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Greg McElroy

Gregory McElroy, Jr. (born May 10, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League.

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What do you think of your co-worker Greg McElroy as OC under Saban? Knows the system and would be great recruiter.
did you agree with Greg McElroy's assessment that Nick Fitzgerald is the top returning QB in the SEC?
can you please ask Greg McElroy what it's like to blow a 3 touchdown lead in the big game on the air sometime?
I guess it wasn't just Greg McElroy making him look good after all
nah they all look like Greg McElroy I guess I haven't been looking for any after seeing that
come on fellow Bama fans, even Greg McElroy said the pick play was legal. Clemson won. Let's move on.
What are your thoughts on Greg McElroy's early list of top returning SEC QB's?. 1 Fitz . 2 Hurts . 3 Bentley. 4 Allen. 5…
SEC Network's Greg McElroy is extremely high on Jake Bentley - 247Sports
An SEC Network analyst said some great things about South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley
.had high praise for Jake Bentley on Wednesday
Greg McElroy also scored a 48, it's a nice component for measuring but isn't a great predictor of future success
A sequel to the slightly less popular "If that's a 2005 Pontiac Aztek, then my son is Greg McElroy" ad campaign.
Greg McElroy is giving copious amounts of love to Kirby for the class this year on the Finebaum show.
God help you, SEC defenses. Y'all can thank Greg McElroy's rankings in advance for the beatdown 😂 🔴🔵
brodie croyle after that JPW after that greg McElroy then aj mccarron and then it was Blake Sims and Coker and Jalen??
Greg McElroy on the SEC Network is making Skip Bayless look like Aristotle.
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Q: Has analyst Greg McElroy witnessed our QB situation and overall offensive production for the past 6 years?
"I don't understand for the life of me why Florida fans are bent out of shape." -- analyst Greg McElroy on upc…
Tim Brando is no expert. Greg McElroy, Gary Danielson yes; Brando no!
Greg McElroy is definitely my least favorite new-ish announcer. Makes me pine for the days of Jesse Palmer
Jalen Hurts is the best QB Bama has had since Saban got there. Jake Coker, Blake Sims, AJ McCarron who was great, Greg McElroy, John Wilson
ESPN's Greg McElroy was unable to decide who gives their respective offense more of an advantage -- Curtis Samuel or Jabr…
Greg McElroy, Legend, and Kix Brooks in one day!. Are you not entertained
A new era in Alabama? . Jalen Hurts' 132 rush yards vs Tennessee was more than Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron had in their careers…
Jets beat the Cardinals 7-6 after Rex benched Mark Sanchez for Greg McElroy. The backup, Tim Tebow, was out with a rib injury.
ESPN's Greg McElroy is proving today he is a top tier color analyst. A Brad Nessler and Greg McElroy duo could be a fu…
so did Jessie Palmer, Doug Johnson, Tee Martin, Chris Leak, Greg McElroy how'd they do? Conference is irrelevant to Qb's
Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy told me today at that Paxton Lynch will be a better pro quarterback than Chad Kelly
Greg McElroy: Nick Saban...cares about the guys that he has to mentor back in Tuscaloosa.
Alexander, Greg McElroy and the personable and “sharpens pencils” – and was euthanizing Google Chrome is in Taksim Square
INF Casey McElroy transferred to EP from Extended Spring Training. RHP Greg Reynolds transferred to EP from Extended Spring Training
Hamilton Collection
Greg McElroy: Greg McElroy of the SEC Network joined the RoundTable to discuss Luke Del Rio's impressing sprin...
did McElroy just say he studied and watched Elway's entire career? Greg was 8 or 9 yrs old when Elway retired.
Greg McElroy always makes great decisions? The Jets may disagree with that.
Greg Norman never won the Masters, Spieth has, so not a good comparison. McElroy also blew a lead on the back nine in 2011.
