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Greg Monroe

Gregory Keith Monroe, Jr. (born June 4, 1990 in Harvey, Louisiana) is a professional basketball center for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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no one wants Greg Monroe either. Salary matters of course but the point stands.
NBA trade rumors 2016: Greg Monroe linked to a move to Hollywood
Although Greg Monroe and MCW have both struggled as Bucks, believes they have very different futures.
NBA trade rumors: Greg Monroe linked to a move to Hollywood
Greg Monroe Has been traded, for an Eifel 65 Cd, a Shania Twain poster, Oatmeal Swirlers and a pair of JNCOs, crazy!
Are you hearing anything on possible Greg Monroe destinations???
but you would say Giannis n Greg Monroe are AS LEVEL talent too right??? Okay then
The will have a solid young slept on team. The Greek Freak, Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe, John Henson & now Thon Maker.
Report: still looking to move star C-PF Greg Monroe.
? Have you guys heard anything about this?
remember, one year ago, Greg Monroe wouldn't even TALK to the Celtics lol
that's a good look. I say go after Greg Monroe now
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Offseason so solid that I'm crying tears of pride. I just knew we'd do stupid stuff like trade for Greg Monroe
3 way trade with Milwaukee. We get IT, yall get Blake, Clippers get Greg Monroe
Trade Idea: Lakers trade Nick Young and Lou Williams to The Milwaukee Bucks for Center Greg Monroe.
Lakers Trade Rumors: Greg Monroe to LA for Nick Young, Lou Williams in latest trade scenario
Just a thought but what if the Bucks traded Greg Monroe, Michael Carter-Williams, and a first round pick to the Thunder for Russel Westbrook
Greg Monroe to Cleveland could be trouble 🤐
Greg Monroe. Just saying there were a lot of variables. Can't make simplistic statements.
Greg Monroe to Raptors for Terrence Ross and Patrick Patterson. Who says no?
Followers, this guy just doesn't Philly needs Greg Monroe, a natural PF, to clear the C logjam.
Incorrect. Greg Monroe is a double double every night and a bona fide all star in 1997
Greg Monroe can play PF. They should trade a C for Greg Monroe. Hey
Yeah I can't remember who but someone said the Celtics should trade the 2017 Brooklyn Pick for Greg Monroe!
If you still think he's a better option than Greg Monroe, take a lap
I have said for a while a Rubio/Greg Monroe deal makes sense. MCWilliams could fit if something goes back...Bazz?
The inaugural tournament was a huge success, check out my recap (https:/…
NBA Trade Scenario: Kevin Love to Boston Celtics, Greg Monroe to Cleveland Cavaliers in Three-Way trade
Hornets should go after Seth Curry or Mario Chalmers to back up Kemba. For the big man, should either go after Greg Monroe or Vucevic.
A lot of players can be had too .. Burks and Burke from Utah, Terrance jones, B Wright, Bledsoe, Greg Monroe etc
Eric Bledsoe and Dragan Bender for Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe. Who says no?
Recall that Josh Smith was a MUST HAVE, along with Greg Monroe etc. Draft your own stars, Brown is one of them
The Celtics and Bucks are discussing a deal that would send Greg Monroe & Khris Middleton to Boston. . (htt…
Bucks writer thinks 16 & 23 for Kris Middelton and Greg Monroe could be on the table for Celtics. Hard to pas…
The Celtics and Bucks are discussing a trade that would involve Khris Middleton and Greg Monroe heading to Boston. (via…
New BE fanpost: Marvin Williams & Joakim Noah or Ryan Anderson & Greg Monroe?: I think that when free agency ...
right to left: jimmy butler, Greg Monroe, draymond green, Kevin Durant, kyrie Irving. 🙌🏾
is the same height & Weight as Greg Monroe of the with the handle & Vision of Jason Kid. Think about it.
That was supposed to be this year & what Dwight Howard do that a younger Greg Monroe can't??
