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Greg Chappell

Gregory Stephen Chappell MBE (born 7 August 1948 in Unley, South Australia) is a former cricketer who captained Australia between 1975 and 1977 and then joined the breakaway World Series Cricket (WSC) organisation, before returning to the Australian captaincy in 1979, a position he held until his retirement 1984. The second of three brothers to play Test cricket, Chappell was the pre-eminent Australian batsman of his time who allied elegant stroke making to fierce concentration.

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the show is fantastic . Just watching Greg Chappell again I can watch them again and again
Wow. Saurav Ganguly and Greg Chappell... In 22yards pitch or table ... no room 4 hate, I WANT LITTLE PI…
Greg Chappell ke time ghar pe chase karke jeete failed terribly in SA, WI
Great session this afternoon with the BNE team. Thanks to Greg Chappell for sharing his experiences from an epic &…
Forever tainted Greg Chappell. Also, a rotten thing for an older…
Also, subscribed to the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre catalogue, and rea…
There is a good story about how Greg Chappell thought that the Pakistani players who were talking to Ej…
They should take over PCB. Let Viv take PCB chairman place…
Greg Chappell on why the consumer is the most important player in the beef supply chain.
Fancy running into Greg Chappell when you're on the drink
Plus I know I was too young to remember it but I have seen that game when Greg Chappell told his bowler to b…
Ian is the real brother of Greg Chappell ... Hence Proved !!. Have a blast Ian !!👍👍
Irfan Pathan: My career is still going strong, Greg Chappell did not hamper it
sighs...I saw it on TV as it happened...Greg Chappell told his little bro to bowl und…
Didn't know Max Walker Aussie swing bowler died this year. Saw him as a 12 yr old at Trent Bridge in 77 in a side captained by Greg Chappell
Virat Kohli-Anil Kumble combination will be potent for India: Greg Chappell...
Greg Chappell will be appointed as the special coach for improving Stuart Binny water supply skills 😂
I had a few beers last week and Amazon Primed a Greg Chappell hat on the bus home.
Chris Rogers now has same number of first-class centuries as, among others, Greg Chappell - 74. Rogers in 538 innings, Chappell in 542.
thats Greg chappell in Dravid that will never go out. He did that with RR too.
played 99 Tests and scored a hundred in his first and last Test, much like Greg Chappell
Do what I do. Embellish a little. Embellish a lot. My boys think I was better than Greg Chappell!
That era when greg chappell ruined 2 golden years of our ckt team
My once favorite player. used to come in at no. 3 and open the bowling. How time flies. I blame Greg Chappell.
The left handed Greg Chappell with a test bowling average lower than Warne gets the breakthrough.
Bairstow takes guard like he's picking up a bat for first time & makes Steve Smith look like Greg Chappell, but hey, whatever works
This is what happens when you ignore the left handed Greg Chappell.
Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Or for our undergrads it's lecture one day (with Greg Chappell), prac the next
For some in Congress he will be like Greg Chappell and for some Gary Kirsten.
A deal of commonsense in this article by The Fox. "Don't train slow" Ian Renshaw Cameron Lillicrap Greg Chappell
In a hurry he made too many decisions. Like Greg chappell tried to do.
Mason Cox's dad looks like Greg Chappell which is better than looking like David Cloke
"I can't really say I'm batting badly. I'm not batting long enough to be batting badly" Greg Chappell
Greg Chappell's man management skills were zero: Virender
"Add a yard of pace" is what destroyed countless Indian bowlers Irfan, bhuvi, RP... Is greg chappell in disguise?
Greg Chappell's man management skills absolutely zero:...
Guru Greg must now be named the Mayor of . If you failed to understand.. I am talking about The Legendary Greg Chappell😂
Super ball to get rid of Gayle by Bhuvi reminded me of Greg chappell getting bowled round the legs by Roger Binny 1985 B&H
and then india lost match, series, Greg Chappell issue, and that 2007 WC.. start of one the worst phase in Indian cricket..
I added a video to a playlist Cricketer Virendra Shewag Comments on Ex Coach Greg Chappell
Hmm. I'd still take Ponting. Just. Also depends if Greg Chappell makes the best XI - if not I'd pick him over either.
Greenidge's record was just the norm for that era. Viv, Zaheer and Greg Chappell were in a different class.
Greg Chappell's man management skills were zero: Virender...
Chappell's man management skills were zero: Sehwag Agreed! Bur our chaps have fetish for foreign coach, goods, USD!
Greg Chappell's man management skills were zero: Virender Sehwag - Times of India
Chappell's man management skills were zero: Viru: Appointed coach of the Indian cricket team…
Greg Chappell's man management skills were zero:
Today is the anniversary of world cricket's most disgraceful moment: Greg Chappell asking his brother Trevor to bowl underarm against NZ.
Greg Chappell is easier to listen to than James Brayshaw. Drivel, drivel, drivel. Prefer boredom to stupidity.
David Warner smashes a 6 to leapfrog Greg Chappell into the top 20 all-time Australian ODI run scorers. .
Perfect for the upcoming storm this weekend!
It always kills me to hear so many people complain that welfare and other government programs that help the poor...
Same time as Greg Chappell was given not out for an LBW
remember Greg Chappell talking about this when he was the Indian coach.
Remember Greg Chappell he said a night before match is so important to you guys do some serious exercise!
Bring back strict Greg Chappell as coach to Team India
After Greg Chappell this is the time when Indian cricket is destroying.
I agree with u Paul the Yellow Greg Chappell hat is on a par with Penriths Pink Jumper, both well suited 2 B&W tvs
? better after bad run than Stokes (18 in 10 inns for England in 2014) Greg Chappell, Mohinder Armanath .. 2016 Ian Bell ?
he's got the best EVER average for runs scored batting 4 & 5...Root 68, Sobers 61, Greg Chappell 60 😨😨😨
BCCI bring one more Greg Chappell as coach , strict as he was to lesson Team India out of their leisure ,capable of showing them mirror
. Sorry for hurting your feelings Sir Don Bradman. N.B- To *** with Ian and Greg Chappell.
It was so funny seeing Greg Chappell belt a New Zealand streaker on his bare *** That's the way to deal with them.
Greg Chappell used to bat in a wide brimmed floppy hat. Made it look so easy like he was on a family picnic.
Why walk when you're Australian. The umpire will never give you out anyway. Ask Greg Chappell. Never given out LBW at home.
no thanks. These hats are terrible. The old Greg Chappell hats were better
Greg Chappell has a message for Santa, can you spread the word? Coaches - the lifeblood of cricket! ht…
You'll love this message from Greg Chappell!
