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Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy (born July 28, 1988) is an American football defensive end for the Carolina Panthers. He was drafted by the Panthers in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

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They bought tickets to watch Greg Hardy
His views are his views. No one was physically harmed. Cant say that for Tyreek Hill and Greg Hardy and countless other NFL players
The fact that Colin Kaepernick is having such a hard time getting with a team but Greg Hardy and Tyreek Hill got second chances is beyond me
Or he could have said Kap doesn't hold up the high standards of Greg Hardy , etc
Saying Kap is media frenzy in the era of TO, Michael Vick, Greg Hardy, yet he just advocates for his opi…
all these people hating on Kap for doing something legal but have 0 problem with Josh Brown and Greg hardy (when he played)
Now I believe kap should be signed. Greg hardy, Vick, etc could play so he should get a chance but you are totally reaching
But I think this a touchy subject cause now you gonna have to revisit Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, etc.
Big difference. Greg Hardy was actually good.
If you're talking about Greg Hardy they released him a couple years ago so...
yes, he would rather take a chance on Greg Hardy, alleged woman abuser, than a kneeler
How come you didn't decide 2 turn the channel when Rice was reinsta…
Jerry Jones signed GREG HARDY but refuses to sign Kaepernick. Baltimore fans…
Donte Stallworth killed a guy and got a contract. Vick killed dogs.…
I will say this. He will be "that guy" because he needs a guy across from him like when…
He didn't pass on Greg Hardy though? 🤔
Greg hardy looks like a women beater
Of course but people on my timeline keep saying armonty Bryant and Khyri Thornton don't deserve it they saying give Greg…
How much is McCown getting and how much is Kaep asking for? Either way Kaep will get a job by mid S…
But sports fans don't have an issue rooting for Greg Hardy, Tyreek Hill, Floyd Mayweather etc...
Tank Johnson,Greg Hardy to name a few.
So Cowboys jumped to cut Lucky Whitehead who had evidence he was innocent but kept Greg Hardy through his ordeal🤔
Cowboys kept woman-beater Greg Hardy after pics of his victim surfaced, but cut Lucky Whitehead after he provided evide…
LOTS of 9 on the snaps today at Juniors! Greg Hardy, Veronica Murray, and Jon Lynn. Look out!
On the Dan Lebetard show this morning they were talking crap about Greg Hardy being a scumbag... their next guest was Pacman…
Greg Hardy dropped by the Cowboys and the Bengals! Lol! Vontaze Burfict, they onl…
Lol listen. If he was good enough he'd be on a team. Greg Hardy, Ray Lewis, Martavius Bryant etc. All…
But Aldon Smith and Greg Hardy *** even Dion Jordan all got reinstated. Let Josh Gordon Play
PODCAST: on Greg Hardy's NFL future, Cleveland passing on top QB's, staying w/Pats, more
He's a distraction but Greg Hardy is just fine? He's a distraction but sexual assault is just fine? (Big Ben raped that girl)
Steelers fans supported Big Ben after raping that girl. Still do too. Cowboys fans ain't say a word when Greg Hardy beat a woman ON GUNS &
Always different when it's a fave. See Chris Brown vs Greg Hardy and Ray Rice.
Brandon Carr, Greg Hardy, Rolando McClain, TO, Primetime.. dude stop. And we could get McC for cheap
Re: Greg Hardy. I don't even want Greg Hardy in Des Moines much less playing football for us.
Would you like to see the Iowa Barnstormers sign Greg Hardy? Vote in the Quickie Poll:
Would you like to see the Barnstormers sign Greg Hardy? VOTE:
I don't hate Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Chris Brown, etc, or on their ability to earn. Just never going to be a supporter.
Coming from a guy who played for franchises that employed Rayenthal Carruth, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Matt Elam, Ray L…
He played for the standard of Ray Lewis/Ray Rice on the Ravens and the Panthers who kept Greg Hardy, then calls out…
Taco Charlton is prime Greg Hardy one minute and Tyrone Crawford the next... I dont get it
J. Blackmon,. Greg Hardy, the Gregory kid from Dal, Manziel, J. Russell..come onman
Thats why Greg Hardy, Josh Brown and Ray Rice are out of the league.
