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Greg Kinnear

Gregory Greg Kinnear (born June 17, 1963) is an American actor and television personality who first rose to stardom in 1991. He has appeared in more than 20 motion pictures, and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in As Good as It Gets.

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Go for the Greg Kinnear look with your next style. 😉
Greg Kinnear. . Joe Piscopo in a younger year.
Greg Kinnear with play you in the Showtime series.
Any chance we can check in on Mystery Men? It's just that no one's heard from Greg Kinnear sin…
I mean the wonderful Australian show 'Rake' with Richard Roxburgh btw not the ill-fated and ill-implemented US version with Greg Kinnear :-/
Greg Kinnear is the correct answer.
That Scaramucci call is my muse. I feel like Greg Kinnear watching Helen Hunt get in a bathtub.
I freaking love Mystery Men! "We are number one. All others are number two, or lower..." Greg Kinnear plays a great ***
Stuck on You - the Matt Damon/Greg Kinnear conjoined twin movie. 5 people walked out.
When is Greg Kinnear going to play Anthony Scaramucci?
Has Greg Kinnear started covering MMA after the acting roles dried up?
His life will forever be different. Greg Kinnear stars as Ron Hall in
I had a dream I stayed in a Greg Kinnear themed hotel
Magnolia, starring Greg Kinnear and Doris Day. Directed by Stephen Frears, music by Bic Runga and Dan Wilson. Budget: $250m
Is there anything Greg Kinnear cannot do?
My Grab driver be lookin like Greg Kinnear and smells good ooo I'm about to elope!
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Yeah, I could get behind that. Years ago, Mike and I said Greg Kinnear and Craig Kilborn.
Leeds MD Angus Kinnear: "It is clear that all money generated from ticket sales is going straight back in to improving the…
In past strangers have told me I look like Greg Kinnear, Jon Stewart or even (drunk ones) George Clooney. A new one this wk? Steve Martin.
Which one of you is dating Eva Mendes and which one of you is Greg Kinnear?
Just passed Greg Kinnear in Heathrow airport. Maybe this is as good as it gets?
I think we can all agree that Greg Kinnear should play in the film about Trump's presidency.
Did you ever watch The Kennedys box set with Greg Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson? 👌🏻
Can Samuel L. Jackson and Greg Kinnear pull off one last heist in Peoria for old time’s sake?
Dr. Cardigan is a Poor Man's Greg Kinnear. Also, he probably killed Chloe and staged her body that way.
Greg Kinnear: Lived in Greece for a time and can speak Greek.
A man always looks good in a dark suit. – Greg Kinnear. Agrees.
I had the inverse reaction never thinking one way or another bout greg kinnear til lil men. I like bittersweet stuff v much
Artists have flops. Ever seen the movie (comedy) w Matt Damon & Greg Kinnear as conjo…
Omg. We have thoughts on Greg kinnear
Meg and I decided that greg kinnear's name is an onomatopoeia like his voice sounds just like his name does
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i was so psyched for Little Men bc i love greg kinnear but i just hated that movie. too many relations…
God isn't dead. Greg kinnear told me so.
And Greg Kinnear and Margo Martindale. They were so funny literally ctfu
Oh I agree with you! Even the remake with Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear and Harrison Ford. Nakak…
Barry Pepper is the name of a real person? Didn't Greg Kinnear do Kennedy?
We can tell you with some authority that this is Brigsby's first trip to the beach with Greg Kinnear. htt…
If I'd known you were having lunch with Greg Kinnear, I'd have asked you to ask him about my theory he should play Putin.
Diane Keaton was in Something's Gotta Give w/ Jack Nicholson who was in Aa Good As It Gets w/ Greg Kinnear...
I just really love Greg Kinnear so much
Ivan Eckermann, Greg Phillips and Kym Kinnear celebrate their thrashing of Glenelg in the 1981 Grand Final - 95 to…
Greg Kinnear's character in the 2005 movie "is basically Donald That's some foreshadowing.…
Kyle Mooney & Greg Kinnear in for Opens in July in the U.S.
The director, main actor, scriptwriter and Greg Kinnear come to the screening only didn't see Mark
Oh, how do I love Alessandro. MT: THR EXC: Greg Kinnear, Alessandro Nivola join Chris Evans in Mossad spy drama
Greg Kinnear. Chris Evans. NO OnE is curious about where the Israeli Actors are? No one?