It was a treat to watch Jason Sangha who was recently hailed by Greg Chappell bat .
or shall I say the Welsh pirlo! 😂 great game and a point was the least we deserved
Vote on the poll Best batting by Greg Chappell ? on via
Vote on the poll Best century by Greg Chappell ? on via
Greg Chappell couldn't pay a deposit for a house based on the earnings from the 1972 Ashes tour
Reminiscing with my heroes - Mushtaq Mohammad and Greg Chappell.
Why is everyone making a big deal about George Baileys hat? Greg Chappell started the floppy hat and then everyone wanted one to be like him
Remember the good ole days.. Not a care in the world.. Sure miss being young and dumb lol
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After the news, National Talent Manager, Greg Chappell, discusses the progress of the CA XI in the
Renowned youth evangelist Greg Chappell adamant CA XI will exceed expectations in Matador Cup
.aimed to connect with Sachin Tendulkar, who wanted a friend from his coach. He'd had tough time wi Greg Chappell.
- Great piece on the WACA. . BTW, my oldest son has started part time work at Greg Chappell Cricket Centre. Gear heaven
More of this... Less hate and bigotry... Just when you feel like the world is full of so many negatives someone...
This Saturday come out and support this great cause right here in our community!
We need more of this and less of hate and bigotry that is taking over the country. ..unsung heroes unite!
is another Greg Chappell. We need a Kirsten and not a Chappel to take us back to the top. can do better for sure.
What Greg Chappell did to Ganguly,Shastri wants to do same with Dhoni? He wants to rule Indian Team.
Greg Chappell too. . Has featured in 35,40,50,55 & 60 over odis & has played tests too
Rocky mount Franklin County peeps be on the lookout!
I liked a video from Greg Chappell 131 vs England 2nd test 1972 Lords
I learnt the cost of victory and cricket from Walsh, not Greg Chappell
A little humor to lighten the day..
Proverbs 6:16-19 ESV / 717 helpful votes . There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an...
1 Timothy Chapter 2. 9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and...
For all those unmarried living with someone and call themselves Christians wanting to point the finger.. Shame on...
For all those on the marriage bandwagon what about all those divorced sinners? . Luke 16:18 - Whosoever putteth...
and his pig headed stoush with Greg Chappell destroyed Dravid's captaincy. And Dravid was such a gent.
I wonder if Steve Smith will reflect that when Greg Chappell asked Trevor to bowl underarm he did so within the existing laws of the game.
Wouldn't this be incredible! I hope it really is a cure for all cancers!
what do you remember Greg Chappell for? situation reversed, embarrassed to win by such methods?
To be fair was only playing by the rules.just like greg chappell did.
Greg Chappell undermined an exceptional career with a 'rules based decision'. Dreadful start to yours! Be better, please!
.you defend it all you like. Just like Trevor Chappell and Greg Chappell did... Same old, same old. Not impressive.
win at all costs - don't worry about the spirit of the game ! hey. Sounds just like Greg Chappell re underarm ball
That will go down in history as you Greg Chappell moment. The most shocking piece of sportsmanship for a long time.
Smith has obviously been to the Greg Chappell school of sportsmanship! Evasive Action-Appealing for that is simply NOT CRICKET
Steve Smith the new Greg Chappell? Looking forward to some underarm bowling later
Steve Smith is related to Greg Chappell is he?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ha ha ha Better comparison is Greg Chappell with his middle finger show
Greg Chappell attacks a streaker in 1977 - YouTube
Happy Birthday to former captain Greg Chappell! Wonder if former captain Sourav Ganguly will send him wishes?
I respect Heal's opinion always, as I do Rod and Darren, Justin Langer, Greg Chappell and all the guys associated...
Fantastic having Greg Chappell talk to our state Jnr coaches last night!.
Join them from 4pm along with Guy McKenna, Rebecca Wilson, Greg Chappell, Mark Evans and more
This Najeeb Jung- Arvind Kejriwal relationship has become like the Greg Chappell- Saurav Ganguly relationship.
I hope you know Saurav Ganguly himself influenced & pushed for Greg Chappell to be made India coach when he ws Captain
This reminds of Greg Chappell, then India coach, comment on WI in 2006: "West Indies had forgotten how to win"
John Wright, Gary Kirsten and Duncan Fletcher should be the committee to decide on next cricket coach. Won't include Greg Chappell!
Greg Chappell if he wins..Dean Jones if he loses..
we're going to take you back 91/92 now. Bruce Reid bowling to Ravi Shastri, your commentators are Tony Cozier and Greg Chappell
Still hate Greg Chappell for what he made Irfan Pathan to do. Opening in test cricket. FFS!
Greg Chappell trying to make Irfan Pathan an all-rounder was the worst case of minority conversion in India.
1973; Greg Chappell's best Test bowling, 5-61 v Pakistan at the SCG ali
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6 Jan 1984 was the last day of test cricket for Aussie legends Greg Chappell, Rod Marsh and Dennis Lillee.
Sad that Greg Chappell destroyed Irfan Pathan. Had the makings of a genuine top class all rounder.:(
Steve Smith playing with the variety of Greg Chappell and the attack of Kim Hughes combined.
Steven Smith became the. second Australian to achieve Man. of the Match award on captaincy. debut, after Greg Chappell.
Steven Smith only the second Australian to be Man of the Match on captaincy debut, after Greg Chappell
QUIZ TODAY * 1) Who was appointed as the new IB chief on 13 December 2014? (A) Dineshwar Sharma (B) Syed Asif Ibrahim (C) N. Sandhu (D) Rajiv Mathur 2) Nation paid homage to martyrs of Parliament attack on 13 December 2014. In which year on 13 December, five heavily-armed gunmen stormed Parliament complex and opened indiscriminate fire, killing nine persons? (A) 2000 (B) 2001 (C) 2005 (D) 2004 3) India lost first test match against Australia in Adelaide by 48 runs on 13 December 2014. Who was adjudged the Man of the Match? (A) David Warner (B) Virat Kohli (C) Michael Clarke (D) Nathan Lyon 4) Virat Kohli on 13 December 2014, with his knocks of 115 and 141 in the two innings of first Test against Australia, has become only the second player in the history of Test Match cricket to score twin centuries on captaincy debut. Who was the first player? (A) Vivian Richards (B) Sunil Gavaskar (C) Greg Chappell (D) Rahul Dravid 5) India lost to which country in the semi finals of Hockey Champions Trophy on 13 Decemb ...
i would love to see the footage of greg Chappell walking away from the stumps from a no ball call
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Greg Chappell predicts David Warner as next Australia skipper: Chappell has been in Hobart the past week watch... http…
Time to tap Ian Chappell on shoulder. Says seriously don't sledge batsman out because he has a bat and is angry.
unfortuante is the Dravid era is remembered when Greg Chappell was coach and it was all about him and not Dravid which is sad
Greg Chappell suggests Mitch Marsh could be capt, same bloke told brother to bowl underarm. wonder why gets sacked all time
Greg Chappell backs David Warner for Australia captaincy -
Greg Chappell endorses David Warner, Steve Smith and Mitchell Marsh as future Australia captains
Greg Chappell picks Warner, Smith, Marsh as future leaders
Greg Chappell backs David Warner to be next Australian captain: Greg Chappell on the next Australian captain.
