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Greg Abbott

Gregory Wayne Greg Abbott(born November 13, 1957) is the Texas Attorney General, and is the second Republican since Reconstruction to serve in that role.

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Wow. Look at what just came into my in-box courtesy of my great Governor Greg Abb…
In 2015, after the much-fracked Dallas-area city of Denton prohibited fracking within its limits, Greg Abbott, Texa…
Visit and see progress made so far in the counties devastated by
Teaching is the hardest and probably one if not the most important professions to our society, they deserve better
TX Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has directed investigators from the Texas Rangers to examine sexual assaults and abuse in the state…
Greg Abbott Texas has one of the best leaders in the nation, it is our Governor Greg Abbott! He…
In which fell on the anti-BDS law MANDATED able-bodied men and historic day. Especially when Greg Abbott was repugnant to
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RLI fellows & Field Organizers wanted! . Texans for Greg Abbott is currently looking for highly motivated individuals w…
Did I hear this right... Gov. Greg Abbott will be the Grand Marshall for the Ft.Worth MLK Parade?
Harold: today is your FIRST chance to donate to my campaign. . Frankly you’re past due. . Go to to…
I am not happy about this Greg Abbott has no place at a MLK parade.
Clear newsagents is : Turnbull destroyed the NBN like Abbott wanted. Don't reward him with another term.
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Greg Abbott: Healthcare for Retired and Active Teachers - Sign the Petition! via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
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The Top Selling Texas Artists in 2017 at Texas Record Stores | Texas Music Office | Office of the Texas Governor |…
Greg Abbott: No child goes hungry, no exceptions. - Sign the Petition! via
The Hammer - With a bull's-eye on Austin and other progressive municipalities, Gov. Greg Abbott and GOP poli…
Gov. Greg Abbott spoke to reporters today in League City, Texas. He talked of continuing work with Congress…
On June 15, Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1849, known as the Sandra Bland Act, into law. That same day, USA T…
Gov. Greg Abbott to appoint general counsel to Texas Supreme Court via
Greg Abbott doesn't look far for his first Texas Supreme Court nomination.
Greg Abbott is a Republican governor. He sat last night during the national anthe…
Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas Governor opened his.
Greg Abbott, Rand Paul, Steve Scalise. When are we gonna talk about the violent liberal problem in this country?
Steve Scalise. Rand Paul. Greg Abbott. What's the line from the Bond movies about the 3rd time being enemy action?
Greg Abbott is a better example of a politician who is a racist scumbag…
I stand with Ed Hubbard and am endorsing Greg Abbott for Governor and Paul F. Simpson for Harris County Chairman
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Greg Abbott said the solution to gun massacres is "working with God." That's his actual policy prescription...for a massacr…
Greg Abbott just said on Fox News that the Texas attack should be put in historical context, specifically Hitler and the Middle Ages. ***
Greg Abbott pushes back on gun restrictions, instead advocates working with God
Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirms that at least 26 people are dead in the shooting.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stayed for several minutes after candlelight vigil in Sutherland Springs to comfort locals, hugging o…
Greg Abbott, embarrassed, says Californians buying more new guns this year than Texans via
Greg Abbott shows a wanton ignorance of how gun work and how people get hold of them as he tak…
At least 26 people killed in church shooting, Governor Greg Abbott confirms
Greg Abbott is a hypocrite he can keep his fake prayers doesn't stop mass shootings in US abiding w/NRA guns,…
Greg Abbott: Families of Shooting Victims Are Looking to God for Comfort, Not Gun Control v…
Two years later: ``Gov. Greg Abbott called the attack the worst mass shooting in Texas history.''
At least 26 people were killed in a church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott says
"'He was not supposed to have access to a gun,' Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says, but did not give a reason why"...
Abbott said current laws should have prevented Kelley from purchasing a gun. "I can tell you that before he made...
. everyone should send some some advice to Greg Abbott - Gov. of who bares responsibility .
