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Greg Oden

Gregory Wayne Oden, Jr. (born January 22, 1988) is an American basketball player at the center position who is currently a free agent.

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My plight as the Greg Oden of average white dudes continues.. 😔
how does Beth know what Greg Oden looks like .
Any reason Greg Oden would be back on campus? Cause I'm pretty sure I just watched him buy a strawberry smoothie from the union cafe
Andrew Bogut finished for the year after just 58 seconds with the Cavs? Even Greg Oden is slow clapping that one.
Joel Embiid is basically Greg Oden up to this point
Joel Embiid is slowly transitioning into Greg Oden.
Greg Oden was never great IMO. I thought he was overrated at OSU. Bowie stands out bc of who he was picked over.
also last time the Buckeyes made the tourney, Greg Oden had knees.
From that loaded 2006 team, I didn't want a Greg Oden, Daequan Cook or Mike Conley jersey. I got that Lewis and still have it
Greg Oden and Conley coming back??? Did anyone watch Indiana score every possession on Saturday?
I think it's safe to say Greg oden and Brandon Roy are welcoming Andrew Bogut to the careers cut short list/can't stay healthy club..GEEZ!
although, Solomon hill suffers from Greg Oden syndrome and looks like he's 50
seems like he has that Greg Oden luck
No way Greg oden is the biggest bust. Bogut is in my opinion, when Oden was healthy he was great, bogut on the other hand 🤔
reminds me of Andrew Bynum and Greg oden 😂😂😂
Andrew Bogut out here gettin hurt like Greg Oden. Fool didn't last 1 minute.
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Bogut is basically another Greg oden
Greg Oden: "I had to have been the most injured NBA player ever...". Andrew Bogut: "...hold my beer"
it's like he's cursed or something. Greg Oden feels his pain.
done messed around and signed Greg Oden in white face disguised as Andrew Bogut 😩
Cavs negotiating with Jiangsu Dragons to buyout Greg Oden as a replacement for Bogut, could report by Thursday
ESPN 30 for 30 biggest bust of all time: Greg Oden... need look alikes for stunts
1.Penny,2.Tracy,3.Grant,4.B-Roy and frfr Greg Oden on this list is unacceptable
Aaron Craft, Jon Diebler, Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger, and a vintage Greg Oden. Let's do this.
The dream I keep having is Bill Russell vs Greg Oden in a "which one is which" match.
The should sign a cheap big man for rebounding & rim protection like Greg Oden, emeka okafor, kendrick Perkins, or Chris Kaman
I guess it depends what you consider bad. They’ve only missed the tournament 1 year and are 9-3. It sure ain’t Greg Oden good though.
Greg Oden was the inspiration for The Ancient One in the original Doctor Strange comics. story
Trevor Thompson, after going for 17 and 17 last time out, warms up with Greg Oden.
I mean I'll call Vlade Divac and Greg Oden too
Greg Oden called himself the "Biggest bust in NBA history." Is he correct? Digging into the worst draft mistakes...…
On December 11, Karl-Anthony Towns will have played more NBA games than Greg Oden.
Greg Oden says he's the biggest bust ever? He must of forgot about a guy named Anthony Bennett.
Greg Oden ain't the biggest bust, if he stayed healthy he would have been ab east. Look at Anthony Bennet or Kwame Brown more like it
Greg Oden talks about being remembered as biggest bust in NBA history, his current role at Ohio State, etc.. VIDEO: https:…
Greg Oden understands he will go down as “biggest bust in NBA history”
Penny Hardaway the best "what if" of all time. Greg Oden is closer to a modern day Bill Walton than the biggest bust ever
Calling Greg Oden a bust is like calling Brandon Roy a bust. Two careers ruined by injury
I was ready to throw Joel Embiid in that Greg Oden level of bust, and I am a man who can admit being wrong. That dude is ballin.
