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Greg Gumbel

Greg Gumbel (born May 3, 1946) is an American television sportscaster.

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don't Like Phil Simms doing our games'. MANNN...! why not ' " Play-by-play: Greg Gumbel & Color Analyst: Trent Green ?
Ryan Clark is a great analyst. He's like if Greg Gumbel was signed to G-Unit
Greg Gumbel and Trent Green will call Jets-Pats for CBS on Sunday
Greg Gumbel, Trent Green, Jamie Erdahl the announcers for Sunday's game.
Same CBS broadcast crew as last week this week vs. Jets: Greg Gumbel, Trent Green,
Greg Gumbel Net Worth: Greg Gumbel was born on the 3rd May 1946, in…
NBC is pretty lucky to have Tirico. It's their biggest coup since Greg Gumbel
Tirico, Michaels and Greg Gumbel. I have always liked him.
200th career touchdown according to Greg Gumbel 😆
Greg Gumbel is an awful announcer. Just awful.
Whatever Greg Gumbel's salary is, it's not enough. He's doing everything he can to make this game interesting.
Greg Gumbel's good natured banter makes me want to abuse the elderly
Trent Green: Greg, you a pumpkin pie or pecan pie guy?. Greg Gumbel: Yes
Like I care what kind of pie Greg Gumbel has his maid make him on Thanksgiving so he can stuff his face in his 10 million dollar mansion.
Greg Gumbel just said concussion protocol (re: Jimmie Ward)
If Greg Gumbel had his way, there would be always be turkey in the studio.
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Greg Gumbel laughing at his own pie joke.
I'm seriously, not jokingly concerned about Greg Gumbel. A lot of flubs today. A lot.
Greg Gumbel just said Julian Edelman wore as a kid cuz he idolized - very cool
Clearly James Brown and Greg Gumbel have FUN during games; it shows. Then there's my ongoing annoyance with Collinsworth, lol.
. You just want everyone to believe it wasn't really his 201st. Greg Gumbel is a god.
Greg Gumbel so salty that his trip to NorCal includes rain lol
"You know, the weatherman said we might have rain this weekend. But sometimes they're wrong. This time they were right." -Greg Gumbel
Thanks Greg Gumbel for that tidbit about 49ers scoring on 2nd half possessions. TD coming shortly...
It's raining heavy in SF where Pats are playing 49ers. Greg Gumbel, CBS play-by-play announcer JUST said: "the...
Greg Gumbel having a lot of fun playing with in studio 2day.
good job and Greg gumbel for showing 3 *** kneeling just changed channel to race
For the millions he's paid, you'd think Greg Gumbel might know the intentional grounding rule.
Greg Gumbel is all sorts of confused Tom Brady has 441 career TDs. That was not No. 200
Greg Gumbel just issued entirely inaccurate stat on Brady career TDs. He said 200. Brady had 440 entering today. Now 442.
see I thought he was born at Foxboro stadium. Luckily we have greg gumbel to straighten us out.
It's hard to fathom, but Greg Gumbel was once the Top NFL Broadcaster for CBS. Called Patriots - Panthers Super Bowls. How they've fallen.
Greg Gumbel just gave the Pats the win already.
Is it just me or does Greg Gumbel always sound wholly unprepared for these broadcasts? Clearly just reading a research sheet.
Greg Gumbel signaling the Pats game is over.
Greg Gumbel just had a major senior moment.
Greg Gumbel seeing imaginary flags again
Phil Dawson with career FG 400.10th in league history to accomplish that... per Greg Gumbel
Greg Gumbel sounding as incredulous as I'm sure many football fans are with all the missed PATs.
obviously that's Greg Gumbel, not Bryant. I think I'm in need of some Beach Justice
Greg Gumbel and Trent Green are on the call for CBS for Sunday’s Jets-Dolphins tilt
One thing I love about watching games w/ Greg Gumbel and Trent Green is that they go to the All-22 or EZ view after almost every play.