Electronic Device Insurance
I’m sure Greg Abbott is proud to have achieved the largest mass shooting in Tx history. He was so bummed when…
Greg Abbott believes that the casualties of today’s mass shooting are an acceptable cost for the kind of world he wants…
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says officials don't know how the church massacre shooter was able to get a gun
DELIBERATELY IGNORANT or AMAZINGLY STUPID Texas Governor Greg Abbott hasn't been paying attention to what…
Greg Abbott wants more children shot to death! What a heartless monster!
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: Speaking to victims of church massacre was "toughest thing I've had to do as Governor".
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just dropped a bomb. This is a big deal. .
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says "current laws should have prevented Texas shooting suspect from purchasing a gun…
Sutherland Springs thanks Texas Governor Greg Abbott for encouraging more people to buy guns, on behalf of the NRA.…
Gov Greg Abbott: "Current law" should have kept TX church terrorist from getting a gun. Well, it didn't, so maybe you n…
FYI Texas church gunman Devin Kelley tried to get a license to carry a gun in Texas, but the state denied him, Texa…
Texas church shooter Devin Kelley had been denied a gun license from the state, Gov. Greg Abbott says h…
LOL, Greg Abbott was on Fox 30 min.s ago, saying the same thing. BTW, Abbott is Texas Governor.
Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed attorney Brock Smith of Decatur judge of the 271st Judicial District Court. Congratu…
Here’s the statement, just released from Gov. Greg Abbott on the TexasTech shooting. khou11
Gov. Greg Abbott can send all the condolences he wants, but he signed TX campus carry into law!
He was 104 weeks early, but yes Gov. Greg Abbott, you can now Officially congratulate the Astros on making the ALCS.
ACTION ALERT: Urge the TX Board of Pardons & Paroles & Gov. Greg Abbott to stop the execution of
Gov. Greg Abbott to visit Coastal Bend cities. -
Gov. Greg Abbott: How George Soros is helping Obama Democrats buy their way back to power
Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law requiring any new school buses purchased by school districts to include sea…
Two years after Gov. Greg Abbott announced Texas would build the country’s first state-run gold depository, the ...…
Greg Abbott: Cancel the STAAR test...use those funds to rebuild Texas schools! via
I bet George Bush, Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and Equifax staff are doing a lot of drinking about now. They of…
Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday the state is accepting Mexico's offer to provide assistance in wake
TX Gov. Greg Abbott: the $8 billion requested by the White House for Hurricane Harvey relief "will not be [enough]"
Why is Texas going to receive billions for ? Because gov. Greg Abbott is a supporter
Gov. Greg Abbott (when Atty Gen'l of TX did that after the explosion in West, TX). Chem Cos don't h…
Cobb County police officer Greg Abbott has been placed on administrative leave after this video releases. 🤔. "We only kill…
Cobb County has announced the firing on Greg Abbott after 20 years on the force.
Cobb County, Georgia police officer Greg Abbott to nervous white woman at traffic stop: "We only kill black people." https…
The storm damage is “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” Gov. Greg Abbott said…
TX Gov. Greg Abbott praises "Texans helping Texans": "That is what we do as a state...I'm so proud to be a Texan."
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: "We are just beginning the process of responding to this storm"
And yet Texas will reelect Greg Abbott. Definition of insanity.
Texas State Guard & the National Guard were called in to help the victims of flooding in the Houston area
Families with in path of part 2. Office of the Governor Greg Abbott
Wow >> Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has activated the entire Texas National Guard.
all money needs 2 go straight 2 the Mayor& City of Houston,Not 2 any church pastors or Greg Abbott.We can…
Texas Gov. Abbott: Houston response shows 'what Texas is all about'
Greg Abbott just directed everyone to He said there would be "abundant relief" from the Federal G…
Yes we are strong. Yet no health insurance because Greg Abbott denied access to exchange! Good luck to uninsured !