Roy Rogers talks about working with Brook Lopez, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond. He likes working with young guys like Clint Capela
Seriously, my target would be Andre Drummond (not Greg Monroe). Then add role players like Matt Barnes or Jeff Greene
Sixers bold offseason prediction. -jahlil to bucks. -Greg Monroe to NO. -tyreke Evans and bucks draft pick to sixers
Greg Monroe down to 33rd in center RPM. Robin Lopez 36th. Bismack "He's only 23 years old! No, I don't have to ADD allegedly" Biyombo 37th
yeah I had Bradley beal, Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe and Anthony Davis on my fantasy team so you could say I wasn't great
Would you guys trade Boogie for Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe and Bucks 10th pick? . Asking for a friend
y'all see my trade? Greg Monroe and MCW for Tyson chandler and Devin booker. Also draft Thon maker. Think about it
and not even star players. That was Greg Monroe for crying out loud lmao
Greg Monroe chose to die in Milwaukee rather then play in LA. Lamarcus went to the Spurs after meeting with LA. Cap space means nothing
So many basketball players have been coming to Jamba Juice lately. John Henson , Greg Monroe , & now Khris Middleton 👅👅
Greg Monroe, Michael Carter-Williams and our Lottery pick for Jimmy Butler. Too silly?
The Greg Monroe Doctrine: If Greg Monroe (C) tries to colonize or invade South America the United States will intervene aggressively.
That Syracuse team was so good. Rony Seikaly, Derrick Coleman (a freshman), Sherm Douglas, Howard Triche, Greg Monroe.
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker all to get a bump in with Khris Middleton a late scratch:
Greg Monroe going HAM on Magic so far, 7-7 FG for 14 pts with 4:16 left in 1st.
brook Lopez playing tonight? Setting my lineup... Start him or Greg Monroe, also A.Wiggins or Brandon Knight?
Austin Carr just laughed about Greg Monroe being displaced by Hurricane Katrina as a teenager
GTown has Greg Monroe, Jeff Green, Otto Porter. Solid. But look at history
Evan Turner has the same agent as Greg Monroe
King James to Milwaukee next year to join Greek Freak, Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe.
Greg Monroe is like a piñata. Break him open and get a mid-late first and a good vet bench piece
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Lol lebron about to get ko'd by and klay is havin a staredown with Greg Monroe its goin down in 2k!
Greg Monroe the laziest *** ever now too lmao. Fam like can't jump anymore Tf happened lol
The guy who won 100 grand tonight had Jeremy lin,Tim Duncan, omri casspi, will Barton, and Greg Monroe in his lineup.
Canadian trivia what sport does Greg Monroe play lolololol
And thats why we didn't keep Greg Monroe
we could probably trade for Greg Monroe
i watched almost every game to glad we don't got Singler Greg Monroe maxiell them kinda of players no more
Reggie Jackson Telling Greg Monroe We Needed that Win We Cant Lose Nomore super hype off that winning tap
Greg Monroe moves like he went to an Italian restaurant and accidentally got too drunk so he ate too much bread then still ate his full meal
Greg Monroe is such a pathetic rim defender.
Greg Monroe offering absolutely no resistance at the rim down the stretch.
Greg "Lard *** Monroe was the biggest waste of money ever.
I am a Greg Monroe fan, but he doesn't fit with the
Greg Monroe *** glad he left he ain't got no heart
Greg Monroe implodes so many Bucks possessions it's painful to watch. Giannis always has to cover his immobile, bumbling ***
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the Greg Monroe revenge game has been lovely
Really Greg Monroe had a OPEN Parker in the corner and he still takes it up over two lmao I hope this guy is not on my team next year.
Look like sumbody promise Big Greg Monroe some of that ol familiar 🍿 if he lead to win over fam.
Giannis has point guard handles and makes Greg Monroe look 6'7. Is this photoshopped?
I thought he looked kinda like Greg Monroe
the Bucks with a nice response after Sunday's loss to the Jazz, routing the Pistons 36-24 and shooting 61.5 percent. Greg Monroe with 12
Um Greg Monroe got the start and played the whole 1st Q crushing. This wasn't reported anywhere, I don't think?
shooting 61% from the field in Q1. Old pal Greg Monroe already with 12.
lead 30-17 after 1st. Bucks shot 60 percent, Detroit 30%. KCP with 5 and Andre Drummond 4. Greg Monroe has 12 for Bucks
Greg Monroe must dunk less than any big man in the NBA
Pistons choosing not to guard Greg Monroe. He has 12, and the Bucks lead 30-17, end 1Q.
Since when does Greg Monroe make basket cuts? Bucks lead the by 11.
Greg Monroe has 12 points in the first 11 minutes. Bucks lead 28-17.