Didn't watch but know it was Greg Gumbel. :)
- Greg Gumbel's hair curled too tight? Terrible call of the game today.
I'm sure Subway paid a ton on money for ads during NFL games, that Greg Gumbel would promote a postgame that won't air due to time.
So Greg Gumbel has no problem reading a 60 Minutes house ad about marijuana yet refuses to say the word "Redskins" on air? Got it. Sigh.
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Greg Gumbel is football savvy, but he just doesn't have the voice to call games.
Gotta give it to Greg Gumbel: I don't think anyone else ever has or ever will mistake Philip Rivers for King Dunlap.
Greg Gumbel just called King Dunlap "Philip Rivers". I bet that happens all the time.
Dontrell Inman, the former star moves the chains for the Chargers. Greg Gumbel thinks Philip Rivers is King Dunlap though...
Greg Gumbel is not so good at calling football. 😕
lmfao greg gumbel you retard. "Roby only playing because of the injury to aqib talib" nah fam
Greg Gumbel is better than this. Failed to acknowledge that an incompletion occurred, intimated that Wade collapsed, etc
Greg Gumbel the kiss of death to Lambo. He just pushed that one way wide.
Okay Greg Gumbel. Wade Phillips didn't "collapse" on the sideline. He was hit by a player. Way to completely give off the wrong idea.
Greg Gumbel is such a great game caller
Off and running with Greg Gumbel, says Mike McCoy is coaching the visiting Denver Broncos.
Broncos QB Trevor Siemian spends time with NFL on CBS broadcast crew (Greg Gumbel, Trent Green & Jamie Erdahl)
Broncos QB spends time with broadcast crew (Greg Gumbel, Trent Green &
"Results are you seemed that I would let go. Obviously amateur hour show! Greg Gumbel is seem desperate that and a g
People complain about all the commercials on telecasts. C'mon! How is Greg Gumbel supposed to afford new spinners for his Hummer?
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CBS announcers for Chargers next two weeks: Greg Gumbel/Trent Green for Sunday at Denver; Kevin Harlan/Dan Fouts for Tenn. on Nov. 6.
The Broncos-Chargers broadcast team is Greg Gumbel, and They are fun to listen to.
Just saw comment Bryant Gumbel is going to make on against and its handling of Power…
You've heard of hot yoga, but what do we really know about founder Yogi Bikram Choudhury? investigates
It can't b worse than listening to Greg Gumbel and Trent Green. I watched my beloved on mute ystdy.
Shoutout to Greg Gumbel's sarcastic "was he not triple-covered?" on the latest Bortles pass
Greg Gumbel sounds fed up calling this dog of a Jacksonville-Oakland game.
Is it just me or are Greg Gumbel and Trent Green having a rough time in the booth today?
As of now w/ Tirico out of TNF. Greg Gumbel is only person of color in a PXP chair on NFL telecasts among 4 networks with games
Homeboy went from Greg Gumbel to Sam Jackson in record time.
A pleasure to meet Greg Gumbel at a terrific donor event for &
An honor to meet a very humble and one of the best in the business, Greg Gumbel tonight. 🙏🏼
Great fun to meet and listen to a great message from Greg Gumbel of at the Donor App Dinner.
What a great night w/ Greg Gumbel to celebrate and thank our amazing fan base!
Now this is pretty cool! Got to meet our keynote speaker before the event, Greg Gumbel, was a…
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Greg Gumbel @ Blue Raider dinner. Our Team. Our Town. So so glad to be a Raider Fan.
The one and only Greg Gumbel from CBS Sports at the dinner.
.speaking to a great crowd at the BRAA Donor Celebration Dinner before introducing Greg Gumbel!
With a cast of Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis, Kenny Smith and Greg Gumbel you're literally talking about a telecast w/ one shining moment.
If Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X. What does Greg Gumbel make people look like?
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg, Greg Gumbel turned into Muppets at halftime
Why am I looking at puppet versions of Charles Barkley, Kenny the Jet Smith, Clark Kellogg, and Greg Gumbel?