Greg Abbott: Response to Tropical Storm Harvey shows ‘what Texas is all about’
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: Flooding is ‘bad and getting worse’ but federal response to Hurricane Harvey is strong https:/…
."We're working directly with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who by the way is doing a fantastic job, and his entire…
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TX Governor Greg Abbott reads the counties that currently qualify for a federal disaster declaration.
Greg Abbott said he's made disaster declarations for 54 Texas counties
Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending another 1000 National Guard troops to Houston today...
JUST IN: Mexico has offered assistance to Texas on Tropical Storm Harvey - Governor Greg Abbott. Latest updates:
I’m adding 1,000 more National Guard to Houston tomorrow.
Gov. Greg Abbott: I'm impressed at how people have responded; "I'm so proud to be a Texan"
Gov. Abbott Directs DPS to Provide a Relief to Tx Citizens . . AUSTIN – At the direction of Texas Gov. Greg...
Despite repeated attempts,Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has reported that he has been unable to reach Houston Mayor…
Gov. Greg Abbott activates entire Texas National Guard to assist in rescuing flood victims...
My Texas!!! not Greg Abbott's or Ted Cruz, or Dan Patrick, or Bill Flores, or Doc Anderson, or John Cornyn, or any…
I'm so glad that Greg Abbott is Governor of Texas and not Wendy Davis.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott says Hurricane Harvey will be "very major disaster" and calls for increased federal aid https:/…
Greg Abbott looks to partial win in summer special session
Rick Perry is a joke but Greg Abbott is a monster.
Greg Abbott makes Rick Perry look outright sane and normal - with or without the smart glasses.
Texas is among the worst in insuring children. Got. Rick Perry & Greg Abbott refused federal funding.
She and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings just had a meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott this morning.
All because Rick Perry and now Greg Abbott wanted to become POTUS.
Thx to Rick Perry and now Greg Abbott. we know why Texans don't have healthcare and we wo…
Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott don't care about women!
In Texas, business groups are speaking against the anti-transgender bill which Gov. Greg Abbott is trying to get...
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made stamping out voter fraud part of his agenda for the 30-day special session.
Gov. Greg Abbott asked that all Texas law enforcement turn on their red and blues to mark the 1 year anniversary... ht…
Congrats on formally opening new HQ in Plano. Thx for your leadership! via
Yes and Greg Abbott has failed this state on every level. That's the general consensus of Texans.
Read why the new 2 million-square-foot, 4,000 employee facility symbolizes the Texas growth engine.…
.anticipated re-election announcement next week in San Antonio will be at Sunset Station, per invite: https…
"Greg Abbott is the only guy in a wheelchair that I would push down a flight of stairs"
Donation to Travis County to fund programs affected by cuts from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott | Community Impact Newspaper
Abbott on climate change: "climate change should not take precedence over living standards.." 😐. Possibly dumbest utterance e…
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Welcome to TX We're happy you're here & thankful for your commitment to bring opportunity to our community ht…
Romance of hot air balloon ride now enhanced by being able to shoot feral hogs while aloft. Thanks Greg Abbott!
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I am disgusted by TEXAS & ALL States & SO Called Humans who... via
Greg Abbott: PREVENT the EUTHANASIA of ANIMALS - Sign the Petition! via
We were blocked by the night I testified against his WHY do you hate our children :(. https:/…
Greg Abbott: PREVENT the EUTHANASIA of ANIMALS - Firma la petizione! via
.joins a growing list of innovative industry leaders who have decided to relocate & go BIG in Texas.
Abbott op-ed in DMN on Toyota comes two days after edit board urged company to speak out against bathroom bill
Do Texas teachers deserve a higher income? What do you think? See what Governor Greg Abbott has to say about it:…
Hastie has long form in family of religious zealots. 2006 via Abbott's bes…
Toyota's grand opening in Plano symbolizes the success of the Texas growth engine.
