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Gregg Marshall

Gregg Marshall (born February 27, 1963) is an American college basketball coach who currently leads the Wichita State Shockers men's basketball team of Wichita State University (WSU).

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won't capitalize on the momentum of the university. If we are changing need Gregg Marshall, not Tom C might wanna look st VCU
Gregg Marshall would be a perfect fit to replace Tom Crean at IU. Great coach & recruiter & continuously improves in all bball facets.
.from on and his will to escape Gregg Marshall's ire with
I think it could be a good fit for both parties, actually. I didn't think there was a chance Gregg Marshall was going to leave.
Gregg Marshall now on Sports Radio 810 following the announcement of Wichita State getting a 10-seed in the South bracket.
Why would Gregg Marshall, Archie Miller or Tim Jankovich leave better jobs than Illinois for Illinois.
Hoiberg could make the short trip. Gregg Marshall might be a pipe dream. How about Tim Jankovich (SMU)?
I've seen his name a lot, below the likes of Gregg Marshall and Tom Crean, neither of which I like.
short term it sounds great...but what happens after Gregg Marshall and Archie Miller leave? No guarantees...
TONIGHT on SSR: HC Gregg Marshall and join HC Linda Hargrove; 9:30pm on COX
Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University!.wait, there was a mistake. Frank Haith, University of Tulsa.
final from Columbia: chikins 82 vols 55! Can finally fire Barnes and bring in Gregg Marshall or Archie Miller?
.ask em who they want instead? I want the hot Archie Miller, Gregg Marshall and Brad Stevens takes
I hope Gregg Marshall never leaves WSU. Just the facts. He would have Indiana elite unlike anything Crean can do. Miller or Stevens as well.
Indiana wants to go to final 4s again. Overpay and get Archie Miller, Brad Stevens or Gregg Marshall.
Archie Miller is not coming to LSU. Nor is Gregg Marshall.
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Gregg Marshall and Will Wade are the 2 names that stand out, but would either be willing to leave their "basketball schoo…
.mentions Cuonzo Martin, Kevin Keatts & Gregg Marshall as early possibilities for
If we don't pay up and try to get Gregg Marshall, we'll be in the same spot in 5 years.
please just write the check and go get Gregg Marshall...
If UW was to let Romar go, the four names I would like to see are Gregg Marshall, Will Wade, Kevin Keatts and Matt McCall.
Gregg Marshall is my pick for our next coach. .just pay the guy $3.5M. Don't lowball him again
Some notes ... Gregg Marshall has a long memory.
I added a video to a playlist Michael Jenkins and Gregg Marshall 10 Years later
Start with Gregg Marshall, Randy Bennett, Archie Miller and go from there.
Gregg Marshall. Wichita St starting to disappear. He's due for a change and can coach.
dream hires would be Gregg Marshall, Ben Jacobson, or Archie Miller for me
What did the 2013 Final Four mean for Gregg Marshall and Wichita State? Find out on the Podcast:
What makes Wichita State's culture so impressive? Gregg Marshall discusses on the Podcast:
Gregg Marshall on the Podcast: Wichita State, sustaining success, and the Battle 4 Atlantis.
Tune in NOW to hear head coach Gregg Marshall and at on . 🖥
Baker makes the Knicks roster. Man, Gregg Marshall does a great job of finding great players from rural areas who weren't…
And ' Corey Brack. Plus sound from Gregg Marshall, and more. Saturday Morning Sports Page with Scott Stiles!
Jim Calhoun, Brad Stevens, Gregg Marshall, Brad Underwood, Pete Carrill — just some of the huge names speaking at Carr c…
If there's a statement coming this afternoon from Wichita State, I can only assume the school is waiting for Gregg Marshall to approve it.
Statement coming from Wichita State's athletic department regarding Gregg Marshall and the events of Tuesday's game in…
What would the reaction be if Bob Knight behaved the way Gregg Marshall did in a foreign goodwill exhibition?
Lunch time! I talked to Gregg Marshall, Steve Donahue, and Zach Spiker's dad. On the newest Philly hoops coach:
Gregg Marshall Shocker Auction Car 2016 Version. Proud to be a part of Shocker Nation.
I can't get Vogal. I go after Gregg Marshall.
why I love Gregg Marshall, hugging my mom after a victory. Today is mom's 92nd BDay.