John Goodman as Monsoon. Greg Kinnear as Heenan. Jason Segel + CGI as Andre. Charlie Hunham on stilts as Hogan. Paul Giamatti as Heyman.
Boy oh boy this new Patton Oswalt and Greg Kinnear buddy cop movie looks great
Been watching The Affair.Good performance of yours. A mix of Greg Kinnear and William Holden. Dominic reminds me of Messala.
Films with Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Elizabeth Olsen, and to debut at
Chicken Run, starring Marlon Wayans and Greg Kinnear. Directed by Brad Bird, music by Badly Drawn Boy. Budget: $140m
Ever since Confirmation I only see Greg Kinnear when looking at Joe Biden. Is that a step up from only thinking about his love of ice cream?
Sorry Arizona coeds. Have to find some other alumni to do body shots (Geraldo or Greg Kinnear maybe?)
I added a video to a playlist Stuck in Love 2012 - Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins
did you ever watch the Greg kinnear windshield wiper movie
Watching a movie where Greg Kinnear is choosing between Kristen Bell and Jennifer Connolly. Tough life. And total fiction.
I literally don't know why but I have the biggest crush on Greg Kinnear? Like idk man
Amazing how much Greg Kinnear sounds like Joe Biden in "Confirmation." Uncanny.
If you're working on a movie, you want it to be projected on the large...
SPINNING MAN gets promo at The film shoots in MN this summer.
Greg Kinnear, Emma Roberts to star in 'Spinning Man' psychologial thriller
I've never had a clear road map. When things come along, I benefit.
You don't get to pick your partners in families; you get assigned a se...
Well, I don't know what image people have of me.
The ideal pick would've been a Greg Kinnear type, or maybe a Mark Valley.
Oscar nominated actor, Greg Kinnear, wants you to help him Stand Up To Cancer
I'm more of a Greg Kinnear kind of guy.
Say it ain't so! But Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connolly are always like, Try adobo, etc.
There's something in human nature, the trying-to-get-on-with-it qualit...
I dreamed an entire movie about the origins of classic country stars. Greg Kinnear played Merle Haggard. Yep.
I don't mind if a guy blows me off by saying he's "in a weird place," because I picture him in a hammock chair in Greg Kin…
oh my god, remember when Greg Kinnear was on Talk Soup. Let's call him up and remind him
Saw the movie about Bob Crane with Greg Kinnear playing Bob.
Had a dream I was in a very strange movie with Michel Myers, Greg Kinnear, Helen Mirren, and another older lady. It was funny.
I feel like Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden in is all and I's dreams all wrapped up in one and it's wonderful
HBO's Confirmation coming out in April. Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden.You can spot me on the photo…
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is about the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings. Greg Kinnear plays Joe Biden.
Confirmation ALSO stars Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden, which feels like hilariously appropriate casting on some level I can’t explain.
stars as Anita Hill, as Clarence Thomas & Greg Kinnear as Senator Joe Biden.
*** you must be a Farrelly Bros. movie starring Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon cuz ya got me straight Stuck On You.
Greg Kinnear wrote an article to save his girlfriend Meg Ryan's bookstore only to cheat on him with Tom Hanks who she met o…
According to my therapist I've dated way too many Greg Kinnear's in 90's movies opposite Ashley Judd. She really knows how to speak to me.
Beginning as Communicate Soup in 1991, the show featured hosts Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks & Aisha Tyler
Not sure about Jon Stewart, but Aisha Tyler was on there and Greg Kinnear did it for a while too.
E! sez it will end Joel McHale-hosted satire series The Soup after 22 years on Dec. 18. Greg Kinnear and Aisha Tyler also once hosted.
The movie STUCK ON YOU starring Matt Damon & Greg Kinnear. with Ben Carson playing the surgeon? WHAT?
So, like THIS, but one of them is Greg Kinnear or Daryl Hannah or Ice T:
Ben Carson appeared in the 2003 film, Stuck on You, as the surgeon who "splits" Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon. Look it up!
Just a reminder that Ben Carson was in the 2003 Matt Damon/Greg Kinnear movie, 'Stuck On You.'
Yes, that's Ben Carson as the surgeon who separates Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear in "Stuck on You."
Should we be mad because Tom Hanks cheats on Parker Posey with Meg Ryan/her w Greg Kinnear?