Greg Abbott is the nuttiest crazy ever born! Texas got stuck with that thing! Worst Governor ever! I thought Rick…
Greg Abbott : I’m not about to let a failed San Francisco liberal like Nancy Pelosi come into Texas and tell us how to run o…
Or you have a republican gov, like Texas Gov Greg Abbott, who is as equally soulless
Republican governors at Koch donor meeting in Colorado: Greg Abbott, Matt Bevin, Doug Ducey and Eric Greitens.
The republican governor, Greg Abbott, has consetantly targetted minorities, and economic gr…
Always fun to meet the *** republican neighbors at parties. "So. How's Greg Abbott working out for you?"
Thank you Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for signing legislation to ban the brutal practice of dismemberment
Rick Scott trying to edge Scott Walker, Greg Abbott and Paul LePage for 'worst Governor in America.' But I wouldn'…
Seems as though my Governor, Greg Abbott, is the only Governor with "a set"! I love Texas. God Blessed Texas with H…
I am doubly blessed! Greg Abbott is my Governor and Donald Trump is my President. "Livin the Life" in Texas, USA!
So Texas are you still confident of your votes for Governor Rick Perry and now Greg Abbott who controls education?
Yeah! Greg Abbott for hall monitor! I believe we do away with all of the handicap ramps as well!
Reminder: Greg Abbott ignored the advice of every major law enforcement agency in TX w/"
I think 'FBI director Greg Abbott' would bring a case against James Comey Hillary Clinton…
Great report from Barton Springs on Greg Abbott's livestream of the gubernatorial view from nowhere
WHATEVER! Bill de Blasio tells Greg Abbott why he just made Texas less safe via
Julián Castro says Texas economy slumped under Greg Abbott --. did it?
God bless Texas! whose proud of our Gov. Greg Abbott ..
Gov. Greg Abbott signs anti-'sanctuary city' law, toughest in the nation.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill that bans "sanctuary cities" in Texas.
goes after TX Gov. Greg Abbott over unconstitutional law banning Sanctuary Cities
Greg Abbott: Remove Kelcy Warren from his chair on the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission - Sign the P... via
Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz. The axis of evil in the Lone Star State. Two utter depicables: racist, rep…
especially if you are a xenophobic, bible-thumping, heel-grinding, boot-licking bigot like Greg Abbott...
Greg Abbott: Call a special session of the legislature to fully fund the Texas Moving Image Industry ... via
I want Greg Abbott to be my governor.
Greg Abbott is going to be Texas' next Sam Houston. And Kelly's another Black Jack Pershing while we're at it!
EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Greg Abbott lifts hiring freeze on positions from five agencies
Gov. Greg Abbott meets with Trump EPA head Scott Pruitt in Washington
Any doubts or worries you have aboutas a team or a club James mason and Greg Abbott ease any of them..the club is in great hands 👍👏👏
Gov. Greg Abbott cuts funding to Texas county over ‘sanctuary city’ policy
Rodriguez receives Yellow Rose of Texas award from Gov. Greg Abbott. Kudos! …
Gov. Greg Abbott to speak at Corpus Christi fundraiser for Nueces Republican Party this March:
By this time tomorrow, we'll be able to critique Greg Abbott's performance in his first season fairly accurately
Health Fitness Revolution magazine names Greg Abbott one of fittest U.S. governors via
I'm sure you hope Greg Abbott will be sending barbecue to Scott Walker. Sigh
I wonder when is Greg Abbott shipping that barbecue to Gov Charlie Baker. Sigh
yeah Governor, call the National Guard out for Jade Helm exercises, Greg Abbott.. idiota
Greg Abbott is a hypocritical freak who wants to control women's bodies. Advocates for defunding Planned Parenthood &let's not forget that -
Gov. Greg Abbott boldly backs a Texas-sized plan to shake up Washington and restore the Constitution:
Gov. Greg Abbott kicks off Texas initiative to amend the U.S. Constitution via
TX Gov. Greg Abbott: Convention of States to amend Constitution still needed under Trump
Mark Levin interviews Gov. Greg Abbott about push for a Convention of States (video)
Greg Abbott sits in a wheelchair yet still does this to disabled people. What a sinister coward.