Tell that to Greg Hardy, Josh Brown and Ray Rice. But we all know how cruel blacks are to animals.
Who I've stated i would pass on as a player, as the same with Greg Hardy types
I don't think you can compare Michael Bennett to Greg Hardy. He's not THAT kind of ***
you're clueless on football - Greg Hardy wasn't a Raven. Andy Reid went to a Super Bowl and lost.
Also mind you Nick Wright didn't feel the same way about Greg Hardy
Somebody need to send Ray Rice, Chris Brown, Ike Turner and Greg Hardy after this wanch! . iheartmiko's video
Think thing irritating most ppl abt Aldon Smith's sitch is ppl like Greg Hardy allowed to play. Apples/Oranges, but still odd justice.
Espn just got done condemning Joe Mixon Ray Rice and Greg Hardy but no mention of Josh Brown.
I think should be vilified in the way that the were for signing Greg Hardy. talent trumps morals.
Greg Hardy had served his punishment when The Cowboys him up, but everyone (rightfully so) ripped them for doing so.
Exactly. Greg Hardy is blackballed from the league (rightfully) for being a scumbag pos human. Frank Clark is "a go…
If you feel that way about Hill then you have to really hate Greg Hardy and Randy Gregrory of the Cowboys.
I didn't like him prior to this game like I don't like Big Ben and I don't like Greg Hardy and I don't like Ray Rice
Tyreek Hill, who choked pregnant girlfriend 8 months after Greg Hardy incident, now feature image on account
also they did phenomenal work RE: Kevin Johnson, Greg Hardy. But I love them random long read hidden gems
Johnny Manziel facing a 6 game ban while Josh Brown and Greg Hardy only got 1 game bans, explains EVERYTHING that is wrong…
was this a copy and paste statement that Jerry Jones used last season for Greg Hardy...looks like he gave up on him though
Trump needs to talk to Jerry Jones about how his Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy experiment went.
I blasted Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory guy is basically calling for romo
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man did the NFL screw up with Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown. Goodell is ruining the NFL!
The NFL saw both Ray Rice and Greg Hardy as a menace. They didn't see Josh Brown that way. And he has a long history of…
would love to watch Stipe Miocic uppercut Greg Hardy into a triple lutz before hitting the mat.
and the Cyborg holds the belt until Greg Hardy is signed
a secret bar on Stephen Ave, Greg Hardy's switching to MMA, & Daniel Craig might wanna be Bond after all…
Greg Hardy should be put down like the piece of garbage he is
National reaction: Greg Hardy realizes he has to fight men in MMA, right?
Greg Hardy is apparently giving MMA a go now
Greg Hardy to quit NFL, start MMA career
Looks like Greg Hardy is going to the UFC...
Greg Hardy announced he is no longer going into MMA after he found out he couldn't fight in Invicta.
great interview on 100% agree with everything you said about Greg hardy " find a new sport!"
Dislike everything about Greg Hardy. Quite like the idea of seeing him get his *** kicked. Especially as an unpaid amateur.…
Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy transitioning to MMA, preparing for debut --
Greg Hardy going to give MMA a try 🙄 he knows he can't threaten the real fighters with guns, right?
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Greg hardy is doing MMA? Hope that wife beater gets slept repeatedly
Here he is, after changing his tire with his face. “Greg Hardy to pursue MMA career”.
No way Greg Hardy finds any success transitioning to MMA. However, count me in to watch him learn that hard lesson.
Troubled NFL DE Hardy to pursue MMA career - ESPN
Greg Hardy is pursuing a career in MMA. Has his agent informed him that he doesn't get to fight/punch the women?
Let's get real: Making it in MMA is a long shot—and should Greg Hardy even get the chance?
Awww *** Greg Hardy is giving up on Football to join MMA. We're about to discuss this on right now!
Greg Hardy is going to pursue an MMA career. It will be a very difficult career transition. It'll mark the first time he h…
Legally troubled Greg Hardy leaving NFL for possibilities in MMA
All these athletes saying it's not locker room talk, wonder what OJ, Greg Hardy, Aaron Hernandez, Darren Sharper have to say about LR talk 🤔
Dear Greg Hardy: . A little advice for your transition to MMA.