When Greg Kinnear shows up in a 2001 schmaltzy romantic comedy you knows it's a good one.🙌🏻
Didn't know Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear were in a movie together. Nice nice nice
Jack's brought Greg Kinnear "some Chinese soup". I hope there's no shark's fin or bird's nest in it.
To be fair, this is not an entirely new phenomenon. Consider the Meg Ryan-Greg Kinnear breakup scene in YOU'VE GOT MAIL
"Science fiction still is an idea genre.". -Greg Kinnear.
...featuring GREG KINNEAR as 'chains', 'kill' and now he’s dead…
Why Greg Kinnear is all we should ever ask
Was there seriously a movie made about Greg Kinnear inventing windshield wipers or did I just dream that?
*extremely Greg Kinnear in Mystery Men voice* Ahh dang
Cat lovers turn into cat collectors.Greg Kinnear
I can't tell Rob Lowe and Greg Kinnear apart for some reason.
Greg Kinnear never manages to pronounce Khrushchev correctly in The Kennedys. He keeps calling him Cruise Ship 😂
like the ambiguous maybe a lady version of Greg Kinnear
take off your top and get killed by Greg Kinnear 🙏🏼
anyone else thinking of taking off their top and getting killed by Greg Kinnear?
Part of filmmaking is always a guessing game and part of it is always a game of trust! . Greg Kinnear.
I had trouble with Rob Lowe in this Role. Not very convincing. For me, Greg Kinnear was far better in 13 days
I try to live life as Greg Kinnear as me.
Wasn't there a movie with Greg Kinnear abt a regular guy having to fight a car manufacturer 4 stealing his idea
spectacle by successive crops of 9 year olds leaking fluids as they stared at Greg Kinnear and then John Stewart snarking into camera.
Makes you wonder if they would have cast a Greg Kinnear had they discovered the water prior to the movie
Here's a 1995 remake of the 1954 movie Sabrina, starring Julia Ormond, Harrison Ford & Greg Kinnear. I loved it to.
The Kennedys mini-series. Greg Kinnear as John, Katie Holmes as Jackie, Tom Wilkinson as Joe. It's even worse than it sounds.
Who do you guys think the next celebrity to do a weird liquor commercial will be? I say Greg Kinnear.
Greg Kinnear made his career out of being the bargain Tom Hanks.
Who would you rather be: Greg Kinnear or Jay Mohr
Arizona's celebrity picker is the horse trainer guy?! Was Greg Kinnear booked?
When was the last time you paid close attention to Greg Kinnear's arc in "Little Miss Sunshine"?
And no, it's not a young Greg Kinnear.
"Illusions are dangerous people, they have no flaws." -Sabrina (1995) w/Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear, Julia Ormond
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I wish You've Got Mail had a sequel where Parker Posey and Greg Kinnear hook up too and are just awful together.
Next on 'Heaven is for Real' at:04:11 IST.Genre:Drama. IMDB Rating-5.8/10.Cast:Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, C
Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins (daughter from The Blind Side) and Nat Wolff (from John Green book films).
really good book. Also a good movie with John Malcovich & Greg Kinnear
Stuck in Love TRAILER (2013) - Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly Movie HD I love this movie
wow.Greg Kinnear, Barry Manilow, Venus Williams and Newt Gingrich share my day. Tim Allen shares my path. Wow
New review, "Heaven is for Real" starring Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly
of course, there was a movie about it: autofocus I think it was called. Greg Kinnear. And a good family guy joke.
Greenie's appearance is reminiscent of Matt Damon's goalie performance in Stuck on You without Greg Kinnear.
Greg Kinnear, star of stage and screen, just walked into Chipotle!
Can't wait to get this miniseries in the mail in the next couple of days. I know that Greg's Kinnear…
Watching Sabrina(1995). Everyone else napping. Shhh... Greg Kinnear is awesome in this movie, actually everyone who appears in it is awesome
Greg Kinnear's new look is not becoming
The irony is that you can't use real rain to make movies. ~Greg Kinnear
.reminds me a little of Greg Kinnear...
The bad ex in this Hallmark TV movie looks like the love child of Hugh Grant & Greg Kinnear.
This prize has already been claimed by Matt Damon & Greg Kinnear in "Stuck on you". I notice they're not even double B, so ***
Movies I am not looking forward to: Ant Man, Pitch Perfect 2, any Greg Kinnear movie.
