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Greg Jennings

Gregory Jennings, Jr. (born September 21, 1983 in Kalamazoo, Michigan) is a professional American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

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This is the stuff that makes teammates talk trash on you (al la Greg Jennings).
Said by Greg Jennings, butthurt cut wideout. Nice reference.
Let’s go into the mind of a Greg Jennings
I will always be a Greg Jennings fan, you could never talk me down from my decision.
Maybe Greg Jennings, he always has Rodgers' back... well, maybe not.
Here’s a crazy thought but what if Greg Jennings had broken both of his legs? Could he still have put the team on his back? I say yes
Saw it when Greg Jennings played for the Vikings
Greg Jennings is right. Without Rodgers the r not even a .500 team. The Patriots can e…
Lol whys Greg Jennings there when they’re talking about baseball
Every one of them had top tier targets in primes when they won. Jordy, Greg Jennings, Moss, Harrison,…
On offense but his defense is awful but again I ask what did Greg Jennings, James Jones,…
Greg Jennings broke his leg and put the team on his back delete this ma guy.
Need To Talk: Greg Jennings talks Aaron Rodgers has been published on Sports Headlines -…
5th?! You’ve been the Greg Jennings of Barstool Sports lately.
Greg Jennings -What's your reaction to Stephen Curry's comments?
Sure, but there is good reason to criticize him. Remember all of those Greg Jennings articles?
Greg Jennings says that Aaron Rodgers means so much to the Packers, that without him their playoff chances are...
Greg Jennings (Broken Leg) scores on the saints via legendary video
Greg Jennings talks to our crew about the progression of Aaron Rogers and his unfortunate injury.
For once I completely and wholeheartedly agree with Greg Jennings
I’m boutta get in the mind of a Greg Jennings
Looking forward to Saturday night at the Bookshop. Pete Jennings will be telling us Ghostly stories .
I see Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez had some high praise for Carson Wentz
Last stop on Ken's road trip was with Greg Hennes, owner of the Jennings Hotel in rural Joseph, OR. Read all...
Aaron Rodgers had Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones maybe not quite elite b…
And diggs has been in most of keenums game, And the best receiver teddy had was a rookie Stefan dig…
Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley 2 name a few of the great receivers Rodgers has had!
I’m not sure. Have we heard from Greg Jennings’ sister yet?
Here is what what was promising about Brett Hundley's game against the Saints: Greg Jennings……
let's get inside the mind of a one Greg Jennings...
All I know is is gonna have to pull a Greg Jennings for Denver.
Need a starting WR who can stretch the field and beat single coverage. A young Greg Jennings type
bro the Greg Jennings video has to be one of my favorite all time...SO MUCH DETERMINATION DOE
Same here always root against the evil empire Packers was hard to root for Greg Jennings because he w…
Ok my flag football team is 0-3 but I'm back at QB today I plan on putting the team on my back like Greg Jennings on Madden
As if a memelord would pass up a Greg Jennings Broken Leg or Marshawn…
Giannis puttin the team on his back like Greg Jennings
Greg Jennings is to this team like Cole Beasley is to the Cowboys. Third down security blankets
Greg Jennings reveals why Aaron Rodgers is more valuable to the Packers t...
I added a video to a playlist Greg Jennings (Broken Leg) scores on the saints
Lmfao if there's one thing i have the lungs of a Greg Jennings.
Greg Jennings explains why Adrian Peterson won\'t be a 1,000-yard rusher in New Orleans. (SPEEDonFOX)
Datone Jones. Will he be follow the linkes of Robert Ferguson and Greg Jennings, or will he actually pan out. He has an interesting skillset
jajaja yes, and Sharper, Longwell, Jones, Dujuan Harris, Greg Jennings, Desmond Bishop and more.
traded back for chad Jackson could of just drafted Greg Jennings
Rodgers had Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, Brady had Deion branch and Troy brown
Terrell Davis. Josh Norman. Greg Jennings. Chris Carter. Jason Taylor. Mike Golic. All of them just chillin in the Hilton Hotel.