Greg Monroe with a quick 10 against his former team. Bucks lead 26-17 with 1:33 left in 1st
Greg Monroe isn't the athlete Andre Drummond is...but around the basket will make Andre look like a little kid smh
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Greg Monroe, still criminally underrated on offense.
Greg Monroe posting up Tobias Harris goes as expected.
NBA. Greg Monroe just got a rebound
Greg Monroe and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope meet each other at mid-court for a big hug.
Greg Monroe For Larry Nance smh the lakers are officially smoking ***
Roy Jones Jr knocks out Greg Monroe. Everyone involved should be ashamed
Greg Monroe in the House as get set to host Bucks. My pre game coverage coming up at 6:18 on
GOTTA have this one tonight. Absolutely.MUST. Im feeling confident in a 'W' - After All, the Bucks have Greg Monroe...
Josh Richardson amazing slam dunk on Greg Monroe RT
it wasn't too long ago that Greg Monroe and his big *** were locks to be in New York
Is Greg Monroe about as useful to the Bucks as Kansas is to United States?
Is Greg Monroe expected to have a good game?
Major Greg Lane is the current Commander of Monroe Composite Squadron and joined CAP in 2004. With a Masters in...
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Greg Monroe jersey. via
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Giannis Antetokounmpo to Greg Monroe for an and-1. Nice dish from Giannis and a strong finish from Moose.
Out of all the jerseys you can get, why get a Greg Monroe jersey?
New Josh Richardson throws down monster dunk on Greg Monroe by
Interesting piece on Hassan Whiteside moving to bench. Some parallels with Greg Monroe perhaps.
Milwaukee Bucks newest back-ups: Michael Carter-Williams, Greg Monroe: Since the beginning of regu...
Why does Jason Kidd have Greg Monroe and Michael Carter Williams coming off the bench? 😕
That hasn't been reported, but they've been shopping Greg Monroe, Michael Carter-Williams, and Greivis Vasquez.
Danny Green is about to join the "I got posterized by Deandre Jordan" support group that features Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe
The Pelicans and Bucks have discussed a trade that would land Greg Monroe in New Orleans alongside Anthony Davis. (ESPN)
Talks between the Pelicans and Bucks involving Greg Monroe are "very real" per Pelicans want to pair Antho…
Sources tell me Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker are being shipped off to the Pacers for Paul George.
Report: Bucks not taking calls for Jabari Parker or Greg Monroe.
Tonight I was asked if Charlotte Hornets more likely to trade for Dwight Howard or Greg Monroe. Question: Where is…
This is why the Bucks wasted there time with Greg Monroe.. Jabari needs to be a starter.
Jason Terry with an elbow to the side of Meyers Leonard. More tame than what Greg Monroe did a week ago. Refs call a tech on Terry.
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Lakers Trade Rumors: LA ideal landing spot for Greg Monroe; Roy Hibbert and ...
kemba walker, hasheem thabeet, peyton siva, luke hancock, emeka okafor, Greg Monroe all have to be up there for me
a player I think of when it's stats on a bad team is Greg Monroe. I think with support Cousin, Wall and Davis can win a chip
Report: The Milwaukee Bucks are interested in trading Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams OR Jabari Parker for Clippers …
Bucks placing Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams on the trading block. Milwaukee looking to blow things up already…
League sources confirm the Milwaukee Bucks have made Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams available in a trade as
Rumors of Greg Monroe being traded to Portland for McCollum and Ed Davis. Not a big fan of this trade. Keep the *** players we have!
Milwaukee Bucks trade rumors: Greg Monroe to Portland Trailblazers in exchange for starter ...
remember, Turner was drafted over DeMarus Cousins, Paul George, Greg Monroe, Gordon Heyward, Derek Favors, and Eric Bledsoe
yes, Greg Monroe also had 28 pts in the win against Golden State! Great memory Armen, the Hammer!
Kris Middleton, Greg Monroe, B.Knight. R.Jackson, D.Jordan, W.Mathews If they get max contracts. Conley will get it EASY.