Why Greg Oden is wrong to say he'll go down as the NBA's biggest bust
Maybe Greg Oden can come back and play center again
Those Ohio State Buckeyes basketball players r very lucky to have Greg Oden as 1 of their coaches or rebounders.They need to pick his brain
Greg Oden raved about Keita Bates-Diop a few weeks ago. The wing leads all players with 14 in the first half on 6/7 shooting.
He is what Greg Oden should have been
I agree with Greg Oden 100%.105 games played 8 ppg, as the pick.yeah G.O ur right, u were a bust, but you can still give back to the game
Nothing against Greg Oden but I told everybody I knew he would make it. A man amongst boys in high school ans...
Where does Greg Oden rank among the greatest busts of all time? & discussed:
Greg Oden: I'll Go down as the biggest bust in NBA HISTORY
The interview conducted with Greg Oden for OTL was incredibly sad, honest, and eye opening. It's a must watch…
Admire humility. passing on not as tragic as skipping GOAT.
Oden: I'll go down as biggest bust in NBA history
Greg Oden opens up on his shortcomings »
Greg oden last game he played healthy he put up 13pts, 20 reb., 4 Blocks he not *** bro jus could never be healthy
Greg Oden says he'll be remembered as 'biggest bust' in NBA lore
Greg Oden is only 28 years old. The brother looks like he's about to touch 48.
...Greg Oden: biggest bust in NBA History? We have some other worthy entries. And on Veterans Day, a prominent vet in NBA sounds off
The biggest busts in NBA history is the one that you forget about, not Kwame Brown or Greg Oden. But... Anthony Benett
Greg Oden didn't mince words in describing his basketball career. . STORY:
still factual. Greg Oden had a better career than him and that's bad
Greg Oden: I'll be remembered as the biggest bust in NBA history. Kwami Brown: Not if we have anything to say about…
Greg Oden tells that he believes he is the "biggest bust in NBA history." He made $24.38 million & played in…
Greg Oden is trying to redefine himself after a failed NBA career.
Greg Oden reflects on his failed NBA career
Greg Oden says he'll be remembered as the 'biggest bust in NBA history'. And you should be.
'I'll be remembered as biggest bust in NBA' via booboodigital
'I'll be remembered as biggest bust in NBA'
Greg Oden calling himself the biggest bust in NBA history is kind of a slight to Sam Bowie, Kenny Walker, and Eric Montross.
idk i never really thought Anthony Bennet was nice n wat Greg Oden did national championship was diff
yea I feel the same way another Anthony Bennett or Greg Oden
Jabaal Sheard to Atlanta for 3 marbles, a Greg Oden rookie card, and a Game Boy. .
Greg Oden has returned to Ohio State as a sophomore for fall semester majoring in sports industry. (Via Indy Star)
Greg Oden is back with Ohio State as a student-coach & says "trying to figure out my life."
Former No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden back at Ohio State as student-coach
Nearly a decade after he was the No. 1 NBA draft pick, Greg Oden says, "I'm still trying to figure out my life." https:…
Greg Oden is the most unfortunate draft pick ever. He's overcoming it all by getting his degree/coaching at OSU.
Former No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden back with Buckeyes as student coach - via App
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resting their hopes on the modern day Greg Oden, Danilo Gallinari, and Emeka Okafor and I think it's just hilarious.
Bow wow retiring is like Kwame Brown or Greg Oden retiring.
Brandon Roy 52 point game vs the Suns at 24 years old (and Greg Oden scoring on Shaq)
would you say TE Hawkins is the oldest looking freshmen since Greg Oden?
we added Mike Beasley & Greg Oden instead of reupping on better players.
harder in practice. Ask Hasheem Thabeet, Darko Milicic, Kwame Browm, Greg Oden, Michael Olowokandi, should I go on?
And I'm saying this as a Durant guy since Montrose Christian! Take yo number one over Greg Oden coming outta Texas
so basically Greg Oden in his rookie season?