What was it like when you made out with Greg Kinnear?
Leslie Dawn can't tell the difference between Greg Kinnear and Mel Gibson.
Last night I dreamt I was in a relationship with Greg Kinnear. My head's gone.
Rob Andringa looks like the love child of Greg Kinnear and William H. Macy.
Watching the 1995 Sabrina. Love Harrison Ford, but have found myself more attracted to Greg Kinnear lately.
Greg Kinnear seems like the kind of guy that would not enjoy your company.
I added a video to a playlist Greg Kinnear (Thin Ice) full movie (HD)
partying. Looking for ATO brother from U of A Greg Kinnear
Greg Kinnear should play Phil Mickelson in a bio pic right?
I think it's sweet of Rainn Wilson and Fox to make a whole TV series just to help Greg Kinnear feel better about RAKE.
Just rode up the elevator with Greg Kinnear and Tom Arnold
I added a video to a playlist Heaven Is for Real Interview - Greg Kinnear (2014) - Religious Family
Greg Kinnear is in the movie Robots?¿??¿
Shiny every time I go to Texas I take off my top and get killed by Greg Kinnear
"I'm here... I'm Greg Kinnear... get use to it" - I ran to my computer to write this
Auto Focus was creepy as *** but very good. Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe were amazing. I'd never watch it again, though.
Greg Kinnear and Meg Ryan were so quirky in that movie.
Among the top contenders so far are HEAVEN IS FOR REAL starring Greg Kinnear and Thomas Haden Church, GOD’S NOT...
Joe Buck makes my ears go to sleep. He sounds like Greg Kinnear's impression of Ted Koppel on Valium.
when in reality, Bill Pullman > Greg Kinnear > that kid who plays the son in Sleepless in Seattle > Tom Hanks
I would love to work with Emily Blunt, Evan Peters, Greg Kinnear, Dane DeHaan, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway. To name a few...
This girl interviewing Tim Howard on ABC News is as sweaty and flirty as Sydney Anne was interviewing Greg Kinnear in You've Got Mail
"Bill Paxton is in Twister, Bill Pullman is in Independence Day, & Greg Kinnear is in everything else."
He's an East Coast time early bird. She's a Central time night owl. Greg Kinnear and Reese Witherspoon in "Time Zoned Out".
Some US Diplobrats are Greg Kinnear, John Kerry, Kathleen Turner, William Hurt, Dylan Walsh, Oliver Platt his father was an ambassador.
Watch a movie today. The English Teacher starring Julianne Moore, Greg Kinnear and Nathan Lane. Julianne Moore...
HUGE congrats to for landing a role in alongside Renee Zellweger & Greg Kinnear in "Same Kind of Different as M… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Greg Kinnear and Edward Norton are such incredible actors..
Greg Kinnear and Renee Zellweger to experience revelations in 'Same Kind of Different'
I like any movie where Greg Kinnear dies at the end.
Jon Voight and Greg Kinnear are joining the cast of "Same Kind of Different As Me."
Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellweger to shoot 'Same Kind of Different as Me' in Jackson, Miss., for Paramount
Greg Kinnear and Djimon Hounsou Join Renee Zellweger in 'Same Kind of Different as Me'
Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight join cast of 'Same Kind of Different as Me': Washington, Oct 29 : Gre...
Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou and Jon Voight to star in “Same Kind of Different as Me”.
"Nurse Betty" stars Greg Kinnear and Renee Zellweger reunite for "Same Kind of Different as Me"...
OK yeah but like nat wolff's acting in that movie.wait all the acting in that movie.only greg kinnear forever
added Greg Kinnear as Ron Hall to credits
Wasn't huge Greg Kinnear fan til saw Autofocus. Now can't stop watching. Playd 2 perfection. & Wm Dafoe is his creepy best. A Schrader film.
Same Kind of Different As Me...the movie! Coming soon! I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. It was... http:…
Djimon Hounsou, Greg Kinnear y Jon Voight, arropan a Renee Zelweger en "Same kind of differente as me".
Its Rory Kinnear not Greg Kinnear. I think you need to update the review.