After going unsigned in NFL free agency, Greg Hardy is pursuing an MMA career: "I’m going to do this the right way." https…
Read that Greg Hardy is going to train to pursue an MMA career. Hope he understands he'll be taking on men his size, not w…
My goodness how I'd like to see choke out Greg Hardy.
Jay Glazer: Greg Hardy should be denied 'privilege' of learning MMA.
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Get paid to assault people. Greg Hardy may have found his calling.
Jay Glazer unloads on Greg Hardy, says former NFL player deserves no place in MMA
Did You See This:New post: Jay Glazer says he would be ashamed if anyone trained Greg Hardy for
Greg Hardy (we're desperate, Jones goes to DT) Phil Taylor space eater , Mike Neal (he can set an edge), Keenan Lewis starter exp
*** coulda had DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith, Josh Norman, and Greg Hardy all on the team
"Of all people, it couldn't have happened to a better guy" on Greg Hardy being arrested with cocaine.…
Oh boy Greg Hardy was arrested in Richardson on drug charges
has their new poster boy in Greg Hardy
My boy Greg Hardy ain't even been locked up 24 hours and you already given his nickname way? Smh..
'Couldn't have happened to a better guy.' -. Greg Hardy arrested on cocaine possession charge. .
your boy Greg Hardy catching cases 😒
Greg Hardy says someone accidentally dropped a baggie of coke into his wallet at a party https:…
Greg Hardy was arrested and charged with felony possession of cocaine in Richardson, Tex. ..Couldn't happen to a nicer g…
Greg Hardy has been arrested for cocaine possession. ***Jerry Jones pick up phone to bail him out of jail.
Donald Trump has been snorting more tonight than former Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy.
Greg Hardy busted for felony possession of cocaine. Shocked, I tell you.
Greg hardy wildin out he where his family at?
You wouldn't say that to Greg Hardy's face 😂
Greg Hardy busted for possession of cocaine. - once a *** always a ***
Former Panthers and Cowboys DE Greg Hardy reportedly arrested for felony possession of cocaine
Ex-Cowboys, Panthers DE Greg Hardy arrested on felony drug charge: Greg Hardy is in trouble with the law...
Someone needs to love Greg Hardy. He needs help and healing
Former Cowboy Greg Hardy arrested in Richardson on cocaine charge via
In other news. Greg Hardy was arrested for cocaine lol...
Plot twist: Trump is on cocaine he got from Greg Hardy.
BREAKING: Former Cowboys DE Greg Hardy was arrested by Richardson police for possession of a controlled substance. https:…
According to Richardson City Jail spokesman Tim Weed, FA DE Greg Hardy was arrested Sunday for possession of a Group 1 contro…
Cops say Greg Hardy told them someone must've put a baggie in his wallet, which was passed around at a party cuz he was p…
In case you were still wondering if Greg Hardy were ever going to play in the NFL again...I would say no.
He's been doing his prep with Greg Hardy.
Greg Hardy mug shot and paperwork, including the official police narrative. Cocaine, marijuana, and gun range membershi…
having to be Greg Hardy's PR person.
sniffing nearly as much as Greg Hardy. heyooo
In other news...Greg Hardy was apparently arrested for PCS. . . .
Former Dallas player Greg Hardy arrested on cocaine charge.
Former Cowboys DE Greg Hardy has been arrested on a drug charge in Richardson, police confirm. (via multiple reports)
Just because Josh Brown is a short, old kicker doesn't make him any less dangerous than Greg Hardy. Don't get Giants' stance, at all...
The real villians in the NFL are Josh Brown, Greg Hardy, Terrell Suggs, Big Ben, etc. not Colin Kaepernik
Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Ben Roethlisberger, Greg Hardy, Donte Stallworth, Chris Cook, Adrian Peterson, ...but NOW you want to ?
Really rooting this guy after all of this. Good dude. NFL needs more of him and less Greg Hardy's
He's not Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid but he'll have to do. (This is Greg Hardy.) (Look him up if…
they do. Rae Carruth, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice , that punter for the Giants, etc etc
Greg Hardy and Khalif Mitchell. I wonder whether the have checked to see if Adrian Hernandez is eligible for parole.
