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Greg Brady

Greg Brady (born 1971) is a Canadian sports talk radio host on Sportsnet 590 The FAN, and is a regular pundit scheduled on the docket of BBC Five Live show Fighting Talk and holds the record for most wins on the show, alternating that honor with John Rawling over the years.

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Ditching Blundell from the morning show was inevitable for But didn’t see return of Greg Brady coming.
I watch the like most people vote. No stats, no idea which is better, it is just which team has the guy I know.…
great to see Greg Brady coming back. Dean just wasn't the right fit.
I want a cheeseburger to fly through my window and into my mouth preferably a Greg Brady plz
you guys are absolute morons. Greg Brady is thee worst host you have had listen again
Greg Brady Absolutely Thrilled he is returning!! I look forward to tuning in again, he has been missed
They did the dude with the Tom Brady jersey dirty. 😂.
Well if I had to have another reason to stop listening to The Fan 590, putting Greg Brady back on in the mornings did the trick.
Greg Brady will debate you if he knows he can win. Otherwise he blocks u
Greg BRady blocked me too. Was too scared to have a debate with me.
Ha...I was thinking of using Greg Brady as a traditional V-Day song, a GOOD song. Ha!!
From Give the devils their due: Belichick and Brady are the greatest ever
TOTAL GARBAGE. You trade for Greg Brady? Seriously? Horrible decision. U just lost a long time listener
I bet within one month of being back on the air Greg Brady will pat himself on the back at least 20 times. AT LEAST
Greg Brady also has a constant need to pat himself on the back.
For me Dean/Rusic would have been the lesser of two evils. Greg Brady extremely arrogant , condescending,
Greg Brady back on the fan in the morning? Back to listening to 90's alternative on the morning drive
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are to the NFL what Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich were to the NBA
I can't wait to call into the show and debate Greg Brady. I've been waiting a long time to crush that guy in a debate.
who? Greg jennings. Yeah he left and his career has been great since lol. Rodgers makes his WRs just like Brady makes his.
Greg Brady is back on the Wow...can't wait for more 80's music and Detroit Tigers talk.
Their show was weak, but Greg Brady is much worse.
New post from TheRetroBunny: Can You Guess Who Did Greg Brady Grew up to be?
Yep now we get Greg Brady back. Like seriously? They couldn't find anyone better than Greg Brady?
Shake up at Dean Blundell is out. Greg Brady, Elliott Price and Hugh Burrell are in.
With that being said, I'm hardly a Greg Brady guy, so I'll stick with Naylor and Landsberg in the morning.
greg brady has been on the afternoon show for months...unless this is different greg brady. FU DEAN!
Agree!!! I called him Mike Brady and he blocked me. Well Greg Brady this is for you.
Hey Andrew great show listen every day. I just heard Greg Brady is back.
I was told the powers at did consider reuniting Greg Brady and Andrew Walker but decided they liked Walker in 1-4 afternoon slot.
Couple notes about new morning show with Greg Brady, Elliott Price, Hugh Burrill. Ryan Fabro stays as producer, smaller on-air role.
look who's back,back.. Brady's back back, back again. Will the real Greg Brady please stand up, please stand up! Can listen now
No one said Brady was the first ever to get five. Only that he was the first QB ever. Stop looking for racism where it d…
"All they did was create a monster.” -- Greg Harden on Quick Slants the podcast with
Greg Brady can do that!. Pumped you're going back on the air man!
Thanks Looking forward to Greg Brady coming back. And bigger thanks for booting Dean Blundell.
They hired Elliot Price, Greg Brady and Hugh Burrill for the morning show
Greg Brady back again. Happy he's back!
I really enjoyed the show, tough break. Greg Brady is an annoying moron and not in the fun way like
If only this was the Greg Brady going to radio?
OUT at THE FAN590: Dean Blundell. IN: Greg Brady, Elliott Price and the incomparable (in my estimation)
Dean Blundell punted from morning show effective immediately. Greg Brady, Elliott Price with Hugh Burrill are the new…
Greg Brady is the worst guy on the air, i agree with you on his ego, the guy love himself. I can't stand that guy
was the best morning show on 590 in yrs. minus the CFL trashing. Thought Toronto finally got rid of Greg Brady,1050 it is.
hope not! Otherwise, gone be that weird Marsha and Greg Brady incest when I look at them sweater puppies
no offense but now that Negan shaved he reminds me of Greg Brady (Brady Bunch). The dinner scene...priceless lol
Sis lives in KS. Sympathy! After KS Neurological Inst.,Topeka for years. Plus S Brwnback looks like Greg Brady.