They say God never make mistakes so you gotta wonder why a tree limb happened to fall on Greg Abbott, what was the big homie tryna tell us?
Greg Abbott following the lead of future VP Mike Pence
Comments. Gov. Greg Abbott wants Texas to lead the call for a revolt against President Obama. Gov. Abbott has...
Throw back to when Greg Abbott came down to the Rio grande valley. What a honor it was to meet him and hear his...
As the Big 12 pats itself on the back, Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the league owes everyone an apology
[Dallas Morning News: College Sports Blog] Gov. Greg Abbott: Big 12 'shanked its future' by not ex
. Pam Bondi(dropped case)Chris Christie (dropped tax bill from 30 million to 5 million)Greg Abbott(dropped case)
Dems just nominated a woman and now we should trust our rights to Greg Abbott, Sam Brownback, Scott Walker, et al? Concern troll
REPUBLICANS HURT CHILDREN: Greg Abbott is hurting Foster Children in tx. Plays "musical homes" with them.
Thanks to Greg Abbott and refusal to reimburse Foster Care, DFPS removed 3 children to avoid paying agency. 1 child in hospital now!
Texas, HISD refused to provide transportation for Foster children with Autism. Thanks to Greg Abbott & Dan Patrick!
Will any Bernie supporters help me rally for Tx Foster children being cheated out of healthcare by Greg Abbott?
Greg Abbott - punishing Foster Children because I have been speaking out! One child is being placed in grave danger
Gov, Greg Abbott continues to ignore the plight of Foster Children. Please report what is happening. Please!
20 Years of Republican Rule in TX. No mercy for Foster Children from Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick!
. Awesome idea! Brown would be a big improvement over Greg Abbott!
Just received word that Governor.Greg Abbott of Texas was severely burned in an accident in Jackson Hole WY; and...
Can 2018 get here so I can vote Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, & Ken Paxton (if he isn't in jail by then) out of office?
Gov. Greg Abbott to law enforcement in Texas: "You have a governor who has your back"
Gov. Greg Abbott on “Texas is a tough state, but...we will overcome”
The Latest: Gov. Greg Abbott calls on Texans to come together after the shootings.
"A time to come together". Gov. Greg Abbott issues open letter on Dallas shooting:
It's a sad day when Greg Abbott out-classes the Lt. Gov.
Gov. Greg Abbott cuts short vacation to fly to Dallas
Is Sean interested in having someone on to address Greg Abbott's remarks on
Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, and all the other butthurt Republican politicians in Texas are such miserable *** and horribly sore losers.
If Turnbull govt is Oakes' definition of stability he is as out of touch as Turnbull&Abbott combined.
When does a Conservative leader deserve to be disposed in Greg's world? When they're Cameron and not Abbott.
Wow! Greg Sheridan calls David Cameron is a demagogue, but thought Abbott was a great and decent bloke!!
INTERVIEW Texas Gov Greg Abbott reacts to some HUGE Supreme Court Rulings via
Find out more about beliefs & solutions in his book BROKEN BUT UNBOWED, on sale now.
Took this photo from a protest against Greg Abbott last month. I love this sign.
Good evening Greg Abbott_Tx. Texans really want to vote on What's the hold up?Texasnatmov.
.Greg Abbott needs to have all humans removed from Texas!
Greg Abbott needs to have all refugees removed from Texas!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Followers from Texas, please sign this to show our government what true family values look like.
I'm just waiting for Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick to wake up, hear about and launch by lunch.
And yet they cont to lie. New research: Abbott and Turnbull the worst economic managers since Menzies | Greg Jericho https:…
good. Then you keep Greg Abbott. Also this comment is not funny
This Texan would prefer us to show conservatives like Greg Abbott & Dan Patrick the and future Governor
How Texas Led a Legal Revolt Against Washington: During Gov. Greg Abbott’s first term, and while he was state...