Greg Jennings compares Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick’s responses to President Donald Trump
Fox colleague Greg Jennings thinks that Taylor Gabriel will “put the team on his back.” I am pitching this as a future segment.
Did you guys know Greg Jennings was processed by Lloyd Carr 2-3 weeks before NSD?
Greg Jennings just said that he would have attended U of M under Lloyd Carr had they not run out of scholarships 🙃
check where Greg Jennings and James Jones wound up after leaving Green Bay
Oliver Luck, Terrell Owens and Greg Jennings on concussion in the NFL
Last year it was Greg Jennings, Arian Foster and Mario Williams this year. I'm not totally against it, but he is 0-3 with the veterans.
Haven't heard much from loudmouths Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings lately. Hmmm, wonder why?
There is no way Aaron Rodgers is happy about this... Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings are going to say he suppor…
Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley always speaking on Rodgers like Greg career didn't die when he left and Jermichael was up & down.
I thought Davante Adams would become Robert Ferguson. Instead, he's become an in-his-prime Greg Jennings.
Looking for Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings comments like.
Ppl are starting to SCREAM on him in Packer nation including ex-teammates like Greg Jennings,Jermichael Finle
They should have had Terry Crews or Tim Allen as the guest picker instead of Greg Jennings on GameDay today.
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Brian Kelly was HC at CMU when Greg Jennings was at WMU. Sure sounded like Greg was calling out BK on
Why'd Gameday get Greg Jennings when Tim Allen and Terry Crews are alumni?
Seeing interactions like this is exactly why I'm not concerned about Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley's opinions on Aa…
I kind of think this about Rodgers. Greg Jennings bailed him out in SB he's been a stat guy playoff choker since,…
App far today: Drake expected to start, Jennings out for NYG, Watkins expected to be inactive, Marshall on snap count,…
The Packers best group of wide receivers was when they had Greg Jennings,Jordy Nelson, James Jones,Donald Driver and TE J.Finley.
As the greats did before me Kobe Bryant, Greg Jennings it is now my turn I am announcing my…
In honor of Greg Jennings retiring today...
In honor of Greg Jennings' retirement, relive his 2nd TD in Super Bowl XLV. 🏆. 🎥:
Greg Jennings retires as the only guy to score a TD with a broken leg in Madden history
McCarthy on Greg Jennings' retirement: Excellent football player, obviously a Super Bowl champion. Lot of great memories from…
Former WR Greg Jennings retired today. Watch his 1st of 2 TDs in Super Bowl XLV 🎥:
Greg Jennings is retiring from the NFL after 10 seasons with the Packers, Vikings & Dolphins (2010 Super Bowl Champ) htt…
Good bits of sports news today. Josh Gordon back, Greg Jennings retired, and Chapman to the Cubs.
Never forget when Greg Jennings put the team on his back
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In honor of Greg Jennings retirement announcement let's relive the greatest play of his career
nd congrats to Greg Jennings! I'll never forget when Matt Flynn threw an int vs the patriots 2 end da game nd he said we roll wit u baby lol
Greg Jennings may be retired but this video will live on forever 🐐🐐🐐
Veteran WR Greg Jennings announces his retirement from the NFL after 10 seasons.
Greg Jennings was one of the most underrated WRs in the league most of his career, and always had a smile on his face. Great dude.
Foster can stunt the growth of the young RBs, similar to what Greg Jennings did to WRs...ehhh
better than Greg Jennings if we can sign him last year; Foster is easily worth it
Greg Jennings was washed when Miami signed him. Comparing him to Foster, who when healthy is a top 10 HB is different, no?
Exactly right. Signing Foster is the signing of Greg Jennings all over again. All it would do is get in the way of the development of others
Judging by what has told me about Leonte Carroo, substituting him in place of Greg Jennings in Miami is going to be huge.
Didn't Greg Jennings & Finley both take shots at Rodgers, questioning his leadership? There are no current players saying it.