So on Greg Gumbel called South Dakota State on recap San Diego State & no one told him to correct? Whose in his ear? Anyone?
Greg Gumbel just called South Dakota State San Diego State. That's about as close as SDSU has come to the tournament.
"Clark Kellogg tosses a basketball to Greg Gumbel as Steve Alford stares intensely from his mustard colored futon"
Our rocking the lavender with confidence on CBS Sports with Greg Gumbel.
Nope. If you missed it earlier, the sixth person was Greg Gumbel. He did the games in 2001 & 2004.
That's it. Greg Gumbel actually did two, Ravens-Giants in 2001 and Pats-Panthers in 2004.
Greg Gumbel will broadcast live from SF in a few seconds.
.is all over Week w/Amy Trask, Greg Gumbel, Phil Simms & Tony Gonzalez
I'd prefer Greg Gumbel or Ian Eagle on play-by-play and Fouts/Green on color.
20 years ago today, alum Greg Gumbel interviews after SB XXX win w
2001 AFC-C: Phil Simms says "hand under the ball, is that how you see it, Greg?". Gumbel: "I think that's a catch". Hochuli: "Incomplete"
15 years ago today on CBS, Greg Gumbel & Phil Simms were calling win over in Super Bowl XXXV
Byron Saxton makes Bryant and Greg Gumbel look like NWA Member.
Greg Gumbel, Trent Green, and Jamie Erdahl will be the Steelers' groupies once again this week in Cleveland.
Bryant and Greg Gumbel were combined together in a lab to create SUPERGUMBEL, which NBC immediately renamed Lester Holt.
Is so white he makes not only Bryant but Greg Gumbel look like
Why do Greg Gumbel, Ian Eagle, and even Marv Albert get shafted to these garbage games?
Greg Gumbel so what's been working with Derek Carr ? Obviously not much ... 7 points and he's thrown a pick 6
Trent Green: Do you remember where you were in the 60’s?. Greg Gumbel: Uh, Woodstock?
The last time Steelers played in St. Louis, Bryant Gumbel handled TV play-by-play. Today - Greg Gumbel.
Former Trent Green returns to analayst with Gumbel
Jerry Jones argues that Greg Hardy may be innocent by Mike Florio hes taking shot again with the gumbel report
is on CBS with Greg Gumbel, former Rams QB Trent Green and on the call.
"With guys like Man and Butts up front" — what Greg Gumbel just said if you weren't looking at the on screen graphics
Ahh jolly Greg gumbel. I remember when he hosted the halftime show. Good for him
This Sunday's game at STL will be on CBS (locally w/ Greg Gumbel, & on the broadcast.
I think Greg Gumbel just woke Mike Carey from a sound nap. Totally unprepared. "Huh?" "Oh yeah, he got it right."
Greg Gumbel after a blocked FG: "he knew he got a hand on it." . Yeah, I think it's pretty easy to tell if a kicked football hits your hand
Dell Curry flossing? Add that to Greg Gumbel's Presbyterian crack and this CBS telecast of is a disaster.
Did Greg Gumbel just make diss Presbyterians? Not funny. You're as stupid as your brother.
What famous people would you put in the Toupee Hall of Fame?. Shatner, Greg Gumbel, Karl Ravech, Jerry Jones...Who am I missing?
Greg Gumbel looks like that drunk uncle at the family picnic on a sunny Sunday at the park.
Greg Gumbel just questioned why there was so much fuss over Dunno, Greg, maybe because we don't like cheaters!
I'm so sick of listening to Greg Gumbel and Trent Green call things incorrectly...
The worst announcer has is better than Greg Gumbel.
Why does Greg Gumbel keep bringing up deflategate during a Texans-Panthers game?
the guy calling the game with Greg Gumbel sounds just like Fat Boy
"This is a game that needs some offense from someone," Greg Gumbel, Texans-Panthers
I guess it defaulted to the national/Greg Gumbel coverage. Pitiful.
"This is a game that needs some offense by someone" - Greg Gumbel calling Texans Panthers
Greg Gumbel doing the announcing today in Charlotte. Hey, that means the announcing will be good. Holy crap!