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The gimmick of the Aisha Tyler/Greg Kinnear episode of Friends is lost on all future generations of television viewers.
lmao. Sabrina with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear
Not to be confused with Greg Kinnear. Home Depot: Menear will become CEO on Nov. 1 via
the 1988 Oscars were a disgrace: Best Supporting Actors;Greg Kinnear, Burt Reynolds and Anthony Hopkins for Amistad pale next to Cromwell
It's out on Netflix. 😄 Julia Ormond is Sabrina, Harrison Ford is Linus, and Greg Kinnear is David.
Also Sabrina with Harrision Ford, Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear is on Netflix so everyone should watch that.
One of my faves, Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear...can one go wrong? Plus, great NYC scene
Greg Kinnear & Kelly Reilly star in at selected UK cinemas NOW!
Forgot Robin Williams beat out Anthony Hopkins, Burt Reynolds, Robert Forster and ... Greg Kinnear for the 1998 supporting actor Oscar.
Film to send me off to the land of nod ... Tonight's choice - Sabrina , with Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear . Love it 👍
Heaven is for Real: Heaven is for Real Amazon Instant Video ~ Greg Kinnear (1020) Download: $3.99 (Visit the...
I saw a crap sequel to Angels in the outfield without Christopher Lloyd or baseball called Heaven is for Real, with Greg Kinnear
I'm five min into a movie called "Stuck In Love" w/ Greg Kinnear & Jennifer Connelly, about a writer & his writer teens. Love it!
Greg Poehler seems like if Amy Poehler were played by Greg Kinnear.
If Amy Poehler & Greg Kinnear had a love child, it would be Greg Poehler. Cuteness overload.
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He sounds like he'd look like if Greg Kinnear with the voice Adam Corolla, and GK.
Feast of Love Trailer - Directed by Robert Benton and starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, Billy Burke, Toby Hemingway, Fred Ward. A meditation on love and...
Directed by Randall Wallace. With Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Thomas Haden Church, Connor Corum. A small-town father must find the courage and conviction to share his son's extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world.
15 Movies That Inspire Entrepreneurship. 1. This 2001 documentary follows the rise and fall of a promising startup called Despite a lot of buzz and funding for the company, the founders must deal with in-house bickering and getting too inflated too fast. Why watch it? There are many takeaways from this documentary. For starters, it illustrates just how detrimental it can be when partners aren’t on the same page. Another lesson learned is how to properly manage a budget after you’ve secured funding. 2. Flash of Genius, Greg Kinnear portrays Bob Kearns, the inventor if intermittent windshield wipers. Despite the Detroit automakers embracing the idea, Kearns nevers receives credit. The rest of the film chronicles his battle against these corporate heavyweights. Why watch it? Having an important idea that can enhance the lives of others, which Kearns accomplished, is important enough where it’s not just about receiving fame and fortune, it’s also important to remember to pro ...
Romantic Comedy. As Good As It Gets. Although, the more I think about it, the more I feel as if Romantic Comedy isn't so weak at all. There are lots of good ones solely because of actors like Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear. Also, I'm quite fond of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as a Screen duo. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were great in You've Got Mail. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale performed phenomenally in Serendipity. I could never forget Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, or America's Sweethearts. Even Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates summoned great screen chemistry together. All great Romantic Comedies.
Literally been putting off seeing this film for a dozen years. WELP, time to watch Greg Kinnear play Bob Crane.
Greg Kinnear is like the male Julianne Moore. They're both talented and they agree to play low-budget movies.
Double Feature time again, first up I re-watched Green Zone from Director Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum, United 93, Captain Phillips) and written by Brian Helgeland (Payback, Man on Fire, L.A. Confidential). Starring Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Brendan Gleeson, Amy Ryan, Khalid Abdalla and Jason Isaacs. I really like this film but I am not surprised most don’t. It’s a very political war time film with an agenda and message that some may disagree with. When I go into a film I try to rate it by how entertained I am and not if I agree with it. I was very entertained by this film. The movie is about the search for WMD’s is Iraq and if it was all made up to put us there, the film is nicely paced and has a few moments of action but this is not a Bourne film. Damon is great in the lead and backed by some great supporting cast members. 7/10 Next up is Lone Survivor, written and directed by Peter Berg (The Rundown, The Kingdom) and based on the book by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson. T ...
I might go to church a lot more often if Greg Kinnear was my pastor. Just sayin'.
yes, it has Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear and Julia Ormond. I saw it before the other version so I like it more.
