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Gregg Zaun

Gregory Owen Gregg Zaun (born April 14, 1971) is a former professional baseball catcher. He played sixteen seasons in Major League Baseball, from 1995 until 2010, for nine different teams.

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Good amount of Gregg Zaun bashing from this Sportsnet panel.
Maybe someone should beat Gregg Zaun in the rib cage, tape him spread-eagled to a training table, scrawl an insult…
I also heard in a side note you asked Gregg Zaun to rent the spare room in your…
BREAKING: Rogers announces in statement from Rick Brace just read on air by on Prime Time Sports that Sportsne…
There is nothing we love more than reading, watching AND talking about sports! Find out what is happening with our…
Jeff Blair just joined the Gregg Zaun club... Do you
JUST IN: Baseball analyst Gregg Zaun has been fired from Rogers Sportsnet due to "inappropriate behaviour and comments."…
Your letters: Sportsnet shares the blame for Gregg Zaun’s behaviour
My mom says she's going to write a letter to saying she's not going to watch any if they don't…
BREAKING NEWS: Gregg Zaun, a personality at Sportsnet, owned by Rogers the parent company of NEWS 1130, has been fired after…
Gregg Zaun's dismissal no surprise to some female Sportsnet staffers
.is that the face you made when Gregg Zaun made his "apology this week?
I added a video to a playlist Broadcaster Gregg Zaun Fired for "Inappropriate Behaviour"
BREAKING: Right To Play Canada has confirmed they won't be re-partnering with broadcaster Gregg Zaun in light of is…
Hopefully as the movement inspires change, sports media will go under the microscope. Gregg Zaun's behavior…
I think I started to feel that way with the banter back and forth with JP about Gregg Zaun. Now it’s all about endorsements/“I have money”
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They want a pound of flesh, Gregg Zaun for example, his lawyered apology won't stop them.
I saw that Blue Jays was trending, and my first hopeful thought was... can Gregg Zaun get fired twice?
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them!”
Gregg Zaun apologizes after Sportsnet firing -
Will miss your commentary Gregg Zaun. Not happy with the complete dismissal at all. Shame on Rodgers for…
.the Gregg Zaun issue needs to be addressed, the silence is deafening
Apologizing for offending women, this guy says, “I regret my blindness to the impact of my actions that I would have cor…
Fired broadcaster Gregg Zaun apologizes for inappropriate comments he made to female ex-colleagues…
Gregg Zaun pleads ignorance in his "absolute apology" for comments to female colleagues
SUN FRONT: Like other men fired for inappropriate behaviour, Gregg Zaun claims 'ignorance' in his mea culpa. Via
I like how Gregg Zaun is blindsided by the allegations against him while no one else connected to the industry is surprised at all.
Blue Jays fans when they heard Gregg Zaun got fired for sexual harassment
All the latest from how Toronto and the baseball world is reacting to 's apology.
Breaking: Gregg Zaun had a quiet history of unwanted advances with women.
Full statement from Gregg Zaun, who was fired by Sportsnet for inappropriate behaviour
Former Rogers Sportsnet baseball analyst Gregg Zaun issues statement and apology after dismissal last week:
article in the sun today re:Gregg Zaun manages to insult Don Cherry. FYI Liz..Zaun is sometimes refer…
A few thoughts on who Sportsnet should and shouldn’t get to replace Gregg Zaun
Gregg Zaun issues statement in response to Sportsnet firing
Gregg Zaun apologizes for 'harm or distress' caused by inappropriate comments
I’m going through that right now with Gregg Zaun being fired up here in Toronto. I’m not a particular…
Former Sportsnet broadcaster Gregg Zaun has issued an apology, after he was fired for what the company called "inap…
Gregg Zaun has issued an apology for his inappropriate behaviour. . Full statement:
Gregg Zaun issues apology for inappropriate comments
Gregg Zaun apologizes after being fired for 'inappropriate behaviour'
This is where sports media is still at. Gregg Zaun was permitted to sexually harass women & make their workplace uncom…
When Jamie Campbell, Dirk Hayhurst, Kevin Barker & Pat Tabler would run into Gregg Zaun outside the studio...