Paul Ryan is now my number 1 arch nemesis. Congrats, Greg Abbott, someone has beaten you
Governor appoints Grant to 9th Judicial District Court: Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Phil Grant of Mont...
Trump donated to two AG's that were probing Trump U: Greg Abbott and Pam Bondi.
Greg Abbott’s Trump Problem - Texas Monthly. This is a MUST read! Trump U scam now includes our
PM who usurped Abbott mid term & had to call a DD says vote Liberal to avoid the chaos of a Govt that passed 500+ pcs legisla…
NEW on Inside the investigation into Trump University that Greg Abbott's office launched & then ended h…
Only until Abbott orders 2 provide funding for it. We know who leads the PM by the nose.
Greg Abbott and Pam Bondi got Trump cash after deciding not to investigate Trump University
.why don't you offer the judge ruling on your fraud case $37K to "make it go away" like you did with Texas Gov Greg Abbott?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm sure it is!! Greg Abbott always says one thing & does complete opposite behind doors
Greg Abbott says Texas legislators last year passed fewest measures into law in 20 years - PolitiFact
Greg Abbott is still waiting for the feds to invade TX. He needed the money to build his…
TX Gov Greg Abbott was hurt badly in accident, collected millions; then sued ADA so that others hurt couldn't collect that mu…
Here are the docs behind the Donald Trump/Greg Abbott scoop tonight:
Wow. Then TX AG Greg Abbott deep-sixed investigation of Trump University-- and then got $35,000 in contributions from Tru…
Story is bogus. A few journalists peddling their agenda rather than getting all the facts tank the profession.
Greg Abbott’s top consumer attorneys built a $5.4M case against Donald Trump, but it never via
The GOP AGs of Florida and Texas got huge Trump donations after dropping probes of Trump U. How is that not bribery? https:…
Trump might not make it to the convention. He'll be in prison with Greg Abbott?
False. Get the truth from Greg Abbott not lying Wendy Davis and the MSM twist.
Trump donated $35k to gov campaign of then-TX AG Greg Abbott after a probe into Trump U was dropped by his office https:/…
Then there was time Greg Abbott protected contributor Koch industries from public scrutiny. https:…
have u tried out Jeff Session or Rick Perry or Greg Abbott or Rand Paul or Ron Paul?
Internet pounds Greg Abbott with ridicule after he compares bathroom laws to the moon landing
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anybody else notice Greg Abbott's uncanny resemblance to our next president Lincoln Chafee
This just in: Greg Abbott supports bringing back Jim Crowe laws.
Fifty years ago, Greg Abbott would've been George Wallace.
Greg Abbott to President Obama: No dice on lifting Iran sanctions I stand with Gov Abbot. I so admire his strength!
Texas Governor, Greg Abbott hires out of state firm for site redesign: When Texas Governor, Greg Abbot...
Greg Abbott's book says Texas Leg. passed abortion bill day after Davis filibuster. It did?
Wait for it. GOV. Greg Abbott is on his 3rd endorsement. He's now for Donald Trump too 🙄
Either Chris Christie or Greg Abbott. Susana Martinez's name is being floated around (hopefully NOT her!).
Texas is leading the nation in resettled refugees--despite Gov. Greg Abbott's orders:
WATCH: Greg Abbott "Steve will know what need for next season. He needs a goalscorer and wingers who deliver"
Again, thus is the man who signed a medical rape bill. I live in Texas. It's a big *** deal. GREG Abbott will sign it
WATCH: Greg Abbott "were a little bit short of where they have been in recent weeks"
We are talking about Texas aren't we? Greg Abbott WANTS to sign it. It will pass.