You may think you're cool. But you'll never be "Greg Brady" calling his parents Mike and Carol cool you ***
Fictional kids who are about the same age: Opie Taylor, Greg Brady, Kevin Arnold, and Sally Draper.
fix 105.1 hire drew and Mike mornings, Greg Brady mid day Jeff Moss and Greg Henson afternoon
Just so we're all clear, Greg Hardy assaulted a woman on a PILE OF GUNS and got the same sentence Tom Brady got for letti…
A full-day vocal session with my boy, Greg H. Brady thestudio1311 the session. I got stretch a…
"You're my Wayne Brady, Jane. And you're my Greg Proops, Brad." I love this show.
You're now even groovier-sorta like when Greg Brady got that recording contract as
Greg Brady.. who? who?. Honestly, Zetterberg making the lines and choosing who plays.Holland the pushover?
Seriously, whoever stole Greg Brady's necklace give it back!
Glennon isn't Brady or Manning but given circumstances and expectations he hasn't been that bad. Greg Schiano was a mess
You guys, he was talking about Baltimore's famous Tom Brady Fire Station...not the footballer. SHEESH.
to be fare Greg, you did fire the first shot. "Nothing is more pathetic" as you put it at his channel of 43mil subscribers.
whatever hair is up Greg's *** I'm just trying to be the red here and mitigate the online damage between these 2
woah woah woah. Shots fired Pewds, be the bigger man. Greg is a whole other side of YouTube.
It all started going downhill for men when Greg Brady knocked the egg off the traffic cone.
Peter NOT Greg Brady! "When it's time to change you've got to rearrange."
I think u could trade 5 picks for brady but it's also tuff cause he is getting older. Maybe Cam?
My're like Greg Brady & his "exact words." Yes, words have meanings. Yes, they can be used to IMPLY w/out being explicit.
drafting Wentz.Mayock says Wentz is Luck/Brady w/ athleticism & size of Cam.What matters is . https…
How is that? Somebody must be talking for them then.
Greg and Marcia Brady getting advice from Dad.
Love the marathon runners who wave their arms or hats to pump up the crowd. One waved his Sox hat, little girl in a Br…
Poor form writers that Teresa & Brady didn't say bye to Eric before his sentencing hearing! ☹️
is that Greg Brady behind home plate in the plaid shirt?!
Daryl Nickle and his amazing back acne vs Greg Gagne(who for some reason reminded me of Greg Brady)
Your Eric Brady made must-see TV for me again. Thank YOU for the humanity you gave Eric. Can't wait to mee…
Quite a few surfers, no sign of Greg Brady or the taboo necklace
Clooney is obviously a political expert. Can't wait to see what Greg Brady has to say about the race! Book him, Chuck!
Mr. Brady is hands down the best teacher I've ever had
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Today is a very sad day for me. Such a mistake to lose Greg Vaughan. It's been a pleasure watching his Eric Br…
📷 Days of our lives. April 15th The last day of Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan). 
Gonna miss Eric Brady aka Now I have no one to give me fashion tips : ( also he's real pretty. Don't tell h…
11:00 Fighting Talk: Georgie Ainslie is joined by Gideon Coe, Jennie Gow, Greg Brady and Tom Parry.
Ever seen that episode of Brady Brunch when Greg tries to grow a mustache? And *soul patches* shouldn't count 😂
I just saw Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch and I'm about to cry
All I want in my life right now is a Greg Brady burger from and I can't have it so that's sad.
Big crowd honoring Greg Koos & his 39 years at is seen here recognizing Greg.
OK, Thank you Colleen Brady, Greg Crist and Mark Byron Schindler for your generous contributions! Excited to have...
thinking about maybe some Jack Brown's tomorrow if we can convince Could go for a Greg Brady!
Like a fine wine, Tom Brady is getting better with age. In fact, he'll remain the GOAT until he hangs them up.
Yes we do ,it's really hard to watch without Bo Brady💔😢
."[represented by Jeffrey Kessler, a prominent attorney who represented...Brady during..."Deflategate""
the Bo Brady corned beef dressed with mustard
then Greg Brady highjacked the band.