Ryan lindley and Greg McElroy with game winning td I believe
Never thought I would see a meltdown of Greg Norman/Rory McElroy proportions from Spieth, but I am.
no it's not! Greg McElroy had the highest and where's he right now
listening to Greg McElroy talk you can tell how much respect McElroy has for Coach Coachman
Greg McElroy just said we can put Nick Washington at corner. *** I don't even want that *** on the field
[ESPN Video] Who will win the QB spot at Florida?: . SEC Network's Greg McElroy joins The Paul Finebaum...
Greg McElroy joined the to discuss Tennessee and SEC football.
yeah SEC Network. Greg McElroy gonna call the game
Video: Former QB jumps on the hype train via
Greg McElroy on Tennessee. Lots of good things to say.
Video: Former Alabama QB jumps on the Tennessee hype train
just need a Greg McElroy type. Game manager
*** looking for heismen winners I'm lookin for a *** to run the offense that's it. I'm fine with a Greg McElroy type dude
Grant Hill talking about this UNC loss would be like having that humble-bragging SOB Greg McElroy analyzing the loss to FSU.
It's been an hour and still no response from I believe he might be a little mad😉
I love and Evan too much to let Evan wear Texas Rangers
we do too, but at some point in his life he will need a World Series patch on his jersey.
I think the printing was wrong. It should say Cardinals
This little Ranger is ready for a World Series! It's opening day! Go
Greg McElroy looking Rico suave. Maybe he should be on the Jesse Palmer did, why not Greg.
Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy announces his retirement from NFL - The Birmingham News - ..
Greg McElroy on Cam Newton. and are LIVE now to discuss. WATCH:
yep. And then about a week later, Bama flipped Greg McElroy from Texas Tech to Bama.
and won one with Jay Barker and Greg McElroy, and came close with Blake Sims
apparently Jake Plummer was before your time. Plummer was the goat son. Him or Greg McElroy goat x2
Blake Sims, AJ McCarron, Greg McElroy, Jake Coker, all SEC and/ or national champions as 1st year starters.
Video: Tim Tebow says Greg McElroy trolled him at with a tape of 2009 via
>> Greg McElroy trolled Tim Tebow when he joined the Jets with a tape of the 2009 S
Greg McElroy on the Paul Finebaum show yesterday!!
Greg McElroy, who played w/ Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson & Eddie Lacy, said Derrick Henry ranks among the best RBs in Alabama history
Greg McElroy said he's grateful to have played for Saban at Alabama. Said the fans & traditions are special here!
Saban said Greg McElroy & John Parker Wilson are the quarterbacks who got things started for Alabama. They bought in early, changed culture
John Parker Wilson under Saban is Greg McElroy. Greg McElroy works for SEC Network.
Update: Bama fans who'd you rather? John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy, AJ McCarron, Blake Sims, or Jake Coker? I say JPW and Jake!
SEC Network's Greg McElroy, Clint Stoerner and Marcus Spears discuss the keys to success in the Al... - via 😁🅰
[ESPN Video] Did you SEC see that?: . SEC Network's Dari Nowkhah, Maria Taylor, Greg McElroy and Matt Stin...
[ESPN Video] Florida's offense 'has to step up' against LSU: . SEC Network's Dari Nowkhah, Greg McElroy...
Coach Mac is good for that. Developed Greg McElroy and AJ for Alabama.
For example, Greg McElroy called Hackenburg out for not winning.. McElroy played with all-Americans at every position.
Just how important were Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron to 'Bama's titles? Compare this year's QBs to them.
If God answered every prayer that you've prayed this week, how different would your life be? Pray God-sized prayers!
Everyone come to See You at the Pole in the morning at 7 in front of the school!!!
I love you wife. It was a great day!
Click here to watch Greg McElroy speak w/ Derrick Thomas' son, Matt Naylor, for "The Search for Derrick Thomas"
the Jets haven't had a good QB since Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow, at least they won National Championships... In college.
3 1/2 hours driving for a 1 1/2 hour visit. Well worth it to see my gma. Thank you
Saban: "Anything possession that ends on a kick or punt I am fine with.". Going back to the days of Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron.
good points, but the college game has changed & having a Greg McElroy game manager at QB isn’t good enough anymore
I wondered what Greg McElroy was up to.