(VIDEO) Larry Nance Jr dunks on John Henson, Greg Monroe is wondering "who is this guy":
Greg Monroe beat the streak. Genius saying from the minds of me and Alex Miller
So happy for the much maligned troika of Greg Monroe, Jabari Parker, and Michael Carter-Williams for leading the way in beating the King...
he, Parker, Carter-Williams, Greg Monroe. Solid. Still, gotta bring back the Big-O. And Bob Dandridge
that defense too real bro that African *** Greg Monroe carter Williams slep
Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams combined to shoot 18 of 26 and both had 5 assists tonight. They were huge in the second half.
Michael Carter-Williams and Greg Monroe both had 11 points in the fourth quarter tonight. Steph: 5.
Jabari Parker, Antetokounmpo, Greg Monroe, mayo, kris Middleton?? How can we forget Michael-Carter Williams?? Best team ever.
they got Michael Carter Williams a nice point guard Greg Monroe which is a nice pf I think or center and Giannis which is nice
Bucks lead the Warriors 101-90 with 2:51 remaining in regulation. Greg Monroe headed to the FT line after the timeout.
Greg Monroe has dominated the Warriors all game
Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams leading the Bucks to a win over the Warriors is my worst nightmare
Greg Monroe and Micheal-Carter Williams are killing it. Warriors about to take their first L
.Before The Horn, we break down Deandre Jordan's dunk on Greg Monroe:
ICYMI: Deandre Jordan completely obliterated Greg Monroe on this ridiculous dunk:
Greg Monroe, you have officially been posterized.
ICYMI (somehow): gross posterization of Greg Monroe...
Deandre Jordan just dunked and punted Greg Monroe at the same time. (via
Deandre Jordan adds Greg Monroe to his AllPoster team!!
Deandre Jordan emasculated Greg Monroe on this dunk
Great look from Greg Monroe, great lefty finish from Giannis.
Greg Monroe.. David West. One of the Morris brothers
Richard Jefferson with a flop and draws a foul on Greg Monroe. Flop and a half, really.
Greg Monroe hustling all over the court for rebounds. He's got 8 points, 8 rebs (5 offensive) tonight. Just dove into first row for a save.
At the end of the 1st quarter, the Bucks and Cavs are tied at 23. Kevin Love with 12 points. Greg Monroe leads the Bucks with 6 pts, 5 rebs.
Now Miles Plumlee comes in for Greg Monroe. John Henson still out there.
Bucks with a big lineup: MCW, Khris Middleton, Giannis, John Henson, Greg Monroe.
How appropriate of Matt Costello to wear number 10. He plays like Greg Monroe...
Michael Carter-Williams, Greg Monroe, Kris Middleton, Jabari Parker, Greek Freak, Tyler Ennis, & OJ Mayo.and they're in the bum ahhh East
In his short time in the NBA, has posterized LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Greg Monroe, and Jonas Valanciunas. 😏
Hassan Whiteside leads all centers in win shares this year (1.3). Andre Drummond, Jonas Valanciunas, and Greg Monroe are tied with 1.2
AP Source: Bucks land free agent big man Greg Monroe (The Associated Press)
If I were LeBron, I would've traded Wiggins for Klay Thompson, Kyrie for DMC, signed Greg Monroe instead of Tristan & got Rondo.
Man with 82 mil, the favs could've signed Greg Monroe instead of Tristan Thompson. Or someone that can play offense. 😐
Some moron offered me Anthony Davis for Klay Thompson and Greg Monroe.
Lopez - Krispy - Melo - Black Boy Fly - Calderon...idk how the Bucks line up but I'm worried about Greg Monroe v Lopez.
but Greg Monroe didn't play with lebron, kyrie,Love, maybe if Thompson was there he would b like Dwight
Derek Fisher hints Kristaps Porzingis will start opening night against Jason Kidd, Greg Monroe and the Bucks
you get audio feed from Greg Monroe you have put the Barry White background music in it...
Greg Monroe's first points as a Buck!
def gotta see how Greg Monroe fits that's my *** And Rashad Vaughn
Giannis will play tonight vs. Bulls. Other starters are Greg Monroe, Khris Middleton, MCW and rookie Rashad Vaughn.
The cap is going up 54% in the next two years. Wes Mathews, Greg Monroe, Enes Kanter and Paul Millsap got the max. Reggie Jackson got $80M.
Greg Monroe. Giannis Attentokumpo. . Michael Carter Williams. and Oj Mayo. Yes bucks are amongst the top 6
*** I forgot the Bucks signed Greg Monroe. *** , plus Jabari Parker is coming back. And Jason Kidd is my favorite coach in the East.