Today's game on vs. at 1 pm. Greg Gumbel and Trent Green have the call.
Nope. Simms has been CBS' analyst since say one. Used to work with Greg Gumbel, now Nantz. Why are you always an ***
Greg Gumbel and Trent Green have our game on Sunday. Definitely tuning in to and
Greg Gumbel, CBS ready for rare look at Carolina Panthers: This week the Carolina Panthers make their home debut…
Greg Gumbel and Trent Green have the Panthers-Texans on CBS Sunday. Trent is with us at 845am tomorrow. He's excellent
I remember Greg Gumbel saying Bryant was one freak of a white guy.
"A 48 yard extra this what the founding fathers had in mind?". - Greg Gumbel
Who signed off on new host of Never thought I'd miss Greg Gumbel
Is it just me or did Trent Green and Greg Gumbel seem disgusted that the jets won?
The ref, Jerome Boger has been on mic more than Greg Gumbel today.
I think I like Greg Gumbel more than Bryant Gumbel. Greg looks like a cuddler.
Greg Gumbel 2 Phill Simms "I can't tell you a joke on Sat night because you'd break out laughing in church on Sun AM"
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What a chameleon that Afghan Ali G is. On practice days he shows up looking like Malibu's Most Wanted. On game nights, Greg Gumbel.
My fellow alum Greg Gumbel would approve this message! .
AGA attending a leadership seminar at the FMI Conference in Chicago. Featured speakers include Greg Gumbel a CBS...
Greg Gumbel lived at the bottom of my cul-de-sac for a year or so when I was in JH or HS, I don't remember now. Never saw Bryant
Remember watching Greg Gumbel's brother Bryant on 1979 Final Four with Bird and Magic. Still a Gumbel in studio 36 years later.
Still crazy that Greg Gumbel and Bryant Gumbel are brothers. Talk about polar opposites.
Gumblr: Like Tumblr, but only with Bryant and Greg Gumbel memes.
I think I saw more of Greg Gumbel and Charles Barkley this weekend than my family
Greg Gumbel giving a tip of the cap to Saul Goodman with the Perry Mason suit today.
It just isn't quite right without Greg Gumbel hosting the tournament. I hate this stupid Turner deal.
March: That time of year when Greg Gumbel is more important the Bryant Gumbel.
I'm seeing a lot of Greg Gumbel today. What does Bryant think of that?
How happy do you think Greg Gumbel is that it's finally March?
Greg Gumbel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Greg Gumbel works for CBS Sports, and has spent four decades in th...
Greg Gumbel's voice on CBS just gets me giddy for March Madness coming up!
Looks at Greg Gumbel, Seth Davis & Clark Kellogg fall in line, saying it was fine Jim Boeheim skipped out of press confer…
You know March Madness is right around the corner when you hear Greg Gumbel's voice
Is Jim Boeheim to blame for sanctions against CBS’ Greg Gumbel, Seth Davis
Greg Gumbel in March is a thing of beauty.
Terry Bradshaw & Greg Gumbel at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 3
Phil Simms and Greg Gumbel have no idea how to pronounce Kevin Mawae's last name in this telecast.
Met Greg Gumbel last night, pretty nice guy
Lots happening this weekend in for Latino Arts Festival, at The Ware Center at Millersville University:
1 hour until Greg Gumbel will speak at Millersville U:.
Low key nervous to introduce Greg Gumbel tonight 😅
is Greg Gumbel's hair dye Carb 2 compliant?
Greg Gumbel's outfit today is uglier than the Internet dress.
Nothing says more than Greg Gumbel calling a live look-in on Nothing like this time of the year.
Figured it out guys... Russell Wilson is a descendent of Greg Gumbel who is a descendent of the cabbage patch kids.
SNL deflategate skit not that good! Thought the Greg Gumbel intro was the only funny part.
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scene was kind of lame, but Keenan's Greg Gumbel impression was spot on and hilarious.