Listening to Greg McElroy whine this AM is magical.
So there's this guy out there named Greg McElroy and I met him yesterday and I'll never be the same 😍
but seriously you just more people who I hate along with: . Luke Donald. Greg McElroy. Novak. Mario Ballitelli
Tim Tebow, Greg McElroy, really any SEC Network employee -- cameramen, janitors -- could start at QB for the Eagles.
If you think about it, Jason Garrett I'd just an older Greg McElroy.
Last night's QB play for Bama reminds me of what we expected from Greg McElroy,AJ McCarron & Blake Sims in their 1st year. They overachieved
Greg McElroy and Rolando McClain aren't walking through the door
Where's Greg McElroy when we need him?
Has Greg McElroy got any eligiblity left?
when you highkey miss AJ McCarron and Greg McElroy
Greg McElroy ain't here to save the day
Last couple of years really makes u miss guys like and Greg McElroy, doesn't it, fellow Bama fans?
Coker with his best Greg McElroy impersonation there
Oh, how I long for the days of hearing people call Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron "game managers."
Gives you an appreciation for what Greg McElroy and AJ McCarron were able to do as 'game managers' for Bama.
Greg McElroy isn't walking through that door
Maybe Greg Mcelroy wasn't quite so average after all.
What's Greg McElroy doing? Trent Richardson still needs a job right?
Can we please have Greg McElroy back. Or McCaron. Either one.
Somewhere Greg McElroy and A.J. McCarron are cackling like "Tell me again how unimportant a QB is to Alabama!"
Greg McElroy can't believe the lack of vision being shown right now
Did you know that Greg McElroy won the BCS title in 2010 then retired from the NFL in 2014? Do you know how fast that is?
Jacob Coker with a run similar to what Greg McElroy had a few years ago.
...and turns Longhorns into CFB juggernaut. Nick Saban takes Kelly's job in Philly. Lane Kiffin takes over at Bama. Greg McElroy hired as OC
Had a casual conversation with Greg McElroy, Marcus Spears, and Joe Tessitore. They're chill.
Greg McElroy will be the new host of The Hunger Games
tune into Finebaum today there will be a lot chest thumping led by Greg McElroy. Lol
Cards at Jets it was the worst game I ever saw from a QB. And keep in mind Greg McElroy came in for Jets that game lol
Greg McElroy's bold fashion choice on SEC Nation lights up the internet .. Related Articles:
You must be friends with Greg McElroy
Greg McElroy in his first start against West Virginia was. 15 of 30 for 230 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception. QB...
oh yeah, I hope so. Greg McElroy with his hideous suit did not do it for me. I missed Tebow for sure!
Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy with a bold fashion choice on SEC Nation.
Guess who's winning it all this year? Another NON-SEC team. But, yea, great job against the scrub teams in week 1, Greg McElroy... Lol
I bet Greg McElroy is fearing being placed on waivers after Tebow got cut from the Eagles,
Honestly, I can't wait for Greg McElroy to analyze how awful LSU looked in their game last night... Oh, right!
.John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy & AJ McCarron at least got a sniff in the NFL. Did Brodie Croyle play for Saban? Don't think so
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Not surprisingly, Greg McElroy tried way too hard today and looks like a clown on Even Wimp Sanderson hate…
Greg McElroy's face is remarkably punchable.
real question is who is Greg McElroy?
"did Greg McElroy ever marry his really hot gf he had? The model girl?" -
I don't think he's that bad. I mean, Greg McElroy was able to win a championship. Hand the ball off and hit check downs lol
We stress about this whole QB thing like Greg McElroy didn't win a championship for us.
Greg McElroy starting for the crimson tide
Still smh at Greg McElroy calling Joe Schmidt our best player the other day on his XM show. Most important? Maybe. Best? No way.
The Internet is having fun with Greg McElroy's 'SEC Nation' attire
Good to see guys with personality in their style. Greg McElroy looked sharp today too...until he talked, lol
Ion really care who Our starting QB be... Ain't like they can possibly be worse that Greg McElroy...
