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Greg Cote: Home Run Derby, not All-Star Game, is real star of baseball's midsummer break
for your next random fact on Greg Cote Tuesday
I'm sure this has been said before, but Loria and Greg Cote looks very similar to one another.
Class: Start to finish, If you missed my farewell column, here it is:
Thank you for the thoughtful article !
If Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade are to remarry, it must be on team’s terms, not player’s, writes
We love the All-Star Game is here, distracted Miami just has a funny way of showing it
Navas, great question! Greg Cote is my favorite Heat journalist ever, I see alot of the same qualities he has in you.
Greg Cote big ups are the best big ups.
just let Izzy, Pablo, Amin, Mina, Greg Cote or DomFox do the show solo next time Yates and Hollins were rough
Greg Cote, two minutes, in the box, for showkilling
ICYMI, an homage to in our latest column: .
Bosh’s Heat goodbye was gradual, overshadowed, but this gentleman-athlete earned... (-
It was a Greg Cote level bad joke but still lol
Sad to see the last of the Big 3 go. Incredibly grateful for impact on the Thanks big guy!
Thanks Greg Foster for this awesome footage! We will be at Breakaway Billiards this Saturday night at 9:30PM!
It was overshadowed by 4th of July/Gordon Hayward but earns thanks as he departs New column:
Two birds with one stone: Have Greg Cote try to hit a home run over at a hi…
Glad to see someone besides me and loves Greg Cote! Thought we were the only two! Another great article! https:/…
I demand Greg cote in Vince wilfork formation
If the All-Star Game is what it should be again, then this one should include Ichiro, writes
Also.. I'm sure you heard Greg Cote's map pun today. I could almost see you giving him the old thumbs up.
Dan Le Batard and Greg Cote discuss the racial undertones of Knicks president Phil Jackson's use ... - via App
Greg Cote is Jeff Mathis, coincidentally current Marlin and career .193 hitter.
Muhammad Ali's legend was 'born in Miami' 50 years ago
Remembering Muhammad Ali and his "birth" in . One of "The Greatest" to come out of Florida was Muhammad...
I'm Greg Cote and I approve this question.
Wishing the best tonight for a seriously ill Muhammad Ali. My most recent column on Ali, from February 2014:
Agree on LeBetard. Greg Cote Tuesdays and when they open up the club on Fridays are my favorite.
Even more reason to that I have been watching less of the this is ridiculous...Doral was one of my faves
Time is one opponent no one ever beats, not even the seemingly immortal Don Shula.
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Attention Miami Heat fans! Maybe rooting for LeBron isn't such a bad idea after all...
Doral and the PGA Tour: Nobody wins when a 55-year marriage ends in divorce. My new column:
Greg Côte Jr is off to a great start today
seriously, the last five minutes of the local hour on a Greg Côte Tuesday is the best five minutes on radio
I got Cote and Lauzon but honestly these are close match ups
. cote vs cerrone. sanchez vs lauzon. who r you backing?. I want some too! . I got Sanchez n Cote!
Greg Cote looks like he drinks black coffee with every meal. No matter what it is he is eating.
Greatest segment ever on we got Stugotz game notes AND Greg Cote's Back in My Day
how does Greg Côte not realize he is getting set up by Dan he never says your name unless to set you up
"Greg Cote vs the hard out" is one of the biggest underreported stories in sports media
My new column: could have a blockbuster offseason, but it starts with hoping LeBron James wins NBA title:
Coach Morris fine with 'almost impossible' expectations for UM baseball writes https:/…
warriors haters back into hiding, a fascinating gorilla story for mcgill, and greg cote. Cant wait for the show today
From war hero to Don Shula’s right-hand man: The life of Charley Winner
A Haiku like this?. Scott Mitchell plays well. Greg Cote writes for Herald. Trade Dan Marino.
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Greg Cote: Baseball’s prolonged banishment of Pete Rose is excessive and hypocritical | Miami Herald
Greg Cote writes that MLB’s punishment of Pete Rose is excessive and hypocritical.