This reminds me of that Brady Bunch ep. where Greg found a cursed tiki in a cave with peeper Vincent Price, & didn't e…
Yeah, that was a dark spot in my life! I love Tiger!😪
writers I guess you don't know Eric is Brady's step brother !!!terrible writing
Hey, if Greg Brady can survive it ...
This joins the Greg Brady Bautista for Brown level of stupidity
will never feel that way again,, the Brady Clan
I find it interesting that Milos Raonic looks like Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch lol. *Serve Neutralised*.
No Brady's not even Caroline. I think they forget Theresa is a Brady.
Do you not make tiny Tiki God angry you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry just ask Greg Brady (look it up kids) for…
Who did their research essay for Brady yet? 😂
you gotta point and Greg doesn't hang out with anyone so he's good to chill in his house the whole time😂
Uhhh.not all of us. I've seen the Brady Bunch episode where they got to Hawaii. She was the hula girl who lei-ed Greg
Join us for lunch this Wednesday! Our guest speaker is the awesome Greg Brady speaking about. GOD'S HOPE SCHOOL...
The 2016 promo schedule is here! Special appearances from Greg Brady, The Soup Nazi and more!
Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid is Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch movies. 🙀🙀🙀 Did you know this?!?
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Friend on fb posted a pic of Greg Brady at DAK a few hours ago.
Greg what happened to Brady and Walker?
The ONE and ONLY BO BRADY Hope's hero and ours. We love you Pete!
[Slowly walks to the back yard and looks at Greg and mumbles through his hand wanting to say something]
nothing posted/mentioned about Greg Brady?! Or show? Give some respect at least to for what he's done
Greg Brady gets gassed at590.never kick the *** that someday you may have to kiss must be smiling
*takes him slowly through the backyard with his hand still over his mouth* sh! Just be cool little brother!
Greg Brady & Jeff Sammut get let go, but Blundell somehow continues to remain employed??? Yep, solid logic there
Yesterday, let's hope was the last day of layoffs in ,edit world for awhile
Depends on what you mean. Character wise? Greg Hardy. Success wise? Tom Brady.
[I looked up at Greg and then back at the man when I heard him say that he was going find out who we are and tell our parents]
Once again, they choose the good guys over the bad. Freaking Damien Cox and PJ Stock still have jobs while Greg Brady and Jeff Sammut don't.
I so agree with you the only man hope need is bo brady.
Why they gotta do Greg Brady like that tho???
Sources say Matt Dery thinks Greg Brady is a loser and a fraud.
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hold on. Are you suggesting Greg Brady was "smart"??
I've had both Greg Brady and Jeff Sammut in my basement for episodes of Toronto Mike'd. I'll be writing more about their departures soon.
Andrew Walker is the Pharma Bro of sports radio. I guess I'm listening to TSN or Jim Rome in the afternoon now. Sorry to see Greg Brady go.
why not move Brady to the morning show??? Greg is a far better host than Dean. It's not even close. Bizarre decision
Greg Brady has long been my favourite radio personality. Entertaining, smart and informed. Sad to see you go
Real shame about Greg Brady. Always found him entertaining and felt like he and Walker had great on-air chemistry. Miss that morning show
Never a big Greg Brady fan on but Walker is your typical moron sports bro and is borderline unlistenable. Ugh. .
Maybe Greg Brady got an offer for a major station in the US cause no idea how he's gone and Blundell isn't.
apparently Greg Brady is no longer with Fan590
First thing that popped in my head, after Greg's well being of course. Brady & Hayes drive time.
No more Greg Brady?? Woo hoo maybe I can listen to again
Tom Brady already getting ready for the 2016 season.
Rand needs to grow out that Greg Brady perm. Go big! No more product, just let it go big and tight. 'Fro Paul.
Barry Williams (Brady Bunch's Greg Brady) is my guest on "Turning Point" tonight IndiMusic TV at 10pm EST all info -
I am watching a cooking show with Greg Brady and that woman from The Girls Next Door...and I worry about "making it" in media? NO MORE.
Wednesday, January 6. Brady and Eric's fate is set; . Chad has a major breakthrough.
[Quietly walks down the stairs and sneaks out of the house without anyone noticing]
Who will get Dr Dan's heart Brady or Eric
I agree. Heart should go 2 Brady. He didnt cause the pileup. Tate n Theresa need Brady.