Ryan Longwell, Darren Sharper, Desmond Bishop, Greg Jennings, and some QB from Mississippi. Facts are facts, Anne.
So you have Greg Jennings wanting to sign back with the Vikings and then you have Laquon Treadwell posting this
Greg Jennings picks up phone in hopes of Vikes reunion
do we need a bring back Greg Jennings song like Chad Greenway's
with Driver and a young Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson?? Super bowl would've been too easy
Still blows my mind the had this squad in 2011:. Greg Jennings. James Jones. Donald Driver. Jordy Nelson. Randall Cobb. Jermichael Finley
Players like Wallace makes Vikings fan appreciate players like Greg Jennings, who showed a lot of class & respect
James Jones visited with the Dolphins. If they were disappointed in Greg Jennings...
offensively? Donald Driver a star? Greg Jennings and James Jones are stars?
yea James Jones and Greg Jennings went and tore up the league outside of GB
James Jones is a free agent. Is he done in GB?. Greg Jennings released. What's next for him?. Are the OK...
how do like idea of McAdoo bringing in Greg Jennings & doing what James Jones done? Familiar w/ system
Greg Jennings was released do we James Jones it and bring back?
Dolphins cut Greg Jennings and restructure deals for Suh & Misi:
Greg Jennings is as good a route runner as I've ever seen, and he has great hands. I'm sure by now he's realized what Rodgers did for him.
Greg Jennings was a *** of a player for GB. Major reason for their SB win. Left like a tool, but I'll remember the good times …
To make that happen, the first moves that should have been made are releasing Greg Jennings and Brent Grimes.
As for the Dolphins, Cameron Wake (6%), Greg Jennings (7%) and Brent Grimes (28%) are very likely to be released or forced into pay cuts
Greg Jennings with some honest thoughts on his former QB Ryan Tannehill.
The names on the chopping block in Miami are Cam Wake, Brent Grimes, Dion Jordan, Koa Misi, Jordan Cameron, Greg Jennings, Quinton Coples
VIDEO: Dolphins’ Greg Jennings goes mostly unrecognized when he dresses up as employee
Great Bridge AD Greg Jennings on the hiring of new football coach Steve O’Neal, "He said he bleeds green and gold."
Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Mark Chmura aren't walking through that tunnel. Rodgers needs some targets to throw to.
If Greg Jennings can run a touchdown back on a broke leg Ben can come back and win this game
Badly! Remember when we had Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Donald Driver
That's all great. But Charles Woodson, Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings ain't walkin through that door.
they gonna have Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and James Jones of 5 years ago running routes?
"Did Greg Jennings really just do the cat daddy in madden??!!!??"
Restructure Cameron Wake's, Jordan Cameron's, Thill's, contracts; cut Dion Jordan and Greg Jennings and Miami should have decent cap space
Knicks should make a move at the deadline for Brandon Jennings. Don't think they'll need to give up a lot . Jennings/Me…
Greg Jennings (Broken Leg) scores on the saints. Another One 🔑🔑🔑
Greg Jennings is here too, apparently.
chilling with Greg Jennings before the Timberwolves vs Cavs game!!
Rodgers doesn't make teammates better? Hmm, how did Greg Jennings & James Jones do when they left Green Bay??
Can the Greg Jennings tho commentator be included too. Or the multilingual commentary is strictly for the Superbowl
Is Greg Jennings still scoring at an alarming rate?
If she don't know S.e.x by luge Jennings she too young
and Greg Jennings hasn't played well since leaving
Love show but you're off here. Greg Jennings and James Jones left and were never heard from again. Until JJ came back
Love that Greg Jennings' TBT was to a Vikings picture and not one from the Packers 😂
if you thinking like that then the Green Bay Greg Jennings
I remember long time ago Greg Jennings took shots at QB, OC & HC in GB. T.O. said "no comment" & was on ESPN for a week for being …
Cool to see both Greg Jennings and Cullen Jenkins lined up on opposite sides of the field - former teammates in Green Bay for 5 seasons.