I don’t agree with a lot of things he says, but I feel so bad for Gregg Zaun after hearing him on PrimeTime. The devastation in him is real
Who was the other finalist...Gregg Zaun? 😂😂😂
Gregg Zaun, is now trending in Canada.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Gregg Zaun speaks about catching Roy Halladay and his abilities on the mound -
5 events happening this afternoon in 1) WRHBA's Fall Industry Luncheon with Gregg Zaun
Many thanks to Bob Elliott Gregg Zaun Buck Martinez Gord Ash John Gibbons Ricky Romero Dave Perkins and Dan Shulman for coming on today 1/2
Checkout the 4-5pm segment with the Gregg Zaun interview. I've never heard Gregg get emotional, until today...
Hearing Gregg Zaun on Prime Time Sports talk about Halladay is really heartbreaking.
"Everybody loved him. Everybody looked up to him. We all thought he was the greatest.".
Gregg Zaun is an *** Garbage baseball player, garbage analyst. Canada deserves better than this reject.
Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful Sportsnet gave Gregg Zaun the day off on quadrupleheader day.
Gregg Zaun just did a useful thing! He reminded me of my favourite quote of all time.
I love baseball but they don’t pay me enough to listen to Gregg Zaun.
Wonder what would be Gregg Zaun's answer to this jacket!! 🤣
Gregg Zaun's "expert" analysis after the Dodgers game: "Dave Roberts obviously knows what he's doing.". Thanks for that insight, Gregg.
If this is Stro throwing shade at Gregg Zaun then I love him even more than I thought I did.
Did Gregg Zaun just argue that Trea Turner should've bunted with the bases loaded and two out?
What I imagine Gregg Zaun to be saying is... "Here's why both these postseason teams are better than the Blue Jays..."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why do you keep Gregg Zaun employed,
UBC Baseball Presents: A Night with Gregg Zaun. Friday, Nov. 3rd. Proceeds go to varsity Japan trip in 2018…
Would sign a "Get rid of Zaun and Campbell; replace with Arencibia & Bautista, add Stro when he retires" petition.
When are they gonna replace Gregg Zaun with Kevin Barker?
If this isn't a shot at Gregg Zaun idk what is
Gregg Zaun shade is my favourite kind of shade.
AJ trying to do his best Gregg Zaun impression...
.even better would be Gregg Zaun a baseball guru and purist genius.
Gregg zaun agreed with you too. I just knew there had been some controversy earlier in the year.
You can tell Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell are trying not to smile...they are loving this lead, those lovers...
Gregg Zaun's outfit is also offensive, albeit in a different way.
Jamie Campbell: what'd you think of that catch by Pillar?. Gregg Zaun: pitch selection
"And for his thoughts and opinions on the game, here's Gregg Zaun.". (Hits mute button)
UBC Baseball Presents: A Night with Gregg Zaun! November 3rd at the BP Stadium District. Tickets are $100, get yours toda…
Honestly, I'm so sick of Gregg zaun's holier than thou baseball acumen. You were a hack. If you could've you would've.
when did you let Gregg Zaun take over your feed?
I can't wait to live in a world where Gregg Zaun isn't paid to give his opinion on things.
Would Gregg Zaun call that HR a fake HR?
Wonder if Gregg Zaun's ever seen Sanchez's arm. That, plus his bat, more than makes up for his passed ball issues.
Only 1 month until UBC Baseball Presents: A Night with Gregg Zaun! Tickets are sure to sell out, so get yours today…
Pinball Clemons, Gregg Zaun, Daniel Alfredsson - you would be in great company :)
Gregg Zaun's eyebrows make more sense up close.
When your best player tells you he wants to stay, you sign him and fire Gregg Zaun.