Wichita State & Gregg Marshall add an assistant that is a sexual abuser, and claims of racism-. read for yourself-
Wichita State Coach Gregg Marshall: "it will be the last time I sit at the podium, unless I coach them in the NBA one day, on…
I think that coach from Wichita St, Gregg Marshall would make a really good NBA head coach
Classy move by Gregg Marshall & athletic dept. Let a guy come home & start over. Well Done!
With all the years he's written about Keegan should know that Phog Allen would rather sucker-punch Gregg Marshall than hire him.
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Former Assistant Coach under Gregg Marshall returning to bench in different tole, it appears
funny part is Gregg Marshall would do well there, but would never take job. He is better than 1/2 list
Chris Jans will rejoin the and Gregg Marshall on the sideline this season.
Gregg Marshall to , draft Ron Baker
rumors that Bill Self may be leaving KU ... and KU is talking to gregg marshall about the ku job!!!
Since Gregg Marshall hired Janz back, why can't he hire and give him CJ's old job and salary?
BREAKING: Grizzlies interested in Gregg Marshall sources close to me report.
I just "got low" with Gregg Marshall. What a time to be alive.
Greg White told his former asst & Wichita Gregg Marshall that Steven Solomon eats nails for breakfast, nails for lunch & cement for dinner
10th Annual Gregg Marshall Shocker Basketball Auction with the sisters. Night 2 of benefit dinners underway ! by rm…
Currently attending annual Gregg Marshall Auction. Yellow, black & WSU-iced strawberries in the house too
Lee Media Group is enjoying a night atCharles Koch Arena for the annual Gregg Marshall dinner and auction. Great...
History of Wu flag. ONLY available at the Gregg Marshall Auction tonight. I got mine at home…
Gregg Marshall shared teamwork and tips at the KS Community Engagement Initiative Summit
Too many fan bases thinking that Gregg Marshall would be their next head coach. GM has no reason to leave for anything but a blue blood.
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This would never happen and is completely unrealistic, but would anyone mind Gregg Marshall to the Pacers?
My choices would be Shaka Smart (who's probably not leaving Texas, yet) or Gregg Marshall.
any college coaches in the mix for ? Would love Gregg Marshall in indy
thoughts on gregg marshall from wich st.?? Would be great hire i think
I'm shocked Stein didn't say that the Rockets were looking at Gregg Marshall.
I'm trying really hard to envision a Gregg Marshall coaching the Rockets, I'm struggling.
18 Gregg Wallace from MasterChef facial expressions for every occasion
Happening at June 3-5... Gregg Marshall Shocker Team Camp. Sign up at marshallhoops
Coach Gregg Marshall opening up Day 2 of the Comm Engagement Summit!
Hey who is the next coach of the Memphis Tigers basketball team if not Gregg Marshall?
name a better mid major coach than Gregg Marshall.
if there is anyway we can make Gregg Marshall our new bball coach that would be awesome!
.If Memphis is able to replace Josh Pastner w/ Gregg Marshall w/o paying JP's buyout, it will be Manna from…
Been saying this for two years ... if Memphis job opens, there's no better fit than Gregg Marshall. Perfect job for him. H…
Go get Penny Hardaway or Jeff Capel don't touch Gregg Marshall!
Have always heard Gregg Marshall thought highly of the Memphis job - it’s Wichita on steroids - but the amount of $$ it woul…
If Pastner does get Ga. Tech, it will be interesting to see names that pop up for Memphis: Gregg Marshall, Penny Hardaway,…
Besides Gregg Marshall, who do you think would be a good fit for Ga Tech basketball?
Rob, Are you surprised Gregg Marshall didn't go to Vandy?
Ya know, when/if the Louisville job comes open.Gregg Marshall would be a solid option...It's not like this is Vanderbilt calling him.
David Williams shoots down rumors that Vandy went to Wichita to visit Gregg Marshall
Waiting for Gregg Marshall to be announced in a plot twist
Rumor has it Gregg Marshall is taking your seat on your last plane.
But is WU program 'best job' beyond Gregg Marshall? Support dropped the minute he left & hasn't recovered.