Kwame Brown and Greg Oden were rated the number 1 overall player by "experts". They're wrong often.
Fans: "What happens if Embiid turns into Greg Oden?!?!?!?!". Well...then...we stink. . What happens if he doesn't?
Prediction: is going to bust cause his name is too basic. Example: Anthony Bennett, Greg Oden, Kwame Brown
I really wish sometime a player comparison would say: He´s the next Kwame Brown, the next Greg Oden or the next Darko Milicic. 1/2
Oh boy, it was Greg Oden. Good omen for my future, I figure.
wish I could be cool and say Kevin Durant, but alas, Greg Oden.
Other films in the series would be Rick DiPietro, Greg Oden, Lane Kiffen and Rex Ryan.
Greg Oden has played in more NBA Finals than Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Chris Webber, Vince Carter, Walt Bellamy, and Dominique Wilkins
Ben Simmons going to be the next Greg Oden!!!😂😂
Wanna know what I just noticed lol... The overall picks in both the NBA & NHL drafts in 2007 were both from Buffalo. Pat Kane & Greg Oden
or a Pacific north west city that has all the pieces to win a championship and picked Greg Oden before him
Greg Oden over Kevin Durant was not the only surprise of the 2007 draft. And what did the do?.
Anyway, I ranked the top 20 prospects from the one-and-done era. Man, was Greg Oden good.
Imagine a world where the Portland Trailblazers draft Kevin Durant over Greg Oden in the 2009 draft.
i cant go Greg Oden cus he's only a bust cus he was hurt...he was good when he played i'd go with Anthony Bennett
I wish Greg Oden and Brandon Roy never got injured. Trail Blazers wouldve been a dynasty
Golden State fans whining about not having Livingston. Well, Portland is missing Brandon Roy and Greg Oden ***
To this day, I bet the Trailblazers still hate themselves for drafting Greg Oden instead of Kevin Durant. I still laugh about it.
Greg Oden said it like 4 years ago and blazer fans killed him for it. It ain’t false.
I feel like Greg Oden in his rookie year
Spiece Indy Heat wins the Run 'n Slam for the first time since Greg Oden, Mike Conely & Co. won it in 2005.
That's the same thing people said about Greg Oden and Bill Russell? Lol. Like comparing these two guys? There is no comparison.
Miami signing Greg Oden. Riley was on that great Colombian coke...
Seeing a lot of Greg Oden jerseys around Portland this morning.
For anybody curious to know, the chocolate fountain we bought was a COMPLETE BUST!! I'm talking Greg Oden's NBA career level bust...
.looks like he fathered and Greg Oden.
Doesn't happen in the NBA tho, Greg Oden has definitely out played Kevin
If Greg Oden can get a second chance, so can Jamarcus Russell.
It really *** to watch guys like Penny Hardaway, and more recently Brandon Roy and Greg Oden, have injuries kill their careers.
It's gonna be May soon so here's Greg Oden telling you all about it.
I was good til 1:30 then my knees realized they're 24 instead of 21 and the greg oden syndrome took over
Still looks younger than Greg Oden did at Ohio State.
This is gonna be a great movie! The actor playing Barack look like Greg Oden tho lol
Oh boy I disagree. I'm a Blazer fan when I think knees like that. Greg Oden written all over him.
I would rather have Greg Oden and Kwame Brown in their primes than have wade.
thought we were just posting fun pictures. If you meant Greg Oden as a burn then you're just sick.
Dudes like A'Shawn Robinson and Greg Oden are the exception to "Black don't crack". No way that dude is only 21!
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Embiid is Greg Oden 2.0, will never play more than half a season
A'Shawn Robinson is like the Greg Oden of football. The guy looks like he's 40.