You should give the exact tip time, like Greg Gumbel does in March.
the only thing funny was Greg Gumbel
SNL calls Greg Gumbel the "human microphone" in last night's opening sketch tackling and
On flight to AZ... Just watched documentary on Pauly Shore. Movie was really good--kinda sad. Wonder what Greg Gumbel is doing in 1st class.
Bryant Gumbel on HBO Greg Gumbel on showtime Michael Buffer mc'ing the boxing match Bruce Buffer mc'ing UFC brothers got sports sewed up
Even SNL chimed in on 'DeflateGate'. Brady being portrayed as a meathead. Kenan Thompson as Greg Gumbel was funny
Star studded plane to Arizona this AM, joining me & is the great & and CBS's Greg Gumbel
Don't think CBS has all employees on same travel plan. Greg Gumbel on flight-1st class. Me & last class.
I liked a video from Greg Gumbel Super Bowl XLIX
Keenan's Greg Gumbel impression is on point!
your interview with Bryant Gumbel was excellent. I loved it, hoping for a future interview with the great Greg Gumbel
Hey Greg, why don't you bow down and kiss my freedom loving ***
Greg Gumbel just said Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is "throwing people around like a schoolteacher."
I'm in a room with Greg Gumbel and all I can think about is his brother Bryant and how Bryant makes Wayne Brady look like Malcolm X.
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Bryant Gumbel is the Greg Gumbel of television news, you guys.
All I've been thinking about all game is how Greg Gumbel pronounces "Louivul" every selection show
Zemgus Girgensons is the most famous person to ever live in Dubuque. Your move, Greg Gumbel.
"The wire is the greatest since Greg Gumbel on right now. J.J.'s mic'd up coming within the hour.
Greg Gumbel and Trent Green will have the call on the game.
the more I hear Greg Gumbel on NFL Game Rewind broadcasts and such, he is great, simply affable, always has the right comment to make
thanks for making Inside the NFL such a great show, you're the reason why it's good, owning Greg Gumbel in Buf-Cle game :)
Read review of Trent Green and Greg Gumbel. No one missed the Wisdom of Solomon.
Greg Gumbel doesn't have to put up with this crap
Greg Gumbel sighting at the Buffalo airport. Kinda sweet
Greg Gumbel obviously doesn't know very much about snow
Greg Gumbel just stepped all over my "got lucky once on review, why not try again?" joke.
"Suddenly, Buffalo's lead is cut in half, it's 20-10." In other news, Greg Gumbel not good at math, Johnny Football is the Browns QB
Greg Gumbel is gonna bust a load if Johnny Manziel plays
Greg Gumbel when a QB licks his fingers it means he's about to wet your *** up and do what you love best ***
I blame Greg Gumbel for the Browns losing
Bills and Browns keeping Jerome Boger busy today. "[He] giveth and he taketh away." -Greg Gumbel
Greg Gumbel announced a fumble returned for a TD like it was a tap-in putt for a bogie. Merp.
Greg Gumbel/Trent Green have an inartistic game @ Buffalo. Nothing, of course, like what Tim Ryan/saw in 1987...
Not sure Greg Gumbel is paying attention to this game. Misses obvious Joe Haden pick.
Greg Gumbel is terrible a clear pick. What are you doing in the booth?
Somebody hold my weave while I go fight Greg Gumbel in the commentary booth.
Greg Gumbel doing his best to hide his boredom calling this game.
it's worse on tv, we have to listen to Greg Gumbel!
"White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Greg Gumbel look like Malcolm X"
Greg Gumbel is announcing this like he's occasionally looking at the TV while doing a crossword.
When was the last time the Bills got a Greg Gumbel game this late in the season?
Hope this is an omen. Greg Gumbel sounds as excited in pregame as I've heard him in some time.
"Really? I'm doing the vs. game? You know I'm one of the best announcers here, right?" - Greg Gumbel probably
Good feeling with Greg Gumbel calling the game and a highlights package with ti's whatever you like
have graduated from Steve Tasker to Greg Gumbel. Movin on up
You know that the Browns are in the playoff hunt when Greg Gumbel is on the call.