Monday night football, October 29th 2007. 13-13 overtime, Brett favre to Greg Jennings for 82 yards and game winner over Broncos.
Keenan Allen injury sounds terrible... Could this lead to a Greg Jennings for a 6th rd pick trade!?
Greg Jennings first 2 catches of the year come against Charles James. big heart, just not big enough everything else.
"I believe that Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings are better than Jordy Nelson and Julio Jones." -
tell me how James Jones and Greg Jennings did without him?
I guess if Rob Gronkowski and Randy Moss are "average" and Greg Jennings and James Jones are "elite"'ve got a case.
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Devante Parker's best chance for playing time this year will be if he can eat into Greg Jennings's snaps.
Dawg, let's go inside the mind of a Greg Jennings 😂
Jordy Nelson could go anywhere and thrive. He's no Greg Jennings. Jordy is a legit top 5 WR in the league.
Larry Fitzgerald is younger than Vincent Jackson & Marques Colston. Only a month older than Greg Jennings. Fitz has plenty left in the tank.
I like Rishard. His 23 targets in 3 games has me thinking he is above Greg Jennings, Kenny Stills and Parker. Good 2nd opt.
That man made Greg Jennings a top five wr & got James Jones headed to a pro bowl after being cut by Raiders & Giants. No mas
Trust in my prior evaluations of guys like Devante Parker, Kenny Stills. What I've seen of Greg Jennings. They fit Tannehill
First casualty should be Greg Jennings. Landry is awesome, let parker develop and maybe just maybe throw stills a ball
Greg Jennings needs to go he has had 3 straight games with HUGE drops early in the game. The rookie parker needs snaps over him.
Jarvis laundry,Jordan Cameron, Davonte Parker,Greg Jennings and still can't put up
Devante Parker and Kenny Stills, who are both 100% healthy, have 0 combined targets. Greg Jennings has two drops. Your 2015 Miami Dolphins
Also shouout to Lazor for giving Greg Jennings snaps while Parker and Stills sit on the bench smh.
Oh, you want Devante Parker? Well screw you, here's Greg Jennings!
Hey, Parker and Stills are both 100%. And both better than Greg Jennings. Give them snaps, por favor.
Greg Jennings is awful play Devante Parker already!
Three 'n out for Miami. One Hughes knockdown at the line, one drop by Greg Jennings. take over at the 23.
Greg Jennings drops another one.. get Parker in there..
"Let's go inside the mind of a Greg Jennings, br" XD
You have Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings, Landry, Cameron and Matthews and you struggling to score points 😑
No reason at all why Greg Jennings needs to be playing over Matthews. Matthews is the right now imo behind Landry.
Bad break for on 48-yd Matthews catch, tipped by Sergio Brown, good break on Greg Jennings drop killing drive. Miami FG, now 7-3
Greg Jennings, Rishard Matthews and Jarvis Landry start the game. Matthews catches the first pass on a tipped ball for 48-yards.
that sounds like the episode of the league where Kevin almost dies and has a dream to put Greg Jennings at flex
The added Devante Parker, Kenny Stills, and Greg Jennings this offseason, so naturally, Rishard Matthews gets the …
We shoulda signed Greg Jennings bro. 😒 or we need to trade for Rishard Matthews. Or sign Hakeem Nicks! SOMEBODY!
imagine if Jared Allen and Greg Jennings and Percy Harvin were STILL on the Vikings... omg :(
need reassurance. Deep league - not PPR. J. Bell, T. Campbell or pick up Benjamin? & Stevie Johnson, Crabtree or get Greg Jennings?
askFFL Brian quick or Greg Jennings for flex?
Greg Jennings or Steve Smith Sr at the flex😅
Brandon Marshall, devonta Freeman, Mike Wallace, tre mason, Greg Jennings, or amendola in the flex
If the Dolphins still had Mike Wallace and still acquired Greg Jennings. Man that would be some nasty receiving.
Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and now Adams - all made their name thanks to one man.
2/3: and Antonio Freeman emerged a star. In 2013, Greg Jennings left, Cobb got hurt and Jordy Nelson emerged a star...
Donald Driver replaced with Greg Jennings replaced with Jordy Nelson
Well Jordy Nelson is out for the Season,.Time to pursue another option,. Greg Jennings is with Miami, Reggie Wayne signed with Patriots, 😔
W/ Jordy Nelson on IR, the Green Bay Packers should get Greg Jennings from the Dolphins. Perfect short-term fit that Mia…
Greg Jennings isn't carrying teams on his back anymore either. I'm not saying Wallace is GOAT.
all true, but we're comparing him to Greg Jennings, who is even worse.
Nice piece by -- CrossFit helps push Dolphins WR Greg Jennings to the top via
Michael Thomas with a nice breakup of a pass to Greg Jennings.
Nice over the middle catch by Greg Jennings from Tannehill
Greg Jennings won't be missed. Mike Wallace will have a great year with Bridgewater. Best deep threat since Anthony Carter!
CB Chris Harris is good, but opponents had avg yards gained/routes run of 1.32. Like covering Justin Hunter&Greg Jennings all year
Won't get to see Devante Parker at the scrimmage, but Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings, Ndamukong Suh, Jordan Cameron plenty to be excited about
Group of kids behind me at Pizza Hut: "Jordy Nelson is just like Greg Jennings, he's slow and is just a decent route runner. " Please leave.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Greg Jennings is already a better manager than Mike Redmond.
Ryan Tannehill. Jarvis Landry. Greg Jennings. More of the guys who impressed this offseason: http:/…
Darren Woodson on why Greg Jennings could thrive with a system that fits him better: "He's a great route runner;...
And here is another this week of WR Greg Jennings ribbing HC Joe Philbin after practice.
So many people slept in Greg Jennings
Greg Jennings why'd you have to leave us 💔
Did Teddy and Greg Jennings ever bond like that? Hard when one has family and kids. Good to see with Wallace and Teddy
If anyone in Maga sees Greg Jennings please tell me and let me where he is as I lost him at 2am
That *** Greg Jennings yah he from my hometown
and Rodgers and favre make the wrs good. Examples Javon Walker, James Jones, and Greg Jennings.
Super stoked to be listed on Greg Jennings website as a sponsor!
Golf great for networking and competition, says Vikings receiver |
couldn't agree more! It's really saying something when a WR like Greg Jennings is odd man out on your receiver core. Very excited
Today's Zaslow and Joy rundown. Joined by Greg Jennings, Rick Fox and Carl Pavano.
safety Michael Thomas on Greg Jennings' impact and special teams
Amazed at how misinformed people are on Lebron/Heat. Greg Jennings is shocked Heat fans don't like Lebron. ***
"I like his composure. I like his command in the huddle."-Greg Jennings on Tannehill
Martha Jennings, Starting Out Manager at says that the Academy helps them build a pipeline of talent
Ryan Tannehill just threw a TD to Greg Jennings during 7-on-7 red zone work. He's dealing today.
Three reasons Greg Jennings is a perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins
Miami defensive back Michael Thomas talks about veteran WR Greg Jennings and the team's special teams --
Greg Jennings is like the Hakeem Nicks of last year. Panthers fans wanted him but he ended up playin bad for another team. Callin it.
Love that Greg Jennings is on the fins. Teaching the young guys how to be pros.
how do you think Greg Jennings will do with Miami?
I think you're getting Greg and Ken Jennings confused
Wow Greg Jennings sound like a great guy. I’m impressed
Wait Greg Jennings Kenny Stills Jarvis Landry and Devante Parker all on the Dolphins??? When that new madden come out 😭😭
A proud Greg Jennings (EdD '98) with his Annual Fund Scholar. Thank you for supporting our students Greg!