I guarantee that Eric will die and so too will Brady will stay alive bc he has a son.
Of course Brady gets the heart and lives - he's a hetero father. Meanwhile, the *** father was murdered.
Greg Bishop can spin a tale every which tale is Brady abusing his children w health foods depriving them of sugar
did Barry Williams aka Greg Brady have enough of you?
I live my life like that Brady Bunch where Greg wants to go by exact words.
Is being the SOTU responder a curse -- like Greg Brady's tiki necklace? Consider the examples going back to '07:
To had been in a wreck, Brady and Eric's hair are too perfect lol
I use to eat fruit everyday, but then I just saw that Tom Brady doesn't eat fruit. Now I don't eat fruit. Life's crazy.
Ahhh a dead body!. But this is where the fish lives. Greg Brady says, "It Stinks!" - Brendan Silliman.
Who else thinks reminds them of Greg Brady?.
Do they really need to earn Brady's trust, but now he's at least saying Greg Hardy.
Little Giant Ladders
Funny how none of these questions came when Tom Brady was an unwed father.
Just saw Brady's diet plan, safe to say the goat will be playing for 10 more years lol
The Bachelor looks like Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch.
Tom Brady, with properly inflated & closely monitored footballs: 1st in NFL in touchdowns, 3rd in yards, 4th in rating,…
Will Brady and Eric lose that brotherly bond after what happened
I wonder when Greg and Bobby will show up to give their Brady brother some dating advice.
I was more a Greg Brady fan of the ***
He looks like Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch.
Brady Bunch marathon on Nickelodeon, which wasn't a problem until Greg fell off the surfboard.
Only on Eric (& Brady (both need heart transplants. Buddy Daniel (is brain dead.
Snow & a Greg Brady, best way to start the new year ❄️🍔 @ Jack…
we all know it's Brady. Greg Vaughn is already gone.
Seriously without Tom Coughlin Tom Brady would have 6 rings and you think Boston is already insufferable. We owe Tom so m…
Wed Jan 13. Eric is wracked with guilt over his actions.. Thu Jan 14. Eric and Brady have an intense confrontation.
Tom Brady led the league in Pass TD, but four others trailed him by only one.
The sexual tension between Greg and Marcia Brady later in the series makes me so uncomfortable.
like father like son! Ps your dad looks like Greg Brady...
Perhaps, but we will just have to wait & see. Check out this interview->
Tom Brady and Greg Olsen got me 9 fantasy points combined😭i lost by 12
To nation:. Don't freak out if Brady is seen in a boot. By video, ankle sprain fine for divisional round. http…
20:00 Fighting Talk: Josh Widdicombe is joined by Richard Osman, Kath Merry, Greg Brady and Bob Mills.
Ah, it's just Greg Brady pulling a prank on Peter and Bobby again (Kids, ask your parents).
You guys, the is just Greg Brady playing a prank on Peter & Bobby again. Not falling for it this time. Duh.
Greg Brady as Moe. Hagar the Horrible as Curly. Jason Priestly as Larry
Greg Brady would start Drew Hutchinson Game 2 of the ALDS.
Greg Brady is still my one true love❤️❤️
Greg Brady wanted Bautista traded for being bad in the club house.had him traded for Dominic
"pork chop and apple sauce".. speaking of Brady Bunch, Greg Brady doing a show in this hotel Thurs. Lol.
I thought Andrew Moore was a college kid, this looks like Greg Brady's uncle. Pls explain
.= Greg Brady = Peter = Bobby. A adventure at coming up on
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A warm STL welcome to Barry Williams (the Brady Bunch's Greg Brady), the parade's Honorary Grand Marshall.
Jeopardy contestant thought Greg Brady's TV Dad was played by Rex Reed.
A Greg Brady on the streets. . A Cousin Oliver in the sheets.
Rob Gronkowski has the most touchdown receptions (54) from Tom Brady in franchise history!.
Jinx is a black cat at Shea Field. Curse is Greg Brady's Hawaiian necklace.
my 17 year old daughter told me about her class & described a guy saying "Mom, he had gorgeous eyes like Greg Brady" 💕😍
I have never missed anything so much.
"Cindy was kissing Bobby, and Marsha and Greg were together but Greg wanted Carole!" - Amber Giles on The Brady Bunch.