WCBS in NY is getting Ian Eagle's game, not Greg Gumbel's game
uhhh, you're Greg Gumbel and John Thompson. I thought we went over this?
Looks like Greg Gumbel's head was photoshopped in after the fact.
Greg Gumbel needs to get over himself. If he doesn't want to say Ray Rice's name then he prob shouldn't announce half the players in the NFL
Greg Gumbel's favorite day of the year is here.
Browns-Bengals get CBS's B team this week.. Greg Gumbel and Trent Green
At Atlanta, Browns drew CBS' No. 6 announcing team, "the Steves." At Buffalo, bumped up to No. 3 team, Greg Gumbel/Trent Green.
Greg Gumbel and Trent Green will call this week's vs. game
Calling vs. game Sunday for CBS will be Greg Gumbel and Trent Green
What will it take for a Greg Gumbel and Bryant Gumbel booth in an NFL game?
Random thoughts: Bengals in all-black today, which probably puts the Ravens in all white. Cin is 12-9-1 since '04 in that combo. Greg Gumbel and Trent Green are on the CBS mics with ex-Comcast man Evan Washburn on the sidelines. Clete Blakeman is the ref, the 8th different zebra to work in as many Ravens games. Cincy going for 5th sweep of Ravens; Baltimore has five sweeps of the Bengals. will have the Web's first and best gamer around 5 or 5:30 today, and we'll have our second-quarter report card tomorrow!... Well, there goes my "KC in 5" pick, but I still feel the Royals are better. At least now, they'll get to celebrate at home after Game 6 and wrap up the AL's 19th Series win in the last 31. Since 2008 alone, the AL has had six different teams get to the Series, while the NL has had but three... Sorry, but even though I'm in the minority here, you still can't convince me the new playoff setup is good for college football. With the BCS, the regular season meant something, and it was ...
How do they decide these? I'm imagining a Selection Sunday-like broadcast with Greg Gumbel on the call.
Greg Gumbel has the weirdest hair ever!!!
Greg Gumbel has crossed the threshold. He's officially a muppet.
That moment when you realize Greg Gumbel looks like a cabbage patch kids' dad
What, you like Phil Simms and Greg "This Side!" Gumbel better? Blah
couple times during Bear game greg gumbel inferred there was drama last week associated with you? I heard/read nothing. What?
Calling the game this Sunday between the Bengals and Ravens are Greg Gumbel and Trent Green.
"The Bears have not won a game this year at Wrigley, er, pardon my Greg Gumbel."
Neat how Greg Gumbel is trying to sound excited on that Forte catch.
CBS sidekick of Greg Gumbel's just corrected himself from "we" to "The Dolphins."
Greg Gumbel on the struggle bus today. Opened the broadcast w/ "Welcome to Wrigley Field" & just referred to "Kyle FILLER."
BREAKING NEWS: Per CBS d-bag Greg Gumbel, Bears will have to play next 2 seasons elsewhere while Wrigley Field is being renovated.
Whoever this is with Greg Gumbel is awful
Greg Gumbel pointed out that there are only 2 teams in the NFC North ahead of the Bears. There are 4 total teams in the NFC North.
And now Greg Gumbel states they can't be at Wrigley because the Cubs don't play in Oct.
Kdksjdjdjsjdndd Did Greg Gumbel just reference Trent Green throwing shade at the Cubs??
“Was Greg Gumbel taking shots at the Wow" low blow
Greg Gumbel with the line of the day: "We can't be at Wrigley Field because the Cubs don't play baseball in October."
The last thing I need to hear right now is Greg Gumbel trolling the Cubs.
Was Greg Gumbel taking shots at the Wow
OH MY GOSH! Greg Gumbel just made an October joke at the Cubs’ expense!
Greg Gumbel firing shots at the Cubs.
I think Greg Gumbel meant to say the are looking for their first *home* win of the year.