Greg Chappell next Australian captain ~ latest news
Smith best option to replace Clarke as captain, says Chappell Former Australia captain Greg Chappell feels that ...
Greg Chappell Backs David Warner to be Next Australian Captain: David Warner is one of the candidates for the ...
Unsure what Greg Chappell saying to his young CA XI, but given the body language I suspect it's about Phillip Hughes.
Greg Chappell told me that I would not be in the team while he was coach: Zaheer Khan
One cricketer who must be angry on Greg Chappell, is Irfan Pathan. Greg destroyed his career. Comprehensively.
Greg Chappell tried to finish my career, says Zaheer Khan
this from SA is an experiment to encourage focus towards a captain. Not the first time. Clive Lloyd v Greg Chappell
Sunil Gavaskar slams Greg Chappell and John Wright for not backing Rahul Dravid
Indian cricket fraternity backs Sachin's claims about former team coach Greg Chappell
Sachin Tendulkar: Anjali was with me when Greg Chappell offered me Indian captaincy: Sachin said he has no ide...
Harbhajan Singh slams former India coach Greg Chappell for creating rifts in the Indian team
Rahul Dravid refutes Sourav Ganguly’s claims on inability to control Greg Chappell: Ganguly had earlier commen...
VVS Laxman latest to speak out on the Sachin Tendulkar vs Greg Chappell controversy, blasts the former Indian coach.
"Greg Chappell told me to field like a 60 yr old" ~ Munaf Patel
Rahul Dravid refutes Saurav Ganguly's claims about Greg Chappell: Rahul Dravid has come out in open and says Ganguly's claims that he...
Farah Khan : Its not my mistake ok, it was Greg Chappell who suggested me Script of HNY :p
Greg Chappell told me how to make runs from 22 balls : Munaf Patel
Rameez Raja : Greg Chappell told me to take up commentary
India Coach stint of Greg Chappell is his second, under arm bowling decision !
Saurav Ganguly should get back at Greg Chappell by starting a flip flop company called Greg Chappal.
Greg Chappell forced Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder, Sajid Khan to make movies.
Saurav Ganguly would be enjoying today. In defeating & Greg Chappell is exposed.
Greg Chappell asked Joffrey Baratheon to kill Ned Stark, so that they can jointly rule Kings Landing
Greg Chappell is fine. But I am looking forward to know Sachin's views on Ajay Jadeja & Sharma, Azharuddin, Prabhakar, Kapil Dev, BCCI,..
"An unpardonable mistake by Greg Chappell" - Saurav Ganguly. Don't you dare ask for forgiveness from...
"Greg Chappell told me to work with Farah Khan and Rohit Shetty". - SRK
After Dada, Sachin, Bhajji, Zak, Munaf Patel lashes out on Greg Chappell. MP: I was a speedster but transformed me into a spinner
It was Saurav Ganguly & his ego that hurt the Indian team, not Greg Chappell
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..and Now the dirty tricks played by Greg Chappell are coming to fore:
Sachin Tendulkar has alleged that Greg Chappell, India's coach between 2005 and 2007, made a suggestion to him to take over the captaincy from Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid said he knew it all but could not control Greg Chappell: Sourav Ganguly
Ganguly disclosed that Rahul Dravid was aware of what Greg Chappell was up to during his stint as India coach but he 'could not control' the Australian.
Sachin made a startling revelation that India's former coach Greg Chappell wanted to oust Rahul Dravid as captain just months before WC07
Greg Chappell to Sachin-'together, we could control Indian cricket for years. _|_ to chappell
Greg Chappell sought to remove Rahul Dravid from captaincy before 2007 World Cup: Sachin...
He dare not call me to apologize. He can call Rahul and Sachin to apologize but not me- Saurav Ganguly on Greg Chappell.
Tendulkar alleged that Greg Chappell wanted him to captain the side in the 2007 World Cup instead of Rahul Dravid.
Sachin Tendulkar called Greg Chappell a ring master who offered him captaincy few months before World Cup 2007 by...
Greg Chappell wanted to replace Rahul Dravid as captain prior to 2007 World ... - Indian Express
Greg Chappell was a ringmaster Saurav Ganguly was lion.
Only team, which benefited out of this entire Greg Chappell mess is probably Bangladesh. They won against us and advanced in …
Tendulkar hits out at former India coach Greg Chappell, calls him a 'ringmaster' in his book http:/…
Sachin Tendulkar lashes out at Greg Chappell, calls him 'ringmaster' in book
Sachin Tendulkar describes former India coach Greg Chappell as a "ringmaster" who imposed his ideas on players. .
Irfan Pathan could have been India's best ever bowler had there been no Greg Chappell era.
Greg Chappell and Craig McDermott visited Ballina yesterday with CMICA Ballina academy, which was held at the Kingsford Smith Nets.
Iker Casillas & Jose Mourinho : Saurav Ganguly & Greg Chappell. Hope, Casillas will comeback strong just like Ganguly did.
It’s been debated ever since he retired in 1948, but who is the best batsman since Don Bradman last played? Names like Viv Richards, Sachin Tendulkar, Barry Richards, Graham *** and Greg Chappell get thrown around, based on records, performances and character, with 200-Test run machine Tendulkar t…
Haroon Rasheed on impressing Viv Richards and Greg Chappell via
Sachin Tendulkar spared of T20 influence growing up: Greg Chappell - Financial Express
I hope that asked why Allan Border + Greg Chappell didn't get contract extensions with Cricket Australia this year.
Greg Chappell, filling the vacuum created by Peter Roebuck, a critical thinker..
Charity Rutherford it was wonderful seeing all of your accomplishments today I one proud moma the sad part was leaving you again but only 160 more days baby girl you've come to far to look back now we all enjoyed the graduation and the programs sorry I got really nervous as I spoke to your group today that was hard for me Im not a social kinda person and what you said today touched my heart and its stayed with me all day and will forever...Im thankful that Amber N Michael D and Greg Chappell came today you have a good support system here waiting on you when you get home Daniel Rutherford you sister had a special message for you today as she spoke of missing you among other things that Ill let her tell you looking forward to brighter days.