Dan, Stugotz and Greg Cote share their thoughts on the events at Missouri + chat w/ Ron Magill, John Amaechi + more
please Dan stop with the animal guy, I'd rather hear Greg Cote
The picture of Greg Cote on the front of the desk looks like Kim Jong-Il.
I understand not having guests today. Shouldn't Greg Cote be in today then?
noticeably missing from Greg Cote 2sday. Hope he's sticking around. Show him some love, he's got 1 foot in the grave
Greg Cote's Random Evidence: Time to start a 'Keep Dwyane in ...
Kinda would've been epic if greg cote was in today. doesn't take away from todays show at all though.
Greg Cote: Reputations of Belichick, Goodell take another hit with latest report.
How can you have Greg Cote Tuesdays without Greg Cote???
we need someone with credibility and journalistic integrity for this slot. Put on Greg Cote!
The drawing of Greg Cote in a wife - beater directly over Dan's shoulder is going to be hilariously distracting.
I need my 'Greg Cote, Tuesday'.for time management lessons alone.
Good article by strikes right balance between the urgency fans feel and the situation on the field.
will Greg Cote still be a weekly regular?
By our .catch lightning in a bottle in season-opening win
>> Greg Cote: UM catches lightning in a bottle in season-opening win
Greg Cote Random Evidence: NFL opens with Goodell in hiding. What’s next, disguise?: … Click to Continue »
Greg Cote: FIU's Ron Turner has toughest coaching job in South ...
will Greg Cote show up at 2pm on his first day?
will Greg cote still be available to co host at that hour?
College preview: Greg Cote: UM coach Al Golden has no room for excuses this year.
Greg Cote: Tom Brady wins big; NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell lose even more: Tom Brady won big. Roger Goodel...
Greg Schefter or Adam Cote, which do you prefer?
Can you confirm that first hour will be local and the continuance of Greg Cote Tuesdays?
Where does Greg Cote rank the Dolphins among the 32 NFL teams? Read his preview.
Greg Cote's NFL predictions: Seahawks on top; Dolphins surge to ...
Greg Cote: Nova's Ryan Jamison beats odds to win Herald poll as South Florida's best coach.
Greg Cote: Howard Schnellenberger deserves to get into College Football Hall of Fame.
Greg Cote: Howard Schnellenberger warrants to get involved with Nfl And College Football Hall of Fame
Greg Cote: Pat Riley sends message to LeBron James, rest of NBA ...
Greg Cote: Miami Heat expects Justise Winslow to be its next big star - Miami Herald (blog)
Greg Cote: In Miami Heat's corner of the world, keeping Dwyane Wade should ... - Lexington Herald Leader
Greg Cote :Victory at Buffalo would help validate Miami Dolphins&resurgence -
“ familiar collapse might cost Joe Philbin his job Rex KOs them again in wk17 then coaches them in 15
The latest from All-too-familiar collapse might cost Joe Philbin his job
Whalen was .500 but had the highest RPI of the remaining bathrooms
Whalen at 2 is awful. You call yourself an analyst Cote?
Dillingham 2nd floor being co conference champs hurt them. But they will play in the Porcelain Bowl
Dillingham was 5th. Tough call. Pre renovation rep really was looked upon poorly by the committee.
Whalen's 3rd? That's VERY underrated. And how is Dillingham's 2nd floor left off this list?!
Greg Cote: Loss to elite Rockets shows deficiencies - (blog)
Miss cote d'Azur a fait du Basket 💚💗💙💜. Make a three pointer in my face 💙. Be my Tim Duncan, i'll be your Greg Popovic 💜💗💚💙
"The Yankees should play without a ShortStop Jawn. There's only man worthy of the position. Derek Sanderson Jeter"
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Greg Cote looks like an over zealous hardware store employee pushing unwanted overstocked laminate wood floor.
Day 46: "He deserves a second chance. If his victim can give it, so should we." Agree?
i need greg cote and marcellus wiley to get their own spinoff show..those two have finally gotten me over the loss of Stan van
Greg Cote looks like the tour bus driver almost hitting parked cars and (cont)
I had no idea Greg Cote's Back in the Day segment was such a hit!