Keep in mind...Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are all since Rae Carruth
that's just insane. You think players like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon, Rae Carruth, or Darren Sharper didn't lose fans
Aaron Hernandez, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown inflicted harm on others, but Colin is the most hated since Rae Carruth ***
I have more respect for Greg Hardy than I do for Kaepernick. Hardy isn't afraid to keep his pimp hand strong. He doesn…
Jerry Jones doesn't like the fact that Elliot went to a legal weed dispensary, but had no hesitation about signing Greg Hardy last year...
Jerry Jones seems more worried about this than he was about Greg Hardy
Garrett says the 2016 Cowboys will not lower their standard for anyone Hardy and Joe Randle, McClain
Final point: the explained fully its suspensions of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy. Needs to do so with Josh…
at this point mind as well go sign Greg Hardy, Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, Chris Rock etc..
Ray Rice, Aroldis Chapman, Floyd Merryweather, Jose Reyes, Greg Hardy, Johnny Manziel, and Hope Solo have what in common? Domestic Violence.
Will Johnny Depp become the Greg Hardy of Hollywood if found guilty? BTW speaking of Hardy still don't want him with the
Has to be Greg Hardy or Jim Brown right? Maybe Elin Nordegren?
and with Reyes and Olivera and Brett Myers and Ray Rice and Greg Hardy
Chapman to the Cubs!! Bears should just sign Greg Hardy and Ray Rice too. Get Josh Gordon next off season.
Greg Hardy passed the torch to Ezekiel Elliot.
Huge lack of leadersip on that team since they cut Greg Hardy
with these young studs on D, Ramsey, Jack and Fowler, I don't want Greg Hardy anywhere near them
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It's a slap in the face that Greg Hardy is still in the NFL and Ray Rice has to offer his money in order to even have a c…
Tom Brady can "cheat" lose four games, Ray Rice can end his career after his wife didn't press charges. Greg Hardy and Big Ben still play..
Like, we cool with cheering Ray Rice now? Greg Hardy? It takes Aaron Hernandez for us to finally cry uncle?
We're about to debate Greg Hardy, wanted Jerry to cut Greg Hardy punishment, if Steve Smith in HofF.
unfortunately he will. If guys like Greg Hardy and Aldon Smith are allowed to play, guys like Briles will coach
is a great time for the NFL to drop some shady news about deflate gate or announcing Greg Hardy is now a Brown or something
Who should be the 4 seeds in the Joe & Ebo Ultimate Dbag Bracket?. IOC, Manziel, Montee Ball, NCAA, Greg Hardy, Baylor, Penn St. Tell us!
Greg Hardy was convicted then requested a jury trail before paying off the witness. Nelson is done if this is true
What are you talking about sir they need to be kept in line somehow. Regards Ike Turner, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice
I live in Wisconsin and am a Badger fan. I thought the punishment was fine. This was not Ray Rice or Greg Hardy.
I see more hate for Steph Curry than I do Ray Rice or Greg Hardy...and that's mind blowing 😳
SEE VIDEO! Adam Schefter on whether he believes Greg Hardy...
I mean not as kind natured as Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth or OJ, but only slightly less despicable than Greg Hardy? For real?
I predict the bills will make an offer to Greg Hardy or Dwight freeney after this news. Muhammad Wilkerson would be nice too !!
Why this kinda look like Greg Hardy though
so Greg Hardy and Andre Iguodala are twins ? 👀
I predict that the Rams sign Greg Hardy.
-scarce nowadays." Cringing at the memory, Greg slapped a hand onto Caseys shoulder and gave a hardy laugh. "Feel free to think-
I wonder how many flagrant fouls Greg Hardy been called for on his girlfriends not enough
The Emerald Ridge magic is short-lived, as Hardy is pulled in favor of Greg Minier after getting 2 outs
thoughts on Greg Hardy for a 1 year deal???
Just saw some Lions fans say they wanted the Lions to use the 15 mil we have left to sign Greg Hardy... I didn't know we were that desperate
time to take a long hard look at Greg Hardy IMO!