Greg Chappell, Alan Border and Matthew Hayden are the three Australians to complete the feat twice.
actually Greg Chappell is the Aus team manager and Graeme Hick is the coach
In 70's 80's & 90's, there was a bunch of great fast bowlers, Imran Khan, Richard Hadlee, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding, Joel Garner, Wasim Akram, Curtly Ambrose, Waqar Younis, Denis Lillee, Courtney Walsh, Alan Donald, Shaun *** John Snow, Bob Wills... Also not to forget some spinners as Bedi, Qadir, Underwood, Kumble, Murali, Warne, Saqlain etc. This is the reason that players from that era as Sir Vivian Richards, Greg Chappell, Javed Miandad, Sunil Gavaskar, Brain Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Alan Border, Steve Waugh etc have been rated so highly as they averaged 50+ against those bowlers (who themselves averaged 25 or less in tests) and spinners who dominated very well. Right now having an average of 50+ is not a big deal. Apart from Steyn. There is no bowler who lies in the league of those legends. Mitchel Johnson is improving day by day. But scoring runs against weak bowling sides doesn't make anyone a legend specially when you're playing against the 'legendary bowlers' of Bangladesh, Zimbabwe o ...
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with He talks about Greg Chappell, IPL auction and a possible national comeback -
Interview: Irfan Pathan talks about a national comeback, the IPL auctions and Greg Chappell
didn't Richie Benaud have a big crack at Greg Chappell and the Australian team..and rightly so at that time.
It's Friday, which means Barbarians trivia time and with Australia managing to come from certain defeat to get an amazing victory in the ODI, today's questions are on the One day version of the game. The first ODI match was played between Australia and England in 1971, however the game was not part of the original schedule of the tour, why was the game played? A certain Yorkshireman known for having a batting style that doesn't normally fit with ODI cricket, faced the first abll in that game, who bowled the ball to him? Greg Chappell ordering his brother Trevor to bowl underarm against New Zealand in the 1980-81 series is arguably the most controversial incident in ODI cricket, but who was the batsmen who faced the infamous delivery? Chaminda Vaas has the record of the best bowling figures in ODI cricket, 8/14 form 8 overs, against who did he achieve this feat? Name the three batsmen who have scored three consecutive centuries in ODI cricket.
remember back to the seventies and you had Greg Chappell wearing the white wide brimmed hat and a few terry >
Australia Test legend Bob Simpson is set to be inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame at a special function to be held in Sydney on 2 January 2014. Simpson will become the 72nd male and 20th from Australia (after Richie Benaud, Allan Border, Don Bradman, Greg Chappell, Ian Chappell, Neil Harvey, Dennis Lillee, Ray Lindwall, Rodney Marsh, Keith Miller, Bill O’Reilly, Steve Waugh, Victor Trumper, Clarrie Grimmett, Frederick Spofforth, Alan Davidson, Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist) to be inducted.
Master Class Knock by Kallis in his Final Test, scoring his 45th Test Ton :) Kallis 100*(273). I bet Greg Chappell will call this as SLOW CENTURY & criticize, I remember a Fighting Ton by Sourav Ganguly 101(262) in 2005, which Chappell said it was a Slow Century & then removed his captaincy after the Series.. Anyhow, I remember, Sanjay Manjrekar's 104 in 422 balls aganist a Debut Test Team .. What will this Knock called then ??
Ian Chappell, Greg Chappell triumphed over the private school handicap.
Name.Mohammad Azharuddin Born.February 08, 1963 Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Age.50 years 323 days Teams.India Nickname Bat Style.Right Handed Bat Bowl Style.Right-arm medium Batting Statistics Test.ODI Mat 99.334 Inn 147.308 Runs 6215.9378 Avg SR HS 199.153 NO 9.54 100s 22.7 50s 21.58 4s 720.622 6s 19.77 Bowling Statistics Test.ODI Mth 99.334 Inn 3.24 Balls 13.552 Runs 16.479 Wkt 0.12 BBI 4/0.19/3 BBM 4/0.19/3 Eco 8.5.21 Avg 0.39.92 Profile Few cricketers in India would have experienced the highs and lows of life like Azharuddin. Born in the Nizam town of Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Azhar boasted of prodigious talent with the bat and was world renowned for his wristy strokes on the leg side, much like legends like Zaheer Abbas , Greg Chappell and Vishwanath. Azhar started off his international career with a bang when he scored a century on his Test debut against England in 1984 at Eden Gardens Calcutta, 3 years after he made his first class debut for Hyder ...
OK Everyone, I'll tell ye all a tale after which I demand you settle down. Tonight I met my childhood hero. No, not Jack Thompson, but the great Greg Chapell. He is the eigth Australian cricket captain (current or former) I have met. The one most elusive would be Kim Hughes, the one most glowing with charisma would be Steve Waugh, the one most distant would be Ricky Ponting, the one most down to earth either Ian Chappell or Mark Taylor. Obviously the most noble Richie Benaud, and Mr "Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove", Michael Clarke. Apart from Thommo, Warny, the Master Blaster, Sir Richard (Hadlee) Sir Ian (Botham) and the assassin Glen McGrath, who I've also met, none of these champions were Australian captains. I really admire how good Greg Chappell was and probably spent 1 million hours growing up watching him and pretending I was him (and David Bowie, of course). OK I had tears in my eyes tonight and was smiling like a dumb kid after this most auspicious meet. Long live Greg! So now, dear friends, you kno ...
Moments after the BJP offered a ticket to former Indian cricket icon Sourav Ganguly for the 2014 LS polls, the Congress has approached Ganguly’s bete noire, former Indian coach Greg Chappell, in order to pitch him against the prince of Kolkata. “Yes, it is true. We have approached Gregji to take on Dada. He was so successful in bringing down Ganguly’s cricket career and we feel that with him on our side, it’ll hardly be months before Ganguly is decimated politically too,” said Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh. “Besides, it always makes sense to go for someone like Chappell, who has impeccable secular credentials and keep newly formed communal forces like Ganguly at bay. I think I can safely start calling Ganguly as Sanghuly hereafter!” Singh added. Chappell who spoke to The UnReal Times correspondent Varsha Dhoble, appeared quite pleased with the offer and is currently inclined towards accepting it. “Oh, I’m loving it so far, mate! It looks like I might be accepting this full t ...
Some facts about Azharuddin: *He was the first person to play 300 one day matches and make 9000 one day runs. *Made centuries in all of his first 3 tests against England in 1985. A record that has remained unequaled. *His 156 catches in ODIs was a world record, until Mahela Jayawardene of SriLanka broke it. *Is part of an exclusive club of batsman, who made centuries in each of their debut and last test matches. Other batsmen in the club include greats like Greg Chappell and Javed Miandad. *Scored 5 centuries in 7 Tests at an average of 107.50 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. *Was Wisden cricketer of the year in 1991. *Was the captain of the team, when India whitewashed both England and SriLanka at home in 1993.
If tomorrow's entry isn't either Greg Chappell or Jeff Thompson I will be disappointed with you.