Tonight's movie is SABRINA with Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear and Harrison Ford. I have yet to see the Audrey Hepburn version but I am so in love with this one. Been a few years.Tomorrow will be "WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING" with Sandra Bullock. I just love romantic comedies. Monday night will be "Notting Hill". Yup, got the line up ready.Now if only I could feel a bit more energized. Laughter is good medicine and these older movies bring so many good memories for me.soothing evenings.Make it a great weekend whatever you do!
SUMMARY Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the 4 year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who, during emergency surgery, slips from consciousness and enters heaven. When he awakes, he describes his experiences on the other side.   REVIEW This is director Randall Wallace’s first film in 4 years following his horse-racing drama Secretariat.  Now bringing us another inspiring true story based on the best-selling book of a boy’s near-death experience.   The film stars Emmy award winning actor (Greg Kinnear) who is perfectly cast as Todd Burpo and co-stars (Kelly Reilly) as Sonja Burpo, the real life couple whose son Colton (newcomer Connor Corum) claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Colton describes the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks very straightforward about things that happened before his birth ... things he couldn't possibly know. Todd and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this remarkable event.   Todd w ...
Caught a little bit of the 1995 remake of SABRINA (Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear) while I was having lunch. Pictured below, why they might as well have cast Moms Mabley in the title role, originally played by Audrey Hepburn in 1954 (with Humphrey Bogart and William Holden). How can anyone ever compare?
I'd even watch a Mitt Romney biopic if Greg Kinnear was in the lead role.
Christian leaders Ray Comfort and John Piper each recently discussed their views on "Heaven is for Real," the book turned into a movie starring Greg Kinnear and Connor Corum.
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OMG I nearly forgot to give my take on that movie "Heaven is for Real." Thanks Jamillah for correcting the name; I thought it was called 'God is Not Dead." That should tell you want I thought of it. Heaven may be for real and God may not be dead but that script sure is dead and not real! Greg Kinnear and Will Smith must have the same agent because they keep doing dopey movies. The writing on this one was clunky and it felt like a made-for-TV movie. And while Jesus doesn't look Danish like he does everywhere even though he was born and raised in the Middle East, in this movie he looks exactly like Kenny Loggins, and that's just too *** funny to take seriously. Save your money!!! The only positive of this film was the actor who played the little boy is a very cute kid. If you're *** bent on watching it, wait for it on the Lifetime channel where dopey movies end up when not even Redbox wants them. You've been warned!!!
Just finished watching "The English Teacher," an independent film released in 2013. Julianna Moore, Nathan Lane, Greg Kinnear, Michael Angarano and others. IMDB rates it a 5.8 on a 10 scale. If you're into teaching, drama, or slightly corny movies, it's probably a 7 or 8.
Reflecting back on the two movies I saw the past weekend. God's Not Dead, and Heaven Is for Real. The movies and the theology God's Not Dead: For a low budget movie ($2 million) it was well done. Good acting. Good message. Not sure how an unbeliever would perceive it. Probably preachy and maybe as if it was saying all college professors and or Atheists are arrogant jerks. How bout, this one was, and there are some who are VERY anti-Christian in the classroom. (I have Atheist friends and they're not jerks) I liked the way the various stories weaves in and out and ended up in similar places. And the Newsboys are pretty cool. And of course Willie and Korie Robertson. How do you not like them? The kids arguments were sound. I laughed and cried and was inspired. Heaven Is for Real: Again, relatively low budget at $10 million. Better production and actors in this movie. Greg Kinnear is one of my favorites. Thomas Haden Church is always good. Surprised he doesn't get more work. The kids in the movie are very goo ...
Alan and I are blessed to have an amazing friend who happens to be an insanely talented make up artist. Social media is not her "thing" but we all know how important is it for business. Look for her on Instagram and PLEASE follow her. You never know what/who she will be posting. Clients include Jim Carrey, Paul McCartney (yeah that Rolling Stone cover was her work), Steven Tyler (who do you think make him look good on Idol?), Josh Groban, Greg Kinnear, Ian Somerhalder and on and on. Lauren Kaye Cohen people look her up and follow (spread the word).
Greg Kinnear was very good in Heaven is Real. Thomas Hayden Church was really good too. I wonder if they're men of faith.
Greg Kinnear & Margo Martindale talk to Dustin Chase about
Heaven is for Real (PG) -- Starting today at 4:50 and 7:20 Special early opening shows starting tonight!! (Did you know Greg Kinnear is from Indiana?) ... And Starting Thursday: Transcendence (PG-13) 8:00pm & A Haunted House 2 (R) 8:00pm Get your tickets online now!