Can we get rid of Gregg Zaun instead?
"We can't catch the Yankees or Red Sox" is the same defeatist attitude that created a 22-year self-fulfilling prophecy. Shut up, Gregg Zaun.
Gregg Zaun. The worst fake GM in baseball.
Seriously, it's time for Gregg Zaun to be shown the door.
BIG party on Sportsnet right now. Gregg Zaun, Jamie Campbell, Buck Martinez, and Pat Tabler can't wipe the smiles off their faces
Zaun 101: Gregg Zaun teaches some prospects the proper way to steal a base. Some did better than others. Presented by
Russell Martin gives such a great interview, and apparently Gregg Zaun doesn't like Milwaukee.
so gregg zaun is on vacation right now... Petition to keep him on permanent vacation.
I kinda like that Kevin guy... I mean, between him and Gregg Zaun, the choice is easy.
Kinda wish Gregg Zaun would stay on vacation. bluejays central is far more tolerable without him...
Gregg Zaun can pound sand. I've been done with him for years
We can all agree the Gregg Zaun/Sasquatch commercial can go away now right?
Do you know why Gregg Zaun isn't on the show?
I'd eat beef jerky with Gregg Zaun.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want Gregg Zaun.
(Sports Net):101: into a monster bunt machine : Gregg Zaun is doing his best to churn out major..
Sunday morning roast with the nincompoop Kevin Barker coming up. Gregg Zaun should not be allowed weekends off.
This Gregg Zaun and Bigfoot thing is bad and not good.
Gregg Zaun Wirery. Has a good ring to it. Well known name. A no doubter. Can I partner with you?
The obvious name for a Gregg Zaun wine is Mitchell Re-Port, no?
Kevin Barker makes Gregg Zaun look like Casey Stengel. I want to pour soup over both of their heads.
Whenever I think of Gregg Zaun I think of a salty bag of aged meat so that's a pretty good commercial.
Not sure what that Gregg Zaun & Sasquatch commercial was about, but it's the first time I've liked anything Zaun's done.
I just figured out the answer it is 150% Gregg Zaun
Big improvement in tonight's show with Gregg Zaun taking a night off..didnt miss the clown at all
Gregg Zaun has all the answers. Zaun knows. Everything.
Gregg Zaun? I would not wish that on my worst enemy.
LOL I try fam...just replace Gregg Zaun with me
"Could we change 'Captain Ahab" to 'Gregg Zaun' and instead of a white whale' could he be looking for a Nanaimo bar?". - Editing for Canada
Gregg Zaun is too drunk to continue.
You know it's a bad Gregg Zaun take when Mark Spector thinks it's bad.
Why does Gregg Zaun insist on being baseball's Don Cherry?
Gregg Zaun is the worst rogers employee - and I’m including the cable installer who takes a in your bathroom.
Why did I turn the tv on to Gregg Zaun?
Or it could have actually been Gregg Zaun.
The Brewers sold Gregg Zaun shirseys the whole 2010 season and no Lucroy shirseys until 2011. SMH.
Is it just me, or is Gregg Zaun slowly turning into a *** Tracy villain?
Ran into former Blue Jays catcher and now TV analyst Gregg Zaun at Home Depot in handyman mode…
Gregg Zaun is genuinely the stupidest man in baseball. Yes, that's including Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler.
If this game doesn't turn their season around, nothing will. Say nothing bad about Stroman, Gregg Zaun.
Gregg Zaun would like Stroman to act more white, please. I would like Gregg Zaun to shut his mouth, please. Can't always get…
Gregg Zaun/Manhulk in pink 3 pc suit telling me about baseball & how not 2 celebrate is just2much
I'm a 54-year-old white guy who has always disliked Gregg Zaun. Typical dumb jock...and former steroid user.
Gregg Zaun ripping Stroman is getting tiring. Two things: a) Zaun took PED's b) Who the *uck has two g's in Gregg?