I've always said I want Kentucky to go after Gregg Marshall when Cal retires
It depends on if they offered Gregg Marshall or not.
why all the hateful words? He was choice behind Gregg Marshall. Why would he drive it into the ground? Stallings tried to too.
Dear did you say UNC & class? Sorry we don't play no school here. Yours Roy W. War Wichita State & Gregg Marshall.
to me we have a Wichita St/Gregg Marshall type of thing going on. They paid Marshall big time and program makes $$ because of it
I think Gregg Marshall, especially with the resources and players he succeeded with
I could make a case, too, that the best coach at this very moment without a title is Gregg Marshall.
I think he's probably in a group with Thad Matta and Gregg Marshall. All are around No. 100 in all-time wins.
just great. Some great shots Gregg Marshall in it and plenty from the STL rounds.
Peter Frampton, ZZ Top, Jason Isbell and Marshall Tucker Band will hit the road this summer for Gregg Allmans Laid Back Festival
because with Gregg Marshall they just plan on us being good!
When Roy Williams retires, Gregg Marshall will be the next UNC coach.
Love the Gregg Marshall locker room speech that kicks off this year's annual montage
In a season that had as a dramatic a conclusion as possible, I think Gregg Marshall was both heard from and shown during One Shining Moment
Concerning Jay Wright and Tenn: And don't get me started on the two times UT could've hired Gregg Marshall.
No Crean (that was Gregg Marshall). Thomas Bryant and Yogi after a loss. Good call on Duke, don't remember any
Perry Ellis, Ron Baker and Coach Gregg Marshall make it, on tonight. great game, great season of hoops.
That Gregg Marshall speech in the background of the first seconds of One Shining moment >>
Firmly now believe Jay Wright is the first phone call Mitch Barnhart makes if Cal ever leaves. Move over Gregg Marshall.
Basketball Coaches Tennessee passed on or said no Bill Self , Jay Wright , Gregg Marshall etc .
Always happy to see UNC lose. Roy Williams is Gregg Marshall level scum.
Breast Cancer Awareness
even if it was Gregg Marshall, that still wouldn't be funny. Its so overdone.
do you say that because Jay Wright's suits are more than Gregg Marshall's?
trying to understand Gregg Marshall's new contract after the NIT title. It did not go well. Fortunately, the game was not riveting.
Gregg Marshall wins CoY for District 16 of NABC. Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker both first team. Marshall CoY 4 out of last…
id take Gregg Marshall before id take coach Cal
At this time last year, we were trying to bring Gregg Marshall in for 3M a year.
Gregg Marshall at Vandy would be scary. He ended Arizona a couple of weeks ago
Really glad we are going all in on Gregg Marshall.
I give Vanderbilt fans points for humor and persistence. Never got the slightest indication Gregg Marshall to Vandy was a thing.
I'm sorry Vandy fans Archie Miller Gregg Marshall and Jeff Capel were way better options than Bryce Drew
I'm only not stoked because a friend told me it would be Gregg Marshall and I let myself dream.
Can't argue with the hire -- unless you actually bit on that Gregg Marshall stuff ... Never understood that ...
I don't usually LOL...but LOL at anyone thinking Gregg Marshall to Vandy is realistic.
Vandy going all in for Gregg Marshall.
Gregg Marshall looking closer and closer 😎
That's a great hire, and I'd say a big name. Just lacks the luster of Gregg Marshall. Still a big get if it happens.
I like the Bryce Drew hire. He's not Gregg Marshall, but he has a very high ceiling. Have to question his loyalty, though, leaving his AM.
I am very happy if the hire is Bryce Drew, it ain't Gregg Marshall but it's a very good hire.
It's mostly just that he's not Gregg Marshall, I suppose.
you have guys like Gregg Marshall at Wichita St making $3million a year
Will Wide and Gregg Marshall ❌. New list:. 1) Bryce Drew. 2) Matt McCall. 3) Pat Kelsey. I don't think TC, KK, or KO are options
Just spoke with Gregg Marshall. He's in Wichita and says he's had "no contact whatsoever w/ Vanderbilt. That's rumor & inn…
There's no way we haven't contacted Gregg Marshall, but if so.. I want Tom Crean or Kevin Ollie.
If VCAD David Williams hires Gregg Marshall...what a way to go out. VU basketball would have national prestige.
When Roy Williams retires after winning another national title, how many days will it take the Heels to hire Gregg Marshall?