Bucks possess plenty of promise with Greg Monroe, now they need ...
Steak the Bucks have been plain vanilla but watch out this season. Jabari Greek Freak. Carter Williams. Greg Monroe.
Next two picks in a 12 team 8cat H2H league:. Jeff Teague at 35 & Greg Monroe at 38 to join Kyrie Irving and Rudy Gobert
Its a slight of hand trick. Don't look over here, look at GIANNIS and JABARI and now GREG MONROE!!!
Greg Monroe is gonna have an all star season next year
SVG tells that Greg Monroe is an outstanding player, a high character guy and someone to build around.
Greg Monroe drinking let me kiss Al's *** .
So, in the last year or so, Detroit has lost Ndamukong Suh, Max Scherzer, Greg Monroe, Dave Dombrowski. Datsyuk maybe next.
Me and Greg will NEVER be cool again! 😊
I'm sharp but we did nothing. We could've unloaded Nene's contract and picked up Greg Monroe. We been trying 4 a min
2nd Annual Greg Walsh Memorial Golf Tournament. Aug 10th in Monroe, CT. Learn more!
Last seasson, Greg Monroe's ADP was at 65, will you take him earlier?
Greg Monroe generated 637pts by assist in 2012-13 (100% of mins. at C). Last season, Monroe generated 336pts by assist (60% of mins. at C).
"East Brunswick soccer kids always say they hate Monroe but they always end up at our parties..."
thinking of drafting Greg Monroe in the coming why? why not?
The Bucks are ready to win now, and win even bigger later:
This season is only the start of what Jason Kidd and the Bucks are building in Milwaukee:
is Greg Monroe a 2nd round pick in the coming too high?
Every time Greg and I argue or bicker I end up ripping his clothes off afterwards smh somebody help us   10% Off
Rookie MKG takes Greg Monroe to the salon for a facial. Poster highlights.
Greg Monroe officially signed a 4-yr $68.28M contract with the GM Mavericks
Report: C Greg Monroe to sign max deal with Bucks
Say word Bucks got Greg Monroe the ain't confused let me tell you that much
GM John Hammond on "remarkable" turnaround, Greg Monroe, chemistry, Jabari Parker & going from good to good: http…
GM John Hammond said the signing of star C-PF Greg Monroe is such a great opportunity for Milwaukee.
Bucks land free agent big man Greg Monroe
Stan Van Gundy: Pistons not optimistic about re-signing Greg Monroe:
.wrote some nice things about the Bucks. . Tim is our friend now.
Greg Monroe signs with Bucks, reports say
The Bucks possess promise with Greg Monroe. Now they just need time to grow (by
Knicks: Losing Greg Monroe is Not the Nail in the Coffin
well if u get. Greg Monroe jerry west or Lou amandson I got u bro
bucks will honestly be better than the raptors rob.. Adding Greg Monroe and Jabari back will be huge
If I did this right Greg Monroe is the leader in win shares of drafted players since 2010 & Isaiah Thomas is 14th
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'Big men must be able to switch or step out & stop guards from penetrating. Chris Bosh & Noel can. David Lee & Greg Monroe can't' -P Jackson
The Bucks can win now and dominate later
Reggie Jackson an Greg Monroe getting paid more than Dez Bryant an Adrian Peterson an they top 2 at they position
Greg Monroe rejects Knicks to play with Bucks; Phil Jackson ...
Knicks are leaders to sign NBA free agents Greg Monroe, Arron Afflalo:
When I think of Greg Monroe, I think of James Monroe. Both key figures in U.S history. Well at least James, u know, until…
yes that's true. I was hoping Aldridge would come to NY or at least Greg Monroe
We didn't need Greg Monroe, Rondo, Deandre Jordan or LaMarcus Aldrige then and we don't need um now
Now with Greg Monroe, the are even longer. analyzes their roster:. WATCH »
» Greg Monroe How the Blazers can keep LaMarcus Aldridge and sign Greg Monroe » UPDATE …
Bucks have found a key piece by signing free agent Greg Monroe. MORE:
Greg Monroe believes he has a better chance to win as a Milwaukee Buck than going to the Lakers or Knicks. That's very telling.