My video interview with dir. Randall Wallace, Greg Kinnear and Margo Martindale of |
Have you heard of "Heaven is for Real?" Colton is the boy who inspired the book & upcoming movie, featuring Greg Kinnear and due to be released this month. At the age of 4, Colton had a near-death experience during which time he says he visited heaven and saw relatives. Have you read the book? Do you intend to see the movie?
Anchorman 2 has Tina Fay, Any Poeler, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear, Liam Nissan, and real bits of panther in it!
Meeting Johnny Depp and Greg Kinnear tomorrow at press days. sweet!
Heaven is for Real starring Greg Kinnear at TCL Theater was MESMERIZING!! Opens April 16 nationally
Heaven is for Real Official Trailer starring Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Jacob Vargas ans directed by Randall Wallace After his son's extraordinary, life-...
Stars from the Heaven is for Real movie are getting ready to do interviews in the conference rooms next to our class!! Missy Duval - the movie has Greg Kinnear in it, and he is in the hotel!
New clip from the Heaven Is For Real movie, starring Greg Kinnear and a wiener kid who barks like a dog.
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Very early tomorrow, I will be flying to California to preview "Heaven Is For Real" and to interview Greg Kinnear, who plays the lead role as Colton Burpo's father, as well as the Burpo family--Colton (now a teenager) and his parents. I'm going to give you a heads up: This film (which will be released on Easter) is going to be one entertaining, family-friendly film!
Today in 4/2/2010: Last Song starring Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston is released
So I recently had the opportunity to read a book called "Heaven is for Real" which if you haven't read (Brechen Santeramo) I suggest you do. Well, im watching harry potter on abc family right now and the preview for the movie comes on.staring Greg Kinnear(sp?). Can't wait!
Just finished the movie, "I Don't Know How She Does It" with Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear.
Greg Kinnear is much better looking, anyway. ;-)
Conjoined twins Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear kicking *** to The Hustle in Stuck on You.made me chuckle :)
Greg Kinnear ... Greatest actor of all time. As many layers as an onion.
What are your thoughts on Rake ? Greg Kinnear's first major foray into TV, & as the lead character also. Really enjoying it!
Logan Lerman plus Lily Collins. And Greg Kinnear on the side. This is real YOLOing. Hope this one's a feel good movie, bilang nakaka-depress 'yung Doubt.
Oh and Greg Kinnear is in Heaven is for Real. So yeah. 😊
Another in a random series. Stuck in Love is a pleasant indie movie from 2012 starring Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly. Here’s the IMDB summary: An acclaimed writer, his ex-wife, and their teenaged children come to terms with the complexities of… [ 462 more words. ]
Poor Greg Kinnear has become the new Kirk Cameron, except Kinnear was respectable once.
Heaven is for Real TRAILER 1 (2014) - Greg Kinnear Movie HD A boy recounts tales from his visit to heaven after recovering from an emergency operation where ...
I wonder if Greg Kinnear knows his voice makes an appearance in Rihanna's song "Cockiness".
Greg Kinnear is a fantastic actor i love him tons actually 😁👏
If I went to a pageant id be like Greg Kinnear.
"Someone Like You." Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, and an Oh-My-GAWD smokin' hot Hugh Jackman. We just started it.
Greg Kinnear has showed me the way.
I knew it was time to quit wikipedia when I found myself reading a timeline of Greg Kinnear's career.
I finally watched Sabrina today with Greg Kinnear and Harrison Ford and I don't know if I liked it better than the original with Audrey Hepburn.
Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon are conjoined twins in Stuck On You, tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.
Watched this earlier. I like Greg Kinnear and this was on Netflix stream. I liked it.
I'm liking Greg Kinnear in his show " Rake". Great he has no car in LA...
I'm nervous about Greg Kinnear trying to play anyone but Jack Nicholson's *** wheelchaired interracial-coupled neighbor
Have a strange man attraction for Greg Kinnear
Boy is it ever! Hugh Jackman and Greg Kinnear as pseudo romantic rivals? Worth the hunt. It does drive me bonkers, sometimes.
Already know Bryan Cranston directed Modern Family twice, found out Greg Kinnear was on it, now I hear JONATHAN BANKS was on it? *** !