Well this is awkward now that Tebow has been released
Jesse Palmer & Danny Kanell in the booth throwing it back to Greg McElroy & Adnan Virk is horrifying, but still better
Wimp Sanderson thinks Greg McElroy needs to tone done the blazer a bit.
If I were Greg McElroy, I wouldn't be getting too comfortable in his SEC Nation chair any time soon.
Let's see that blazer Greg McElroy wore today.
Greg McElroy and the Louisville uniforms are truly the fashion tragedies of week 1
Love what Greg McElroy does on the SEC Network. Very passionate about his work and does his research.
What you don't appreciate the riveting insights & fashion sense of Greg McElroy?
Brady Quinn and Greg McElroy must have the same barber.
FWIW, Craig Haubert, Desmond Howard and Greg McElroy picked Stanford to go to the College Football Playoff.
Marcus Spears is a *** VFL. He's ready to fight Greg McElroy over Josh Dobbs.
Greg McElroy said it best, Dobbs won 3 games against the bottom 3 teams in SEC, and teams have 8 months to prepare. That's coming from a QB
Greg McElroy is the Ron Jaworski of sec nation
Greg McElroy dressed as Pete Campbell makes too much sense.
Greg McElroy to replace Tim Tebow on 'SEC Nation' this season -
so booger McFarland, Greg McElroy, and Paul finebaum are Tennessee fans?
Watching the SEC media days, Greg McElroy said the best coaches are in the SEC West. I couldn't agree with him more. -Thomas
So many memories flood my soul when I'm back in this town.
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Greg McElroy tiptoeing down the sideline. (Vine by
AJ McCarron was so much better than you are labeling him as! Greg McElroy was the "game manager"
One selfish act or decision can hurt a lot of people and have lasting consequences. Think before you act or speak.
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Same place as and Ken Dorsey, Greg McElroy, Todd Collins, an…
They got beat by 3 1st year starters: Greg McElroy, AJ McCarron and Blake Sims. What else they got?
I swear to god Greg McElroy is skating on thin ice with him praising our rivals and talking bad about us.
1,000 ants on the kitchen counter. Ready for this weather to stop.
your boy Greg McElroy has been drinking the Tennessee kool-aid as of late.
[ESPN Video] Few coaches are better than Richt, Spurrier: . SEC Network's Greg McElroy joins Paul Fin...
[ESPN Video] Best in the SEC: Auburn/Alabama?: . Greg McElroy joins the Paul Finebaum Show to discuss ...
[ESPN Video] 'Tennessee is back': . Greg McElroy joins the Paul Finebaum Show and discusses Tennessee's 2...
[ESPN Video] Is the SEC still the dominant conference?: . SEC Now's Dari Nowkhah and Greg McElroy tal...
yes sir. Since JJ and Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith all played for Duke and when Greg McElroy was at QB for Bama
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"We believe the best receiver in the 2015 draft is Amari Cooper." -Cris Carter & Greg McElroy
Greg McElroy, Former Alabama QB, is also a member of SAE. MANY of his teammates were Black, Julio Jones included. . Pay attention.
Greg McElroy: SEC recruiting class that will make the quickest impact? The (He's talking defense specifically.)
Greg McElroy for offensive coordinator at BAMA if Kiffin leaves. 1 season of SEC NATION and how he dissected the offenses awesome.
What a stat by Greg McElroy: first Pick 6 given up by bama since 2007 by John Parker Wilson against Miss St.
I thought Greg McElroy was pretty good with it last night
Greg McElroy is commentating a game?. Alabama has its next Rece Davis in the making.
you're REALLY going to hate Ray Anderson and Greg McElroy then...
I can't stress enough how much I dislike Greg McElroy. He is one of the most genuinely unlikable people I've ever seen on TV
McCarron had short hair. That's more the John Parker Wilson or Greg McElroy 'do
The guys who can throw in a crowded pocket win in the NFL. Not Matt Leinart, Greg McElroy, Vince Young etc. they had all day in college
SEC Network is awesome. Greg McElroy is doing great!!! Dropping football knowledge like a mug!