Oh shut up, Gregg Zaun. YOU ruin a perfectly good day, not Stroman.
Gregg Zaun, like his hockey counterpart Don Cherry, is a dinosaur. Time for them both to go.
Hearing that Gregg Zaun is complaining about some of our players showing Emotion, Shut Up Zaun Never liked you anyways.
I normally don't watch on Sportsnet but today I am and Gregg Zaun responded to this like Stro's humourless authoritarian ***
Did you know there's a Real Housewives of Toronto show? This episode features a Joga golf tournament with Gregg Zaun.
I love Marcus' fire and hate Zaun's grumpy old man ways. Go sit on a porch an…
So it seems like a lot of people don't like Gregg Zaun. Don Cherry does the same thing and yet no one seems to object lol
Anyone who has ever heard a Gregg Zaun story knows he's not opposed to antics.
Gregg Zaun respect the game? Interesting comment from a PED user 💉
Gregg Zaun's criticism of Marcus Stroman is real rich. Guy pitched lights out and you critique his 'attitude'. Back off and sit down.
Gregg Zaun - the guy with the answer to a question that nobody asked.
No one irritates my soul more than Gregg Zaun. There is NOTHING wrong with showing emotion
LMAO Gregg Zaun is about to have an old man aneurysm in his pink blazer thanks to Marcus Stroman celebrating.
Gregg Zaun doesn't like it when Stroman shows a bit of flare and gets excited after a win but it's ok for him to wear a pink suit?!
I agree with Gregg Zaun we definitely don't want these guys pumped, excited or fired up at all. Let's keep em down…
Advice: maybe just turn the tv off when gregg zaun appears on it
Gregg Zaun telling Stroman not to be a showboat while wearing a pink suit.
When Gregg Zaun has another 😫😪fragile-masculinity rant re: sportsmanlike conduct re: big win after a frus…
If Gregg Zaun tells you not to do something, literally go right out and do that thing.
Absolutely *nothing* gets the mute button hit faster than Gregg Zaun being on the TV. Not even political ads. He's…
Seriously though. I still don't understand how no longer employs Barry Davis but allows Gregg Zaun to assault…
Gregg Zaun says rash of pitchers having Tommy John surgeries is product of young pitchers pushed too hard too soon.
Gregg Zaun tried to spit in my face in 2013, was unsuccessful
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Gregg Zaun says one way to make MLB games faster is to stop visits to the mound by pitching coaches. Time waster!.
Wonder what Gregg Zaun thinks of this performance.
Gregg Zaun is a great baseball analyst and sure appears to be a great guy.
Jays season hasn't even started and I'm already sick of Gregg Zaun
The incoming Blue Jays season means, we get the pleasure of more Gregg Zaun hot takes.
The Full Count: Gregg Zaun likes 2017 Blue Jays, but they have to stay healthy, can’t afford key injury to starters…
Russell Martin makes us forget we ever had Buck Martinez, Gregg Zaun, Josh Thole, J.P. Arencibia, and Charlie O'Brien playing for this team.
I remember when Gregg Zaun dislocated his finger sliding into second base once. He waved off the trainers and snapped his finger into place.
We played at our friend Gregg Zaun's charity fundraiser on Friday. I just want to take a second…
Mr. Gregg Zaun telling you all about the party on November 25th at the Steam Whistle Roundhouse…
Gregg Zaun was on PTS last night saying Jays should sign both, but probably won't get both. EE, my dark horse,…
The Gregg Zaun party at 2012 Grey Cup was a beauty!! A must attend!!
The sartorial splendour of two of Canada's preeminent sports broadcasters. Gregg Zaun⚾️and Don Cherry🏒
remember when he dissed Gregg Zaun and Dirk Hayhurst LMAO
please I beg please take Gregg Zaun off the air, anyone else would be better. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard! Fire him!