Hey, I'm listening to the radio: Did Greg Gumbel say: "The shores of Wrigley Field" earlier? Dude is from like 3 miles away...
Hearing Greg Gumbel say "Winter is Coming" has been the most awkward thing I've heard in a week.
Greg Gumbel should not say "best game from the best conference" and be talking about Mississippi St. vs Kentucky.
Listening to Greg Gumbel's voice makes me sleepy.
My live-blog has devolved into me yelling at Greg Gumbel.
CBS's Greg Gumbel says former CB Kyle Fuller, rookie with Chicago Bears is "playing his position like an all-Pr…
Loras College alum Greg Gumbel on the call for the Bears game! Great day!!
inside the nfl with Brandon Marshall, Greg Gumbel, Phil Sims and Joe Namath is great. Keep it going.
On Inside The NFL Boomer Esiason, Greg Gumbel and Ed Reed agreed AP should not play. Michael Irvin tip toed his answer.
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I once ran in to Greg Gumbel at a news event & said "Hey you look like that famous Broadcaster's sad shadow". He did not laugh.
Apparently Bryant and Greg Gumbel are celebrating Greg's wife's book signing.
and wasn't it Greg gumbel doing play by play, he was stunned it was James Allen. Lol
Greg gumbel is the biggest *** ever "rex Ryan will talk with wilkerson for laughing after getting thrown out" yeah right just hit cutler
Greg Gumbel must feel stupid. He just said Vikings' great Brett Favre played for Green Bay.
According to Greg Gumbel, blowing an 18-point lead is "(giving) it a battle."
I love that Greg Gumbel pronounces “Chicago” the way it’s supposed to be pronounced.
No Greg Gumbel, the icing on the cake was put on this game by the refs. That play just added the candles.
Thank god I have Greg Gumbel to remind me that points 'go on the board.' I forgot where the points went.
Maybe the Dan Dierdorf curse was always a Greg Gumbel curse.
Too bad we don't have Dan Dierdorf with his analysis of the beard. I don't think Greg Gumbel has ever seen a beard before.
Odd not hearing Dan Dierdorf's voice alongside Greg Gumbel. Trent Green is doing a good job tho.
Jenny Dell watch: she'll be doing the Steelers/Browns game today. Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf replacement, Trent Green on Patriots - Dolphins
I'd rather watch Greg Gumbel run routes than Randy Moss continue this announcing gig.
Lots of respect for Greg Gumbel. Always has been the case for about 3.5 decades. Always will be. But Ian & Dan as the No 2 team is perfect
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You have a w/Espn saying all black team,Mike Carrey,LEBRON,Charlie Strong,Geno Smith and Greg Gumbel?Maybe you're the RACIST
Arnie Time 4p-7p pacific thoughts on M. carey and greg Gumbel, K.Love, pre-season week 3, college ftbl sleepers and over-rated,
Greg Gumbel? Follow his lead. I respect the *** out of that. Make your decision, shut up about it.
Idk about that, he's 4 name change too. In fact, I believe both Bryant and Greg Gumbel are Skins fans, too. Bryant is awful.
Wait, Greg Gumbel is going to host Inside the NFL, now? Do they seriously NOT want people to watch it?
“We are All Wash. except for Greg Gumbel on
Greg Gumbel said he stopped using Washington's team name years ago. (Via
“Gumbel stopped using Washington's team name years ago makes 2 of us!The power in numbers!
From the Washington Post about the the football team in DC - "The matter seems clearer to us now than ever, and while we wait for the National Football League to catch up with thoughtful opinion and common decency, we have decided that, except when it is essential for clarity or effect, we will no longer use the slur ourselves. That's the standard we apply to all offensive vocabulary, and the team name unquestionably offends not only many Native Americans but many other Americans, too." Newspapers (Seattle Times, WA Post) won't print it, announcers and commentators (Greg Gumbel, Phil Simms, Peter King, Bob Costas, Bill Simmons and others) won't say it, the trademark office won't protect it, and, my favorite, the University of Minnesota doesn't want it ANYWHERE when DC plays the Vikings on November 2nd in their stadium. I understand why many people dislike what they see as too much political correctness nowadays, but this isn't a political correctness issue. It's a right and wrong issue, and using a slur a ...