Greg McElroy maybe one of the most intelligent football players to ever host a post game show. the guy is just eloquent, precise, and classy. what a great addition to the SEC network.
Have to say, the more I hear Greg McElroy on the SEC Network, the more I like him. Dude knows his stuff.
Greg McElroy picking to win the SEC over the Tide and being the 4 seed in the CFPlayoffs.
Chief Running Bear SIRIUS XM169 on OPENING DRIVE this morning will be talking with Tim Tebow / GREG McELROY from THUNDER BOX tune in
Beautiful strike over the middle from McElroy to Hanks. Greg had a heck of a year in 2010.
Waittt, that was Greg McElroy at our school today? I'm weak, I was like "who that?" No wonder why he had so much juice... 😂😂
Greg McElroy is on my tv and I'm like 😍
I'd like to see the have a round table show with Tony Barnhart, Greg McElroy and Matt Stinchcomb.
Chief Running Bear SIRIUS XM169 in the morning will be talking with GREG McELROY from the THUNDER BOX tune in see if he's changed his pick
Alabama has won A LOT of games with John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy, and AJ Mccarron at QB...
Still can't believe we missed Greg McElroy😒😭
Greg McElroy was at my school today but I didn't get to meet him 😭😭😭
“Greg McElroy at SHS today! I bet he'll be watching this weekend! Will you?
Greg McElroy and John Stamos have been by my high school since I've graduated. I continue to hate my high school.
Greg McElroy spoke at SHS today. All the good stuff happens when you graduate. That sexy beast. If you met him, I hate you.
Greg McElroy speaking to SHS students & UK students visiting our journalism dept aren't big enough stories for you?
Thanks Greg McElroy for sharing how to be successful with us today. The SHS athletes will make you proud. Roll...
Thank you for putting Greg McElroy on the bottom of a list
Give Greg McElroy a break here please. If anything he is pumping up our football team. Plus, his job is to entertain the audience
And Greg McElroy's sister is in my golf class. So there's that.
Every time players are mentioned on Greg McElroy says "wel." so weel here:
Lightweight Greg McElroy said on 1st Off SEC team he'd remove Sammie Coates . ->& Watch list …
On Greg McElroy's constant negative comments about players on ~~safer behind a mic than playing in t…
Greg McElroy is one of my favorite analysts.
and we have the most dangerous backfield. Even Greg McElroy said he thinks we will win the SEC and go to CFB playoff
You forgot to mention the Jets started Greg McElroy over Tebow, and he got cut because he refused to switch positions.
him and Greg McElroy splitting time.
And with the top conference, comes top receivers, top O-line, top TE...etc. Greg McElroy was good too
I was so excited for SEC Network and then every day when I turn it on Greg McElroy is on there and I have to turn it off so I don't vomit
Greg McElroy said we're going to win all but lose to LSU.. Ohkayyy😒
"Gus Malzahn is the best play caller in college football" says Greg McElroy
​"Greg McElroy can play with TEN TIMES as many cracked ribs as Cam Newton, PAAAWLLL!"
Greg McElroy is cracking me up on the SEC network. 😂
Greg McElroy is the definition of a *** 😒
sec network is the worst because of Greg McElroy
Greg McElroy isn't bad, but I find it hard to believe that he's the best the SEC Network could get.
How the *** did Greg McElroy live through the Jets locker room
Greg McElroy is wrong. How is Connor Shaw the biggest void from an SEC QB? They still have Dylan Thompson back too.
SiriusXM College Sports Nation channel to broadcast from preseason camps at more than 20 of nation’s top college programs   Hosts on tour include Gene Chizik, Eddie George, Dan Hawkins, Greg McElroy, Houston Nutt, Phil Savage and other experts   NEW YORK – July 31, 2014 – SiriusXM will kick off its third annual “SiriusXM College Sports Nation Camp Tour” this Sunday, August 3, and will broadcast on location from more college football training camps than ever before.    Over the span of 20 days in August, SiriusXM’s experts will visit 22 of the top college football programs across the country where they will host three-hour shows to give fans an in-depth preview of their teams leading into the 2014 season. On each broadcast, listeners will get expert analysis of each program, as well as one-on-one interviews with coaches and players.    SiriusXM College Sports Nation hosts on the tour include Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George; Former Alabama QB and National Championship winner Greg McElro ...