Is it just me or does Gregg Zaun look like Colonel Sanders washed his white suit w/a red sock? Usually so dapper
With his suits and analysis it seems like Gregg Zaun is becoming the Don Cherry of
I have a strange urge to chug some Pepto Bismol after seeing Gregg Zaun
Gregg Zaun looks like a bottle of pepto bismol
Gregg Zaun has a really sharp suit tonight
Gregg zaun lookin like a stick of gum
Gregg Zaun has some of the nicest suits...I need to get a custom suit from Garrison lol
Gregg Zaun thought he was covering the Kentucky Derby tonight.
Gregg Zaun seems like the kind of guy who flashes his World Series ring because he thinks he can move up one spot in line at McDonalds.
Gregg Zaun looks like a giant bottle of Purity Raspberry Syrup
I hope so because Gregg Zaun is doing his best to jinx them
Did Gregg Zaun really just complain about Travis' commitment re: injury?
Hey we don't care what Gregg Zaun has to say, just put on the *** game
Gregg Zaun & Sid Seixeiro hotstove coming up at the Yates Street Taphouse, presented by the
I hope I never have to cook for Gregg Zaun. "Well firstly the ham was undercooked." 😬
"Welcome to the playoffs, here's why this game *** - Gregg Zaun
Gregg Zaun's analysis is diet cola. Empty, but also vaguely pernicious.
On the plus side: much less Gregg Zaun.
I would rather listen to Gregg Zaun, then these American announcers
WIN tickets ($100 value!) to see Gregg Zaun and Sid Sid Seixeiro next month at the Yates Street Taphouse. Go...
Ron chats with Blue Jays broadcaster Gregg Zaun about last nights big win & his Gregg Cup fundraiser with Aaron...
So at the end of a season does Gregg Zaun have 162 goofy suits that will not fit anyone else on earth?
Gregg Zaun commenting on another players' fielding is rich:
Has Gregg Zaun ever played the outfield? Asking for a friend
Gregg Zaun has no idea what 'palpitations' means.
Man Gregg Zaun does not take it easy on the Rangers 😂😂😂😂
Throwback to the 5th Annual Gregg Zaun Golf & Poker Classic.. another amazing shot by
I can hear Gregg Zaun screaming about fundamentals from here.
Pat Tabler and Gregg Zaun on Jays’ post-game both saying they were surprised he pulled Tillman so early.
In *** every baseball studio panel is Gregg Zaun and Pat Tabler.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Really hoping the Jays don't make the postseason this year so I don't have to listen to Gregg zaun for another month.
Why is Gregg Zaun still a sports commentator?
How does explain that Rogers also pays Gregg Zaun and all he does is call out the jays?
Gregg Zaun being the voice of reason
my post 8 yrs ago 2day:still marvelling at Gregg Zaun's grand slam that she witnessed 1st hand in the bottom of the 13th inning!
If you ever feel like you can't do something remember Gregg Zaun is a baseball announcer
For once I agree with Gregg Zaun. Why would you have Tulo a day off the same day Thole is in the lineup?
Why does Gregg Zaun look like he about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2016 in his avi?
Stephen Vogt has got to be related to Gregg Zaun.
I don't mind Buck and Pat but I hate Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell.
[Blue Jays Central]. Producer- Jamie & Gregg in 5-4-3-2. Gregg Zaun- quick, someone get me a roll of quarters to put in my mouth!
Is this your Don Cherry or Gregg Zaun look?
I'm sure he is a nice guy, and catchers do deserve a lot of respect. Well, maybe not Gregg Zaun. But still.
My mom: "Oh Blue Jays Central update. I wonder what Gregg Zaun has to say." *Two people not Gregg and Jaimie appear*. "WHAT IS THIS?"
R. Martin passes Gregg Zaun (2005) for 10th most RBI by C in a season (62). He's on pace for 78. Record is 80 (Darrin Fletcher, 1999)
god no. He's terrible. Almost want Gregg Zaun instead
I'd rather not picture you as Forrest Gump, Gregg Zaun.
any thoughts on the Gregg Zaun Steroid allegations??