Greg Cote :The news just keeps on getting worse for Roger Goodell -
Listening to Lebatard_12-2-14- Part 1 from Happy Greg Cote Tuesday!
Greg Cote :Adrian Peterson case and others prove NFL guided by public reaction, not moral compass -
Greg Cote :Future of Miami Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton could have changed in an instant -
Greg Cote :If wife can forgive Ray Rice, we can too -
Greg Cote, guy who still buys CDs, but only for the 2 tracks he heard on the oldies station. Has never listened to the other 18.
Greg Cote: understands spot on postseason stage -
Greg Cote: Pressure now is on Giancarlo Stanton and Miami Marlins
I really enjoy reading Greg Cote's articles on the Miami Dolphins. This little piece had me laughing pretty hard regarding Miami's upcoming 4 games. "Facing Jacksonville to prepare for the four games immediately ahead is like playing patty-cake to prepare for the UFC octagon." LOL
mack brown sounds a lot like Greg Cote. Which has to be an insult to Brown, right?
Greg Cote :Miami Dolphins should allow Ryan Tannehill to pass or fail -
Greg Cote: odyssey this time could be dynasty or dismantled -
Greg Cote :Roger Goodell gets it right with NFL&new personal conduct policy -
Check out page B7 of tomorrow's section for a commentary by Greg Cote of the Miami Herald about Pete Rose and reinstatement.
Greg Cote :&news on Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem is good news for Miami Heat fans -
Greg Cote: LeBron James, always find an answer to Nets -
Miami Herald sportswriters Joseph Goodman and Greg Cote analyze the Miami Heat's loss to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Video by Charles ...
Michigan USA Warren » 818 Greg Cote: Miami Heat, fans show up big time in Game 3 Miami Heat janinebucks
Greg Cote: Miami Heat needs Dwyane Wade of Game 1 to three-peat
Greg Cote: needs of Game 1 to three-peat
Greg Cote: Hopeful days are here again as Miami Dolphins start strong in free agency
Greg Cote: New coaching gig part of healing process for Sean Taylor&father: Florida City is...
Greg Cote: Tiger Woods goes from top dog to underdog -
Greg Cote: Tiger Woods goes from big dog to underdog - -
check this out Greg Cote: Win, lose or withdraw, Tiger Woods is still biggest and best thing .
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USA TODAYNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must drop the hammer by issuing lengthy suspensions in the wake of the independent investigative findings issued by Ted Wells on Friday. That was the conclusion Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe shared with USA …Greg Cote: Official report concludes Dolphin
Read this today: Greg Cote of the Miami Herald on increased security at the upcoming Olympics. "For example, down-hill skiers will now slalom through metal detectors"
Seattle is ready. Are you? 4 p.m. kickoff for NFC Championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Airs on FOX. The Miami Herald's Greg Cote on why this is truly "super" Sunday for football fans: from left: Ryan Asdourian whose day job is as a Microsoft manager, sits in his office in Redmond. His other job is being Blitz, the Seahawks' mascot (AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Mike Siegel). Painters put the finishing touches on a Seattle Seahawks' logo on the turf at CenturyLink Field.
Greg Cote of the Miami Herald ".Picking against Peyton at home feels like betting against tomorrow’s sunrise, but the gut feeling here is pretty strong. Saturday-game winners in the previous round are 7-1 since 2010 in this round, a trend favoring New England. Manning is 6-11 all-time against Bill Belichick teams. John Fox is 1-6 against the Pats. NE finally has a running game and has three very good cornerbacks. And here’s something else that might seem small but isn’t: Denver is missing injured CB Chris Harris, and the Broncs’ opposing passer skyrockets when Harris isn’t on the field. That’ll clear a path for Brady to victimize 34-year-old replacement Quentin Jammer and to continue his mastery of Manning."
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) writes, "It has come to my attention there is an LPGA player named Sandra Gal. I wonder if she ever met football punter, Ray Guy.