Saturday had the most players of the year for an individual stableford to contest the Christmas Special sponsored by Greg Campbell, Garry Hamilton, Peter Schaefer, Jim Sheedy and Wally Schumacher. A Grade went to Tim Murray on a countback from Gary Emery both with 39 points, 3rd to Tony Marshall also on a countback from Craig Hyde and Jeff Garraway all with 38 points B Grade had the days best score a massive 46 points to Mark Jackson easily winning from Owen Chapman and Chris Guppy 40 points, 4th Greg Chappell and 5th Laurie Lewis both 39 points C Grade to Graeme Johnson 41 points 2nd Sam Uphill also on a countback from Allan Gordon both 40 points, 4th Des Schuman and 5th Pieter De Klerk both 39 points, ball comp down to 36 points Nearest the Pins Imperial Hotel 4th Jim Sheedy, Walkley Golf 7th Brad Gibson, Grand Hotel 11th Graham Benton, Whitebull Hotel 12th Simon Bird and the Pro Pin 14th Mark Gilbert. Next Saturday is the Graham Betts Holden Monthly Medal. Good Luck
Former Australian captain Greg Chappell has defended the youthful nature of the Cricket Australia Chairman's XI side to host England in a two-day game, saying they're not just a bunch of kids. "It's a great opportunity for our guys. A few of them have played in other games in the tour and I don't expect them to be out of their depth," CA's national talent manager Chappell said on Wednesday. "They're all guys who have played, or are very close to, first-class cricket. They'll be able to handle themselves. "I'm a great believer in you play them when they are ready. It wouldn't be beyond him to play first-class cricket. "If NSW were to pick him (16-year-old Jake Doran), he'd be ready to go. "Worst thing you can do for a players is to leave them at a level at which they are already competent for too long. "He reminds me of Mike Hussey
Mohammad Azharuddin Mohammad Azharuddin About this sound pronunciation (help·info) (born 8 February 1963) is an Indian politician and former cricketer. He was an accomplished batsman and captained the Indian cricket team for much of the 1990s, until being banned[2] for his involvement in a match-fixing scandal.[3] The lifetime ban for his alleged match fixing was later found illegal by Andhra Pradesh High Court. A member of the Indian National Congress, Azharuddin won from the Moradabad constituency of Uttar Pradesh to the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India. In his prime, he had a graceful, fluid batting style, comparable to that of his English contemporary, David Gower and Australian batsman Greg Chappell. The wrist flick was his most characteristic shot and he fared best against spinners. The grace and fluidity of his wrist once prompted John Woodcock, a noted cricket writer, to say, "It's no use asking an Englishman to bat like Mohammad Azharuddin. For, it would be like expecting a ...
Fifth Doctor Peter Davison was interviewed for the December 2013 issue of FILMINK on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Davison credited Doctor Who fans for Doctor Who’s survival and for its TV return in 2005. This led to him recalling his visit to Australia in 1984 shortly after he completed his run as the Fifth Doctor when he met an unexpected fan: “I did a book signing tour of Australia, and [cricketing legend] Greg Chappell asked for my autograph at one of these events . I said , “I should be asking you for your autograph!” Davison also says: “As the writers move on to other things, there’ll be new writers who’ve grown up watching Doctor Who wanting to write for the programme. There are extraordinary number of people in this business – writers, directors, actors – who are either openly huge Doctor Who fans, or secret Doctor Who fans. It’s probably inspired more people to be creative than any other programme recently.” The article ends with Davison has a word of advice for incom ...
CricketTragics: It's Ashes Morn. Here is my team from the time I've been watching. With a heavy heart I have no room for The Huss, Gilly, or Rod Marsh. For those who know my feelings on Ponting (I know, I've kept them quiet) may be surprised to see him in the list. I can't deny the boy's obvious talents. But I just couldn't put him in the starting XI. He was, however, along with Jonty Rhodes, the best fielder I have seen so he's the twelfth man. Perhaps bringing the drinks out will teach him some humility. 1 Matthew Hayden 2 Mark Taylor 3 Greg Chappell 4 Mark Waugh 5 Allan Border 6 Steve Waugh (C) 7 Ian Healy 8 Shane Warne 9 Jeff Thomson 10 Dennis Lillee 11 Glenn McGrath 12 Little Ricky Ponting Team Mum: Martie Narr McConnell Here's to a great Summer.
Cricket in India sees triumph and tragedy in equal measures ... Some Tragedies of Sachin Tendulkar's Cricketing career... The CHAPPELL CONTROVERSY... The baap of all coach vs team controversies in cricket has to be Greg Chappell vs all the senior players you can think of. Chappell took on Sourav Ganguly, Harbhajan Singh, Virender Sehwag and of course, Tendulkar. As the story goes, Chappell wanted him to bat down the order during his time as India coach and at one instance, firmly asked Sehwag and Tendulkar to up their game to which Dravid said, “Nobody has ever spoken to them like that before.” Either way, the issue was not that. The issue was the batting lineup. “Sehwag didn’t seem very keen. So we sat down with Sachin who in any case was the first priority. We put it down to him and he seemed reluctant. He thought top-of-the-order was the best place for him as it has always been. But we were still in the discussion as Rahul and myself were convinced no other batsman in the team would be able to ...
For Sachin Tendulkar, an ideal coach is like a friend to the players and it makes no difference if he is an Indian or a foreigner since it only his performance that matters. A day after his retirement, Tendulkar addressed the press in Mumbai on Sunday. "I don't think it is about whether it is a foreign coach or an Indian coach. It's more about how consistently one can bring about results. A proper coach is one who understands the players and is more like a friend," Tendulkar said in his first interaction with media as a retired cricketer. "We all know how to play the cover drive but when you have a technical problem, one should be able to sit and sort out with the coach. It's what you put between those two ears," Tendulkar replied to a question on whether he preferred foreign or Indian coaches. In 24 years, Tendulkar has played under managership of Bishan Singh Bedi, Abbas Ali Baig, Ajit Wadekar, Sandeep Patil, Anshuman Gaekwad, John Wright, Greg Chappell, Chandu Borde, Lalchand Rajput, Gary Kirsten and D ...
'I've never been in awe of anyone' Not even Viv Richards. Ian Botham on his first ton, first wicket, and more First first-class game for Somerset It was against Lancashire, at Taunton. I can't remember a great deal and it wasn't a great game. It was a three-dayer but I think it rained a bit and we lost some time. I came out but hardly had a ball to face in the first innings. I was never one to remember individual games. I remember mainly milestones, such as when I was 14 and playing for Somerset Under-15s, playing at Lord's for the first time, and playing for England when I was 20. I had a tough decision to make before that, choosing between playing football or cricket when I was 15. First Test wicket My first Test wicket came on my debut, the third Ashes Test against Australia in 1977. We were playing at Trent Bridge, Australia were batting first and I bowled what must have been a 20-minute spell. I sent down a bit of a loosener to Greg Chappell and he managed to drag it on to his stumps. I ended up w ...