As a Vandy fan.. Throw out Gregg Marshall or mark few or anyone else these crazies think we can get, I'll take Buzz Williams
I think you have to at least SEEK out Chris MacK, Archie Miller (though I think he just inked new contract), Gregg Marshall
Yep. And nobody like a Gregg Marshall or Buzz Williams is going there. Could make a run at Andy Kennedy but *** no.
Dear please give a call to Gregg Marshall at Witchita State?
or try and get Gregg Marshall from Witchita State
Jeff Capel, Richard Pitino or Gregg Marshall would be a great hire!
Pitt will go after Archie Miller. Hope they take a run at Gregg Marshall from Witchita State.
needs to look at Witchita State head coach Gregg Marshall or a hot assistant on the rise that actually can recruit.
you should the message boards - they'll be crestfallen if Pitt doesn't hire Phil Jackson, Gregg Marshall or Sean Miller
Per Buzz Williams and Gregg Marshall top "short list" of potential candidates.
Gregg Marshall looks like an ad for Grecian formula
I'd like to see a Koch brothers vs. T. Boone Pickens bidding war over Gregg Marshall.
Gregg Marshall may be abrasive & high maintenance (allegedly per Steve Patterson) but the man can absolutely coach in March up big
Great insight by TSU HC Dana Ford on Wichita St. HC Gregg Marshall, who he used to coach with.
Love that made the field. Deserve it. ICYMI here's my profile of Gregg Marshall:
LB and his Georgia teammates react to Keith Marshall running a 4.29 40-time. Legendary
Gregg Marshall wearing a white ribbon for Hesston as he visits Shocker fans camping out for Saturday's game.
Gregg flies out to LF and that'll end the 1st. Vols trail Marshall, 1-0.
We'll have some very special visitors today! ESPN's and will be stopping by as well as Gregg Marshall!
Final 87-85 High Point. Finish remarkably similar to 2008, Winthrop coaches not Gregg Marshall still can't win here!
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Last time HPU lost at home to Winthrop, I was a junior here and Gregg Marshall coached the Eagles. Don't want to go back to that.
Gregg Marshall. I said it. I'm picking the phone up. Go get a proven coach. Ur a program with tradition, GIA, and good fans.
Trio of Wichita State seniors prepping for final home game: WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Gregg Marshall has gone...
"That's the nature of this team... Unselfish." - Gregg Marshall 🌾
Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall: "We didn’t play great. But we played well enough to beat a really good team."
K-State should throw millions at Gregg Marshall. How fun would that be for the KU/KSU rivalry?
Win or lose, you can always find Gregg Marshall leaving the court with at least one full Gatorade in hand.
Wichita State Video: Gregg Marshall says the Shockers will be traveling in \"first class\" to Loyola (ESPN3, 9 pm ET) (ESPN) …
Dianne Marshall is a Trump junky. I wouldn't use the marshall report for toilet paper.
Gregg Marshall on Loyola: "They’re playing like the team everyone expected going in to the year.” Preview:
and the Gregg Marshall era should begin
.Frank Martin makes over $2 million. Gregg Marshall makes over $3 million. How does OSU pay more than that and Ford?
Frank Martin or Gregg Marshall would be good hires for the Pokes.
Out of Gregg Marshall's presser today - apparently had life-sized Pistol Pete cutout on his door as a kid
Their plan was to get Gregg Marshall. Didn't happen. Still could be NCAAT tourney bound in
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
This is all fun and games until we fire ford and hire Gregg Marshall
Back to Back to Back to Our Daily Bread Food Pantry! Coach Gregg Marshall has a message about Hungry for Hoops...
Some fans are trying to convince other FSU fans that if they fire Ham they might get Gregg Marshall or Archie Miller. Sigh...
Well a HUGE congrats to you on this momentous achievement! .
More recognition for Yale head coach James Jones.
Wichita St HC, Gregg Marshall, on his team bouncing back after loss to UNI, "guys are playing at a pretty high level now at both ends"
South Carolina is a vs. Wichita State. What an interesting matchup that would be with Gregg Marshall vs USC.
Carolina hanging onto a 6 seed. Would be an interesting matchup against Gregg Marshall and Wich St.