Greg Hardy deserves a 2nd chance, but.
well now that Shaq is out all year time to sign Greg hardy right?
On the latest SC podcast, talks Carson Wentz's development and if Greg Hardy is worth the trouble.
I hope you would take a look at Greg Hardy.
any word if the bills would take a chance on Greg hardy now?
With Shaq Lawson's shoulder surgery, I think Buffalo should sign Greg Hardy!.
[Commish] Can I remove Greg Hardy from player pool in MFL?
Best thing she ever did was call out Greg Hardy. She deserves an Emmy just for that
so... does anyone have Greg Hardy's phone number?
Hate to say it but do the Bills look at Greg Hardy? Not that I am for that.
Sign Greg Hardy...don't even care that he's a scum bag. Not dealing with a giant hole on one side of the DL.
Detroit Lions won't have interest in Greg Hardy...
I can't articulate how much I absolutely hate Greg Hardy
Falcons might as well go ahead and *** up Greg Hardy
The only reason Greg Hardy is going to therapy is because he wants to change his image and be picked up by a team
Former Cowboys DE Greg Hardy undergoing therapy to get back in NFL
Exactly... you think Greg Hardy would be playing in the NFL if he was 5'8" 210lbs?
It's mid-May, and Greg Hardy is still trying to get an NFL job .
Detroit Lions won't have interest in Greg Hardy
In other news...Greg Hardy is still a free agent
you know anything about Greg Hardy's camp
Report: Greg Hardy's counseling efforts not swaying some teams
Greg Hardy informs teams of detailed counseling efforts
When I see that the more mentally challenged of the Huddle are still talking about Greg Hardy to the Panthers.
Greg hardy would be great pick up but they scared to touch him
Greg Hardy doesn't need rehab for domestic abuse issues, he needs to simply learn to respect women. Grow a set you waste of oxygen.
leading off with Wentz/ Bradford and picking winners in the NFC East. And the mention of Greg Hardy.
didn't Greg hardy say a couple weeks ago he didn't do anything wrong? Counseling will not help him. He just wants that money.
team counsel roundtable - crisis management, Richard Thigpen experienced this in big magnitude: Rae Carruth & Greg Hardy.
FINALLY. SOMEONE IN THE MAJOR MEDIA CALLED A SPADE A SPADE: Johnny Manziel is every bit the thug that Greg Hardy is htt…
Randy Gregory was a risk, where's he? Suspended. Greg Hardy? Suspended.
Greg Hardy will play in the NFL this year before Josh Gordon
For example if guys like Ray Rice, Terrell Owens, Ocho Cinco, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, and all these other guys file a suit could they win?
Won't happen until training camp. All salary cap cuts have already been made. Unless you want Greg Hardy.
Like the Browns winning a Super Bowl with Greg Hardy, Riley Cooper, and Chris Culliver
I'm glad you went out of your way to pick a fight on the Internet, like Greg Hardy went out of his way to beat his girlfriend
Steve Smith's takedown of Greg Hardy means players'...
Sports - Jerry Jones declares the Greg Hardy era in Dallas officially over: Hardy spent o... Martin Diaz Alvarez
Brittney Griner was even mack mama on the Baylor Campus. Lunisi went to same college as Greg Hardy just saying
NFL keeps mentioning "integrity" as if it doesn't employ frequent woman beaters like Greg Hardy and Terrell Suggs
How can he have the same 4 game suspension as Greg Hardy. That is what makes me mad. NFL is a joke
See: Greg Hardy, Jaylon Smith, Marcus Lattimore, Bo Jackson. NFL career isn't guaranteed so take the money that is.
Just so we're all clear, Greg Hardy assaulted a woman on a PILE OF GUNS and got the same sentence Tom Brady got for letti…
Some people said the Panthers would struggle when they let Greg Hardy and Deangelo Williams go too. How did that turn out? 😁😁
He released Steve Smith, Greg Hardy and DeAngelo Williams and that didn't turn out so bad
It does make me smile a tiny bit that Trent Richardson has a job in the but Greg Hardy does not...