Ricky Ponting IN A FULL-LENGTH INTERVIEW WITH CRICINFO: 'I always tried to think about being a leader, no matter where I was at' Ricky Ponting talks about imposing himself on the bowler, batting to win, and turns the spot on his strengths and weaknesses Interview by Daniel Brettig October 25, 2013 Comments: 8 | Login via | Text size: A | A Ricky Ponting lofts one during his innings of 96, Australia v Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Perth, 3rd day, December 10, 1995 "A strength of mine was a will to win a contest and not ever let a bowler get the best of me" © Getty Images Enlarge Related Links News : Play best batsman at No. 3 - Ponting Players/Officials: Ricky Ponting | Kim Hughes | David Boon | Harbhajan Singh | Mohammad Azharuddin | Rod Marsh | Greg Chappell | Ian Chappell Teams: Australia Something you've revealed in the opening pages of the book is your batting checklist. From the outside, batting always seemed the most natural thing for you, yet this shows how much effort was required to make it feel commo .. ...
Today Graeme Smith scored his 3rd Test 100 as captain vs Pakistan, jointly ''Greg Chappell'' the most by any captain against Pakistan in Tests.
Chappell front-runner for Lanka coach position Colombo, October 21 Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) may end up appointing former Australian captain Greg Chappell as its new chief coach. The SLC sources said the deadline for the selection had been extended until the end of this month with scales weighing highly in favour of Chappell, who was arguably the world's best batsman in the mid 70s. Chappell, of course, had a troublesome stint with India resulting in his exit after a disastrous 2007 World Cup campaign. His differences with some of the senior Indian players including former skipper Sourav Ganguly were widely reported in the media. Besides Chappell, two more Australians, Shane Duff and little known Michael O'Sullivan are among the short list of candidates. Three Indians, Venkatesh Prasad, Lalchand Rajput and Mohit Soni are also in the fray. Paul Farbrace, who has had a stint with Sri Lanka as the assistant coach and Ian Pont are the Englishmen under consideration. Grant Bradburn, the New Zealand 'A' in charge ...
Former India coach Greg Chappell praised Sachin Tendulkar's attention to detail, and said that the routine that he followed was something that he had never seen before. "He was very fussy about his batting and his bats and he used to spend hours and hours with a scalpel just cleaning and scraping his bat. It was all about the visual to him," Chappell, who coached India from 2005 to 2007, told The Courier-Mail. "When Tendulkar batted in the middle, he didn't want to see a single blemish on his bat. If his bat didn't look exactly right or feel exactly right, then he didn't feel right. His attention to detail was amazing. "Tendulkar's routine leading into a game was very particular ...he liked to do everything in the same way he had done before the previous game. He was very fixated on that. "For instance, he would have the same person throw balls to him in the same certain way, every time. He was very fussy and he didn't like his routine being changed, so whatever he had done before he kept doing. "A lot of ...
Brett Lee, Greg Chappell and Gurinder Sandhu pose with kids at a Cricket Australia community event, Sydney.
Ian Chappell, Greg Chappell, Border, Taylor, Waugh, Ponting - Michael Clarke is NOT in that league. But who else is there?
Salman Hugs Srk on Iftar Party Now waiting for Greg Chappell to touch Sourav Ganguly's 'Chappal' on Durga Puja.
Ian Chappell batted at 3. He wasn't the best batsmen in the side...that was Greg Chappell.
Something to think about..!! Courtesy: Forwarded mail Indian Media. By the time u guys read this news, the body of Major Manish Pitambare, who was shot dead at Anantnag, would have been cremated with full military honors. On Tuesday, this news swept across all the news channels 'Sanjay Dutt relieved by court'. 'Sirf Munna not a bhai' '13 saal ka vanvaas khatam' 'although found guilty for possession of armory, Sanjay can breath sigh of relief as all the TADA charges against him are withdrawn' Then many personalities like Salman Khan said 'He is a good person. We knew he will come out clean'. Mr Big B said "Dutt's family and our family have relations for years he's a good kid. He is like elder brother to Abhishek". His sister Priya Dutt said "we can sleep well tonight. It's a great relief" In other news, Parliament was mad at Indian team for performing bad; Greg Chappell said something; Shah Rukh Khan replaces Amitabh in KBC and other such stuff. But most of the emphasis was given on Sanjay Dutt's "phoenix ...
Cricket Australia are today doing a vote as to who is the better player: Steve Waugh vs Allan Border and this led me to thinking about just how good Allan Border was.    Vote: in 1955, Border first came to the Australian team in Christmas 1978, at the age of 23. That year may ring a bell for some people as World Series Cricket began in 1977 until 1979. Border didn't take part in World Series Cricket but most of the other good players in the Australian team did. While the likes of Greg Chappell, Ian Chappell, Dennis Lillee and Rod Marsh were playing World Series Cricket, the official test team had to cope with the likes of Graeme Wood, Kim Hughes and Graeme Yallop. It was virtually a Second XI. While West Indies also had most of their best players in World Series Cricket, the other good side at the time, England, only had a few out. Border's first match was against England, an Ashes contest, in Australia, but with England still fielding virtually a full strength side, against Australia's virtual Second X ...
I have never seen anyone bowl out- swing at genuine pace with better control and a more perfect seam position than Sree demonstrated in that Test and the next one in Durban. That includes the great Dennis Lillee.' Greg Chappell. Whats your views on Sreesanth ? T:putnam:
Greg Chappell, though not for good reasons, deserves a mention when it comes to Irfan Pathan and his decline as he had an important impact upon Pathan’s career but Pathan had a phase before that too.
ESPNcricinfo's Rahul Dravid "Timeless Steel" is a must have for all Rahul Sharad Dravid fans as it not only reveals lesser known facets and traits of Rahul Sharad Dravid the man and the cricketer, but also demystifies the enigma who was always a man of a few words and an ardent practitioner of the dictum that long drawn out silences are far more eloquent than a few words. Essentially a collection or anthology of articles or pieces on Dravid by such notables as Sambit Bal, Sanjay Bangar, Aakash Chopra, Sanjay Manjrekar, John Wright, Greg Chappell, Vijeeta Dravid, Gideon Haigh, Mukul Kesavan, Fazal Khaleel and such other authors of rare eminence; the book is sub divided into five sections each with a collection of articles of it's very own. The sub divisions or separate sections are entitled: The Cricketer, In the Words of his Peers, The Great Innings, The Man and the Interviews and also contains the unabridged version of the epochal speech that Dravid made during the course of the Bradman memorial, one may ...
Your picture of Greg Chappell is actually Ian Chappell, cheers.
you have a picture of Ian Chappell instead of Greg Chappell, pretty poor research.