Greg Cote: Crystal ball says Peyton Manning will be MVP -
Greg Cote: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade embrace doubters of a three-peat - -
Brothers and Sisters of IBEW Local 364 please remember to get out and vote on Thur for our general elections. I would like to take this oppurtunity to not only endorse the election of our current business manager Tom Sink but the re-election of all of our current board members Pat Tomlin, Theresa Fernbaugh, Brad Williams, Chris Molander, Greg Cote, Dave Cargill, Mike Miller, Tim Tammen and for myself to continue to be your treasurer . I would also like to encourage you to consider voting for Craig Thompson and Gary Adams for the positions of executive board and examining commitee. I have known both members for over 15 years and consider both not only friends but great brothers and they will serve the local accordingly. Thanks and good luck to all the candidates !!
Opinion article: Is the NCAA the worst thing to happen to Miami?
Biographer Richard Snow on how a pioneer who made cars affordable and paid his workers well became such an unsettling person.
Greg Cote: playoff health tied to Dwyane Wade -
Almost everything went right for Miami last night. Everything, except...
My column from Chicago off Game 4 win focuses on Dwyane Wade's problems and the impact on Miami moving forward.
The latest from Miami Heat’s playoff health tied to Dwyane Wade:
Greg Cote: Bulls full of technicals and ejections but lack class -... .So
CHICAGO: Greg Cote: Physicality of raging Bulls is being met - Greg Cote - MiamiH... (via
Imagine the National Guard deployed to militarize the perimeter of the basketball court in the expectation of more mayhem. Uniformed police officers with nightsticks are serving as the game’s officials. The whole spectacle plays out surrounded by an octagon cage.
"poor-trade by lochnes We've been working through our emotions in the studio lately and this one just came out...
Hi! Please consider kicking in a few bucks to help me afford a new camera. I'll make nice art with it for you. We hope.
Greg Cote: With LeBron James, the best is yet to come: “Don’t take this for granted,” Erik Spoelstra was sayin...
The White Clay Creek, which flows from southeastern Pennsylvania to northern Delaware, is the only National Wild and Scenic River protected in its entirety. This federal designation helps to preserve watershed features that enhance water quality, natural resources and the over all quality of life. A...
Greg Cote: Freight Train James is closing in on Michael Jordan -
Greg Cote weighs in on Serena Williams: 'She was right, we were wrong' about her:
Greg Cote: Serena Williams was right, we were wrong: It might have invited more admonishment over how her inte...
Greg Cote: Letter shows Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria either doesn&get it or doesn&
Greg Cote: Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria either doesn't get it or doesn't care MIAMI - Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria recently hired a new public-relations firm, a hopeful sign of awareness that his image has fallen to squalid disrepair and that he has dragged the team's brand down with him. I pity the PR firm's Herculean challenge. Perhaps not since Attila the Hun plundered the Balkans in the 5th century has a man needed a public makeover more. I can only hope the planned re-imaging of Loria did not mean to commence with that "Letter To Our Fans" that appeared Sunday in The Miami Herald and other media outlets
And so the LeBron returns to Cleveland in 2014 speculation begins… This has been a buzz around some NBA circles for little while now, but it’s starting to leak into the mainstream. First it was my friend T.J. Carpenter (radio host at ESPN’s WHB Radio in Kanas city), who plays for me a clip of one journalist quoting an off-the-record remark from Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins saying he was 100 percent sure LeBron James will go back to Cleveland (although no timeline was given). Then there is the column Friday in the Miami Herald by Greg Cote somehow spinning the likelihood of LeBron opting out of his deal in 2014, his new agent living in Cleveland and praise for Kyrie Irving during All-Star weekend into a feeling LeBron has one foot out the door. Say it isn’t so that you will be heading back to Cleveland in the summer of 2014, or we can start the clock now on about 16 months of ever-increasing rumors and speculation gradually morphing into assumption. This same rumor is all over Cleveland. Ugh. ...