Washington Name Change Momentum Builds: . Greg Gumbel now joins the broadcasters who have not been u... Video
Olbermann used a clip of my Greg Gumbel podcast on ESPN2 tonight!!
VIDEO COMMENT: momentum builds as Greg Gumbel reveals he hasn't used it; Tom Jackson says he may not:. ht…
lol Don Lemon should start a barbershop quartet with Bryant & Greg Gumbel, along with Wayne Brady. All in khakis & polo shirts.
Can not wait to hear Greg Gumbel say "lost the football" every sunday
Who do you think will be named as new host of 's "Inside The NFL:" Dan Patrick, Greg Gumbel or someone else?
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Me thinks Mr. Greg Gumbel will soon be named new host of Showtime's "Inside The NFL."
Agreed, and on the same note, I feel the same way about Ian Eagle/Greg Gumbel on CBS' depth chart.
You used to date Greg Gumbel?. 'Yeah, I broke up with him because whenever we were about to have sex he'd yell LETS GET READY TO GUMBEL!!!'
Just had lunch a table over from Greg Gumbel lol
Good Saturday morning ..gloomy and wet but a warm day in store .. sunshine tomorrow. May 3rd .. let's take a look back .. 1937, Margaret Mitchell wins the Pulitzer Prize for "Gone With the Wind" .. 1939, the Andrews Sisters recorded their "Beer Barrel Polka" .. 1952, the first plane landed at the "geographic" north pole ..1957, Dodger Stadium was constructed .. 1959, Tiger Charlie Maxwell launched 4 homers in a doubleheader .. 1966, the game "Twister" made its debut on the Tonight Show .. 1971, National Public Radio was formed .. and in 1979, Margaret Thatcher became the first female Prime Minister of England. Born April 3rd were Pete Seeger in '19 .. Dave Dudley in '28 .. James Brown in '33 .. Frankie Valli in '34 .. *** Dale in '37 .. Napoleon XIV in '38 .. Richard Burns of the Hondells in '41 .. Pete Staples of the Troggs in '44 .. Greg Gumbel in '46 .. Doug Henning in '47 .. Mary Hopkin in '50 .. Christoher Cross in '51 .. bassist Bruce Hall of REO Speedwagon in '53 .. and keyboardist David Ball of .. ...
Happy Birthday !! Actress Ann B. Davis is 88. Actor Alex Cord is 81. Singer Frankie Valli is 80. Sports announcer Greg Gumbel is 68. Singer Christopher Cross is 63. Drummer Cactus Moser of Highway 101 is 57. Keyboardist David Ball of Soft Cell is 55. Country singer Shane Minor is 46. Music producer-actor Damon Dash is 43. Bassist John Hopkins of Zac Brown Band is 43. Country singer Brad Martin is 41. Actress Christina Hendricks is 39. Actor Dule Hill is 39. Country singer Eric Church is 37. Dancer Cheryl Burke is 30. Singer Michael Kiwanuka is 27.
I would expect that from the arrogant Bryant. Older brother Greg Gumbel is much, much nicer and no doubt more discrete.
Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari joined Greg Gumbel, Steve Lappas, and Doug Gottlieb to discuss going up against UConn in the National Championship and much more.
Tracy Wolfson just broke the news that Greg Gumbel said on air like 25 minutes ago.
After two weeks, still weird that CBS put Kenny and Charles with Greg Gumbel and Gottlieb and Seth Davis with Ernie. Why?
Holy jeebus --- Greg Gumbel, Clark Kellogg, Greg Anthony & Sir Charles might just be favorite studio team. Ever.
Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg are like "Christ we gotta deal with Seth Davis when Charles Barkley exists?"
Greg Gumbel & Clark Kellogg are gettin' a straight KICK out of Charles Barkley. They're about crying laughing on the set.
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