Les Miles to Former Alabama QB turned analyst, Greg McElroy on ESPN . "Congrats on a great career (in the NFL)"
Lol @ the "experts" being Jesse Palmer and Greg McElroy.
Rex Ryan started Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow. Let's dwell on this and then reconsider if he's out of the league for being Christian.
Interviewing Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy at SEC Football Media Days about his new role as SEC…
Greg McElroy just said that his favorite player in the SEC is and Ole Miss was his sleeper team.
"Ole Miss could absolutely surprise people like Auburn did last year." -Greg McElroy 😏 🔴🔵
The SEC Network signed Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy, so we're signing Stephen Garcia...
Until I get on SEC Network, I will just have to watch Paul Finebaum, Tim Brando, Greg McElroy & Tim Tebow.
Just hangin with our boy Greg McElroy at Crimson Caravan on Thursday ❤ @ Omni Hotels and Resorts…
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Chance Warmack, Nick Saban and Greg McElroy at the Crimson Caravan event in Nashville tonight. http…
well you were good with John Parker Wilson and Greg McElroy. I don't think I'm the one that is biased.
McCarron is just another Greg McElroy or John Parker Wilson with a hotter girlfriend.
1-on-1 with Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy on SEC Network, Title Races and More
Ok folks here it is 2014 ...cold water challenge ..,I was nominated by my little three year old Keelend Reed... You have 24 hrs ... If not u have to donate to your charity of choice... Greg McElroy, Shekinah Traxler,Jared Reed,Conrad Corbin and a special thanks to Ronnie and Renne Whitaker for letting us use your pond
he's got more talent than Greg McElroy. I'll definitely give him that.
Join Bama in Atlanta for our spring meeting featuring former UA Quarterback and new SEC Network personality Greg McElroy! We'll be at Hudson Grille in Midtown on Thursday, May 8 beginning at 6:30pm. Price includes a full dinner (several entrees to choose from), the chance to hear Greg, and the oppor…
Lawd, the things I would give up to be with Greg McElroy.
Hey Sally in AL...Greg McElroy, John Parker Wilson. He's a nice guy so AJ McCarron should go high? You're an ***
So where is AJ "Brodie Croyle-John Parker Wilson-Greg McElroy" McCarron expected to go in this draft?
I just don't like the conference argument. How did that work out for JeMarcus Russell? Greg McElroy? Tim Tebow?
other than Cam, the National Championship QB...including Alabama's Greg McElroy suggest that means bunk
On Friday's show, you said to play if you can. Same advice to Greg McElroy?
what's ur opinion on the QB coming out of Alabama..AJ Mccaron..and whats the DIf from him to our former jet QB Greg Mcelroy
Greg McElroy now part of SEC Network set to launch August 14. I predict you will join him in 5 years or less.
Only Jason Campbell and Josh Johnson now. Practice-squad QB Greg McElroy retired in March.
winners in college do not = NFL success. Cc: Matt Lienart, Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy,
Greg McElroy on Williams-Brice: "One of the more crazy student sections...Watch the SEC promo&multiply by 10". Yeah that sounds about right
Greg McElroy recapping his favorite visit to Death Valley. I'm sure he absolutely enjoyed it.
I now have something in common with Greg McElroy. The 2010 Bama vs. Arkansas game was the best atmosphere we've ever experienced.
in terms of outright futility, Greg McElroy vs Texas in 2009 was pretty pointless. 6 for 11 for 58 yards. That's the entire stat line
Aye, Greg McElroy is going to be at this tournament I'm working today. Totally going to try and get a selfie with him.
what's the difference between McCarron and Greg McElroy?
Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy picks Auburn as SEC favorite in 2014
So Johnny Manziel scored a 32 on his Wonderlic test ... who gives a flyin funk? It shouldn't up his draft stock even a little bit. You either like him or don't like him. DO NOT let this stupid 50 question test sway you either way ... I dislike him ... but when it comes down to it ... this test MEANS NOTHING! Check this out: "History tells us that the Wonderlic doesn’t predict future NFL success considering the varying scores. For example Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Harvard graduate, and Greg McElroy have the highest recorded scores at 48 and 43 respectively. On the other side of the spectrum, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw and Steve McNair all scored a 15. PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE N SMOKE IT!"
Did Tim Tebow's brain injury affect his play after Kentucky? Greg McElroy? Colt McCoy? Seems like it.
Greg McElroy & Colt McCoy's undiagnosed concussions were the last NFL games they started. Was it the brain injury? http:…
Greg McElroy, Former Alabama QB, joins SEC Network as an analyst via
Greg McElroy joins Tebow, others at SEC Network - -
Greg McElroy joins Tim Tebow on the SEC network. LMAO! Save a spot for AJ McCarron, he'll be needing a job next year... WDE!!
Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow, as college football analyst... Finally we will have analyst that know what the *** they're talking about. One of my dreams is finally coming true :) Roll Tide! ~Charlie
Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy has retired and will be joining Tim Tebow as an analyst in the ESPN SEC network
Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy will be joining the SEC Network, only on DISH. He will be joining former SEC quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Jessie Palmer in the analyst role. Only on DISH.
From Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy will be an analyst for the SEC Network
3-21: So on the two-year anniversary of the Tim Tebow trade, Mark Sanchez gets cut, Greg McElroy announces his retirement and Vick joins the team. That has to be cosmos, right? (Cimini)
Just like Barry Sanders and Jim Brown, Greg McElroy retires from the game in his prime.
Yep so true Greg McElroy on fox sports live yesterday. Charissa thompson is right Greg McElroy to fox…
like Colt McCoy, like Greg McElroy, a hole bunch of QB's that had huge college careers, that just don't have a good nfl
Just realized I'm a year and a half older than Greg McElroy. Ugh.
A review of four hot issues from the New York Jets' 23-3 loss Sunday to the Miami Dolphins: 1. Triple option at quarterback: Unless they switch to the single wing, the Jets will have to name a starting quarterback for Sunday's home game against the Oakland Raiders. Rex Ryan will consider all three quarterbacks -- the slumping Geno Smith, the unproven Matt Simms and the ancient David Garrard. It's a no-win selection. Smith, in a serious funk, needs a timeout. He needs to watch a week or two from the sideline, perhaps gathering himself for another shot at the end of the season. Simms isn't ready, but at least he has a live arm and young legs. Garrard, 35, is a grizzled vet, but he has a bad knee and hasn't played since 2010. He'd be a sitting duck in the pocket. My prediction is that Ryan will go with Simms, although he's been known to bypass the No. 2 in this type of situation. Does Tim Tebow/Greg McElroy ring a bell? 2. Blowouts are bad: The Jets' 5-7 record isn't troubling; after all, we all expected thi ...
I'd take him in a heartbeat over Dalton. Is Matt Leinart available? Didn't we sign Greg McElroy?
Alabama has always been know as Linebacker U. With Names like Derrick Thomas, Cornelius Bennett, Leroy Jordan, Marty Lions, Ra-Sheed Saleem, Nico Johnson, Rolondo McLain, Donta Hightower,Courtney Upshaw, CJ Mosely tied to our university, I can understand why. We could easily be called QuarterBack U as well. Bart Starr,Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, Jay Barker, Tyler Watts, Brodie Croyle, Greg McElroy, and AJ McCarron have all been the leader of our team at one time. But couldn't we also be called Running back U also? Bobby Humphrey, Derrick Lassic, Shawn Alexander, Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacey, TJ held on and Drake Kennon. From the Past to the Present, You cannot deny that Bama has produced some of the best the game has ever seen. I am sure I have left off numerous others that have been game changers. Feel free to share who you favorite bama player is. RTR!!