Greg Kinnear, hands down. He nailed Jack's accent and mannerisms to the T...Rob Lowe didn't quite have it down as well.
Greg Kinnear plays a reprehensible *** Stop me if you've heard this before.
Greg Kinnear is so utterly brilliant in this. Love watching him.Comedic acting is such a talent.Wishing the show great success.
Greg Kinnear in Rake is nowhere as great as the original AUS Rake with Richard Roxburgh ❤️
I think I'm in love with Greg Kinnear's Simon
Another show to try! Love Greg Kinnear so am hoping for good things!
is it the Greg Kinnear one or the original Aussie series?
how do you feel about the US version? I like Greg Kinnear as a ***
Finally watched last night's This show just gets better w/every episode😁! Greg Kinnear is so adorable! 😍😘
really like Greg KInnear but this show was a huge disappointment..enjoyyourfeast
Really enjoying this show with Greg Kinnear.
Heaven is for Real Official Trailer (2014) - Greg Kinnear Movie HD wow nice movie
Tomorrow night, we go primetime! Our song "I'm On To You" will be featured in the new Fox comedy-drama RAKE starring Gre…
. He knew when he married me that I had a mad crush on Greg Kinnear. Glad I get to see him every Thursday night on
Seriously, folks is a great show. The writing is awesome and Greg Kinnear is a blast to watch!
me too Greg Kinnear was such an *** in this scene. Who begrudges their daughter in grammer school ice cream??
not sure why I'm always surprised when Greg Kinnear puts on a good performance, but I am.
Do what you do best Keegan, screw yourself. Greg Kinnear delivers the lines too well.
too early. Was just watching As Good As It Gets. Even Greg Kinnear
must be nice ,, im watching RAKE with greg kinnear
love this show Greg Kinnear and Anthony Anderson both awsome actor's
The cute-eyed Greg Kinnear, the dialogue at times, demandingness, etc.
MTV Movie Awards: Full list of nominees, and analyzing some strange categories: Reilly vs. Greg Kinnear “Ident...
Heaven is for Real Official International Trailer (2014) - Greg Kinnear Movie HD - YouTube
Greg Kinnear was brilliant in Stuck in Love. and if you think otherwise you're wrong
Just loaded groceries next to a man that looked like Greg Kinnear and smelled strongly of pickle juice. Weird encounter.
For the chance to win a Global prize pack, send in your answer to the question below to contestsstar Greg Kinnear was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Which movie was this for?
Nathan Lane and Greg Kinnear to the rescue in "The English Teacher."
Meg Ryan chooses Tom Hanks over Bill Pullman and then Tom Hanks again over Greg Kinnear! And she gets Kevin Kline!!! What the.
What 1995 feature film is this sparkle from? HINT: Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond & Greg Kinnear
No! Remake of Sabrina Fair with Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear and Julia Ormond who is inhumanely beautiful in it
Invincible is a 2006 sports film directed by Ericson Core set in 1976. It is based on the true story of Vince Papale, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1976–78. Mark Wahlberg portrays Papale and Greg Kinnear plays Papale's coach, *** Vermeil. The film was released in the United States on...
Saw Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets with Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear ... brilliant.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Coming up in 'As Good as it Gets' at:06:30 IST. IMDB Rating:7.8/10.Cast:Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, *** Ul
My top 10 favorite *** male movie characters: 1)Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) 2)Val Kilmer as *** Perry in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) 3)William Dafoe as Paul Smecker in Boondock Saints (1999) 4)Steve Carell as Frank Ginsberg in Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 5)Ving Rhames as Fred G. Duncan in I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry (2007) 6)Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth in Blue Velvet (1986) 7)Efren Ramirez as Kaylo in Crank (2006) 8)Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in 007: Skyfall (2012) 9)Paul Reubens as Derek Foreal in Blow (2001) 10)Andy Samberg as Robbie Klaven in I Love you Man (2009) Other notable actors who played cool *** Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding Jr. in As Good as it Gets, Peger Dante and Allen Covert in Big Daddy, Jim Carrey and Ewen McGregor in I Love you Phillip Morris, Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, and John Ritter in Sling Blade. These characters do the impossible of making *** look "cool".
chosen as host for 2014 White House Correspondent's Dinner. Apparently, Greg Kinnear and Hal Sparks weren't available.
Greg Kinnear is not Hugh Laurie. He's not even Hugh Downs.
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