Despite 1-1 week, Gamecocks hang in there as 6 seed. Would be interesting 1st Rd oppt vs Gregg Marshall.
"Surround yourself with other success-driven people and make good choices, & really good things can happen."- Gregg Marshall
Great factoid. John Wooden & Gregg Marshall in same company on this one.
Still stacking titles in Wichita under Gregg Marshall.
With 9 MVC season titles, Wichita State is tops among active Valley schools. Gregg Marshall has won more (3) than any ot…
Congrats to Coach Gregg Marshall on winning his fourth MVC title. That's 10 regular season titles in 18 years as a head c…
wouldn't give MVC Coach of the Year to Gregg Marshall because winning 3 consec Champs is "easy".
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If looks could kill, Gregg Marshall and Greg Heiar were having a contest on who could murder Rauno Nurger first as he came to the bench.
no chance on Stevens. He is a pipe dream. Has Boston rolling. Short list: Archie, Gregg Marshall, Chris MacK.
Shaka Smart, Fran McCaffery, Randy Bennett, Jay Wright, Gregg Marshall, and Dana Altman would be my top-5 for national coach right now.
.any chance Wichita State pulls the plug on that futile gregg marshall experiment if DAVID BLATT (seriously, who???) has interest?
IF Cal leaves your top UK candidates will be Sean Miller, Gregg Marshall, Archie Miller, or Brad Stevens
That bracket is a dream come true. UNC in the East, Pitino vs. Monmouth in Providence, Gregg Marshall and Shaka in Brooklyn.
I am use to “all” the Shocker fans who hate KU basketball. All = since Gregg Marshall arrived.
Why do yo need to give love to Gregg Marshall, Travis? He's an *** Isn't Baker on the Jess Settles plan?
Gregg Marshall is a great coach, but even if WSU goes 18-0 in the MVC, you can mark it down now that Barry Hinson will be Coach of the Year.
Gregg Marshall has a winning record at every MVC road destination except for Cedar Falls where he's 3-5.
They could miss the tourney, but it's a vote of confidence in Gregg Marshall getting them through the conference tourney.
Bush Wamukota got epidural for back pain that Gregg Marshall deemed effective so far. Procedure said to relieve pain 2-6 wks after treatment
Don’t forget to vote for Coach Gregg Marshall in the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge:
Wichita State's Landry Shamet (stress fracture) is expected to return in early to mid February, Gregg Marshall told
Odd to see halftime interviews done at the announcer's table. Both Gregg Marshall and Greg Lansing on press row at half.
Gregg Marshall is 16-4 against the Sycamores since his arrival at Wichita State.
If he is good enough for Gregg Marshall...
Gregg Marshall is currently in 5th place and wants back into the Final Four. Vote now!!
Greg McDermott is 6th in the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge, one spot behind Gregg Marshall. . Vote Daily:
you think they'd give Gregg Marshall a look?
I look weird but Gregg Marshall and I yesterday 😊
Games like this make me wish we had hired Gregg Marshall.
Matta needs to step away. Wichita's Gregg Marshall would be a perfect fit for Columbus.
Now that you've heard from Kyle & Marshall, get Gregg's thoughts on the two strikers:
Tell Gregg thanks for giving Marshall Hollingsworth a shot. This Wheaton grad and longtime Crew fan appreciates it.
Congrats! First Amendment award to for protecting rights of news photographers:
We are excited to announce the 2016 Gregg Marshall Team Camp for all High Schoolers, June 3-5. Registration soon!
Most of those banners are thanks to Gregg Marshall. Adrian Branch & I will tell his story tonight, 7p. https:/…
Gregg Marshall leaves a trail of success wherever he goes. He just wins.
McDuffie, Grady and Kelly first off the bench for Gregg Marshall.
UPDATE: coach Gregg Marshall comments on Cleanthony Early shooting
their HC is from my wife's hometown. Gregg Marshall @ Wichita St went to her high school about 10 yrs before her too
If Cal would leave for whatever reason, Chris MacK's resume is better than Archie Miller. He's shown more consistency than Gregg Marshall.
Dear god Chad Morris is the Gregg Marshall of Ellis Johnsons.
Head coaches Barry Hinson of Southern Illinois and Gregg Marshall of Wichita State
Rick's gone. Hope we do something quick and go after Gregg Marshall
Gregg Marshall is also an elite coach. Rick Barnes, is not.