Can prob take greg jennings off the banners though
Greg Jennings is gonna carry the team on his back
I got to talk to Greg Jennings about leaving the Packers and starting anew with Miami
Can't wait to stay! Check out THE JENNINGS HOTEL – The Hotel That Kickstarter Built by Greg Hennes on
can Greg Jennings be a secret weapon? I'm a Packer and saw what he could do with A-Rod but after that nothing more.
Erin Henderson says Dolphins' Greg Jennings helped him fix his life after DUI arrests
Greg Jennings has come a long way since his days with the Packers -
Ted Thompson has drafted Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Greg Jennings and James Jones in rounds 2 or 3 in the past decade
The Green Bay Packers have announced the signing of WR Greg Jennings to a long-term contract extension:
Bruh she tried being like Greg Jennings in that one Madden video where he broke his leg but kept going. 😂
Hit Greg Jennings from 30 yards out this season & I will start to back pedal
Dan Jennings has a long way to go to make Mt. Jenningsmore which is Peter, Greg, Brandon, and Mister
Devante Parker, Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings, Jarvis Landry and of course MSU's own Dion Sims at TE.
bra lmfaooo r u even a dolphin fan.. Look at Greg Jennings track record how can u say that
Greg Jennings is a great leader who'll mentor Landry, Stills, Parker, and Mathews. They also signed TE Cameron (plz healthy)
I agree. Not sure how he can win with a washed up Greg Jennings. Stills wasn't very good in NO. Maybe this Parker will be good
Latest from With Dan Jennings, Loria continues his wild ride of Marlins managers
Can't believe hired the WR Greg Jennings as the new manager Probs better than a non-athlete tho
you do realize we released Greg Jennings and that he signed with the Dolphins right?
Greg Jennings walking in to Jeff Loria's office: "Guys, I just activated myself"
Greg Jennings: Guys at 7:54 this morning... I activated myself.
Laurie Jennings, Greg Jennings, and Peter Jennings have played in & managed as many MLB games as Dan Jennings
yesyesyes. Not as amazing as Greg Jennings is at wide receiver though.
Just bought 96 Greg Jennings for 36k snipe???.
Due to chasing a 10 mo old, I just saw that the Saints signed Josh Morgan. That's what happens when you don't sign Greg Jennings.
Josh Morgan can thank Greg Jennings for his new job with Saints. Good on Saints to give Jones/Coleman/Toon some vet competition
I was the Greg Jennings of grade 7 football
Greg Jennings could be great fit with Saints if price is right
lets go inside the mind of a Greg Jennings lmao
Just saw Greg Jennings at paks and didn't even kno it 😒😪
Remember when James Jones left GB for more money? Should've learned from Javon Walker, Greg Jennings, etc. Now, he's a free agent
Green Bay receivers leaving the team is a curse. (i.e Javon Walker, Greg Jennings)
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Javon Walker, Greg Jennings, now James Jones. Grass considerably less green on the other side of GB.
I need a wr bad Lol. I have Greg Jennings and his wheel chair as my
Greg Jennings and James Starks and would beg to differ 😉
Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings and now Parker. Very young/talented WR group.
Devante Parker, Greg Jennings, Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry for Ryan Tannehill to throw to.. I like it
If the Dolphins pass on the chance at a potential WR in the draft because of Rishard Matthews and Greg Jennings, my head might explode
Updated story on new WR Greg Jennings, and how he's portraying himself as the anti-Mike Wallace
Miami Dolphins to sign veteran receiver Greg Jennings.
Two year, $8 million deal for Greg Jennings in Miami.
Gerell Robinson is probably going to have to find a new number with Greg Jennings signing with the Miami Dolphins.
Greg Jennings signs with Miami, per league source.
WR Greg Jennings will sign with the
Breaking: Greg Jennings has agreed to a deal with the Dolphins.
So either rondo or Russell to my lakers and Greg Jennings to my dolphins
In the end, Vikings and Dolphins swapped WRs. Mike Wallace is in MIN. Greg Jennings is in MIA
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The are signing veteran WR Greg Jennings, source confirms (as said).
was thinking same. Greg Jennings and Ray Rice, too.