You can say Greg Monroe isn't worth a max deal but considering the money being thrown around what choice did Knicks have? P…
D-Wade staying in Miami, Greg Monroe goes to Milwaukee, Wes Matthew takes his talents to Dallas, Timmey will play his 19th NBA season
With the addition of Greg Monroe, the will potentially have a tall starting lineup next season:
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Greg Monroe sounds like an asst JV baseball coach for Lee Co 9th grade academy.
NEW BUCK!. Greg Monroe has agreed to sign a maximum contract with the Milwaukee Bucks worth $50 mill…
I wonder how Brandon Jennings feels about Greg Monroe coming to MKE.
Today on SportsLine (4-6) Big day for Welcome, Greg Monroe. Bo's win. Nelson Cobb huh?
Jason Kidd is gonna be a problem for awhile, Greg Monroe said Milwaukee is it, watch all the Buck's fans show up😒
Bucks owner Marc Lasry, GM John Hammond and Coach Jason Kidd were key participants in meeting with Greg Monroe.
If you're a Bulls fan than Greg Monroe signing w/ the Bucks is bad news for Chicago. Everybody in the east needs to look out for the Bucks!
Yahoo Sources: Free agent Greg Monroe agrees to three-year, $50M deal with the Milwaukee Bucks.
Well, New York, no Greg Monroe for the But has an interesting frontcourt target for Phil Jackson
LOL Greg Monroe is going to Milwaukee. The Moose becomes a Buck
Greg Monroe will sign a three-year, $50M deal with the Bucks, including the player option on the final year, sources tell …
Not a great look for the Lakers or Knicks that Greg Monroe chose the Bucks over both. Milwaukee over LA and NYC?! The Fonz is…
Wow, Greg Monroe is a Milwaukee Buck. Pried away from the Knicks. This is clearly the end of NYC as a free agent destination.
Greg Monroe is a Buck!!! Signed a three year max deal. So happy right now!!!
. and right now Greg Monroe is a Milwaukee Buck
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Greg Monroe will sign a max contract with the Bucks, according to
I would be ecstatic if by the end of the day Greg Monroe is a Milwaukee Buck.
When I wake up tomorrow morning, Greg Monroe better be a Milwaukee Buck.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Lakers have sent Paula Abdul & Rick Fox to meet with Greg Monroe.
Yahoo Sources: Two small market teams have made significant inroads in the pursuit of free agent Greg Monroe: Milwaukee an…
Yes, please “Blazers Plan A: Sign LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Monroe to max contracts. They have the resources to pull both off”
I think I remember aminu playing Greg Monroe in one of this high school special games. Look at the difference in a couple years
It's amazing that Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, Greg Monroe & Andre Drummond will all get max deals & Pistons didnt do …
Sources: Greg Monroe is meeting with Portland owner Paul Allen, GM Neil Olshey and coach Terry Stotts this morning in Wash…
what do you think about Greg Monroe to the celtics? I think brad Stevens could have a field day with his skill set.
Lakers execs, including Mitch Kupchak and Byron Scott, on plane now to meet Greg Monroe in DC. Then back to LA to meet w/ DeA…
Knicks thinking big with meetings with Greg Monroe tonight, Deandre Jordan Wednesday & LaMarcus Aldridge on Thursday. N…
In terms of big names in free agency, I'm thinking Greg Monroe. Would flourish under Brad Stevens.
. PG: Grant . SG: Danny Green. SF: Anthony. PF: David West. C: Greg Monroe. Would you be hype or nah
The have a real chance of signing LaMarcus Aldridge Draymond Green or Greg Monroe
I love Sully..but I'm kinda enticed of a skyscraper front court with Greg Monroe & Kelly O..we can keep Sully & sell Bass
Trade Kobe and Russell for Demarcus Cousins, Buy Aldridge and Deandre Jordan, Pick up Greg Monroe, Keep Hill. Starting 5 all big men
need to replace Evan turner kelly olynyk and Jared Sullinger with Paul pierce Tobias Harris and Greg Monroe via sign and trade
Greg Monroe and David West are solid players, but we need a rim protector
D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant, Lamarcus Aldridge, Greg Monroe lineup with Randle as Lamar Odom role is a contender in west.
Celtics need to trade Marcus Smart, James Young, Kelly Olynyk and go get Mark Gasol, Kevin Love, or Greg Monroe.