Gregg Zaun is probably one of those guys at the party who one-ups everyones story and drinks twisted tea.
May we forever curse Rod Barajas for reneging on the back in 2007. He's the reason we're stuck with insufferable Gregg Zaun today.
No matter what pitch is called, if it goes out for a home run Gregg Zaun says it was the wrong call.
Why does Tim Leiper have a glove as a first base coach? Why can't Gregg Zaun affix his mic properly?
That is one ugly suit Gregg Zaun is wearing.
"I know you nerds love your OPS." - Gregg Zaun said, straight-faced, when talking about an 18 plate appearance, BvP sample. Christ.
Dr. Gregg Zaun confirms there will be "way less arm injuries" if A/AA pitchers only threw fastball/change for 1st half of seasons
Gregg Zaun joins us in-studio to talk Blue Jays, and his best memories of being Michael Jordan's baseball teammate. Live on PTS on 590/SN360
I would take Dan Shulman over Gregg Zaun any time! Let's make it happen ;)
This will be the task of our transition team, led by consultant Gregg Zaun.
Going immediately from Gregg Zaun to Vin Scully is like walking into air conditioning when it's 40°C with humidity.
Gregg Zaun: Jay's scored 32 runs in the series (3 games) so they averaged 9 plus..
John Gibbons, Gregg Zaun and Buck Martinez. Padres wanted Tabby but were turned down.
Best thing about Blue Jays on is they say "Here's Gregg Zaun," and then Gregg Zaun never ever comes and it's great.
Gregg Zaun: homers are not sustainable. Jays: lol wanna bet.
Gregg Zaun just cited WAR. He's now pulling up a graphic on WAR. He's giving WAR credibility. What is happening
Tim and Sid are almost as annoying as Hazel Mae and Gregg Zaun🙄
Thankful Gregg Zaun isn't managing players. Being a man means taking care of yourself when you need it.
"It's what sports medicine is about, you get an injection, you go out there, and you play." -- Gregg Zaun out of context.
Gregg Zaun is impressed how the BlueJays directed the baseball tonight
yes "Wente's" column. Plagiarizing Gregg Zaun will be a new low
Here's Gregg Zaun to talk about how baseball is easy and players control where the ball goes.
Gregg Zaun's lack of evolution on what "chicks dig" about BB is no surprise. (1 of 2)
Zaun: "Chicks dig the long ball." I just can't. Gregg, women are fully capable enjoying & understanding (!) every part of Bball.
Got to meet Gregg Zaun after a big 17-1 win by the Jays! @ Rogers Centre
OH how I love this. Gregg Zaun and his prediction HEE HEE HEE . Run up a couple more Runs Boys ! GO JAYS!
It's official. Gregg Zaun a member of the pink ladies with that outfit.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Gregg Zaun with the pink suit wishin he was
Gregg Zaun sounds off on the biggest topics in baseball: Zaun Sunday Roast - July 3, 2016
is there any way to watch Gregg Zaun's "Sunday Roast" videos online?
Gregg Zaun: professional broadcaster, doesn't know how J.A. Happ's name is pronounced.
Wow. Gregg Zaun was on the money with that one.
Gregg Zaun is nailing it with his Sunday take today
I can't believe im saying this. Gregg zaun is right.
"These guys are in their early-to-mid 20s, what do they need days off for?"- Gregg Zaun, man who wants you to get off his lawn.
Incredible. I am actually agreeing with Gregg Zaun.
Gregg Zaun letting everyone know about how much he did not like Vic Carapazza
gregg zaun is trying way to hard to be the Don Cherry of baseball
Gregg Zaun can literally stop trying to look like Don Cherry ANYTIME NOW
Gregg Zaun with the Sunday Roast a couple days early
Gregg Zaun vs. Major League Baseball is what we really want.
