Last blog I said Josh Hamilton wouldn't win a triple crown because he's too fragile physically. tonight he's in hopsital with a bad stomach. So, for my thoughts on Rookie of the Year and rising Blue Jays attendance, you know the drill:
Gregg Zaun teaches the importance of practicing hitting off a batting tee.
Setting: Blue Jays opening day. Occurrence: Jose Bautista hits a homer Gregg Zaun: With that bomb he's on pace for 162...
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