For all of the Greg Jennings nay-sayers, remember that right now, our most experienced true WR is Ace Sanders (Waters & Doss are PRs).
WR Greg Jennings planning to visit with the (via
First Josh Freeman, now Greg Jennings. This would've made the fins good 5 years ago. Maybe.probably not.
Really wish the Vikings retained Greg Jennings, Wallace, Jennings, Johnson, Wright, Patterson would be a deep receiving core for Teddy.
Amazing interview with Deion Branch and Greg Jennings regarding chicken wings and more!
Greg Jennings would be Chris Carter all over again or nah?
LRT: Greg Jennings could put the Jags on his back doe
Newton: "We will start see some movement probably on Thursday or Friday on the direction the Panthers might go regarding Greg Jennings."
If anyone knows that/if Dolphins are zeroing in on either Michael Crabtree or Greg Jennings signing, love to hear details.
Example: Greg Jennings leaves Green Bay in most butthurt way imaginable, gets karmic comeuppance two years later when the Vikings cut him.
Dolphins have “tentative” meeting set with Greg Jennings in Arizona | ProFootballTalk:
lol what! U crazy Greg can still play Jennings, Jones plus Cooper would give them a nice trio
greg Jennings the same as Crabtree, we already have James Jones 😂😂😂😂 we need some speed
Greg Jennings would give the a veteran leader for young receiving corps. Good for 40-50 catches next year.
You know, Greg Jennings can still play. You guys do realize that, right?
Quick Question: Would you guys want the Panthers to sign Greg Jennings? Give me reasons to support your answer.
he's not a free agent lol that's Greg Jennings
Favorite this if you've seen Greg Jennings With a Broken Leg 😂
Thing is, if you can't learn to run routes w/ Greg Jennings helping you I think you have no shot to succeed...
The are interested in FA WR Greg Jennings, but don't have a visit lined up
The Dolphins have not met with free agent WR Greg Jennings yet.
Philbin wouldn't say if the team has met with Greg Jennings in Phoenix
GM says team still has WR Greg Jennings and CB Alan Ball in play.
It all went downhill for Darren Sharper when he let broken legged Greg Jennings put the team on his back for that touchdown.
Kevin Johnson in Round 2, and Taiwan Jones in Round 4. I would also sign Crabtree or Greg Jennings as a veteran presence to our wide outs
Greg Jennings & Steve smith? 31 & 35 yrs old lol. Ozzie must have a couple WR's in the draft he wants.
I'll say this, at the right price, I would welcome Greg Jennings back to Green Bay with open arms. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance
Surprise, surprise. Greg Jennings wants back in Green Bay.
The whole "Greg Jennings wants to come back to Green Bay" thing needs to stop. WE DON'T WANT NOR NEED YOU. ESPECIALLY AFTER…
Greg Jennings is a joke, bashes Arod and Green Bay and then talks about how he wants to come back and have a good QB.
Of note, in that interview, Greg Jennings (who was reticent to answer) thinks it's unlikely Peterson comes back to play f…
Greg Jennings said he and his family plans on staying in Minneapolis where recently built a home.
Greg Jennings said on Pro Football Talk the Vikings told him they wanted him to be part of the team but then they made t…
Still an interesting free-agent WR market that includes Michael Crabtree, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Stevie Johnson, Den…
Vikings executive. Took a shot at Greg Jennings.
*** yeah I want them to get that dude or Kevin white I wouldn't mind and they should get Dawayne Bowe or Greg Jennings
The top WRs still on the market are Michael Crabtree, Greg Jennings, Cecil Short, Nate Washington, Dwayne Bowe, Hakeem Nicks
New episode of the Purple Podcast: On Wallace trade, Greg Jennings, Shaun Hill, Michael Johnson and more:
Sizzle will pistol whip him if he back talks. I want Greg Jennings the most but Crabtree(who was my top choice til GJ got cut)
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