Same people that are bashing Ray Rice are the same dumb individuals that support Greg Hardy.
Sam beat Soy worse than Greg Hardy beat his girlfriend
Greg Hardy's case was much worse than Ray Rice's, but guess who is still playing and who isnt? . . The NFL is trash.
Happy Kobe Bryant paid millions to avoid going to jail for rape, is worse than Greg Hardy & Ray Rice:
Smacked his chick up twice. Doesn't get the Ray Rice or Greg Hardy treatment
The details of Kobe Bryant's rape case are worse than Ray Rice or Greg Hardy. Yet Kobe gets a total pass. Why?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
at least they just picked up Greg Hardy and Dwight Freeney
Idk if Greg Hardy is done just yet. Might still get that "Our pass rush *** and it's week 9. Let's see if people are still angry" call up
I actually like that they are keeping Marvin Lewis. Get Greg Hardy in there and go full heels
Oh boy. Ray Lewis coming through with that Greg Hardy level of self-awareness.
Let me be clear, I don't think Greg Hardy is a changed man, I don't think he's entirely innocent... At all. But... A.P, Big B, Ray Lewis?...
BREAKING: gives Greg Hardy & Ray Lewis new show. "Personal Fouls" -unsolicited & uninformed opinions on really important stuff.
Ogbah has similar height, weight, arm length, and hands to Kony Ealy, Greg Hardy, and Frank Alexander
Michelle Beadle ESPN Got to get her on Jim She won't back down. Greg Hardy deserves the harshest of treatments for his crime.
Greg Hardy gets a free pass from ESPN but Tom Brady gets vilified. Although, Brady abused the *** out of those balls!
sign Aldon Smith, Reggie Nelson. Possibly Greg Hardy (if he get everything straight) And draft Eli apple And or…
I don't condone anything that Greg Hardy did. But where was the outrage when Hope Solo and Jim Lampley caught the same case
ESPN and surprise that abuser Greg Hardy didn't seem like a "monster" is why we needed
.out there doing God's work on ESPN's perplexing decision to give Greg Hardy an infomercial:
it's funny how Michelle Beadle trashed ESPN interviewing Greg Hardy. But she defended Hope Solo and work with Jim Lampley
Adam Schefter: 'I found [Greg Hardy] to be a changed kind of guy' after interview
Good riddance. Cowboys should let Greg Hardy be some other team's headache. |
Hey Jim,. I cannot believe what Greg Hardy is doing. Doesn't he care about his rep. Regards, Chomo
Kudos to and for speaking out against the prepackaged, loathsome, b.s. Greg Hardy redemption tou…
.thanks ESPN for letting us know Greg Hardy still is a bonehead.
I'm not surprised hung out with Greg Hardy. The guy works with Ray Lewis.
Greg Hardy is in the same group as Murder Ray Lewis maybe ESPN will hire Ray Rice and Greg Hardy
Greg Hardy should be kept out of NFL until he shows he can act like a man
Greg Hardy said he didn't lay hands on that girl. I would have immediately asked him how he beat her so badly? Fists? Gloves? Bats?
Atlanta Falcons please sign Greg Hardy. that man has been cleared of all wrong doings. Stop the none sense.
Almost felt bad for drafting Greg Hardy on my fantasy team on Madden, if any team signs this man in real life they're scum
Thanks! I'd also like to think Greg Hardy and Ray Lewis for their efforts today to make it more hashtag relevant.
ESPN host Michelle Beadle ripped the network for giving Greg Hardy an exclusive interview. https:…
Today’s win, Greg Hardy, Bryce Harper and more. . Listen:
Ray Lewis wins the Greg Hardy most oblivious man of the day award
Lucious Alexander is the Man!! Way to speak up on the Greg Hardy injustice. The press is the problem in this one. 💣💣💣
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jim, layoff Greg Hardy. I'm not saying I didn't do anything wrong either but I am innocent. I have a verdict to prove it. -Juice
.loved how took down Greg Hardy and what it means from a player's perspective
Steve Smith's takedown of Greg Hardy means players' pushback on domestic violence is real
My Hero of the Week is Jim Morgans. My Zero of the Week is Greg Hardy.