Me: "Greg, start freestyling to this instrumental!". *Greg insults brady repeatedly along to the beat*
Greg will be receiving a referral check from Jim Norton Toyota because their referral, Brady, came in and purchased!
Respect ancient indian oil drums or face the curse of Greg Brady's Tiki statue.
Greg Brady sofa cushions make great kick drum practise pads lol
This is like the argument people make against Brady. Not gonna penalize a guy for getting there.
what Marcia's boyfriend did to Greg Brady's playbook.
Wait.New Greg Brady was also the voice of Eric from The Little Mermaid. WHAT?!
Just ate the Greg Brady burger at and felt obligated to tell everyone how good it was. 10/10.
You should see our UFO. It's made out of painted plywood. http:/…
Happy Easter to all from The Brady Bunch RPers - http:/…
Around the Farm: June 8, 2015 - Greg Allen and Sean Brady headline the Indians action on Monday, while Fran...
Greg you did amazing on Days today sweetheart, You're a amazing as Eric Brady, I hope to meet you one day! hugs & Love!
i've always had a crush on Greg from the Brady Bunch
The guy who played Greg in the Brady Bunch movies in the 90s voiced Eric in the little mermaid
With the 17th pick of the select Brady Aiken
Of course Britt is still dating Brady. There are TV cameras present.
it was gonna be you Greg Brady or Stuart Leigh Mongiman lol
The Brady's need Kim. Theresa needs her mom
Why do I have so much in common w Greg Brady?
Love love love the Brady clan! When's the annoucement for remaining 2 ...
Greg, Peter, & Bobby Brady once stole the wheels from the Partridge Family bus.
The Brady Bunch had a storyline where Carol and Greg have a torrid affair to explain that video of Florence H. and Barry W.
Bird drives in two in Lail's impressive start
Please bring back Wayne Northrop as Roman Brady, if possible.
I'm watching Brady Bunch and marsha is like I want more women doctors and Greg is like no men are ether and she was like "If you don't like+
Greg Brady was diddling his little sisters and his parents covered for him. Oh wait. Different show.
Greg Brady resigned from leadership of a Christian organization after it was learned that he used to fondle Marcia & Jan.
AUDIO: NFL Sunday, the offseason edition, with Greg Dickerson and Chris Price -- Just how far is Tom Brady willing…
looks like the "Brady Bunch" opening.They had a Greg too. good luck with the show.
Baby Bomber Recap 6/6/15: Greg Bird drives in two in Thunder win
Greg Brady Stoned is the best youtube video ever forever
it's time to employ the Brady Bunch strategy!!! Get Greg & dress up as room service to get in their rooms!!! Take pics!
I grew up with a Don. He liked pistachios a lot. You can't tell in this clip but Greg Brady has a ***
looks like Greg Brady playing his guitar as his alter ego- Johnny Bravo. lol 😹
What the *** go for it Betty, sleep with Greg Brady. You almost have Florence henderson's hairdo.
Hanging with Barry Williams. .ak Greg Brady...totally groovy
if Greg Brady, Potsie, & Keith Partridge got together, the world would be a better place...
How I wish I had written Marcia and Greg Brady Bunch fan fic now! I could have P2Ped that and start my own Step sibling erotica series!
we want to see MORE chad kate stefano marlena john hope aiden brady nicole rafe kayla LESS paige eve jj dan &elephants
Please bring back as Sami Brady on a long-term basis, and reunite Lucas and Sami.
But remember when Renee Zellweger banged that Greg Brady wannabe so much that her face never unscrunched?? That was rad...
how u gon say he didn't have to run u don't kno wat dat man had on him. Him running don't mea shoot
The last of the Brady clan has found his home! Little Greg is ready to offer his heart to this great family. He...
thoughts on Tom Brady and Duke both winning a championship in the same year?
Greg and Marsha Brady used to go behind stage and have sex. 😁
The names "Greg" & "Carol" are trending. Has The Brady Bunch had a revival?
and ol Greg was like, *** my parents must've been watching Brady Bunch or sum
Greg from the brady brunch plays the voice of Prince Eric my life has changed forever
Name me a bigger baller than Joe Panik...besides Posey, Bumgarner, Pagan, and Pence. And Tom Brady.
Greg was right. Here's Brady's stripper debut on Days! Another great dance. 😊😊😊
All im saying is, I would've eaten Marsha first. This sounds like a bad reality show. Greg Brady: Mass Murdering Cannibal of Santa Barbara.