WSU unveils Gregg Marshall's contract details: . Wichita State University has released the full contract for h...
Gregg Marshall's buyout will drop $100K/yr from $500K until 2018. $200,000 is as low as it can go unless renegotiated. .
I added a video to a playlist Match Up Zone Defense for Basketball with Gregg Marshall
Wichita State's Gregg Marshall on the path to Basketball Hall of Fame - Fox Sports
Ten college coaches who will follow Calipari into Hall of Fame -- check out Gregg Marshall at
10 college coaches who will follow John Calipari into Hall of Fame - Gregg Marshall is on the list! via
Marshall, WSU ready for bright lights
I also loved the Gregg Marshall coaching tree with a little Bruce Pearl flavoring line you included. Nice touch.
Over the last two seasons, Gregg Marshall's Shockers have lost just once in the MVC regular season. 35-1 in that span.
Gregg Marshall has won 71% of reg. season MVC games he's coached at WSU. From 2011(NIT Champs) to 2015 Gregg has won 86% …
Great idea for ball handling: 2-Ball Drills to Improve Dribbling featuring Gregg Marshall!
Another good one. Same concept with 1 dribble pull . Great Gun Shooting drill with Gregg Marshall from Wichita State
Nice concept for shooting drill.. . Gregg Marshall shows a great game like shooting drill
Late 2008 season I told Gregg Marshall he could win the national championship at Wichita St. This season Shockers do it.
Fired BGSU coach Chris Jans considered by coach Gregg Marshall to return to WSU. From
Gregg Marshall going over the KU game with fans, calling them "Big Brother" (w/ sarcasm)
I think I might be happy Gregg Marshall turned us down, Avery Johnson already has me excited about Bama basketball for the 1st time in years
“.Avery Johnson is a better hire than Gregg Marshall
if UT threw 4 mil at Gregg Marshall, he'd be on Rocky Top. What's that tell you?
Michael White and Steve Prohm the remaining candidates at Alabama. After a turndown by Gregg Marshall it's up-and-comer time for the
Charles Koch ponied up to keep Gregg Marshall at Wichita State:
Two candidates in the mix for Alabama post-Gregg Marshall pursuit: Murray State's Steve Prohm and Louisiana Tech's Mike White.
BREAKING: Saying,"I'm not afraid of Hoover or Mountain Brook," Gregg Marshall is set to become the new basketball coach at…   10% Off
Tonight in the Zone: Gregg Marshall is staying put, is Billy Donovan NBA-bound? Join Mike, Doug and Kevin tonight at 10 on My 68!
Come on, Kevin. Gregg Marshall isn't some rank opportunist. He's only had two jobs in his coaching career.
Everyone on Pardon the Interruption said Gregg Marshall should've stayed. Even got an name drop from Tim Cowlishaw.
Leading off today with Wichita Eagle's Get your Gregg Marshall fix with us.
Texas never even contacted Gregg Marshall for the job. They wanted Shaka Smart all along.
Not sure why you would stay at Wichita State over Texas (if true) but good for the Shockers and Gregg Marshall.
The battle for Gregg Marshall is so intense between Alabama & Texas that Colt McCoy has subbed out.
Texas is flying him out to Austin to finalize the deal. Out of everyone Gregg Marshall is the biggest winner. 3.3 Million.
Kevin Haskin: Money is good, yet for Gregg Marshall, there's more to Wichita ..
How can you be Texas's AD and not call Gregg Marshall to see if he would be interested in the coaching job?? I am taking him over Shaka.
Gregg Marshall just buying time until one of the big boys comes calling. And no, I don't think Texas is one of the "big boys" in hoops.
Anybody else a bit curious how Texas never even called Gregg Marshall. Just to see if he was even interested. That is a bit surprising to me
Good for Gregg Marshall. Shaka Smart should stay too unless Texas just offers something stupid.
Gregg Marshall says 'no we haven't talked to Texas' ... Sports Daily on KFH
Gregg Marshall was using Bama to get Texas to go to $5M per year. Texas wanted Shaka instead so he's staying put. Seems obvious.
Source also told Bleacher Report that Texas did not make contact with Gregg Marshall about it's vacant head coaching position."