Greg Oden ain't walkin' through that door...he'd get hurt if he did.
deserve all the credit and after years of bad luck from Brandon Roy to Greg Oden, they deserved some luck too
Clippers fans really pullin the injury excuse smh what about Brandon Roy and Greg Oden 🤔
Brandon Roy had to retire after signing a max contract and Greg Oden's knee exploded, so yeah, very comparable
Hey, do you guys remember Greg Oden?
Greg Oden escaped from the Middle Ages to cross up some fools in Basketball
I thought the same thing about Greg Oden. Probably for the same reason. LOL.
Listen. The Blazers lost Brandon Roy and Greg Oden to career altering injuries. I don't want hear nothing about players being hurt.
21 going on 41 ... though not as "mature" as the young Greg Oden. He takes the cake!
Greg Oden and Tracy McGrady very notable bad outcomes. It’s used for shorter recovery time.
well Greg Oden had it a few times I believe :-/ It ruined Amare too. I know that doesn't answer the question but.
Where's Greg Oden when you need him to hard foul someone (McRoberts) 🤔
has to be the oldest draftee since Greg Oden at age 65
Robinson is the NFL's answer to Greg Oden.
Anon NFL Scout tells me A'Shawn would have went mid 1st round but teams were scared off due to Greg Oden.
lol well Brandon Roy that's for sure. And Greg Oden was so dominate in college.
Greg Oden is the greatest NBA player of all time.
Congratulations on getting the Greg Oden of the draft.
he's the new Greg Oden. Hopefully his knees last longer though lol
Greg Oden doesn't think he looks that old.
this dude has the Greg Oden thing happening. he looks 34. not 2 months.
Robinson is also the Greg Oden of the NFL. Looking like Kimbo Slice at 21.
A'Shawn Robinson is 35 right...there's no way he's a college kid he looks older than greg oden
Who looked older at their draft: Greg Oden or A'Shawn Robinson?
A'Shawn Robinson was the 2015 Greg Oden award winner.
A'Shawn Robinson looks like he is 40. Got a case of Greg Oden.
[Fox Sports] Ohio State coach Thad Matta: I owe my career to Greg Oden
Ok here's one: is Joel Embiid greater than or equal to Greg Oden?
The just keep coming, folks: MULTIPLE SAUCES tell me Greg Oden will join OSU bball team as a "manager" while he f…
Mike Conley's agent (his Dad) has represented just 4 NBA players. 3 of them have played for Miami. Daequan Cook, Greg Oden &…
So Tim Frazier is the latest sensation, well Dell Demps will screw it up and trade him and a 1st rounder for Greg Oden
in 20 years if I have children, im gonna convince them that Perry Ellis and Greg Oden played @ UCLA with Kareem
Someone put Greg Oden and Lebron James into a blender and Villanova's Ochefu popped out.
BTW, after a seasons worth of jokes about how old Perry Ellis looks, what about Ochefu? He looks older than Greg Oden..
Toss-up between Tracy McGrady and Brandon Roy. Honorable mention to Grant Hill. Most curious about Greg Oden though.
Greg Oden shared a bottle of Milk of Magnesia with Perry Ellis at a Tom Jones concert.
Off the top of my dome, my favorite players in the NCAA tourney: Greg Oden, Joey Dorsey, Big Baby, Steph curry, Deron Williams, Jamie skeen
"with the 1st pick in the 2007 NBA Draft the Portland Trailblazers select ... Greg Oden ..."
What's Larry Sanders up to these days? Does Mike Conley still have Greg Oden in his contacts? Where Reggie Evans at?
Penny Hardaway, Greg Oden, And you can say T-Mac as well since his career was cut short.
With the Portland Trailblazers losing Brandon Roy and Greg Oden to injuries, no other team deserves Lillards greatness.
Anthony Bennett, Andrea Bargnani, Greg Oden. All Picks also. Maybe Andrew Bogut who was pick in 2005.
Anthony Bennett, Greg Oden...and I wanna say Andrew Bynum but I can't
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Ohio State's managers suited up Greg Oden last year when they knew Maryland's would be bringing Juan Dixon.