I'm telling Gov. Greg Abbott and the that we don't need campus carry. Add your voice.
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm telling Rep. Greg Steube and the that we don't need campus carry in Florida. Add your voice.
Bear crawls and bricks from Mellow Johnny this morning. 17 pax with one FNG. Welcome Greg Brady to F3.
🙌 Eric Brady drought ends today! 😘Time to get on the case to expose Xerena!
what's wrong with your face? Looks like you've been hit with a baseball bat!
Giampietro Brothers still at it, acne and all 👹 AD looks like Greg Brady, according to my dad lmfao
. has got that Greg Brady hair going
Watching the Brady Bunch and Greg just got in trouble for reading the back of his new record album while driving.
*Elder Holland comes to the pulpit* "this is what everyone is waiting for, it's like Tom Brady coming into the game!" -
You should tell Greg Brady that you know enough math to know how they became the Brady Bunch.
Also that guy looks like a drunken Greg Brady.
. Hey Greg Vaughan you play Eric Brady in Days of our lives?
I will forever have a crush on Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch
Brady was Woody. Sullivan Central baseball, hoops star was Bullseye. Sports, sorrow, smiles and superheroes: h…
All American Boy and allround good guy ☺✌
Gun Control: Greg Gutfeld explains why the Left is losing on the issue. Sarah Brady has passed, and so has her...
Browns should sign Greg Brady & name Marsha head cheerleader. It'll help the ratings for Hard Knocks if we cut Johnny
Growing up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg by Chris Kreski and Barry Williams (1992)
Lisa I have to comment on MY FAVORITE ACTOR 🌞in my favorite venue..The Brady Pub!!🌹
The Greg Brady and a fried Oreo! Thank you Jack Brown's for a wonderful dinner 😍
Casting call 4 all Greg Brady look-alikes to be my bf please meet at the Barnes and Noble next to my house
Hair was starting to get a little too Greg Brady, so it was time for a cut.
Could be the ghost of Gregor Mendel. Or Greg Brady.
And so many great stars! Desi Arnaz Jr., Jeff Conaway, Christopher Daniel Barnes before he was Greg Brady, and Tim Russ! WOW!
How did I now know that the voice of Eric in is the same actor who plays Greg Brady in
Only now learned that Greg Brady voiced Prince Eric in "The Little Mermaid" How did I make it this fair without knowing that???
The NFL MVP so far is clearly Tom Brady.
I did, so now it's up to them. You know that they don't always listen to me. LOL
how about another Greg for Pitt coach? Greg Gatusso
Cutler is cursed kind of like that Greg Brady tiki necklace.
sure, but I can't guarantee anything they do. LOL
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I even loved the touring production I saw with Barry "Greg Brady" Williams!
I'm glad you like that mustang and if I get it Iam coming to California and get you and we will hangout some
ok Iam taking it slow right now and I want that mustang I showed you last night on the photos
LOL you're a woman who knows what she wants! Let's just take it slow and enjoy what we have now groovy girl. 💝
Only 10 spots remaining for our Tom Brady & photo meet and greet event in Boston on Mon., Dec. 22!
Just tell him, "Something suddenly came up." Works every time, just ask Greg Brady
and I will wait on you to finish high school first and then we can plain it out
I ❤️u and I never want to be part from you never ever I want to get engaged to you and get a ring💍on my finger
I want that car real bad I want to drive trains to
Just let me finish high school first. LOL
I hope the future will hold only good things about us and I hope we can have a beautiful wedding and I want it to be
for 1 season, would you rather have Flacco and Gronk or Brady and Greg Olsen
fate is what's in the future. It depends on what you do now.
Greg Brady has nothing on and his hair right now. LMAO
with Brady's piece in tannehills girl
- sorry But Greg Brady is a nerd lol he so pompous lol - I am a loyal listener buddy cheers
you have a groovy heart. We'll see if the fates allow it.😊
I love you Greg and you are sweet Greg that why I want to marry you and I do want to do it
thank you and you're cute too and I am surprised that I am cute no one have ever said Iam cute before ether but you
I'm flattered that I'm the only one who comments on your hair. I know your family likes it too.
of course you are. Everything about you is cute. Keep that groovy smile on.
what are you flattered about and I still care about you
I love you surfing boy you always like how long my hair is no other guy have ever commented on my hair but you
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