Turned on the Jays game for the first time today. Ummm Gregg Zaun, you sir are no Don Cherry. Whoever said that suit looks good lied.
Gregg Zaun's suit. Holy doodle. That is all.
I think it's nice Gregg Zaun is making such good use of Don Cherry's cast-offs.
Gregg Zaun should be arrested for what he is wearing
Someone take Gregg Zaun's suit and burn it.
Gregg Zaun reporting from the Samsung Broadcast Studio in Toronto. He'll always be my All-Star,
Gregg Zaun doing his absolute worst impression of Don Cherry today.
Bet ya Gregg Zaun never thought he'd have to wear that suit for so long...
Gregg Zaun's suit just made people put sunglasses on.
Game goes on much longer, Gregg Zaun's going to have to change to his 4th of July outfit.
Throwback for fans... Gregg Zaun's 13th inning walk-off grand slam from 2008 (on my birthday!)
Muttering in left field Gregg Zaun keeps repeating "tv dive" over and over again
Does Gregg Zaun have to pay Don Cherry royalties for stealing his shtick?
If that applied to everybody, Gregg Zaun and Ed Holder would be punched in the face annually.
Gregg Zaun is looking gayer than AIDS... oh yeah, he always does
Gregg Zaun tearing a page out of Harley Quinn's book for
Gregg Zaun trying way to hard to be Canada's baseball's version of Don Cherry 🙅
The only thing I look forward too about Carapazza is Gregg Zaun trashing him post game!
Stroman is currently ruining Gregg Zaun's day by pitching great.
Okay, I'm really jealous of Gregg Zaun's suit!
@ Gregg Zaun... "Time to put away childish things".. how old are you , four? Flipping a Bat is reason for revenge??? YOU gotta be kidding.
Uhh... Bob McCowan just asked Gregg Zaun about Jeff Hoffman and when he'll arrive in Toronto. Zaun just gave a generic a…
Happy Birthday, Kyle Farnsworth, Gregg Zaun, Steve Avery and the late … wait for it … Ben Tincup
Wait, Gregg Zaun defended Papelbon in the Harper/Pap fight? Seriously?... Actually, not surprised. *** love ***
Gregg Zaun and Goose Gossage fail to recognize that the fans enjoy emotion in the game. That’s what matters. Everything else is just pride.
I hate both Goose Gossage and Gregg Zaun. Both get mad at clouds
I love these fans going off on Goose Gossage but yet they praise Gregg Zaun for the same viewpoints.
I'm sure my colleague Gregg Zaun is happy to no longer be considered the most crotchety man in baseball.
I try so hard to be a Gregg Zaun fan on then he goes on rants like the one today on
I can tell you this much, I've never heard Lord Vishnu's name on sports radio before so shout out to you Gregg Zaun
Gregg Zaun complaining about players today not respecting the game is a joke. You used roids. You are the disgrace
Celebrating is ok only when Gregg Zaun did it was my take.
Me listening to Gregg Zaun right now on
going for the Trump demographic with Gregg Mor-Zaun boring us about 'respect exclusionary traditions of baseball'
Sometimes I wonder if Gregg Zaun actually believes the garbage that he spews. If so, that's sad. Very sad.
I'm sorry Gregg Zaun is SO wrong about this conversation.
"I've never been to Frenchy-land" - Gregg Zaun on France. No doubt his analysis of Gossage will be equally nuanced.
Keep it up Gregg Zaun! Dummies like yourself only motivate the
Gregg Zaun would like a word as soon as he's done emceeing the AVN Awards.
Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun aren't any improvement
Brooks Bombers celebrity dinner starts at 7 p.m. @ Heritage Inn. Cocktails at 6 p.m. Gregg Zaun and Duane Ward will speak at event.
With PVRs, you would think Pat Tabler would become obsolete. If I want to hear what Gregg Zaun just said, I can rewind.
Can hockey please keep Don Cherry. We've already got wannabe Don aka Gregg Zaun, we don't need the real thing.
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