That’s four more than Yi Jianlian and Greg Oden combined.
The question becomes, who would likely be picked up first? Greg Oden or Baron Davis?
Diego Godin is on the Greg Oden / A'Shawn Robinson wing of athletes who look way older than they are.
"5-11 white Greg Oden" is something you should consider putting on your business cards.
Perry Ellis and Greg Oden played the first ever game of HORSE against each other
what are they going to do with Embiid, will he be the next Sam Bowie or Greg Oden
dev team too busy discussing diamond TBT Greg Oden or diamond TBT Rakeem Christmas to worry about Butler smh
Greg Oden was at Ohio State since the Harlem Renaissance Perry Ellis was a senior in high school.
Perry Ellis has faced Greg Oden, Shaq, fab five and Ralph Sampson in his iconic 35 year college career
Report: Greg Oden signs deal to play basketball in China
if his body didnt fail him he could of been the greatest same with Derick Rose, Grant Hill, Greg Oden, Allen Houston
Trump's idea is the worst by an exec since Kevin Pritchard drafted Greg Oden over Kevin Durant.
An Sam Bowie and Greg Oden weren't busts. They just got injured too badly. Now Darko Milicic and Bennett were just ***
Greg Oden dropped 19 and 24 in his Chinese Basketball Association debut
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If all else fails can go to China and challenge Greg Oden
Damian Lillard, Brandon Roy, Nic Batum, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden (all healthy) we would have won a ring. Best line up imo.
lol nah McMillan had injury prone Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. Got fired right after they got washed up
Greg Oden had a solid career before changing his name from Moses Malone.
I am purchasing two. One for Brandon Roy. One for Greg Oden.
& that's how you ruin your career, Brandon Roy, Greg Oden..
Larry Brown, The Gunslinger, MJ Jr, Greg Oden, Sean Salisbury, Congressman Wiener...all in the mix
:"This is not LaRue Martin over Bob McAdoo, Greg Oden over Kevin Durant, or Sam Bowie (at no. 2, of course) over the G.O.A.T."
Who is the most disappointing NBA pick ever? Bennett? LaRue Martin? Greg Oden?
Can't trust any Ohio State star in the pros. Greg Oden, Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger. All top picks, never done a *** thing
I haven't seen a bust like Trent Richardson since the Hindenburg- Old man Greg Oden
Former No. 1 pick Greg Oden, taken one spot ahead of Kevin Durant, signs with Jiangsu Dragons:
would love to see give invites to Byron Mullens, Jan Veselý, Daequan Cook, and Greg Oden
I'm the greatest underachiever since Greg Oden or Kwame Brown
It appears that Jadaveon Clowney is the version of Greg Oden
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Greg Oden is back (was he ever here?) and dunkin' on em fools ... in China
BAM LIFESTYLE Hey, Look, It's Greg Oden Playing in China and Feasting on His New Teammates in the Post
Greg oden can go be a superstar over in china
Remember Greg Oden? Here's a clip of him dominating his new teammates in China:
How long before Jadeveon Clowney takes off the mask Scooby-Doo villain-style to reveal he's actually Greg Oden?
I wish guys like Yao Ming, Greg Oden and Brandon Roy could have stayed was fun to watch Roy and Ming, Oden too injury prone
And you thought Greg Oden looked old...
I would assume so. Could be the man there & $'s will be good too. I mean heck, look at Greg Oden...smh!
I remember when Greg Oden stormed the German beach and went on to have a terrible NBA career. Good kid
at least they've been in a position. USC has been the Greg Oden of CFB. I'm just sayin prove it "this season"
Greg Oden is bout 44 in da face 😩😂 he just a super sized youngin. Crazy!! If he wasnt injury prone i…
Scalibrine, Kwame and a toss up between Matt Bonner and Greg Oden
Former players Greg Oden and Dorell Wright take their talents overseas to China:
Former Heat center Greg Oden will play in China
Another American import is going to get paid handsomely to play in China. This one just happens to be Greg Oden.