Check out Greg Chappell at 4. Picture is of brother Ian.
Greg Chappell would have won the Star Plus Nayee Soch award for asking his brother to bowl underarm in 1981
If it was not for Greg Chappell you will be playing Ranji at the most. Be grateful you got lucky.
When I look at the Australian team, I think of Michael Clarke, not Shaun Marsh nor Greg Chappell
Irfan Pathan to throw chappells at greg chappell for ruining his bowling skills
Irfan Pathan is neither a bowler nor a batsman thanks to Greg chappell .
The outfit is wearing today looks great! No black - love the colors.
In his latest blog entry, CA National Talent Manager Greg Chappell recaps the successful U/19 Tour of NZ:
Greg Chappell advised Sourav on his technique in 2003, before the latter led the team to Australia
Just added Greg Chappell to my list of coaches who "get it"
Former Oz captain Greg Chappell, during his days as India coach, had marked wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik out as a pot...
Book your tickets now. Cricket greats Greg Chappell, Jeff Thompson and Doug Walters in
Dr. Greg Chappell explains why fluoride in tap water is bad and how it damages the teeth and body -
Irfan through injuries and Greg Chappell. Yusuf through sheer loss of interest.
GO ON GREG, just heard about you and the 30 year old
Well done Matty Dwyer in securing Greg Chappell as the No 1 ticket holder at Washington Park CC
Another Rob classic clip. Live duck walks out to bat at the MCG, follows Greg Chappell!!! 1981/82 ...: via
Clarke in 2004,Allan Border in 1978, Greg Chappell in 1970 and Mark Taylor in 1989. They became captains.
Legends used to bat for australia at two drop position : Greg Chappell, AB, RTP, Mark Waugh, David Boon, and now we have Steve Smith! Sigh!
Let me recall the incidents that we went through in last few years of Cricket: Bharath Roger: (1) BCCI leaves Sachin despite being caught red handed for Ball tampering in South Africa in the year 2001. (2) BCCI didn't even bother to hear the words of Ganguly(after the spat with Greg Chappell) and straight away discarded him as captain. (3) BCCI and Dhoni didn't react after Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina was found in the Lankan beach at previous night, just before the Finals of the Asia cup held in 2008(India lost badly without the fight)! (4) Harbhajan BREACHED the ICC'c CODE OF CONDUCT in the Sydney test through abusing Andrew Symonds with racial remarks. But BCCI supported him and ordered the Team India to stay in Sydney Hotel... BCCI begged ICC to pardon Bhajji as they(BCCI) know that could tarnish the image of Sachin(who lied to save Bhajji) and The Indian Cricket Team.. Mentioned just few.. Do you remember the term(filthy) that you used to describe in your post about the Cricket Australia Culture? Sti ...
Mickey Arthur is doing to Australia what Greg Chappell did to India!!Loving every moment of it!
Life turns a full cycle on CA Mickey Arthur doing the same thing what Greg Chappell did to India ! Ha ha ha some news today! Happy that Aussie ego takes a battering ! 4-0 go on India !
Interviewing Dev and Anirudhdha Roy Chowdhury for Wednesday Ananda Plus ,Greg Chappell for Friday Ananda Plus nd then Salim Khan for Saturday Patrika was like playing 3 different characters in one week..Tired but as Richard Hadlee would say pleasantly tired..
Former Aussie players furious with team Ian Healy has asked Cricket Australia to stop"treating" the country's Test team like a"club" side and advised the selectors to show faith in the embattled players who are bearing the brunt after suffering two heavy defeats in India. "These players are the best we have and they need to know the selectors love them. It's time Cricket Australia stopped treating the Australian Test team like a club side," Healy said. The former wicketkeeper-batsman said the selectors had been making the same mistakes as the dark days of the mid-1980s, before Lawrie Sawle, Greg Chappell and Bob Simpson adopted a new policy. "They started to select players based on character; men such as Geoff Marsh, Dean Jones and Steve Waugh. And once those players felt comfortable, they found some form at that level. "Now is the time for the same consistency ofselection. We can't afford the conjecture about who should be batting where," Healy was quoted as saying by the 'Courier Mail'. Healy was of the ...
Actually, forgot Gary Kirsten. Took into consideration only John Wright and Greg Chappell. Too bad. My mistake.
MS Dhoni best man to lead India in all formats: Greg Chappell
Former Australian captain Greg Chappell has rated MS Dhoni's double-century in Chennai as the best he had seen him bat in Tests - Cricket news from India v Australia
Our batsmen need a long session with Ian and Greg Chappell or Bobby Simpson. where is Simmo??
India v Australia, 1st Test, Chennai, 2nd day Clarke ton drives Australia to 380 Australia 380 (Clarke 130, Henriques 68, Warner 50, Ashwin 7-103) v India 63/2 Australia's tail succeeded in frustrating India's bowlers while advancing the visitors' first innings to 380 at lunch on day two of the first Test in Chennai. Michael Clarke went on from his overnight 103 not out to 130, going past Greg Chappell on Australia's list of run aggregates along the way, and Peter Siddle dead-batted to a stodgy but valuable 19 from 94 balls. James Pattinson and Nathan Lyon then managed to extend the session, each ball a little victory for the pair. Lyon ultimately succumbed when his sweep was well held at leg slip. R Ashwin again bowled teasingly for India, and Lyon's wicket gave him a new innings high-mark in first-class cricket. Ravindra Jadeja and Harbhajan Singh struck earlier in the morning, the latter improving somewhat on his diffident performance on the first day of the series. Redolent of a desert, the pitch requ ...
India v Australia, 1st Test, Chennai, 1st day Could have been more ruthless - Henriques As he walked out to bat in his first Test innings, Moises Henriques felt like his legs were made of jelly. The first-afternoon pitch looked like something that had been played on for a full five days already. R Ashwin was spinning the Australians into a trance. Wickets were falling much too quickly for their liking. Plenty of fans and pundits back home had questioned the selection of Henriques, not that he was thinking about that as he walked out. Still, by the end of his innings of 68, he had silenced a few critics. In the post-war era, only three other Australians had scored as many as Henriques on debut from No.7 or lower. Two of those men, Greg Chappell and Adam Gilchrist, went on to become legendary figures in Australian cricket. The other, Greg Matthews, had a more than handy career over the course of a decade. Of course it is much too early to judge what sort of Test player Henriques will become, but he has made ...
Greg Chappell, Ian frazer and Nipun Joshi at Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL. USA — with Greg Chappell, Ian Frazer and...
Sourav Ganguly & Greg Chappell should make up & troll the media who've been crazily printing stories about them!