WATCH: Greg Abbott tells that Steve Evans fully deserves a new deal at Leeds United"
.This deal is about not about m from anyway
Wendy Davis got crushed by white women in Texas. Greg Abbott got like 66% of the white women vote in TX.
It takes a lot of Faith to Believe the you ARE where HE wants YOU!
Greg Abbott might soon sign the same bill that North Carolina did that prevents trans people from using public restrooms.
v today on on DAB with and Greg Abbott on commentary!
My dads family live in Aline. I see you are a minister Gov Greg Abbott received a vicious comment from an atheist. So sad
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott smacks down atheist who said 'get out of your wheelchair' if God is real via
Greg Abbott re-united with as Cambridge United's Head of Recruitment
ELECTORATE OF WARRINGAH: Here is a man taking on Tony Abbott. Deserves lots of encouragement
Awesome! Honestly should move to Texas where most of the people have brains! Mass is full of lots of libtard...
Is there anyone else like me who is looking forward to seeing the kind of attention Abbott gets?
Can anyone think why Greg Hunt should retain his seat? He licked Abbott's boots when he was in the chair now he's doing Malcolm Turnbull's.
"Greg Hunt "is going around basically telling lies" about Labor's plan to drive up electricity prices by 78 per...
Greg Abbott: Outlaw Bestiality and Zoophilia in Texas - Sign the Petition! via
Speaking of . Greg Abbott and the Scientologists via
Govt overreach on overload in Texas!! Please sign the petition to Fire Carter Smith who is destroying private prop! ht…
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"That's not God's design. I've won races that people with legs could never run. God's plan is bigger than walking". https…
Typical response from the God-haters. Perfect response from one who loves God. via
AWESOME: Gov. Greg Abbott calls for a Constitutional Convention to take back states’ rights -- [FULL SPEECH]
Gov. Greg Abbott messes with Texas - makes it even worse:
Governors join Greg Abbott in Supreme Court brief on Obama's executive order When will U, Governor?
Texas Governor's book on struggle after paralyzing accident - AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Gov. Greg Abbott has written...
Abbott adds to state commission on women: AUSTIN – Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday expanded the size and scope o...
In your face, Silicon Valley: Gov. Abbott describes Texas as 'tech mecca': Gov. Greg Abbott has written an…
God bless Texas and gov. Greg Abbott. Let's keep our southern heritage. Cowboy up Patriots. Boot the liberals out
And yet Greg Abbott, and Rick Perry, who've known him far longer in TX, endorsed him
Rick Perry, Ken Paxton, Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz steal horns of strength while they face the horns of salvation.
A vote for Cruz is a vote for Rick Perry, Dan Patrick, John Cornyn, Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott and TX tofu. You know the scoop.
Cannabis oil dispensary in the works in small North Texas town. Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law on June 1...
Gov. Greg Abbott: "Who here is frustrated by Barack Obama's EPA?" cheers "Ted Cruz will rein it in."
BREAKING: Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, was found dead Saturday in West Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott confirms
I'm not sure I want additional responsibilities being delegated to human wrecking balls like Sam Brownback and Greg Abbott.
Greg Abbott tells Fort Worth crowd that they already have a bond. "It is you who helped me beat Wendy Davis" in the…
Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Joe Strauss don't let the lotto screw us... via
Gov. Greg Abbott: Demand that the Harris County Grand Jury drop Charges Against Center for Medical Progress! Sign:
Gov. Greg Abbott: Support David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt! Demand that the Harris County Grand Jury drop their...
Abbott’s Fundraiser for Democrats?: As a self-professed conservative, Gov. Greg Abbott is planning to do a fun...
Hypocritical :I agree with Texas agriculture commissioner Miller and Greg Abbott that we need federal disaster...
COME & TAKE IT = standard republican nonsense. How did a clueless tool like Greg Abbott become a governor? Oh,'s Texas.
"Tex. Gov. Greg Abbott to Obama on gun control: ‘Come and take it’"
Greg Abbott would be a *** of a good write in if Trump gets to general.
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