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Greg Oden, the No. 1 overall pick in 2007 NBA draft, has signed a one-year, $1.2 million deal to play in China.
Report: Greg Oden looking to land deal in China
I liked them ever since they got Joe Alexander. He, Greg Oden, and Kwame Brown are supposed to breakout this year.
Damien Lillard, Brandon Roy, Wesley Mathews, Lamarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden. That team would've won at least 3 Rings
And with the 3rd pick the Philadelphia 76ers draft Greg Oden erhm I mean Joel Embiid from Kansas University.
Joel Embiid has Kwame Brown and Greg Oden written all over him
I don't want to scare you, but Kendrick Perkins and Greg Oden are still available. So are Jordan Hill and Andrea Bargnani.
Chandler in PHX makes LMA relive Greg Oden tandem...minus the injuries. have the best medical staff!
no worries! Jim Buss has free agents Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden locked in his side. Go
Greg Oden, Anthony Davis, and Karl-Anthony Towns will go down as the ugliest *** to ever go # 1 overall in the Draft.
Anthony Bennett and Greg Oden bums No. 1 picks, past and present.
The Portland Trail Blazers select Greg Oden with the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.
who's the bigger bust, Greg Oden or Anthony Bennett?
That looks like it could be Greg Oden's grandfather. Who, in fact, may also be Otis Nixon's Uncle.
"No. 1 picks, past and present. Greg Oden and Anthony Bennet, what a joke
Greg Oden and Anthony Bennett have a lot in common 😂😂😂
Karl Anthony Towns the next Greg Oden. Jahlil Okafor the next Kwame Brown.
embiid is a Greg Oden they need so much help at all positions they need to just pick a player that's gonna be a star like Davis
From Tim Duncan to Greg Oden, ranks the No. 1 picks from the past 25 years:
please sign Greg Oden it will be a great signing for him not to get hurt cuz r Rick Carlisle knows how to manage players minutes
My GOAT team would include: Kwame Brown, Sam Cassell, Brian Scalabrine, Luke Walton, Greg Oden. Pretty sexy, right?
whoever says Sam Bowie or Greg Oden don't know how good they were coming out of college.. injuries suck
Kyrie can go the Greg Oden route or the Blake Griffin one. I hope its the latter because competition is what makes basketball fun to watch.
As far as I remember, did both Blake Griffin and Greg Oden suffer fractured knee caps. . Different outcomes to say the least!
The only two players I can recall with fracture knee caps in recent memory are Blake Griffin and Greg Oden.
Sam Bowie, Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, 2000 Western Conference finals. Understand the metrics of that but man...
n he's 23 n missed more games then Greg Oden, Sam Bowie n Bill Walton in there whole careers! Only trolls I see are you guys
If the trailblazers would of drafted Kevin Durant instead of Greg Oden.
Of course the Portland Trail Blazers drafted Sam Bowie and Greg Oden. There are *** among us.
Apple chargers and Greg Oden made outta the same stuff
Greg Oden and Mark Titus take in the OSU vs. Illinois baseball game.
Greg Oden is Lebron's long lost father tbh
.Shout Out to Greg Oden, for being basketballs Benjamin Button and what not
Remember when Mike Conley was just known as Greg Oden's bite-sized buddy?. Those were good times.
The next caller will probably bring up Greg Oden.
he ain't playing no more tho. He keep getting injured. He's Greg oden
Basketball Gods still salty about Sam Bowie... And Greg Oden... If we pass up another all timer we might never see the finals again
A gnome sized Greg Oden on a unicycle
Brandon Roy and Greg Oden were huge disappointments
"Is that Greg Oden?" No that would be Lebron James. Loss for words.
you sir aren't very bright so what we're saying here is that Greg Oden is better than Dwight howard
This is what we get for drafting Greg Oden
of the Knicks don't get a top 3 pick we should take him. I just hope Okafor doesn't turn out like Greg oden
Draft day, Greg oden. 5 years later, how am I making money still
Draft day, Greg oden. Hurt that other knee, we staying winning.