Gregg Marshall really making a mistake by not going to Bama or Texas and staying at Wichita St. b like VCU all over again there run is over.
$3.3 million will make Gregg Marshall the highest paid coach in college basketball at a school without FBS football. Let …
Gregg Marshall staying. Now we'll see in Ron Baker comes back for another year.
Gregg Marshall has reached a deal to remain at Wichita State, multiple sources told Story coming.
Don't blame Gregg Marshall for passing on all that dough. It's a special opportunity to coach Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker as seniors.
Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet will get to spend their senior years with Gregg Marshall after all.
Gregg Marshall is staying for one more run w/ Ron Baker and Fred Van Vleet. I knew he would. Good on him.
Great. Barnes to UT. Gregg Marshall will like Austin much better than Tuscaloosa or Bill Battle will have to offer Saban's Little Debbies
Imagine if Gregg Marshall was at instead of Bruce Pearl. Could have had two HCs that look like mad scientists
According to CBS Sports, Alabama is going to make a push for Gregg Marshall in response to Bruce Pearl at Auburn. Not even comparable.
If Bama gets Gregg Marshall, adding he, Howland, Rick Barnes and Bruce Pearl in last 2 years to Billy and Calipari is im…
To clarify, Gregg Marshall did not cancel his radio show for tonight. It was tentative, and did not get placed on his sc…
Gregg Marshall has told Alabama not to bother and has eyes set on Texas per
Innumerable great lines in ode to "Thomas Pynchon's idea of the American basketball coach," Gregg Marshall
"Who does he have a better chance of getting to the Final Four with - Wichita State or Alabama" - Mike Wilbon on Gregg Marshall. UM...
I just took Wichita Business Journal's "Gregg Marshall or Bill Self: Who said this about success?" quiz and got 8/10.
This whole Gregg Marshall to Alabama thing is outrageous. Just no.
Alabama will reportedly make an offer to Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall.
University of Alabama MBB prepared to make big run at Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall via
Gregg Marshall's agent to begin researching Alabama
Alabama planning to make big run at Gregg Marshall when Wichita State’s season ends . Story:
The University of Alabama is set to make a strong push to sign Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall. Will offer at least 3 mil or more a year.
Nobody gave UW a chance to land Chris Petersen or Mariners for Cano. Gregg Marshall to UW needs to happen. Can't stick with Romar
Crean's not getting bought out this year, but Gregg Marshall, Shaka Smart, Ben Jacobson, Greg McDermott, Dane Fife, Bryce Drew
when can we offer an insane amount of money to Gregg Marshall? The smirk he just gave self was worth a few million per year.
Gregg Marshall looks like a failed Wall Street exec.
Gregg Marshall just expressed an interest in resuming a series with Creighton. Hoping to run down in the next …
Certain coaches can be ruled out for Alabama basketball job, Gregg Marshall, Archie Miller and Travis Ford.Shaka Smart, Mark Few
Imagine what Gregg Marshall would’ve said if Wichita St. got an 8 last year. That just happened to undefeated Princeton …
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I hope we miss it so we can get a new coach like Shaka Smart or Gregg Marshall
HC Gregg Marshall of Wichita State has proved you can win without 4/5 star recruits
Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall has $73,000 in on-court bonuses so far; he'll get $36,000 more for Shockers being in NC…
Gregg Marshall sat down with the guys from College Gameday this morning >.
Charleston Southern coach Barclay Radebaugh last won at Winthrop as Gregg Marshall's assistant in 2002. 0-11 at Winthrop Coliseum.
“: Gregg Marshall is a baby It's his job actually his job is head coach of Wichita State basketball x
Frank Martin was a great hire for Carolina. I wish Clemson would have gone after Gregg Marshall and not Brad Brow…
Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall's slogan for his basketball program is "play angry." That's what the...
Come to Wichita St. Gregg Marshall knows how to develop Point Guards.
… it is one of the jobs where you can reasonably target almost anybody. So I’d start with Gregg Marshall/Shaka Smart/Tim Miles.
WSU coach Gregg Marshall talks about this week's dramatic win over Alabama, ahead on KSN Sports at 6:00 p.m.
You will thrive in Gregg Marshall's system at
The 3 little pigs have been calling Gregg Marshall all day wanting to buy the bricks that the Shockers kept throwing up
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