I am very confused by Greg Hardy's straight face in that interview with
Greg Hardy taking the old Lance Armstrong approach to this I see...
Greg Hardy >Fletcher Cox nd it's not even close
Greg Hardy, Josh Brent, and now Matt Bush. Why should we cheer for Bush when we didn't cheer the others?
NFL need to make up they *** mind and take a stance. Y'all shun Greg Hardy but no one gives af about Big Ben and what he's done.
(2/2) is believed to be looking for franchise players to pair with Greg Hardy and Richie Incognito for his new franchise
Troy Aikman: Jerry Jones will tolerate Greg Hardy as long as he's productive...
Jerry Jones: Darren McFadden still No. 1 back over Alfred Morris; 'open' to Greg Hardy
John Harbaugh shoots down idea of bringing in Aldon Smith and Greg Hardy; hints at Dwight Freeney...
Greg Hardy,Demarcus Lawrence,Cedric Thornton,and Tyrone Crawford are going to ball out this season
John Harbaugh: "Greg Hardy? He won't be a Raven, I can tell you that.".
Update your maps at Navteq
David Moore: Jerry Jones on whether or not Cowboys want DE Greg Hardy back: "We still want to leave that open.''
Licht on whether they considered Greg Hardy: "We haven't talked about Greg Hardy. We like Robert Ayers. He was a player we targeted."
Jason mentions the Cowboys treatment of Henry Melton & Greg Hardy for ideas Elway & Halsill used for Okung-
Is it possible for the Oakland Raiders to have Kahlil Mack Bruce Irvin Aldon Smith and get Greg Hardy
let's keep Aldon Smith and add Greg Hardy along with Kahlil Mac and Bruce ivory
Remember, compensatory picks aren't everything. The Panthers had to be happy to give up a 3rd for Greg Hardy in order to get Kurt Coleman.
The top rated FA edge defenders remaining (via PFF) are Freeney, Aldon Smith, Greg Hardy. Age, off-field, off-field ex…
Some of the best players left:. Eric Weddle. Russell Okung. Jahri Evans. Jerrell Freeman. Walter Thurmond. Andre Smith. Greg Hardy
Cowboys (maybe) losing players like Greg Hardy, Jeremy Mincey, Jack Crawford, and Randy Gregory (4 games). Need it
Greg Hardy would be badass ina Bmore jersey, on four downed lineman defensive sets.
y'all still got Arian Foster, Anquan Bouldin, Mike Wallace, and Greg Hardy 🙂 don't forget about Ray Rice & LaMike James too 😶
Now three free agent defensive ends I'd love the Cowboys to sign. Chris Long, Charles Johnson and Mario Williams. Get rid of Greg Hardy!
Raiders better make a deal Mario Williams or Greg Hardy 😭
Don't worry, its just Greg Hardy's cousin. But in all seriousness, sorry that happened. You and all women deserve better
A great NFL coach could change Greg A Herm Edwards type.
Can Dallas please draft Jalen Ramsey and resign Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain? Please?
As well as not reacting to public opinion a la NFL re Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson/Greg Hardy
how do you associate with Michael Irvin, Nate Newton, Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, and Dez
Report: Cowboys done with free agent Greg Hardy after one season.
Jim Brown paved the way for players like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Dez Bryant, Johnny Manziel, Ray McDonald...see a pattern?.
I boycotted and entire Cowboys season over Greg Hardy. I will *** well skip an episode of SNL in support of Taylor.
recently? I can think of the exact ones. Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Ochocinco, and maybe 4 or 5 others
Jerry Jones brings in Greg Hardy and has expressed interest in Manziel and he is seen as a wise leader?
Michael Vick, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon, Johnny Manziel just to name a few ahead of him
Okay but what about the year before that when they went 13-3 when they still had Greg Hardy and Steve Smith?
Depends on what you mean. Character wise? Greg Hardy. Success wise? Tom Brady.
People for real like Greg Hardy, Manziel, Aldon Smith, etc. more than Cam Newton. Cam is a legit good person and those guys beat women
Wish the Panthers still had Steve Smith,Deanglo Williams an Greg Hardy
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