Greg Cote: Women can punch, kick and win pole just like men - Bellingham Herald
Greg Cote: Miami Dolphins legend Don Shula reflects on 347 wins, Super Bowls and more BY GREG COTE The Miami Herald Former Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula speaks as Head Coach Steve Specht, of St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, is awarded the Don Shula High School Coach of the Year Award during a press conference for Super Bowl XLVII at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on February 1, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Christian Petersen / Getty Images Photo Related Content Greg Cote: Soon, the Super Bowl parties will give way to a football game For Harbaugh brothers John and Jim, Super Bowl XLVII brings a family feud BY GREG COTE gcotenice, long conversation with Don Shula the other day reminded me of the best, most memorable assignment I ever had in high school. We were to interview a grandparent and write their life story. The point is it’s good to read a history book, but it’s better still if you have a chance to speak with the person who made the history. Shula, 83 now, rates as living N ...
I was just told Colin Cowherd praised my Saban column from Sunday. Except he said Greg Cote wrote it. And he pronounced him Coat. Love it!
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Keep up the good work on the Dan Lebatard show man. I really enjoy you and Greg Cote!
Greg Cote's NFL picks for weekend games
Greg Cote's NFL picks for weekend games: We're running faster - arms pumping, chest heaving, legs a...
An update on a football note provided by Miami Herald's Greg Cote. The New York Giants, after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, are 1-8 in Week 9 games under Tom Coughlin.
Greg Cote: Marlins keep it in the family...
Greg Cote, Miami Herald: “First there was the Lingerie Football League. Next: The Bikini Basketball Association, planning for a summer 2013 launch with teams including the “Miami Spice.” Ah, female athletes wearing next to nothing. The framers of Title IX must be so proud!”
A line from the NFL predictions by Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, after announcing he went 3-13 straight up last weekend: "The only man who had a worse week than me was the guy who ruled it a Golden Tate catch for Seattle."
Greg Cote: “...Fox Deportes to carry races in Spanish next year. Currently, NASCAR is broadcast in only two languages: English and Redneck.”
I remember Jimmy Johnson, way back in the Dallas Cowboys days, telling me once that if a seventh-round, fourth-string rookie guard fell asleep in a team meeting you would kick his butt out the door, but if Troy Aikman was caught dozing you would gently nudge him awake and offer to fluff his pillow. --Greg Cote of the Miami Herald: On NFL Star Treatment. lol
Miami Dolphins’ choice should be simple with David Garrard out: Give Ryan Tannehill starting job - Greg Cote -
It's FRIDAY!! Join us on 560 WQAM from 3-7 PM as we talk with Greg Cote, Charles Davis and Countdown to Kickoff with Channing Crowder!
Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade healing in more ways than one - Greg Cote -
Greg Cote: A dream debate for the ages in the Olympics: Sun Herald » Cross-generational arguments ...
Jeremy Lin: Jockularity for Thursday, June 21: DISS Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, after Knicks guard Jeremy Lin...
Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade willing to cede spotlight to new MVP LeBron James - Greg Cote -
"Nothing has come easily in this postseason, with Miami on target to become the first team ever to win an NBA title after trailing in three different playoff series. Neither have these Finals been anything less than down to the final minute — the way it should be when everything is at stake for the league’s two best teams." - Greg Cote, Miami Herald
Greg Cote: Heat shows it can win ugly at home, too - Bradenton Herald
The Miami Herald sports reporter Greg Cote commented on LeBron James reading The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise to Fufill a Dream -- "LeBron reading The Three Doctors book parallels The Miami Heat's Big 3. It inspired them be...See More The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream Chosen by Essence to be among the forty most influential African Americans, the three doctors grew up in the streets of Newark, facing city life’s temptations, pitfalls, even jail. But one day these three men made a pact. They promised each other they would all become doctors. Like · · Share
No TK Thurs/Fri thanks 2 US Open. So today we're joined by Greg Cote on Heat/Thunder and TK clears the air re: Chris Russo
Greg Cote: LeBron James gets golden chance at redemption
Here are a few paragraphs from Greg Cote's column for the Miami Herald on the Heat's 78-75 loss to the visiting Indiana Pacers in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series on Tuesday night:
Miscellaneous quote of the day: "Be good dancers, have vivacious personalities, and think field goals are awesome." - Greg Cote, Miami Herald, on qualifications needed on being a Dolphins cheerleader
Miami Marlins’ night bigger than one result, one game - Greg Cote -
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