He's better than Greg Mcelroy that won 4yrs as their QB. He really reminds me of Tom Brady of is Michigan days but better.
Last point: Alabama is the epitome of a complete team. They can and have been successful with guys like Greg McElroy and John Parker Wilson.
that same pro system that Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Greg Mcelroy, and Jamarcus Russell ran in college?
OK, I got . 1. My favorite Alabama player of all time is Jay Barker. Runner-up goes to Greg McElroy. 2. I saw my first Tuscaloosa game against Ole Miss in 1992. Saw some others at Legion Field that year, too. 3. I don't like Auburn. 4. Before attending this season's game against Arkansas, the last Bama game I saw without a press box view was at Legion Field against Louisiana Tech in 1999. 5. I think it's pretty cool to look back through all of my dad's old programs (they used to look like newspapers) and ticket stubs. 6. During halftime of the 2005 Tennessee game, I took a *** next to Snake Stabler. 7. Another cool Snake story: I went to homecoming in 1998 against Southern Miss with my grandpa. Snake and Eli Gold were signing autographs at the quad. My grandpa told him that he wished he could get out there and play QB for us. Andrew Zow was QB at the time. Snake's response: "Me too." 8. I could listen to my grandpa's stories about Cecil Dowdy, Paul Crane, Pat Trammell and Namath (among others) all day. A ...
2009- Julio Jones rose to the occasion with a 73-yard touchdown reception from Greg McElroy. Before the TD, Alabama trailed LSU 15-13 in the fourth quarter with 12:35 remaining. After the two-point conversion by Trent Richardson and a field goal from Leigh Tiffin, Alabama put LSU away 24-15.
Vince Young and Tim Tebow don't have jobs. But Matt Simms, Blaine Gabbert, Greg McElroy, Joe Webb, Rex Grossman, and C…
I don't see that the Browns made any moves to get a QB before the trade deadline. Not sure if there were any options to pick up a QB before... say like Matt Castle. However I've looked up the NFL practice squads and there are 2 QBs that would be worth a shot and with no trade issues, Greg McElroy and Chandler Harnish would be who I would go after.
I have reached a breaking point today with this sickness. It is not one you can just decide to be over and get up and have your normal life back. It actually requires rest and patience. I am not patient and tired of resting. Please say a prayer for quick healing. It's one thing after another and I'm just exhausted. Thank you Greg McElroy for all your help! Regina Tetik Hoover for dinner and Jenni Bass for NyQuil. And all others who have been encouraging and praying. Love you all.
Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Greg McElroy. He is no longer with us but all the happy memories remind me of how just how great a guy he was. Greg, you are greatly missed.
Greg McElroy if you are reading this, please just show up to the practice facility tomorrow
I got a Greg McElroy jersey last Christmas. Imagine how I feel.
Greg McElroy is not the reason they lost by 40 points. Not even close.
Greg McElroy for giving your D the lowdown on our playbook.
Anybody think Greg McElroy provided Bengals some intel? He did go through camp and preseason under MM's new system!. Just a thought!
how much do u attribute yesterday's defense to Greg McElroy being a former jet?
A little SEC QB trivia: Matt Simms makes an NFL active roster, but not Tim Tebow, Tyler Wilson or Greg McElroy.
is it possible greg mcelroy tipped off the bengals? He is a genius.
Rex Ryan should ring up Greg McElroy - believe he actually won a game as back up ...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I blame Greg McElroy sharing all that intel.
After cutting Greg McElroy especially, I tend to agree with this sentiment too.
If Greg McElroy did share some intel on Jets' offense & defense, it may not have helped, but it certainly didn't hurt.
Ah, good call. Must have blacked out during Greg McElroy-Ryan Lindley, Coz.
Looks like Greg McElroy told them everything.
Greg McElroy has a higher opinion of himself than is warranted.
*** Greg McElroy snitching on the
OU vs TT. That game was awesome. Enjoyed every minute.Especially when Eli leaned to and said "thanks for bringing me here!"
AJ McCarron is the next Greg McElroy in the NFL.
New York Jets not worried about Greg McElroy (via
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