Carmelo Anthony reportedly 'expressed displeasure' with Knicks' draft. Patience. Greg Monroe and Wade could be coming,if not trade him.
Good job now go sign Greg Monroe and Davis West
Ok sign Greg Monroe get love or Aldridge draft Russell and have Kobe get wade keep Ed Davis . With hill Randell clarkson Ellington and young
Millsap, al Jeff, Greg Monroe, I'd be happy with one of the 3 with nerlens, Russell or mudiay, hopefully a fa sg and grant or Robinson iii
Aye if we could get Tobias Harris & Greg Monroe or Boogie we lowkey set.
I predict the Knicks signing Tobias Harris and Greg Monroe in FA.
Hello Stephen A. Smith, Do you think Greg Monroe is a max player? And are the Detroit Pistons a better team without him?
need to draft D'Angelo Russell, draft Robert Upshaw, sign Greg Monroe, resign Ed Davis, resign Tarik Black, and get some shooters
and right now the front court is LITERAL TREES Greg Monroe and mark eaton
Do the Detroit Pistons really have a chance at keeping Greg Monroe? Hear what Detroit Free Press writer Vince...
What Harrison Barnes did for the Warriors tonight will be what Cleanthony Early does next year for Melo, Greg Monroe, Mudiay and the Knicks
yeah they was talking about getting Tobias Harris and Greg Monroe in free agency
lamarcus, deandre, Greg Monroe, Omer Asik, josh smith, Paul millsap. There are also guys who can opt out like al Jefferson
Cheaper, more realistic FA options for Jeff Green, Thaddeus Young, Ed Davis, Greg Monroe. All can fit needs.
he good but he a ISO player that won't work for a " triangle offense " but they post to sign Greg Monroe anyway from what I hear
hello Greg Monroe? He's been on olsheys radar before and would take this team to a whole new level - young too!
I'm still beatin the Greg Monroe drum. As long as Lakers dont get Rondo things will be brighter at least
Got my myplayer traded to the Detroit Pistons. Time for the Bad Boyz 2.0 with me Brandon Jennings, Greg Monroe & Andre Drummond
Greg Monroe: Pistons ‘have the upper hand’: Greg Monroe on the Pistons, via Terry Foster of The Detroit News: ...
Good night in basketball could've been so much more if Taj Gibson and Greg Monroe had bigger games...
I would love to see the Knicks go after Danny Green, Brandan Wright, and for the right price Reggie Jackson or Greg Monroe...
A combo of Brandan Wright and Amir Johnson might sound dull but we're talking Greg Monroe here. Even Stan Van is like "nah."
Greg Monroe signing with the Knicks is "about as close to a done deal as you can get" this summer. According to the NYD…
Lakers have some decent pieces...they get a top 5 pick and add a Tobias Harris and a Greg Monroe to go with Kobe, Randle, and Clarkson
Breast Cancer Awareness
Raptors need to acquire: Either Millsap or Greg Monroe as a startn PF, Hibbert, Omer Asik or Mcgee as a bckp C, and Corey Joseph as bckp PG
If you can sign Greg Monroe & Omer Asik they would definitely shore up the paint. Asik at center & Monroe at power forward
Two on Tolliver, who's starting in place of Greg Monroe. Forces Van Gundy to go to Joel Anthony midway through 1Q.
star C-PF Greg Monroe said he believes former GM and president and former star SG Joe Dumars deserves another chance to run a team.
. So start Randle at the 4, with Kelly as the backup. Greg Monroe at C, Tarik/ Cliff as backup. . Sacre as 6th big.
best replacement for Greg Monroe? Illyasova, jordan hill, Brendan wright, or mozgov?
Brandon Jennings and Greg Monroe both former Detroit Pistons in orange and blue including Kevin Durant 2016 orange and blue
Greg Monroe out with right knee strain, won't play tonight vs Grizzlies:
Who I need masai to target this summer : Greg Monroe, Tristan Thompson, Draymond Green, and any decent small forward
Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo and Greg Monroe 'willing to meet' Lakers in FA.
Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo and Greg Monroe are all reportedly 'Willing To Meet' with the Los Angeles Lakers In Free Agency…
Knicks rumored to make a strong push for Magic's SF Tobias Harris & Pistons' PF Greg Monroe this offseason.
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