Famous Quotes about Sachin Ramesh Tendular - The little Master "Destined to be a great" -Barry Richards. "He is 99.5 percent perfect. I'd pay to see him" - Viv Richards. "Don't bowl him bad balls, he hits the good ones for fours" - Michael Kasprowicz. "It's scary, where the *** do we bowl to him" -Allan Border. "There is no shame being beaten by such a great player. We didn't lose to Team India . We Lost to Sachin Tendulkar" -Steve Waugh. "If I've to bowl to Sachin, I'll bowl with my helmet on. He hits the ball so hard" - Dennis Lillee. "I'd like to see him go out and bat one day with a stump. I tell you he'd do okay" -Greg Chappell. "Cricketers like Sachin come once in a lifetime and I am privileged he played in my time" - Wasim Akram. "The pressure on me is nothing as compared to Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin, like God, must never fail. The crowd always expects him to succeed and it is too much pressure on him" -Mark Waugh. "Everybody gets 15 minutes of fame. But if there's one person I've admired over a 15 ...
Adelaide has welcomed two new Ambassadors for season 2013. Local media identity Belinda Heggen and Australian actor Damon Gameau have joined the likes of Sam Willoughby, Matthew Cowdrey OAM, Hon Kate Ellis MP, Guy Sebastian, Adam Scott and Patrick Mills as official Crows Ambassadors. Belinda is one of the most recognised and well respected news presenters in Australia. Until recently, she anchored Network Ten’s 5pm local news bulletin in her hometown of Adelaide. The former journalist and media adviser can now be heard afternoons on radio station FIVEaa. Born in Adelaide, Damon is a television and film actor. The 36-year-old has appeared in television series, including Love My Way, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities and in the hit Channel 9 feature Howzat, as Greg Chappell. He even played a small role in the top-rating US series, How I Met Your Mother. Damon appeared in the film, Balibo, for which he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the AFI Awards, and in the features Thunderstruck and Spirited. ...
A short note about our lovable DADA: Ganguly holds a special place in Indian crickethistory. For a specific time period in his playing days he was at once the most hated and most loved player in the team. His captaincy tenure has got to be one of the most chronicled ones in recent times. More than his proficiency on the off side, his prolific partnership with Sachin in ODIs, his run in with Greg Chappell etc it is his role as acaptain in shaping up a young team for which he is most remembered. He took over at a tumultuous time in the wake of the match fixing saga and, along with the likes ofRahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble, forged a team that was formidable athome and more than competitive overseas. His relationship with John Wright, India's firstforeign coach proved to be the catalyst for India's admirable show in away tours. Ganguly emphasised on the need to be fearless and he led by example in this aspect. His ability to get under the skins of the opposition was built up over time and his ...
This has been widely reported, and not a single one of them has linked directly to Shane Warne's manifesto! *** No wonder they have all got it wrong:   like Cricinfo, have gone so far as to falsely claim that he is recommending Greg Chappell - when in actual fact it is Ian Chappell. Most are stating that he is demanding different people, when in reality he is just suggesting his "dream team" and saying that they are examples of the kinds of people he wants.   I am so irritated by the inaccuracy of the various news reports on it that I strongly suggest that people read Shane Warne's manifesto itself before commenting.   Interestingly, on the same day that Warne released his manifesto, Cricket Australia announced their test squad to India:   David Warner, Ed Cowan, Phillip Hughes, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (capt), Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith, Matthew Wade (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Moises Henriques, Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson, Mitchell Starc, Peter Siddle, Jackson Bird, Xavier Doherty, Nathan Ly ...
Duncan Fletcher paving way for Greg Chappell in March as the Indian coach
2019 World Cup - News Headlines! Coach Sehwag to be sacked after India's defeat over Mongolia "Tendulkar should consider quitting" : Rahul Dravid Pathan touches 60 mph!!! India out of Super 30 contention VVS Laxman : "I still hope for a spot in the team in 2023" NORTH KOREA don't want to take minnows Pakistan lightly Former *** captain Inzamam : "Boys is not plays with heart" Flintoff publishes 7th autobiography : How I got drunk, shot and woke up in the Pacific! Greg Chappell talks of cracks in the Solomon Islands team: "Seniors are behaving like Mafia" Security increased outside Sehwag's mithai shop after India's defeat
The puppet is Greg Chappell who is laughing at Sourav Ganguly
Who after Fletcher? In the past Indian coaches have been appointed based on what they achieved in their playing careers; the current team cannot have one of those Nearly two years ago, when Duncan Fletcher replaced Gary Kirsten as the coach of the Indian team, he must have thought that a success similar to Kirsten's would improve his coaching CV exponentially. After all, there is no bigger test as a coach than taking charge of one of the world's most influential set of cricketers. But at the back of his mind would have been the case of Greg Chappell, who was booted out by a vociferous Indian public and an unhappy bunch of senior cricketers. No points for guessing where Fletcher stands today. The last 18 months have been horrendous for him and India. Wasn't it supposed to be one of the easier assignments? India were No. 1 in Tests and World Cup winners. All Fletcher had to do was consolidate. But that's where most of us, and Fletcher, got it wrong, for coaching and mentoring aren't so much about preservati ...
Greg Chappell spoke to yesterday about the U18 Talent Squad that's been named. Have a listen here:
Update your maps at Navteq
Did you know? Jack Gregory holds the record for the most catches in a series (15) by a fielder. Gregory achieved this in the 1920-21 Ashes in Australia. Greg Chappell (14 catches) is second followed by Bob Simpson, Brian Lara and Rahul Dravid, who have 13 catches each.
this status is dedicated to my god father Ajay Kamath thanks a lot will never forget u ...
UK government's flagship energy efficiency programme remains largely unknown just days before its launch Gordon McGlone's insight: Carbon reduction programmes need to be put into overdrive if the future rate of climate warming is to be brought under control. I hope that the minister Greg Chappel is...
Earlier today caught up with National Talent Manager Greg Chappell re the upcoming U18 camp:
We appreciated & Loved Rohith Sharma by Seeing his Innings today! But Dhoni, even if you played well or even u scores 1000's of century we wont Love you! But we will Scream Loudly & Proudly that, WE HATE DHONI!
Greg Chappell hit a century both on his debut and his final match.
Got it from the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre. Of course it'll be used for cricket
Chappelli slags CA's talent system, good start might be to discuss with the National Talent Manager - brother Greg!
Wow, so rare to see united lose a lead
now if we could just get Greg Chappell back
Brayshaw paints a picture of Greg Chappell being rolled into Viv Richards, thus inventing the genre of 70s cricket slash fiction.
A lot of ducks use to be called Greg Chappell
I made a new friend. His name Is Greg :)
Oh yes, makes sense. The "left-handed Tendulkar" as once proclaimed by Mr. Greg Chappell :P
Remember good old days. Grenfell Tavern - Greg Chappel, Dennis Lillie and Rod Marsh, DI ?? :-)
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