Portland loses Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. gains Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge.. wow.
Greg Oden was shooting free throws with his off hand knocking them down!
Nobody thought Greg Oden would be a bust gtfoh. His dominated in college with a messed up hand!
bro you don't know the future. Who thought Greg Oden was gon be a bust?
Greg oden, micheal Beasley, OJ mayo, and Brandon Knight haven't done much😁
Look at Greg Oden.. Had he stayed to "develop" more instead of ceasing the opportunity, he would be a broke crippled 7 footer.
best Center prospect I've ever seen other than greg oden
You're 1840's announcers are inaccurate...i know.i was there - regards. Greg Oden.
. 1840s,. I remember seeing Greg Oden play some Hoops, he hop around always hurt.
This challenge is a silly one. Take on NBA's most injury prone players with onyx Greg Oden as reward lol.
Are you still recovering from that btw? Even Greg Oden is starting to get worried.
This conference call is long. Like "Greg Oden" long.
well who's gonna teach him how to be good in Portland? Greg Oden ??
Danny Garcia having 6 toes doesn't necessarily give him an advantage. Greg Oden is an ineffective NBA player and he has 3 legs.
Taking Towns over Oakfor is the equivalent of taking Greg Oden over Kevin Durant
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Meanwhile Joel Embiid is making Greg Oden look like an all-star.
I wonder if we will see Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden or even Larry Sanders in the league next season.
they said the same thing about Greg Oden
. U know it, N Mike Conley iz a beast ask Greg oden who helped him out LOL 😎.
Thad has made two final fours and was a Greg Oden broken hand away from a championship.
Frank Kaminsky is the first player to go for 20+ Pts and 10+ Reb in a national title game loss since Greg Oden.
Greg oden has said he would like to make a come back to the NBA. Would you like to see it?
throwback Greg Oden but no Brandon Roy? You're killin me.
Big men are so over-hyped in college... remember Greg Oden??
Im not trying to end up like Greg Oden bruh 😭
that's what everyone thinks. Future Allstar? Tell that to Joel Embiid, Anthony Bennett & Greg Oden.
Per Karl-Anthony Towns joins Carmelo Anthony, Joe Forte, Derrick Rose, Greg Oden as only frosh to score 25+ in Elite 8/later.
Freshmen w/25 pts in Elite 8 or later in last 20 seasons: Carmelo Anthony, Joseph Forte, Derrick Rose, Greg Oden, Karl A…
gonna see a head full of gray hairs tomorrow and forehead lines worse than Greg Oden
what about Tom Penn and Greg Oden dumpster firr
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Mike Conley: Evan Turner: Jon Diebler: Terence Dials: Greg Oden. That would be my lineup of Buckeyes for the past 15 years 😈👌🙌💯
I wish injuries never plagued Greg Oden and Brandon Roy. Imagine what a team that could've been
I feel like so many guys come and get hurt, Sidney Rice, Harvin, Greg Oden, wait wrong sport, I hope he stays HEALTHY
Derrick Rose on reaching 50,000 career claps, first to do so since Greg Oden last season (via
served with Greg Oden and LeBron at Valley Forge
Finding an OKC fan is like finding film of Greg Oden playing basketball
just curious where you put Brandon Roy and Greg Oden as later examples?
NBA all time all injury Team . Grant Hill. Penny Hardaway . Greg Oden. Brandon Roy. Derek Rose
if Portland would've picked Kevin Durant over Greg oden in the draft, they would have damian lillard, lamarcus Aldridge and Kevin Durant
history shows that's a very tough call, see Greg Oden vs Kevin Durant
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